Outrage Killing: Just Off Schedule?

13 dead, eh?  A while back on Peoplenomics, we discussed the Fine-structure Constant and its implications for predicting the future as we continue to look at data, how the future arrives, and all that kind of stuff.  Of particular interest was this part of that report:

As you can quickly see, there appears to be some kind of a “resonance” around the 146-149 day timing.

If we use the Mother’s Day shooting, 19 dead, we would expect October 8.  So because that doesn’t fit with the data, we need to look for a data Around April 22, 2013 which might somehow be tied in with an attack on a US military base.


April 18, 2013 a suicide bomber attacked in Iraq killing 27 and wounding 65.  Exactly 151 days.

Or, we could find rather precise timing off a smaller mass killing in western Russia that took place on exactly the 147 days ago timeline and claimed six lives.  From Wikipedia:

On April 22, 2013, a mass shooting occurred at approximately 2:20 p.m. Moscow time on a street in Belgorod in Belgorod Oblast, western Russia. The shooter, identified as 31-year-old Sergey (Sergei) Pomazun (?????? ???????), opened fire with a semi-automatic rifle on several people at a gun store and a sidewalk, killing all six people that were hit: three people at the store and three passersby, including two teenage girls.

Now here’s where things get interesting (besides the Russian being 31 and the Monday perp was reported as 34:

Trial[edit source | editbeta]

The accused shooter Sergei Pomazun underwent extensive psychiatric analysis but was found fit to stand trial. His trial has began with preliminary hearings on June 22, 2013, with the prosecutor demanding life in prison. Pomazun confessed to the crime, but expressed no remorse for the shooting spree that he said was an accidental occurrence in the course of “a special operation” that went wrong. Pomazun testified that he plotted to kill a supermarket security guard who had insulted him and that he only intended to steal more weapons and ammunition from the gun store to be better prepared for a possible firefight with the intervening police following the planned murder. He claimed that the initial shooting was sparked by him spotting what he thought was a plainclothed policeman reaching for a concealed weapon; afterwards, he began shooting people to clear a path to the car.

A suspect profile can be found in this morning’s NY Times although I am not discounting the possibility of something yet to come on 10/8 plus or minus three days.

One item I am not clear on is whether members of the US military – on ready reserve status – normally get to hold a computer security access card.  We’ve talked about these before – CAC Cards as they are called – and we wonder if enlistees who go out on reserve continue to hang onto them, or not.  If not, they add additional weight to the theory that there is something more than meets the eye going on here.

151 days is very close, and it could be that this will serve as the mass shooting/sacrifice of the dark side for this cycle, so maybe only small doings around out October 8 hot date.

In the meantime, the data suggests that a cadre of East/West ex-military people both on the Russian side and ours – are out there as “sleepers” only to be awakens at extremely inconvenient times.  In such an event, the Mother’s Day shooting may come off US soil.  Maybe Russian?

Additional research on how the fine-structure constant works is a fine starting point for anyone serious about how patterns repeat.

We note that while a serious researcher might be looking at some of the underlying data in these cases, senator Feinstein is planning to use it to whip up the gun-grabbers – again.  A calendar, spreadsheet, deep background and a grand jury would likely be more useful, but as usual, that’s just our cold data-based way of looking at things.

More after this…

Arms for Terrorists 

“Do as I say, not as I do?”  We notice that president Obama has decided to waive certain portions of law and give US arms to “vetted” terrorist groups fighting in Syria.  We may not yet have our “boots on the ground” – seems those are being rented – and supplied thanks to the largess of the American taxpayer and the command in chief.

What lingers are two key questions:  What’s the hard-on for Assad all about?  Like the rebels will be any better?  Secondly, isn’t buying proxy warriors and giving them guns pretty much the same (morally) as going in and killing people ourselves?  I mean wouldn’t a prosecutor argue conspiracy to commit?

I’m not law review editor of course but just seems to me Congress isn’t voting so we shouldn’t be selling.

Yellen About Yellen

The “Summers it out” before he even started rally on Monday was a marvel…and yes, put in some new highs and all.  But not everyone agrees with my notion that Janet Yellen would make a good Fed boss:

So you think Yellen will make a “fine” hmm, what should type in here/ Oh I got it………thief! dammit! THIEF!!!!!

Good for you George! Just good the hell for you.

Bonehead! And I mean that in the purest sense of the word, Sheesh!

Go back to cave economist school, would ‘ya? The woman is a Bernanke clone. She is going to perpetuate the criminal activities of a criminal organization that should be tried for treason and hung out to blow away by the wind.

Besides all that the woman was a professor at Berkley. A finer Socialist institution there never was. The epitome of ” thiefdom.”

Better yet maybe you should apply for position at cave economist school. They say the teacher learns more than the student.


Well, hold it, right there.  Let me get something straight here:  Would you rather we get a strict monetarist, put the nation back on the gold standard, which would cause bloody war in the streets and mass starvation in America?  Or, is a gradualist approach to monetary sanity preferable?

Me?  Even if the money is debased (like it has been since 1913 anyway) inflation is a grand social conveyor belt and more people have come out ahead than behind in that deal.  So if Yellen et al can come up with a way to get there, fine.

Not only that, but if you’re worried about money in banks, there’s still bonds and gold and silver and lots of other options. 

Think of it this way:  You’re in an airplane that is about to make a forced landing.  One pilot with loads of experience says “I can land the plane, but it’ll cost you, but you will all live…” Or do you take the other pilots who says “Screw this, I don’t know if we’ll all live or die… I haven’t exactly done this before?”

Given the choices out there, I think Yellen will be fine.  Until she’s not, and then things not paper will matter again, anyway.  So, the longer prep time we have the better, far as I’m concerned.

Making Things Right

That cruise ship on the rocks has been righted.

Killers Inside You

As if the never-ending emails about how to stop MRSA weren’t enough, now comes a report by the CDC about the growing threat of super-bugs which are killing upwards of 23,000 people per year.

This compares with about 33,000 people per year dying in auto accidents, of a total 2.42 million people a year who die.  (Fun facts, huh?)

While I admire the CDC report, I also am waiting for the other shoe to fall.  Usually when an agency sees a problem, a check request soon follows.  So, how much is Big Pharma going to want to work this problem for how many years?

Selling Drones

A very good RT story over here about who gets to operate drones around disasters like Denver’s rain mess and who doesn’t

Control of the Internet

We keep a close eye on developments in China because they are often right ahead of the US and other Western countries in the move toward global governance.  And, in their latest moves, it is now illegal to write ill of the communist party on the Internet.

I’m starting to practice up for the arrival of such draconian controls here.  I’ll soon be writing you how wonder it is that Fearless Leader and the Enlightened Congress have done such a fine job.  Why just this morning, they’re trying to take our guns away, give guns to terrorists, print our way out of a financial crisis and oh look!  A new cruise ship ought to be out of dry-dock in a few years so we can all go cruising.

Yes sir, there’s no way like the American way and if you don’t like it, our fine leadership has a solution called pick a new war, raise a new tax, and reset the chairs so they don’t go sliding around the deck here on the USA Titanic.

Not that you got to vote for it…corporate contributions have turned elections into a sham, but (in keeping with Chinese internet restrictions) that’s really a good thing, you see!  It prevents needing to spend so much time thinking and that allows more time for work and spending…

Oh, look!  Renegade Brazil is trying to protect its citizens from US national security concerns  Why, they must be brought back under control; and shown the right way of thinking so they end their foolish notions and stay properly aligned with the global agenda.

Just kidding.  Should we be looking for a house down there?

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