Markets Pause, FBI Fumbles

We begin this week with a paucity of real news on the “front burner” but off on the back burner, things are likely about coming to the point of boiling over on a number of fronts.

I was talking to one of our “well placed sources” in D.C. this weekend and he says his peers will all be going to work this morning, but only for so long as it takes to hand each employee a furlough letter OR go back to work like always.  This is how it will go.

Still, the mail will be handled, banks will be open, and we expect this week’s monthly Social Security deposit will be made on time.  The “Schumer Shutdown” makes it clear that the democrats are more anxious in DACA persons than they are the whole balance of the American middle class.

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Oh, sure, they will wrap it up – get every cobbled up group they can think of out demonstrating – but were this a case involving stocks, this would be called an attempt at massive share dilution.

Here’s how that concept rolls:

Say a company has 100-million shares of stock.  Each of the shareholders has one share.

What happens when new stock is just MADE-UP and is poured into the system?


The share holders in at the get-go each had 1/100-millionth of the vote.

But say (over time, because the young and fertile do multiple and divide…outside of schools) the number becomes 120-million voters.

The crooked democrat plan is to perpetrate massive voter power dilution and since 99 percent of new arrivals are “worked” by the democrats, it’s a long-term strategy to swing American into being a collection of minority groups.

As the earlier Census data we reported makes clear:  Since 1960, we have gone from a 15% minority country to nearing 50% now.  No, this is not racism, it’s called demographics by stupid snowflake darlings.

In finance, stock dilution is a very big deal – and often crooked.

As Paul Ryan tweeted: Senate Democrats shut down the government over a bill they have no issues with—a bill that keeps government open and extends health insurance to nearly 9 million children. They opposed a bill they don’t even oppose. We do some crazy things in Washington, but this is madness.

No, it’s the S.O.S.

Trump’s Nuclear Option

So, my source – who we’ll call Mr. GS Big Number – wonders how Trump, who he thinks the world of (unlike many Deep Staters) says Trump can – at any time – take off the gloves and bury the Schumercrats with one simple move.

That would be to send the federal law enforcement divisions into every Sanctuary State, County, and City in America and begin arresting elective officials for insurrection.  That’s not a far stretch because sanctuary cities, states, and counties, is a BS concept made up by the leftist revolutionaries (Obamanistas) while the stupid people in fly-over country were asleep.

Radical leftists never sleep.

Clinton Slides Again

Oh, sure, the FBI seems to have manipulated (*via [plausibly deniable] rouge employees) the outcome of the 2016 presidential election..

The Dems have been pushing the “shut down” to keep you from seeing how crooked DC Dirty Dealings really are.

We read with interest how the FBI allowing critical evidence of their partisan manipulations to prevent a Trump Presidency to be destroyed and how – in the same report – we see how critical information that might have convicted James Comey and others in the Bureau of high crimes has also been “disappeared.”

The more tenacious reader will already have figured there’s a very high probability that former head of Justice Loretta Lynch had her hand in fixing the election.

The good news?  With Hillary Clinton (+ Lynch, Comey and others) able to slide, the Deep State may be able to rest, now.  Deep Staters (who got their first extra vacation via budget shutdown under Slick Willy in 1995) will be able to continue the alliance against democracy with damning evidence “gone.”

Of course, with all the tools of the Intel community, unmasking, and such, it was simple work for the leftists to keep selling the fake Russian dossier story which has has now fallen apart with disclosure that the dems helped pay for it…

This may seem shocking – that the U.S. Government’s key watchdog agency in such matters is being outed as crooked at the highest levels – but I’m not the only one to write this question.  Take the Washington Examiner this morning and read this: “Byron York: Congress seeks answers after FBI claims texts missing in Trump-Russia probe.”

Missing?  Can you even begin to imagine the shit-storm that would have happened if this had been the kind of conduct revealed on the Trump side?

What should be absolutely clear, however, is why we continue to call Slick Willy the Teflon President and his wife the hard annealed second act.

What we see going on right now may be viewed in the context of “firewalling.”

With the damning texts partially buried, it looks like a few lower-level tools in the FBI will be sacrificed.  But the main perps will likely skate – which is why the FBI (already part of the Deep State) has figured out who the sacrifice plays will be.  No, it won’t be Lynch, Clinton, or Comey.  They will skate.

But do note how the public has been massively deceived by the MainStreamMedia into following the budget shutdown non-story while the highest crimes (bigger than even Nixon’s Watergate fiasco) get swept under the rug.

For the good of the country, of course.

You bet’cha.

Crooks on both sides of the aisle.


Intel Community Distraction Ploy?

Two IEDs detonated at a Florida shopping mall?

