Orthogonality and Woo-Woo in Markets

An exposition today on what the Fed rate cut, market reaction, woo-woo, and time machine research have in common.   Yep.  This is one of those Twilight Zone kind of discussions that sinks down into the part of being human that we mostly don’t visit often.
First, though, in addition to our usual daily dose of market notes, some headlines, the Corona box scores and a few other odds and ends, we’re busting out the champagne.
In case you didn’t know, the World Health Organization has just announced the “official” mortality rate for COVID. 
It’s exactly what we have been telling your for over a month: 3.4%.

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29 thoughts on “Orthogonality and Woo-Woo in Markets”

  1. “Pump up the jam, pump it up
    While you feet are stompin’
    And the jam is pumpin’
    Look at here the crowd is jumpin’
    Pump it up a little more
    Get the party going on the dance floor
    Seek us that’s where the party’s at
    And you’ll find out if you’re too bad”


    off to break bread with the Mr and Mrs. Mallard.

    saw a murder of crows this morning. Lots of birds flying around here too. lol

    • Although it looked alright in an initial pass, be aware there is HIGH RISK to downloading anything off the internet and running it.
      Based on how much computational horsepower the gov-mil has (not even counting Provo) this may have some appeal to people who want to “be involved” but may ultimately not contribute to solutions.

      Use common sense…

  2. George in your column section entitled “At Present“ your first sentence says 100. The next sentence says 500. Is that a misprint? Sorry to be so cryptic but it is in the subscriber side.

  3. Hey George – whats this “we” stuff in ..”if we don’t get high enough Friday? Have U got a Mouse in your pocket?
    I can assure our dear Narrator/Editor that the coot will no doubt get HIGH enough on Friday after the close of the markets for both of Us!
    Hell Cheech and Chong would be proud of the coot for his perseverance in smoking Da Kind as an After Trading relaxation technique – got to turn off the numbers somehow.. Then I light up a Hoyo epicure especial – tasty sticks.

    The MoAR is slowly rolling out – meantime – I think there needs to be a Un- Coupling/Dis-Connecting of USA Business/Markets versus Global. Globalism is dying before our eyes – I would be happy to pump some AAC300 rounds/clips into her for good measure..
    USA business is pretty good, with coiled capacity to unleash a surge of new Infrastructure Projects, new Manufacturing Plants – hells bells we haven’t even started commercial roll-out of LENR Tech..?!?! Still burning Oil – bloody idiots..Joey Bribem demonrat candidate – creepy Joe/slow Joe – thats the best the Clinton Cabal/ DeepState can do?

    4 MOAR years of the Orange Gollum of Greatness – Call the BULL – he is going to charge.

  4. I’m a little dubious about the WHO 3.4% death rate.

    The Washington Dept of Health (https://www.doh.wa.gov/Emergencies/Coronavirus) statistics reflect a 25% death rate. 36 people have come down with the virus, 9 have died and 27 are still alive. A school district (Colville) about 75 miles from me in the middle of NE Washington has been shutdown since Monday and is awaiting test results from the WA Health Dept. In the meantime the schools are being disinfected.

    • I wouldn’t be too quick to dis WHO. Remember, most people in their 70’s are not in the great shape Elaine and I are. IoW they don’t keep active and doing things like yard work, ranc h handing, tractorfying and such for 4-5 hours a day when not writing or tripping over cats.
      The Seattle area outbreak was in a nursing home and a lot of those people where they b ecause they have already moved themselves into the “high risk” category.
      If you stay out of that, 5- grams of C daily and the pneumonia shots current, I reckon the odds drop dramatically. Ask us in two years, though…

      • In an interview last night Chris Martenson said that India has put a stop to exports of certain antibiotics and raw materials for making antibiotics. About half the people out there are parroting “It’s just the flu” or it’s no worse than the flue. They don’t shut down entire countries for “just the flue”.

  5. Yo Mr. Narrator,

    Woo woo Wednesday needs a rabbit-hole du-jour – I would like to nominate COVID-19/Wuhan vs. Quangdong/Chinese Party Political Intrigue.
    Historical perspective – sure how about all of the leaders in the Komsomol during Tianamin Sq.- where are they now..next in line for Premiership??

    Cept that Party Conference has been postponed/cancelled this year due to Corona virus outbreak.

