Mastering "Patientology"

According to the UrbanDictionary, the term springs from a posted definition from a UD contributor named conceitedAsHell) back in 2003.

Since this was “follow-up” week from my August 6 hernia mesh implant, which involved my personal science project in an attempt to ‘beat the laws of medicine’ I’ve been doing a lot of study on patientology

Not just as it relates to being a grand patient (doctors don’t get enough “up-side surprises” as I see it), but also to how we – as aging upright apes – take on this whole (increasingly likely) interaction process with the medical community as we age.

As a result, I’ve been working on generalizing a personal pro-active approach for Elaine and me – many details of which I think you’ll find interesting.  Especially one mental acuity protocol I call simply “the gauntlet.”

We’ll jump into this stuff just as soon as we roll through the midweek ChartPack and see if the news headlines make any more sense today than they did Tuesday.  Spoiler alert:  Don’t hold your breath…

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34 thoughts on “Mastering "Patientology"”

  1. G – a curious observation regards age and mental health.. Bridge Players Do Not as a General Rule get Alzheimer’s.Have been around Bridge players my entire life, up to and including Bridge Playing Tournaments & Conferences – was at conference sites for other activities. I have discussed this topic with oldster Bridge tournament players often – and every single one of them reports the same thing – No Alzheimer’s in Bridge Players. Something about Math & Memory..

    I am still hedging my Nuke bet on the Shia v Sunni showdown in the desert way.
    Kashmir is simply going to become the new Gaza..why do U think Israhell is involved with Modi & Indo military – see fake news articles regards Imran Kahn in RT..the “hats” R forever sowing hate and discord on Humanity – they just luv Goyim’s sooo much.

    Now get ready to bend over everyone – the “masters” R getting hungry & want their pound of flesh – again.

    • “the “masters” R getting hungry & want their pound of flesh ”

      No no no E/D

      I beg to differ with you in my humble opinion They dont want flesh.. they are after oil , lithium, copper, etc.etc. they’ll destroy whole continents , life styles and cultures for someone’s raw resources but flesh nope.. they let the mutts of war loose to get the resources and in turn offer them open season..

  2. Holistic integrative medicine mixed with traditional medicine, great idea.

    Eight weeks ago, totally out of the blue, MRI for low back pain shows advanced metastatic prostate cancer that has spread to pelvis, spine and sternum along with prominent lymph nodes.

    I am 58 and see the doctor every three months for type 2 diabetes care for the past four years. Completely Missed.

    I have been researching all the new names for “alternative” medicine therapies.

    So, thanks for your continued self-directed life style you promote, and your “recipes” for achievement.


  3. About self healing. Yesterday, I was involved in a hit and run. Two meth-heads ran a red light…hit the front drivers side quarter panel on the front side of the tire, spun my car around, ripped off the entire front part and kept on going. The whole thing happened so quick, yet my body sensation remembers it as if it was in slow-mo. I literally remember my head snapping side to side, like a slow motion crash test dummy video.

    The rest of the story involves me realizing that my car was still drivable (No radiator or engine in a Tesla) and I went off in pursuit of the drivers. I caught them and immediately flashed my lights, honked and pulled up beside them as a car was pulling out of a parallel parking space on the street, so that they were trapped. They immediately got out of the car with clubs to scare me, but that allowed me to take pictures of them and better pictures of the car. (No license plates) One came at me and swung at me with a club and tried to grab at my phone and I ducked, injuring my whiplashed neck even more.

    I got on the phone to call the cops, but the guy in the car ahead of them drove away and once they realized I called the cops, they quickly got in the car and drove away. My onboard computer of my car ws telling me to pull over and stop the car, so I sat there and waited for the cops.

    By the time the cops got there, they were long gone, the adrenaline rush dissipated and my neck pain was excruciating. Went to the doctor and was diagnosed as having a strained left Trapezius muscle and was prescribed Cyclobenzaprine, a muscle relaxer and some anti-inflammatories. But, even though I picked up the prescription, I am not a fan of Big Pharma and decided to self heal as I would after a triathlon or Big Mudder I do on occasion to relax my sore muscles. So, I mixed up some Golden Milk (equal parts Tumeric, ground pepper, Saigon Cinnamon, Cayenne pepper, teaspoon of fresh lemon juice, coconut milk and made a nice big glass of tea out of the concoction.) I also grilled up some Bison meat for protein, drank 3 glasses of Cherry juice, a cup of almonds (Magnesium) for an after dinner snack, took a dropper of CBD to assist in the sleep and went to bed.

