Line, Bounce, Crash

Our outlooks provide for a drop of more than 1,000 Dow points before month-end. Today is Bounce. Though we have to admit a certain fascination with learning whether the Replay/Rhyme on 1929 can possibly be that deterministic.

In other words, one path forward through a chaos theory window is to conduct high-intensity study of starting points.  Since theory holds that the more is known about initiation states, the more range-bound solution sets (to chaos) become.  Hence, improved insight into Future.

In case you already know this (and our love of differential stochastics), we offer a short discussion of how to become a “Vicious Consumer” as mentioned on this week.

Looking ahead, while a projected thousand-point crash (in a day) may seem like a very Big Deal, it’s really not. Since percentagewise it’s relatively common for this portion of the major Wave 3 Decline of the economic long wave. We could have 10 such drops (circuit breakers notwithstanding) through the end of this year. In fact, before Turkey!

Because if the rhyme doesn’t change, we could be in for a decline of more than six-thousand points in a two-day period before Thanksgiving. Try first week of November.

Yes, things are getting serious and about to go totally off the rails. But remember who was telling you in August to get the Fall garden in?

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23 thoughts on “Line, Bounce, Crash”

  1. 1) Auto autos
    2) Food, drought…little ethanol, all GMO foods
    3) Hollywood, still strike
    4) Calif Tech bust
    5) BRICS… socialists but what the petrodollar
    6) Fed budget on hold, no Military Industrial contracts
    7) Hillary on steroids…trump…
    8) Saudi oil..gone.. all above coverup…
    9) Fed printing… ? llllllllllllllll, save housing…so banks solvent with 32T debtberg… no funds overseas..

  2. Well done again.
    Wait, what do you mean at 2am can’t sleep like normal people? Why that is prime throneroom visiting time.

    Stay safe. 73

  3. “gimme yo shit.”

    That started in 2008 w/the pension bailouts. The same folks will criticize the Cali shoplifters after Newsome gave the OK. Thieves pointing at thieves screeching like monkeys while each wear their suit of righteousness.

    This is theft:

    “None of the students at 40% of Baltimore’s public high schools tested proficient on the state math exam given this past spring — with a staggering three-quarters earning the lowest possible score, an alarming report revealed this week.”

    All the while

    “During the 2022-23 school year, the Baltimore City Public Schools had an annual budget of $1.6 billion, its largest ever, and also scored $799 million in federal COVID-19 grants. ”

    – 9/23/23

    18 y/o and can’t do fractions because they don’t know what a fraction is. The entire education suite has to be done over but the time and resources are gone. All that’s left is shoplifting and crime for those folks.

    “send out “notice of change in terms” and without you doing anything, the contractual nature of the relationship changes with or without explicit consent.”



    • I’ve been wondering if the military aged men coming across the border will either join forces with this motley crew in the cities or find some way to displace them and thereby create another warring faction in the U.S.

  4. Dude G,

    Once again Youse nailed it wit Ure morning prose.. First Things-FRAUD .
    You can say that again, and again, and again, and again. Why even this bullshit special military operation is FRAUDulant, as is pedo’s BS regarding US involvement in armageddon(not battlefied-river)..FRAUD.

    Here the Clash live signing about our immediate future;

    The future, BCN’s mystic great great Grandma (Slavic= derives jewish Slaves in ancient time) spoke of..Armies of the World gathered round the Don(Donets) – Not ME, but in the location of The New Jerusalem -ukraine.

    Blow of Steel – its whats for Breakfast,Lunch and Dinna.

    *Show em ALL the C4 in 24 .

    • arma = army

      ged = gde/where

      don = donbass-Seversky Donets River

      *for linguistically impaired/controlled

      ? how many rogue nukes (kursk) are still wild and loose?

      last one was”nested”out during summer olympics in England ..with tres creepy opening/closing show. Remember that creepy FOREBODING show – witches/hosp wards/babies..WTF over?

  5. Crash
    – It’s going to have to get rather busy – to the “Dark Side” for all of those to fit within any given time-line.
    – Yikes !

