Partial Truths: Scalloped Markets and Ham

We continue to ponder events to come.  Spiced with fresh data this morning including layoffs and first-time unemployment claims.  But first, a quick run to the whiteboard to lay out how “Partial Truths” work and why a focus on them is critical.  (And a marker huff, lol…)

Going into the three-day weekend (for some) may other items loom, of course.  Including the Good Friday employment data from the Feds.  And then there’s the growing tensions in eastern Europe.  We’ll get to these in a sec.

My first mission this morning is to first remind you that illusion is rampant and clarity missing in most of America.

While the shills and touts of Wall Street bang home the “miracle message” the fact remains:  When equal-dollar weighted, as we do in our Aggregate Index, the market as STILL not equaled the Aggregate high water mark of February 12.

Our Aggregate closed Wednesday at 35,848.75.  But back in February, we stood at 36,365.73.

Replaying 2000

We have seen this kind of discontinuity in recent times.  In the wake of the disastrous melt-down of the Internet Bubble (2000-2003) the financial community ignored horrific losses in tech.  Instead, focusing on  single and more saleable numbers to hoax a gullible public.

We stand (with some additional upward, pre-holiday happy-talk) ready to notch a possible double-top for the market.  Over at Investopedia you can study the meaning of double-tops, if you’re not already conversant.

The financial industry is just that:  And Industry.  And just as sure as the U.S. government doesn’t tell the whole truth about Covid, partial truth is the order of the day in finance as well.

Yes.  A couple of indices are in record country.  Might even see the S&P crack 4,000.  Which will be roundly touted, as a sure sign that Savior Joe is working his magic.

A FEW people will ask, though, about the underlying honesty of our financial delusion.  Is old “George in the Woods” the only one to see M1 money stocks have doubled? Or that in reality M2 is nearing 30%…yet the numbers have been hidden now?  Why might that be?

People like John Williams’ – whose ShadowStats continues to out the economic horror show – is another, kindred Diogenes looking for honest data and clear  thinking in the world gone mad.  But there aren’t many on the path.

We shouldn’t be surprised, I suppose:  We live in a country lacking the mental acuity to discern an “Emergency Use Authorization” from real by-God Clinical Trials.

It would just be nice is one morning we could wake up to some Honest Official telling us we are participants now in massive experiments:  One in “making up money” and the other as vaccine trial participants.

There are ways to “opt out” – but for now, partial truths are where we tee-off from once-again.

We may be the only people around asking hard questions, anymore.  Today’s cub reporters don’t have the spine for ’em yet.

Questions like “With airlines impaled, cruise ships not reopened yet, auto production lines stalled for a lack of chips…lack of car rental activity…  How is it the Dow Transports Index is at all-time highs?  Vise-Grips!

The magic of liquidity, fellow citizen. The Magic of Making Up Money.

Job Cuts

After a good ADP report Wednesday (+517,000) a little more “less than bad” on the employment front from Challenger’s Job Cut report:

“Job cuts announced by U.S.-based employers fell 86% in March to 30,603 from the 222,288 job cuts announced in the same month last year, when the fallout from the COVID-19 lockdowns began to impact businesses across the country, according to a report released Thursday from global outplacement and business and executive coaching firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc.

March’s total is 11% lower than the 34,531 cuts announced in February. Through the first quarter, 144,686 job cuts have been announced, 58% lower than the 346,683 announced in the first quarter of 2020.”

Stats Refresher

A word about Statistics in advance of tomorrow’s “officious” job numbers:

Around here, we simplify in order to avoid delusion.  What matters in ALL of the employment data above everything else is the TOTAL WORKING.

January of 2020 (pre lockdowns) 158,714,000 Americans were working.  In the February data (last month) the employment level was 150,239,000.

Any damn fool can round it off to “About 8 1/2 million fewer workers.”

To be sure, ADP numbers looked good, but have you noticed Slo Joe and the Kamunist have opened the Mexico border?  To our dim-witted thinking processes, a lot of those “new jobs” will be sucked up by “new arrivals.”

