New Jobless Claims & Major Woo-Woo

As happens Thursday mornings, we see how the “New Unemployment Claims” pool will pay off for the week.

Three Bigger Stories

The first is Retail Sales:

You shouldn’t need too much help with that.

Next is the Philly Fed outlook:

More details on the Philly Fed website here.

Followed by the…

NY Fed’s Empire State Manufacturing Report:

Business activity grew strongly in New York State, according to firms responding to the April 2021 Empire State Manufacturing Survey. The headline general business conditions index climbed nine points to 26.3, a multi-year high. New orders and shipments grew at a solid clip, and unfilled orders increased. Delivery times were the longest on record, and inventories were notably higher. Employment levels and the average workweek both expanded modestly. Input prices rose at the fastest pace since 2008, and selling prices climbed at a record-setting pace. Looking ahead, firms remained optimistic that conditions would improve over the next six months, expecting significant increases in employment and prices.”

And not like it’s over:  The Federal Reserves Industrial Production and Capacity Utilization number is due out in about 20-minutes.

Waiting on War

From the UK Daily Mail, something we’ve been telling you was in the offing for several weeks:  “‘Russia is threatening us with destruction’: Ukraine warns Putin he will ‘bear very painful consequences’ if troops cross the border as build-up continues in defiance of President Biden’s call for restraint.

The problem we have is facts are spotty in critical areas:  We don’t know if Ukraine “has something on the “you-know-who” administration.  We also don’t know if Ukraine swiped any Soviet era nukes when weapons storage guards weren’t paid (and some just went home) when the Soviet Union was falling in 1989-91.

And then there’s the European Union which said years ago they envisioned an EU which would span from Portugal to Vladivostok – without bothering to tell Russia of their megalomaniacal plans.

Last night, NATO sec-general Jens Stoltenberg remarked in a press release:

“This is the biggest massing of Russian troops since the illegal annexation of Crimea in 2014. And it is part of a broader pattern of Russian aggressive actions, which raises very serious concerns.

Allies fully support Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. And we call on Russia to de-escalate immediately. Stop its pattern of aggressive provocations. And respect its international commitments.”

So we have Ukraine trying to join NATO.  Russia doesn’t want NATO commanded forces on its doorstep.  It also won’t give up it’s only warm water port. Ukraine, wont back down, either.

And the capper this morning is the Russians have painted “invasion stripes” on their armored units which are poised for action.

No shortage of testosterone in all this.  Which means that logic and common sense is out the window.  So anything can happen.

One thing expected is a new round of sanctions on Russia to be announced today.  Like we’re so sure that will deescalate tensions.

Taiwan Simmers, Iran

As though Ukraine was not dangerous enough, the “war party” also has a delegation in Taiwan.  Where “Joe Biden Will Support Taiwan Self-Defense: U.S. Delegation” says MSN.

Meanwhile, the NY Times manages to blame Trump for deteriorating relations with Iran.  Which is laughable:  Especially given the pallets of cash Iran’s friend Barack Obama sent.

While the Times is anxious to paint Trump’s Iran policy as a failure, we would refer the student of international payoffs (as from Obama) to hearings on “THE TERRORISM FINANCING RISKS OF ALLOWING THE ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN TO GAIN ACCESS TO LARGE AMOUNTS OF HARD CURRENCY AND THE U.S. GOVERNMENT’S PAYMENTS OF $1.7 BILLION IN FOREIGN CASH TO IRAN.”

Are we the only ones who can read, anymore?

In those hearings, former attorney general Michael Mukasey said of the Obama cash deal there were other ways – besides cash – that could have gotten Iran money if the Obama administration had wanted to:

“I suggest to you that what is going to result from that is
nothing good. We initially heard that it had to be made in that
form because we cannot wire money to Iran. We have no way of
getting them money other than in pallets of cash. As the
Chairman pointed out, the facts directly rebut that. There have
been wire payments to Iran. It could easily have been
transferred to a country that does do business with Iran, and
that could have put the money in a bank account. That was not
There is only one purpose for which cash in that amount is
useful, and that is to do what Iran has been doing around the
world, which is acting as a sponsor of terrorism. It is not
useful for infrastructure projects, which we were told are very
much the concern of the Iranians because of their economy.
Iranians do not pay Iranians in euros and Swiss francs. As far
as purchasing equipment overseas, paying the money by–paying
money that was transferred to Iran, out of Iran, in cash, is
not the most economical or the most convenient way to pay for
equipment that you need in connection with infrastructure
projects. That is much easier to do in a bank account.
The only conceivable purpose for this money is to finance
illicit activities, because the cash is untraceable. That is
the reason that the Iranians insisted on it, and why we agreed
to it is something that I think this Committee ought to probe,
because I believe there are no good reasons for having agreed
to it.”

But of course, Barack Obama and now “the big guy” Joe Biden look suspiciously like two-bit politicians trying to butter both sides of their bread while at the same time taking extraordinary risks with the future of a free America.

