Markets Rocket, You Have Voicemail

Someone called our Audio Comment line (903) 740-0596. And laid these kind words on us:


No, actually not much work to my system.  Just works – really neat.

Which is why I keep saying “Would someone tell Elon Musk that crazy geezer of the woods Ure in the East Texas outback has the way to Save Twitter?”

(Remember, I am the father of the World’s Most Famous Uber driver, too!)

Markets Rocket

Looking more and more like the Wave ((v)) of (5) of II in here this morning.

Did the charts on the Peoplenomics subscriber side this morning, but when I show you where this is rolling…drop by tomorrow.

Remember: World War III prelims on due to pop in the 27-29th of this month.  Blood runs in the street in a week.

Write when you get rich,

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  1. I’m cheap and preferred your longer posting but I understand

    ‘’ Money talks… everything else walks”.

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