Noncomputational Economics & the Network of Creation

While looking for reasons why human telepathy doesn’t work, we may have found some (effectively) “CHMOD” locks built into humans. These may effectively control “interpersonal read-write access” at the psychic level.

Which has what to do with economics?  Well….that’s what the new book is about.  How the lower-level contexts work.

In an odd way, humans are evolving computers by building detuned replicas of themselves.

Hell of a topic, huh?  After a few headlines and our ChartPack, of course.

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George Ure
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57 thoughts on “Noncomputational Economics & the Network of Creation”

  1. Fo Shizzle My Nizzle !

    – kindly suggest checking out some of the Nickolai Hel stories written by Trevainian, like Shibumi.
    Author forced to greatly reduce his Footnotes/Background info he provided in novels after some artful Burglars used his exact plan & methods to successfully rob Art Museum in Spain.
    Trevanian describes in “some” detail Nikolai and his Consorts advanced Qigong Abilities – including being able to physically manipulate partners body with personal “external Qi”/energy from across the room, to the point of Mutual Climax..

    I believe every human being on the planet is Physic, in varying degrees of Retardation.
    Organized Religion got that way so as to remove Spirituality/Mysticism from the Human physical experience. Ure not 2 have any, let alone DIRECT connection with the Master Creator/Creative Forces.
    U might figure out U can stick Ure finger directly into a Creative Force “outlet” – just need to learn how to Ground Ure self prior to jamming Ure finger in “that” outlet.

    Maybe a copy (if interested) of Dr Yan Xins – ‘Secrets and Benefits of INTERNAL QIGONG CULTIVATION’ Lectures by Qigong Master Dr Yan Xin. Once in while U can find a used copy on ebay for $100-200. Or even Eighty Characters – the Essentials of Qigong Practice – a step by step instructions for thinking& practicing thru the Process of Connecting To “The Galatic Internetz”.

    First thing to do is Stop rebreathing Exhaled Air – nothing quite like rebreathing exhaled air to create O2 Deficiency and Flooding of Carbon Dioxide to the brain.Most human brains R sensitive to O2 deprivation – symptoms including headache,drowsiness, dizziness, issues with concentration, slowed reaction times.

    Chronic O2 Deprivation = All symptoms disappear- cause U R used to it.

    Ure doing great getting used to wearing a mask all the time – the Degenerative Process is getting Amped Up as O2 deprivations continues – also Nerve Cells in brain cant divide properly – lost Nerve Cells in Ure brain DO NOT Regenerate..Gone is gone, duoooh!
    CDC Review -May2020, ‘no sign red’n in inflnz trans’n’
    2011 BC Centers for Disease Control – sought to evaluate effectiveness of soc dist, trav rest, school closures, facemasks, limits mass gatherings – ” No Scientific or Medical Evidence.
    NIH – own dr. falsie – see earlier findings on Facemasks effectiveness – They dont work in STOPPING ANYTHING,but spittle.
    Facemasks MAY help in Slowing Down Transmission Rates, “MAY” being operative word..

    “You have NO Right to Earn a Living, Run a Business, or Exercise any other basic freedom if the government ARBITRARILY decides a particular Virus (jabroni) floating around is Russian or Badenov”..-LCN

    U only have wait about 10 years from now – Dementia Rates will increase Exponentially – jus like that BITCOIN – E X P O N E N T I A L

    U do know why the are called Nuns in the Catholic Church ?

    Cause like U – They dont get None! Litecoin that is….

    • You will be appalled to know, thanks to sitting at the ranch with an ak on my lap, that my TOTAL MASK TIME since all this happy horse puckey puked on us has been less than 45 minutes. When you have as big a place as we do, our idea of social distancing is several hundred feet. Everybody gets their own building, kind of thing.
      No freedom for U

      zero contact grocery shopping, drive through liquor store that puts a cow (*case of whisky) in trunk…useful distancing stuff, y’know?

      Thanks for the book refs, though! Now if’n I could only read. Just recently figured out the writing part…

    • “U do know why the are called Nuns in the Catholic Church ?
      Cause like U – They dont get None! Litecoin that is….”

      They have fingers — Litecoin have none!

      Also noticed that GU has caught on ;-).

