Markets: Is “The News” Predictive?

Prediction and “the News” are on the menu this morning.  This follows both a major financial story – namely, the temporary solution to the Mexico tariffs being levied – and an incredibly interesting vivid dream that was posted to the  Peoplenomics subscriber side Saturday morning at our usual 8 AM posting time.

This was some serious personal woo-woo, so let me run through that one first.  The market can wait…since I’m writing this at 5 AM and it’s more than 3-hours to the open.

The building collapse “dream” was followed with three “building” +”collapse” stories shortly thereafter.  One involved a partial building collapse Saturday afternoon at UNC-Chapel Hill, the second came Sunday with a partial building collapse in Midtown Manhattan, and the rest of our “falling building” prediction came later Sunday when a construction crane fell into an apartment building in Dallas, killing one and injuring five.

Anyone Can Do This

As I wrote in my book Psychocartography: Mapping the Human Dream, anyone can do this kind of “work” but there are a number of steps to get it working.

  • You need to live a relaxed life.  The ability to “dream future” comes when you don’t have a high “internal noise level.”  If you always have something on your mind, you may not get good sleep.  The kind of sleep that welcomes forward knowledge seems to be when you can honestly “sleep the sleep of the just…”
  • You need to give yourself permission to totally recall your dreams.  ***Check with a therapist first if you have a history of trauma!***
  • You need to be “clear.”  In other words, if you are angry, holding a grudge, have any malice toward people of situations, that will color your dream content.  You “dream life and landscape” will not be too dissimilar from your waking state.
  • Avoid violent content on television as much as possible.
  • Lock in dream memory by getting in the habit of “going back” into your dream (that you just left) when you awaken.  There’s no rush to get out of bed…nothing is more important than how you “transition between Realms” – nothing!
  • Journal your dreams.  Some will be “personal” working things out.  Others will contain a lot of “day residue” – unresolved thought stubs you haven’t completed processing while awake.  But then come the peaceful, quiet,  adventures and stories .  These are the ones that are like going to first-run IMAX features every night.

If you have trouble going to sleep, remember this last point because it makes going to sleep a real pleasure.  You will look forward to it.  You’ll learn to “walk through the tunnel” into dream realms very easily and naturally.  Which Realm do you want to visit tonight?

Going back into your dream, recalling vividly what you just dreamed, will often tell you things.  Like about “falling or collapsing” and “building.”

Or, the word I am looking for in headlines now is  “ammonia leak”    with EMTs or paramedics responding, but they “don’t smell it…”  False alarm, or what?  No, there was a person (woman?) involved…

Anyway, point to the “doing” of this stuff is that you can get one or two good dreams per night.  Some times I walk around in a near “constant state of WOW!!!” when things are hitting.  Other times, nothing happens that track between dream recall and waking-world reality.

There’s a nickel’s worth on the “personal prediction” part.  I think (actually quite sure) that the Energy-stuff and Universe/God are all the same “stuff” and there’s much to be argued in favor of the “universal subconscious mind” but that’s another book-length discussion.

OK, Which Relates to Markets?

Oh, sure.

Go back to the massive rally of last week:  Market was up over 4-percent (depending on Index).  OK, since you were wondering, our Aggregate Index on the  PN side was up 4.295% from week-ago Friday to last Friday which is a smoker on the upside.  And, judging by the futures today, we may see more of the same. (*Dow ftures +112 at click time…)

But. here’s the point about “the News.”

If you watched the financial channels late last week, we had commentators tripping over one-another telling us that the market was going up because the Mexico tariffs would surely drive the Fed to lower rates in July.  Which, as I told you in a column (“Job Whacks, Misunderstanding the Fed“) might have nothing to do with Mexico.

So, sure enough, here we are:  Tariff talks continues but no tariffs today and the market is heading higher at the open ANYWAY.

The studious thinker should pick up two points here.  First is that TV talking heads are as full of BS as voters in Vermont (where BS is Bernie Sanders).  Second is that IF tariffs were going to cause the Fed to cut rates, why isn’t the market cratering today?

There’s very little to drive markets in the way of news this Monday – Who cares how many demoncrates showed up in I-owe-a this weekend?  They are all trying to raise taxes and they will say almost anything to get votes.  Old snooze.

