Inefficient Machines

Hot jobs numbers have just dropped before we get into that.  And sure, a check of some headlines. Humans really are, though, inefficient machines. Especially when comes to investing.

Also: our ChartPack is now in a nearly ideal position to rollover, or is that under?

Plus we have the Fed rate decision coming this afternoon.  Where may be less about the rates themselves as it’s about the Chairman’s nuances in the presser following. We’ll have to wait for what’s “signed and signified” in that one.

In fact, a lot of moving pieces are in play.  Need more?  Well, sometime shortly the USS Eisenhower will begin a transit of the Suez Canal to go hang out on Iran’s doorstep in the Middle East.

Where the U.S. is….oh, wait, here come the ADP Numbers…

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61 thoughts on “Inefficient Machines”

      • You’ve stumbled upon what professional photographers have known for a hundred years; you don’t photograph shiny objects, you photograph whatever’s reflected by those shiny objects. Most cured the problem with a “tent” (conical or pyramidal material with a hole at the top for the lens). The tent can be white translucent for highlighting jewelry, or black for low key.

        I haven’t yet fingered out how your ‘winged cap’ would have kept your hand out of the picture.

  1. “There is also a Treasury Refunding announcement today. ”

    Yo G reenshades,

    What gives wit Treasury WAITING till rates had risen to 5% before grandma mothbalzsmellin finally decides to Refund the Treasury ???????????????????????????????????????
    I mean even a whacked out left fielder like TEF could have forecast Rates Rising in future..
    WTFuck Over?
    This mistake is costing USA trillions in addl DEBT that Ure grandkidz will have to deal with. Oh I forgot about U no likey kids – well never mind.
    For the rest of the crew, know grandma mothbalzsmellin is yet another preplanned BOHICA moment – designed to maximize Ure pain.

    Got New Technology – BTC ?

    On the 7’s then..

    • Hmm,…..
      “This mistake is costing USA trillions in addl DEBT that Ure grandkidz will have to deal with. Oh I forgot about U no likey kids – well never mind.”

      Never going to happen…. se what was the quote from.. let me find it..
      (According to Einstein, “Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it … he who doesn’t … pays it.” )

      Anyone that has ever had to use credit cards to live on has seen this.. the point which the interest takes over…

      The USA is at that point.. all they can do is pay the minimum payment on what we owe.. our industry is shot.. our administration is out of control.. the interest is at the point of doubling every few months.. what was it I read.. interest on our debt is at one point three billion a day.. and it will double in six over three billion a day..
      when we should be pulling back we are thrusting forward faster than ever.. supporting millions of illegals.. and then for him to want what was it almost ten billion to buy each of the illegals new homes.. plus the support.. a man working at fifteen dollars an hour can’t pay for it.. it is impossible..
      but then biden and company has said over and over…

      What no one is thinking about is we are in the death spiral..the economic death spiral is not fun.. I have been there a few times.. and let me tell you pulling out of it is going to be painful very very painful..
      take income outgo.. The USA doesn’t make anything when it is running at a deficit. When running a surplus, it still isn’t making anything, because it’s paying down accrued debt. Considering Income.. then the income rate is about 3.7 Trillion a year or about 10 billion a day… Right now.. one fifth of the daily income is in interest.. and that doesn’t take into account operation expenses.. and the money that these individuals need to six months it will be close to one third of the daily income of the country… consider prices and prices going up.. groceries are already more than doubled.. so has housing.. just when you need Mark to explain it all.. he is quiet and gone.. ( hard to be humble to the left seekers when the right seekers end up being totally correct in their assumptions.. for four years we heard the crying and wailing about DJT and his maga.. now to see that it was absolutely was the right direction and their savior is a rotten bastard with so much alleged corruption that it shocks even them.. the DOJ and every agency working to cover it all over while it is still being propelled forward..silly them if your hand gets caught in the cookie jar.. a child will pull it out and say it wasn’t me.. but to keep it in the jar.. well that is just pure flagrant dissregard to the people that are being taken advantage of.. It doesn’t make any difference.. at this point.. we would have to pull all the way back.. shut down most of the government and pull our military back from any aggressive movements.. it costs money to run that crap..and our administration drew down all our strategic reserves.. but then who am I .. this is just how I see it.. not good.. zimbabwe we are coming to your way of life.. a person with a million in the bank cartoon or coin.. doesn’t make any difference lost half of it and didn’t even notice.. same thing happened to the wealthy in Argentina …

