Nancy: Weapons of Mass (and Election) Destruction

Once upon a time, I thought the people who were claiming Obama was the Anti-Christ were a bit crazy.  Yet now that we behold the democrats fielding their new Weapon of Mass Deception and Election Destruction, we have to admit to a certain admiration for how The Beast’s minions are thinking outside the box.

Yes, that’s right.  The democrats and their damn  Online Uprising  enroute to Digital Mob Rule have managed to do what even the old shoe-pounder Nikita Khrushchev wasn’t able to do over the course of a 50-year Cold War:  Overthrow the duly elected government of these (formerly) United Staters.

CNN is already calling this a clash of Washting titans…

Weapon of Election Destruction Users Manual

The operating instructions are simple:

  1.  If Trump doesn’t resign, or Mitch McConnell bow to Nancy, then dems hold the impeachment threat so that Senators will all have to be in Washington for the Senate Trial before the election.
  2. If timing can be managed, use the presence of all the republicans in Washington to run the dirtiest, most thieving, crooked,  and underhanded innuendo-filled senatorial races ever seen.
  3. Figure a procedural way to run the clock – so that the impeachment of Trump will hold over into his second term,  but because everyone was so busy in Washington, democrats believe they will have both the House AND Senate in 2020 and then they can short-circuit all of TT2 (Trump term 2).
  4. Crash the economy in January-February to kill the GOP in 2020.  ‘Peach II, the sequel in 2020?

Yes, The Beast is playing it “by the Rules” just as he must under the larger set of rules.  But with half an eternity of practice, you can see how flipping the Rules over to work against  those they were set to protect works, and how The Beast truly earned the rank of Evil.

Timing:  Near as we can figure it, the plan would be to crash the market early in the New Year and then, with Trump neutered of a glowing economy, The Beast’s minions figure Trump will be carrion for their flock of vultures.

That’s  when Nancy will finally send the bill to the Senate.  And with the economy in tatters (we’d prefer taters, thanks) republican unity will break.  Oh, and the Beast wins.  Depression on, War with China 2025-2027 to end the Greater Depression.  Seven years of misery to go, right?

Meanwhile, co-conspiring in the overthrow, we see the Washington Post is still trying to sell the “Russia connection” mantra, so important to the illiterate: “Former White House officials say they feared Putin influenced the president’s views on Ukraine and 2016 campaign...”   As all of our comrades know, any half-truth repeated often-enough is come to be called the truth by those unable to hold to their critical thinking skills.

Notice how in the  WaPo story (just like the rest of this digital uprising against leadership) there are what?  NO OFFICIALS NAMED.  For all we know, this could just be a dispatch from The Beat’s headquarters.

I must be getting old.  Why, I can remember when fake-news like this wasn’t acceptable, especially when we don’t know WHOSE White House, the story talks about.  For all us poor decieved readers know, the “officials” could have worked in the Obama White House.  See how this works?  True…but not….great gamesmanship.

Weapons of Mass Deception are still going off all around us.  And now Nancy has the Football.  We are hopelessly screwed.

The Beast’s Minions are coming.  They’ve been chained to social media mainly, so far, but they’re coming for freedom and the first election they have overturned was 2016.  And because CNN Poll: US economy receives its best ranking in nearly 20 years/  They’re comin’…

We gotta call this like we see it.  Brilliant!  (In a Hannibal Lecter sort of way…)

While Trump legislative director says president is “baffled” by Pelosi, perhaps we can help.

Think Succubus. As in  “female in demon form.”  Right, Beast?

Fireworks Market, Data Cools

Hey!  Guess which way the markets are going (until they tank next month)?

GDP is just out from the Bureau of Economic Analysis:

Somewhere down in the blah-blah it claims:

Profits from current production (corporate profits with inventory valuation and capital consumption adjustments) decreased $4.7 billion in the third quarter, in contrast to an increase of $75.8 billion in the second quarter (table 10).