  6. Monday afternoon – stood at my trade desk – smiled – and tapped the enter button:
    8 Stocks – it was ten, but my math narrowed it down a bit. As I rarely trade individual stock options – but this seems like a good place-in-time to do so.
    5 Indexes – I had many more possibilities – but I decided to “stick with what I know” and have traded regularly these past few years.
    50% of my Lunch Money Account – which, if I am wrong – still leaves me with a good profit for this year. Have to wait and see for next year.
    The largest – most expensive trade I have made in years.
    Long Expiration Options / Puts – all expire in Nov & Dec of next year.
    – However, I still have decent funding in my accounts for small regular Day Trading.
    – Built a rather fancy looking spread-sheet so I can download the data for those put options., keeping a ‘numerical-eye’ on my gamble. [ R.O.G. – not R.O.I.]
    – Timing, math and belief – luck has nothing to do with it.
    – This is not investment advice – please don’t try it – “especially” if you have not traded options before. I no longer tell anyone what, specifically, I am trading. I really don’t want someone trying to mimic my moves – as I do not want to be responsible for your decisions and trades – which in a round-about way, I would be. I only trade options. Not because they are better than any other method., but because it was what I was trained in and it’s the only method I really know. In fact, options are quite risky and not for the timid, average investor. You can lose it all with just one “breaking news” story.
    – Do you own research – your own math – your own choices., you will have no one else to blame, or thank.., just your own good choices. [ ., but, you better get busy. ]

      • ahh.., nope
        Last year was record for me.., but I beat it this year – my “Personal Best”. I am up just over 400 % as of the first of this month. Mainly due to a 6 well timed trades.
        Also., and probably just as important to the bottom line, is that I have not had a losing trade all year – also a “personal best”.

      • This does not count my “Third Thursday” poker game.., in which I am also up, quite nicely for the year.., but I do not get any of the returns, that goes to the misses – she jokingly refers to it as my “bail money” for when the game gets raided by the county sheriff.

  7. I can’t think of a company that one can communicate with anymore, They are (all) defending themseves from an onslaught of mere consumers — the mob of untutored but demanding unreasonable folks, once thought of as “customers.” NOW, we’re all just big pains in the butt, who need stuff.

    So, one gets voicemail, or semi-irrelevant websites — IF one is lucky; OR you get a chatbot with some poor clown in the Phillipines managing 47 simultaneous screens full of befuddled masses. And everything they do sounds like “Ding-Dong School” scripts in its over-simplicity that it’s crazy-making. (Un-plug it and re-plug it, or re-boot it — and after that, their crystal ball quickly grows dim.)

    Simple truth is: no company gives a rip about any “clients” anymore — and as reading comprehension of the Generally Undereducated steadily declines, this won’t get any better. It all just got too big, too complex, and too unmanageble. All the companies wish to do is skim the vat for the 80% of possible low-effort profits, and wish they could ignore the 20% that ever need any actual “service” beyond the most basic product they have to offer.

    “Telephone guys” still wear flannel shirts and tool belts, but none of today’s crop of “Residential Communication Technicians” has any idea of what am intermittant “cable-wet” is.

    Few realize what a delicate house of cards it all is…

    …and we all know that once it starts to go, collapse will be rapid and complete. It may be un-re-bootable. Or ellse it will take a very long time to restore order and function.

    • Got a live American based techie when calling Consumer Cellular at 6:50 p.m., on a Saturday evening.

      Pretty pleased with that and getting our phone situation resolved.

      Otherwise, agree with your comment.

    • Had not heard of ‘cable wet’ before… connection issues caused by broken shielding or a bad splice that lets in moisture and varies depending on the weather… is that it?

      Nice term.

      • Massive old telco cables have the copper wires wrapped in tissue paper for insulation, to save space. That’s why you see those massive lead sheath cables have a pressure fitting and sometimes a tank of dry nitrogen attached to pressurize and keep dry. I’m sure more modern methods are used now, but yes, they are vulnerable to moisture and contaminants shorting out the pairs… or just making them noisy, static laden and unusable.

  8. The House just rejected the Senate Spending Bill. Chances of a government shut down grows a bit better. We have had dozens of shut-downs in the past., with very little actual damage – the difference this time around? .,”it’s the economy, stupid.”
    Will the Federal Reserve make a rate hike in October if the government is shut down over spending bills ? Bowman, of the Fed, stated this morning that with the cost of rent reaching record highs and impacting income, inflation has to be addressed. Which most assumed that she meant more rate hikes.

    • I heard Chip Roy earlier (on Glenn Beck, maybe?) who stated that any spending bill which did not slam the border shut was a non-starter in the House, and that included the current Senate effort…

  9. ROME (Reuters) -A leading volcanologist has warned that mass evacuations might be needed in a town close to Naples, which sits on a so-called Super Volcano that has been hit by hundreds of small earthquakes in recent weeks.

    A 4.2 magnitude earthquake struck the area early on Wednesday, the strongest jolt in 40 years to rattle the volcanic field, known as the Campi Flegrei or Phlegraean Fields from the Greek word for burning.

    Campi Flegrei sits across the bay of Naples from Pompeii, where thousands were incinerated by Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD. However, it is a much bigger volcano than Vesuvius and if it ever exploded at full force could kill millions.

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