Japan Shaker

And another…

M 7.1 – 70 km ENE of Namie, Japan

Details on USGS site here:  M 7.1 – 70 km ENE of Namie, Japan (usgs.gov)

Fuk’ed, didja say?  No tsunami, but see the details over at TimeStrong Earthquake Strikes Japan.

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4 thoughts on “Japan Shaker”

  1. Dutchsinse/youtube – best Earthquake scientist/predictor on the planet – dude is pretty humorous, humble kinda Presenter.

    USGS actually goes after this cat on social media platforms – another completely incompetent govmint agency..

    -Deep Quake = standing wave – propagating more energy/quakes along strike lines/faults..

  2. Close to Fukushima, but no tsunami. I’ll never understand why Japan ever thought nuclear power was a good idea, considering the quakes they get.

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