The question to ask (after waving the Magic Wand of Liquidity)? “Is this a real economy, or something imaginered by politicians to keep the audience from burning down their theater?

Remember when you read job numbers, the first 5.6% claims of “gains” only gets us back to year-ago levels.  Doesn’t account for illegals pouring in, or any of that.  We’ll save the champagne for something else.

Joe’s infrastructure plans are not likely to fix anything.  Remember how little Obama’s did?  Spent a bundle then, too.

Higher Jobless Claims

Also out this morning:  Jobless claims.  We like the NSA (not seasonally-adjusted) numbers.  Not the “spiced” ones:

After these data points, the Dow futures were up 44, or so.  Doesn’t anyone drug test anymore?

War Drums

We get beat trying to keep up with developments: From .mil affair contributor warhammer:

“Ure daily column focuses on events affecting individual, corporate and national profit, which at times requires you to become a financial prophet.  World and human events all impact the market and our collective bottom lines.  So as Russia sets the stage for invading Eastern Ukraine, how will the global markets and Wall Street react if and when such a bold Ruskie move were to occur?

Or economically worse, what will financially go down ‘when’ China eventually assimilates Taiwan?  How does one hedge these earth shaking possibilities?

My gut tells me Putin and China’s President-for-life Xi both view Biden as a weak leader.  Furthermore, with Democrats also controlling both houses of Congress, let’s just say it is rather unlikely that either foreign leader fears a serious or damaging U.S. response should they initiate aggressive and invasive military action – Russia to begin repatriating the Eastern nations from the former Warsaw Pact, and China to bring its ‘lost province’ back into the Communist fold.

The time seems ‘just about right’ for Putin or Xi to attempt regional annexation military exercises, what with covid occupying literally every Western leader’s waking hours, allied bonds weakening as a result of a natural inward-crisis action focus, and progressive pacifists gaining office in key NATO and ANZUS alliance countries, specifically here in the U.S. of A.

I have a bad feeling about this.”

As do we.  My consigliere thinks the period closer to May is the riskiest.  But we’re all wondering why England has slammed travel shut.  You saw that, right?  $7,000 fines for people leaving England without a good reason.  With government making up what “good” means.

Might the Brits want to keep people from the Isles from being trapped in a European Union on the warpath?  Is Covid just a proxy for population control, hmm?

Could something like this be an excuse?  New Crimean Land Law Banning Foreign Ownership Comes Into Force.

Short Stuff

Jab at the Jabbers: WHO Blasts Europe’s Slow Vaccine Rollout, As France Heads For New Lockdown.

Baseball season?  Already?  MLB 2021 season preview: What to know.

Around the Ranch

Zeus the Cat this week managed to figure out how to “knock” on the back door.  We have a screen door on the porch.  Ol’ Zeek has discovered that if it gets too cold at 3:15 AM, he can get the claws open and pull it open an inch or two.

Not enough to get onto the porch, but enough to slam and have Elaine wake up.  “George someone’s pounding on the door!

Cat’s aren’t particularly bright.  Not at all intimidated looking down the barrel of a 9-mm.  “Meow….”

Taxes:  Maybe cats are brighter than humans, though:  We got our tax filing in yesterday.  Cat didn’t contribute a dime – and still eats free.  I just wish he could pick up some government “program money.”

Greenhouse:  That and the yard will account for most of the weekend here.  May get a couple of burn piles lit off Sunday – weather looks good – mainly very low wind in the forecast.

Killed the first of the non-stop fire ants that have taken over much of the South.  Tomatoes and squash are doing well in the greenhouse and about ready to move out to the garden.  Peppers will be along shortly.  Dozens of cabbages, too.

Mowing time here:  But not everywhere National weather forecast: Freezing temperatures, snow to chill eastern US.

