Monday: The 3% Solution

The world is on the verge of getting its mojo back.

The election in France saw Marine Le Pen make it into a runoff election May 7th for the presidency.  And globally, it was an extremely good session for markets in our aggregate view of things.

I see it’s almost nap time. Because if you play triple-levered long ETFs, you can expect at least part of the market session today to  rock your net worth by +3% – which ain’t bad for a single day’s work in a world where the bankster class is still shearing sheep for less than a half a percent returns for an entire year.

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This is not to count our chickens before they lay a few golden eggs for us.  But is is to underscore the problem so many people in America have, yet don’t realize.

V as in Victim

You can almost see it on their foreheads.  People don’t connect the dots enough.  So here’s another in our “continued ed” efforts.

Take the headline in the WaPo this morning:  “After French vote, European leaders come out against Le Pen. But what if she wins?”

“Gee, who cares?” or “Why would they do that?”And still, who cares?”

Well, my little lambs, what’s at play in the whole future of Europe and that abomination of pseudo-democracy called the European Union.

Which, if you haven’t noticed, is a collection of countries that have abandoned their borders (see the Schengen passport free area) and who are allowing themselves to arrogantly be sold the notion that democracy is alive in Europe.

Which it still is:  In England and now France.

I told you in Friday’s column that Marine Le Pen’s victory this weekend would come largely because the Islamic extremists don’t understand c4i (command, control, communications, computers & intelligence) worth a crap.

By allowing one of theirs to go A.K. right before the election, they might as well have come out and endorsed Le Pen’s opponents.

For the second round of voting, we don’t need to watch for the radicalized re-invaders of Europe to go off the rails to get her elected.  We can, rather, leave that to the empty-headed talking head of the E.U. who will predict the End of Life on Earth if Le Pen wins.

Oh, really?  The U.S. and England are re-exerting national prerogatives and guess who’s still around?

Even more amazing?  The idea of “borders” still means something:  A line of demarcation between differing thoughts on laws, property rights, language, culture, and corruption.

How about that?

Guns of August (Or So)

Another story which we hold as possibly HUGELY important is The Hill’s report that the “Chinese president calls for restraint on N. Korea.”

What this means is simple:  China’s eyes on *and in) the U.S. have noticed that president Trump is moving assets in a major way into the Western Pacific.

Xi-whiz, China has a tactical problem in that an attack on North Korea would – by treaty – bring in China.

The U.S. has told the Chinese “Then you fix it.”  We explained this on April 6th as the “Kill with borrowed sword move in the Trump-Xi meetings a while back.

The U.S. will not wait forever, but moving resource around takes a bit of doing so when one of our colleagues headed an email this weekend “Guns of August” I thought it worth mentioning so you can read the book.

This is not Tuchman’s world, however.  More like Germany of the 1930’s as the German’s think they can hold Europe together which if Le Pen wins, they will not be able to do following (pun alert!) following false liberal profits (sic) resulting from the reconquest.

We having fun yet, bubba?

 Sizing Up the Week

Our subscribers have a pretty good idea what’s coming and I won’t spoil it by telling you the whole outline.  Let’s just say when our net worth swells three percent today, we would expect another load of Quarter Pounders tomorrow, as well.

The CFNAI (Chicago Fed National Activity Index) is out and no, the world is NOT ending in the Midwest just yet:

“Led by slower growth in employment-related indicators, the Chicago Fed National Activity Index (CFNAI) moved down to +0.08 in March from +0.27 in February. Two of the four broad categories of indicators that make up the index decreased from February, and one category made a negative contribution to the index in March. The index’s three-month moving average, CFNAI-MA3, decreased to +0.03 in March from +0.16 in February, but remained positive for the fourth consecutive month.

For those with eyes to see:

Later on in the day, the Dallas Fed Manufacturing number is due.

Tomorrow, though is where we see how the rubber meets the road with the Case-Shiller, Corelogic, S&P, (and the kid delivering pizza) Housing data is revealed.  Look for a two part column Tuesday.

Durable goods Thursday, GDP Friday…oh, what a fun week, huh?

Just tossing darts about, looks to me like Big Rally today, follow-through rally tomorrow, but that will depend on Housing.

Wednesday, Thursday look for D.C.’s budget and healthcare circus to be pumped (which may slow the market or flip it back a bit.  Durable Goods Thursday and GDP Friday need to be factored in, as well.

Eyes on the Left

The spoiler may be former president Obama who NBC notes “Obama Returning to Public Stage for First Time in University of Chicago Forum.”

We expect the usual softball questions for the ultra-lib media today.  But no one will ask “What are you hogging the media for?  Country has moved on.  You fomenting revolution?”

The real answer may be found in the corporate left and the over-built news industry needing filler and a rousing Left sells papers and eyeballs to advertisers.  Look what it has done for the Kardashians, after all,

So the rabble are still rousing and it seems to us that a good deal about the true character of former presidents is learned by their “after presidency” life- works.

In the case of Jimmy Carter, he’s been a mainstay and anchor of Habitat for Humanity for more than 30 years… Here’s a grteat concept:  Giving.

And here recently, come to find out former president George W. Bush has been doing paintings of wounded war veterans. “I was just so honored to be their Commander-in-Chief.”

Same concept:  Giving.

My opinion is that if Obama really wants to “give something to America” how about something real simple?

A longer break.

Check back in, oh, a decade or so.

But of course he won’t…so we trust you’ll be by tomorrow as we count profits than come from working 13-hours a day 7-days a week and fact check guess who…

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24 thoughts on “Monday: The 3% Solution”

  1. Charity is not in Obama’s vocabulary.
    He only knows, redistribute, embezzle, defraud, and a few other (theirs not mine).
    It is how he has lived his whole life!