  2. ….or, use a “tilt-shift” lens, and shoot from slightly
    off-axis, eliminating the reflection.

    It’s always amazed me how many shooters,
    my own gentle self included, MISS glaringy
    obvious skingeters & defects in a frame from
    Simply NOT “Seeing” it. This happens also
    with “Chyron” in an edit studio where seven
    smart pople will LOOK HARD at a title insert
    or “lower-third” and STILL not catch obvious
    mis-spellings or other errors.


    hmm..along with nasal sprays and saline solutions that are all made in countries that don’t have water standards.IV saline solutions for surgeries hmm. eye drops and nasal sprays all manufactured in countries that our administration is picking a fight with..hmm
    is it an oops or is it something intentionally done..
    most of our life and the things that provide our quality of life is imported..

  4. What the Treasury just did was to announce we are in a recession – Instead of the Fed announcing it by cutting rates and rallying bonds – the Treasury is restricting supply and rallying bonds – When the Fed cuts it is announcing we are ina depression – these folks aren’t too swift…….

    • But, like I said, the whole lot of ’em has painted themselves into a corner because they are now trying to reduce inflation which they’re making. It’s genuinely insane, Clawsy!

      • at one point I actually had thought it could possibly be fixed… when trump got into office he shocked me.. I thought what I thought was coming was unavoidable.. then he surprised me and things seemed to have a possible remedy.. after this joker got in.. and all the damage that he has done phew. there was a video yesterday of the border guards cutting the razor wire to let illegal refugees in..
        wouldn’t have believed it but there it was.. supposedly by administrations orders..

  5. Why is the thought they’ll sink the Eisenhower?

    I think the Ford will go down because I don’t think it works, over complexity and sinking it will make the problem go away. Like sinking the entire F-16 program with one shot.

    • F-16’s be obsolete – “old &busted”, no joy versus Russian Aviators. Why they wanna dump em all in the hopeless morass (nuland =more nasty ass) that is Vickies latest evil concocktion – jUkraine.

    • I would leave some space for corrections Steve. The CVN’s are much more capable at defending themselves than people give them credit for , including the Ford.

      But theres only one way to truly find out !!!

    • they will wait for the usa to weaken the country even more then activate the troops they got biden to allow open access..

  6. What we have here, is a lack of communication.

    All of the ABC’ are doing their own thing because they’re all (separate) entities. They don’t seem to know how to stick together from A to Z, as they should. 3 letters are in charge of this and, another 3 letters are in charge of that … without overseeing the individual abbreviations as a whole. Each doing what they do to cover their own ass, and the damage that causes, is some other abbreviations problem, which of course, causes more problems … which leaves the whole alphabet lined up like dominoes.

    They just don’t work as a Team … but a conspiracy theorist would think, “Oh yes they do.”

    Sad to think we’re living in a failed experiment. Even sadder watching to words of Albert Pike coming true.

    • Wondering what makes you think they all arent working together now – Terrorist Safety Administration is part Homosexual Security Services, as are all the other malfeasant agencies..One big giant mass of Homosexuals ,Lesbians and Pedophiles – the difference between is the color of their cloth.

      Conspiracy theorists – needs more CONSPIRACIES !

      – Due ALL the old ones have come or are currently coming TRUE.

      I need a new conspiracy PB, got any thing juicy ?

