Hyperinflation Confirmed + “Upload” Woo-Woo

Two bullet points today:  The Usual Financial News and then I seek your advice and a judgement call about an interesting Intellectual Property (IP) “coincidence” – or something more.  First, the news…

Hyperinflation Confirmed

My consigliere (who may drop by the Peoplenomics podcast tomorrow) says in his work, the Fed’s now 171% annualized inflation rate (*most recent month, not-seasonally adjusted M2 extrapolated to an annual rate) won’t set off fires of inflation.

“As long as the velocity of money is imploding, they can print to their heart’s content, ” he explained.

“But…but!!!” I protested, “Look at what they’re admitting to again this week in Table 1 of the H.6 money stocks report!”

The fact that right now we can see the money printing going nuts tells us that at some point this will all become terrible blow-back.

People will,  I think this summer, perhaps, realize that anything tied to a physical asset will be the replacement for US dollars which are being hollowed-out before our eyes.

Housing will go up, especially outer suburban – with good internet access and regular services at safe distances – will soar.

Food will go through the roof, as people figure out that protein is going into long-term shosrt supply with herd sized coming down.

And then there’s the matter of a very wet yet so far in much of the Nation’s farm belt.

None of it sound particularly fun.  Especially with oil sucking the hind-one and such.

While it’s true that Bitcoins are still holding just over $9,000, the real question  – still never rationally answered by the cryptomaniacs – is “What is the basis of BTC value?  Other than a made-up hashcode?”

Once the Second Wave of virus gets here, and communications and power get sketchy, would your really gamble your financial future on the lights staying on, hackers never succeeding, the end of mining when the last BTC is mined, or the Internet leaves due to EMP?

Silly us!  We’d rather bet on a garden, 5.5 kilowatts of solar, and plenty of the the 4G technology that matters:  Grub, guns, gold, and God.  YMMV.

What Goes With Drudge?

We’ve been wondering now – for six months, in fact – what’s going on with the highly rated Drudge Report.  One reason is reports that an investor was about to come in.  The reports were going around last December in articles like this one.

We’d sure like to know.  The reason this matters is the headlines lately on Drudge have been leaning decidedly toward the liberal camp.  The dominant headlines this morning included:


What makes it so interesting is that James Carville, Jr. – also known as the Ragin’ Cajun – was one of the key advisors putting Bill Clinton into office.  But, more to the point, he’s also done a lot of foreign election work, says Wikipedia:

And we all know what a firm foundation was laid for peace and progress in Venezuela…lol.

Inquiring minds want to know  a beer. 8-hours till Miller Time, though, doggonit.

Headlines and Trotlines

Trolling for partisans on any cause that can be monetized – that’s the new world disorder:

Woo-Woo 1:  Todays Symbols

From the left- eye:  Clockwise vortex, centering in.  We take this to mean more hurricane or tropical storm news will follow.  NOAA says an above-normal season is likely.

From the right- eye: Stick amoebas dancing and a waving “left bracket” in the left  mind’s eye field.  More on the quake swarm out west in Nevada, perhaps?

Or, does this presaging a Memorial Weekend Quake?  We note that quakes seem to behave as though named holidays are “strange attractors.” Ask me a week from Tuesday.

Also Rambling By

Russia gets back to its roots – while the US is shredding its roots.  See Putin Adds Patriotism, War History to School Curriculum for a sense of it.

Depression:  It will be global. China Warns On Slump As Virus Kills World Jobs.

And the Hong Kong market got it’s ass kicked last night.  Down 5-1/2%. Por que?  Hints in China’s new national security law threatens Hong Kong’s friendly business climate.

Woo-Woo-2:  “Afterlifing” and the New Amazon Series “Upload”

Did someone “Borrow” one of my dreams, reported in a 2018 book I wrote, and not cut me in for a “piece of the action?”

I don’t suppose you’ve ever read my book  Psychocartography: Mapping the Human Dream.

Let me gift you some insight into “How the World of George” works. I think you’ll agree, when Ure done, that strange things are afoot.

I’m going to show you how closely the new Amazon series “Upload” [2020] parallels my [2018] book.

The Key Book Extract

(following (C) 2018, George Ure in Psychocartography: Mapping the Human Dream)

Afterlifing: A Journey to Lieneuw

We were traveling in a vehicle. It was more like a small bus. Dark blue, it had sliding doors for both sides of the back seat and bucket seats in front.

Four of us were riding: My wife Elaine was in the right back seat, with my late mother in the left rear seat. My late father was driving in the left seat and I was in the right front.

It was a marvelous day – sunny with blue skies – and we had left Arrival City early. Not so much because we were in a hurry to leave. It was more because of the sense of looming adventure before us.

(I called it Arrival City because it was the first big city I had explored a bit in The Realms).

The “dream” as I’m sure a psychologist would call it, began like many others. It was far less a dream; more like awakening into a different Reality; a separate one from the waking daily life on Earth.