Why, of course, my little sheep, that’s entirely a coincidence.  It JUST HAPPENED to come while the FBI was busy losing critical emails/texts about the Bureau’s possible manipulation of the 2016 presidential contest…. all wholly coincidental, you bet.  Why, who in their right mind would question it?


The title is damn near as long as the report, itself.  Chicago Fed National Activity Index:

Led by improvements in production-related indicators, the Chicago Fed National Activity Index (CFNAI) moved up to +0.27 in December from +0.11 in November. Two of the four broad categories of indicators that make up the index increased from November, and three of the four categories made positive contributions to the index in December. The index’s three-month moving average, CFNAI-MA3, ticked down to +0.42 in December from +0.43 in November.

Otherwise, a blah-blah day as the market waits for the silly show vote at noon but with the most damning evidence off the table, it’s just a matter of how suicidal Schumer et al want to be pressing America toward their “manipulable millions” ideal.



Bitcoins are down to $11,100 (on their way to the $6,000 level suggest our charts).  This is not investment advice, but then again, bitcoin isn’t an investment.  It’s a mania.

Then the Dow is taking a break, so maybe down 50-100?  We shall see.

Tomorrow and Wednesday will be NoDoz days.  So little is going on.  Retail inventories are due Thursday with Durable Goods and GDP out Friday.

Just as a dart toss, we might see back and forth trading while the fake-drama of the democrats voter dilution scam unfold…then a strong finish for the month next week.

Grab your copy of the Stock Trader’s Almanac 2018.  There, on page 16, you will read how the January Indicator has only been wrong 9-times in the past 67 years.  Higher January, higher Year…but let’s see how stupid the fools on the Hill can be…no limits there.

Looking Past the Distractions

Grady chief programmer of The Nostracodeus project reports a continuing (and growing) stream of Twitter traffic centering on the slow (huge) build up of air power and war materiel around the Pacific.

This gets us to a topic we have been kicking around for a long time and maybe now is as good as any:  In the past, the Intelligence community would punish – severely in time of war, reporters and the public who talked too much about the movement of military goods.

That was in the past, however.  Today, we’re able to do a fair assessment of US forces deployments and readiness by simply following the posts on Facebook, Twitter, et al.

Note that we have warned in the past not only of the inherent security leakage from social media but also about its likely negative impact on productivity and personal psychology of the entire nation.

Given the likely future political inclinations of some Big Names in Tech, please read “Facebook says it can’t guarantee social media is good for democracy.”

And no, the interlocking marriages and such that comprise The Network’s control of the NE liberal press is not alone.  There is a Silicon Valley analog as we read in “Google Has An Actual Secret Speech Police.

So while the FBI allowed critical evidence to be destroyed, we see the rest of the Big Fix leaking out other places, as well.

Makes you proud to be a ‘Merican, don’t it?  Land of fee, Home of deprave, One National under water, with Liberty and Justice for highest bidders.

Crooked though it is, it’s bound to get worse: Enterprise Artificial Intelligence Deployments Are Beginning to Reach Commercial Scale, According to Tractica.  Freakin’ lovely.

Here, Have Some Distractions

Princess Eugenie announces engagement one month after Meghan Markle, Prince Harry.

Super Bowl LII: How to watch and what to know.

Amazon’s automated grocery store of the future opens Monday.

‘Tasteless, Vulgar and Obscene.’ China Just Banned Hip-Hop Culture and Tattoos From Television.  Think they might have learned something in 2,500 years of being a country that the 242 year old upstart ain’t figured, yet?

Moron the ‘morrow.  Time to go puke.

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35 thoughts on “Markets Pause, FBI Fumbles”

    • I think I am going to use this with the IRS, that my records were wiped out accidentally. If it works for the FBI and the NSA, then it should be ok for use with other federal agencies?

  1. With the FBI supposing to lose the e-mails, now we know what the fire was about at the Clinton’s home in NY. Burning the evidence files are we??????

  2. Funny how when we the peeps delete our email etc. it never goes away. The government prostitutes delete theirs and its gone forever. So why are all of the data centers(server farms) being built all over the country?

      • I finally got the old VCR cobbled up to the big screen so I could watch the old tape of “Dr. Strangelove”. Kubrick had it right then and all it’s done is get worse. Nuclear war can keep us all warm for a long time but the level of insanity in D.C. is getting Biblical. Just hope I have enough popcorn to see the whole show.

        Of all the websites I read Jesse’s Crossroads Cafe has got to be written by Jesus Christ and George is a voice crying in the wilderness. Not bad company but I’d keep your head covered George.