Deplorable and 2nd Class, Are We?

Well, well…looks like TSA is giving illegals the right to fly around the country without the same ID requirements as We the People who used to “own our country.”  We don’t anymore, of course.

And if that doesn’t give you the warm & fuzzies about government, how about “Hundreds of Illegals From Ebola-Ridden Congo Dumped in Texas, 350 More on The Way” over on InfoWars today?

State Dept. Out of Control?

We have whined previously (ad nauseum) about how there are rogue elements in the US State Department in the political appointees attached thereto, a large number of rogue elements that are not following orders from Washington.

Latest example: A CT Post areticle (from the Washington Post syndicate) that “US embassies still hoisting rainbow flags, despite advisory from Washington…”  I must have missed it in the WaPo…(or, is there are agenda in play?)

Worth Knowing?

You make the call.  Here’s this morning list of nominees:

  1. Rep. Andy Biggs: House Dems’ John Dean testimony stunt would be comical if it wasn’t so desperate.
  2. Tesla, Facing Setbacks and Skeptics, Tries to Get Back on Course (We have a battery of questions, too!)
  3. Canada makes a claim to the North Pole (It’s moving – the pole, not Canada)
  4. Lewis Hamilton brags about jetting bulldog on private jet despite going vegan to save planet.  (Another talker-not-walker, eh?)
  5. “It’s not abuse”: Trophy hunter Tess Talley defends viral photo with dead giraffe.
  6. Also plane nuts: Passenger opens plane emergency exit, mistaking it for the toilet.
  7. China exports grow despite U.S. tariffs, but import slump most in nearly three years.
  8. Google Made $4.7 Billion From the News Industry in 2018, Study Says.
  9. Our tears could one day tell us if we have glaucoma.
  10. United Technologies and Raytheon to Combine Into Aerospace and Military Giant.
  11. L.A. grapples with homeless camps, rats infesting City Hall.  Don’t look now, but there are rats infesting Capitol Hill, too…

Why are we posting at 6:15 AM?

Damned if I know…but we plan to have  moron the ‘morrow, though…  Real news then:  PPI and NFIB outlooks…

38 thoughts on “Markets: Is “The News” Predictive?”

  1. Intel Analysis:
    “A great deal of what goes on, called ‘news,’ is noise and Krappe and truly Does Not Matter — at all.

    Some years ago, I went on a news-fast. I turned it ALL off, and listened to nice music if I felt the need for background activity.

    My theory was, “If anything Really Important happens, SOMEBODY will tell me of ask me about it.”

    It’s true, It works nicely to de-clutter the mind from the moil and shuffle of the endless (and stupid) flow of Unimportant Krappe.

    It’s nice George gives us a quick brush over the headlines of the Krappe flow, but that’s tolerable — and some of it is so unconsciously funny and cosmically stupid that it gives a bemusement break.

    Guard the gates of your mind — and allow little in, and only what Makes A Difference. (…and there ain’t much of that.)

      • Exactly Jim..the sad part is the vast majority will believe the garbage..

    • I truly believe that the vast majority of the world sits there dumbfounded and laughing at just how gullible and stupid the people of the us are..I know it shocks the hell out of me that we keep voting in the same worthless bunch.
      Then again except for a couple of countries the rest are being played as well..

      • Millenials will believe the garbage because they don’t want to look racist, homophobic, etc, etc, etc &`the news & polititions play them like a fiddle. What they don’t realize is that they are giving up their freedom like a bunch of milktoasts.

  2. What what! Ebola! incurable, airborne hemorrhagic in good ole USA – say it aint so George.
    This type of highly infectious virus should do wonders for the world population numbers..useless-stupid-resource depleting- eaters.

    Take the couple who just recently died of “mysterious” causes in Fiji. Clinic and everyone who came into contact with them has been quarantined for 21 days, coincidental..right? Cant blame fine folks in Congo, who the hell wants to be quarantined for 3 weeks for sniffles, upset stomach and lil hersey squirts’.