This notion of “Visiting the Realms” had become very familiar. In fact, it was the basis for my first novel, “DreamOver.” In that book, the hero is similarly faced with an emergent ability to “jump” into another person’s consciousness. That is, to go to “sleep” and while in the somnambulistic state as viewed from the waking side of consciousness, experience a fully detailed “second Life” on the dream side.

The difference between my novel, and this story, is that I wanted to capture some of the essence of how “Adventures in the Realms” seems to work.

Back in the van, remember that we were communicating with one-another telepathically. Elaine had newly-arrived in The Realms and was very uncomfortable with the place. It’s a natural reaction.

Elaine has had several very negative experiences in life and she’s a bit shy about empowering herself to “dream large” and claim her power. Circumstances in the waking-world had denied her much of that until we married.

It is understandable, not to mention unsettling, to find yourself in a combination of memories (some people are live and visiting in dreams, while other people are dead but also very-much present) interacting in a completely natural (to them) way.

It’s like if you took some of the highlights of waking-state life and some of the concepts from (twisted) religious doctrine about Afterlife and put them in a blender. Ta-dah! The Realms. And, at least in some respects, in compliance with the laws of physics.

Some of the major projects people have in “The Realms” include learning to forgive themselves for all past offenses on other planets and at other times in other lives. Ascended spirit work. Personal housekeeping. Learning, growth, sharing, and adventuring.

Particularly hard to grasp, for some, is the idea that when humans “die” from the waking-state Earthly Life, they simply follow their essence – what we call the soul – that thing that “roosts in a body” – back to our base camp. Off into one of those quantum mechanical divisions to a new world. For all of us, that first place of awareness is often an Arrival City.

As your personal Psychocartography evolves, you will begin to see that most of your dreams take place somewhere in, or around, this “Arrival City.” Scenes will come back to you from past dreams and over time things will begin to “stitch-together.”

So back to the dream in progress…

We were trying to gently share these concepts with Elaine. No, she wasn’t dead…no one really dies…and we joked about that since we were all “essence.” Essence never dies. But, despite our lightheartedness, she became quite distraught. Like I said, a lot of residual pain…

So much so, that in a matter of moments she slid the door open and stepped outside, expecting to die immediately because of stepping out of a moving passenger van doing about 30 to 40 miles an hour down a residential concrete street.

Obviously, she didn’t.

Clearly, I remembered telling my parents “I don’t think she understands yet that she’s in “The Realms” there is no death here. I better go comfort her…”

With that, I opened my door and stepped out – also onto the concrete – still doing 30-40. But, instead of any searing pain, there was merely a familiar skidding of my shoes as I slid to a halt, perfectly upright.

Quickly, I half-jogged back a block to where Elaine was sitting on the left side of the road, her knees up, and she was rocking back and forth (in a sitting fetal position) trying to wrap her head around what was going on. Back and forth…back and forth…emotions all over the place.

I reached down, picked her up, and held her as she was shaking with the fear and confusion common to new arrivals.

She was wearing a metallic gold top, white jeans, and looking stunning as always.

Not a scratch on her, not even a hair out of place.

After a few minutes, her sobbing stopped, and the confusion seemed to clear. She looked at me with doe-like eyes. We didn’t need to speak because her question was already in my head – such is communication between “connected” people in “The Realms.”

“Yes, my darling, we are in “The Realms.” I have written of it during my time on Earth. I have no idea exactly where this place is, relative to Earth, but it doesn’t matter. We’re here. Living the Dream…”

Near as I’ve got it figured, there are trillions of “souls” in the Universe. When you think about it, the notion of there just being one spark of intelligence in the Universe – and it choosing to hang out on Earth – is about the stupidest dogma anyone could come up with.”

Again, I sensed her next questions.

“I’m not sure how it’s all organized, but my sense is that we are in “The Realms” as spiritual essence. Our “core beings” – souls – are grouped according to their heritage. In some Realms, people are “ruled-over” by entities who demand tribute, adoration, praise. On inspection these are nothing more than expressions of the Egoic part of humans running wild. You get what you agree to here.

Another set of Realms is for those who cannot yet forgive themselves. Like you, for example. You came to the end of “waking Life” as you went to sleep on Earth and you were still beating yourself up diligently for events that were unavoidable and not caused by you. So those unresolved things come along as “work to be done” here.

You could have ended up in one of the Hell-like Realms except for one thing: You had been told the Most Terrible Secret there is: That we get to choose our fate. Deep inside, of course, you knew that. It’s what prevented you from taking your own life when you were deeply distressed, perhaps, long before we met. At some level you sensed that the life on Earth was little more than an adventure. Which is why at the time of dying, or in a vivid dream visit, people eventually sort themselves to Arrival City: Recognition sets in and they begin to “get it.” We’re scheduled to have thousands more adventures…”

Elaine was processing this…and as she did so, my (dead but very much alive in The Realms) parents returned with the van. It had taken them a while to get turned around and return to where we were holding one another at the side of the road. I understood from them both they wanted us to have time together, so Elaine could adjust to this new place.