    • Actually the Oracles of Delphi lived in a cave where tons of Co2 was emitting. I noted that a while back. The CO2 molecules separates the sequence of Nuero Transmitters and instead of a nuero “pathway” established it fires them all off at the same moment. In the Book A Candle of a Vision written in 1905 By Author (Pen name) AE he uses the Analagy of the Mind working like metal in a Forge when it attains psychic ability. At first the metal turns blue when when hearing up and eventually becoming a brilliant white hot metal. Lots of talk about “Lucid Dreaming” before the term was coined through meditative type Breathing and mantra thoughts. By holding the intake of air, more Co2 would be absorbed into the body.

      I’m not advacating sucking on the tail pipe of a Silver 2018 Dodge 3/4 ton 4X4 for Clairvoyant enhancing. Be better to drive one because that can actually take you physically to places you never seen or have seen.

      Noted that I was a commonality in enhanced psychic abilities. Cigarette?

      • Like a flash of Brilliant Flashing Christmas lights coming on. Instead of like lightning travelling dirErectionally.

        Ever notice that the Dollar Sign has a Swastika inside of it A cross, A Tlarge letter T and a small letter T? Kinda trippy.

      • Aldous Huxley(of “Brave New World” fame) was seriously into altered states of consciousness. Besides checking out the large number of available psychedelics ultimately available, he did sessions with high levels of CO2 for the same purpose of creating altered states. The only experience I had doing that was inadvertent – freezing a pipe with dry ice in a tunnel under a street so I could repair a leak. All I remember is that it worked and the pipe froze. My eyes stung like crazy from the carbonic acid though. The mental state didn’t seem that special at the time.

      • Speaking of “Delphi” – everyone gets a trophy!

        President Trump working to restore Delphi Salaried Retirees’ pensions

        “The news release also says, “During the Obama Administration’s 2009 taxpayer-funded General Motors (GM) bankruptcy bailout, the PBGC unjustly terminated the earned pension plans of more than 20,000 Delphi Salaried Retirees. They have filed suit against the PBGC in Federal District Court in Detroit.”

        “Today, President Trump is taking action to finally help these hard-working people who were robbed by the Obama-Biden Administration,” said Congressman Mike Turner (OH-10). “For 11 long years, I have been at the forefront of helping the Delphi Salaried Retirees fight to retain their pensions, which they earned through years of faithful service. President Trump is proving yet again that he supports American workers.”

        Not to mention Bush was the one who bailed out the frickin auto industry.

        Bush announces $17.4 billion auto bailout

      • “Not to mention Bush was the one who bailed out the frickin auto industry.”

        Yes, Steve, but it was the SECOND round of bailouts, the one by Obama, which, in order to receive, GM and Chrysler dealers who were known Republicans were required to sell out or close their dealerships — where major banks which were not in dire straits, like Wells Fargo, were required to take bailout money… THAT was the issue, and the bailout to GM alone, was between $50bln and $63bln.

        Remember 2009? Three of the Obama Administration’s top advisors were the head of The Soros Group and the chairs of Berkshire Hathaway and General Electric. The Administration enacted policy which was strongly Mussolini-esque in nature, and directed toward the major players in the transportation and banking sectors. If you’d care to remember, Ford didn’t take the fascist gravy and was widely panned in the media for not doing so. GM did, and ended up relocating virtually all of its “not-truck-related” primary manufacturing to China. Solvent banks like WF “repaid” the “loans” as quickly as they legally could, to get out from under the government’s thumb. Others, like Chase and CitiCorp, may never escape the fascist’s boot…

        The “Delphi salaried retirees” were Generous Motors employees until Roger Penske ( bought Delco Engineering and a few other tendrils from GM. One of me brudders was a Delco/Delphi engineer. He had 24 years in at a factory before he went over to engineering, so he receives a factory pension, but it’s roughly $2000/mo less than is his due (factory time carried over to the suits, but not back, so he doesn’t get credit for 41 years of employment — only 20 or 24 — depending on how the factory contract was written when he retired…)

        While I personally believe autoworkers make a ridiculous amount of money for the physical work they do, it is still an amount agreed upon by Management and Union, and therefore, their due.