Profits of domestic financial corporations decreased $4.7 billion in the third quarter, in contrast to an increase of $2.5 billion in the second quarter.

After the number, Dow futures were +23 and Bitcoins were $7,174.  Fed’s dumping in only $26.7 so far today, and we’re thinking cooling to come.

What’s even more fun is to look at the last 90-days of Federal Reserve Money Stocks.  In the latest 90-days annualized window, M1 was being puffed up 9.6%.  Well, well.  If the money stocks are up – call it 10% – is that about how much the end of the year blow-off will add before the bonfire of the equities begins?

Stay tuned, but no vapes or matches.  Don’t want to be the one setting off panic in this over-priced theater by yelling  FIRE! FIRE!

What in Your Stocking?

More numbers for breakfast? Equipment Leasing and Finance Association’s Survey of Economic Activity: Monthly Leasing and Finance Index.  Key part “November New Business Volume Down 3 Percent Year-over-year and 23 Percent Month-over-month; Up 5 Percent Year-to-date ”  You were going to argue with our January turn, huh?

Boeing’s got another software bug: Boeing’s Starliner flies into wrong orbit, jeopardizing trip to the International Space Station.  Say, any MAX8 code in there?

Here’s another example of why you should be using passwords keyed to each account online with a vendor ID.   NY Times piece: Wawa Says Data Breach Affected Thousands Over 10 Months.

Here, drink this  Kool-Aid Dept:   New Study Reveals That Diversity and Inclusion May Be the Key to Beating the Next Recession.  When 2D (second depression) arrives next year, we’ll remind you that people by products, not HR jibberish.

Up in Smoke: Key Senate leader signals major changes to cannabis banking bill, dimming prospects for significant reforms in 2020.  What should be mentioned is that by keeping MJ/ da ganj illegal, Washington is keeping the drug cartels rich.  WTG.

Up in Smoke, II: Trump administration proposes rule denying asylum to migrants with US marijuana convictions.

Still sorting out healthcare, are we? US appeals court rules Obamacare individual mandate unconstitutional, leaves law intact.

Why this is so much fun, I could go on all day with quips, one-liners, and old-man analogies.  Fortunately, you have more important things to do, and come to think of it, so do I.

Part 2 of our Annual Outlook on  Peoplenomics tomorrow.  And a few words about Christmas here at the ranch Sunday.

Don’t get credit card burn.  See our top line balance?  This is the best Christmas present of the year.  Don’t spend money on interest.  Wants will wait.

Remember, deflation is still afoot.  Odds are pretty good whatever you want today will be cheaper or better next month or the one after.

Be patient and play the long game with your dough.

Write when you get rich,

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55 thoughts on “Nancy: Weapons of Mass (and Election) Destruction”

  1. George

    “War with China 2025-2027”

    Here’s an amazing video of a U.S. War Bird in what is called a TWANG test at Vandenberg AFB. That a 300,000 pound missile being tested on it shock mounting system. The normal warhead for that beast is the 9MT W53. They were in service for 25 years!

    • “The Chinese government has “pervasive access” to some 80 percent of the world’s communications, thanks to backdoors it has ordered to be installed in devices. That’s according to sources cited by the Office of the Secretary of Defense,”

      Theres more.. it’s all old news and has been known for years by virtually everyone. Reported on the news and discussed on talk shows.
      We may have a cool plane or rocket etc.. the guidance systems that are top notch.. the big issues are. We sold out our country with GREED.. our technology, our armament everything we have is manufactured there..
      A few years ago one of our top secret drones was seized.. it wasnt shot down or crashed.. they took control of it and landed it safely at one of their airbases..

      I dont know if china would actually want yo go to war with us.. they own us..
      If a world war does happen we’ll probably be dead if mankind survives it will be a total reboot of civilization..I could list the studies and reports suggesting this but that won’t stop it.if that is what the decision makers want.

