Markets: Happily then Glumly

On the positive side of things, the Fed meeting kicks off this morning and we don’t expect them to lower rates for a month or two.  If that’s in the cards, we don’t expect it until the July meeting, or later – like in the fall.  We may really need it, then.

And Dow futures qwere up 145 on the good Housing report (in a sec, be patient!)…

That’s because the markets may be in the process of making their final run to new all-time highs over the summer right now.  IF that’s the case, the grand all-time high could be in around the last week of August, just ahead of the September 2 Labor Day this year.

None of this is cast in stone, but if you step back far enough from the charts, that’s one way to “read the tea leaves.”  More on this in the  Peoplenomics ChartPack tomorrow.

Pushing Markets Today

Couple of things:  El Trump will be having ICE begin a nationwide  round-up and return of illegal aliens to from whence they came, starting next week.

Already, the NY Times has lined up “Landlords Oppose Trump Plan to Evict Undocumented Immigrants.”  Apparently, following the laws of the land is optional for liberals.  Especially if they are profiteering in real estate with artificial demand held high by illegal aliens.  Economics over ethics by which party, was that again?

Those unfamiliar with the history of such mass deportation efforts would be well-advised to read the history of previous such efforts including president Eisenhower’s Operation Wetback which Wikipedia summarizes as follows:

“Operation Wetback was an immigration law enforcement initiative created by Joseph Swing, the Director of the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS), in cooperation with the Mexican government. The program was implemented in May 1954 by U.S. Attorney General Herbert Brownell and utilized special tactics to deal with illegal border crossings into the United States by Mexican nationals.[1] The program became a contentious issue in Mexico–United States relations, even though it originated from a request by the Mexican government to stop the illegal entry of Mexican laborers into the United States. Legal entry of Mexican workers for employment was at the time controlled by the Bracero program, established during World War II by an agreement between the U.S. and Mexican governments. Operation Wetback was primarily a response to pressure from a broad coalition of farmers and business interests concerned with the effects of Mexican immigrants living in the United States without legal permission..”

DJT is finding himself in increasingly “warm water” because the lefties are picking up not only a lot of headlines, but also oodles of cash from simple-minded liberals who don’t see the grand chess game that George Soros and others have engaged in to bring about their special brand of corporate socialism (CorpGov) with a heavy side order of “social justice” guilt-sellers which is mainly lib-speak for Reverse Discrimination.

YOU cross a border illegally?  “Jail bubba.”  THEY?  “Oh, sorry for the inconvenience, come back to this address in a few years and we’ll work something out.”   I don’t see any “equality” in that, but some as more equal than others…and we ain’t them.

Side “equality” note: House Hearing on Slavery Reparations Scheduled for Juneteenth.  Fix one kind of discrimination in the past by loading a fresh batch on people not involved?  Oh boy…

With some reports that Bernie was closing fast, and the tribal Warrenites rolling in the dough,  Trump needs to “run on his record.”

With liberals stonewalling in Congress, continuing to piss-away time and resource son the non-issue of Russian collusion, Trump has been thwarted from getting much Wall built.

Meantime, a cadre of Obama appointees legislate from the federal court benches which are, in turn,  being “shopped” by liberal cause groups who are still promoting Sanctuary Cities which holds the potential of turning the border states into and American liberal dream-rhyme of the Gaza Strip.

Trump needs to do something actual, decisive, and get film and data or one of his major campaign promises will have been scuttled by the Deep State which has aligned with the Globalists who are orchestrating their take-down of a once “free” country.

Congress is 535 House and Senators.  Of these, 456 fit into what we call the Political Hacks class (lawyers and politicians moving up the political food chain.)  To our way of thinking, that’s 85.23% politicians which explains by we can read books like “Three Felonies A Day: How the Feds Target the Innocent.

On the economic front, Trump has to keep his fingers crossed about a Fed rate reduction, even in July.  Because over across the pond, the EU – sensing a pause in the US economy – is already making plans to blast ahead.  As POTUS tweeted this morning:

“Mario Draghi just announced more stimulus could come, which immediately dropped the Euro against the Dollar, making it unfairly easier for them to compete against the USA. They have been getting away with this for years, along with China and others.”

It’s how long to the election?  Already the “product differentiation plan” is well-advanced.

As Reuters noted: For Fed’s Powell, a gap with markets and Trump may need explaining.  Related? Blain: “Low Rates Won’t Solve The Coming Corporate Debt Crisis”.