        While too, I believe America’s unfunded pension liabilities, which add up to, in-excess of 4x the total GDP of every nation on Earth combined, will come to the forefront when the Wall Street house of cards collapses, and the millions of both public and private sector pensioners lose their asses, they are due what they are due, until the collapse actually happens (which I still contend should have happened when the dot-com bubble burst…)

        It grates my cookies, every time I hear some political hack refer to Trump’s references or benefits to “Wall Street” as a bad thing. Yeah, it gripes me that fund managers make stupid money (even I am not totally immune to class envy…), but the fact the numbers keep going up also keeps those (now) 10s of millions of pensioners in martinis and Depends, and out of the pitchfork department of their local hardware stores.

        Would y’all like to see some REAL riots? Elect Kammy Obiden and wait 6 months…

        BTW George, this is in reply to OOW Steve’s post @ 1452hrs. The interface had no “Reply” link for either 2nd-level or 3rd-level posts in this thread. In some threads it has the “Reply” links, in others, it doesn’t, in a few, it only has them for random posts at either level…

    • Organized religion was and still is in many countries a form of control of the people..
      From ancient texts and the written the teachings were simple. Man put his two cents in as a form of control for their community. It’s all a business model..
      From the virginal sacrifices yo the temple virgins.. many tribes and pagan cultures believed that a deceased persons so the old blood rights mot that long ago cannibal tribes had an illness kuru that ended up to be from the consumption of their enemies..
      Now the images and cultures of pagan rituals below are not for the feint .
      Mostly these ancient traditions were as horrible themes today.

      There are quite a few studies that have been done and historically every uneducated culture has them. From the salem witch trials to voodoo.
      It scares me that our culture has been working as hard as they are to dumb down our youth. Even though all the studies that have been done to show that a return to the dark ages won’t solve anything.
      Dancing around an effigy in diapers is not going to give you more strength or brilliance.
      Worshippers of idols or making something more precious than it is.. what I see happening throughout this country and the world is insidious corrupt and horrible
      Anyway just another rant why cant people have ethics and honor, respect for those around you..
      I read that the garden drive is now all trumps fault and russia..

    • “Chronic O2 Deprivation = All symptoms disappear- “lol now this is funny when I read that I remembered I have been procrastinating changing the filters in my high pressure o2 compressor lol. So I went out to pop new ones on.. lol lol
      Another summer thing the list. I have an empty rescue tank that I can fill lol
      And I probably would still have it as a to do project if you hadn’t said that..

  2. Why is there little news about activism for any “right” cases? Activism seems mostly “left trouble makers,” IMHO.

    • you won’t see any of that Bolshevic.. the narrative was brought up so that they could use the race and religion card to gain control and push an agenda.That is how it has been done for centuries by those trying to gain control.. they push the heart strings on issues to get you to jump to their tune… the hate narrative has been kept alive and taught to the young for a couple of hundred years..
      Now I am not saying that there aren’t issues that deal with racial discrimination. seriously there are shizty people in all shapes sizes and colors and religions…. BUT.. that river flows on both sides.. there are just as many from other ethnic back grounds that are just as bad or worse.. (take a walk in the hood lately. ) I was taught that there are bad people in all races, shapes, sizes , religions, and sexual orientation.. I taught our kids.. BE THE BLIND MAN.. a blind man doesn’t know what race you are or whether or not your man or woman or what religion you have.. he judges you by how you treat him and the way you treat others when he is listening.. since the media is pretty much owned and told what they are going to say by the very people pushing the issues.. you will only hear a single sided or a story slanted to the direction that they are pushing..

      • Long explanation, though IMHO racial prejudice have little to do with color rather than behavior.
        You just have to go to some places to get the idea.

        No body is born racist — it’s imprinted experience.

      • “You just have to go to some places to get the idea.
        No body is born racist — it’s imprinted experience.”

        So True… when I was in DC I was really naïve and was out an about.. there was this cool place it really looked like it would be fun place to go see.. called the BEE HIVE… I walked in and the place literally went quiet.. the hairs stood up I was in the wrong place.. luckily for me a guy I worked with seen me came over grabbed me like he was going to pulverize me and dragged me outside then said run I just saved your life.. LOL I use to visit with him during xmas.. unfortunately he has passed on..

    • One of the liberal precepts is they are “actionary.”
      One of the conservative precepts is they are “reactionary.”

