Market Pics Bucs, Ure Call Chiefs, Higher than ’29 Now

There is only one way the market can collapse next week:  That is if the K.C. Chiefs score a huge upset on Super Bowl Sunday.

The hell of it is?  We think that’s a pretty good possibility.  But follow along the ‘business logic’ of it all and we shall see come Sunday night…

Higher than 1929 Now

We use something I call the “Aggregate Index” I cobbled up a couple of decades back.  To reveal more closely the Truth about how stocks are doing.

The Dow isn’t particularly useful:  Only 30-stocks can be arb’ed up, and jacked around for a pittance in relatively inexpensive options.  The NASDAQ isn’t a singular indicator, either.  On the upside, look at small stock bubbles.  Robin the ‘hood and all.  But, let’s see how the Joe Biden putting down Musk’s run at reprising “Danger, Will Robinson!” plays out.  This as Joe Biden has decided to “keep Amerizuela on the ground” for now.

[Reader Note:  Respecting reader wishes (momentarily) we will not refer to the progress blaster in chief as “slow Joe” today.  Instead, we will call him “No-Go-Joe” – no going into space, no-go ahead for pipelines, resulting in no-go for on-going energy independence,  no-go for a level climate playing field, no-go for actual borders….  Please carefully observe the markets reaction to price-fixing of federalism as we hit new all-time market highs…].  The Fix is In and Wall St. Loves it!

What would be totally graceful would be a modest rally today, then a pullback at the close to nail the 1929 Aggregate equivalent of Sep. 3, 1929.  Although improbable, that’d be a three-martini statistical event around here.

Secret Sauce?  Making Up Money

Any dimwit (he writes, bowing) can see the more money is sloshed into the system the higher stocks, bitcoins and other crypto-cons will roll.  It’s only a matter of time until it all falls apart.

To make the case, let’s consider the most recent “feral reserve” monthly money printing festival confessional:

The Noodle is Breaking:  You will notice that the three months ended Jan 1 was having its M1 smoking off the presses at an over 80% (hyperinflationary) rate.  Yet, all the “easy money” pushing on the wet noodle of economics hasn’t been absorbed by the M2 which languishes (like linguini) going nowhere.

Excessively harsh?  Maybe…let’s look at the H.6 Table two data (closer to present day):

Same problem:  All the ‘cash’ in the world doesn’t make the “noodle stiff” – instead it’s all a papering over.

The Future scenario thus becomes (now playing in a world near you):

  • Stupid Bowl plays Sunday.  K.C. Chiefs score dramatic Upset win.
  • Thus, today or tomorrow becomes this macro cycle’s ATH.
  • When then let’s us pencil out 55-trading days from now for a Crash Date (Around April 20-28 looks interesting – note to self, look at May slightly out of the money index put options when we get there…)

All because – as one of our most astute readers of Central Bankster Tea leaves derived from the Bank of England “Help!  We can’t do anything!” report this week.  Wherein he cited the BoE outlook itself:

Para. 26/ 2021 gdp falls 4% to sit at 12% below 2019 levels.

Para. 30/ anecdotal statistics of a migrant labour outflow underway.

Para. 31/ 4.5 million on government wage subsidy.  (UK remember)

Para. 50/ published unemployment rate to rise 50% by mid-2021.

Of course, please don’t take a pass on the piled high dessert table that ends the meeting-

Para. 67-73/ discussion surrounding a negative interest rate toolkit implementation options for current 0.1% lending rate to drop below 0. Next meeting is set for March 17th, do pop in.

The six month countdown window begins/began when? You are invited to consider representative options using your factory set silent speaker alarm.”

Thus, and so, when our esteemed news analyst in the Winnipeg Outback finds such a treasure trove, our own insane ramblings from here in the Outback of East Texas argue the smell of putrefied scat and rotating blades will make an appearance shortly.

At which time, we will all be horrified and shocked to our core.  Well, except maybe not you

The Jobs Report

Our monthly statistical version of “Sightings” is the jobs report from the FedGov.  Always a genuine test of American “powers of misdirection” to see “Where yon sausage has been placed…”  The type sheet, please?

“The unemployment rate fell by 0.4 percentage point to 6.3 percent in January, while nonfarm payroll employment changed little (+49,000), the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. The labor market continued to reflect the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and efforts to contain it. In January, notable job gains in professional and business services and in both public and private education were offset by losses in leisure and hospitality, in retail trade, in health care, and in transportation and warehousing.”