Easter Dinner:  We’ll be doing a spiral-cut honey ham in the crock pot for an early Easter dinner…might do it Saturday.  That way, we will have a ton of leftover sliced ham for scalloped potatoes.  We don’t do a lot of “meal freezing” but spaghetti sauce and scalloped potatoes are dandy for such uses.

Bacon-wrapped scallops with tossed salads tonight. Country cooking in the modern era is not what it was a hundred years ago…

SATCOMs:  Buddy Michael out in the East Bay should be getting his Starlink any day now.  (SPACEX’s new LEO high-speed (150 mb smoking) internet.)  If you have any pull at StarLink, please ask ’em to move things along on our order.  Hopefully, Michael will send pictures and a review when his is rolling.

Related:  NY Times this morning: That Spotty Wi-Fi? There’s $100 Billion to Fix It.  Right….

A “regular” (irregular) column tomorrow followed by putting on my Yard Bird suit.  Good Friday?  Happy Easter…

Write when you get rich,

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63 thoughts on “Partial Truths: Scalloped Markets and Ham”

  1. On the wake up path here for people who have not been paying attention for over a year now. Here I answer questions to George’s phrases and questions:

    ‘Is Covid just a proxy for population control, hmm?’
    Isn’t this obvious to you yet?? If not, keep observing. Hopefully the light
    comes on before you become a ‘trial participant.’

    Which leads to:

    ‘vaccine trial participants’….. think Dr. Mengele! A clear violation of the Nuremberg Protocols. Yes, it is an experimental ‘vaccine’ (aka, gene therapy) and it is a violation of the the Nuremberg Protocols to force experimental medical procedures or treatments on people. (Remember that America signed the protocols and in fact, insisted upon the protocols).

    • We had a popular saying in the old USAF Strategic Air Command, which enforced crushing regulations and mandated nuke doctrine knowledge requirements for which we were regularly, often ‘no notice’ tested. That saying was “Reward is lack of punishment.” Sounds crazy, but psychologically the saying rings true. Days spent not flying, drilling, testing or pulling nuke alert were our Pavlovian reward. One could argue our appointed political overseers are using small respites of normalcy as rewards before more pain is inevitably inflicted. Punctuating the drill is the seemingly endless issuance of jcovid doom and gloom. “Live free or die” is beginning to take on a strange resonance for me.
      ~ “ We’ve built a way of life that depends on people doing what they are told because they don’t know how to tell themselves what to do.”
      ? John Taylor Gatto, Dumbing Us Down: The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling

      • I served at USSTRATCOM from 1997 to 2008 – love hear the stories of the SAC days. Wish we could reminisce over a few beers.

      • Warhammer, it seems we are brothers in arms but from different time periods. In the early 1970’s I went by the job title of BMAT of Launch Crew R003 for the 373 SMS. A BMAT is a Ballistic Missile Analyst Technician. He’s the NomCom who monitors and trouble shoots all the missile and launch systems on a Titan II ICBM. He the guy everybody looks at when the launch stops on a missile procedures trainer ride. Oh joy! He’s one of a four man Combat Crew who must be qualified and certified to copy and decode a launch order as delivered by the PAS or Primary Alert System. That right even enlisted guys had to know how to do that! In March of 1973 our crew was selected for a No Notice Qualification Check by the 3901st Strategic Missile Evaluation Squadron. All four of us received a Highly Qualified rating for that check. Because of this and the long history of superior performance of crew R003 we were listed on SAC’s Honor Roll of most professional crews for the month of March 1973 in Combat Crew magazine. I suspect we both have history with a certain piece of ordinance that had the number 53 in it’s designation. My association with the Titans led to a job in the Space Shuttle program as an engineer where I did well because of my Air Force training. Before I retired I received an Award of Merit from an Astronaut for the high quality of my work! Got the picture! Way cool!! Because of my SAC experience I learned how to study hard and think smart! That’s a trait I carried into my professional life and I am glad for that experience.
        Stay well! Stay safe!