      Liberals provoke, conservatives react…

  3. Should the goats ever ask me to wear a mask I’ll just point to the BBQ pit.

    Businesses are getting pretty lax in town as to who wants you to wear a mask and who doesn’t. I’m still surprised that the sporting goods store I frequent is pretty strict on it but the other one really doesn’t care. Most people don’t care either but I did get a request to wear my mask properly by an HEB employee once. The stupid things fog the glasses up so I wear it below my nose when I can. He didn’t like that so I complied rather than argue with a guy just trying to earn a living.

  4. more on the medical mysteries….testing negative, while HAVING SYMPTOMS! And, for Donny T, relapses can happen for months after testing negative:

    Of course, it won’t matter if Trump is indisposed (ill), we , the taxpayers, pick up his $141 million golf expenses (he’s out golfing more than twice the days Obama golfed-he doesn’t put in the work hours like other past presidents)

    • Listen, More deals are made on the Golf Course than ever in the Boardroom. The Masters taught me that. I mean Golf is a game of whole in one. The symbol of Phi, aka the Golden Mean. All Philosophy is a by product of the Golden Mean because all Philosophy starts with Phi. I and O, in-put and out-put. Ya learn alot hanging with the PGA Masters. I spent 5 or 6 months learning from a few of them.

      What I don’t know is, How I can generate and sway world level events to a degree and the Language of the World level Narrative but I suck at it in my personal life. It drives me nuts. I have a PHD in how it doesn’t work. I well over a Million successful attempts to find out how it doesn’t work on a personal level.

      I understand the Failure mechanism and how it propells to Advancement. There is millions of examples. I will use one that is a Mostly unknown but is a High Success story. Take Clif High for example. Massive Success after a Huge amount of Distruction and distortion on a business level. The Disolving of Him and Mr Ures Alliance, which occured with the revelations of Bald Rishi on Glp and destruction of his online reputation on fridge sites, and the complete and utter evacuation of almost everyone from Web Bot forum. With exception of some fire hard few who pretty much don’t like me. Lol To Wit, Clifford discovers Bitcoin and
      alt crypto currenies in it’s low place set to rocket from $50 to at one point $18,000 + in value. Novbody had even seen this dudes picture before. And within a very short few years he became extremely well off financially after such devistation and destruction. Which happened to turn into a “re-order_ and “pre-assembled” his Life path Inertia. I think there was a bunch of heatlh issues with Nancy. Now the Dude is Making Youtube Videos and there he is all bald and and shit in the Lime light.

      I understand how all that works, sorta like my NDE’s. Every single time I become more powerful and accute in my abilities. I don’t if it’s fear or what that keeps me from applying them on a personal level. I can influence the world at a grand level however I don’t know how to employ it to serve me at the personal level.

      Sorry so long. The struggle is-rael.

      If anyone had any ideas, im open to suggestion. I am starting to think sites like Ures are (an please no offence is offered) propelling either directly or indirectly because of some neferious forces unaware to the owners of such sites to the world stage.. I read somewhere. That the Archons harvest psychic and creative “juices” or abilities off the internet to wield the matric of unfolding potential ie reality and the Future. Which I have suspected for a long time. Unbeknownst to us the Monkeys with our hands in the jar unwilling to let get of that piece of Candy. Hmmmm.

      • Like some neferious forces behind the scenes are channeling my Abilities to affect the Narrative at the World Scale. And yet on a micro scale I struggle using them to benefit myself.

        I mean I read the storey the other day k the book Think and Grow Rich about how the little Black Girl says, “My Mammy needs that Fifty Cents.” She stood there and the dude was gonna wholup her upside the head if she didnt leave and she screems at the top of the lungs as he is barreling down on her with Club in his hand and is 10 times her size, “MY MAMMY NEEDS THAT FIFTY CENTS!” then the dude stops and pulls out fifty cents and give it to her. Then she never takes her eyes off him and back out the door and walks away victorius. Beat the man 10 times her size because she willing to risk her life for It.

        After I read that story,

        The Next Day Rapper Fifty Cent endorsed Trump for President. LMAO! That book is like 100 years old. I read it and it manifest in a different way the next day on a world scale. That F?!

        Which is all fine and Dandy for Mr Trump who happen to land in Palm Springs the same exact day I checked into detox at the Betty Ford after having NDE number 12 a few hours earlier. In some weird synchronized bizarro world I live in. But that doesnt profit me shit.

