Mueller and Markets: Deception is Rampant

Durable goods and trade in a sec.  Something to get off my chest first.

We actually know people off to the left of Texas who got up early (like 5 AM) in order to watch the coverage of the Mueller “event” staged, near as we can figure,  to keep the American public distracted and divided.

Instead, after our Peoplenomics report, thanks to abnormally cool temps, (no claimate change here…) I was able to mow all 2.8 acres of lawn, edge everything including the fence line (to a point) plus dial in the daily dose of fertlizers for the hydroponic systems, water the garden, and make a delicious breakfast.

Our friends – glued to the charade – got mostly a  nothing burger.  The real meaningful questions (asked by the GOP) were largely not answered and frankly, I was left (watching key parts of the replay) that Mueller ought to be held in contempt of Congress because he failed to answer questions under Oath and he “didn’t go there” to the questions that mattered.

That’s how the workings of America go, lately.  But there’s a reason why:  The radical left has largely infiltrated and overcome social media platforms.  This has happened in a couple of ways.

First are the employees of social.  Sure, there are plenty of bright people out there, but if you follow the revelations of a certain Google engineer, you’ll see there’s a boat load of politics involved.  The engineer, 5-years at Google and a PhD. says in the video over here that he’s seen the search giant merge with “big media” and the democrat party.

We have been warning you for a good long time that this “take over” of the nation’s headspace was in the offing and we call it the arising Digital Mob Rule.

The way it works is simple:  If you disagree with the left’s agenda, they can turn down organic search.

Then there is social media which not only has the internal (liberal bias of employees, most of whom are too young to understand how they are nothing less than corpgov shills (as children are easily misled) but they also allow things like shadow-banning conservative viewpoints.

But then comes the bad part:  Reporting and Retweeting software.  These are tools by which a handful of people can report and retweet to make it seem like there’s a groundswell of public support for idiots like AoC and the Climate Hoax while the weather always changes and AoC is just another would-be revolutionary with a big mouth and no track record except in fooling people.

Ground long tilled.

But the other thing that happened yesterday was what?  The Dow dropped 79 points.  And, if you’re not clear on what we do around here, you might have been left with the impression that the market declined on the Mueller fable.

Nothing could be further from the truth here, either.  That’s because while it’s true that the very narrow Dow 30 was down as reported, the S&P 500 was up more than 13 points and the NASDAQ Composite slammed in another 70 upside points.  Our Aggregate went up on the day, Dow notwithstanding.

This is just like the lies and misperceptions spread by social media.  A single narrow 30 stock index does not a market make.  Which is why we developed and use an Aggregate Index approach to norm-out as much of the misperceptions and lies as we can.  Mostly, that’s on the Peoplenomics side because of the old saying:  If something is free, people tend not to value it.

Since I suggest to you that our work was calling for a final full-tilt blast into the middle to end of August time frame, the Aggregate Index has moved up 251 points.  What’s more, except for the normal “end of the month” squaring up decline in the next week or so, the way ahead still seems up.

But now we warm to the next deception to watch.  What will the Federal Reserve do when it meets next week?  A lot of self-labeling “experts” are calling for them to drop rates a quarter point.  This will be a major decision for the Fed because…

For the Rate Drop:

  • The Fed knows that if rates are high, the cost of funding that ballooning national debt will become much more expensive and that could result in a runaway condition.  (We assume you know that the House originates spending and you haven’t been misled by the lies about Trump being a big spender?)
  • What the Fed also knows is that if they don’t keep growth going (with money that’s almost free), they won’t be able to engineer a crash late next spring which would turn the economy into the lead issue for 2020.  As things are now, the economy should already have been in recession but because of Ben Bernanke’s “lower for longer” rate regimen and because of the onshoring due to the tax cuts, we have been living in the economic version of alternate reality.

But Arguing Against a Rate Cut

  • A rate cut will enable the Fed to get away with watering down our money even more.  I assume you know that a US dollar today has less than 4-cents of purchasing power left compared with when the (misnamed) Fed seized the money reigns from a derelict Congress in 1913?
  • A rate cut now, will almost assuredly make things worse down the road.  The Fed, by lowering now, is set to replay the same kind of Bubblicious top that came in 1929.
  • Lowering rates when times are good will result in too much economic largess and that will cause the Fed (when the real crash comes) to have nowhere to go but into negative interest rates.

Prfeemptive rate lowering seems to be the “new thing” going around: E.C.B. Says It’s Ready to Restart Economic Stimulus Measures.  Has the world lost its freakin mind?