  2. “Brits want to keep people from the Isles from being trapped”

    Perhaps the Brits will be sacrificed to one of the gods.

  3. Guess it’s F-U, if you ain’t Blue. Sounds like intending punishment for Georgia not getting down on their knees. They’ll just play the anthem somewhere else.

    But on the bright side, if you get a vaccine, you get a doughnut. Yea !!

  4. I have an acquaintance that is fairly knowledgeable about Taiwan/China who has been expressing some concern the last few weeks. The guy lived in Taiwan for several years, his wife is Chinese, from Taiwan, he does some business with some manufacturers in Taiwan/China, so I’d think he has a better feel for things over there than most. He pointed out that April is one of the 2 best months to attempt to take Taiwan, as the monsoon can start (rarely) as early as May and last til (I think?) Sept, but April is typically good weather. He sees the fleet of Chinese “fishing” ships hanging out in the Spratleys and the increase in air patrols cutting through the Taiwan air defense identification zone as very troubling, this time of year.

    • What difference would it make when we’ve lost our own country already? Shouldn’t we have cared rather about our own sh*t than worry over Taiwan and/or Ukraine which are none of US business? JMHO!

      • I’m not going to cry myself to sleep every night if China takes Taiwan, but if all of our allies discover that the US is not willing or able to live up to its commitments to aid and defend them, we may quickly find ourselves with significantly fewer friends, and things may start going down hill a lot faster.

  5. It is rather unlikely that either foreign leader fears a serious or damaging U.S. response should they initiate aggressive and invasive military action…

    I’m not so sure about that.

    The F-35s flying sky CAP over my head these last 2-weeks say that might be wrong as well as the C-17s and the air bridges flying to points east and west.

    And then there are those old B-52s getting lots of exercise lately.

    Those are the tangibles; what worries me is this line from Nostradamus,

    “By senility [madness] death through him a fourth [USA/or the world] smitten.”

    Senile Joe, just might up the ante.

    Some of us are standing on that wall and watching, and it does not look good.

    • Much higher level of activity in the skies around SOCOM here in FL. But could just be an increase in the tempo of training as the $$$ I am sure starts to flow into anything with a .gov or .mil suffix.

    • And Pelosi wanted to take nuke control away from Trump!!!!! You are spot on, G.A., me thinks Joe has more than a few marionette strings attached, and at inopportune delusional times he attempts to play Pinocchio.

      • Exactly! It’s the synchronicity of that power play months ago and the election fraud with events today that make me ask, was all this planned? And we all know who is behind Pelosi and company.

      • She set the ‘proposed sentiment’ under Trump, so when she actually ‘pulls it’ for Joe D’Senile, America will think she is Fair and Imbalanced.

        She knew all about Senile Joe and she is ready for the next step in their demoncrap adventure.

      • Sad — and the “United Nations” was and is a joke like the “League of Nations” was of yonder years. Sad, but humans don’t seem to learn their lessons very well until the total “Nuclear Wipeout” it seems to me.

    • Stu… My fears.. are that you are right on the money.. my hopes are your totally wrong…
      unfortunately.. all we can do is sit back and watch it unfold…I truly would feel better if the big guy didn’t have the control over the button.. but he does and may god help us all…
      I think the reason no one is bringing up the serious situation with the money.. is they are pretending that this isn’t going on.. as long as those that produce our products aren’t concerned and are building what we need.. then the dollar stays at least spendable.. the minute they shut us off.. well we seen what that is like over the last year.. not good…

  6. I know this wasn’t a topic, but being in Georgia this is constant news. Our new voting regulations require an ID to get an absentee ballot or to vote. Now clearly the left is losing their minds over this with their message that it suppressing voting for minorities. But what is the message they a spreading about their constituents? They are to dumb to get an ID, or so careless they lose it and wont have it come voting time? Clearly anyone driving, or ever go into a bar, or ever travel by plane or open a bank account has an ID? Why don’t they organize to get those 10 citizens IDs so they can easily vote come the next cycle? Why is it they oppose every method to confirm a person is eligible to vote in a particular district? I really don’t understand why these people are not scorned for their low expectations of minority voters.