But that’s just us, I suppose.  Maybe we don’t want some bought pony soldiers giving away taxpayer money to a foreign theocracy.  And yeah, maybe we’re still on a slow burn about it.

Various and Sundry

Sundry: adjective “..of various kinds.”

Good news, or bad?  IRS set to start sending monthly child tax credit payments in July.  Just one more way the government is trying to “push the wet noodle around” and make the economy seem to recover.

Climate Hype the next “big thing.”  As you may have seen in the Project Veritas CNN piece, that news operation is already mapping out a long-term climate pander.

Looks to us like Time is going for a pile-on. With stories on their feed today like “The Story Behind TIME’s ‘Climate Is Everything’ Cover.” Hint: It’s not everything.  And “The Fight Against Climate Change Is a Fight for People.” Hint: People make climate the way the Sun makes donuts.  Let’s throw some sex at it too with “How Educating Girls Will Help Combat the Climate Crisis.” No doubt the LBGTQ+ and racial injustice of climate will be along shortly for the hopelessly gullible.

Grandly wrapping up with “The Pandemic Remade Every Corner of Society. Now It’s the Climate’s Turn.”  Hint:  Climate has been at bat for millions of years and we’re still here.

Only in an Age of Delusion could people possibly come up with monetizations that miss the BIG solution.  Reduce population.  But hey, wasn’t that what “the rona” was Round 1 of?

Apologies for Bad Policy:  Evidence in CBS’ “New York is spending $2B on undocumented workers. Here’s why.”  Flee morally bankrupt New York while you can.  Texas is still a free state…

For a While, Anyway. There’s a move in Lone Star land for a new level of state appeals court.  And hysterically, some dimmocrats who want to pack the U.S. Supreme court just hate it when a state legislature defangs their pet court.  Good article about it in the Texas Tribune.  Democrats need not worry because even though 60 percent of Texans support decriminalization of marijuana, the state power mongers can’t get that done.  So a new level of Courts?  We’d love to be wrong once in a while…

Elaine’s Woo-Woo

Wife Elaine stayed up a little later than me Monday night.  It was a pleasant evening as she stepped out on the screen porch to take one last view of the property.  This time of the year, it looks very much like a state park.  The grass is still short, leaves are in on most of the trees.  And it was still a bright enough twilight she could see down to the trees that run along the creek in the middle of our adjoining land.

As she was taking it all in, she noticed something move.

It wasn’t a deer…too small for that.  It turned out to be?

A cat.

This cat meandered across our small dry creek bed on the left, and then sat for a moment on the grassy field that leads down to the creek.  Suddenly, other cats came in – mostly from the east (same path shown here) as somewhere between 9 and 13 feral cats wandered in.

“George, I’ve never seen anything like it.  Just like they were all going for a walk together!  Mostly, it was single cats – walking in a line – about 8-feet between them.  A few were “couples.”  But, the most amazing thing was there was no fighting at all.  What they were going down to the creek for is beyond me.  I watched as long as I could (light was fading) until they all disappeared into the creek bed trees…”

She wasn’t certain, but Zeus, our cat, may have been in the line, too.  He was out for the night.

Mind you, we have lived out here in the wilds for coming up on 18-years now and neither one of us has ever  seen anything like this.  Who has a dozen cats doing a spontaneous purrade for sunset?

We stayed up almost to dark Tuesday and last night.  But, no rerun.

Then something began to gnaw at me.  Wasn’t there something going on with the Moon and religious events Monday night?

Suddenly, it hit: Monday evening was a major religious holiday.  Does this have something to do with feral cats gathering along the creek?  Do they sing?

Monday night was smack-dab in the middle of Passover.  which this year began at sunset on the 8th of April and ends on the 16th.

(This got me wondering if the cats were Orthodox or Reformed.)

Then another bolt of memory hit:

Ramadan began at sundown Monday.  Just as the cats were strolling toward the creek.  Do feral cats go on pilgrimages? Muslim cats?  Shia cats or Sunni cats?

Or, and I mean this very sincerely and in great respect: do religions – like Islam and Judaism – have their lunar “clockworks” set by ancient traditions that are trans species in nature?  Did religious peoples eons ago observe the lunar timings in Nature and conclude we might be well-advised to take heed?

Sounds wild, but is it possible that great religions and teachings comes to us in a circuitous manner?  Observing and following periodic behaviors in the Natural world around us?  Like this “clowder of cats” Elaine watched?

It’s been interesting.  We’ll be trying to remain awake during the evening of the next big religious events.  It might be useful to see if this “clockworks” is meaningful more than once…

She felt honored to see it.  While for me, it was like the old Buffalo Springfield song.  “There’s something happening here, what it is ain’t exactly clear…”

Write when you get rich,

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59 thoughts on “New Jobless Claims & Major Woo-Woo”

  1. “We don’t know if Ukraine “has something on” the you-know-who” administration.”