Another question arose from Elaine: The passage of time in “The Realms” is nothing like it was on Earth. It’s far more flexible and very controllable. If we were not ready for my parents to arrive, they would arrive when it was OK with us. In their slice of “The Realms” it would seem like time passing “normally” but for us, because we were having a deep, soul-level discussion in a vivid dream, the time for us had expanded a great deal. A few minutes into a couple of hours, kind of thing.

“Do you want to come with us?”

My parents were inviting, and it was very comforting to be with them in The Realms as we’d spent a great deal of time here “playing-back” our adventures in the Earth-life. My dad’s peak experiences were fishing and the heroics of being a firefighter. Mom was happy, too…We passed time considering our actions and what we could learn from next.

An important point, to this. When a person lives an Earth-Life, it’s very much like a field trip and just as you’d pick up samples of this and that on an outing, you get to bring your “samples” to “The Realms” for further study. Recalled actions, decisions, and emotional-fallout warranted intense study. Mental pictures of the finest sites in your life? Those are the templates that construct the place.

“No thanks…you go on ahead. Elaine’s new to this place and I want to show her around, a bit.”

“OK, we’ll catch up with you two later…” With that, the van moved silently up the residential street.

“It’s a strange place, Elaine. It takes some getting used to. Let’s have some adventure and I’ll show you…”

It didn’t so much as require the snapping of my fingers: We were just suddenly in our own vehicle and headed east from the city toward the mountains from Arrival City.

“What…what was that? Where are we going?”

It was a fair question for her to ask.

“There’s a new place being developed: It’s called Lie Neuw – and it’s pronounced “Lee New.

Almost instantly we arrived on a hillside with a vantage point over curiously built community. It was alpine – almost Teutonic – in construction. But, all the buildings were brand new and made of a brownish-red brick-like material.

Entering one of them, we saw that each of the dozens of apartment buildings were up to 10-stories high. There was a central access core so that anyone could come into the buildings and ride up the elevator to a chosen floor.

When you got off the elevator, there was a nice sitting area, reminiscent of a hotel’s lobby.

To each side, away from the elevators, there were locked double-wide doors that lead to the individual quarters. Normally, these were locked. But, as luck would have it, we had arrived just as housekeeping was going through preparing units for tenants. We were to be the tenants of this unit.

Housekeeping had left a unit open, and one cleaner was still at work, so we decided to take a quick walk-through.

From the central corridor, the first entrance to an apartment was on the left. We entered this, and it was one of the most luxurious bathrooms imaginable. Everything was glittering white marble and the fixtures were of gold.

There were some odd pieces of furniture and even a massage table. What came though as a “sense” of it was that this was a combination of bathroom, sauna, and sex room. Where all the physicality’s of Life could be experimented with, improved upon, and enjoyed.

At the far end of the room was a door to the living space. This was truly remarkable, as well. As we entered, there were two huge flat screen-like devices taking up two walls. But they weren’t televisions – not as we know them. A person from housekeeping spoke from somewhere behind us: “Those are your soul projectors. Using them, you can share new adventures in other parts of The Realms…”

I also got the message: This was Our new home. And this was how we could “play” adventures back.

Beyond this was a fabulous kitchen. It had a six burner Wolff gas stove, a microwave, and dishes. But along the far wall was a room-width display case with every food imaginable ready for cooking or consumption.

“Of course, you don’t have to cook…things will self-prepare if you want them to…” our guide behind us chimed in.

“We’ll come back…”

With that, we were back in our car and after traveling for a few minutes, we had arrived as a piece of property I was going to develop as our rural weekend retreat.

The land was a large rectangle; perhaps 15-acres in size. In the middle of it was a depression…almost like a canyon that dropped a hundred feet, or so.

On the far side of that, the land rose quickly to a ridge that ran across the far end of the property. We could sense that on the far side of this, the land dropped off quickly to a large body of water, maybe three miles across. On the far side of this were mountains. Traversing the waters was every kind of ship you could dream: Sailing vessels -old square riggers – merchant ships, luxury yachts, and a few that defy description in waking hours.

“What’s that?”

Elaine was wondering about a narrow-gauge rail car and a set of tracks that went down toward the depression in the middle of the property and back up the side of the far hill; much like a switchback.

“I had this rail car and the tracks left over from one of my adventures in “The Realms” before you got here. So, I set them here. One of the problems with this land is that we’re not allowed to build our home up on the top of the ridge where the view is great – yet I’ve never figured out why…

— end copyright extract from my book Psychocartography. —

Now, Go Rent “Upload” from Amazon

The series is not exactly like my account in the book, although there are many similar points.

  • Both the book (2018) and the series (2020) deal with dead people in an “Afterlife” realm.
  • Distinctly, the entrance to the screen of action is via death in both.
  • The starting point is being in a vehicle.  In the series, the hero dies in a self-driving car accident.  In my dream, the scene just opened there – in the van.
  • I go into Dream Realms.  The Series goes into a “digital afterlife.”  Both provide for “magical events” to take place.
  • Both my book and the series set characters in “condo-like’ quarters.
  • There’s a good-looking female.  One in my book (Elaine), two in the series.
  • The book talks about the instant/unlimited perfect food.  There’s focus in Upload episode 1 on instant perfect food, as well.
  • But the most remarkable parallel is to that sketch from the hill overlooking “Lieneuw” because “Lake View” – the digital realm used in the Series – has an almost identical perspective from up above and looking down on the afterlife building where (in the 2018 book) Elaine and I live.  And where the hero in the 2020 series lives…

There are, of course, many points of difference – there would have to be in order to build a whole series from an idea and outline of events.