      George Berkley once wrote a philosophic article on the human mind and idealistic thought.. we all ev ed n though we have no experience with Hell and destruction t hmm ink we can survive it and keep our life essentially the way it is..

  2. G – cry havoc and let slip the dogs of Greed! Fire Fire Fire!

    Get your wienies and marshmallows and stick em in there – dont mind a lil carbon – adds flavor to savor when the wienies are done! and done they will be cause this market is HOT!

    Near term forecast is for more HEAT – cause of this the Coot has adopted a Weekly Expiration trading strategy versus Monthly Expiration strategy. As the market goes higher – tighter spreads are required – thus tightening up both Time and Price parameters.

    Thought for the weekend Comey, Brennan and Clapper going to look in prison orange after 1st year in a Fed lockup – the HARVEST is about to commence..-

    Scythes anyone?

  3. Trump may be floating in the biggest P O S ever, but rest assured he has his hand firmly on the drain plug. Watch and learn.

  4. “Crash the economy in January-February to kill the GOP in 2020”

    God George.. you did it again.. made me think deep on this.. WHAT IF…. the economy didn’t crash in January or February.. and things held out till after the election….

    If it all crumbles before The next term.. DJT will take the blame.. IF.. it happens during the next administration.. then its blame will be held on the next administration and its party.. doesn’t matter that neither administration will be the cause.. it sure doesn’t help that the demoralcraps are pushing to let more illegal refugees enter un checked…
    ( that to is a double edge sword that none of those recess is my best subject players have considered at all..)
    What are the options!
    would they throw the election.. so that the blame went onto the winning party..
    or take their chances..
    would they make is a bad enough situation to claim a state of emergency..
    try to lay the blame on the previous administration then use the laws that have already been passed years ago to turn our country into a dictatorship?
    they could use the illegal refugees for that one.. we didn’t know.. we see the results that have happened from open borders in other countries…
    all of it very interesting
    what if.. what are the options.. and do they have a plan already in place..

      • even though it is all interesting.. LOL LOL there is absolutely nothing that any of us out here can do about any of it.. just swim or sink.. we will see what is in their playbooks pretty soon.. then make arangements to swim along with the snake head carp.. the way they want us..or oppose and face their wrath.. we have seen the lengths they are willing to go to… just look at our administration and how much they have gone through to discredit him.. even though he is doing absolutely everything he said he was going to do.. ( or trying real hard..)

  5. Not surprising about the Boeing software. Crappy development practices (zero or neutered QA it seems) tend to be systematic, and take years to reveal. This star ship code and the max code may well have been the same outfit.

    It’s simple in software. Eat your own dog food. If the people coding aren’t the people depending on the code there is a disconnect. Put some developers on the first manned flight, and make them code the flight computer software. It’ll work just fine.

  6. George,

    I guess I am one of those crazy guys, because as you know, since 2010, I have been writing that Nostradamus clearly pointed to Barack Obama as the Antichrist. He spells out his name in an anagram.

    Not only that, Nostradamus has two Quatrains reserved for the Clintons.

    However, I think since the impeachment label is a done deal, we’ll go straight to a coup. This cannot go to a Senate trial, because a two-thirds majority is needed to convict, and that is doubtful, even though I would not put it passed Republicans to betray Trump.

    Coincidentally, long before Great Britain’s involvement with the Russia collusion scam, I wrote that Great Britain would help Barack Obama return to power.

    I believe Nostradamus even predicted Michelle Obama’s fate.

    I admit, it has been a hard sell these last 9 years, but I think I’m doing better at looking into the future than web bots or remote viewers.

    BTW, I have unlocked some of those links for some of your skeptical readers, especially those siding with the Democrats.

    Since most of my stuff was written a decade ago, I find today’s news all very “coincidental”.

  7. George,
    Pelosi conditioned sending Impeachment to the Senate on traditional notions of due process (e.g., witnesses testifying, etc.), saying:
    ‘We need a favor though.’
    Merry Christmas to all.
    Best, Mike.