The pertinent calculation for us are:

  • How many people are actually working this month (Jan) compared with December?  Answer:  December 149,830,000  January 150,031,000.  Net increase in people working:  +201,000.
  • How many people are working this YEAR compared with one year back?  Answer:  January 2020:  158,659,000  January 150,031,000.    -8,628,000
  • And how many more people are in the workforce both monthly (
    (Answer:  Dec. 160,567,000 Jan. 160,161,000  so 406,000 people were “disappeared” ) and yearly (Answer:  Jan. 2020: 164,455,000      Jan. 2021: 160,161,000  so 4,294,000 were disappeared from the workforce. )

Last, but not least, how many jobs were simply “made up” in the CES Birth-Death Model?  Answer:  Actually, since all the “adjustments” for a year load into January, the CES B/D Model took away 143,000 jobs.

Oh, and this tilts all previous answers by like amounts.

Feel better, now?

After this statistical train wreck (see red and count up “missing people”) the Dow futures were up something like +130.  Gold came back to life (since here comes more made up money/inflation).

And the Dow is still solidly endorsing the Bucs.

Bending Space-Time – for Real

Better late than never, nice to see Vice covering “U.S. Navy Has Patents on Tech It Says Will ‘Engineer the Fabric of Reality’.”

It’s an interesting rehash of the breakthrough work on one Dr. Salvatore Pais whose patents have been extensively covered on the War Drive portion of

SIDE STORY:  BTW, if you hit gargoyle search now, you will have the “SafeSearch” option which near as we can figure is voluntary censorship…will it take out unapproved viewpoints in addition to other “objectionable content?”  We shall see…).  This all matters because there are cases like the
Georgia congressette just got stripped of relevance by the Swamp critters who don’t want anyone questioning their narratives…  Click here to filter Borq-questioners..,.

Anyway, to make a long story longer – though this is useful – we first came across this whole notion of “separated space” as something which was worked on during WW II (involving Tesla (died in ’43), von Neuman, Einstein, and others.  It was fielded on a vessel (IX-97) and the rumors became the basis of the whole Philadelphia Experiment.  A 1990’s patent application (in my book on UFOs  (“Who’s There?” – free d/l from the Peoplenomics Master Index page) includes this patent application as Appendix 2, going from memory.

What’s starting to come into focus (because of my tinkering with a “real time machine” based on acoustics to pump “separated space”) is that possibly:

  • The M/V Martha’s Vineyard was the original test platform of the high-density electronic field approach to separated space generation.  As the Navy switch the vessel to wartime service as the IX-97.
  • Then, following, some successful “jump technology” was developed (minesweepers, for example, which is why fiberglass hulls and ceramic based diesels engines were evolved).
  • But then, seems, no one was getting it…at least enough, fast enough.  Which they would have lead the Navy/DoD to evolve a program to find a tiny handful (1 to half dozen) of the youngest, best, and brightest in order to move the evolution of separated spaces technology forward.

And to my way of thinking, that’s like how Dr. Salvatore Cezar Pais would have been identified and “groomed” into a black program, except he’s become a bit public which is OK because it sort of puts the pre-anti-gravity society on notice that we have to get off the excess consumption, all things for money, and figure out new paradigms for peaceful cooperation.

Which then gets into a discussion of whether the bums rush into mRNA is pre-building human evolution for space faster (radiation issues and such) or whether it’s a pop-reduction program.

But more one of these days on the PN side in one of our Directorate 153 dot-connector series.

Surgery is On!

After a little time on the phone Thursday, I nailed the bureaucratic disconnect that had Elaine’s upcoming hip surgery into an off-again, on-again, off-again loop.

Seems in the evolution of hospital managements, there are “circles within circles, when comes to managing things.  (Visual:  Remember on StarGate how the rings have to “lock just so” for the portal to open?)

Turns out that – in an ERP derivation – that’s how hospital administrations are evolving (at least from an IT/data workflow standpoint).

There’s general hospital billing, but then one surgery department does its own thing with insurance (which aligns two rings) but the third ring (which was cancelling, near as I could figure) hadn’t “locked.”

Emails and data, now in alignment, we can now move on with the upgrade to Elaine 1.5.  In late March, the update to Elaine 2.0 will be done as Hip Kit #2 goes in….

Is it to early for a shot of anti-freeze?

Write before kickoff (literal or figurative is Ure choice…),

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30 thoughts on “Market Pics Bucs, Ure Call Chiefs, Higher than ’29 Now”

  1. I have a impossible time believing SLO-JOE is the one steering this wreck. This is all being run off stage by name your favorite whatever. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. I am the great and powerful wizard of oz.

    Sheesh people, buckle up.

