“Now That We’re 21…”

Focus today is on Vaccinations and Resolutions. We are gaining some perspective on how to make some of the tough choices in the coming year.

Entering 2021 is a great time to do an Annual Wealth Check-up, too.  So, if you get some time this weekend, it may be useful to see where you were a year ago.  Then adjust your “daily activities for success” to reflect what needs doing.

Not that we’re going down the PMA (positive mental attitude) path.  But, the life un-inspected is hardly worthy.

Our main focus is the weekly ChartPack and trying to get a bead on how close we are to the Abyss (*or Nirvana).

Bean-up and click time is here, once again….

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George Ure
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33 thoughts on ““Now That We’re 21…””

  1. Yo Gbeard,

    Is that the hallelujah choir I hear singing in the background of Uretopia Ranch this AM?
    Why Yes I think it is!

    – I can very faintly make out the words – “40 thou how,how,how”

    BTC will be winning race to 40 thou – as it only has about $8000 to go..how about dem magic beans?

    40 Thou on BTC a legit call based – on technical analysis – and not wishful thinking like -“govt turning on cyrpto” bwahaha – still fear mongering,no?

    – actually looking at BTC more than doubling in Price/2021.

    This is all Slave thinking..(“souls – some issues – multiple lifetimes”)!?!?!
    sayz here U R still EN – Slaved..https://youtu.be/rOpQjD-rX0g

    • Unless backed by a court of competent jurisdiction, though…he’s in say the vote counters. LOL like Stalin said its who counts votes that matters../.

  2. “Keeping an eye out for flying Tomahawks”

    Memories! I learned to fly in a Tomahawk! Fast spinning little trainer with outboard stall strips. Fun, but it stabilizes in a spin and won’t recover without proper control inputs.

    • I remember the Tomahawk. My FBO was a Cessna dealer, though, so I learned in a C150. Although it was not required when I was taking my flight training, my instructor (a precocious kid of 21 at the time) DID take me up to 10k ft. and put me in a spin. Damn near snapped my neck! After I pulled my head out of the back seat I did the control inputs and waited…. and waited. Looked over at my instructor who was braced crab-like against the wall and asked, “How long does this take?” His excited reply was: “JUST HOLD THE CONTROLS!!”

      Three and a half turns of the fence line in the windshield, and 1,000 feet lower, the rotation finally stopped and I pulled out of the dive. The gyros in the artificial horizon were flipping and unstable as we flew back to the airport. Upon landing my instructor informed the shop mechanic that we spun the plane and the gyros were flipped. Much grumbles from the mechanic. But I was glad we did the spin. It gave me a fearful respect for what could happen if you effed up on approach at low altitude

      • Airspeed, altitude, and ideas, brother.
        Which is why the #1 safety add-on to our old Beech was Microvortex generators which lowered our stall speed by 8 MPH/6 kts

    • Me too Memories! My first flight instructor job was teaching in the Tomahawk. That plane was fun to spin!

      Moved on to “approach to stalls” in the simulator during training events every 9 months for the transport category planes.

      Lately the FAA has been requiring “upset training” in the simulator to overcome automation complacency. Even in the sim, an upset can be mind boggling. Many scenarios have been programmed into the training curriculum, and the 6 axis motion on the sims can give a wild ride.

  3. “Whisper-away, Bears. No one seems to be listening”

    Hmmm… we are still a couple weeks away from the 40 million household eviction parade… then starts the credit crunch from those that have been surviving on those.


    If each household has 2.. then we are looking at 80 plus million homeless.. not considering the banking fiasco associated to this..

    So give it time..patience young man patience… maybe congress should quick send another trillion to other countries and Bail out the banks..

  4. So, with all this talk about bitcoin, let’s talk liquidity. Now, my research into bitcoin has been rudimentary, but as i see it, the liquidity of bitcoin, particularly, large junks of it are not that easy to liquidate. And of course, one needs to me mindful of capital gaines and taxes, depending on their location.

    Every investment whether it be real estate or financial instruments (stocks/bonds) assumes an eventual conversion to ‘cash’ to use to consume or reinvest. Naturally, for most of us, this is conversion to USD. Yes, there are ways of directly investing without ‘cash’ conversion, but it can get very complicated and it is very seldom used. So, why would someone ever use bitcoin to purchase something with such great volatility? Would you purchase clothing, for example, with a bitcoin that could go up 10% next week. Would not you just want to hold the coin. On the other hand, would you sell your home for bitcoin, if the value could drop by 25% in a month?

    I suspect over time, the facilities may be constructed for quicker bitcoin conversion, but it all seems so disjointed as long as the coin is roughly tethered to the USD, Euro or whatever currency. Right now, it seems like such a bizarre ‘investment’ such as a tulip bulb. Maybe the world will just convert to one or many cryto currencies with no reference to another currency, but for now, it seems like it is a big paper drill.

    • :with all this talk about bitcoin, let’s talk liquidity. Now, my research into bitcoin has been rudimentary, but as i see it, the liquidity of bitcoin, particularly, large junks of it are not that easy to liquidate.”

      I have a nephew that plays second life.. he has a mall and sells cartoon shrubs for landscaping cartoon houses. They trade in lindo dollars..je actually makes two grand a month lol.. and covering it to us dollars is way easier than bitcoin..