Yet, “Arrival City” sure fits with the Series premise, and so does the “being dead” part in the book.

If I were a greedy prick, I’d go looking for an IP attorney.  But, as always, we will be guided by what the world’s most reasonable website audience suggests.  On the other hand, if you know one….

How would you play it?  Too coincidental?  Or,  “Shit happens, George”?

Regardless, I have a much better, more science-based novel in the works…I could make someone a hell of a 2-for-1 deal.  Off the hook on this one, and a clean deal on #2.

Write when you get rich,


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89 thoughts on “Hyperinflation Confirmed + “Upload” Woo-Woo”

  1. et tu George. and you reckon something is wrong with drudge ? have you had the jab or sniffed or smoked something .. I respect your opinion but I feel it is tainted or downright wrong.. still remember the old days when I was I was wrong on oil . anyway im on the consilgre camp . all the best with that house stuff 2

  2. Wow, George! I have no wisdom to offer RE: the IP/attorney question, but maybe a worthwhile line of inquiry is… who wrote (or originated) the “Upload” script/screenplay? Could it be someone you know/knew/met in the Realms? Maybe one of your condo neighbors in LieNeuw?
    Sure sounds as though maybe the two of you had some shared experience(s) there?

  3. Intellectual Property is Intellectual Property George! Big Ka-Chingas have changed hands on a lot less then your showing as a comparison. I’d bet a dime and a doughnut you can find a crack law firm that would do it free for a chunk of the potential action. Bundling 2 for 1 isn’t out of the question either. Make it part of the settlement then you have shot of having 2 gold and 2 silver coins in your back pocket instead of just 1 like we both have now. For the record from my perspective your not being greedy. Your being prudent by perusing this!

  4. I dropped by the grocery store yesterday evening. Very few people were wearing masks. Shelves were stocked. Beef prices didn’t look that bad. Saw small hand sanitizer on the shelf for the first time in months – made in China, and not too shabby a formula. I expect with Rev 3 apparently on the ground in NE China, that source will dry up quickly, along with the PPE.
    I had suggested previously that an intentional Rev 3 release might be timed for a mid-summer travel dispersion. I have read the comments about Rev 3 being a natural mutation to a longer incubating, more contagious, and longer lived version. I have to wonder if active development of enhanced corona virus is not still going on, and the sociopaths just released it further from home this time, to divert attention. I don’t see any evidence that the CCP is reining in the bio-warfare loose cannons, but is instead supporting expanding facilities.

    • @n____

      My entire issue with this virus is the quarantining of HEALTHY people rather than the sick. First time to do this in history, and the numbers are showing it doesn’t make any meaningful difference.

      So my question is pretty simple: Since government does not ever have original thoughts, they just rehash and repeat historically proven options to get predictable outcomes – why did they decide to quarantine everybody rather than just those who are sick?

      And I’ll go back to my comment months back – why would The Donald be out without a mask, when he is a well-known germophobe?

      • I have not supported the lockdowns in this country. I did and do support cutting off travel inbound from China. Despite all the rhetoric, that was never really done that.
        I do support lock-ups for guilty biowarfare parties both foreign and domestic, and shutdown of biowarfare infrastructure posing as civilian research, as exists in Wuhan.
        We need to be distributing effective PPE and sanitizers to the citizenry, not locking it away in government hoarding warehouses, never to be seen again. This is the proper way to combat a third wave, not with more lockdowns.
        DJT is taking propylactic meds to decrease his chances of infection. That should answer your question about DJT and the masks.

      • I suspect Trump doesn’t wear a mask because he’s probably been taking hydroxychloroquine, which is a preventive as well as a cure, since he first mentioned it, instead of since he admitted taking it a week ago.

      • “So my question is pretty simple” — AS WILL BE MY ANSWER: Perhaps shadowy folks that run PRC are identical with the those running the US of A?!

      • Yes but that drug that Trump is SUPPOSE to be taking according to a report I read tonight, that in its trials killed more than the virus for it causes an irregular heartbeat and in a weakened condition its fatal.I haven’t read a report yet from scientists who work in the virus field where they state that this drug has but limited to no value in fighting the virus but its side effects are deadly.

        I see China is also working on a vaccine which they say when perfected they will give the world free,the race is on to see who can create a vaccine for there’s many billions to be made off from it

      • The CCP flunkies seems to the call the shots at tech companies, social media, entertainment media, and the political left in the USA. Whether they really run the show here is debatable, but they certainly control comms and spin.

      • DJT and all others in politics realize that they can’t effectively convey their message using body language if their facial expressions are obscured. This is true for all of them, including the power tripping governesses that think they can dictate behavior to normal people.

        I believe in masks when appropriate – but that’s a complex issue. Sometimes it’s worth a risk – sometimes not.