    If they are still buying the Beer for the good time charlie…. ( Hint.. you only get what your willing to pay for) follow the money trail.. hogs at a feed trough won’t hesitate to show another hog away to get more… in the end it is just making them plump to provide what the ones feeding them are truly after…

  2. George
    Talking about the lunar cycles and how we used to follow them, leads me back to the Book “Destruction of the Sabbath”, done by your guys at the Chronicle project. Sice reading it and changing the passage of time to the old ways, I must admit a level of ease of life which I did not have before.

  3. “Russians have painted “invasion stripes” on their armored units which are poised for action.
    No shortage of testosterone in all this. Which means that logic and common sense is out the window. So anything can happen.”

    In my opinion.. it depends on…. IF… either side is feeling cornered.. ( remember the people of Ukraine asked Putin for help.. and like Hawaii if they asked for Americans to help we would be there in a heart beat.. ) the other thing is people that I have visited with in neighboring countries are more afraid of the NATO forces than the Russians.. they view the NATO forces as the invaders.. so who is right.. If the puppeteers still have control then I think we don’t necessarily have to expect anything till around the middle of May.. seventh on.. they seem to use the number three a lot..

    • It makes total sense to me that the people in and around Ukraine are afraid of NATO. The crazy people in the room these days are the westerners – including NATO and the US.

      Fortunately, there is a little bit of an emergency break in this situation. The core NATO countries (think Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Spain, Italy, et al) really do not have any reason whatsoever to back a US government and US President that is bat shit crazy. So, the choice is: Commerce with Russia = Prosperity vs. War with Russia = Destruction.

      But, on the other hand, Europe has had plenty of ‘play stupid’ moments, like 200 years of continuous destructive wars, including WWI which was a totally idiotic war where the countries just agreed to mass suicide. We will see what happens. I am certainly not saying that logic prevails. We seemed to have lost the art of common sense.

  4. “As though Ukraine was not dangerous enough, the “war party” also has a delegation in Taiwan. Where “Joe Biden Will Support Taiwan Self-Defense: U.S. Delegation” says MSN.”

    There’s More..For me its pretty obvious that they are positioning us for the poison pawn trap… I know this isn’t chess.. but from my perspective that is what is being played on us.. everyone is hoping that we continue with our old strategy ..I think both the Russian and the Chinese realize we are in over two hundred countries militarily. we don’t produce anything at all anymore.. our youth is dumbed down and our countries infrastructure lies in ruins and our police force is being neutered by the administration….. Remember Custer and if we continue on with our Custer’s luck attack strategy and think we have one over on them.. then will this be our last stand from my perspective it very well could be..

    • I’m working in manufacturing support these days, but most of the raw materials we use originate offshore, regardless of who supplies or claims to manufacture. It’s only when you get the material certs that you find out who is BS’ing you.

  5. to Quote project veritas article, this is CNN’s Chester’s words
    “Any reporter on CNN — what they’re actually doing is they’re telling the person what to say… It’s always like leading them in a direction before they even open their mouths. The only people that we [CNN] will let on the air, for the most part, are people that have a proven track record of taking the bait,” Chester explained.

    BAIT!!!! bait for the bottom feeders,
    and this quote, about selling fear, be afraid. Was the chyna virus a fear based weapon from the Chyna News Network?

    “It’s fear. Fear really drives numbers – [TV ratings],” Chester said. “Fear is the thing that keeps you tuned in.”

    He added, “COVID? Gangbusters with ratings, right? Which is why we [CNN] constantly have the [COVID] death toll on the side.”

    round 2: back to the climate change fear, more bait for bottom feeders

  6. Regarding Ukraine ~ Had Mexico’s president issued a statement threatening the forceful reunification of Texas with Mexico and positioned their military accordingly I think our military forces would position themselves to repell those forces were someone (Mexico) to do something stupid. Ukraine did that very thing a few weeks ago. Their leadership stated their military would retake Crimea and Donbass and they moved forces into position. How can the Russians be said to be aggressive when the other country is threatening to pull the trigger first?

    • I assure you that Ukraine is only doing this because they think the US will intervene with US/NATO forces if the Ukes start the fight. I am not sure this is a good bet, but someone is going to be sorely disappointed.

  7. Elaine’s woo-woo really struck me because cats so rarely walk in a straight line! Even going through my daughter’s house with her 4 cats at meal time where there is some motivation to head in a common direction, they tend to weave and cross each other’s paths. In this video from Turkey, a woman who feeds strays is leading a parade of animals down the street. but the cats are all over the place!

  8. If I were a Ukrainian politician, I’d have secured all the Hunter Biden data with trusted sources outside of the country and notified Uncle Joe that, should Russia decide to move aggressively, said data would be immediately fired out to the world press (since most of the American press would just ignore it).

    RE: Cat procession: From this website:

    “As far back as the ancient Egyptians and possibly farther, cats have been believed to be able to travel between dimensions. Is there a message from another dimension here for you?”

    And an old Colonial American proverb states “you will always be lucky if you know how to make friends with strange cats.”