    • JoLo can still remember how to sign, and sometimes he can even read a teleprompter. I’d really like to understand who the real manipulators are. They want to hide in the shadows. They’re well financed and incredibly well organized. Some say through the former demo president and his OFA. I don’t believe his vice is in charge either. She just knows how to obey and perform in various positions.

  2. “Sightings” is the jobs report from the FedGov. Always a genuine test of American “powers of misdirection” to see “

    that doesn’t even take into account how many people gave up… and how many people were never accepted on the unemployment insurance… My wife even though she went a year without a job.. was never a statistic on the SHEITS.. I mean sheets.. so theoretically her job loss never existed..
    Unemployment insurance has always been a joke… and most people know it.. if your not seasonal help it basically doesn’t exist..

  3. Bending the reality of space time? Great Yogis and Sidhhas have been doing this for millenia, but I assume their bending of space time had largely ‘local’ field effects. It fact, I employ sympathetic magic most everyday to produce local field effects. No, they are not earth shattering, but I have notices a general improvement in things around me over the years. Btw, we can just call this ‘prayer’ if sympathetic magic sounds too woo woo, but there is a difference in practice between the two.

    BUT, what if the field effects are generalized to the entire globe? Houston, we may have a big problem! Unfortunately, the US military does not have the best track record of using technology in a responsible matter (like agent orange, blowing up lots of depleted uranium on ‘bombing’ ranges and across countries, and much much more)

  4. Mr G,

    Have U given any thought to “arranging” w/E’s surgeon for a lil additional side procedure action?
    RFID chip – couple steel ball bearings to click together when moving, like a bell on putti cat, prevents em from niqueing-up on U..

    Die glocke is ancient tech chief – Ure gonna need to hook into solar warden supply chain system – and procure Ureself a “dragon suit” and a tube or two “bio-gel” for seamless bio electrical system Ure just need some Dilithium Crystals for Ure warp drive..hahahaha -“beam me up Scottie”

    “say warden,warden, wont U break Ure lock and key?” –

    Go Chiefs – Go Big Red!

  5. George,
    What is really interesting to me about the money stocks report is, I believe this would reflect no impact of the stimulus passed 12/27, and we have another 1.9T coming via reconciliation in March.

    Does that end up setting up a crash that is in purchasing value only, as opposed to nominal value?

    I always appreciate your writing.

  6. I was thinking about your studies on time and time travel….. seriously.. I am re-reading the book the arrows of time.. great book.. on my shelf to read from time to time…
    You know that I believe that everything.. everything is a frequency and how we perceive the frequencies the harmonics of time space and everything……..
    that the curtains of time are but a frequency.. and that our minds only perceive certain frequencies… which is why there are some that experience the afterlife or ghosts etc..
    the thing is… if you look at the movie the time machine.. or the old television show the time tunnel.. they show a rotational field… now these are just fictitious stories.. but thinking what if.. could it be that nothing more than a shift in frequencies…..
    I don’t know if Dennis is still alive.. but it would be nice to sit down with him again and discuss the timewave principle and if while they were on the soul searching highs if he thinks that maybe it was a chemical change that gave them the ability to view and interpret the other frequencies that gave them insight….
    anyway my mind has been rambling on about time and harmonics today… could a magnetic field do it…

  7. Piecing together the Pais revelation with Navy with released footage of unexplainable aerial phenomena filmed by Navy aircraft almost two decades ago, combined with Oumuamua claims made by esteem astronomers, one might be forgiven for speculating that we are getting a ‘slow tease’ reveal about life ‘out there’. If true, Covid may or may not play into this. If it does, then ‘trans-constitutional’ emergency social distancing mandates effectively confine huge swaths of global populations, breaking down ‘tribal’ or localized social norms by consistently feeding standardized, centrally approved information in controlled, digestible bites across the globe. It is not too far of a stretch to imagine using social isolation to ultimately condition Earth’s target audiences, softening the blow of any potential future extraterrestrial reveal. Once we’re primed and ready, humanity’s next stage of physical evolution could begin in earnest.

    “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.” ~Arthur Schopenhauer

    • “It is not too far of a stretch to imagine using social isolation to ultimately condition Earth’s target audiences, ”

      From the stories that I have heard personally.. that might be a possibility WH.. I am not to sure if it is really needed though at this time.. with what is it eighty percent that believe in ET’s or Time travelers and the vast majority of them curious as to why what is known is still kept under wraps while other countries have worked towards releasing what they know…. I for one would welcome visiting with someone from another time or place to hear the stories of their lives and cultures. My fear is .. Maybe we really don’t want to know.
      I had heard that the scientists that have worked on reverse engineering also have patents on the items that they reverse engineered..