      • “My entire issue with this virus is the quarantining of HEALTHY people ”

        They didn’t.

        They locked us down.

        “News” people changed the wording from “lockdown” to “quarantine” and the stupid and ignorant masses quickly adopted the more important and less tyrannical sounding term.

        Neither the Governor nor the Prez has either the right or the authority to “lock down” the population unless they first declare Martial Law, thus suspending the Constitution.

        That doesn’t mean the Gestapo can’t shut down your barbershop and take you to the hoosegow. It just means if one were wealthy enough, they could take the State or Fed to court and beat them on a clear infringement of their Constitutional Rights.

        “why did they decide to quarantine everybody”

        Given the ability to baseline historical responses to general “shelter in-place” orders, somebody wanted to gauge the response from the proles, both in the U.S. and abroad.

        “why would The Donald be out without a mask”

        He doesn’t need one. The Secret Service is very good at their job.

        With that said, like “n_____” and “Tumbleweed,” I suspect he’s been on a hydroxychloroquine regimen since February 18th or 19th (WTO and the Chinese said “not communicable” on 2/13, we found out it was on 2/14 through our spook channels, Trump initiated his COVID-19 study group on 2/15. They would have learned through the CIA that Chinese lupus and malaria patients had a much-lower infection rate and much higher recovery rate than people who were not on HCQ, by 2/17 or 2/18, hence my suspicion… Note that I specified Trump’s COVID study group and not the CDC.)

        Germophobes and self-medicating vitamin-nuts (like me, BTW) tend to pay attention to things which can either make our lives better, or worse, and the supplementation which can further the former or diminish the latter…

      • “Yes but that drug that Trump is SUPPOSE to be taking according to a report I read tonight”

        …is many times safer than aspirin, Tylenol, or Ex-Lax.

        You need better sources.

        I suggest the drug safety tables at the CDC, for starters.

        You have been letting idiots with agendas do your thinking for you. Please stop! You’re better than that.

        If Mr. Trump cured cancer, the Left would either come out in favor of cancer, or pan him for not curing it sooner.

        Not everything Trump does is bad, wrong, or insufficient, yet agenda-driven sources would have us think it is, and stupid people will buy into the ideologue’s spin until they eventually adopt his agenda.

  5. Trump won because of the anti-Hillary vote. Now there is a huge anti-Trump vote forming. We no longer seem to vote FOR anyone.

    • @ John C

      Well, when the choices are Red vs Blue and nothing else, you will always be forced into holding your nose to vote. Congress is rampantly crooked, both sides of the aisle. There is more graft today than ever before in history – even the alleged “white hats” in .gov are making skim off stock tips.

      I’m all in for “Giant Meteor Hits DC”…

    • So true. I have voted libertarian the past few elections. Few of the policies of either major party interest me as a believer in Freedom, capitalism (not crony capitalism), and the free market. Mass media and poor economic educations has ruined forever the ability for anyone with more then several years of public life to be elected nationally. It is so sad, but cannot see how this gets better. I recall democrats talking about George W. Bush supporting dragging black people around with cars because he did not support hate crime legislation. Was it Reagan accused of wanting old people to eat dog food, in not supporting ever growing and un-affordable social security growth? I believe the Clinton family is completely immoral and corrupt, but for many years the democrat party had them as leaders. I think Obama had much support from people that wanted to vote for him, though he had practically no experience with either capitalism or being a leader of anything (community organizer). He was well also protected against any negative message by the media though.

      Can any well versed person that has integrity run and win? I think Bernie was the closest recently, running as a devoted socialist. I am happy he was not nominated, but at least I believe he had integrity about his platform. But even he had no plan to tell people how his policies would be paid for and implemented. A pretty easy way to run, just free stuff for everyone.

      I guess we get what we deserve, by raising generations of people that are no longer self sufficient and have no ability to use logic nor have any understanding of history.

  6. “the 4G technology that matters: Grub, guns, gold, and God. ”
    You put the first most important ONE last when HE, is first.

    • @Steve H

      ON this earth..humans must eat to stay alive to do and see the last 3….george has it right…

    • All religions share common tenets.

      Be we pets, in a petri dish, or in the matrix, I don’t believe God really cares where we place him on the list. Points for thinking about Him, but He doesn’t need our help in maintaining the upper hand (as if He needs to)!

  7. The reserve currency never hyperinflates…only the secondary peripheral currencies as inflation is exported to them from the reserve currency. We will see a commodity boom over the next few years but not from hyperinflation in the dollar. It will be the result of the collapse of producer capacity from the massive demand destruction we are seeing right now and other side issues such as weather. Interesting how in depressions you always seem to have a weather factor adding to the problems (Dust bowl, etc.).

    Hyperinflation only occurs when there is massive loss of confidence in the government. This is occurring in Europe and strange as it sounds to most of the readers here, the dollar will not collapse but will rally possibly to new highs as massive capital flows move from Europe to the USA as those governments collapse.

    The amount of capital destruction taking place is multiple times the amount of money that is being created by the FED. That does not lead to hyperinflation.