    Speaking of which – Viruses NEVER breakout in Wuhan – They ALL come from Quandong/Southern Provence – All of them.

    – Wuhan is the Transportation Center/Hub for all of mainland China – with over 4 million migrant workers passing thru during the Holidays.

    Xi leader for life and his party buddies vs Komsomol and most historically REVOLUTIONARY city of Wuhan. hmmmm

    ECD KNOWS our Clowns In Action R EVIL – but not that Evil – The Chi-Coms dont have that problem with wacking several million sheeps – done it before – will do it again.

    • Won’t make much difference for in ten years or less China will be the number one economy in the world, and from there they will never look back as they re-establish the old silk road and all the trade route’s will end up in the same place.!!

      • China is a demographic time bomb. Thanks (at least originally) to the one child policy, their workforce has already peaked and is on the decline. (They have rescinded the one child policy, but the urban middle class still isn’t having kids, so it’s too little too late.) They have a low birth rate and no immigration to make up for it. In 10 years, they’re going to be stuck with increasing millions of retired seniors and fewer and fewer workers to support them. They are going to make Japan’s demographic decline look like fun. They have a narrow window to achieve hegemony before they are back on the decline, and they know it.

  6. George, here’s an idea for the public domain: I don’t know what, if anything is being done to purify the air in the germ tubes, which consist of aircraft, trains and buses. It seems that for a minimal cost, semi-portable devices could be put aboard most transit vehicles, including large aircraft. These would consist of a fairly high volume fan feeding an electrostatic precipitator followed by a HEPA filter, with several high intensity UV-C germicidal lamps, all enclosed and kept below ozone safety thresholds so it could be in constant use while passengers are aboard. The slight amount of ozone released would tend to eliminate pathogens in the space and the circulation would capture a significant fraction in the precipitator or HEPA filter. It would also deodorize. Certainly these things would increase the quality of the time on board. I realize that cabin space is always at a premium, but one of these things could be packaged in the space and form factor of a food cart. Being portable might simplify getting FAA or other regulatory approval. Large aircraft and other transit generally have far more reserve power aboard than necessary to operate a simple device such as this. If such things already exist in the ducting, their airflow is obviously quite inadequate. I’d expect to feel a constant breeze.

    Obviously, this is no substitute for proper cleaning. If there’s any reserve time for an aircraft(or other transit) while empty and on the ground, a high output ozone generator could sterilize the cabin. In the case of aircraft, the FAA might have some concern about sterilizing ozone, though I doubt it would significantly affect MTBF of any flight critical system.

    This could either be mandated by government after a grace period or sold as a benefit of using that particular carrier. Ideally, such things would eventually be designed in to the transport units.

      • Great info on the aircraft systems! Apparently the 787 Dreamliner pressurizes the air to a pressure altitude below where I live!

        I still fail to see why they’re such germ tubes other than the very tight people packing. If the air exchange rate is sufficient, I’d expect that most pathogens would be caught in the HEPA filters or just moved on out. Of course, strangers are packed body to body, so local sanitation matters. It’s tough to eat and drink on an aircraft while wearing a mask. I can imagine transparent partitions between people’s heads, but that would be socially unacceptable and a nightmare for flight attendants. Perhaps we should all wear Tyvek coveralls.

        I read that the headrests are filthy, along with the seatback pockets, tray tables, armrests and seatbelts, according to a Canadian TV web article on some Canadian airlines. Apparently turnaround times are too tight for a proper cleaning. That’s where an atmospheric sterilizer(like ozone) might be helpful once a day, or even spraying these with disinfectant between flights. I still like the idea of sterilizing lamps in the ducts, but that’s a major systems retrofit.

        We have trains, subways and especially buses that have none of the aircraft sophistication, and many compromised people use these all the time. Disinfecting them should be a much simpler job than providing clean air in the stratosphere.

        • Re turnaround times: As an ex airline vp, I can tell you that from a revenue standpoint, a 20-minute turn – just time to letd the brakes cool and swap sheep loads – is about idea. Hard to clean much, especially if it’s not the daily ops end point to overnight.