      • PB reads and smiles …

        “Oh yes they do.”

        No one wants a “new” conspiracy theory. Fact is, a lot of people are getting very bored with it and tired of it all. These things come and go but, Justice is never served. Nothing changes. It all gets buried in the heap of sand in the hourglass.

      • “I need a new conspiracy PB, got any thing juicy ?”

        I have one for you Connie with the low cut….

        Joe says they are all great americans and hold fast the american principles of freedom..
        that is about as juicy as your going to get.. the deflection don’t look on the right while the left is running a scam on the american people.. LOL not treasonous business activities from us.. we are just regular folks..

    • They just don’t work as a Team … but a conspiracy theorist would think, “Oh yes they do.”

      It hasn’t been a ‘theory’ for a long time now!

      Wasn’t this the published reason for creation of the Homeland Insecurity Dept?

  7. While logging into my CC today they indicated:

    “We’re requiring you to authorize a switch to Paperless Statements and Legal Notices to maintain digital access to your account(s).”

    It’s a choice. I’ll be locked-out of the modern world soon.

    • Resist! Do not give them the authorization.
      If you can hold out until this sort of financial bullying eventually hits the courts, you may still come out a winner.
      When something is officially printed and distributed as in a ‘contract’, it has some binding affects on the arrangement. Did your agreement include periodic reports? And now they intend to halt the reports they initiated? Breach of contract?
      Good luck….

      • I would , at minimum , make monthly print outs on real paper ( not computer files ) of all financial and medical accounts.

        ” You say you have $100,000 in our bank ? Noooo , sorry , we show nothing”

      • I’ll hold out. They can turn off the card if they want.

        The only reason I pay this one on the line is because more times than not when I mail the payment it gets lost and delivered late. I think that was part of the conspiracy to get card holders 100% electronic.

        • I had a major cell carrier pull that trick on me. 20-day ‘payment due’ from billing date. Then they withheld mailing the bills for 10 days! By the time it arrived I had one day to mail back payment. (or go electronic) This guaranteed they get to charge the ‘late fee’. I busted them on the postmark dates, documented it, and filed an official complaint. Mumble jumbo reply excuse, and they continued to do it. I dumped them as my cell carrier.

  8. what a waste.. the appliance repairman just left.. the freezer that is only 2 years old is un-repairable.
    where I kick my butt is I had been dreaming that I was retort canning the stuff in that freezer.. usually if I dream a deer jumps out as you drive you have to keep an eye out for that deer..I assumed that I was dreaming that because of all the insanity going on..
    then when the boss came in saying something was rotting..all the food in there was rotting..
    our whole 2024 meat supply gone.. dam I should have paid more attention to those dreams..
    the unit they have a couple on hand of..made in a country our administration is trying to upset..

      • thanks for that Ray I appreciate it..
        the repairman stopped by yesterday to see and he said it was unrepairable.. the cost of the parts are beyond what a new unit would cost.
        I have one freezer almost as old as me.. still chugging away like no tomorrow.. the one that isn’t fixable today is less than two years old..

        • 1 paid 1250.00 for’s how they make stuff today.. not a felony all of the brands are just poorly made..we get products to be toss away..they rarely make an item to be dependable. what’s sad is I got rid of an old Wards ringer washing was from 1960 was my mothers..still working washing machines have to be totally disassembled to do the basic maintenance. most have an estimated life.. most people utilize the vast majority of their infrastructure at work.. we eat all our meals at home..our dishwasher phew. depends who’s cooking if I’m cooking we maybe have 4 or five loads a day if the wife is cooking it’s 6 or 7 loads a day..someone eating at work or busy at work maybe once or twice a week or once a day.
          the first dishwasher we had made it almost twenty years.. now if I get 2 years out of an appliance I feel fortunate. what surprises me is.. if your buying an appliance let’s say five hundred.. it was made and assembled in turkey..( where my new dishwasher coming on monday was made and shipped from) it is then shipped from there to California.. then loaded and shipped from there across the usa.. marked up to get their cost. which is roughly 1.25 per pound and the unit weights 200 lbs. so what was the original cost per the manufacturer..
          a face mask I can buy for 15 at the sporting goods store if bought from China use to cost five dollars for a case of them with free shipping.. when the grandkids were little I bought mp3 players 10 for a dime and fifteen dollars for shipping. the exact same player sold for a hundred a piece at the store.. the kids all use their phones now the wife and I still use the mp3 player..