You’re welcome to pick and choose – it’s really a damned if you do, damned if you don’t.  But since everyone is into kicking cans down the road, a quarter point cut would not surprise us and it would propel the top to amazing heights…but we’ve been watching the USA avoid another (Second) Depression for two decades now and it’s an amazing spectacle with things like the Tech Bubble turned Tech Wreck.  The Housing Ownership no doc loan frenzy, which begat the Housing Crash.  And now?  Not sure what to call this, except pandering to socialists who want to stiff not only the world (watering down our money’s purchasing power) but also regular people who will get screwed for saving.

Just like the House decided to dial-back the write offs for interest and local taxes to $10,000 a year, you can bet that the greedy pricks  (and prickettes and horsewomen) will soon figure out they can bring back a gains tax on real estate on “high end homes” and while the gullible masses cheer, that will be guillotined down to lower and lower levels and suddenly we’ve gone backwards.

In sociology the problem we face as a culture is something called “ratcheting.”

The idea is if one generation learned something, the next generation should haven’t to relearn it.

We are now stuck in “relearning mode” on social and political matters.

It’s that way in Tech, as well.  Popular Mechanics reported in 1905 that a Post Office was testing an electric delivery vehicle.  Here was are 114-years later and what?  Post Offices are still testing electric vehicle ideas.

See how stupid the notion of “progress” has become?  Similarly, percentage wise, we have just as many poor as we did when the “Great Society” socialist rise began.  Still got poor people and we still don’t have genuine “equal opportunity” for all.

I could go on, but it’s been a fine study for me over more than half a century from when I reported my first news story – on a train derailment near Snohomish, Washington in 1969.  Trains are still derailing.  But what’s changes is that’s no longer news.  The Charade is…and it’s a queer thing to behold, at best.

Durables and Trade

This will be short and to the point.  Durables first:

“New orders for manufactured durable goods in June increased $4.9 billion or 2.0 percent to $246.0 billion,the U.S. Census Bureau announced today.  This increase, up following two consecutive monthly decreases,followed a 2.3 percent May decrease.  Excluding transportation, new orders increased 1.2 percent.   Excluding defense, new orders increased 3.1 percent. ”

The second report out covered trade and oh, look, the “trade war” hasn’t collapsed anything:  Down a little bit, but some of that we’d lay off onto Boeing for the Max jet issues…  (Domestic fallout continues from that as Southwest ceasing operations at Newark airport because of 737 Max delaysAmerican Airlines sees $400 million pretax hit in 2019 from 737 MAX grounding)

The market, after the numbers showed the Dow up another hundred and the other indices were also mainly in the green.  But no surprise, since we told you a long time back where this was going – before we go down.

Things to Know

Jeffrey Epstein found injured in New York City jail cell after possible suicide attempt: report.  We assume you caught-on that Jeffrey Epstein Visited Clinton White House Multiple Times in Early ’90s?

A scene from Back to the Future? French inventor fails in attempt to cross the English Channel on hoverboard, wife vows ‘he will do it again’.

Boris Johnson replaces Theresa May as the UK’s new prime minister but the reral question is when will the sometimes rational Brits get out from unders the thumb of the pricks in Brussels?

Speaking of hot air from the EU: Europe Is Experiencing a Record-Breaking Heat Wave – and Paris Is Hotter Than Cairo.

The military keeps working: Navy tests future amphibious attack strategy.  We have a simple strategy to suggest:  Tell the Navy’s Marines there are bars open ashore…everyone else can follow.

Under the radar: Ukraine Seizes Russian Tanker in Kerch Strait.  This seize for tat action could get dangerous…

On that note, on to real work with  more on the ‘morrow…

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53 thoughts on “Mueller and Markets: Deception is Rampant”

  1. George

    “to keep the American public distracted and divided”.

    You NEED to listen to the pod cast of Ground Zero from last night!

    The show “‘PULLING THE SHAMELESS PLUG W/ DEBORAH TAVARES’ – July 24, 2019” goes into rolling blackouts for major areas of the USA and major reductions in living standards implemented by UN Agenda 2030.

    The show was very frank about the quest of the elites to depopulate America and basically put the world back into a 1700’s life style.

    If Ms. Tavares is correct were in big Do Do!

    It’s difficult to evaluate the material as it requires attending various meetings of governments and corporate entities. She was able to do so as her business is the development of large scale properties for housing.

    You experience in the corporate world makes you better at judging this material than myself.

    I urge you to examine this subject!

    • “The show was very frank about the quest of the elites to depopulate America and basically put the world back into a 1700’s life style.”

      I have to listen to that one….Mike thanks for sharing..