  9. The business of China is business, the business of Russia is Russia, the business of America is war.

    • Cruel, psychopathic egos stand behind all of history’s most horrific wars, where common men served as pawns in battle and the aggressor nation’s controlling elite nakedly display their lust for gain. Control, power and manipulation fuel the dark, psychopathic, war mongering soul. As another George, one Mr. Orwell, wisely proclaimed: “A people that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves and traitors are not victims, but accomplices.” I would add the caveat that such a people giving rise to the agents of tyranny deserve all of the sufferings and horrors of war brought upon them. But neighboring nations do not deserve such a fate. When dialog and containment no longer stops the war monger’s unholy lust for power, neighboring nations’ choices are reduced to surrender or resistance. In a nutshell, this is the moral dilemma of war.

      • “I would add the caveat that such a people giving rise to the agents of tyranny deserve all of the sufferings and horrors of war brought upon them. ”

        I use to wonder if they were all just stupid… BUT… then after thinking about it.. what would I do if I had someone throwing hundreds of millions at me all the time. vacations that most people would never be able to go on.. and free college for the kids.. dinners fit for a king.. the best of everything.. private planes to carry me anywhere I wanted to go and sex with some of the countries most beautiful women and girls at any age I chose..WWYD…….. ( what would you do)

        There use to be a show on television called the PTL club.. the two people that ran the show originally had a small kids show on television.. they had great ideas and goals.. they did some pretty awesome stuff to to help the smaller communities through out the country..It started out as just a need to keep the show going… then the money started to flow.. pretty soon the money train was moving so rapidly that without really knowing what was happening… they had been corrupted to the other side.. So while considering the situation I had to ask myself.. what would I do.. I would like to think that I would still keep my standards. Like when I had a govt. job and quit because the boss gave promotions by the BJ’s he got from young girls looking to excel and follow a progressive career path. today I would be… hope you have a good time and walk out the door.. but being realistic I know I would be just as guilty as they are and be swayed.. it was the same tactics used to send our industry off shore.. sway those that control give to them an endless trail of cash.. then use that to get the hourly wage earners dependent on social programs.. to gain control over the masses..
        to take the ability of buying votes.. and after this last election I truly don’t think it makes any difference on if we vote or not.. they have taken the proper steps and are now in total control of everyones destiny.. and I fear it may be our doom.. and these jokers don’t even live in our country LOL.. those in congress what is left of them are total puppets on a string brainless twits that can’t make an independent decision..the dead horse issue of abortion is a good example..a simple question with a simple answer.. YES or NO.. instead for over fifty years it has been maybe lets wait and see.. I am afraid of our future with greed in control…

  10. Is this a clear sign of inflation that we all know is occurring. Will the Fed move up their timetable to hit the brake a bit. I doubt it, democrats are still looking for any way possible to “give” money to their voters.

    “Input prices rose at the fastest pace since 2008, and selling prices climbed at a record-setting pace.”

    It is hard for me to judge the true growth here with such a long time the economy was artificially suppressed. Clearly the economy should grow a ton compared to the sh_t show we were in this time last year. Such growth will probably push markets higher, though this kind of good news and revenue growth seems to be already priced into the market with its historical high p/e.

  11. What – no coin of the realm newz today?

    Coinbase IPO’s yesterday – mr market just valued Coinbase greater than Vanguard and or Fidelity.
    Dont recall from history exactly when dutch tulip co went IPO, or how it fared in the following months, years..?? prolly not very well considering those tulips were worthless..

    *Sayz here – “Coinbase Valuation will top 200 Billion USD” -BCN due time.

    Good to hear the felines were out and about Monday night. Guardians of the underverse/underworld -performing purifying water ritual…someone taken or about to take the jab roni?

    consider please Biedermans chart of coercion – norks brainwashing techniques/ciabrainwashing/bernaysbrainwashing Versus current (2019) SARS-covid19 brainwashing program.
    Also wise to consider all angles with what is happening behind the scenes – for real for real -

    Got Sheeple Chow?

  12. The whole Donbass thing has been building, and to grok it you have to use sources outside the USA – everything is propaganda now, everything monetized and written to provoke fear.

    This article is speculation, but it does lay out in easily digestible form what is going on in the Donbass, and the history behind it. Everyone ought to utilize non-American sources if you want to understand where and why of Ukraine – but sincerely, the Ukies leader is a former stand-up comedian, so don’t ever forget that little tidbit.

    G, I believe (if my old brain is working well enough) that most if not all religions and social endeavors were based on lunar calendars – as that what the basis for equinox celebrations. Common folk did not read and write…

    What is the correct term for a group of kitties? It’s not a pride or a herd – is there even an accepted word in use? If not, why not? hmmm…

  13. LOL. Your cat parade brought on the recollection of the three sirens in “Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?” Mysterious happenings in the woods that few ever see.

    I guess by print time the news that Ashli Babbit’s murderer was given a total pass by the so-call DOJ AND a reporter that was one of the people who video recorded it was drug from his home in Austin, TX by Federal police. Tucker’s having a field day with it – Info Wars featured it and I wouldn’t be surprised if, soon enough, Tucker will only be seen under Info Wars’ umbrella as each and ever MSM outlet is taken over to produce only approved speech and reporting of what is steadily becoming the dissolution of every Right enumerated in our Bill of Rights.