        And I WANT MY $400,000,000!

        To throw a random figure out there. Lol

        I know loose lips sink ships. And we are all on the Titanic. So I try to not say everything I SEE. And I been through that portal of devistation like Clif and a million other success stories a hundred times. And it seems like the only narrative I can affect is the World. So I stood out on the deck the other day and pictured my fist around the Aether’s throat and was shaking it like a rag doll and money was falling out of its pockets as I screamed Pay Up Mother Fkr!

        Then it snowed the next day and my car cant drive in the snow. Fack! Hahahaha

        I don’t know if I will be back or not. I think I just run the world narritive and not tell anyone. I like money as well Creative Mind of the Infinite Intelligence for crying outloud. Everyone says, “Money Doesn’t buy happyness”, or “I alot of money once and I was misserable and I’m much happier being poor” and I keep thinking, I know there are people with tons of Money that are also Happy. I been poor and miserable before. I’m ready for something different. Money is just a tool. No different than a Lighter or Green Pen
        Happiness is a feeling. I can have both. Lol so I aint buying the idea the equation of false belief constructs.

        Anyway that is enough fro me. I think I will just run the narrative for the world and not tell anyone anymore. Unless I get Paid. Lol

        Later dudes.

      • I do appreciate ya George. I do appreciate your site. I know it’s not you harnessing my abilities or energy. Someone with Jaundice eyes. I see them in the dark, like a shadow every now and then and I only see their yellow eyes. Never said anything about. I don’t see them all the time. I don’t know who they are. But I seen flashes of them several times. Too many to ignore.

        I don’t know. I don’t have an instruction manual with my abilities. Drives me nuts at times. The creative language is dynamic. Meaning. It’s like cascading and moving letters. They Bright up for a second and they are moving vertical, diagonal and horizontal. Like word find puzzle then they flash in the fade like neuro Transmitters. Like a bunch of flashing brain cells but they are letters and other symbols. Shit I don’t know. And I get frustrated and egotistical and assholish etc etc. At times. I need a Yoda to help use the Force. Lol

        Get it

        I need Little green, man. Lol

      • I was a workaholic.. average17 hours a day seven days a week..a hundred hour week was average give or take. (I still sleep an average of three to four hours a day.. and I could sleep longer if I wanted ) anyway when my body first started to rebel against physician gave me a prescription . On it was golf one to two times a week.
        I said huh.. he said yes you can’t play golf unless you relax..and with your work schedule you have to relax.. loved the game the shiztiest gopher out there and he was right.. if your in a high stress job play some golf..go fishing ride you favorite horse or read a book..

    • Bidens got rich in office, Trump is rich and then got into office and is losing money while in office,,we the majority hope he relaxes and enjoys his golf game.
      I have no tolerance for pedo supporters, Joe and Hunter both have problems
      who are you voting for Pedo Joe and Willie Brown’s hoe
      I swear, some people will step over a rape victim to point at a jaywalker
      One American News story on Hunters laptop and his niece

      • “I have no tolerance for pedo supporters, ”

        Me either!! I couldn’t vote with a clear conscience for anyone doing that and torturing prepubescent children to sell out the country for personal gain and the fact that the big guy uses all his power to hide it and justify his actions will never have my vote.
        He will be our next president and I will support the office because the office deserves the respect..I just cant support the man or their actions to sell out the country.
        I would rather see Kamala as president . At least there’s no backstory of her abusing innocents..

      • “How do you justify the super rich paying almost no taxes, and the rest of us barely survive?”

        Actually I can’t average household. I pay several times more taxes that a wealthy man. The tax laws were written to allow that.. sadly its congress that passes all of that and we as sheep keep voting in the same worthless corrupt group that couldn’t hold down a job at any fast food place.
        I for one dont take any chances on taxes..I couldn’t afford to fight the IRS.
        Since we keep voting in the same worthless people then we deserve everything they give us.
        The last budget agreement didnt toss the bottom feeders like us under the bus.. the way I understand it it tossed the upper 29 percent and opened the doors for the 1 percent to sail to new heights.. the good part is theres a correction comming. They can’t stop it. They can delay it but it cant be stopped at this point..
        When the Caterpillar comes out of the cocoon of the correction will be the time for the citizens to say hey enough and vote them out.