      • the scary part about buying from a big box store.. is appliances are not built the way they were in the sixties.. and they don’t have a repair staff on site.. so warranty repairs have to be outsourced to companies not in the vicinity. I ran into this buying a top of the line dishwasher from a big box store.. the factory forgot the door seal gasket .. the companies only factory repair workers.. almost four hundred miles away.. in two directions.. they got one to drive down.. seen it was a four dollar gasket but he didn’t have one on the truck came back a few weeks later to slip it in place.. then another circuit board issue.. this time the closest repair center was five hundred plus miles away.. he didn’t have the board took several months to get them to make the journey.. they eventually just gave me the money back.. which is what they are going to do on this.. appliance stores now here in the wastelands only service what they sell.. and the big box stores their service centers are out of the area..
        what is surprising is I remember when they built appliances to be dependable.. most of them now are built in countries that we are trying to get into a fight with.. consider what the actual cost of that appliance has to be.. a store has to make a profit.. but like one that I am looking at for a replacement is made in .. Turkey.. suppose to be top of the line company double the warranty of anything and everything else.. but it is made and shipped from turkey.. so what was the actual cost of that unit.. there is a huge markup of furniture costs.. and applicance costs … shipped from around the globe to a port.. across the USA then trucked across the nation .. at how much per pound.. then sold and is competitively priced.. and everyone at every level made a profit on it.. they cannot ship an item and make money.. so what was the cost of all the handlers and industry leaders.. if a ceo is making a million dollars a year.. then to justify that wage level his energies should be producing a hundred times his wages.. how many of those million dollar a year company execs.. make a hundred to one..
        Joe biden used a billion as leverage to gain ten million.. and his power to get a prosecutor fired.. they got the billion the kid and family got the ten million.. you get what you pay for..
        we bought a bedroom set a long time ago.. the part was someone asked why I didn’t just make one.. the reason.. I couldn’t buy the knobs or pulls for what I bought the whole set for.. I was told the wood came from austrailia shipped to china the furniture was made then shipped to the ports.. and then trucked.. to them where their average markup of furniture is a thousand what was the original cost..because of that.. and the USA selling out for more profits.. than quality we get throw away don’t see television repair centers or appliance repairmen.. and the quality of the components in the systems produced so cheaply that failure rate is beyond belief..

      • Yeah the loss on this is absolutely staggering.. it was our families whole 2024 meat loss.. it was full.. the only thing I was able to salvage was a pumpkin pie..
        what is funny is.. for two weeks I was dreaming every night.. ( I have lucid dreams and if I dream you are driving and a deer jumps out.. you had better be looking for one.. ) and I didn’t check it.. I thought those dreams was because of all the horrible drama going on in the world.. IF I had paid attention to it.. we would still have the food that was in it..

  9. Thanks to BILL and others for the prayers. I spent most of yesterday laying in the ER in agony with what I thought might be pleurisy, or an infection between the rib cage and lungs. Amazing how fast they usher you in when you say ‘chest pains’! After a quick EKG at entrance, mobile Xray in exam room, interview, poke & prod, blood tests… and hours later more blood tests… I laid in agony for over 4 hours. I had stabbing pains in my ribs when I cough. Finally the Doc comes in and says “Good News! We find nothing wrong with you.” He prescribed some pain relief and sent me home.
    But I’m thinking… WTF? Something painful is DEFINITELY wrong. Maybe some cracked cartilage from a hard cough? He prescribed strong Naproxen… which I will not take. That is what rotted my gut and resulted in my colon resection surgery two years back. Also a Lidocaine patch… which the hospital pharmacy did not have in stock. The chain drug store would not fill ‘pending insurance approval’ So the whole day was a bust. So I’m taking ibuprofen and tylenol to keep the inflammation down, and it’s somewhat better today, and I’m trying to avoid my pollen allergies and avoid coughing. Helluva way to spend my 71 birthday today. Getting old sucks. Avoid it if you can.

