Mexico Wall-ternatives

With the Trump administration signing off on the Wall with Mexico this morning, we look at the problems of Mexico more broadly this morning.

While the Wall is certainly a short-term solution, it seems to us that a tighter wall will simply increase the narco-collapse of Mexico.  I expect within five years or less, we will see a full-on narco-revolution in Mexico and that holds both social and economic implications for the U.S.

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13 thoughts on “Mexico Wall-ternatives”

  1. Isn’t it interesting that a pattern exists of liberal/leftie politicos congregating and concentrating in almost every state around the state capitol city where the biggest state supported university is located? Must be a reason. It’s true here in Oklahoma, too.

    • So, I interpret from your posts, your logic equates the theory of — State Supported Universities, in particular, those Universities located in state capitals, are the hatcheries of “liberal/leftie politicos” spawn?
      Any fact based studies to support that theory, or better yet your logic that brought you to that conclusion?
      Would you support strictly Private Education, to try and eliminate All but the Conserv-able saviors of your Ideal USofA?

      • I certainly do not have data on hand to confirm, but I too have been perplexed by the sheer number of extreme leftists protesting in large cities. Perhaps the Electoral College has saved us this time. Our current living conditions, as a species, is totally foreign to us. Never in our existence have we had so many humans living in such close proximity by the tens of millions. There seems to be an evolving mindset that seems so foreign to those of us living more spread apart…Toss in the layers of technological advancements in such a short period of time during our existence here on Earth..It is mindboggling.

  2. Interesting proposal. Questions:
    1. Would not annexing the northern Mexican states just move the need for a wall further south along the new border?
    2. Would the addition of the poorer Mexican states be too much like the EU where places like Germany have to support less productive places like Greece?
    3. Have you seen the recent Cheerios TV ad urging people to have more babies because they are fun? (Might help with population in the US as well as the company’s profits.)

  3. O Boy — open up the torture prisons! How many Americans and ‘enemies of Trump’ do you think will get there. Big Brother training camps. Let the chit begin to fly! Emperor federal holiday on his inauguration day! He signed it – and every real American will hate everything about this jerk before this year is out!

  4. As to the northern Mexican states annexation idea – sure! Expand our nation a bit, help ourselves as well as those poor residents in the northern Mexican states, and deal a critical blow to drug cartels while we’re at it. It won’t be easy, but then nothing worthwhile is normally easy.

    Naturally the whiners will howl and point at the idea as Nazi-like as you state in the column, but I say “Whatever”. Those folks will never be happy anyway, even though it’s conceivable that such a move would immensely help those in the Mexican states. The impact to the then remaining Mexican states is probably de-minimus, or even a plus given that some of the most poor and violent areas of northern Mexico suddenly become “our” problem.

    Aside from those in the Mexican ruling class and illegal drug industry, and if played correctly, it may be that we’d see a huge groundswell of Mexicans in those states that would jump at the chance to join the US in some meaningful way. All with the disclaimer that we have to put our national house back in order first, and THEN start down the annexation path.

    George you have a brilliant idea in this. Hope the new administration at least picks up on the idea and considers it for future action.

    • Thank you.
      I think we could trial this almost immediately. Putting America back on track will take less than 8-years.
      Remember, we have seldom had a president who “operates at the speed of business” – most, esp. president usel3ess before him, operated at the “speed of swamp” or the “speed of minutia.”
      Trump has done more in one week (which is only part done) than the great Divider did in his last year.
      Fix America -3 years, incorp Mexico and western Canada, 2-3 more. Then on to Mars and the stars///

  5. Alex Jones’ Infowars promoting the voter issue:

    How about the armchair warriors plan a takeover of the South West by Mexico (instead of vice versa)…..

    For the bored salacious mind (instead of lusting after other country’s territories, there’s Kushner’s Sex Lies & Videotape story):

  6. JTH,”I certainly do not have data on hand to confirm, but I too have been perplexed by the sheer number of extreme leftists protesting in large cities…”

    There’s an uptick on the Left promoting violence to settle political matters. There’s also some of the same people egging on the Right. They are pushing the Right by calling them pussies for not fighting back the Left. It’s generally (((them)))who are pushing this. They did the same thing in the Ukraine and started a civil war. There’s also, I believe, a great deal of money behind these sort of propaganda operations. Is it the “purple” revolution? They’re getting money from somewhere. If Trump is smart he will break these financiers with RICO convictions tied to their promoting violence. During the sixties large amounts of cash were fed to these radical violent groups. No reason today with RICO not to just arrest the whole lot of them. Even if they fail to convict in court it will slow them down…a lot.

    That’s exactly what Putin did and it calmed the rioting down fomented by the Left.

  7. George, won’t Trump adding a tariff to incoming goods, especially as related to NAFTA, increase inflation and will that spook the markets, thus causing the anticipated crash? If so, will that tariff catalyst and the initial affects on the market, cause other investors to begin a sell off, especially as city, state, police, fire, teacher, pensions start pulling out of their investments to protect their balances? ? Is this how its going to play out?

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