    In other news Geraldo totally loses it on John Bongino in their joint interview on Hannity while Dim-ocratically controlled cities are looted and burned. It may not have come to your doorstep just yet but give it time. April is turning out to be a hum-dinger of a month as the woo-woo people have said and it’s only half over. Oh, and “New Poll Shows Biden Can’t Shake Voters’ Belief That Democrats Cheated In 2020 Election” – ROFLMAO, who’d a ever thought that? “Believe what we tell you, not what your lying eyes and ears tell you!!”

    • “InfoWars”?? … the site that pushed, pushed, and pushed that the Sandy Hook school shooting did NOT occur. Yep … a real credible website there, populated with real credible writers and editors who only tell the “truth”. (blanch!!)

      Orson Wells’ “War of the Worlds” imo was more believable about what was happening in the world at the time it was broadcast than anything that shows up on “InfoWars” anytime.

      GOD … I hate liars.
      GOD … I hate pontificating media personalities that LIE all the time just so they can line their pockets with Benjamins.

      • Well, I guess we can all just wait for Congressman Nadler to assuage all your fears and concerns since he and his cronies are such bastions of truth, justice and the American way.

        Actually the article appeared on The Gateway Pundit. Tucker was on his Fox News show and the reporter that was in the Capitol on January 6th and arrested at his home in Austin worked for Info Wars. His video was one of a few that recorded Ashli’s death. Tucker’s show was republished on

    • I had hopes for Geraldo. As a staunch supporter of his long-time friend, Donald Trump, he seemed to actually be adopting some conservative precepts. Then with the PAS in Minnehaha a few days ago, he brayed over and over about the “Black man” shot by the “White cop.” I expect that kind of inflammatory race-baiting from the faces on other networks (and it was there) but I also expect Fox newspeople to stick more to fact and less to opinion — shows how frequently I watch TV news…

      As I taught my children from the time they could form words: When someone injects “race” into a statement or conversation that’s not explicitly about ethnicity, that person is a racist (A REAL racist, not the modern-day bastardization of the term, which now seems to mean “anyone who disagrees with me…”)

      I saw the bodycam footage from the shooting (my reason for hitting the “news” channels at all) and my opinion was it was an accidental PAS by a cop, of a perp who was attempting to either drive off or grab an item from the car, and that she mistakenly pulled her sidearm instead of her Taser (“Taser, Taser, Taser, Oh shit!”). I didn’t see ethnicity WRT either the perp or the officer, and I doubt the po-po did either.

      Now maybe Geraldo was just holding to the script his handlers wrote out to garner a few more FOX viewers, but if such were the case, in his place I would not have done so. No job is worth my personal integrity and I’d never sell myself out to fan the flames of a race war. ‘Course, I’ve also never had a high-6- / low-7-figure and highly public job to protect, but I’ve also never valued money as much as my word or my honor.

      • Some of the worst police tactics/training I have ever seen, and the lady cop had years of experience on the force.
        Original black officer handling/handcuffing the perp -was a complete disaster. Two seconds maximum time to cuff a suspect -maximum. Minute they resist, fiddle around-move -Hard Hold (joint manipulation)to the ground, face down,hand (s) behind back, knee in between suspects shoulder blades. Imho that was a complete setup – acting job, including perp -FF – or worst trained police force I have had the displeasure of evaluating..

      • “I saw the bodycam footage from the shooting (my reason for hitting the “news” channels at all) and my opinion was it was an accidental PAS by a cop, of a perp who was attempting to either drive off or grab an item from the car,”

        I agree… and she will be haunted by what happened the rest of her life.Not even considering what will happen to her in court or financially..
        funny all of these people were trying to evade capture.. run from the police or commit a crime..
        Chris Rock had some really good points in an instructional video..

  14. “No shortage of testosterone in all this”

    In my estimation, testosterone is the greatest weapon of mass destruction ever to plague the planet.

    Our other fundamental problem is that the wrong types of people always seek power and influence while the right types of people do not. Tie that back to my first statement and we end up in the same old predicament. Well f&@ked and far from home, Charlie Brown.


  15. Perhaps, THE DUDE, is telling you, You oil on your property dude.

    Catline: a heavy line used for general hoisting in oil-well drilling.

    Ducks in a row, cats in a row. Bee line, cat line. Isnt cat line a oil term. This is exactly how I read my data. A fine example of how i read the world around me. Its metaphor. Maybe even a metaphor of a metaphor. Lol

    Line of Cat pilers. Thebes is a line of pillars. Cats and egypt.

    Perhaps you will have company or a string of events because living creatures are events. Synchronized swimming is what fishes do. Synchronized Cats or a stream of cats Speaks to a stream of events or circumstances that lead to fresh water. Fresh water is representation an end of thirst.

