Markets: Shortage of “Good News” Ahead?

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We have been tracking the apparent “resonance” between the psychological mood of the country now as compared to the Roaring Twenties.  In the chart below, you can see how closely the advances fit.

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Just be cautious that things are not completely the same!

The main thing to remember about markets is that they tend to front-run actual events.  And right now we may be looking at a forward lack of “good news.”

Some examples?

  • The Fed is increasingly likely to raise rates.
  • The US dollars has been very strong.
  • The Trump administration continues under attack on many fronts.
  • The Mueller investigation is a wild-card.
  • Some US Navy ships have gone to resupply in Japan and elsewhere, so is a Korea resolution in the works in background…at least the appearance of one for a while?
  • The fate of cryptocurrencies is still frothy to say the least.  Bitcoin is an “honest” one in that it was only available via mining.  But others?  Might those be considered securities?
  • GM plans an Uber/Lyft-like business model but with DRIVERLESS CARS IN 2019.

Think long and deeply on what this will mean for a lot mainstream American companies.

Look also at how Amazon and Wal-Mart are the “Barbarians at the Gates” that are changing shopping mall traffic and that’s another big whack at traditional economic investment opportunities.

Unknown:  How will robotic investments be owned?
Shouldn’t we be looking at things like taxing robotics – right now – while the special interests don’t have so much power, at least in that field?

Toss in the congressional races will begin forming in the spring and it looks like the GOP doesn’t stand for much of anything but a “hollowed-out brand” and you have the POTENTIAL for the market to begin worrying and discounting a LOT.

Remember, the manic swings are when psychology swings from HALF FULL to HALF EMPTY.

We’ve enjoyed the Trump Bump for a year, but now it’s time to look ahead…and that’s where we get into a world of politicians and job-displacing robotics.

And that could spell massive market revaluation.

There…now, go buy my book on applying science to woo-woo…

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  1. You’ve been using that same chart since I started checking in on this site in 2007. If you wait long enough, it just might be true……. eventually. Squirrel, blind nut, all that.

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