    • Theres an issue about portable ozone air purifiers…to sterilization of the air.. I have two of them. I will use one in a closed room for ten to twenty minutes.. then let the room degas for twenty minutes to an hour depending on air flow. The same with my water zap it with ozone then let it degas.
      The human body is like a huge bacterial petre dish and ozone attacks the bacteria and viruses.
      To get an idea go to a health food store and buy some food grade forty percent hydrogen peroxide. Put a drop of that on your finger. The ozone would act similarly on lung tissue. Since ozone is what O3 and the body hreaths o2.
      The hepa filter is great idea but wouldn’t filter out all the viruses and bacteria.
      Just my opinion .
      Be careful with it if you play around with it..

    • Years ago in a time far far away from today .. I cleaned planes overnight as a day labor gig. We would clean it vacuum etc. Clean and wipe out the coolers etc .then afterwards before we left we would set up an ozone generator in the cabin close it up while we moved to the next plane. To sterilize the cabin. That is where o got my first exposure to ozone and what it can do.
      Great stuff but like anything to much of a good thing isnt that good.

  7. “ALL international air travel should have been shut down February 1…OMG”

    That’s the No-Duh part of the COVID-19 equation I cannot figure out. Seems pretty basic…

    Are people just totally incompetent, because surely Western Intel knew what was going on in China back in November? So, why the lethargic US response?

    Is COVID-19 a scam for Martial Law and a cashless economy?


    There is some truth in that link, but I think it is real. COVID-19 is The Everything disease. It will take care of a lot of problems, and nobody gets blamed. So, are they are fanning the flames of a forest fire with pretend incompetence?

    Interesting that many people in the Iranian government are being infected, were they in China recently?

    On your time machine experiments, the magnetic field will always be a Frame 1/Frame 2 relative transformation, and that is just the science. It has intrigued me ever since I learned about that a couple decades ago. Electric Charge is all that exists in the Primary Frame. Moving charged particles in the Secondary Frame appear to have a Magnetic Field.

    In the Secondary Frame we measure the speed of the charged particle to calculate the Magnetic Field. The magnitudes of the peak electric field and magnetic field coincide at the same time, but exist in two different frames of reference that are 90 degrees apart.

    What if phase-modulating the electric and magnetic fields (in a leading/lagging kind of way) is the key to manipulating space-time? You would be looking at pumping EM waves through various Diamagnetic and Paramagnetic materials.

    Consider some of the reported UFO materials Linda Moulton Howe has examined on her website.


    Always good stuff George!

    • not even considering when shipments should have been put on hold as well.. I still haven’t seen anything that gives an accurate dateline as to how long it can survive on a vessel for contact.. product ships goes to warehouse delivered and put on shelf..

  8. Pneumonia shot is for bacterial pneumonia. The corona cigar pneumonia is viral, and the available shots are blanks. I think this is right, someone check because the corona pneumonia is what lays us down, 5 grams C after being supercharged with fresh ground black pepper (piperdine )amps up C.. Selenium, is also, an anti viral (400 mcd). kicks up C.. Lancelet med journal, published that Colloidal silver in a nebulizer does a number on cystic fibrosis… Damn, that should work on both types of pneumonia// Firm believer in Lugol’s solution.. Someone told me that you can’t make 10%.. Being old(82) and infirm, I can’t put a number of my brew, except, except my wife makes really bad coffee, and the addition of a few drops turns it into the ultimate maggot gagger. Look up Dr Sircus;s material on the pH of Virus’s and what Arm &Hammer baking soda can do. Pay attention and expand on this material.. I am dyslexic ,for what I can’t do, I have other gifts… When there are problems, I am intuitive in the solution.. My subconscious does interesting things. One example, stumbled across an article on Selenium. That it might be a possible cancer treatment / Smoker, went for a physical.. My friends the nurses started crying when they saw me, went into the office, looked at an X ray on the wall. Said. Man that person has problems.. Your X ray, … but if it is any consolation, we’re not going to use radiation, just chemo. discussed options, how much time I had, paid and never went back.. That was 30 odd years ago. My lungs are bad, and I was concerned about pneumonia.. Do you remember I came across the material on cystic fibrosis , and think it will work on pneumonia ? If not the silver, then the “Unknown purple stuff in a bottle” Was concerned, because I know it will work.

    • Viral pneumonia tends to weaken the immune system and allow bacterial pneumonia to finish the job. Pneumonia vaccine is helpful in just about any catastrophic illness.
      Vitamin C helps, but it’s greatest long term value is in keeping the arteries clean.
      I haven’t seen any first-person anecdotal evidence or papers on using nebulized colloidal silver for the latest viral plague. If anyone finds any papers, post ’em.