    I really would like to see some real hurdles for voting, a higher age requirement, proving to have mental faculties, certainly proper ID. Voting should be something people take seriously, if you cannot allocate time to educate yourself and identify yourself, you really should not be voting.

    • Texas went through this; I kid you not. It’s discriminatory for ‘minorities’ to be forced to get id’s. These same minorities have to bank, got to Walmart, get monthly benefits, get pulled over by the police, every doctor’s office wants to see the ID before providing services, fly, apply for a job, cash a check, pick up kids for other people, get into Disneyland, etc., but hey!!! Democrats think that only Minorities are discriminated by any State mandating ID’s!!!

      Give the ID away for FREE; the Democrats will still complain.

      Are ya’ll WOKE enough?

    • “Voting should be something people take seriously, if you cannot allocate time to educate yourself and identify yourself, you really should not be voting.”

      Seriously JD… I took voting serious most of my life and Yes I do try to stay informed on the issues…..It was the one way that the People speak and society stays progressive with the will of the people keeping freedom and liberation of the will of the land..
      Then this past year voting…..
      So what did I learn from the national news and the actions of those in power.. and how did it change my opinion on voting.. WELL..
      (I Redacted a long comment on everything we all have seen in the news and read about. showing the futility and the corrupt actions of those in power.)
      So I ask you Seriously… does voting really make a difference anymore .. It reminds me of when a place I worked at had this huge meeting to see how people felt and to get their opinion on if they should install carpet or redo the tile.. everyone was more in favor of keeping and repairing the tile.. it is easier to maintain and more sanitary.. as we were leaving.. the company was bringing in the rolls of carpet.. seriously why did they waste our time hauling us all down there to get our votes on the subject if they didn’t value them anyway..
      Will I vote again.. probably not.. why waste the gas money to go to the polls and stand in a line to wait to have what we vote on not worthy of voting on because it might be different than what the people in power see as value.

    • Today’s spin is not that everyone doesn’t already have a Voter-ID, but that many people have outstanding warrants, and so would not want to show an ID to vote, and risk being handed over to da man.

      I give this one less than a week, but it’ll certainly carry through the weekend.

      No Leftist has the ‘nads to admit the reason they want blanket ballot mailings, and don’t want voter identification or properly monitored polling places is because these would inhibit, discourage, and in some cases eliminate voter fraud. They don’t have a problem with committing voter fraud, haven’t since the thug era of Tammany Hall — they just don’t like getting called on it…

  7. Why George you dirty ole doggy-Dog!

    “Yard Bird suit going on” Friday and Sunday !!!

    Might wanna swap out those bacon wrapped scallops for some sweet and tasty Chincoteague Oysters..if ya pickup what I’m laying down..

    Unless of course I am slow on the pick up this AM, and you are reefering to Merle..Just like Merle, coot likes his chickens “frying size”!

    No help wit starlink, early on – big in Iridium – like backing up the truck @ under $10/share – when company was stretched thin on lotz debt to fund launching 1st LEO sat network..on the back elons spaceX .

    Mystery of 21st century ? Where did all the Silber go ? Perth Mint just ran out of 1000 oz bars, ran out of Un-Allocated Siber Inventory – ALL Un -Allocated accounts were/are Naked Short Physical Silber.

    See Canadian Mint, See US Mint for new inventory of silber ealges/maples leafs – good luck wit that.
    Now that the un- allocatted scam has run aground – where will the bullion banks and & cb’s turn to for physical? – to arb up the miners stock & sell derivatives versus phys held in SLV Trust by jpm
    For all that illegal activity – gold sachs is rewarding jr bloodsucking vampire squids with fruit baskets this year – thanx for all the hard work and illegal activity, geniuses.