    • She needs to look at her fuxin business card. Squeaker of the HOUSE. She can’t tell Mitch poop. Turnabout’s a bitch, and so’s…
      Nothing in the Constitution.
      She’s gonna sit on it and twirl until it’s time to launch on Trump and the senators up for reelection.
      Watch and learn

  8. George, speaking of holding contradictory thoughts… You have been pointing to your charts for a long time calling an immanent crash which had nothing to do with political conniving. Its the Greater Depression story based on all the historical factors that can only be washed out with a Crash. Now suddenly, the PTB are “managing” a crash in Jan – Feb? Really?
    Which is it, historical resolution of an unstable investment environment OR a politically manipulated event to rid us of Trump. Or, are you just playing your rhetoric for your assumed audience?

  9. In opposite world where Democrats are now trying to cut taxes and Republicans want more taxes…this really is happening…This SALT issue has cost large market homeowners nearly a trillion dollars…which should have been used to buy down our National debt…yet somehow we have added to our debt. Goes to show you how clueless or corrupt this administration is.

    From Bloomberg Business.

    ….Democrats from high-tax states scored a symbolic victory yesterday as the House voted to repeal a politically fraught portion of President Donald Trump’s tax law: the cap on state and local tax, or SALT, deductions. The legislation would repeal the $10,000 cap in 2020 and 2021, and raises it to $20,000 for married couples for 2019. The measure is offset by raising the top individual tax rate to 39.6% from 37%. Republicans, with Democratic support, amended the legislation at the last minute to prohibit those earning $100 million or more a year from deducting their entire state and local tax bill, a move that would prevent extremely wealthy taxpayers from benefiting from the more generous SALT allowance. The change also allows first responders and teachers and write off $1,000 for work-related expenses. But taxpayers shouldn’t call their accountants yet. Senate leaders have already said they won’t bring up the bill and the White House has threatened a veto. (Bloomberg)

    • Allowing unlimited deductions for property taxes incentivizes state and local governments to raise taxes to an unaffordable level for those with lower incomes. The idea of earning a lot is to get the permanent assets you need so you can retire from the rat race and just secede from involvement. You essentially buy your right to be left alone. High taxes regardless of income erode this right.

      We need less forced services and less taxes. There’s no efficiency in law, medicine, education, government or government mandated services! Just let people be and reduce taxes to a bearable level. Earning anything above poverty line these days incurs so many expenses and taxes that it’s barely worth doing.

    • “Democrats are now trying to cut taxes and Republicans want more taxes…”

      Trust me I’d love to see huge tax breaks..put more money in the pockets to spend .. but realistically no ones tax can be reduced..
      There shouldn’t be any tax breaks for the poor and an increase for the affluent few..
      Flat tax.. no deductions except for the national poverty level

      “yet somehow we have added to our debt. ”

      Yes and next years increase will be substantially larger.. if I’m not mistaken our national debt is now upside down with our yearly essential expenses and the interest on our national debt… our constant warring nature is costing us .. what close to a trillion a year..
      And rising…

      The true national debt is five times higher..

      Or roughly one million per person at the present time by tomorrow and our compounding interest it will increase..

      I dont know … my guess to fix this if it can be fixed we would have to pull back our military reclaim the expenses we have been spending on military and economic and infrastructure assistance we’ve been spending on other countries. Focus our military on defenses of our own borders..put money back into rebuilding and repairing our bations crumbling infrastructure putting the rest of that back into the debt.. bring industry back and tax companies that outsource,and tariffs on imported goods and services. Dam I’m sounding like Trump and his goals lol..