    Fed Put is real, US stock Market used to be a very good (accurate) indicator of economic health current and 6-12 month out. Now the FED uses a the stock Market as an economic Driver – wealth creation effect. Yeah Yeah cry me river about middle class folks getting crushed, boomers are retiring en masse now, and there is NOT enough youngins to pay into the system to support – gonna have to make some more MONEY – what ever the hell that is anymore – MONEY can not even be defined/explained anymore by FED “experts”..hahaha – A Note!

    Can someone – anyone explain how a BANK (any bank) can operate in a Negative Rate environment. The banking business model suggests they cannot… E.cD. is confuzzled – think its good time to head down to southern border again for some non lethal bag &tag hunting…”whats your name?..Zap..speak english..ZAP..stop resisting..Zap..thirsty?I’ll bet..Zap..

    • “Say it ain’t so”

      Unfortunately E/D it’s more common than one would expect.
      The very first one I ever took care of.. was a surgeon’s wife…
      The f@@@@@g idiot took the tax deferred trip to the jungle with his wife and didn’t change his scrubs or wash good enough after clinic duty.. she caught what he was around.. he wouldn’t even go in and see her.. it terrified him that much. There was two of us brave enough.( or stupid enough)
      The other guy made one of those profound comments that made it so I couldn’t eat chicken for two years..
      A really good friend surgical nurse passed on a couple of years ago a hurry to get out of there..a rare weekend off or whatever.. didn’t scrub up change clothes whatever..caught what the refugee they were working with had..she died two months later.
      I can’t even tell you how many times I would lecture the new kids about washing. Bring in clean clothes and a dirty bag..hospitals and clinics have showers for a purpose use it..instead the wear what they came in with do a dirty squat wash and go. Taking what they worked around home. Shoot I carry a clean kit now everywhere I go.. toilets public.. its sanitized before my pearly whites sits on it..

      You would be surprised..

      • Here is a potential life saving tip.. everyone should heed..

        It’s common trade knowledge but very few know it. Before you let someone with a knife ice you open. Check his stats to see how many of his patients have infections..its listed..
        An old coworker’s son in law a chest cracker.. smart kid but doesn’t budget. Literally has to work non stop to keep up with the jones appearance. Has 80 percent stats.. he takes chances on sanitation. Check the hospital and their stats.. many for profit hospitals to keep up with profits so the big guys get nice bonuses work severely short staff low wages and push the doctors and staff for more..they have high infection levels. Check these out when choosing a hospital or doctor..
        They may boast that they won the dead carp award.. but that is a boughten piece of paper. I’m jealous because I didn’t think of it first..
        Weigh out the facts then choose.
        Tell your doctor to not write stupid orders unless they are willing to get that three am emergency call.
        Like my new dr. Dam kids retired on me..didn’t research the work field ..all he seen was dollar signs. He should be stocking shelves at the retail store..

    • The Fed Rate is what banks can borrow at. The banks mark up loans from there based on your credit worthiness. Plus banks make insane $$$ on fees especially overdraft fees from businesses & individuals that don’t seem to get it. Once banks realized the fee bonanza, they were salivating. As long as people remain financial unaware, the banks will prosper. How many little old lady widows keep $30,000 in their checking account just in case? The banks provide peace of mind for people’s money & people feel safe since it is a short drive to the local branch. Seniors are a banks best friend & seniors have a lot of money.

  3. “The FDNY says they got the call at 11:56 a.m. for a partial collapse of a building under construction at 350 West 52nd Street near Eighth Avenue in Midtown.”

    It’s interesting to me that I had passed by there 10 minutes before, on my 2-mile walk every day.

    Speaking about GU’s precognitive dreams — could all of life be scripted already, and we’re just actors following ‘unkowingly’ somewhat like a movie script?

      • Precisely! And my mother (may she rest in peace! ;-)) always used to say that 1 disaster never happens alone?! You know what happened the following Monday within the same vicinity; Helicopter crash! According to the sound of sirens more people may have been hospitalized than originally reported.

  4. Ebola….

    Say there is a massive Ebola break-out. We aren’t going out there consumering when this happens. We’ll be using stored food stock or relying on grocery delivery services.

    How long do the groceries have to set on the back porch before you can bring them in the house knowing any Ebola contamination risk has passed?