    How much alcohol/drugs will coot need to ingest this weekend – to believe some dead dude in the ancient past – actually rose up alive – from Death (putrification and stench)
    – after being crucified & speared – lying around dead for 3 dayz?

    Sure and all this was created in 6 dayz – guess Ill see it, when I believe it.

    2020 –
    41,000 Deaths in US – gun violence
    *300,000 Deaths in US covert19
    but Only 42,000,000/Forty-TwoMillion innocent little lives were brutally ripped out of the wombs of 42 million women this past year.

    What a Joke!

    – that dear narrator is evil – pure and simple like.
    Gotta luv that negative vibe of Life being destroyed, so good 4 our “collective” soul (s)..

  8. George

    “Killed the first of the non-stop fire ants”

    There are several methods to kill a fire ant infestation. You can use baits which take time but usually works as they kill the queen. You can burn them out with diesel or gasoline which means you need to stick around and control the fire. Or, you can use chemical warfare. A method I discovered by accident is to take bleach and run a ring of the liquid around the perimeter of the mound then pour some right down the middle of the mound. Go off and tend to other affairs. Come back in several hours and you will find that the ants are dead. Killed off by the fumes from the bleach. I don’t think this method is illegal per any international treaty but when dealing with a dangerous insect I don’t care.

    • I use the baits around here. The Amdro brand seems to work well, spread just a bit out around the mounds and by the next week the mounds are inactive. Never really liked the chemical path, especially if you have a shallow well or ponds, when the baits seem to work so well, not nearly as satisfying though. Could be proactive and spread a bit around the areas they may creep into during those times of the year. Could always use molten metal and perhaps create a new income stream –

  9. Province of Ontario goes in to full one month lockdown tonight at midnight.

    Happy Easter George and Elaine. May the bunny leave you lots of eggs.

    • God I hope that doesn’t affect the searching on Oak Island.. They are starting to make some serious progress….

      When I was in the service.. there was an old fort we use to explore.. down in the lower levels was a passage that went across the bay to another fort.. when we went down to look at it.. it was scary and we were worried that it might be full of water so we never went through it..
      we did go and see the other side at the fort on the other side of the bay.. and the connecting tunnel was there..
      Those that are Under DC.. now that is amazing.. but a totally different story..

  10. “Taxes: Maybe cats are brighter than humans, though: We got our tax filing in yesterday. Cat didn’t contribute a dime – and still eats free. I just wish he could pick up some government “program money.” Get him a business license: “Zeus exterminating service” Divide his yearly can and bag opening costs by 12. There I fixed it for you! You can always file an amended return!

    • dont forget Depreciation allowances- gotta figure; a very rare , one of a kind, Magna Nigreos Orieten Texas Panthera – brand new cost you 5 Large. Gotta figure thousand bucks/year -5 years.

      should be MAKING $$$ on Ure taxes, c’mon man!

    • Get a buisnes License! Great Idea. I need to get one of those for my own website. Not sure how much they cost. Maybe I can license my buisness in a way to get a Covid relief loan.

      Take it all down to the casino and bet it on red! Double my money and then its hookers and cocaine!

      All joking aside. That is a good idea. Free money isnt really free. Its kinda moral dilemma for me. If I take the free money does that make me a sell out or an opportunist. If I buy bitcoin? Am I one step from getting branded with the number of the beast?

      Great idea! Hmmmmmm how much is a buisness license? Where do I get one? Do I need a secretary and a lobby? When can I start lobbying the government?

      Looks like I need to some research and talk to The Dude. See what he says too. Some one told me you can get a one time $200,000 small buisness loan that ya dont have to pay back for Covid relief from .gov.

      Shit that is alot of pokemon cards. I might be down with that. Hmmmmmeow.

  11. Hi, George,

    Here’s hoping Elaine is recovering very well and ready for round two hip replacement.

    Also, I hope that the wife of Mark in San Francisco has been recovering from her scary surgery.

    I am delighted that your son will be with you for a while.

    Happy Easter to all.