      A total reboot of our country through bankruptcy

    • Keep in mind that an “anti-Christ” is simply one who is antithetical to the principles espoused and demonstrated by “the Christ.” The sex of this enigmatic entity is never divulged, but if we consider the term literally, then an opposite to the carpenter’s son, Yeshua Ben Josef (aka Jesus), would be an ‘evil woman’ (nods to the ELO) born into power and influence – e.g. Pelosi, HRC, Lizzie Warren. Things are definitely getting interesting, even if we discard the baggage of ancient prophecy. But caution is required when ignoring the wisdom and guidance preferred by past sages.

  10. I live in the middle of the country where there are more guns than people. Fear the day the sewer dwellers in DC decide the time is right to take control and take the guns.

    • Okie Cat Fan,
      You must stop watching conservative news. I live in lib-land and there never is any talk of taking away your guns…I can say with 100% confidence…Nobody is going to take your guns…Especially in your neck of the woods. Okie’s use them wisely and for sport. Liberals aren’t after you. They are after the thugs and the unworthy to own, such as ex-cons, illegals, and mentally ill. Like getting and renewing a drivers license, they just want accountability…As a gun owner myself, I really don’t mind that.

  11. Is nervous Nancy guilty of something for not sending the impeachment to the senate? She is depriving the the representatives of their votes to impeach. She ,alone, is denying the constitution. Talk about upsurping authority

    • With the SC involved in the Senate trial, I’m thinking that approaching a justice and asking for an injunction to force delivery of the impeachment paperwork to the Senate would not be out of the realm of possibility.

  12. I;m ashamed of you George for you know as well as I do that this is going nowhere, but its been a great attention grabber, a great way to divide the people,and as they say a house divided cannot stand and it won’t.Now in all this jaw jaw all this talk about a booming economy created by the billions, trillions that the fed.has dumped into the system, piling debt upon debt,buying their own paper even dipping into the market,the dumping of billions in the REPO market which is nothing but a scam, you will see a bailout of Boeing for its to big to fail. Much of that money ends up in the pockets of the 1% as they pick the bones of what could have been a great country but now will see that greatness has been nothing but a delusion,for as they passed the budget thru under the turmoil in the house, it has many bones for the military,the MIC but nothing to reduce the 25% poverty nothing for the rotting infrastructure, for the only thing of concern is who or which party they can blame for the coming depression.!!



  14. Trump WILL be re-elected, re-chosen. Simpsons said he would be a two term pres.


    I don’t think they will crash this economy until that deed is done. Next late fall or winter likely.

    • Yes, but he’s got his int’l. firefighter 1 and firefighter 11 cert plus hazmats anmd emt so he’s looking for a Texas dept to join and move down here

      • GOOD!!
        He’s doing like I did. Use driving as a stepping stone to better income streams.

        I see that Boeing messed up again as Starliner fails key NASA mission as autonomous flight system malfunctions.

        The latest news is that the Mission Clock was not on the correct time.

        Who’s writing that software some dude in a back alley of New Delhi India?

  15. Whom the Gods would destroy,they First Make Mad.. Nancy Pelosi, Shumer Democons and their party..
    If they are so Brillant, why arethey so dumb, If brilliant you would not see it coming.
    China, Europe, The Oil Cartels are all pumping money into USA, Canada,Australia, Great Britain to save their funds cause Whole world is in Debt.. Worse than USA.
    China may not hold together, cause the different regions are always fighting each other.. They still are . The current Premier/President for life is walking a tightrope of competing interests. Off records Banks, cities with no residents roads to nowhere..
    USA HAS Energy, we don’t need anyone, Tech, Military power and the will to use it if threatened. SOF, regular Army/Marines, Nukes and a bunch of Star Wars stuff.. Large Moats called Atlantic/ Pacific Oceans, Trading Partners North and South who need us for jobs,energy,Tech.. Brave new world coming, and being HUMAN many Old Problems..
    Protect our Constitution/Bill of Rights stand firm on those principles and We Will Prevail over all others foreign and Domestic….

  16. There is the interesting possibility as the Senate is NOT required to wait on the House to submit their articles of impeachment — they can proceed without them and move on from there.