      A few selected EMP blasts would do just that.. So would a good biological weapon I love the movie contagion.. and outbreak.. they both give a fairly good idea of what a real situation would be like.. I get a chuckle out of people that think they would actually let the people know.. that isn’t in the plan’s it would be chaos.. ever see a hurricane or a riot.. looting in the streets rapes pillaging….. the problem with that .. is similar to what they have found from previous test runs… they don’t have any control.. of course they wouldn’t have any control with an emp either once its out there its out there…. the USA if they weren’t so intent on satisfying the greed of a very few could strengthen the grid.. increase national security.. and keep the people relatively safe.. unfortunately we don’t live in that world.. the world we live in is more for a few screw the masses….

      the problem I see.. is like an incident that happened years and years ago.. a real alert came out.. my boss at the time told me that a senator had called a friend in NYC to tell him that it was a real situation.. the guy raced to get to his shelter.. unfortunately traffic and distance didn’t allow him to make it.. if it had been a real SHTF situation he wouldn’t have ever made it…. the same with people assuming they can make it to a bunker half way across the USA or in the mountains.. your screwed if you don’t live there already..

    • the scary part.. is both Russia and China would fare better than the an emp attack.. I can’t find it now but there was a status report that gave the statistics if in response to an emp attack and we launched a counter strike how many would not survive.. the USA over ninety percent would perish.. I think that figure is being conservative.. since everything we do.. it wouldn’t be instantaneous either.. I personally think that it would be a tiered knock down.. we would have supplies to begin with.. then as they were consumed.. we no longer repair things we dump things.. big pet peive of mine is I tell the kids.. one become a plumber.. one become an electrician one learn appliance repair.. one a carpenter etc.. sell service contracts.. since getting repairs done is next to impossible.. you would be making money hand over fist and not even have to get out of bed..
      in russia and china they not only do regular training drills just for such an event.. they have gone out and built cities to house those remaining.. and bunkers for the population.. in the USA the only bunkers built are built for a very few.. now these people are good but it takes the endeavors of everyone to build a country.. each person no matter what their station is valuable.. each person has a set of skills that no one else has.. it doesnt’ take a high IQ.. many billionaires built their empire with nothing more than a grade school education.. on the same token it takes the thinkers to expand quality of life..

      now for a moment.. reflect on the fact that China… manufactures our military equipment and arsenal .. program chips computers.. guidance chips.. casings..( many were discovered to have flaws ever had a bullet that the shell casing was a millimeter off.. )

      Yet our leaders argue over who will make the most money by not securing our nation and population from such an event.. crazy huh.. even sounds as stupid as it is.. we can’t secure our countries borders or infrastructure.. because slick slick won’t make enough money if we do that.. we have to make sure he makes his paper or electronic numbers.. then put the fate of all the citizens by having vital equipment for out countries survival manufactured in the same countries that we fear .. now in my mind those are droolers..
      but then its all been foretold.. predicted..

  2. G –
    wonder what could have the Demonrats so upset & worried about the Trump presidency? The lengths to which they have gone to Obstruct, Delay, Misdirect, Set-Up and just flat out LIE about this President is disgusting to say the least.
    This begs the question of how in the world any member of the Jihad Squad ever got enough votes to get elected in their respective districts. Take AOC, Please!..last time I saw a mouth like that, it had hook in it – rim shot.

    Financial Conundrum – Price of Gold going up at the same time as the Market is going up ? Perhaps a Spread Trade – on paper..Sell 1 SPY @301.40, Buy 2 GLD @134.20

    or as long central banks keep cutting Rates – just Buy a lil kid – blowing bubbles everywhere..wheeeeeeee

    Gonna need to get some more Orvilles tender white popcorn, looks like the curtain going up on the next act..real JUSTICE, not like Demonrats Just-Us..wonder which hole (s) Billary and Barry gonna be hiding?

  3. The Mueller hearing was a nothing burger? I guess Fox didn’t air it huh? Adam Schiffs Q and A were all anyone needed to hear. Of course, after Mueller confirmed all of these statements, Trump, in all his glory, shouted our the complete opposite in a series of interviews and Tweets., doubling down on the Hoax and his exoneration…even though Mueller specifically stated Trump was not exonerated and could be charged after his Presidency. All the more reason for Trump to rely more and more on Russian to win 2020.

    Here’s a list of statements Mueller affirmed as ACCURATE!

    Mr Mueller said he had not exonerated Mr Trump of obstruction of justice.

    In seven hours of congressional testimony, Mueller accused Trump of not always being truthful, called his support for the 2016 release of stolen Democratic emails “problematic”

    Russia engaged in a sweeping and systematic effort to influence the 2016 election.

    Russia reached out to the Trump campaign as they were trying to accomplish this.

    The Trump campaign welcomed help from Russia.

    Donald Trump Jr. said the campaign would “love” dirt on Hillary Clinton provided by Russia.

    Trump called on Russia to hack Clinton’s emails.

    Trump praised Russia’s release of the Democratic emails hacked by WikiLeaks.

    Trump’s campaign based a messaging strategy around the hacked materials.

    Members of the Trump campaign were trying to enrich themselves personally during the campaign and transition.