      • @LOOB
        “I would rather see Kamala as president . At least there’s no backstory of her abusing innocents..”

        Wanna bet…?

        She’s far more abusive than Creepy Joe. Search “California pedo priests Harris” and try on this quote from Tulsi Gabbard:

        “Senator Harris says she’s proud of her record as a prosecutor and that she’ll be a prosecutor president. But I’m deeply concerned about this record. There are too many examples to cite but she put over 1,500 people in jail for marijuana violations and then laughed about it when she was asked if she ever smoked marijuana. She blocked evidence — she blocked evidence that would have freed an innocent man from death row until the courts forced her to do so. She kept people in prison beyond their sentences to use them as cheap labor for the state of California. And she fought to keep a bail system in place that impacts poor people in the worst kind of way.”

        She also had her office oversentence nonviolent offenders, giving (possession of under an ounce) pot smokers and parents of truant kids felony-length sentences.

        You won’t find it in the mainstream, and it’s buried in googl, but try a duckduckgo search or two. She’s both dirty, and an incredibly “not-nice” person…

      • “Wanna bet…?
        She’s far more abusive than Creepy Joe. Search “California pedo priests Harris” and try on this quote from Tulsi Gabbard:”

        WOW RAY…. I never read that.. I had read some places that she slept her way to the top.. but then that is as common as anything.. college kids negotiate for better than a burger and fries to pay for books tuition etc.. and I have worked in a govt. facility where is you were young and willing to give the boss man a little oral pleasure.. then they could get better jobs.. seen it with my own eyes..
        But I hadn’t heard she was that way.. the whole thing coming is scary.. I remember the post on stews site.. http://www.theageof that basically has predicted a coo on the administration.. my curiosity is.. would that be DJT.. it looks like he may make it out of this mess.. but could it be JB.. bump his butt off and take over..
        with her and her husband having slipped by saying that she would be the next president.. do they know something more than what we all have read that is planned or was it a slip of the status she would be.. as vice..
        I see the whole take over of the office playing out just like in the books.. and the camps are already built.. heck they made every county buy mobile crematoriums.. so has this been a long acting plan.. why are they prepping that way with billions of rounds of ammo..
        I am afraid of what I see coming.. I wish I could join expat and move to the islands he was the only smart one of us….unfortunately I am in the position whereI depend on them of course to get the total support of the hourly wage they will steal from the wealthy give it to the poor then once they have the total support and the whole society is dependent on them for everything.. ( so far its one in two but with unemployment accelerating that number is getting really shaky already)then they will take away and give it to the only ones that are to benefit the one percent… No matter what.. just like the citizens of Germany or France.. I have to go with it.. Its not going to be pretty if it plays out the way I suspect it will..just look at the country now.. the height of the deficit the fall this time will be hundreds of times worse than the Weimar depression.. Everyone knows that the deficit is physically impossible to pay off.. It can’t be done.. even if they took it all.. then read the stories about the incoming administration and if that doesn’t make your skin crawl.. dam.. It sure makes mine crawl.. and there isn’t a thing anyone can do about any of it.. we are going to vote in the same worthless crap into office that will do absolutely nothing but what the puppeteers want.. our new administration with the long history of selling out the country.. and his kid a pedo that loves to torture and a hint that this is a family trait. sic.. and people will argue that he is right for the office.. and the alphabets hide his actions and do everything they can to erase them from history..
        I want to just bury my head in the sand and pretend that none of it exists..
        I think that there are those of jewish back ground that is seeing this though.. on television there are so many shows now of how the jews escaped the concentration camps and the ones that were in the concentration camps..
        What I haven’t read is if there is a mass exodus of the jewish population now.. or with BLM and Antifa.. the Caucasian population..

  5. And it might just be me and how I’m retarded. Trust me, Nobody is harder on me than me. Ugh. Mistakes are important because they teach how it doesn’t work and get us faster to the least common denominator. Which is success it seems lately.

    So I don’t know. I pray for clairity and Divine Imagination through which Inspriration and Idea are formed.

    Later dude. I gotta go do netflix and chill.

    • Andy, sometimes you really do need to be good to yourself emotionally. Yes, discipline matters, but discipline and being hard on yourself all the time can hide messages that are different from those you’re familiar with. I’m making a wee bit of progress on the most important human relationship of my life other than myself, and that’s due to being good to myself, taking a huge financial risk, a lesser real one, and just doing what was best for us both. We seem to be better off than otherwise(I hope).