A Crypto for “Zuckers”

Since we figured out how Bitcoin will likely collapse when the mining stops (or they will need to have internal fees that will be a pseudo-tax) we’ve been on the lookout for the corporate hijack of the blockchain “honest money” idea.

Well, it’s here and being rolled out in a NY Times story “Facebook Plans Global Financial System Based on Cryptocurrency.”

As pretty rabid environmentalists, we’re clear on the notion that any crypto that has a “bigger carbon footprint” than paper with serial numbers, ought to be globally illegal as a waste of precious resources since depletion never sleeps.

Ah, but people do.  And so a “Zucker born every minute?”

The new coin will be called a “Libra.”  Look for a Ford crypto to come called a “Taurus?”  Perhaps a medical crypto called
the “Cancer?”

It all hypes well: Facebook shares jump on cryptocurrency plan, which could make it a major e-commerce, banking player.

The Creator has pulled the curtain up (and the pants down) on the heights of human folly.  And we’re only part-way there.  Just freakin amazing….

Housing Starts

Being at the tail-end of an 11-year cycle which started up from the market lows in 2009, we should see lots of housing market activity since bubbles tend to repeat.  But, do they?  Here’s the fresh data set just out from Census this morning:

Building Permits  Privately-owned housing units authorized by building permits in May were at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of  1,294,000.  This is 0.3 percent (±1.3 percent)* above the revised April rate of 1,290,000, but is 0.5 percent (±1.4  percent)* below the May 2018 rate of 1,301,000.  Single?family authorizations in May were at a rate of 815,000; this  is 3.7 percent (±1.2 percent) above the revised April figure of 786,000.  Authorizations of units in buildings with five  units or more were at a rate of 442,000 in May.

Housing Starts  Privately?owned housing starts in May were at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1,269,000.  This is 0.9 percent  (±12.9 percent)* below the revised April estimate of 1,281,000 and is 4.7 percent (±8.9 percent)* below the May  2018 rate of 1,332,000.  Single-family housing starts in May were at a rate of 820,000; this is 6.4 percent (±9.5percent)* below the revised April figure of 876,000. The May rate for units in buildings with five units or more was  436,000.

Housing Completions  Privately?owned housing completions in May were at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1,213,000.  This is 9.5  percent (±13.7 percent)* below the revised April estimate of 1,340,000 and is 2.8 percent (±9.1 percent)* below the  May 2018 rate of 1,248,000.  Single?family housing completions in May were at a rate of 890,000; this is 5.0 percent  (±12.7 percent)* below the revised April rate of 937,000. The May rate for units in buildings with five units or more  was 319,000.

Next Tuesday the Case-Shiller Housing report will be out and you can compare their numbers…

Hits and Misses

Russia accuses U.S. of trying to “provoke war” with Iran.  But meantime, Pentagon releases new photos allegedly showing Iran trying to destroy evidence of tanker attack.

Cashless Isn’t Just Classist—It’s Bad for Business.

And still selling “climate”? Boaty McBoatface makes significant climate change discovery on first mission.

Woo-Woo Watch

Is this our keyword “ammonia” showing up in headlines which we precognitively mentioned last week?

Tankers may sail on ammonia from 2030.

Latest concept from “over there in the Realms” is airplane flight, delays computers and power involved in flights from the US to So. and Central America shortly.  Not sure how that will arrive, but the overnight weird look ahead had plane changes and ticketing issues, plus takeover aspects, all rolled into one…so we shall see.

Moron the morrow…

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31 thoughts on “Markets: Happily then Glumly”

  1. Get rid of all 35 million illegals to restore sanity in housing and to make parking spaces great again.

    • restore sanity..? 38 debt dollars printed at every dollar borrowed. = house price÷38= house price ..!..?

  2. Lol where you been George those grainey hard to see photo’s from where else the pentagon has been on line for days, and it seems no one else is buying it except for the usual suspects,Israel and the Saudi’s/MEK then we have the three amigo’s all crying out at once yep Iran did it we’ll prove it later, as president Bolton said and advisor Trump said he too agreed that it was so,so its just another day in the swamp while other more pressing things are put on the back burner for another year or two.!!!