    Heavy line…hmmmm…
    Herding kittens. Is term I use when is 5 young females living with me back when I had my place on a few acres up in Lake Steven’s. My ex (female) my daughter, the daughter I addopted, and my ex’s nieces that lives with us for a year or so. Trying to get them all in their sunday dresses for church and get them all in the car so we could be on time was well, like herding kittens. Lol

    Interesting, I recently have squire a kitty. Vivian. She love me to no end and she dont like anyone. She actually killed the other cat that was at the house before I moved in here. There will be 5 people in the living room and she will come in my room and meow at me to let her outside or get her food. Ever since the discovery of 127 died in my house and seeing the ghost now more than a few occassions. She is in my room sleeping with me every night. Again, she dont even let anyone per her. If someone try’s to pet her, they get the claws. But in the middle of the night she will be cuddled up next to me when I roll over in my sleep and I move my arm across her, she just starts purring. The other dude who lives at the house who has been here 5 years said that car hasn’t liked anyone since we got her as a kitten. She dosent like being touched at all. We got two kittens and she killed the other one. Nobody messes with Vivian. He said its the damndest thing. She alway looking for you and you are the only one who ca pick her up let alone pet her. Without walking away bloody.

    Hmmmmmmm have a good day. I have to do my podcast, get a massage, go tanning and work on my report. Lol

    • Uhem Aquired a kitty. Not squired one. Hahahha I’m not squiring anymore kittys!!!! You hear that DUDE! No more kids! I got plenty! I dont need anymore children.

      Baby terms. Arghhh. Lol

      George, have you ever done a geo survey to see if you have a natural spring under uretopia????

      A natural water spring??? IF you have one? Because the term “water” has come up quite frequently, it could be more valuable than Oil. I mean alot of people think the whole kadafi incident was about oil. But it wasnt. Libia has the largest Aquifer of fresh water under it, in the entire world.

      And there is a reason that While Dubya was president he Aquired a large amount of property in South America that most nobody would give a shit about other than the fact it sits on top of some of the largest natural spring water aquifers in the world.

      You ever notice the latest fashions dude? The latest accessory that all the super models and actresses have with them lately is Large Bottles of water. It’s all the latest craze. Not Gucci hand bags. Big gallon and half gallon bottles of water are on the scene now. Super skinny women carrying giant bottles of water is the latest fashion.

      You know what that speaks volumes of????? Famin and lack of fresh water coming soon. Skinny is the new “hot” and having a big water bottle is the new Gucci. The latest trends in fashion.

      Since kitty is a metephore for hot women as well.

      Could be worth a gander to see about that natural spring. If you do have one? And I’m correct? Send me a bottle dude. Hahahaha

  16. yeah they did it with this covid scam . gold dog went into a buy few days ago so that now makes job complete on anyone with common sense . moriarty did his bit telling eveyone the market was about to tank. so we destroy dollar . talk jibberish and woosh everything propelled up . nah we was had the poor guys with years of experience . no good ranting and raving just cop it and learn how herds and pigs make money . every guru is on the take . not one not a single one will tell the truth . yes indeed all in it together. ahh well an incredible journey in a world of evil . perpetual manipulation and lies . well done

  17. Aquire not squire. Wow, my comment went into the Aether. That hasn’t happend in a long while.
    I guess I will keep that to myself.

    Perhaps you have a natural spring under your property of water.

    I will keep the rest to myself. Lol

  18. nothing . absolutely nothing makes sense anymore . TLT starting to break out as market propels up . nah . this is so wrong . sheetcoin having a sleep while gold carries USSA . amazing stuff . vix still falling, USD rolled dead again . nah these guys are in complete control

  19. Elaine’s woo,

    Ya bro, you got a natural water spring Aquafer on your property dude. That is my best translation of the data present.

  20. My other comments went missing. However the “catline” is a oil term.

    However, that catline went to the creek bed where water is.

    You should do a geo check. To find out if you have a natural spring of fresh water. That could be more profitable than oil. Diamonds cupcake! Diamonds! Remember the story about the fella who sold his ranch and went looking for Diamonds and died wanting. Come to find out his ranch was the largest diamond mine in the world.

    The whole world needs fresh water.

    If ya do find out ya have a fresh water spring and you tap into that vein? I’d like a bottle of it. ;)

  21. “And then there’s the European Union which said years ago they envisioned an EU which would span from Portugal to Vladivostok – without bothering to tell Russia of their megalomaniacal plans.

    Not the EU. That was a comment Victoria Nuland made to a couple EU proles, which was caught on a hot mic.

    There’s a reason I grind an axe for this lady. Her “hot mic incident” and her “f*cking” comment are the only two occasions when the blackness of her heart have shown through to where they could be seen by all. She is a very bad person WRT both the continuation of Russia and the continuation of ourselves, as viable sociopolitical, economic entities. Her reinstatement to a position in the State Department where she could again cause damage and mischief may be the worst move Mr. Biden has made, so far, because his doing so can render us all… dead.

  22. “This is the biggest massing of Russian troops since the illegal annexation of Crimea in 2014.”

    Not illegal, and
    not annexation.