      It’s hard to love someone that won’t or can’t love themselves. I had a dear one like that from a former life die recently. I’d hate to see a recurrence of that.

      George is right – there are breadcrumbs here for all of us.

      • I like me and love hanging out with me. I spend a lot of time alone. Thanks for your kind thoughts. Im going to the gym to do squats with the wild Viking dude I live with. He is a little bit stronger than me. But he is 12 years younger than me. lol. Have a good week. I need to think for a while and see if I can change the dynamic swing of the arch to propell me into a more lucrative position. Since Grady inadvertently answered my question in my answering his. Lol

      • Yeah like all the planets are in retrograde… Drawing in, negative e-motion… WOW! It is emotion that accerates the swing of the Arch. Or empowering… Driving the implosion
        or gravity then through magnetic friction it explodes outward into further complexity using itself as a template.

        I can’t believe I forgot that. Wow.

    • “I know loose lips sink ships. And we are all on the Titanic.”

      “ Mistakes are important because they teach how it doesn’t work and get us faster to the least common denominator.”

      Two Eskimos sitting in a kayak were chilly, so they lit a fire in the craft. Unsurprisingly it sank, proving once again that you can’t have your kayak and heat it too.?

      You have pulled the rip cord on the life preserver… good long life ahead, and your comments are illuminating… carry on!

  6. I keep trying to return to a similar path as my arrival for a brain upgrade but have not yet succeeded. I shall keep trying.

    • Hi Grady. Long time no talk. Hope you are well. You are Amazing. Last time we talked you were remodeling a kitchen and met a new philly.

      Back when I trying figure out the nastracodus grid. You ever figure out it works like a Cube not a box? Like a rubix cube. Each word is a color square. And when ya juxatposed two of the same color you get a link of “Coincidence”. Get two words on the same center “square” or “color” and you have a synchronicity or synchronized event with 2 leading indicators to that event. Once you get all 8 words (or colored squares) on the same center word or (color square) you have the event and 8 indicators pointing to the one centerd word. Be a topic like war or presidency.

      Same system I used to run a state of Artificial Synchronicity on GLP. “The Nobody” theme. Altered at one point every thread on the front page except 3 with the same “viral theme.” Using the simplicity to complexity model. Complexity is simplcity inverting within itself and exploding outward in Torus (spiral or Vortice) form using itself as a template. It is empotion that accelerates the swing of the arch. Negative draws inward or collapses and positive explodes outward…. Or employs….. Black holes and stars….. Like in the center of the cube… or the the Center of a Universe… how a Hyper cube works…. dynamically
      Ohhhh shit. ROTFLMAO!!!

      Thank you! You just answered my question!!!! Hahah. Eurika! Hahaha I forgot about that other dynamic. Hahaha Bitchin!

      Later man!

    • A square grid is only one side. A square of 9 words or phrases is a “One point perspective” skimatic. Life is a “2 point of perception” skimatic. that is why you have to use a cube not a square, with color coded words on it. Like the Rubix example. 8 little squares or phrases “colors” that you rotate until all the colors (words or phrases) are the same with the center color “term or phrase” that is the ‘immovable object’ giving you the Event. Because all 9 are on the same page.

      8 being infinity right side up (potential) encapsulation by 1. The center square. The unstoppable force meats the Immovable object. 3,6,9. Tesla’s modle of the Universe. Whalah. Jackpot. Lol

      I’m not very good at X -plane-ing stuff. Hope that makes sense.

      • You know Andy.. I truly loved that you shared that with us.. I never thought about it as a cube..
        thanks young man..

  7. Ok, thanks George. I subscribe again. For the rest of the day, I’m gonna watch Tell a Vision. I haven’t watched it in probably 4 months. Except maybe 2 movies
    And I watched Bonanza a couple times with my Mom in Alaska because she watches old shows like that.

    Cobra Ki is in the menue for the day.

    P.S. did you see that article over at Zero Hedge talking about returning to the Gold Standard. Lol. Really good Article. I damn near could have wrote it myself. Hahaha.

    The language of the Narrative is changing again. Quick, Look supprized!

