Notes on the AoMM

The What?”

Art of Making Money, of course!

Since we are still in the lazy part of summer – and we expect the market to be screaming to new highs in the coming few weeks, we will focus  – as all natural-born gamblers would – on the art of taking money from the house.

After we do some headlines, though a strong hit of NoDoz may be in order there.  Refried news, anyone?

This is a celebratory weekend, too…for reasons that will become clear in the ChartPack section…

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20 thoughts on “Notes on the AoMM”

  1. Melania tweets in opposition of her brainless husband for his 3rd grade bully tweet about Don Lemon and LeBron James. I pretty much have had it. It looks like his own wife has as well. I really do think Trump has a mental problem. I am sick of his name calling, his lies, and his attack on our most precious Constitutional right…freedom of the press. He wants all to hail and bow to him or it’s off to the gallows of his filthy, destructive and patriot dividing mouth.

    And the Russian thing. I don’t know what will come of it…but if Trump is really innocent, then why doesn’t he shut the heck up and stop calling it a scam and a witch hunt. What is he afraid of? The more he nervously rants the more he sounds like he is guilty. It’s like Parents coming home from a date and their Kids intercepting Mom and Dad by Saying” Don’t believe anything the Babysitter says…She is a liar”

    I am sick and I am tired of his crap.

    • Pres. Trump didn’t start it & he is totally justified in expressing his opinion. They started attacking him as soon & he won the election & have escalated the hate mongering since. Unlike you & Bill Maher, he is not a milktoast that sits back & whines like a crying Chuck Schumer. The rest of the world sees that Pres. Trump is the only real man in Washington, & without him the USA would be the laughing stock of the world. He gets things done. Any other President would have crumbled by now under this direct criminal assault being waged against Pres. Trump. It is OK TO BE a criminal if you toe the party line…Pres. Trump says, “Not on my watch”.

      Isn’t LeBron James an egomaniac too? Why don’t you slam him for his bullying tatics?

      • ECS,
        Your answer is typical of a two eight year old siblings yelling “he started it” to their mom. Criticism of US Presidents has been the norm for centuries here in America. And every single one has just shrugged it off. Some took the criticism to heart and upped their game to be better. But no…not THIS President.

        Imagine you being on the board of Directors of a large corporation and the Board was less than happy with quarterly returns and rightfully questions the CEO on decisions he made and suggests ways to improve…Then the next morning on CNBC’s Power Lunch, that same CEO goes on a rant calling out each and every Board member by calling them the “dumbest human on Planet Earth”and “crooked” “Slimey” “Low IQ” etc…How long do you think it would take for this CEO to get fired? About 2 seconds right? That kind of response to constructive criticism on the CEO’s part is just plain irresponsible.

        Picking fights with athletes, other politicians, celebrities media anchors, etc is extremely weak and cowardly and about as far removed from being manly as any rational person could imagine. The “real man” thing to do as you state it, would be to turn the other cheek, shut the hell up and put your nose to the grindstone and do your damn job. That’s the type,of humility we teach our kids right? Do you want your kids to respond to critics by punching them in the face and shouting horrible names at them? Trump is setting a dangerous precedent for vulnerable kids. I say vulnerable, because nobody with a brain falls for his crap. In my world, there is no more hated man than this jokester.

        And quit saying Trump has accomplished anything. He plans nothing…he studies zero…he is a huckster…The GOP in control of the House and Senate is running the show. It’s their ideas..their policies…Their votes that make things happen. The only thing they need him for is to sign a piece of paper.

      • MARK: PLEASE EXPLAIN WHAT modern day President has been attacked by both the media, rich leftist liberals, & swampites (both red & blue) like President Trump & his staff has been attacked. Why don’t the they turn the other cheek, not act like 8 year olds, & let President Trump govern.

        Also, this Russian election meddeling is a joke. The USA has successfully been defending against attacks for years…but now that Trump is President, they can’t seem to defend against anything.

        I suggest you invite President Trump over for dinner & not Chuck Schumer & LeBron James, and you may be enlightened. You may turn in your Rose Colored Glasses for a real pair.

        Don’t let the left control you, they act like they are your friends, but the are not.

      • Mark: I forgot to mention, using the word “typical” ie. “Your answer is typical of a two eight year old siblings yelling “he started it” to their mom.”  IS A COMMON bullying tactic used by Leftist Liberals. Are you an Al Gore impersonator?

    • Mark, Here’s an example of a CNN headline this week: “Ruth Bader Ginsburg says she’ll stay on the Supreme Court for 5 more years. That’s terrific news”.

