Look for Southern Flood Stories

Normally, we don’t mention such items, but we have been experiencing a dandy story here in East Texas this morning.

Since 5 AM we’ve had more than 5.5″ of rain dumped on us, and doing a little math on how much water than is for our 29-acre patch of Paradise, it pencils out to about 4.3 million gallons.

To be sure, we’re on the side of what (in Texas) passes for “mountains.”  Not even foothills amongst real mountains, but Texans tend to exaggerate things just a bit here and there.

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It’s a nice distraction from the other news of the day and the stock market’s manic run (covered in depth on our Peoplenomics.com subscriber side) but it is worth keeping an eye on because this much rain – if it hits crop lands – is enough to cause damage.

The outlook here is for it to end in a few hours, but it’s still going strong as of 9 AM and another in, or so, is possible here.

We will keep an eye on this – since if it hits a major metro area where the MSM can get at it, it ought to get way out-of-proportion coverage as a visual relief from all the talking head stories.

Long ago, news surveys says that people watching news only really care about a small universe of topics:  health, heart, pocketbook, and weather.  We reckon that research from 30 years back likely isn’t much different than today.

If you go over to www.weatherunderground.com and put in Palestine, Texas and zoom out a bit, you’ll be able to watch as this monster moves off, presumably to the Northeast later on this morning.

Couple this with the tropical depression that got Floridians worked up over a lousy 2-inches of rain, and it still all doesn’t amount to “climate change” or anything close.

It does approximate weather, however, and is thus worth a moment to go out looking at forecasts to see just how wet a summer this could be.

If it turns out to be extremely wet, to the point of damaging crops, then that does become an economic issue to watch.  Food prices have been held in check by low energy prices and such, but supply and demand are related over time and any disruption of food stocks down the road could have major ripple effects back into markets.

Off to tighten the mooring lines on the house now…more tomorrow at our usual time.

Oh – should also mention that my latest book “The Millennial’s Missing Manual”  What School’s didn’t teach and what Old People didn’t explain…” should be popping up today or tomorrow on Amazon for Kindle.  Just got it uploaded ahead of tomorrow night’s appearance by that nutter-in-the-woods on CoasttoCoastAM with George Noory tomorrow night.

Show details are over here https://www.coasttocoastam.com/show/2017/08/03

And the second half of the show will be worth staying up for because  Michael Horn’s work on Billy Meier’s prophesies is quite interesting!

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4 thoughts on “Look for Southern Flood Stories”

  1. Is this part of the semi-tropical system in the Gulf? Guys are finishing putting a new roof on my house this afternoon, just in time for the FL panhandle! Torrential downpours expected tomorrow here. Stay dry!

  2. Okay about the retaining walls does that about food storage because the food’s not there because of the climate is that about Trump and his retaining wall to keep people out or to keep people in or is there a retaining wall that keeps knowledge like in China the Google system that keeps you from knowing things that you should know by having a retaining wall or is it about an abused spouse that has a retaining wall legal and if you have enough money physical that keeps the other person from abusing you does that retaining wall have a trail that view can find and it goes through that retaining wall like back in the Chinese wall and then the German wall it was always people getting through if we have a wall here will people get through like a jacamar bird you know the one that’s tropical American will it get through will that bird get through the Great Wall the China Berlin and United States is put up will the quality of life be sincere will there be freedom or will it be deceit or will there be Sodom there has to be a torpedo break this wall down so has to be signatures of a descriptive adjective that shows we are weak and that we have this novel idea that we can become Fusion and become like a hummingbird to loosen the hole with the voluntary will of the ventral

    • I think the illegals are secret agents, they slip in and out of borders, walls, jails like magic. There is no place on earth that an American, non-elite, can slip in and out of borders, walls, and jails like magic. Those barriers are porous and an illusion for the easily fleeced and fooled citizen remnants of a society that once laid down the law and order.

  3. “If it turns out to be extremely wet, to the point of damaging crops, then that does become an economic issue to watch.”

    What a great post this morning George.. I love how you get my mind stimulated into thinking about subjects I wouldn’t be thinking about..

    Interesting to much rain to little rain.. if you listen to the farmers that is exactly what you will hear.. its either to hot or to cold to wet or two dry..
    But realistically they are right.. I was visiting with a large scale farmer just yesterday that was saying that on part of his land they had enough rain just in time to give him approximately 150 bushels an acre.. but a good share of the land only received enough rain to give him 7 bushels to an acre and instead of picking it he will just grind it for silage..
    Then I was visiting with a rancher a week ago and because of the shortage of water in his neck of the woods.. there hasn’t been enough rain to grow enough pasture grass to feed his cattle so he has been having to buy feed.. he is in the process of selling off his herd .. the same thing with pigs..
    my point is.. to much rain in some area’s flood out the crops not enough in another makes food production scarce..
    then the financials.. how does agriculture fuel a depression.. from what I have read in the past every great depression has been surrounded by crop loss and the shortage of real tangible products not paper ..

    When my parents sold out of their home and downsized into a retirement village apartment I was surprised at how much they had stored away.. my father and I had a discussion on this and he said .. well you never went through the depression.. my mother would talk about how they would walk seven miles to get a quart of goats milk.. and eating dandelion greens..( dandelion flowers and Camille makes a nice tea though)
    As always a real stimulating conversation and blog this morning.. thanks for getting this old mans brain to work this morning again..

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