    • Great analysis! I have no idea as to whether or not it’s accurate. I’m not that concerned about “aliens from other planets”. There’s nothing I can personally do about that.

      The insistence on “social separation” is one reason that I force myself to interact with society more than I’d prefer. I do make long trips and try to suss out the local POV, along with the original purpose of such trips, if any. We’re all temporary and do our best to remain alive and functional, but it’s simply squaring the curve. I’ve never yet met anyone over 118.

      I’d have to think long and hard before I’d accept gene modification, even if I was one of the researchers.

  8. George,

    In reference to the “Super Bowl”, who cares? Used to watch it for the commercials, but everything became so PC that the ads lacked character and entertainment value.
    Certainly would not and have not watched the NFL (poetic license here, Neelers Football League), became the order of the day. When people, who make the insane amounts that these people do to play a game cannot stand for the anthem of the country that afforded them this opportunity; they can collectively kiss my arse. I believe in free speech, but let them put their money where their mouth is. Saying in farm country, “Don’t bitch about the price of food with your mouth full”.

    If these people are so horrified about the state of America, let them divide their outlandish salary with those they deem oppressed, or spend a major part of it helping their less fortunate followers. Won’t happen. All for show and media hype. Just another tool to tear down our country. Certainly won’t find me spending money on merchandise to feed the monster.

    Recently told a nice young lady calling for the Alumni Association of my university, seeking a donation; no. Politely told her that I did not feel inclined to donate when my university sees fit to pay a football coach 7 million a year, when labs go without supplies and professors make a fraction of that. At my particular university, we have very few more students than when I graduated in 1974; but we now have 5 times as many administrative personnel. I am sure we even have a Vice Chancellor of toilet paper and their support staff. To many chiefs and not enough Indians.

    I plan to watch a little paint dry during the “big game”, and enjoy a good glass of wine. Won’t regret missing the game at all. May sit on my front porch and watch the flock of about a hundred wild turkeys in my field across the road, or perhaps the 6 to8 white tail deer that eat in our yard. Life is good and peaceful in the “country”. Most of the time.

    • I totally agree. I never liked football – there are enough real problems that require strategy, and if I need to play a game, there’s always chess, chinese chess, and go. Markets too, if I had the time for them.

      Regarding universities, the local one is also top heavy with “administrators”, 80% female, and devoted to important topics like “financial aid” and “equity and inclusion. The professors get enough to live on, and that’s it – especially at the lower levels. They’re also sucked into the PC crap, and every class is littered with stupid references to “officially approved minority” lives matter. There are even classes on “combating whiteness”. Of course, I’d never give them money voluntarily!

      • The bothersome thing to true believers in equality is whether classes on “combating blackness” would be equally funded? Or combating Asianness?
        America is a land of equality, though:
        Equality if you can afford the law firm.
        Equality if you contribute to the right local official.
        Equality if you are not [insert race]
        Equality if you are a gov’t employee…
        Equality if you are of the right [gender] [subtype]
        Equality if you “know someone”
        Equality if you don’t THINK…for yourself….
        The list goes on…

      • And after the Elites utterly destroy our economy to the point it never returns, what then? Kill enough of us off and recruit the rest as enforcers? “Postman” scenario? (I’ve got to dig that movie out again and watch it). Every underling to submit to an exploding neck collar and work in the fields? China hasn’t even gone that far yet.

  9. Sounds like there’s more of a redtape headache now in 2021 than even last season because of covid for migrant farm workers to reach Canadian farms from Mexico and Honduras, etc. Without them, labour intensive crops are left blowing in the wind? My veggies share order is in for this summer with the same hands-on organic farmer as before. He has returning local help. Subscription prices are up 1.5% from last year, product of course dependent upon growing conditions.

    As an aside, I’ve see in the NY Post that Mrs. Biden has sent a gift basket of curated vegetables from the White House Kitchen Garden to Mrs. Obama recognizing her re-establishment of the plot in 2009. Even broccoli was included which appears to indicate that the 41st Potus’ edict against the cabbage family has been rescinded. There was no mention at all in the report of the current harvest perhaps being planted under the direction of the last Flotus. However one imagines Mr. Biden appreciates the view looking out from the Oval Office over the Mrs. Trump re-designed Rose Garden though the site of the Pres. Obama (Bud Light), V.P. Biden (non-alcoholic beverage) “Beer Summit” has been paved over.


    • Right, and I’ll bet neither lady got so much as a fingerprint on the veggies outside of the photo op.

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