    • DAMN Hank! This is BULL CA-CA!! Can modern medicine get any more useless?? Got any native healers around on the island? A few girls dancing around topless in grass skirts ought to at least keep your mind off of the pain. Hope they didn’t just put you on the list of useless eaters! There’s no possibility that it’s an injury? You haven’t fallen on anything lately or bounced off of Oprah’s Bentley?


        Medicine is the best guess scenario.. take what symptoms you are having and then look to see what it is that those symptoms fit into as common denominators…. everything has a cause and effect.. doctors take years of seeing things.. similar to the radiology tech.. that person is just a tech.. but after years of seeing things in the films and the diagnosis for it pretty soon that tech can spot something faster than the doctors.. a phlebotomist sticks a few hundred people a day.. a nurse maybe ten a month.. the phleb will be more skilled at doing the job than someone with a sheet of paper on the wall..
        I have read so many books.. on certain subjects.. but even though I read the books.. I don’t have the physical experience doing the job.. that is one reason why people joke about an engineer that is hired to make a job more efficient..they don’t do the job but have read the books.. the intelligence but not the practical experience.. that is our administration in the nut shell.. President Biden loved to say he was middle class joe.. but he wasn’t.. he hasn’t ever held a real world job.. hasan’t ever had to budget his money.. all he had to do is tell everyone his position in society and tell them if they didn’t give it to him.. he would withhold his actions in politics..
        any salesman will tell you a hundred ways how you will be able to buy something.. but then they are not living in your situation.. they don’t have a clue..

      • Dancing Girls! Damn, Bill, don’t make me laugh! It hurts! The anti inflammatory tylenol & ibuprofen is doing the job, and I feel much better today. My self diagnosis is that I cracked the cartilage joint at the end of the rib where it attaches to the breast plate…probably from a hard cough. The cartilage would not show up well on the quick Xray they did. And it makes a suspicious ‘pop’ even when I hold it and have to cough. It ‘pops’ like a knuckle when you crack it. So it’s either going to heal, or abrade the joint down smooth. I can take a deep breath today without pain, and slept thru the night on it OK. I have a routine appt. with my PCP next week and we can discuss if he wants more, better imaging of the area or if there is any treatment. He’s very thorough.
        At least I know it’s not a heart attack or an infection like the ER was looking for.

        • Ok, hang in there. We all know, here, that old age sucks a big one.

          We were passing around the responsibility of watching our youngest grandkid at the community trunk-or-treat this past weekend and, of course, when it was my time this kid saw her opportunity and took off like a scalded cat down the street. Luckily the street had been blocked off so there was no danger of her winding up under a car but watching this old fart with one and a half bad knees chasing a 2 year old that was definitely out-distancing him for about 30 yards was some of the greatest entertainment of the evening. I had no idea I could still move like that and the incident just confirmed why. I used to enjoy the heck out walking as I’ve walked the distance of the whole ranch on more than one occasion and even was able to keep up with the wife on her shopping trips (her favorite sport) but no more. I’ll find a bench or chair and just watch the people go by, thank you very much.

    • Hank, we are all glad you are ok.

      I can’t think of a single one of my remaining friends or the ones that have gone on to the other side and also of myself, that didn’t experience something like this at least once.