  12. Take syrup and mix it with Mule Team borax about fifty/fifty. (mix the borax with some hot water first). place it on a flat rock or such item next to the nest, or on an ant trail.
    Watch them collect around it like it is God’s gift. Two days later, no ants. Not poisonous to anything else.
    Refill as needed.

  13. to warhammer:
    the other side of the SAC phrase was that one error established a trend. none allowed, what an ulcer giving machine that was.

  14. Again, I’m envious. Checking Starlink, they are not available in Hawaii for the foreseeable future. Too much fiber penetration here to compete with economically… as yet. I know a ham operator out in the jungle who doesn’t have reliable (read: “fringe area”) cellphone service, but has a Telco fiber drop to his goat farm.

  15. You bet that cold hit us in S. Indiana! I had to cover some freshly planted grapes, and there’s no guarantee I won’t have to just go get more and replant if they don’t bounce back from 24 degree temps tonight. :( 31 tomorrow night, too. Really, I had thought that was behind us last week, but Indiana Weather is controlled by Loki, so it keeps us guessing.

    Got my seeds started in the greenhouse, too, but all the squash type seeds were promptly eaten. Guess I will need to start them indoors from now on, since the Yeti-Cat doesn’t kill mice that far from the house front door.

    • I noticed the chill in Indiana, too. It was about 28 when I hit Indiana air, but for some reason, it felt just, really chilly.

      On the bright side, maybe this year y’all won’t see snow in the middle of May… ;-)

  16. Something I never understood, gastronomically, is the need to wrap a delicious scallop… or beef… with pork fat! If I want to eat pork… I eat pork. I love the taste of scallops… and steak…. not turned into pork.

  17. Regarding using non-human family members as sources for government benefits – do NOT attempt to claim a cat or dog as a dependent. I know someone who tried that, and it ended badly.

  18. Is it me but it’s like a state of not living in reality . Dreams of youth and children and wife very young . Nothing bad just dreams of times long long ago . Any thoughts welcome

  19. Hmmmmmm, the Urban Survival “I-ching Box” aka Goggle Ads lately for me, are #1, Engagement Rings, #2, Brand new Postropedic Mattresses and #3 Malt Blanc Pens.

    Soooooo what I hear is in my future is: romance, comfort or bedroom activities and writing. Or signing important documents.

    With regards to Good Friday and Easter. Yeah. You too.

    As per WH statements. Shit liberals can’t even figure out what gender they are. Lol. I am reminded tho, when I volunteered. i swore to uphold the constitution, protect this country from foreign and domestic enemies. I don’t ever remember swearing allegiance to the Republicans or Democrats, and I never swore an oath to the president or Congress. I swore my oath to the Constitution and the People of the United States. Not nancy pelosi. Lol

    I agree the whole thing Stinks and
    Biden is the epitome of a “Lame Duck President. ” I had more to say, but I need to get busy.

    Oh we have saying where I come from in Alaska. Why would you buy a 9mm? Everything up here is so big all 9mm does is piss it off. Shooting a Kodiak Grizzyly with a 9mm? That is like standing in the center of the train tracks and throwing a baseball at Amtrack going 80mph at you. Its always best to stay off the tracks and not go hunting Amtraks with baseballs. Uhmm err something that.

    Happy Pass Over! Just like Jesus! I been resurrected too. I also been stabbed before and whipped the shit out of when I was a kid. Talk about stigmata. Never been hung on a cross Before and I dont got to churches who have Crosses in them. Because in cartoons?? When someone dies? They put ex’s over their eyes. Evey kid knows that. When you are standin up at the pulpet with a cross behind you looking at the parishes??? If you look close? They all have the reflection of little X’s in their eyes.

    And well, The Cross wasnt the point. Lol the point was he didn’t stay dead. Just like me. Lol
    As it is written about the resurrecting of the dead. God quickens the ones who return from the dead. Zambies? Not sure yet. Lol

    Double tap or Double top George? Same thing I spose.