    Paul Manafort was trying to achieve debt forgiveness from a Russia oligarch.

    Michael Flynn was trying to make money from Turkey.

    Trump was trying to make money from a Trump Tower in Moscow.

    Numerous Trump associates lied about this, including Flynn, Manafort, Rick Gates, Michael Cohen, and George Papadopolous.
    Manafort encouraged others to lie.

    Mueller’s investigation was not a “witch hunt,” as Trump has claimed.

    Russian interference was not a “hoax,” as Trump has claimed.

    Russia wanted Trump to win the election.

    Russia informed Trump campaign officials of this intention.

    Russia committed federal crimes in order to help Trump win.

    The Trump campaign lied to cover up their dealings with Russia during the campaign.

    • Here’s a list of rebuttals which I believe ACCURATE!
      Mr Mueller said he had not exonerated Mr Trump of obstruction of justice. You can’t “exonerate” a charge. No “exoneration” if no charges. Sleazy at best.

      In seven hours of congressional testimony, Mueller accused Trump of not always being truthful, called his support for the 2016 release of stolen Democratic emails “problematic” Truth, Wikileaks released, not Trump. Mueller spews opinions not facts provable in court. But why not? He hates Trumps and stacked his office with anti-Trukmpers than like a coward didn’t own up to is. I call BS on “I didn’t know…”

      Russia engaged in a sweeping and systematic effort to influence the 2016 election. They bought Hillary See Uranium 1 and the Clinton Foundation which was a pay for play op.

      Russia reached out to the Trump campaign as they were trying to accomplish this. Russia also and already reached out to Illery.

      The Trump campaign welcomed help from Russia. BS – opinion not supported by facts. Obama welcomed Russia too as his transition team evolved. I mean double standard bullshit.

      From the NY Post today: “Because of its pro-Clinton bias, the probe was the evil twin of the initial FBI investigation it inherited. Recall that the crooked James Comey relied heavily on the infamous Steele dossier, which Clinton’s team funded.
      So from start to finish, Trump was targeted by partisan law enforcement officials who had no business being on the case. And yet, despite a probe that ran a combined three years, involved hundreds of witnesses, thousands of subpoenas and surveillance on Trump associates and maybe the president himself, investigators could find nothing — nothing! — worthy of a criminal charge.”

      Donald Trump Jr. said the campaign would “love” dirt on Hillary Clinton provided by Russia. Truth: What polticians wouldn’t love – and seek – dirt on the opposition?

      Trump called on Russia to hack Clinton’s emails. Unproven, conjecture, lying. Without supporting docs that’s just more Trump hate from the nest of Trump haters we taxpayers were schamoozeled for…

      Trump praised Russia’s release of the Democratic emails hacked by WikiLeaks. Truth: Free speech – we liked it, too. Hillary got off scott-free on her email server wipe – and because Mueller didn’t do his job seeking out collusion on both sides, he stupidly ignored the Clinton transgressions. Again, a shame and a sham.

      Trump’s campaign based a messaging strategy around the hacked materials. So what?

      Members of the Trump campaign were trying to enrich themselves personally during the campaign and transition. Truth: The only charges filed have been process crimes – and in Washington EVERYONE is trying to get rich…

      Paul Manafort was trying to achieve debt forgiveness from a Russia oligarch. Truth: Had nothing to do with Trump. He was working for lots of players. He’s part of what I call the K Street Mafia that runs America via the Deep State which is the captive bureaugarchs in Washington.

      Michael Flynn was trying to make money from Turkey. Out of context and not proven in court. Allegations. “The indictment does not name Flynn, but describes a “Person A” who matches Flynn’s description: A co-founder of a consulting group that offered services based on that person’s “national security expertise.”” but remember he was a private person at the time.

      Trump was trying to make money from a Trump Tower in Moscow. Never happened, though. Trump is an international hotelier and golf course guy. He’s got properties everywhere, I mean WTF, can’t do business in Russia because America’s lefties will rise up in revolt against the people who brought socialism to their rap? Seriously?>

      Numerous Trump associates lied about this, including Flynn, Manafort, Rick Gates, Michael Cohen, and George Papadopolous. Truth: They were convicted largely on the basis of faulty memories and trick questions from an Obama infested level of DoJ FBI

      Manafort encouraged others to lie. He was a private citizen and represented lots of people. If lying were not part of the game in Washington, it would be a ghost town. Deal with reality.

      Mueller’s investigation was not a “witch hunt,” as Trump has claimed. Oh? That’s not a fact – that’s a defense against left wing persecution designed to stall the Trump agernda and blame him for everything that has gone wrong in the world from Jesus forward. Global warming is Trumps fault, Trump disagrees with loud mouth bitches and he’s a “racist” – see how this is so totally out of alignment. YES IT IS A WITCH HUNT.

