Is There an “Invention Horizon?”

Double-up on the coffee ration this morning:  There is so much going on in finance that it takes in excess of 4,600 words to “cover the waterfront” this morning.  The deep thinking is caused by an analysis of why the market failed to break to the downside on or before our November 10 target date. 

This morning we follow a circuitous trail that leads from the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency’s latest report to the changes at what used to be the Treasury’s Bureau of the Public Debt  (Yes, America is bankrupt by the way and we haven’t fixed the problems of the 2008 crisis, but we’ll get into that, too) and from there we consider two business models either one of which could decide whether we head into two more years of inflation and pseudo-growth, or whether the new savior of retail (subscriptions) will drive us to the deflationary side.

And all this fell out or research when we started off looking for a simple “best play” in robotics.  Of my….

So it’s quite a wide-ranging discussion, but it does tell us where to watch Global Kabuki as even small weights on the balancing scale of “future” could tip things one way or t’other. 

Like I said: Extra coffee for this one.

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