    Invention. Back porch bleach steamers.

  5. George, regarding climate change. My point: If 97% of engineers said the bridge was defective, would you drive across it, or wait until it was fixed first? Really boils down to a risk issue, because 97% of reputable scientists isn’t 100%, and the future hasn’t happened yet. So, do you take the risk of driving over the bridge, or waste 2 hours driving around it until it’s fixed?

    It’s really a fire insurance risk management issue. In that context, commonsense humans spend big bucks on ‘what if’ insurance. And cute little Geckos are everywhere. Even when there is only a 1% risk of a fire, 1%, and even then, say only a 50/50 chance that the whole structure will be burned down.

    This latter issue, extent of damage, I believe is your latest refuge. I think your latest position is: OK, there is serious global warming, OK, it is from human activity, BUT there is no definitive proof yet that the whole planet will burn down.

    Of course there is no definitive proof yet. The planet is still here. But overwhelmingly most of the reputable experts in the area think it’s going to be ugly. Very ugly. So, even if the reputable scientists are wrong, which they aren’t, but even if they were, and by some miracle the conservatives’ goofy position was correct, commonsense dictates we be prepared. I mean, isn’t that why we spend all that money on aircraft carriers? To be prepared? Just in case? Before the horse gets out of the barn?

    What gets me is how you can go off on all these wild theories, which are fun to be sure, but then when a mountain of solid, reputable evidence is staring you in the face, you find obvious ideological justifications to ignore it. Just like you can go on and on about the US dollar being watered down, and then ideology has got your tongue when it comes to the tax cuts putting another $2 trillion on the national debt. Just so odd to me. It’s like somehow they manage to give conservatives a commonsense-ectomy. Best, Mike.

    • Jez Mike.
      OK, want to fix climate? Turn off Bitcoin which pisses away energy. You good with that>?

      There’s no “two hour drive” – there is only a work less, pollute less economy…that’s the whole range of options. One choice.
      I’ve done it.

      How about you?

      • You got a good point there George but what are you going to do after all the coins have been mined and therefore no need for this excessive electrical consumption

    • Hey Mike – Check the US GOVERNMENT Scientist (s) who live and work here in the good ole USA.

      Glacier National Park – they quietly, under cover of darkness have been changing/Changed ALL of the signage in the park to REMOVE all the ASININE statements about “the Glaciers will disappear by 2020 ….hahahahhahaha. Now the signs say they will disappear someday…they are 97% sure.

      The Glaciers have not changed in last 10-20 years, if anything it is getting COLDER in Montanna.

    • Mike,
      How about a new analogy. Just because some scientists say something is true does not NECESSARILY make it so.

      It was the scientific consensus that the world was flat.

      It was the scientific consensus that earth was the center of the solar system.

      It was the scientific consensus that there was no such things as germs.

      I could go on.

      The history of science has shown that scientists are just as political as any other group.

    • I suppose that your definition of a reputable scientist is one who mouths whatever leftist propaganda you are pushing. Let’s look at a dissenting opinion:

      I understand your motivation for trolling a false narrative. That’s what leftists do. The lack of any variance in your routine or message would suggest some sort of automated message fabrication. Can you explain why you think Patrick Moore is going public with a false narrative? Can you answer any questions with anything other than with canned responses?

      G_____, what is your policy on automated site trolling?

      • ” Let’s do a test. I am holding up one finger. Guess which one.”

        N_______….. OTFLMAO…….

        that was the best chuckle of the morning LOL

  6. …Couldn’t resist. I hope I’m e-quipped to reply to these:

    Rep. Andy Biggs: House Dems’ John Dean testimony stunt would be comical if it wasn’t so desperate.


    Tesla, Facing Setbacks and Skeptics, Tries to Get Back on Course

    Dey needs more Nikola, less Ricola.

    Canada makes a claim to the North Pole

    Oh poleeze, it’s a frickin’ OCEAN!

    Lewis Hamilton brags about jetting bulldog on private jet despite going vegan to save planet.

    BBQ Bully, anyone?

    “It’s not abuse”: Trophy hunter Tess Talley defends viral photo with dead giraffe.