      Russian interference was not a “hoax,” as Trump has claimed. Surer wasn’t. Hillary was already captive because you know the =KGB knew who Epstein was and how many times he’d dealt with Bill. Why no investigation of the Lynch meeting with Sleazy Bill at the airport is PHX?> All part of the corruption plans.

      Russia wanted Trump to win the election. Horseshit. They were ready for anything. Review RT coverage and you’ll see the bias anti-Trump.

      Russia informed Trump campaign officials of this intention. No charges related to this, so we assume no crime. Remember, no crime charged, therefore no exoneration. Sleazy old man Mueller knows how to weasel don’t he?

      Russia committed federal crimes in order to help Trump win. Russia commits federal crimes every day of the year for whatever pleases them…so what else is new. Bet me they didn’t toss some bones to Hil too?

      The Trump campaign lied to cover up their dealings with Russia during the campaign. Truth:” Interactions and if you think you c an become president and not begin to at least set up some dialog with one of the world’
      s nuke power, then living in the SoBay may have caused brain damage, Mark.

      I am disappointed you didn’t see the same hearing I did. Bete you didn’t even watch the GOP questions…

      • Oh, and Michael Goodwin in the NY Post today on Bumbling Bob’s ending of any impeachment chances:

        “Mueller’s detachment may also explain the bizarre standard his team created, where Trump’s presumption of innocence was shredded because they could not find sufficient evidence to “exonerate” him. Several Republicans pointed out that prosecutors either file charges or don’t, but have never imposed the impossible standard of exoneration.”

      • Well said and articulated!! Your response to Mark was brilliant!! It is amazing to me how deep Trump derangement syndrome (TDS) goes in some people. They can hear things and interpret things that aren’t there or even close to reality. Then they can make hypothesis about those same things; that don’t come close to the reality or truth of the matter. It is entertaining and scary all at the same time.

      • Excellent summary but too extensive for the majority of phone-tards to consume, regurgitate and comprehend. As a foreign national and ex-legal alien what I witnessed was a damning display of grievous legal incompetence. The crimes that Clinton, Biden and Obama have committed involving foreign governments is incomprehensible and given that this “Russia” interference occurred under the Dems WH then any statements made by Mueller are completely phony and unfounded. But not to worry given that our past Federal election was driven by the Communists out of Chicago and we are heading for another one this year with the likelihood of a similar result to your 16 election. Our Communist strategists are hard driving global warming and plastic straw bans as a winner this time around. It’s always interesting to listen to our media propagandist spew their uniformed bile about Trump yet praise hosannas to the Communist liberals and BTW our legal system is in possibly worse shape than yours!

        Lastly, is it out of order to compare Mueller to “Baghdad Bob” maybe he was he has had long term effects from the uranium sample he delivered to Vlad?

      • Roger all that, plus when asked about “Fusion GPS” the purveyor of the “Steele Dossier”, Mueller said he didn’t understand the reference. Either he was lying, was miles away from any action regarding the probe under his name, or he’s senile. I mean how could he NOT know about “Fusion GPS” and be involved in any of this?

      • Really enjoyed the appraisal of some of the points in the clown act yesterday. Seems even Pelosi was happy with the way it turned out.

      • Really George? All I will say is that history will prove all of you Trump supporters wrong….and…Delusional! Get a grip and face reality. It isn’t on the Cartoon Network..errr..I mean Fox News.

    • @ Mark

      In this once ‘free nation’, even YOU and MUELLER are entitled to your OPINIONS….BUT…as the LAW IS WRITTEN….TRUMP did NOT commit ANY CRIMES…..and more IMPORTANTLY…he as are you and I are INNOCENT until PROVEN guilty…which MUELLER and TEAM did not find ANY LAWS that were VIOLATED..just Trump hater liberal OPINIONS…and their quest to allow HILLARY to mount the ‘throne’……( but if you drink the kool ade, Anyone is ‘guilty’ of something by someones OPINION is the culture today) and opinions are like a..holes..every body has one……

    • So, by reading G____’s analysis and yours, I come up with the following brief summary of the Mueller testimony:
      Mueller refused to answer R questions regarding ethical misconduct by his team or the DNC elites, while dumping on the president and his men, as orchestrated by Schiff and the D’s.

      Let’s visit the issue of commercial conflicts:
      Mueller has had some lucrative board-level business income whose continuation is likely contingent on him keeping Schiff and the D’s happy. Schiff is a partisan leftist gang front man with a history of using his secret squirrel access for partisan political mischief.
      Your industry is being hit hard by the Chinese brown shirt boycott of US real estate, hence the OCD attacks on Trump.
      G____ is an advocate for truth, justice, and the American way, although his site gets better ratings from leftists if he let’s you rant about DJT.
      I get screwed over by all partisans, but I have no commercial conflict, and I do have a sincere desire to see ALL the guilty punished severely, especially the partisan bureaucrats and lawyers.
      This isn’t really hard to sort out, if you follow the money.

