Monday with the News Jockey…

Black Friday Deal announcements are flying thicker than the snow in Buffalo, this week.  I’d remind you that it used to mean something else, no, not Bellevue Fire Department.

Already, investors can hear the tiny hooves beating on the roof…a cute acoustical trick on a glass-topped high-rise.

And St. Nick?  Jolly as ever with his “Ho, ho, ho, Happy Earnings Amass!”

This morning, I’ve got an early Christmas to get you in the mood:  Music for the News this fine frosty start to a 3.5 day workweek, which is really what we oughta  have year-round.

In keeping with the mood of the season, we have asked our musical librarian to join us this morning (who looks sort of like Elaine, but with go-go boots at this ungodly hour on a Monday?) and pull some tunes to accompany this morning’s servings of depressing SameOMeal for breakfast.

Ready to dig in, then?

Iran Talks Fail

Ah, but George Claus pulls this oldie out of the bag to summarize John Q. Public’s take on the Iran talks in general.  Click here and Dancer will play it for you

Naturally, the talks yielding bupkis leads Israel to threaten to attack Iran and then them a thing about glass-making.  Dancer, cue up a fitting musical ditty…ah here we go

Economic Prospects

Tomorrow, the Case Shiller/S&P/Dow Jones, and a parade of other PR departments will be out with the monthly housing report.  Dancer suggests a House is not a Home.  (Dancer’s been into the eggnog a bit earlier than usual this year.  Still, there’s a reindeer shortage because we haven’t opened the Canadian border fearing fallout from the Antlerslan movement.

Futures are up just a tad and Dancer offers this Beatles tune as consolation for the dyed-in-the-fur bears.

On a more serious note, the EU will be looking at data this week showing what Santa-George has been telling you:  No real growth since 2009.

Dancer figures this is why ECB boss Mario has been singing Spinal Tap.

Speaking of Tunes

Mr. Same Old Tune is suggesting that Americans want a “new car smell in 2016.” 

To which Dancer offers this to the Hillary Clinton crowd…. but near as I can figure it, she’s too old to drive.  Limo’s only, isn’t it?

More after this…

Weird Science

A report from CBS that scientists have discovered a 21-million year old land slide in Utah has been found.   Salt Lake is the only place I’ve seen streets like South Northeast and so forth.

Dance proclaims Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac found  Landslide first.

Coffee and What?

Fresh load of caviar and coffee has been delivered to the ISS. Imagine the tip?  Don’t know about you, but for us, planning breakfast 6-months is advance is a bit too much.

Right, Dancer?  Hit the Elton John

Where were we…

Aliens Among Us

As if el Presidente’s deal last week wasn’t enough alien encountering to last for a while, here comes the Inquisitr with (yet another) report that aliens have been here since 1947.

Hit it, Dancer!

Aftertaste of Equality

NPR had a dandy report on how now, in the wake of same sex marriage, we now get same sex divorce.  Well, of course.  We will find a new industry, or make one, I always say.  Because in America, everything is a what, class?  {Business Model, George!}

Dancer, hit me some classic Tammy Wynette on the back-channel, wouldja?  You know the one…

Waiting on Trouble

And so we arrive at another Monday.  A 12-year old boy with a toy gun has been shot to death by Cleveland police and we have no decision out of Ferguson yet.  How about on Friday morning to screw up shopping?

Dancer… cue up to 1:28 of Rappin 4-Tay….

And, I reckon, we’ll be around, too….

In the meantime, it’s the same old dance, so we might as well have the music to go with it, I figure.

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