      I had all the symptoms of a stroke 18 months ago. After all the blood work, MRIs, etc., they could find nothing. In February of this year, after COVID, I developed severe lower abdominal pains. I have had ultrasounds, cystoscopy, MRIs and no diagnosis. The pain remains. Doctors tell me the good news is they can tell me “what it is not.”

      So it is back to my relationship with a senior’s best friends. Tylenol and Ibuprofen.

      And yes, nothing gets their attention quicker than chest pain in aging males.

      • it was k8nd of the same with me.. I was constantly working on my feet. then health started to fail.. got to the point I couldn’t walk swollen and mottled five times my normal size started having seizures what ever it is took an eye..they didn’t think I’d survive wanted me in hospice.. then they were sure pancreatic cancer filled with tumors.. they thought lupus ..they keep coming back to that one..I test positive then test negative..they were sure it was neuro myelitis optica..then nothing.. the last time I seen a specialist it was for ten minutes and traveled hours to see the only specialist that works just with that ..4 grand ..physical therapy 57 thousand and I did the work..24 visits..
        last time they said oh there are some new I really want another mortgage for our home..

    • Oh, man! That’s an awful day, to be sure. Wishing you a better day tomorrow and feeling better asap!

    • Happy Birthday — here’s a present:

      Damn’ the cost. Get a second opinion.

      I had the same symptoms several months ago (in the middle of summer, when it was 90-some degrees.)

      The problem was pneumonia.

      The solution was an antibiotic, concentrating really hard to not cough (for three days), and several days of bed-rest. The followup was several weeks of probiotics to fix the damage the (kickass) antibiotic did to my intestinal flora.

  10. Sorry Hank , my insurance keeps messing around and will not approve the current recommended treatment.So here I sit with no relief because somebody sitting at a desk makes my medical decisions for me. Sad part we pay them to do it. Medical is better than the mafia. No threats, come to my office and I will see for 2 minutes and kindly take your money. Oh by the way see you in 6 months.

    • AMEN to that one…..been there one to many times.. and companies will eliminate your job if you get sick.. seen it so many times.. then you lose the insurance.. the doctors and hospitals take it..
      my friend father inlaw needed an open heart surgery.. his insurance company closed down all the policies for that zip code.. they refused to do the surgery until he came up with the cash up front..
      the cardiac surgeon finally decided to do it.. his comment..
      I have always wanted to own a farm.. and yes he got half a section at the time.. to do the surgery.. Most companies no longer offer health coverage.. way back everyone part time full time anytime got insurance at his employers.. we were paying out everything the wife makes for insurance except for twenty bucks every two weeks..
      and the insuranec didn’t pay anything until you paid out ten grand.. the copay for a nurse practicioner to examine was fifty dollars per visit.. the same I pay at the VA healthcare system.. and up to two hundred fifty for a specialist.. the only difference is .. to go into a clinic to see a specialist.. the wait is one to two years.. unless it is a life threatening emergency. where they diagnose but don’t treat.. at the va it is two weeks to a year..

      when deregulation happened the middle and lower classes were tossed under the bus..

  11. Re: Inefficient Machines
    feat: human beings


    Perhaps the 2016 tome “The Wit and Wisdom of Narayana Murthy” authored by Narayana Murthy does not yet grace one’s bookshelf of finer tomes? The autobiography of sorts by Indian multi-billionaire and father-in-law of the UK PM is described in the book preview as a “humble soul”.

    The BBC notes that this Ceo Emeritus of Infosys with a side gig of authorship has drawn praise and ire following his most recent edict. The younger demographic of Indian worker must endeavor to work 70 hours per week. This is in order for the nation to more quickly regain productivity ground lost during the covid lockdowns. In response to criticisms of her husband, Mrs. Sudra Murthy has been quoted as saying that he regularly worked 80 to 90 hours per week. The couple have two children.