      • Stephen and Looking out of the box…. That’s not true. If you trade on Coinbase, you get instant dollar conversion on any variety of crypto offerings. My go to’s are Bitcoin, Ethereum and lite coin. Whoever isn’t investing in crypto currency right now is not an investor. My friends, my son and everyone in my sphere quintipled their money in 2020. To be fair, it only represents 30% of my portfolio, but that may change as the tides have turned. Top investors around the world have done the same. It’s all about increasing your net worth. Who cares about the volatility? Get in get out just like any investment. You all are making this way too complicated . It’s all about making money.

      • “That’s not true. If you trade on Coinbase, you get instant dollar”

        Thanks mark..didn’t know it was that east to convert to us dollars..
        I still have a hard time grasping the value of nothing more than a digital number..

  5. Arthur Bradley’s site has some interesting high-current ferrites, and a new automobile surge suppressor which you may want to get on the waiting list for. He has videos where he explains application of his devices:


    Arthur’s Youtube channel has a lot of practical test data which will be of interest to readers:


    This site has real engineering info, and not so much marketing BS.

    I’m thinking that application of aluminum seal tape is probably a good and timely seasonal upgrade.

  6. Since we’re talking about vaccines:


    It seems that the DNA template for the mRNA fragment encoding the spike protein as a pseudo-antigen in the covid “vaccine” is computer generated and not from an actual patient with the virus! The specificity and utility of such an approach is certainly worth a serious outside evaluation. The exact nucleotide sequence is not available at this link and might even be considered “proprietary”.

    I won’t voluntarily accept this or any other vaccine unless I have a much better understanding of what’s really going on, and probably not then.

    • Thanks for sharing this Andrew. Catherine Austin Fitts is one of my favourite people. She is straight up and honest. I love her Solari Report.

    • decorating by Karen… I read the article and the 2 links it contained, it is a shit article linked to maggie haberman of the failing NYT, no proof or documents, just a bad mouthing President Trump, by another TDS patient . Will somebody get her some zanax

  7. great stuff george !!! got a few apprentice psyop young uns workong here !! you know old len ive seen em all . know how to fix em all up with the truth . and dont they hate it . go long the USD george . might not like it but its urban survival

  8. You look as strictly over-scheduled as any Yuppie’s kid.
    Looks like self-regimentation. (Your presentation may
    exaggerate the degree of this.)

    My partner of decades ago (RIP) called this “BoxCar”
    scheduling. (No gaps in the train.) A mistake he carefully
    avoided by deliberately putting some one and even
    two-hour blocks of open time, non-assigned.

    There is always the unexpected. Sometimes an activity
    need to be drawn out — extended — to be properly
    realized. Sometimes the unexpected pops up.

    Loosen up, dood… Be not a slave to the clock.

    (I doubt you really are.)


  9. Dear Comrades,

    Happy New Year! Hardly had the ball dropped in Times Square that one sees tidings in the New York Assembly of legislative item a416 – forcible removal of individuals to an appropriate facility who are deemed a danger to public health.

    Yes, presumed carriers of contagion such as disease, toxic, or radioactive substances will be detained for up to 3 business days (without recourse?) in an appropriate facility, medical or otherwise. The detention can be further extended for up to 90 days by various court orders. Medications will be forcibly administered where required.

    Mr. Putin and Mr. Xi must be outraged to see a new despot on the block!


      • There is more People leaving New York City than ever in recorded history. There is a reason for that. Many might think it’s the soda tax and they just can’t take it anymore.. but there larger forces at war and play that have yet to be seen.

        Christ Conscienseness is a thing.

        Then communism is also living and breath dynamic entity.

        You ever see animals scram right before an earthquake? Bird and deer flee from the area right before the quake happens
        some times hours and sometimes days
        Theyy know long before the Earth quake happens and they flee for their safety.. knowing but not knowing how they know and yet pack their shit and children and scram as if their life depends upon it.

        When you see Humans doing the same thing. Well we’re all just animals on the Loosh farm as some say. Do I believe In the Loosh farm? Meh.. pretty two dimensional thought process. Idk could be true… However, it is Not my experience in NDE’s.

        Sure makes one wonder tho. Said the Old wise bull to the young wide Bull. Grind slowly.

      • There is only a stampede when there is a sense of danger. Not taxes. Not Communism. Not Philosophy nor semantics. There is only a stapeede and great herd of cattle flee or migrate to saftey when there a sense of impending doom. Be a Quake or something else.. rememerber we deal with Data not feelings about Data.

        Feelings are reactions too, not reflections of data.

        And everyone has a degree of 6th Sense. Their mind mind might give reasons for the feelings.. because intuition is a language most don’t recognize. So they fabricate reasons to make sense for the urge to GFTO dodge.

        So to speak. Interesting times. Very interesting. mmmmmmm?

  10. I have concluded my research assignment on the topic of the Mafia. I had never watched the Godfather series before. I watched all 3 in the last few days. Most memorable moment, the $600,0000 horse head in bed.

    Best line: “Never tell anyone what your thinking.”

    It said 2 times. Vito says it to Michael 5 scenes before Michael takes over as The Don. Michael says it to the next guy to be The Don after Michael, 5 scenes before he takes over. It’s the tell to who will be the next Don.

    Since my girlfriend is 100 % full blooded Itallian. I thought it would be prudent to do some research and I enter “The Family.”


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