    • Reserve currencies always have a value tied to them, whether gold, oil, strong economy, or just a mighty military that can squish opposition. Losing such a basis will cause the reserve status to wither away. Whether or not we wish this, China knows it too.

  8. “velocity of money”

    He’s right. All the easy credit pulled us forward 150 years in technology, easy.

    Credit facilitated mass production. Mass production and credit go hand in hand.

    Before credit people saved up $ in cookie jars and paid cash. How long would it take the average serf to save up for an Iphone? There wouldn’t be an I-phone. Now we finance cars and throw them away before the note is paid (negative equity).

    Think about being the seller. One the buyer pulls the cash from the cookie jar, that buyer sees that jar as empty. Which took forever to fill.

    As velocity slows quality should go up.

  9. George, it is highly probable that Greg Dan***s, the writer & director of UPLOAD, borrowed your books soul. Dan***s is a long time TV writer & not an author, meaning he borrows others ideas for TV. He is not a creator. Your recourse avenues are few, since you are fighting a very wealthy crowd of thieves.

  10. “Once the Second Wave of virus gets here, and communications and power get sketchy,”

    Lately.. I have been quite curious.. when the second wave hits.. Will they notify anyone and go option three.. ignore it pretend it doesn’t exist and let the chips lay where they fall..

    I think we will have an idea after monday.. since monday is one of our travel holidays.. will people still be staying home.. or will they take off all around.. like the guy I visited with that has the dam virus really bad.. he figured that the govt. says its ok so why not go out.. well if there is one there are a million that feel the same way..

    • Time travel is easy.

      With the first wave, everything fell apart because there were too many laws and political obstacles in the way to make things work.

      In wave two, DoD takes sides and the President-cum-Chancellor will convince the Parliament, I mean Congress, to pass a sweeping law giving him unprecedented powers so we “don’t make the same mistakes twice.” Afterwards, he will refuse to cede his authority…

      What are we doing today that would be considered crazy talk a year or three ago?

      • “Time travel is easy”

        That’s the truth Joe….

        When your shopping and walk up to your wife and pat her on the butt only to discover as this stranger turns and knocks you into next week….lol lol you just time traveled…
        The other roof of time travel is something we all take for granted..
        The mirror…even though it appears to be same time it’s actually a view of the past.
        Getting there is the real question..

  11. “What Goes With Drudge?”

    Clear back as far as last september I had read that he had sold the business.. I haven’t gone on drudge since…
    Just like the other site.. before its news.. you will notice that about the same time that drudge sold out.. the whole format for the two sites changed.. and the patterns for what is covered changed considerably..
    the same thing with Wikileaks.. as well. all of the information coming out of those places had changed suddenly.. Just like MSM I think that its all controlled

  12. Do you have the cash to hand a lawyer to litigate?
    Do you want to get roped into litigation at this stage in your life/plans?

    As the dollar hollows out, what exactly would you take as non-monetary compensation? Because there appear to be many assets currently gathering rust and dust across the world already, and you have already shown the acid poured into the system in printed form.

    If I were suing someone (remember, INCs are peeps too here in the US of A), let them keep their cash. I would want some type of hard asset they currently own – as long as it isn’t commercial real estate (weg).

    That type of ‘settlement’ might work out great for both parties, and paying the legal eagles with dollars about to go toilet paper appeals to me on a personal level.

    You’re right about Drudge since he sold out. The NDA for the deal expires the day after election day. Methinks coinkydink NOT…

    Interesting that many articles are appearing that are basically calling Trump fat – ROFLMAO.., Lots of folks don’t like things he tweets, but the things he does I tend to like; such as trying to undo licensing, permits, regulations, requirements, etc. for small businesses; trying to get rid of some of the tax burden; gutting ObammyCare. I especially love him calling out the crooked politicians and the media disinfo machine. Yet his haters have resorted to calling him ‘fat’. Is that all they have left to run with?

    Halliburton has let 70% of workforce go worldwide. Many oil producing countries are still shut down and locked down.

    Do your readers know that when a well is shut-in for more than a few weeks, they rarely resume the same production rate when they are brought back online? Shutting down fracked wells will be a new thing, but likely to have similar or worse consequences. That’s why Oilman1 usually tries to keep his strippers going, even if it’s just a dribble.

    What does this mean? Well, everybody is happy with low prices except us in the oilpatch, so there is unlikely to be relief from the government. If there is, it may be in some form of nationalizing for energy security interests. That will be a years long endeavor unless government just buys out the leaseholders and gets into the oil biz (unlikely IMHO because .gov is just too stupid to grasp what we do).

    But the shut-ins will likely either never come back without sinking more money into re-completions to get flow rates back up or they will not come back at all. At $30/bbl, few will be able to find investors among folks already burned from this collapse.

    Fracked wells? Likely to require new frack jobs – which are very unlikely at $30/bbl.

    So, the stage is set for a price run-up when the worm tries to turn. It isn’t something you will see in a year, maybe not for a decade, because it will only be apparent when energy demand tries to grow. When will that be with all the business destruction we are seeing now? My magic 8-ball ball has too many variables – nothing is coming up in that little bubble window at all…

    see ya soon..