    I still fully expected my neck and shoulder to be a bit stiff this morning especially at the age of 62, and guess what? NADA. I can feel a mild tightness, but even after just one dose, and one very dream filled deep sleep, I woke up feeling pretty normal. I picked up the muscle relaxers just in case, but never took them out of the pharmacy sack…Mother Nature is the best healer of all.

    • You got lucky. Normally you get the opposite effect: you leave the accident feeling OK, and you can’t hold your head up the next morning with whiplash.
      When I was side-swiped by a hit-and-run trucker, I chased the SOB down, and he claimed he was there, but he didn’t hit me. The cops refused to give a ticket, and I got stiffed for full deductible, which happened to cover the damaged quarter panel. It is rarely worth the risk, and the cops here discourage chasing them.

    • Better check that karma, Mark. I’m sure George would have something to say on the subject. And you’re lucky that death-trap you’re driving didn’t explode in a ball of melted plastic!

      • Deplorable, you are (redact- g) ill informed. You must watch (redact)

        Tesla is the safest car on the road today bar none. That’s not me saying that, but the San Mateo County Fire Department in one of their SUV’s happened to witness my accident… and thought I may be hurt, and followed me as I was chasing down the Hit and run driver. He said that he has seen some nasty collisions involving Tesla’s and has been amazed at how well built and over redundant the framework is. It has saved countless lives. Plus… What would you rather have…Get hit or rear ended with 15 gallons of flammable fluid or be in a car that is impervious to exploding instantly with the slightest of sparking. I would choose the latter.

        Plus, most of those fires occurred in the early production days and Tesla has built over redundant firewall protection to curb any fires..

        According to a recent FEMA report, “from 2014 to 2016 an estimated 171,500 highway vehicle fires occurred in the United States, resulting in an annual average of 345 deaths; 1,300 injuries; and $1.1 billion in property loss. These highway vehicle fires accounted for 13 percent of fires responded to by fire departments across the nation.”

        The report adds, “Approximately one in eight fires responded to by fire departments across the nation is a highway vehicle fire. This does not include the tens of thousands of fire department responses to highway vehicle accident sites.”

        In May, three people were killed when a gas station in Virginia exploded. In February, two cars were destroyed when a gas station in North Carolina burst into flames.

        The point is, the vehicles we use to get from Point A to Point B all rely on large amounts of stored energy, whether it is in liquid form like gasoline or in the form of electrons stored in batteries. We think nothing of it until something goes wrong.

        The news media likes to focus on the dangers of electric cars while ignoring that there are more than 150 fuel fires in vehicles in America every day. Whether that’s because of the “If it bleeds, it leads” mentality in the news business or because of the influence of traditional automakers and behind-the-scenes actors like the disinformation network sponsored by the Koch brothers, the impression the public gets is that electric cars are scary, potentially dangerous devices. Better think twice before buying one.

        All new technology is scary. But the risk of fire while driving a fossil fueled car is much greater than it is with an electric car. We need to take a breath and calm down about battery fires. Yes, they do happen and, yes, they are frightening. But they are relatively rare, despite what the news media would have us believe. Drive on electrons and be happy. When it comes to fires, you are safer in an electric car than in a conventional car.

        Another point is that Gas powered cars a spark causes instant explosions or fires. Im a Tesla there is a huge delay before the fore breaks out, allowing the passenger to exit the car safely…In some instances, that delay is very good news.

    • You got lucky… may feel it a lot worse, tomorrow. Always take pix from your driver’s seat, in case a sudden tactical retreat becomes necessary, and keep one eye on the rearview to ensure you are not the one becoming “caged.”

      Glad you’re all right…

    • “They immediately got out of the car with clubs to scare me, but that allowed me to take pictures of them”

      I know the slow motion stuff..I fell thirty feet and hot busted up pretty good.I fell then climbed back up the ladder and waited on a customer lol at the hospital I .insisted to go home rather than stay.. my ex couldn’t deal with the extent of the injuries and left me to crawl for food and water.. what’s funny is I remember moving like sn eternity but very little of the fall..

      As for the accident .. dash cam front and rear. There is a dual cam inexpensive and you wouldn’t have had to chase them.
      Unless you live in suburban area around dc.. a friend lived in a gated community there and drive by shooter.. my friends security cameras got the shooter license the works .the police refused to even look at it and threatened to arrest him lol lol..
      Big cities..ugh ..
      Mark. Never take a chance like that again..there are people that would shoot you and run..