    • Trust me, it doesn’t go away. The NSA can not use their Langley or Utah plantations, or the 20-odd other farms of which I’m aware, to retrieve phone, E-Mail, or texts in any manner which might indicate NSAs capabilities, because the masses have been programmed to believe either: “It doesn’t exist” or “it only saves metadata.” While it is unlikely John Q Dumbass would ever wake up to reality, part of covert-ops is to not allow an information breech which could proffer a clue to him/her/it/them…

      • “The National Security Agency is storing the online metadata of millions of internet users for up to a year, regardless of whether or not they are persons of interest to the agency, top secret documents reveal.
        Metadata provides a record of almost anything a user does online, from browsing history – such as map searches and websites visited – to account details, email activity, and even some account passwords. This can be used to build a detailed picture of an individual’s life.”

        One of my many hats was hazardous waste removal. the facility I worked at almost always had garbage collectors coming in and dumping certain peoples trash on the floor.. ( a regular occurrence ) and then it would be disected. same thing what is in your trash .. and a regular event.. I did’t own a shredder till then.

      • oh here is the link to that quote. TMI is shared in my opinion. Now do they really dig into everyones life.. well even they have a budget to keep.. and lets face it.. if they got to the point of drudging through my exciting life they have hit rock bottom LOL LOL LOL but like my old financial banking program that now stores all your information in their servers in another country.. how much of your information do you want them to have. I personally don’t want some company in the middle east or asian countries with direct access to my financial accounts. just imagine.. 700 million users what if someone with alternate objectives started working there decided to retire tomorrow.. would you miss fifty cents or a dollar.. having had a bank employee do just that to me and others years ago( except they went whole hog ) would you actually miss a few pennies or a few dollars here or there…. american industries went to other countries to make a dollar wages there are nothing.. now give them access..Just my honest opinion..

  3. I admire your column and stance on most things, but today your thoughts had the stench of something that Alex Jones might have said. Please, for the sake of humanity and sensible minds everywhere, don’t tread the conspiracy route to ruin. It is fake news at it’s core and just a way to con people into listening just to attract enough advertisers to pay the bills. Snake oil selling at its finest.

    • You haven’t read all the FISA abuse stories, I see.

      Don’t want to burst your bubble, but we are mid soft-coup here.

      • It is exactly this divide between blue/red pill people that worries me the most. We read about ‘truth decay’, the blurring of lines between fact & opinion, and I wonder how in the world will these two sides ever find agreement about the current state of the State. My brother thinks that I’m duped by Russians, while he is the actual Marxist. StrangeDaze. Even if the #memo is #released, ‘they’ won’t believe it.
        I ask him ‘what exactly is fascist about the Trump admin?’, no answer given. Just the race/hate card played til it’s frayed at the edges and greasy from everyone’s thumbs.
        Why do #womensmarches actually mean #resistTrump? The conflation is killing me, and I’m full up on hash.

        This year: keep driving debt down, get the greenhouse built, volunteer at the foodbank. Maybe buy another silver coin.

    • I do not take lightly talk of distrust or disrespect for the way America is currently conducting its affairs. I also do not disregard the clear evidence that there have been imperious actions by a highhanded elite for partisan political purposes during the past several years (at a minimum). During the 2016 election, each political party had one iron fist on the steering wheel, fighting for control of the nation with sharp curves and steep embankments looming ahead. Both Democrats and Republicans were so laser focused on fighting for control in an internal ideological war that they were blinded to the road bed of democracy crumbling beneath their wheels. The media, which loves engrossing political infighting, focused on the competing personalities than the deeper issues at stake. The previous administration’s Department of Justice deployed the instruments of government against their Republican opponents, eroding the very foundations of American democracy while violating legal and constitutional precedent. Never mind that the loser of the last presidential clearly exposed classified information on an unsecured server in her private residence, something that would have placed any of George’s readers in a federal prison for a decade or more. When the FBI then spent more time investigating the lawfully elected president and his staff and less to addressing genuine internal corruption and violations of classified data storage and handling, a real and present danger was revealed. Yes, George heralds bad news built upon the uncomfortable truth. If one can get their mind wrapped around the gravity of the current situation, they will be better prepared for the unsettling chaos which could soon follow. My bet is historians will be writing about this period of American history for centuries to come.

  4. Hey.. it’s raining in Cape Town. So it not all bad. Still will they get enough? That is trhe question.

    Boy you could make a gazillion dollars as door to door berkey water filter sales man there.

    Super bowl is easy. I already know who wins. Lol

    Yes, I was wrong about the second Seahawks Super bowl win. When I went against the dreamers. But it was a nail biter and that was all in fun. Plus you know. I had to root for the home team. I’m not emotionally attached to who wins this year. Doesn’t matter to me.

    N.Y. is confused. But not us.

    Since we already hit all time highs in the markets this month. Does that count in the business almanac? I love competition. Makes me accel.