    • “with dollars about to go toilet paper”

      I thought they were getting a slight bit softer… now if they would only widen them LOL LOL LOL….

      I am right with you O2….. the only thing that obamacare did besides make it so that everyone could buy insurance.. was to give enhance the already leagle discrimination that they have been allowed.. insurance prices soared shortly after it came into practice.. after deregulation I think the efforts were intensified to increase the gap between insured and uninsured..
      I had always thought that they were pushing to get a single policy for everyone..all deducted through taxes.. then sell suppliments to the standard package everyone held.. but I don’t see that.. it became a tax if you didn’t buy the inflated priced packages..
      Kind of like most insurances.. Oh I wish that was in your package.. but it isn’t you need to get a more expensive package LOL.. to make sure that is covered.. I bought an extended policy for the car.. a fuse went out.. but you had to disassemble the dash to get at it.. and the price.. was almost a years wages.. OH MY WE SURE WISH THAT WAS COVERED… LOL what is it called now.. there is a standard.. that shows what will fail.. Oh I think it is called built in obsolescence… that way they insure that you will have to keep spending money on new products..

  13. Queensryche – Silent Lucidity https://youtu.be/4ylsNHXJljk

    Kind of eerie how the lyrics seem to match up with many of your dream world experiences George…. From the 1990 album “Empire”, single released on Feb. 14, 1991 (Valentine’s Day)

  14. If someone copied your work, be flattered.
    If someone had similar experiences and wrote them out so others could share, be interested.

    Consider how many people have written “fishing on a lake” stories.
    How many similarities are there between the stories?
    Does that mean that after the first story everyone else just copied the idea?

  15. I’ve been reading science fiction for decades, and the UPLOAD scenario has been very common in SF novels since at least the 70s and probably longer. So, lots of similar prior examples exist. Great minds think alike and etc

    • Well, now that I’m rich..working on wealthy….. maybe I will Wright a book with wings. Lol

      Dude. Let me ask one of my wealhy freinds. I personally know the former DA of Riverside.

      I am not sure what planet I am on. “jus Wow!!” Is a common exclimation of greeting and “Hell yeah!” I must ave said that atleast 27 times this morning already. Its natural reaction to a state of phenomena that just blows your mind at every turn of the path. I totally forgot we even had a virus running in the background of the world because it has absolutely no bearing on what is going on in my life. I have been rocketed to a whole nother dimension of reality and my feet never left the ground. In the last 48 hours I have been given by others over $400k worth of stuff and other money and I have done absolutely nothing but be humble, kind and considerate. I have a considerable dialog with God going on in the language of creation… and I cant even begin to describe it other than, “Just WOW!” As I am driving around with George Washington’s personal Luggage from when he moved into the White House after becoming president. A gift from a freind. All I said was, “just wow! Thank you. I’m so humbled at your offering to my well being.”

      See ya in The Realms old dude. I will be the cat with the Huge smile! HahahahahHahhahaha!!!

      I totally forgot the economy is tanking. I got 39 pre-sold car deals and I dont even start till next Friday. I dont know how to accurately Express my gratitude as it is right now. “Just WOW!”

      Thanks for the hook to bring me back around dude. I am humbled by your offering of words. Words are things. God is good. All the time. *tips hat.

      • I sent ya an email dude with some pics. I can barely keep my feet on the ground. I’m soo humbled by the Creator. I am in full marvel of how Big this all is. They dont make words for the degree of happy and blessed I truly feel. All I did was first destroy myself so i could obtain a place of humility.. i want and lack nothing. All is well becasue it is well within my soul.

        I’m off to pick up another wonderful moment. My ducks are not my problem anymore. I gave them to the Creator and he is rapidly placing them in a row without my modeling.

  16. I wasn’t a “Primary Creative” in advertising, but I was a tangential “worker” as a producer-director with a co-equal partner (now my wife). Once we had a produced and aired ad knocked off. Way too similar to be accidental. it was The Same Exact Damn TeeVee ad with different words. SLIGHTLY different words.

    I was Major Honked Off. (We were in a smaller market.)

    A Primary Creative (Agency Art Director — and a good one), told us, “Not to worry. Some ideas are just “in the air” and very similar treatments just pop up from time to time. There are a finite number of ways to say anything; and it’s probably purely accidental. Especially within a 30-second window of airtime.”

    Later, we got some solid confirmation that it was an honest coincidence.

    Our friend the Agency Guy further said, “We all are swimming in the same ocean of data and information. Stands to reason some sets of widespread stim will result in similar output from another mind.”

    Recently, 650 miles and 25 years away, we just noticed The Exact Same Damn Ad (all-new) on the Magic Boxx filled with wires and lights here, in our retirement residence.

    No way there was any active comms between There and Then, and Here and Now.

    Let it go. Do something New.


    • Genesis 1:1 “When God began to create the Heavens and the Earth.”

      The first word in The Bible is:


      The second is: God.

      The third is: Began

      The fourth is: Create.

      Rememeber my friend. The first word leads to God, God leads to Beginning and beginning leades to Create. There is an order to things.