    That will screw the DS/D plans.

  17. Give Back To The Future…….short and to the point.
    May all beings be lovingly fulfilled so be it. May all beings be financially fulfilled so be it. May all beings be readily fulfilled so be it.

  18. It’s NEVER about country; It’s ALWAYS about individuals!!

    Think about this while watching debates. Just a thought, btw..

  19. And no do not give back to Nancy Pelosi and her controllers of mass destruction, once Mark wakes up with she hasn’t woken yet ,he will understand that Trump it’s the only Outlet there’s no other way to escape Nancys Nazis Pelosi’s controllers, go sit in your corner marky full of malarkey, the closet that you’re hiding in will be exposed so go ahead and do the right thing

    • Trump has controllers…chip in his brain brain type of controllers…except for the last three years, his frequency receptors must have some crossed wires, because the words are jarbled, the crazy talk on the upswing and the narcissistic behavior out of whack. No doubt, Ukraine hacking the Russian controllers. Maybe it’s why he is blaming everything on Ukraine these days. This is tongue and cheek for all you less cranially endowed.

  20. Since we have some very good surveilling surveillance equipment everywhere and most of them you can’t detect but the best ones that we have are the one that don’t do anything and they’re not near you they read you the recall remote viewers they know who you are what you are and they know your bank numbers and they have the capabilities 2 uncover your seed words to you crypto currencies so if you think for one minute that you’re hiding anything weather financially or mentally about your jollies think three times over,…
    Everything that you’ve done everything your Associates done everything the people you love that has done something everything the people that are above you this done something everybody that you hate and everybody that controls you all those thing can be playback do you understand now the control that’s getting ready to be exposed….
    Go ahead Mark remark ,the homopolar reward awaits.

  21. Now to expose you a little bit more Marc who would you like to have as your president who can expose all the corruption all the pedophiles all of the technology that has been suppressed who would you elect to have all that revealed

  22. George,

    Maybe I am taking a simplistic look at things, but here is my thought.

    President Trump is accused of abuse of power for wanting to investigate Ukrainian corruption, because it might make Joe Biden look bad and thus possibly alter the 2020 election. Would it not be abuse of power for Senators Warren, Klobuchar, Booker, Sanders, etc. to cast a vote in the Senate impeachment trial, since by doing so they would possibly affect the outcome of the 2020 election? Since all of the above are actively involved in running for President, they would effectively be using their position of power to influence an election; and thus would have abused their power. Perhaps these Senators should recuse themselves from the proceedings due to the fact they have a vested interest in the outcome of any impeachment trial. At a minimum, it would be a conflict of interest.

    But I forget, the rules don’t apply to the democrats.

  23. The crazy dems are reeling as Trump undoes everything they had accomplished during Obama’s 8 years…ie…destroy the Constitution & replace it with Mayhem. Middle America had enough, so they elected Trump. Very anti far left, & the Dems continue to make fool’s of themselves trying to undo Trump. Without Trump, they think they can defeat Pence. Even the stock market is thumbing its nose at the Dems.

    The only dem who sounded sane at the last debate was Andrew Yang. At least he thinks things thru before speaking. Too bad he has little support & most of his platform is far left. Remember Univeral Income. Only a billionaire would come up with that. We middle class will continue to give the homeless who stand on the corners quarters. Yang is in a limo & could care less.

  24. If Piglosi sits on the indictment, er ah impreachment too long, Pres Trump could use the “Speedy Trial Defense” guaranteed under the Constipation.

  25. I woke up a little after 6pm MST with a phone call from a friend on the east coast. I’d fallen into a deep sleep at 4pm and she’d done the same thing at the same actual time after accounting for time zones – very rare for her to sleep in the afternoon. I’m still exhausted. I’m not sure if it’s about the imminent solstice or perhaps “earthquake tireds” or a cosmic/solar event. It still feels weird. Just a heads up.

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