Is America Insane?

We approach a very difficult problem this morning:  Mental Health of America.

Based on the outbreaks of “fake news” and “competing facts,” and other such MSM drivel, we sit back with some psychological glasses on, come up with metrics of “what makes crazy” and put up some data.

I think you’ll find the answer sadly disheartening.

But that’s not the only story.  Trump has just made another stupid mistake and we point out his latest… as I told you we would be supportive and give him a chance…but his latest is blowing something big.

Due Process.

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3 thoughts on “Is America Insane?”

  1. I think the US may be catching the “crazy cold” of the rest of the world. Large numbers of people can multiply and exacerbate things like “fake news” and rumors. We don’t like boring – so people strive to fluff up what’s the buzz today.

    Pet rocks, old news. Arms for Contras? old news. Watergate, etc. I have been watching Oliver Stone’s series “Untold history of the United States”. Not bad, but not much “untold” in the series so far. Just a re-hashing.

  2. It’s not disheartening, the epidemic mental illness pervasive in was inevitable and predictable, but only for those who were able to break out of the USA entrainment to denial of anything that is uncomfortable to think about. One can only be disheartened if one had false hopes.

    I have been writing about terminal madness for more than 5 years.

    People assume there is a difference between ignorance and evil, but when looking at the results it is impossible to differentiate the two.

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