    This is the common BS line, foist by the entire Western media establishment. They assume everyone born west of the Urals who doesn’t write in Cyrillic has the memory and attention span of a gnat (and for the most part, they’re correct.) Crimea seceded from Ukraine and as an independent political entity joined Russia, just as Texas did the United States. Crimea becoming a part of Russia was a choice made by an overwhelming majority of Crimean Citizens — a Crimean initiative, not a Russian initiative.

    Refuse to be Goebbeled, no matter the subject or its relevance to your current situation. The talking heads who do this today about something as meaningless to most Americans as Crimea, will do it tomorrow about something vitally important to the U.S. &or Canada, tomorrow…

  23. “Apologies for Bad Policy: Evidence in CBS’ “New York is spending $2B on undocumented workers. Here’s why.” Flee morally bankrupt New York while you can. Texas is still a free state…”

    Be careful what you wish for.

    Those New Yawkers will bring their politics — the politics which elected Cuomo and the yayhoos in Albany, when they exodus NY…

    BTW not to be outdone, the sad state of Nah Joisey is now looking at throwing the illegals within ITS borders a couple billion of COVID relief cash, as well.

  24. “do religions – like Islam and Judaism – have their lunar “clockworks” set by ancient traditions that are trans species in nature?”

    I shouldn’t be surprised, nor would I be surprised if “lesser” critters are more in-tune with the Almighty than the critters which were “made in His image…”

    If KJV is read literally, for it to make sense, there is a 3.8 billion year+ gap in Genesis. God only knows (or maybe that should read “only God knows”) what all happened on Earth during those many eons…

    I would consider it just an interesting occurrence or natural anomaly, unless you or E see animals who’re natural predators & prey, sidling down to the crick together ta drink side-by-each. If’fn you see THAT, please let us know RIGHT AWAY…

  25. Who’s the richest person in a drought? The fella with a natural spring on his property.

    Diamonds! That will shut her up! Hahaha

    And it was so.

    Hahahahahh. Fricken cool! Good for you. Answer to my prayer on my podcast yesterday.

    Now I gotta go ice my back because The DUDE said, slow your roll! And I didn’t listen so much lower back is messed up. So I’m going slow today.

    I see stuff like E’s woo woo experience all day long. That is how I get my data. Most people have these experiences once and a while. I have them all day long every day. Lol my whole life is a woo woo experience.

    I’m super happy for ya George. I’m sure that is what it is. I’m really good at cypheing that stuff. Still trying to gain clarity on Locality tho. Like I got the 8.4 I thought was in Soel but was in New Zeland and the 7.4 I had in Melbourne was in japan. Trying nail down Locality is difficult for me. So I’m revamping the lexicon in my pea brain and tuned it a little bit.

    Since I can’t really do anything my lower back is messed up, sigh I will crank out Issue (I) report. And hang out with the cat that hates everyone but me. And the 127 ghosts in my house. I mean there is always the 870 channels of bullshit on the Teeeee Veeee. But I will pass on that. The world around me is much more interesting to watch.

    I hope my read of Esa ‘experiance’ is correct. And people say, I never hear “God”, I never See “God”. Well my friend, maybe if ya shut up for a second, really look around ya, think for your self for once, you would see. THE CREATOR is always talking. Lol

    Real quick. I was at chick felit the other day and they got a little basket for donations on the front of the the drive threw window. The cute little asian girl who handed me my food through the window smiled and said here ya go. I looked at the serial number on the box and it said 11110410202100016

    I said thank you and happy 16th birthday! She said ohhh Emm gee! Got a huge smile on her face and said how
    how did you know today was my birthday?????!!! Let alone that I was sixteen years old???? I said Ohhhh I kinda know things. You are right where you are supposed to be. She said you really think so??? I said I know so. Have a wonder day. She said thank you so much. And I drove off.

    The fella was in my car said how the hell did you know it was her 16th birthday. I said, you wouldn’t believe me if I told ya. Pass me them waffle fries. He laughed and said, I met alot of weird people in my life. You are a fcking wizard or something. I laughed I been told that before. But nahh bro. I’m just Andy. Hahaha.

    The serial number on the box told me it was her birthday. really tiny little number. Not even noticable by most people. And most would never put that together. :)

    THE DUDE, He is always talking. Most just don’t have eyes to see or ears to hear. Lol.

    Have a wonderful day dude. I gotta go write and podcast. Lol good for you. :) always love it when people I know are successful and do good.

  26. Ohhhhh Ohhhh that is why I been seeing all them Engagement rings on the Iching advertisements on ure website. Hahahahahhahh and the malt blank pen in the advertising. Hahahahahahhah all them engagement rings had big diamonds on it. Hahahahahha

    And that whole story about the dude selling his ranch.

    I’m so self centered I thought it was about me. Hahahahahahha. Derp! This is Ure site. Hahahahahah thems your Iching data. Hahahahahha

    I’m not only a member of the slow learner club. I’m also its club president. Hahahahahahhahah

    Ok ok. Fck off. I got shit to do. Hahahahahh

  27. Had a small catnip patch (1 ft. sq.) in the backyard so I thought it would be nice to bury the cat next to it. Don’t know what happened the night I buried her, but the next morning the catnip had been totally eaten up by cats paying their last respects to her grave site. Must of been a heck of cat party.