      • Tesla has a front dash cam, but I have to initiate it and haven’t had time to download and get it engaged. I will now though….at least when I get it back from the auto body shop.

  4. Very good health write up this am. I will be sending the results of my red lite therapy soon. I am very impressed with its use. Am using for everything from hangnails to broken heart and everything in-between.

    • Yes, I am blown away by what it can do…just need to keep the power density around 4.6 joules per session. Too much light and the effects roll off, says the lit. Too little and no impact. When tinkering I figure a 20 ma 3 volt LED per square inch for 5-8 minutes. Been a while since I ran the numbers so going from memory…

      • Right outta da book..”color Red resonates with generative force center at base of spine, i.e. the coccyx area, and has a wavelength of 650 to 770 nm. This is the fundamental of the Pulse-Tone harmonics ascending through each nadi/chakra an/or higher force center. Traditionally the musical pitch C is used in the same so called Root center. Fundamental C is a binary frequency , i.e. 2,4,8,16,32,..256 Hertz,ect. This binary quality is seemly ideal for reproductive/generative area, as it is the very definition of growth by duple cell division in biology, and it is the primary order followed by all harmonic systems in octave cycles of growth. Like a pulsing low C (sound =DO or UT), Red is a long wavelength, a low frequency that extends into infra-red range as well..Clearly, red affects blood circulation and blood pressure. For example red rays can raise blood pressure and increase respiration, have vitalizing effect upon the entire physical body, stimulate the Kundalini, assist the production of hemoglobin in the liver, stimulate the adrenal glands and activate sex hormones..Because of Red’s heavy impact on cell regeneration — often leading to later premature degeneration, we always use Red sparingly” – Buchanan

        • Actually, it’s not just the red light – it is all kinds of light. In fact, while we were talking over my red-light hernia recovery experiment, he told me about a paper published in the former soviet union (circa 1988-1989) which held that people who were exposed to high-intensity light (daylight, broad spectrum) to their sacroiliac region for 5-10 minutes experienced relief from a wide range of symptoms. Not only that, but like the use of light therapy to freeze- the advance of macular degeneration – the effect of symptom reduction lasts for several days. Which is why Elaine’s AMD therapy is only every other day, three days a week.
          Thing is, there hasn’t been nearly enough work on the penetration and healing effects of light yet, and its why I have a weekly scan of on my to-do list – because not only is anti0aging key, but so are other interests.
          As I’ve said before, a lot of this aging stuff is like being run (unwillingly) into something like a “catdtle chute” and so our job – as members of the herd – is to keep off the squeeze chutes that could do us the most harm. Plenty of rest, mental and physical exercise, LIGHT, and additional supplements in addition to the FDA – RDA’s – seems to us to be a low-risk avoidance strategy.
          Oh, also on red light, the depth of tissue/bone penetration changes as the frequency becomes lower (e.g. longer wavelength as measured in nm).
          Thus, 660 nm light may penetrate soft tissue at only <25 mm (1 inch) for a given reduction in power, while longer 850 nm light (though not visible) may penetrate >50 nm (2″).
          Just a FWIW

  5. This may sound like off-topic madness, but it is in response to G___’s discussion of limited nuclear war scenarios in the for-pay section. Limited war scenarios are not realistic for urban areas.
    The US government refers to small 10KT munitions detonated at or near ground level as SREMP weapons ( and no you can’t make this stuff up, that’s what they really call them). These would be most likely be used by terror groups or resource-limited nations. The EMP effects of these weapons cause damage to telecommunication and high voltage lines extending out 65 km and further from center of ground level blast. When used in a dense urban sprawl area, the EMP disruptions to infrastructure would result in an enormous refuge crisis far from the area actually area damaged by blast or irradiated by fall-out. There is no such thing as a limited nuclear engagement in an urban area. The EMP effects guarantee that.

    • Very much on point. It would be a book-length study to see how this is all being “caculusized” by the leadership of the pending Indo-Pak war.

    • Hmmm.. N_____ I have read the reports and assessments .. but logic says that a full fleged nuclear war is doubtful by any major country..Now a Mircrowave or neutron blast would not be out of the question since it would leave the land habitable. but turning the country into a glass parking lot.. not to much worry on that.

      my fear is more subtle.. like the release of a contagion in lets say OHARA airport and Kennedy airport.