      The “That’s terrific news” part might result in someone sensing that CNN is biased. If there was a doubt about bias, it would not last long because the RBG piece was put together like a paid advertisement. Only a fool was take it seriously.

      Like this example, much of the bias is not even nuanced any longer. Fake news actually helped create Trump as #45 … and many outlets are doubling down on the nonsense.

      Remember the classic image of a duck and a rabbit? Once you see both the duck and the rabbit, you can’t unsee them. When the press tells us the rabbit is most certainly only a duck, the press is attempting to discredit our own eye balls. That’s pretty hard to do when most everyone has now seen both the duck and the rabbit.

      Why does the “Press” want you only to see the rabbit? Think about that.

      • Oh Please….Fox is worse…there are dozens of archives of Fox’s complete bias and lies. One today…’It crushes HumaSouls…Gorka Says Left Wang Lunatics Have Caused Rise of Dem Socialism” That’s not biased?//

        My favorite ones from 2015 says “E.D Hill calls a fist bump between Barrack and Michelle Obama a terrorist fist jab”….and “Fox and Freinds attacks Sponge Bob for pushing a global warming agenda.”.

        I guess conservative really dig that Sponge Bob guy. It’s stupid headlines like this that discredit Fox and why a majority of people hate this channel. Even when they say they are the number news channel is sort of a lie. They are the only conservative news channel. When you take into account that the rest of the news channels that report non conservative news …they account for 70% of the viewership. I would like to see a reasonable and really balanced conservative news channel to compete with Fox without the gratuitous trump butt kissing.

  2. I would really like to suggest that each and every one of you watch Real Time With Bill Maher. Humor me and watch it. Fast forward past the monologue and go straight to the first interview with Malcolm Nance. The last part of that interview blew me away. Watch it till the schtick on Religion, which I did not like and fast forward to the part of his show called New Rules. I don’t agree with a lot Bill Maher says, but he nailed a lot on the head this week.

    • Watch tv…Bill Maher..
      GMAB…I watch very little tv.. Unless it has substance or something I’m truly interested in..most of the time I can watch five minutes and can give you the whole story line and ending..So Instead of useless dribble give me a good book to read..

  3. Summer Bull or Bear Contest
    OPEN 6/6/18 Close 8/3/18 $10,000 grew to
    3X ETF BULL – 215.84 shares – SPXL $46.33 $50.41 $10,880
    3X ETF BEAR – 392.16 shares – SPXS $25.50 $23.21 $9,102

    The BULLS are charging ahead.

  4. I dont think I could buy enough KFC or Big Macs to satisfy this idiots appetite if I invited him over to dinner. And to your point…what President has had this much negative media? Try Obama on Fox News. On a daily basis, he was ridiculed to no end. Add the fact that Trump and the Birthers wasting everyone’s time with that nonsense. While Obama fought back occasionally, he never challenged our right to free speech the way Trump is doing now. Come on ECS, I want you to really listen to Trump talk. He sounds like a lazy, remedial student trying to fake his way on a debate team. I practically throw up every time he speaks just out of embarrassment. The real media, real America, the global populace…all see the same thing I do. My wife and I have had the pleasure of traveling all over the world this year…I use George’s line that “the international Bank of Mom and Dad is Closed” and have taken the time to see how the other 7 billion people live. My wife and I are very social and love meeting people everywhere we ate, every tourist tour we scheduled and every local place we visited in Europe, Mexico, British Columbia etc. In each area, I got real tired of making excuses for Trump. Everyone and I mean everyone just shook their head incredulously when they brought up his name. Other Americans we met overseas had the same experience. This is unprecedented. They not only think he is a contentious jerk…they all think he is completely stupid. And when I say stupid…I mean he is clueless about even the most basic things like Geography, ( watch on You Tube in horror as he tries to explain the British Isles) the basic laws, simple economics, and above all common sense.

    I am beginning to think Zombies are real. Give me some sign they aren’t.

  5. “what President has had this much negative media? ”

    The closest one I can think of was Jimmy.. And his negative media wasn’t quite as aggressive. The comparison I see is…wait for it….they both tried to go against the direction set by the puppeteers…
    The reason I see as an answer is the majority could be swayed by financial resources and intense pressure. DJT on the other hand could be swayed but what they will offer is lunch money..and lets face it.. At his age how much more does he need.. Instead a legacy of trying to change the tide in a future that right now has a sleek outlook..the legacy of change is more important.
    Now if our boys on the hill had worked with Jimmy and his plan would have been rough but nothing in comparison to what I see coming.. JMHO

  6. So sad that all you liberals know everything and have a solution to every problem that this country has. The one thing that they seem to be missing is that they have NO COMMON SENSE!!! NONE, ZERO, NADA.

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