    Cue: ~Long Black Train ~

    Josh Turner.

    Infinitely NOW!

    Just Andy

    • “I never swore an oath to the president or Congress. I swore my oath to the Constitution and the People of the United States. Not nancy pelosi. Lol”

      …And this is why the Leftists and the media, and Stalinist front groups like SPLC are defaming (and trying to “cancel” or outlaw) the Proud Boys and the Oathkeepers.

  20. Ohhhhhhh. Yeaaaahhhh as Kook Aide break through the Brick wall.

    I noticed something the other day. I was conducting (there is another train refrense) all aboard! Toot toot! That sounds wet. Never trust a fart old man. You might have to wipe!

    Anyway anyways. When you tell certain people stuff. It doesnt happen. Like you call them all excited and then it never manifest. I noticed that a while back ago. So I finally got around running a test. So I thought what the heck? Every time I tell this person something. It doesnt manifest. I dont tell them but I tell other people and it manifests. So I thought , do I hurt not talk to this person anymore? Then I got the idea of telling them bad ahit that I thought would manifest. And sure as shineolah! It didnt manifest.

    As Montey Python once said, Always look on the bright side of life.

    I suspect Ure IQ George is greater than mine. Line 199.5. I don’t keep councel with people dumber than me. I know lots of dumb people. I like the movie 6th sense, I see dumb people.

    I a lways keep smarter people in my councel. which these days is pretty slim Pickness. ANd after the grand pertrie dish science experiment on the big blue mother ship named earth? The average IQ maybe 140 once all the dumb people who participated in the world largest mind F! Die. Lol not funny but kinda funny.

    Not funny the medical experiment cadavers aka crash dummy’s. But for those who are smarter than the average mankin wearing the latest spring fashions? Which is lately really big water bottles.

    The world is our Oyster. God said so.

    Ok, I got go work out and find some thing to feed the python. later dude.

    • Ya know, I’ve considered saying this for a while, but hesitated so as not to ruin the show. But, as I understand it, observation of the thing changes it.

  21. I shared Warhammer’s contribution from today’s post with an associate who has a great deal of life experience, and he appeared to undergo something of an epiphany. Thank you.

  22. @ warhammer

    “My gut tells me Putin and China’s President-for-life Xi both view Biden as a weak leader.”

    Biden is a non-leader. He is a mouthpiece. To have any clue WRT the geopolitical direction of D.C., one would have to figure out who’s on the committee that’s feeding words into Joe’s teleprompter and note-card printer.

    Pelosi and Schumer are on the committee, for certain, and probably several of the Obama retreads, but I’d not hazard a guess beyond those. Once our “governing council” is identified though, one would have to figure out who’s pulling THEIR strings and decipher their motives. The thing that REALLY bothers me is Vichy is on the loose again, and I guarandamtee Mr. Putin has an intel team attached to her. She is a danger to our survival, and to that of Russia. Putin knows it; we don’t seem to have a clue…

  23. “Baseball season? Already? MLB 2021 season preview: What to know.”

    I already know where the channel selector and the [off] button are located. What information am I lacking…?

      • Golf, bowling, and baseball – Awesome participation sports, great to watch in-person, but why anyone would devote time to watching them on the tube or (ugh) pre-record them to watch later, unless they be a talent scout or gambler, is beyond my ken…

  24. There is that train I was referencing. Dang it. Well here ya go dude. The knews before the news. Right about the time im ramping up for an new report in sounding out the data at faster than light speed. So you know, om popping off like a West Bend Butter-matic, Automatic Corn Popper, pop corn maker, Butter melter.

    Like I said its best to not go hunting 80mph Amtraks with a baseball. And standing directly in their path? Is never prudent.

    Sorry about the train, eyes just sounding it out, not speaking it so, I hope, anyway seeing is believing tho.. Taiwan train crashed in a tunnel dozens dead.

    At the Link,

    Ya have a good day. I need to get busy thinking about stuff.

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