    I certainly don’t do it for Aplause. Aplause doesn’t pay the bills and or feed the yapper.

    Even the stage hands get paid.

    Have a good day.

    • “Even the stage hands get paid.

      I gotta cute story about stage hands. There was a famous band.. the truck was running late with all the equipment . So the lead singer told the stage hands that if they worked extra hard and got the stage setup before the concert he was going to give them a huge special bonus for their hardworking. Visions of dollar Bill’s fb lowed through their mind. They got the job done just in the nick of time..the concert was a sellout.. time for them to get paid and in the envelope was a wallet size photo of the lead singer.. lol lol..(not signed) because of that one year for xmas gifts I gave out picture frames as the gift but in each frame I put my photo in it.. lol body realized the gift was the frame. They thought the gift was my

    • Yep, We knew that over 4 years ago. Lol I don’t know. I’m taking a vacation from my vacation. Lol not sure when I will be back.

      • Andy after banging my head on the door of wealth for lo these many years have come to the conclusion that this time around I am not suppose to have great That is a lesson that wasnt mine to learn this time. I can walk into any casino and have for many years and make iny table game run hot or cold but put a dollar on it and goodby for my buck. Cant even get anyone to go with me to a casino and let them win. Strange kinda. Used to practice on certain type of women and let them have organismn from 50 ft away. Finally decided that did nothing for me.

      • “Andy after banging my head on the door of wealth for lo these many years have come to the conclusion that this time around I am not suppose to have great”

        Buy a burger abg joe rather than a lotto ticket you’ll get much more that way.

    • Just watch James.. you are going to be amazed at how gifted they are going to be to seize the election.. LOL.. its all laid out in a couple of books.. they are following the plan laid out so close you already know who is going to be pres..

    • “the Antifa riots will be in ever major city”

      If so, that will be at the behest of each city’s Mayor or Council. You can’t fix stupid, and sometimes a community has to get burned really badly before they wise-up and realize there’s more to a local political choice than a pretty face or a line of shit that’s a mile-long and sounds like a Siren’s song…

  8. Sounds like a reasonable hypothesis… the HOST:lock situation. You didn’t mention people who ‘channel’ dead or non-physical beings. One interesting case I read daily is Esther Hicks who ‘channels’ non-physical entities collectively calling themself “Abraham”. Law of Attraction and how the universe works for us is the sole topic of the education that is given.
    So apparently some people have the ability to open the lock and let another in.

    • Reminds me of the TV channels featuring religion.
      Lots of promises — short on delivery, UNLESS ;-)).

    • Hell Yeah Hank! Perfect timing! The Wild Viking I work out with has the same name! We pushed 1290lbs X 10 on the Leg press machine today. Thanks for the link!

      I will check it out like food stamp day at Walmart! Thanks!

  9. “You’re traveling through another dimension — a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. That’s a signpost up ahead: your next stop: the Twilight Zone!”
    ~ Rod Serling, Twilight Zone Introduction, season #1

    The late, great Mr. Serling was a poet and a prophet. His 1950s intro is still quite appropriate for describing today’s crazy reality.

  10. Comrades,

    I wasn’t able to find the percentage of USA ICU beds in use by covid-19 patients after mid-July on the CDC website.

    There’s some covid-19 projections of possible interest on the website of The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at The University of Washington in Seattle. (I extend sympathy if viewing a Mr. Gates funded project causes discomfort.) It seems in the pandemic first wave that government lockdowns tended to appear once covid-19 deaths reached 8 per million population. Mask use at the 95% adoption level is said to drop infection risk by one-third, but social distancing is deemed more effective. The practiced ceiling on mask use appears to be around 70%. The second wave projections through next February for the Northern Hemisphere are ugly. China is projected to see a tiny, tiny second wave at year end.

    The battle of the third wave may be a Mad Max irrelevancy; the war will be over.

    Lites Out. Count sheep.

  11. Hmm,

    The BBC China correspondent, Stephen McDonnell, is reporting that China’s muslim Xinjiang province has seen an outbreak of asymptomatic covid-19 cases. Testing has been underway and pretty much the entire population of 4+ million people is to be completed by tomorrow?

    It seems like only yesterday that Timothy Dalton was acting all friendly-like with the Mujahideen across the border in “The Living Daylights”. The enemy of my enemy is my friend?

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