    There may be a trend developing? Yesterday’s White House notes a Presidential Daily Briefing delivery at 1:30 pm. Today the same event occurred at the comparatively dizzying early hour of 9:00 am est. It’s above my pay grade, but perhaps the ptb chose not to conduct the Brief earlier in deference to the scheduled PN arrival at 8:00 am central?

  12. ., and now for something completely different:
    Got my three piece black suit back from the cleaners., new black dress shirt.., brushed out by Stetson., shined my Justins to a mirror polish [ old Army habit.] Cleaned and checked my 410 derringer [ slips into a holster sewn into my Justins ]., my old flask [ since Vietnam] with a bottle of Blantons carefully wrapped and in the suitcase., and made my reservations.., off to Seaside Oregon to play with the Big Boys. [ Haven’t been to Seaside in a couple of decades – hope it hasn’t changed “too much”.]
    I have been invited to a game [ exact location unknown at this time. Standard practice.] Already sponsored by “Lady Fingers”., and Carl, a recent acquaintance, will be there as a player and introductions. Six players – two tables to start with. That will narrow down to one table – soon enough. Hopefully I can play well enough to make it to that point. Since I won’t know anyone there, except Carl., it will be a semi-cautious play for a few hours.
    I was hesitant to go, but the misses encouraged me to go see if I am still any good when playing with the road-pro’s. [ Put up – or Shut up.., ]
    – “No. I said ‘poker’ was an honest profession.” Doc Holiday
    – I’ll let ya know.

    • Welcome, d’Lynn, to being one of the cool dudes on this site. George has assembled a wonderful group of very cool dudes and dudettes on his website. Best of luck at the games.

      You have jogged a memory for me. I was visiting my beloved Grandfather in Louisville, Kentucky back on 1970. We were at the Blue Boar restaurant when my Grandfather pointed out a person to me. He told me that to our left was an uncle of mine who I had never met. He was a professional poker player who rode the Queen Mary from New York to London and back playing cards. I was not allowed to meet him, as he was considered a black sheep of the family. How sad, and what a shame. The stories he could tell. By the way, my Great-Grandfather taught me how to play poker at age six. I last played poker back in the 1980’s, along with whist and bridge.

  13. Well, while the World falls apart here’s one more thing to watch as it’s happening.

    According to Ben over at S0 we’ve now set a NEW record for lower latitude auroras down into the Southern states even though the Sun really isn’t doing anything that spectacular in it’s emanations. The Earth’s magnetic field is collapsing like nobody’s business.

  14. WHEN A FLY FALLS INTO A CUP OF COFFEE . . . The Italian – throws the cup, breaks it, and walks away in a fit of rage. The German – carefully washes the cup, sterilizes it and makes a new cup of coffee. The Frenchman – takes out the fly, and drinks the coffee. The Chinese – eats the fly and throws away the coffee. The Russian – Drinks the coffee with the fly, since it was extra with no charge. The Israeli – sells the coffee to the Frenchman, sells the fly to the Chinese, sells the cup to the Italian, drinks a cup of tea, and uses the extra money to invent a device that prevents flies from falling into coffee. The Palestinian – blames the Israeli for the fly falling into his coffee, protests the act of aggression to the UN, takes a loan from the European Union to buy a new cup of coffee, uses the money to purchase explosives and then blows up the coffee house where the Italian, the Frenchman, the Chinese, the German and the Russian are all trying to explain to the Israeli that he should give away his cup of coffee to the Palestinian so there will be peace.

  15. George,

    URE thinking that all people have inner monologues, not necessarily true.

    I have heard (but not spoken about in the below articles, that some people just have instincts, so no inner dialogue, and there is other suppositions that some people with no inner voice might have much lower moral issues when making mistakes/errors/criminal activity.)

    How about an active inner voiced person interacting with a low to no inner voiced person; could that cause stress/confusion/agitation? All interesting questions.)

    From this article: “According to Hulburt, not many people have an inner monologue 100 per cent of the time, but most do sometimes. He estimates that inner monologue is a frequent thing for 30 to 50 per cent of people.”