    • Having lost family due to cancer I know the cure is often worse than the disease. I’ve heard of using baking soda to increase the body’s pH and kill it off. The downfall of particularly high-IQ people is the simplest solutions are often viewed as improbable so many doctors won’t consider them and peer pressure takes over.

      • I’ve been told that I have a tolerable IQ, and if something is cheap with no downside and available – why not? Baking soda seems to be one of the more undervalued items for sale. For some strange reason, it’s in tiny packages in the baking section and larger packages in the laundry section of some stores. Yes, you can overdo it, but a little common sense goes a long way. I use it to neutralize the very acid drinks on the market. A mix of Gatorade, baking soda, and vitamin C powder seems to be a good way of buffering the ascorbic acid and adding enough flavor to swallow. Unfortunately, citric acid and phosphoric acid are peddled in soft drinks as they tend to taste good for many. These things are sufficiently acid to damage teeth, as most of us found out far too late.

        The DEA has had a war on iodine for some reason. When I was a kid, you could buy it as crystals in the hobby store. Lugol’s solution was later restricted by the DEA to the point that you could buy 2% without limit, yet you could only buy 1 oz. of 5% at a time, and records had to be retained. 10% is illegal to sell to the public if I understand correctly. Proper iodine supplements are quite expensive vs most nutrients, yet we need more of it today than ever due to the fluoridation of water and pretty much everything else. Both are halogens and the fluoride is more active and will interfere with the thyroid, along with other effects. There’s controversy as to how much is too much. Back in the first half of the 20th century iodine was considered the miracle cure. In the second half, due to at least one controversial study, it was demonized. Personally, I’ve never been too concerned about that – I just use it. YMMV.

      • “For some strange reason, it’s in tiny packages in the baking section and larger packages in the laundry section of some stores.”

        Be careful Mike… the bicarbonate of soda in the little boxes has a ph balance of 8 and the bicarbonate soda or washing soda in the laundry isle has a ph balance more alkaline I think its 11 or better and cannot be used in cooking. It like lye will burn the skin.
        The same thing with measured bleach tablets or bleach.. sodium hypochlorite is the one that you can use to sterilize and purify your water. To make your own you can make a simple electrolysis cell mix salt with water and run it through a couple of times. Be careful with that to.. it will also create chlorine gas. You can buy the cells they are cheap enough and made for college kids going to remote villages to teach villagers how to purify drinking water.
        If your playing with it to make hydrogen gas never use salt for the reaction.

      • The whole purpose of the washing soda is the alkyd of the soda expands the fibers making water penetrate deeper through the fibers.
        You can make washing soda easy enough or the cooking kind but heck it’s cheap enough and yes you are right th heres a lot that people overlook about that wonderful product..

      • “the simplest solutions are often viewed as improbable so many doctors won’t consider them and peer pressure takes over.”

        Unfortunately Bill.. it doesnt have a thing to do with the doctors IQ.. it has to do with the business model..the green and whether or not they live in a different social class..
        Take a bandage impregnated with silver.. five bandages 4 by 4 are close to three hundred dollars patient cost. I have no idea what retail is… in mexico the same five bandage box is under ten dollars the actual cost is pennies.
        If you buy veteranarian bandages you’ll get a shock lol. I needed to replace a box of ,4by4’s so I ordered a box from a veterinarian supply house. Free shipping. This monster box shows up the wife asks what in hades did you order now.. it was the 4by4s lol a lifetime supply for less than what the small box for human use would cost lol. .. it’s all about the money. As long as the pharmaceutical companies have the option we will only use the one that will cost the most and have the least reaction.. yuh ou should read some of the studies done on the marijuana plant and cancer treatment.. its azz absolutely amazing. Theres semi loads of papers on its benefits to mankind unfortunately the what is it three trillion dollar industry has more money to give to keep it snd all its beneficial uses illegal.
        What’s funny is those that use it for recreation still do and will.. legalize it then regulate it like you do alcohol. dont sell it to minors and dont drive intoxicated if so pay the fines etc.

      • MIKE.. I should put it another way as well.. washing soda if ingested will KILL you.. kind of like eating or drinking a drain cleaner.. where baking soda in the food isle will not.. it is edible for human consumption…

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