    There has been a substantial/noticeable increase in the velocity of language in the past few days.

    Remember when everyobe thought I was from Turkey on that old forum. Hahahah

    Japan is the new Greece.

    As Garth Brooks sang, “I got friends in low places.”



    Be responsible for your own choices. Hope to have this damn divorce financial nightmare crap done with next few months. It’s my own damn fault. I loved her and married her. Lol

    Have a great day!

  5. Great articles as usual. On the topic of the FBI conveniently “losing” emails from a specific time frame and between specific individuals which would implicate higher “ranking”(as in rank stench of corruption)individuals; it does not surprise me at all. I have been telling my friends for years that the Democrats and Republicans were taking us toward the same end goal. They both want a totally controlling government. Only difference, the Dems want to beat you over the head with it and go at supersonic speed; while the Repubs are a bit more sneaky and willing to ride a steam train. Same end goal, just different methods in the power struggle to see which rat gets the last floating piece of debris when the ship sinks. The FBI “loss” of evidence merely points to the fact that many high placed Repubs are just as dirty in the election rigging of 2016. Trump was an anomaly, they never thought it could happen. Is he my first choice for President, no; but he has done one thing and that is upset the apple cart. This country hangs on by the thinnest of threads, and if this scandal gets swept under the rug. Kiss the good ole USA goodbye.

    Lloyd Snider

  6. So you really don’t see anything wrong with
    “send the federal law enforcement divisions into every Sanctuary State, County, and City in America and begin arresting elective officials for insurrection”?????

    • The laws are on the books when states refuse to go along with National LAWS.
      I’m not saying its right, but I am saying it’s likely within the law – especially if the Trump admin proactively gets a Supco nod in advance to keep it out of the slightly left leaning 9th Circus Court out west.

      • You know – that while people might have the belief that their elected officials are ineffectual – sending in ‘the feds’ to grab them will be like poking a hornet’s nest with a stick. Whether left or right leaning, PNW has a lot of people who ‘take exception’ to that kind of ‘behavior’. We’re used to being ignored, and ‘put upon’ by the federal government in a negligent way.

        But you start actively ‘butting in’ and all sorts of normally agreeable people will start acting up. Some people (and their ancestors) moved out here because they were just ‘a little crazy’.

      • Step 1 should be the carrot not the stick

        1 STOP ALL Federal money going to above mentioned areas. Including NGO’s etc.

        2 Remove ALL Federal bases and employees from above mentioned areas

        3 Bring home ALL US troops and place along above mentioned state lines and North and South borders.

        4 Round up and deport to Gitmo ALL known criminals with out- standing warrants….

        5 Wait for the backlash and protesters ..then arrest them for what ever crimes they commit…this includes the politicians that show up to incite the masses

        6 Wait for the next Breaking CNN news broadcast……Ignore …..then tweet your desire to help those that want to leave these areas..who can prove their citizenship anyone else will be detained for deportation.

        7 Maybe by now ..Illegal Immigration would be considered a crime of breaking existing LAWS….by many more then do so at this time….imho

      • Replying to d –

        it might work if people in Oregon cared a rat’s butt, but it was noted years ago that there was distinct lack of Federal facilities here . . . aggressive moves may produce a massive yawn in most people.

  7. this guy hits on a lot of reasons why I like donald trump as my president..

    like most things it is all about power and who is controlling the situations. I seriously doubt whether or not any real investigation will ever be done.As long as those with the power control all the strings.

    The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses. Malcolm X

  8. Hey Mr. Ure, can i keep bugging you on the question of how to survive and thrive in the greater depression? Seriously though, i don’t want to annoy you but i am interested.

    Also, Thanks Mr. Ure for the column this morning. Shared a few links with a few buddies who are coming around.

    • Target is Sat for the surviving a depression art – meantime, the wed am is a shocker when you read it…

      • I’m not a real fan of tasers but i guess ill stick around for Wednesday’s report!

        Also, you said you had written about the art of sales (like a book). Is that up in Peoplenomics? Also, any other people or books i should follow in salesmanship?

        • I should really update the sales book because I have used it with consulting clients with good success.

          It is a no-nonsense, hands on, numbers-driven approach anyone can learn.

          Any other Peoplenomics readers want it? Very good if you are in management….show of hands?

  9. E Verify has only 763k participants out of 18 mill U.S. businesses (Enjoy the tax break and underpaid undoc workers too!), it’s voluntary and only mandatory for businesses caught hiring undocs.

    1.8 mill have fake Soc Sec numbers to work on. And who will pick the crops if undocs leave? p,s that megatsunami of Soc Sec Trust fund going dry will need many more workers paying in to stay afloat…

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