    2nd cat story: Whisper was quite ill and was to be put down the next day. I woke up in the middle of the night and he wasn’t in the house. I thought he was too ill to go outside. So at 2 in the morning I’m outside trying to find him. Finally found him across the street under a bush; too weak to get home on his own four paws. But the amazing thing was all these cats were wandering around in the yards and on the sidewalk (no line). Didn’t know there that many cats in the neighborhood. A farewell party to Whisper?

  28. not one thing makes any sense anymore in any number or any metric . whatever . this covid scam worked perfect . i think the great bears have behaved with such dignity in the face of such evil .

  29. Drudge says Pfizer says the Pfizer COVID vax now requires a third shot.

    At first glance it appears anyone who took the Pfizer has been locked into their ecosystem, like Apple Vs Android. Mandatory updates like a cell phone too.

    Dehumanizing to be mislead like that.

  30. About the only Texas feral animals I have seen behave in the manner you are describing are feral hogs and piglets. From a distance, at dusk under the pine trees, that might be something you could misidentify. Look for signs of rooting. The big ones can weigh hundreds of pounds, and are dangerous when provoked.
    I have found that 6+ strand barbed wire with the bottom strand about 4 inches off the ground will keep out the big ones. The piglets will get through it, then run around in circles doing the piglet version of “Look at me, look at me”, and leave without doing much damage. It is the big ones that tear everything up.
    Hog wire over 6-strand barbed wire works even better. The hogs will tear holes in unsupported hog wire. I had to resort to anchoring 3/8″ rebar with short auger anchors and tying down the bottom of hog wire to keep hogs from going under and through hog wire over 5-strand barbed wire in a very high traffic area. No kidding. I have heard of ranchers putting in 8-wire barbed wire fences out of sheer desperation. I have also heard stories of the larger hogs attacking livestock, but I am skeptical. We have too many other critters which will go after livestock, including the extinct black timber wolves which aren’t. I heard a pack howling within the last year, the same week a neighbor’s donkey was eaten. Three adult donkeys in a pasture, and one gets eaten. The Feds reintroduced the timber wolves into OK in the nineties, and they have migrated south.
    I converted a stretch of 5-wire barbed wire to 6-wire with the added strand about four (4) inches off the turf. It worked. I have scars from the briars. Only do something like that in December – through January, unless you are a venomous snake hugger. I recommend snake chaps and Hex Armor arm guards for the barbed wire and briars. That won’t do anything for a copperhead hanging off your nose, I’m afraid.
    I usually carry a cotton hoe for protection when walking or trail jogging outdoors. I find it to be faster and more quiet than lead in close quarters. I’ve never beaned a hog with it, but sometimes you have to improvise.

  31. Here we go again !! Happy happy !! Comrades be happy !!! Perpetual wealth . Sheetcoin gold inflation real estate currency dog biscuits!! And of corse the Dow Jones the nasdaq the s and p . Perpetual beautiful . Bears destroyed . Get in the trough Git yah feed !! Gurus on our side . Greed is good

  32. I’ve always loved cats – even as a kid. Their behavior is often mysterious and apparently spiritual, and I’ve seen their groups standing in silence. I’ve never seen the single file thing though. I’m sure many animals feel and recognize the death of one of their own. Most animals are quite intelligent if you observe them over time. It’s a grace when you’re able to bond with a feral cat. I’m convinced that they have something to share, though only if they choose to. I’ve shared my life with cats as long as I can be there for them. That’s better done when there’s more than one person in a household. They always bring something uplifting – even if some say it’s only in my own mind.

  33. As far as handouts to families, not a good idea but would prefer that to handing it to the newer illegals.

    Back when we had kids there was no child tax credit until they were teenagers, so we, as did our parents, looked upon kids as responsibilites and potential expenses.

    Now gov pays for the kids food, medical, housing, etc. the tail wags the dog on whether or not to have them — can’t see that ending well.

  34. The vision of a herd of cats acting in an orderly group traveling at dusk creeps me out. It ain’t right. Maybe you finally did it and and broke a hole into another dimension with your light/gravity/sound messing around.
    otoh, It jogged a memory of coatimundi from the high ground of south Arizona. They are rare, elusive and travel in groups. And about the size of cats with long tails that stick straight up, related to raccoons. Not doubting Ma’am’s observation, but it was dusk, distant, brief and obscured. Show her some pictures. Check for footprints which will be different from cats. They seem to be destitute critters, so if it’s them, give some respect
    I remember nutria invading s Indiana, they belong in the delta. Also when living north of KC,Ks a neighbor kept telling me she saw a bobcat. Later, one day, I saw a long legged version of a half grown couger strolling along the road out front with feint lynx markings and a half length tail with black and white at the tip. I looked it up and found a close match was some rare animal that was usually found in north Mexico, s Texas and s Nm. The natural resources folk said there had been sightings of mt lion tracks and the legislature promptly declared open season on cougers. If you got rare travelers, keep it under you’re hat.

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