      My analysis is as follows:
      Robert Mueller and his team is representing the DNC, not America. His “investigation” is a sham political propaganda campaign. The potentislly questionable acts by Trump himself can be justified as self-defense against partisan political aggression and outright sedition. Most of the serious legitimate substantiated charges against Trump’s men involve actions from personal business acivities unrelated to Russiagate. Manafort needs to stay locked up for the rest of his life. The same goes for Trump’s former lawyer. The remainder of the charges against Trump associates appear to be manufactured and coerced. Many of these other charges were artifacts of the tainted partissn investigation itself.
      The DNC manufactured the Russiagate hoax with the aid of foreign and domestic intelligence services. Mueller and his D team are acting as an agent of the DNC in an ongoing cover up of sedition and clandestine action both foreign and domestic. This isn’t rocket science, just scumbag lawyers and their gangs and shills telling lies.

  4. real estate agents should be believed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    OH wait,, that was someone else that should be believed(Blassey-Ford)
    BUT NOT Mark, cause he is full of it
    Glad to see your TDS is in full force today… 2020 is coming to a theater near you, ENJOY
    of course, you are never wrong
    Mueller did not say much except,,I wont go there… when asked real questions that need answered

  5. Government spending roughly flat at around 20% GDP. Has been about there for years.

    Deficit due to 1.7T$ tax cut for rich people and fat corps. Created by the Pubs and Trump.

    Of course the useless Dems signed on as well.

  6. “Jeffrey Epstein found injured in New York City jail cell after possible suicide attempt: report. ”

    Hmm.. probably was really depressed he might have to give some testimony or drop some names on some of his good friends in high places.

    isn’t it funny how many people that are friends get so depressed and they feel so ashamed that they may have to give out names etc. in legal testimony. that the only option they have left is suicide because of the deep sadness they feel inside..

    happens to investigators to.. what a shame…

    • Isn’t it funny how people who have dirt on the Clinton’s display an uncanny tendency to commit suicide, or at least try to?

      • exactly.. or if they are heading to testify.. or investigate.. they are killed in a mugging..

      • WarHammer…. the only thing I can think of.. is that they must be some of the nicest people on the planet.. to have so many feel the depths of despair in having to give testimony or giving them substandard service against them that would make them feel so terrible that the only thing they felt left for them to do logically would be to commit suicide..

        I cannot think of one person in my life that would fell that distraught over having to give testimony on me because of my niceness that they would ever consider the only thing left would be to end their own life..

    • IMHO, the attack on J. Epstein was most likely a murder attempt. He was not in solitary(wonder why, given that his testimony and info is so important), and a prisoner(a murderer) was suspected of attacking him as of last night. He is so influential that he could have made deals and possibly skated like the Clintons have so far. He already spent a year in jail and seemed OK with that, and his lawyers were planning to spring him to house arrest in his own digs. He is essentially unrepentant and claims innocence. He’s also not known to be suicidal. Lastly, no mention has been made of exactly how he would have been able to injure himself to the degree that he sustained.

      It’s just too convenient that he was so magically injured – possibly to the extent that he can’t testify at all.

    • Despite reports that Jeffrey Epstein did NOT stage a suicide attempt in a NYC jail, can exclusively report:

      In fact, the disgraced financier was in the middle of trying to hang himself when a guard interfered and possibly saved his life, a source insisted.

      As Radar was very first to report, Epstein attempted suicide at 1:30 am on July 23.

      Now, the 66-year-old ex-businessman is under constant surveillance on suicide watch behind bars at the Metropolitan Correctional Center.

      …Utterly ‘mazing, how many Clinton “associates” suicide themselves. Epstein is a hedonistic psychopath (which means he is incapable of feeling emotion or remorse.) Why do I personally believe somebody doesn’t want Jeffie to ever reach a witness chair?

  7. With reference to “Lowering rates when times are good will result in too much economic largess and that will cause the Fed (when the real crash comes) to have nowhere to go but into negative interest rates.”

    For me, the idea of having to pay to have my money used by someone else has been a hard idea for me to accept. For example, if I put my money in a savings account, buy a bond, or CD aren’t I taking a risk while letting someone else have the benefit of using my money? Banks, corps, and govs earn on using my savings, why shouldn’t I, I am thinking.

    But then, I remembered many years ago, I had to pay a State levied tax called an “Intangibles Tax” – not a common tax but I remember that Florida, SC, and NC had some version of this kind of tax back then but the tax implied that I must have some gross earnings.