    • It is a good thing to be skeptical of one’s government. That said, some in the U.S. media have adopted many of the vile tactics employed for decades by the British rags, reporting opinion and rumor as fact. Such reporting is done by ignorant and/or biased reporters who seem to found a like-minded audience. Regarding the oil tanker attacks, a great many web sites place ‘scare’ quotes around the word proof to imply some degree of caution or cynicism is required. That is their First Amendment right, to freely publish and editorialize as they think best. However, I see little if any counter-intelligence analysis by such media outlets offering sound ‘proof’ that it was not Iran behind these attacks. What other entity would or could pull of such attacks in that specific geographic region without being seen? The fast attack craft is uniquely Iranian, and it pulled along side one tanker while its crew lifted a Limpet mine from the tanker hull into the attack craft. And the perps were indeed clearly seen, with the attaching magnet and green adhesive from the Limpet mine left behind on the tanker hull in the Iranian’s haste to exit the scene. One can always choose to ignore the evidence and not let the facts get in their way.

      • Who puts Limpet Mines ABOVE water ?? Why ? Answer: FALSE FLAG ATTACK

        A big ass bank must be in trouble..

        Never for moment consider collecting evidence at scene of crime?

        The “black shoe” “perfumed princes” of Pentagon have wanted this WAR with Iran for as long as I can remember.

        “Black shoe black shoe, I’m in doubt as to why your fat gut is hanging out, is it whiskey or is wine ? or is it lack of PT time?

        Notice all the dengue infections spiking in Brazil ? same symptoms as new Ebola virus – 21 day incubation period makes proper diagnosis difficult – it actually makes the new Ebola Virus a deadly BOMB – weaponized ebola virus anyone?

        Dont worry G, its just a lil cough, with rash and slight fever .

      • O’Come on lets not be repeating the MSN propaganda that it was Iran, for that smells to much like Bush’s lead up to the war in Iraq (freedom fries anyone?).As for other so called actors in the Mid-East who could have done this there’s a number that come to mind, and one or two are experts at this kind of thing (the U.S.S. Liberty) is only one case of many.Now Israel wants Iran taken out,the Saudi’s want Iran taken out Trump wants Iran taken out to please Israel.Now wheres the proof or do we wait for another Bin Laden tape to come rolling out that says yes indeed while hosting the head of Japan why for desert they hit two Japanese tankers just for kicks,No you have to have proof and I do mean proof seems people are always prone at making the same mistake over and over again and then wonder why we have spent years upon years at war and a bankrupt treasury, going where we didn’t have any business being anyway creating incidents to please the war dogs the MIC ,Nam,Iraq and Afghanistan comes to mind as refreshers.!!!

      • OH NO W/H

        You mean the Tabloid’s aren’t real breaking news…….. Now I have to cry the rest of the day.. its been shattered…

        Just kidding LOL I do love the one where they show the sitting president walking down the gravel road with an alien.. ( not from Mexico or some other country)

        where I think they get their credibility is they put just enough truth into it to make you think the crap might be real to.. LOL…

    • Robert, ever see the movie “Enemy of the State?” When it came out, I asked one of my Friends in Highly Secure Places if we actually had that tech. His response: We HAD that tech, four generations ago.

      10 years ago I could buy a camera which, from FOUR MILES would let me read the Surgeon General’s Warning on your cowboy killers in 0.1 Lux light (it cost as much as a new top-shelf Mercedes, but was civvy legal.) If you want to see the “ungrainy” photos ROR has, get a job at NSA or the Pentagon and secure a clearance that’s at least 4-levels above “top secret,” then ask real nice and justify your request.

      We have the pix…

  3. Warning: Bitcoin Usage Promotion..

    “No Bitcoins For You!”

    HomeSlice, when are you going to start treating your Crypto induced case of “Cranialrectalitus” ?

    The “mystery” is called FUEL, and the amount you “spend” on each Transaction determines the speed with which that particular transaction gets completed -“hashed”. The price of FUEL in Crypto’s is an open/competitive market – U, yes U get to chose how much or how little FUEL you Use everytime.

    Onwards and Upwards as 60’s cartoon character famously said..” We have seen the enemy, and he is US!”

      • This post may be a little late, but better late than never. In PT’s 1st two years he had a Republican Senate & Congress. But the only campaign promise passed was his Tax Reform which benefited him & the other rich cronies.

        Immigration wasn’t pressed by PT until there was a Democratic Congress. He knew this Democratic Congresss was coming, but waited to go full bore on immigration when it was too late & the Dems controlled Congress. Then he shut the government down, opened it back up, & accepted a worse immigration deal than the Dem Congress offered him pre shutdown.