    • Actually his first job out of Harvard Law was for a non-profit. He could have made 100 times that, but he chose to work as, I know it’s a horrible word, a slur and an awful profession, but he chose to work as a community organizer. You may want to look it up before you criticize.

      Has anyone from team Trump ever worked for a non-profit.

      • Oh you mean he had to do some work for his free hundred of thousands dollar education? Obama has no leg to stand on. A warmonger and USA destroyer. He tap dances to the highest bidder. Obama got paid off alright, alright, alright.

  2. It appears sides are being drawn up between globalists and populist/nationalist supporters. As long as the population has confidence in election results, all will be well. But, if the globalist masters overplay their hand and screw up a major election, all bets are off.

    It appears the globalists have ‘turned’ Trump fairly quickly be whatever means as they did Justice Roberts a few years back. I don’t want open conflict, but when people get desperate enough, bad things can happen.

  3. I’m flabbergasted you’d read a lefty-fied Trump bash account instead of citing the COMPLETE original source interview which I think the HP took out of con4ext (IO did read both) to do what they do best (bash)

    • George,
      I warned you about feeding trolls here ;-)

      The AP interview makes perfect sense to me also.

      Where we can see copy of you cashed check to a charity?

  4. Made sense to me – about on par with Barack Hussein O without a teleprompter – which Trump doesn’t require like (ahem) the coup organizer who just can’t leave Washington the heck alone after he had his turn at bat.

    What would the Major’s do if a batter struck out and kept going back into the batters box to second guess every swing of the next guy at bat?
    Did Bush hang around and bash Obama? No.
    Did Clinton (yep even Slick Willy) hang around to bash? No.

  5. Trump is of Jewish heritage. He lied about his family in his biography. He has been affiliated with the Russian mafia since his early days, when they bailed him out financially. That’s the Russian connection everyone wants to allude to but are not allowed to publicize. See articles in for details. The other issue is that publicly nobody is saying if Putin is also Russian mafia, or just has a coexistence agreement with them.

    And remember, the USA government has been a branch of the Khazarian mafia for at least 30 years. This worldwide group hides behind the Jewish/Israeli label for protection. Anytime you don’t understand something the federal government does, simply adopt the mafia viewpoint and all his will become perfectly logical, and clear as a bell. I surmise what we are seeing here is a transfer of power from one family to another in the same organization and all the details have not been worked out. Trump obviously ors what he is told, but if he has not yet been told then he sounds confusing.

    • Jon, you should reveal your pay. And we can tell by the way you write that more than one of you post under your name. We don’t need your mafia style bullying immersion process. You are the virus called, “brainwashed loop”.

  6. It the transcript has no meaning ,just as you have no question,so keep the 1000 for your future when the peracidity from your future shipwreck on political problems become torous.
    MAY ALL beings be lovingly fufilled , so be it

  7. “I was just so honored to be their Commander-in-Chief.”

    When one cripples a person accidentally one gets sued in a court of law? Alas, here the voices of reason are silent. Don’t recall US being attact by enemy)

  8. “George W. Bush has been doing paintings of wounded war veterans. “I was just so honored to be their Commander-in-Chief.””

    You mean the guy who sent them into an illegal war based on a lie for the purpose of enriching the stockholders of Haliburton and Blackwater?

    Yeah. A few paintings are going to more than make it up to the wounded, the widowed and the orphans. I spit on him and his attempts to ease his conscience.

    • We spit, too. He might have tried to blow it off as a misunderstanding and bad intelligence. We see it as a plan that payed him off pretty good. He is an unrepentant multi-millionaire murderer. Oh, yeah, by the way, his paintings suck, and he has no talent. People laugh at him and see an ignoramus.

  9. For La Penn supporters the lesson learned is: It just may be a good time to have a “false flag” “terrorist” attack a couple of days before the runoff.

  10. On trolls overrunning alternate sites: The media is doing this on purpose. It’s part of a coordinated campaign to divide Trumps base so he doesn’t have enough support to push through his MAGA agenda. Every narrative being pushed is with this in mind. The key is to trigger supporter’s fear of betrayal. The fear of being conned by the Don. One line of attack is that Trump is going back on his promises. Another is that he’s being taken over by, OMG, the neocons or Jared and Ivanka and NY liberal Democrats and Goldman Sachs and Soros and the Jew’s. I’ve even seen articles on Christian conspiracy sites pointing out that Jared owns a building with a 666 address. OMG he’s working for Satan. Again, this is all intentional, highly organized and targeted to specific segments of Trumps base. Divide and conquer.

    When I read online local MSM, I feel like I’m in a parallel universe. It’s a constant drumbeat of how our President is betraying the people who voted for him. They think Trumpers are dumb.

    If you don’t agree with the divide and conquer rhetoric, don’t engage with the commenter. Waste of time. Time will tell on Trump but in the meantime calling him names and demonizing him is to be expected by his enemies. I have listened to him on various topics over the years and he sounds like a practical business man to me. He is not a pompous politician or an elite academic expert that likes to hear himself talk. He sounds like he is hedging his bets on the answers to some of the questions. Also, I’ve had Veterans Today on my Lies and more lies list for several years. I think this is a deep state sponsored alt web site. There are fake news alt media web sites to take with a grain of salt.

    • Thank you, long-time and newer readers have noticed the troll drummers here, too. They behave robotically and insanely. These paid provacateurs showing up here tells you their reach. Thankfully, since they’ve only discovered George in the last year, we still have memories of incredible discussions, thoughts, and commentary instead of brainwashed mainstream spouting.

  11. Will the 1% give unto the 99% when the robotics replace the the 99%’s way of making a living, or will they just take 2-3% of the extra’ s under their wing or will it be mass genocide on a slow scale, like a frog sitting in cool water with a flame underneath the pot

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