    Political spoon designed to stir all sorts of pots…?

    Also plane nuts: Passenger opens plane emergency exit, mistaking it for the toilet.

    Don’t forget to flush…

    China exports grow despite U.S. tariffs, but import slump most in nearly three years.

    They had a peasant class growth spurt?

    Google Made $4.7 Billion From the News Industry in 2018, Study Says.

    That should read: “Made $4.7bln FOR the News Industry…”

    Our tears could one day tell us if we have glaucoma.

    …Sounds like it’s from the “Cry Me A River” department.

    United Technologies and Raytheon to Combine Into Aerospace and Military Giant.

    I thought they were already aerospace and military giants…

    L.A. grapples with homeless camps, rats infesting City Hall. Don’t look now, but there are rats infesting Capitol Hill, too…

    Trickle-down socialism — nothing to see, here…

    I notice the severely arithmetic-challenged one is still trolling…

  7. Ebola: There should be a crematorium in ebola country.

    Dreams: When I was a child, my Dad took me along when he visited a movie (16mm) hobbyist. This hobbyist friend of Dad’s showed me the cutting and splicing that went into making a movie, then exhibited a reel he had made up out of detritus from the cutter, ten- or twelve-frame sudden squibs. My Dad used that to illustrate when he told me that dreams are detritus from the cutting-room floor of one’s mind.

  8. Lest we forget:

    “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

    -Benj. Franklin

  9. MIKE,
    every government grant for research, already has a goal, before it is given. Those setting those goals are not interested in the truth, but are using tax dollars for research to enrichen their friends and families. carbon tax is a big one
    many heads of corporations and heads of gov agencies are related and there is a game of musical chairs with many of these positions. it is all contolled YUP even your theory scientists, who makeup models and expect us to believe they are real. just like catching fish. Wait until you learn, the bait is not real. just a rubber worm, a model
    George always tells us…….follow the money

  10. Hear Ye, Sheriffs of Sherwood Forest,

    An interesting read about the chasm between haves and have-nots (and arguably will-never-haves) is “Maid: hard work, low pay, and a mother’s will to survive” by Stephanie Land. While one could split hairs arguing whether the author climbed out of the economic and social abyss of single motherhood with degrees of sheer luck as well as effort, the book is a fascinating look at the institutionalization of poverty.

    We now return you to regularly scheduled fare with Friar Tuck. Bon appetit!

    • thanks Jester.. I haven’t read that one..

      I will read it for morning coffee today…????….
      An acquaintance in Seattle was asking for help with a single mother a few years ago now.. and wondered if I could give him some advice.. In order to make enough so she could provide enough for her and her daughter to survive started to hook.and in the process got with some unsavory guy that would help her manage her contacts.. she became addicted to drugs…
      Anyway.. my acquaintance wanted to know if I could help him get her into a shelter help him break her away from the wrong crowd etc etc.. It is harder than you think.. especially in the larger cities..
      Shelters.. you just don’t walk into a shelter.. need help with a substance abuse.. there is a waiting line.. food stamps.. boy if you only knew how hard it is and just how much they make a person feel like they are the most worthless piece of crap on the earth..
      after reading the first couple of chapters. and from letting people stay in our spare bedroom that are in need of shelter. either she was very fortunate or a good chunk of this is fictional..
      My guy now.. upper six figure income.. lost it all.. did the right thing and was tossed under the bus.. family abandoned him( hes no longer a money maker) .. ( I just lectured them good god fearing people a few weeks ago before his birthday) or the can man that lived in the dumpster behind the store.. shelter’s assistance.. hard to come by.. and if you made or make any wage at all.. non existent.. because a little help here takes away a little help there..

      Yeah.. I am sure it is real life and a little spice tossed in.. a lot of it follows the classic lines.. but there is a lot of it that is unreal in the world I am familiar with..
      seems assistance was extremely easy for her to get.. in real life that just isn’t so.. especially in that neck of the woods.. there are months waiting lines to get into a shelter or any assistance whatsoever.. many live under bridges in in old abandoned buildings.. or in Seattle alone.. did you know there is a city beneath the city.. the old city and its shops are below the sidewalks etc..

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