        Makes you think PT either botched his plan or maybe he never had a plan, or is a secret Deep State puppet. PT needs to get his campaign promises done or just come out & say he is controlled by the Deep State. He talks boldly as always, but fizzles out before anything is done, & starts ranting on about something else. You can’t pin him down while he is always bobbing & weaving like OJ when he was with the Bills. Bye the bye, OJ was never guilty, but framed twice, once in LA & once in Las Vegas.

  4. You said…”Trump needs to “run on his record.”

    Wow…We are in serious trouble now. The GOP should just pack it in and take an 8 year sabbatical…The Orange Idiot is too fat, dumb and out of shape run anything…given that his “fuel” consists of fake food like McD’s to go along with his fake lies and comments he makes.

    More important, he doesn’t know what his own record is…unless he watches it on Fox News.

    Can we get another Republican with a brain to take over please? Every time I see this grease ball’s face, I get this feel like I have been cavorting with unsavory drug/stolen goods dealers running a business out of the trunk of their car. It’s a gross feeling to say the least.

    • Please stop: You really are beating on a dead horse as we all know how you feel.

      Please move on….

      • Seconded and carried by the majority. (admin redact) Mark, if you’re a compulsive poster go find the Huffington Post and join your friends there.

      • George, I believe your customer base would prefer a Mark free weekend ,over a President Trump free weekend.
        But, it is your web site and I am thankful that it is here.

      • Silvermit,
        I will stop when you all wake up from your Zombie-ized, flesh rotting slumber. Trump and Fox News is eating away at your brains and ruining America. Please stop!

        • Like CNN, Berrnie, and AoC plus the Trump-hate choir isn’t?
          Mark, I have been around longer than most, and we have never seen this much president-directed hate ever – including Nixon. Seriously!

    • I have learned how to deal with mark and his ilk. Just scroll past their stuff. Handy tool huh

  5. Facebook’s crypto can be very fast and very low energy IF it’s centralized, and only runs three servers for voter coincidence reliability. The real problem is that the main advantages of bitcoin are lost – we end up losing both the privacy and integrity presumably inherent in distributed verification. Just calling something a crypto doesn’t mean that it’s a complex hash with a defined maximum(such as 21 million for BTC). It just means that some self-encoded number is valid to exchange for value.

    I’ll stick to FRN’s, PM’s and even foreign scrip rather than use such a system. I’m pretty sure the Craigslist seller I’ll be meeting this afternoon has no interest in the Facebook “coin”. BTC may have utility for the players, but it’s time consuming, risky, and not worth the learning curve for me yet.

  6. George

    “scuttled by the Deep State which has aligned with the Globalists who are orchestrating their take-down of a once “free” country.”

    It may be worst than we think and your Directorate 153 ‘IS’ in charge!

    I present two articles this morning that if true means the Federal Government is out of the loop when it comes to really important decisions.

    A third article in the series is expected soon.

    If true and as described their is an extra-govemental group making decisions that affect us all but without our consent.

    Call it woo woo if you want but lately there has been information coming out on this subject namely the aircraft carrier Nimitz ufo video.

    I’m just passing on material for all to evaluate.

    Happy reading!

  7. George:
    Thank goodness the Conservatives finally put the wooden stake into the Iranian nuclear ban, because now Trump is finally freed up to go get us BOTH a nuke deal and a conventional mischief cap.
    Because everyone knows that nuclear treaties are easy, even easier than trade wars.
    Best, Mike.

  8. …And here, I just thought “wetback” was a slur my Latino friends used to describe illegals!

    That “special brand” of “corporate socialism” has a name. It is “fascism,” real, dyed-in-the-wool, honest to Charlie fascism, not the “Hitler crap” the kiddies have been taught since the 1970s…

  9. Bitcoin already imposes a “transaction fee…”

    “The task saw McBoatface travel 180 kilometers (112 miles) through mountainous underwater valleys in Antarctica, measuring the temperature, saltiness and turbulence in the depths of the Southern Ocean.”

    WTF? Antarctica is a continental land mass. They’re measuring temperature and current between the land mass, and a glacial ice-pack that’s floating above… Why?

    “Tankers may sail on ammonia from 2030.”

    Convince me. That same page had articles about hydrogen and methanol as potential tanker fuels. I’ve been flashing chemical equations in my head for the past half-hour — The BTUs ain’t there. The reason they use bunker is it’s cheap (bunker is the sludge that’s left over after plastics, gasoline, kerosene, diesel, etc. are refined out of crude oil) and because it contains an amazing amount of potential energy, per unit volume.

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