    “There are very big individual differences,” he said, “Some people have absolutely none and some people have pretty close to 100 per cent.”

    Another article:

    Another interesting article:

    What isn’t covered in any of these articles, either, is “The Still Small Voice.” I have heard that voice. IF anyone else has heard it, you will know and understand how distinct it is and not related to the inner monologue at all.

    Also, talk of active technologies that can ‘beam’ voices/information into people’s heads; that would be very unsettling disturbing a person once, or many times to inflict pain, cause issues including mental illness, and possibly make them do things.

    Of course, ‘hearing voices’ was what the latest mass shooter complained about to his family.

    • Ring could offer a billion dollars — doesn’t matter. An object has to be within 45m (140ft) to trip the motion sensor. If’fn that flying saucer lands in your front yard, chances are you are one of the “chosen” — or there’s about to be 12,000 nukes detonate and turn Earth into a cinder. Either way, you won’t be around to collect…

  16. I have “Jesse Watters Primetime” playing in the background.

    He just mentioned that Fauci journeyed to Wuhan in 2018 and retrieved a case of coronaviri, acquired a bunch of Egyptian(?) bats from a Maryland zoo, then transported the whole mess to a lab in Montana where his staff mixed twice & stirred once.

    Oh, and Pelosi just got subpoenaed in a criminal case…

    • its about time that nancy got pulled in.. how many suspected insider trading situations has there been now..

  17. “Still, as G.A. Stewart was kind enough to remind us, the ‘crocodile” in the region is likely Egypt so keeping an eye on their forces massing for a potential attack on Israel would be the next scene in this sad opera of human failings in every quarter.”

    FWIW I don’t know if this is still the case, but Egypt had (and may still have) the second-largest tank corps in the world, the vast majority of which (~6200) were M1A1s…

  18. ” Joe Biden, Xi Jinping to hold constructive meeting in San Francisco this month, confirms White House.”

    So, this was written by a CCP speechwriter, right?

    I would venture to say Xi will make out even better than Stalin did when he met with FDR and Churchill in Yalta…

  19. “Remember, we like perfection and simplicity. Since the color black will not reflect enough light to screw up pictures like this, I jumped on Amazon and went looking for a “black photo drop cloth. All kinds of HUGE things popped up.”

    It’s just a piece of cloth. A fabric remnant. I have black, white, and gray. Mine are 52×72 inches. I bought them several years ago from a Jo-Ann or Hobby Lobby for less than 2 bucks each. I use them as backdrops for stuff I sell through eBay. My daughter bought a couple 36×42 inch pieces of solid flannel just last week from Jo-Ann Fabrics ( for 48¢ each.

    The velvet may not be non-reflective enough to suit you. The best possible solution for “handless shots” is a ladies’ black, formal or opera glove in thin cotton or jersey. The next best is an extra long black “parade glove” like marching bands and military parade units wear. When I would do these, I would wear a black, long sleeve shirt, with the gloves. If the velvet doesn’t work for you, you might try these:

  20. George,

    Current fractal projection for November crash:
    Nasdaq 2023
    18 August 6/12/12 days
    27 Sept 7/16/ 5 of 14 days ending 14 November 2023.
    The final 14 days : a 3/6/7 day series with a peak on day 4 of the 6 day subfractal 2, ie Thursday 2 November. (Looks like an opening gap higher for the futures)

    French CAC 2023
    18 August 5/12/11/7 days
    3 October 5/11/9 of 11/7 days ending 14 November 2023

    End date agrees with Bank of Shanghai 27 June 2023
    4-phase 14/34/28/21 day fractal series

    This matches an 11 October 2023 Bitcoin/USD 8/16/12 day fractal series.

    US Ten Year Note
    31 August 9/20/16 of 25 days
    Final lower high interest rate: 11 Oct 3/8/6-8 days

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