    I looked it up on the internet and before my search was diverted by Goo-gone, I found this current example from the Kansas tax descriptions:

    “… The intangibles tax is a local tax levied on gross earnings received from intangible property such as savings accounts, stocks, bonds, accounts receivable, and mortgages….”

    Just substitute the words Negative Interest Rate (Fee) and remove “local” and “gross earnings received” to obtain:
    The intangibles tax is a tax (Fee) levied on intangible property such as savings accounts, stocks, bonds, accounts receivable, and mortgages….”

    So, at least I am thinking, an old form of tax which was voted out in most states some time back is perhaps now resurfacing in Fed form under a new disguise. Their current excuse is just an excuse for taking more money from the soon-departed “middle class”.

    • If you tax the upper-middle class too much, they will simply abandon the large homes and yards and downsize, displacing the middle-middle class. The middle-middle class will displace the lower-middle class, and the lower-middle class will move into the RV’s and crappy apartments. The lower class will be forced to emigrate to someplace inexpensive like the mid-West. And everyone will overpay for it. Remember, social status is relative. It’s not what you have but what it appears you have. It’s not hard to turn a $3,000 mortgage payment into a $2,000 mortgage payment plus $1,000 for something else…

      As for investing for gains, somebody somewhere on Earth will pay to use your money. Maybe the Chinese stock market will take off, or Greek bonds? We simply haven’t learned to think globally, yet, or figured a way around currency conversion fees.

      Anyway, it’s all supply and demand, a slow boiling pot where everyone is fighting to stay on the surface…

  8. Mowing: I, too, have several acres to mow on my 43 acre farm. Up till now I have use a Husqvarna wheeled string mower, but it is a lot of work. What mower do you use? Would you recommend it, or buy a different model? Thanks for all the advice, financial, political and practical.

    • I would assume you aren’t cutting to bale hay, because that requires expensive equipment and a cutter, not a mower.
      You did not disclose if you have a tractor, and the hp. The best way to mow if you have a tractor is a five or six foot single blade PTO 3-pt drag mower rated for two inch brush. The drag mower can be backed into places other mowers can’t go, and will deal with brush efficiently. Smoothness is an issue, but you will improve with practice. Belly mowers are a pain for real work. Reel mowers are for golf courses, not fence rows and waterways. Look for a drag mower with a smooth easy-clean top. A Kubota dealer usually carries locally-sourced drag mowers which aren’t too expensive . JD makes good equipment if money is no object.
      If you don’t have a real tractor, then follow G’s lead. Tending 40-something acres without a real tractor sounds like cruel and unusual punishment, I must add.

  9. So George, is all climate conditions dependent on the current weather in Tyler? You did notice that Europe is in an unprecedented heat wave. The arctic is on fire, contrary to a 3 year old study, the Antarctic is losing ice at a neck bending pace and a week ago Alaska was as warm as Florida. But its nice to hear that Tyler is cool right now. Oh and we do agree that food prices will rise substantially this Fall because of constant flooding in the midwest. So how is this climate change thing a fabrication for more funding?

    • GU, you are turning into a conservative curmudgeon, or am I being redundant?

      Conservatives never change. Liberals turn into conservatives with age. It probably has something to do with tolerance or ability to keep up with change.

      I believe your aggregate market model is the correct one. The DOW has 30 large companies and any one has the power to significantly influence the index. These are the old companies. The S&P has 500 companies, smaller ones perhaps, but a less volatile index because of aggregation. I would venture these companies are being run and operated with middle age people, probably centrist in views. And many online companies are dreamed up and created by very young people trying to get rich quick so they can go FIRE. They are not traditionalist. My point is that I don’t believe there is a SPECTRE pulling an economic MKUltra on American society. Organizations are not going out of their way to create companies simply to control the ideologies of society. On the contrary, company ideologies evolve based on employee culture and influences. And young people today are liberal. Dinosaurs have always had problems with furry mammals running around. I’m worried the mammals are being displaced by insects.

    • This is the same Europe which, save England, couldn’t produce wine 700, or 800, or 1000 years ago, because it was so hot that grapes wouldn’t grow.

      How do YOU suppose those ancient ships they keep finding in the Arctic got there?

      You DO realize Antarctica is a lush, green, land mass under all that ice, right? For it to be so, it must, at one time (better sit down for this one…) have been without ANY ice. What do you suppose happened, to turn Earth so cold, that a piece of dirt the size of Eurasia got buried under miles of ice and snow, and why do you believe the climate we now enjoy is more “normal” than that which existed when the Arctic was open water and the Antarctic, fertile land…?

      The scaryvision salesdrones can make any weather sound, well scary.

      Clue: It’s their job. If they’re not successful, they are out of work.

      The reason the Urepeein heat wave is “unprecedented” is because the people presenting that opinion are caught up in the “history of NOW,” and what happened “before” is irrelevant to their opinion, therefore does not exist for them.