      . you don’t even have to have the contagion contained in a device.. just one sick person flying cross country.. just look at the disease CRE… it started not that long ago.. patient one came from the war zone.. was living at home then got sick.. now it is in every state.. fifty percent.. the ones that get it their immune system is compromised.. die right away.. twenty percent of the fighters live for a while.. and thirty percent have it and don’t even have a clue they got it.. ( I talked to the gent that discovered it and some of the representatives at the who.. scary stuff that one.. ask G2… it is merciless) Now a small country like NK.. kim isn’t a total idiot.. he knows that the puppet masters want his raw resources and they usually go for it not by negotiation but by force.. so he comes right out and says hey do what you must you polyester wearing man.. I will launch one in your back yard.. ( they’re families and lands are usually safe from these kind of actions) or maybe an earthquake machine.. low modified pulses..

      great book and a fast read..

      an emp isn’t out of the question though either.. but it has to look like it was self inflicted and an accident.. to avoid instant retaliation.. even though other countries are more prepared for their general population the USA has only been preparing for a very few.. the DUMB I know of close by me will only hold a thousand people.. as an example.. which thousand how will they get to it…. the one in the DC area a few thousand but then my guess is that one is set up for the dignitaries there the same question arises.. how will they get to it.. if your on the toilet for an example.. two three minutes is an eternity of valuable time..

      • The point I was making that all nuclear weapons of all sizes and all delivery methods cause large scale EMP events. The scope of the EMP induced mayhem will guarantee escalation. The only way to avoid the escalation is to avoid the initiating event.

      • I think what “n_____” means is even though a suitcase nuke is only going to take out a building or three, its EMP effect will create a diaspora as the unradiated population of the entire area will flee to some place where the food chain still works, and so do their precious cellphones.

        For n_____: I dunno, EMP bombs are optimized to produce an EM pulse, and the best are 3rd gen atom (critical mass) bombs, not nukes. I don’t know enough about the architecture, and am not curious enough to learn, whether ANY radioactive isotope could be packaged into a 2 cubic foot, 120 pound (or less) container in sufficient quantity to make a functional atom bomb. How big and heavy was “Fat Boy” without its bomb-like casing, and how far apart were the piles kept…?

      • Loob, there are serious logistical issues with regards to shelters for our “elites,” namely food stores and air filtering capacity. As for getting to, I’d suspect there are secret caverns under most offishul buildings in D.C. and in every State capital, inaccessible under normal circumstances, and I’d further suspect they are all interconnected, on in the process of being, by high-speed subterranean maglev rail or very high speed vacuum-assist airjet propulsion, which I did a white paper on, back around 1970.

        I have theorized (“conspiritized”) that the subsonic noise in Kokomo, Indiana, Taos, New Mexico, SeaTac, and other urban areas was either sound made by the tunneling machines, or sound made by the support girdering installed by workers following the tunnelers, as it took the structural stress. Alas, I have no proof, and knowledge of any such construction would be WAY above my, or anyone else’s pay grade (‘cuz Congress and even da Prez wouldn’t know about it unless forced to utilize the facilities), but it only makes sense…

      • That 65km EMP telecommunication and high voltage line damage radius for a 10KT ground burst figure came straight from the unclassified H__eland tables. I suppose we can argue about how big is large, but that 65km radius in an urban area affects a lot of people and property, and coupled with the associated refugee crisis meets my personal gold standard for large scale mayhem. I will concur that HEMP weapons affect far larger areas and many more people, but what will be the threshold of pain that any government with resources will suffer before retaliating?

      • Radius, from Table 5, page 30 on SREMP effects. I emailed you the shortcut sometime back. Looks like you might be neglecting an over-the-horizon component, professor.

        • More likely groundwave propagation at peak emp freqs…

          Been a while since I’ve worked on plasmoid antennas or “How to I get a fireball antenna to last through a CQ DX contest?_

      • …Or it’s not a ground burst per se, but calculated as a “worst case” from a detonation on the 10th floor of a building, and taking into consideration the ~65 foot height of electric substation main lines. As a land lubber I was taught that as a general rule, LOS is 6.5 miles for a 6 foot man. George, or anyone who’s sailed the big water would know exactly.

        • Sometimes I get the 6 foot six mile confused with 100 Feet to 14 miles which is one of thre FCC test questions for a commercial ticket., Since I took that in 1966 – when electrons were new – I do screw up the details now and then…

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