      • years ago..Ray I seen some slides.. the part that fascinated me was these guys were in a hot water pool.. green around them but behind that big huge masses of ice.. LOL LOL I wanted to go there to see the country for myself.. I never made it in person…. now that it has become a vacation spot.. I wouldn’t go at all.. luckily.. I have had friends that work on the ice.. and don’t mind sharing photos… etc.. Love those kids at NASA.. great bunch..Years ago they helped me fulfill one thing on my bucket list when I was really really sick…. the one thing on my bucket list was to see the north pole and south pole..
        the fun part was even though I wasn’t there in person.. I was able to see both live at the same time via video camera’s it just happened they were working in both places at the same time it was as if I was there……. ..
        Did I mention that NASA is family friendly.. yup.. and definitely kid friendly.. some of the nicest guys I ever met in my life work for NASA…and smart..deep thinkers…

      • OH Nasa regularly has the camera’s on the astronauts doing chores on the space station.. what a nice time.. and you can chat with them online.. they do this as a public service.. to get kids interested in the work they do.. great bunch.. really great bunch..

  10. George,
    -Your team’s Charade and Deep State defenses of Trump are nothing new.
    John Gotti, El Chapo, et al said the same thing in reply to the mountains of evidence against them.
    It is the last refuge of all scoundrels.
    When they run out of real defenses.
    Ask O.J.
    -Your team should just be thankful that a sitting President cannot be indicted, otherwise this mountain of evidence would have been tested, as the rest of Trump’s team sadly found out.
    Best, Mike.

    • Um, no.

      Because this was an “intelligence investigation,” there were no standards for quality, truth, legality, veracity, or viability of evidence. In a criminal proceeding, any “trial” against Mr. Trump would not make it past pretrial before being thrown out for lack of evidence, probably accompanied by a severe reprimand for the Prosecution, for attempting to bring such a frivolous case to trial.

      Innocent. Get over it…

      • Well said Ray…….

        what is funny is I am a democrat … (not for long though)
        I wasn’t for DJT at first.. my candidate of choice was Rand Paul…then I switched.. I figured. what the hey.. but you know what.. DJT has been working hard trying to do what he said he would..the more I study on the guy.. once you get past his narcissistic personality.. ( he deserves to have bragging rights though)he is one heck of a guy…. deep seated caring and willing to go that extra mile for the average me and you..

      • Looking out of the box:
        Be the independent, not the party hack. Don’t vote the party box, even if you only cast one vote for an alternate candidate, like maybe some hapless libertarian candidate. Don’t settle for the party line-up. Of course, your secret ballot isn’t really secret anymore, and you will be gang-stalked by both of the dominant party stooges for being an uppity subject, but then, at least you’ll feel noticed.
        I like DJT, but if you trust anyone inside the beltway, you aren’t really watching closely. Can you really attribute any improvements in your life to actions of any one or any group of politicos? The politicos can screw you, but the best help you would normally get from them is for them to stay out of your life and your wallet.

  11. Well said Wayne…liberalism is a serious disease, many who are afflicted think they are smarter and better than most people and live in a illusionist state of being. Sad really.
    Just visit any university or college and talk to the profs. Most of them are whack jobs.

  12. Hi George.dont know if you caught the congressional testimony of dr robert epstein about googles massive manipulation of search results and the effect it has on elections,but you need to. needs to be seen by everyone and the issue needs to be addressed and dealt with asap or we will never have a fair election again..scary stuff

    • OK, is this perhaps an epiphany, or at least an admission that there are leftists tampering with US elections, and that they aren’t Russians? The rest of us have been living this nightmare since the Obama era. Glad to see you are waking up. And yes, those are single party leftists doing what they do best: takin’ over. OMG, next you’ll be quoting Qanon.

      • The Democratic Machinery has been tampering since at least Kennedy-Nixon. It offended me that Richard Daley delivered 300,000 dead Chicagoans to vote in the 1960 Presidential Election, but what offended me more, p!ssed me off, and still does to this day, is this type of chicanery is almost exclusively the purview of Democratic crooks, and every time they pull this crap, whether Chicago, Cleveland, Phoenix, or Philly (or places in-between), both the crooks and the MSM put on this cocky, smug face and dare anyone to not think them clever.

        I don’t like, but can (barely) tolerate, smug lawyers and used car salesmen. I can NOT tolerate political crooks or mainstream idealogues who espouse a “yeah, we did it and got away with it, so what’cha gonna do about it” attitude. Be shameful, be contrite, even just ignore that it happened, but don’t throw criminal voter fraud in our faces and crow about how clever the fraudsters are, and don’t ignore the several hundred instances of Dem fraud to put on that arrogant, condescending face and lecture the public at length about the 2-3 Repub fraudsters…

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