      Start with the first word.

  17. Your “Arrival City” is very similar to Penny Kelly’s description of a similar venue in her books, specifically “The Robes”. No inference of copying on your part, heck no George, but, rather, perhaps two independent accounts of actual places and events in an extra-dimensional and parallel after life. Both of you seem to arrive at the same conclusions via different methods of achieving altered mental states which I truly wish was a much more generalized experience in our human community, hence my interest in mushrooms. Not all of us are meant for such experiences in my view, however. Perhaps I will in later lives as I suspect you’ve lived a few more than I. I expect my interest in deeper things will carry over to the next life where I hope to be able to explore it more. Too much work to do in this one, I’m afraid.

  18. George

    “We take this to mean more hurricane or tropical storm news will follow.”

    How so? With the Sun in a quite mode for what the last year and a half where will the energy come from?

    I will be more than happy to see a year with reduced storm activity!

    In my life I have been affected by hurricanes in a major way three times. 1965 hurricanes Betsy drowned my dads house near New Orleans. 1969 hurricane Camille ruined my honeymoon. 2005 hurricane Katrina drowned my house in Violet La. with 20 feet+ of nasty Gulf water. That house is gone and I am living on the north shore side of Lake Pontchartrain. Higher and dryer!

    We don’t need no stinking hurricane!

  19. Drudge – Non Disclosure ends this Summer, then We see who the new Foreign Owners be.

    Bitcoin Whitepaper- Satoshi Nakamoto – Peer To Peer Digital Cash System. Solution to the Double Spend Problem and Associated need for 3rd party (Bank) Verification.

    21 Million Bitcoins EVER! That is epitomy of HARD MONEY.

    – but hey what would a backwoods boomer know about HARD MONEY?! “Just print some more FRN’s , who F-ing Cares??? OBVIOUSLY NOBODY CARES…

    Cant wait to see how Ure going store & move Gold/Silver in size to facilitate large transactions – wait I know U can do like Harry Potter and just Apparate it into and out of thin air over large distances.bwahahahaha

    Ohhh Noo! Atlantic rag lays off 20% of Staff and Pay cuts for everyone else – couldnt happen to a more deserving band of FAKE Conservatives/Never Trumpers –

    Forget Theta Coin with Ure Samsung phones and TVs, no no nevermind..

    UN-Stoppable De-Centralization ..

    NO BITCOIN 4 U !

  20. George, ever since I started reading you in around 2006, you’ve been pushing the Repeat of the Great Depression, imminent collapse. No bitches here. I’ve always thought it was a cool theory. But is today the day that you are finally raising the White Flag on your generational prognostication? Massive debt and no inflation? I mean if the Great Pandemic and Trump’s bewildering botching thereof, doesn’t trigger the Second Great Depression, what will??

    Kind of makes you wonder what else you might have been wrong on, now doesn’t it? (Hint, hint: 97% of all reputable scientists, George . . . . 97%.)

    And oh, BTW, I told you a couple of years ago that all you cheerleading conservatives would be saying the same thing about Trump that you say about Bush: I never liked that guy anyway. LOL. Best, Mike.

    • The great crash of ’29 was triggered by a mini-crash in London a few weeks earlier, and it was triggered by a bank scandal and public outing of its president or something. I would think in today’s parallel, that might be something out of Asia or the collapse of some big institution in Europe. With all of our attention on COVID-19, nobody is paying attention to the rest of the (possible) news. My point is that all of the conditions are in place. We just need something to push the dominoes over.

  21. Nothing is wrong with Drudge. They are not leaning liberal. They, like a huge majority of People in America and on a Worldwide scale, just think Trump is an idiot. That’s ok. That’s just telling the truth. He is an embarrassment to this country. They and others know this and are just telling the truth for once…unlike Fox and friends Hannity, Limbaugh and Beck, which do not. That said, even Fox is turning on him or the point where Trump just tweeted in his usual tweet stormy way……

    “@FoxNews is no longer the same,” Trump wrote. “We miss the great Roger Ailes. You have more anti-Trump people, by far, than ever before. Looking for a new outlet!”

    (Oh now Trumpsters are praising the disgusting Roger Ailes?)

     · 22h

    Many will disagree, but ?@FoxNews? is doing nothing to help Republicans, and me, get re-elected on November 3rd. Sure, there are some truly GREAT people on Fox, but you also have some real “garbage” littered all over the network, people like Dummy Juan Williams, Schumerite Chris…

    Donald J. Trump

    ….Hahn, Richard Goodstein, Donna Brazile, Niel Cavuto, and many others. They repeat the worst of the Democrat speaking points, and lies. All of the good is totally nullified, and more. Net Result = BAD! CNN & MSDNC are all in for the Do Nothing Democrats! Fox WAS Great!

    Wow…just wow…He actually thinks that Fox exists jut]St to get him elected…The tail wagging the dog at its best…

    Now back to Drudge…If any other person was President, Drudge would be just as conservative and you wouldn’t notice a thing.

    And while I am not James Carville fan, don’t blame him for working in foreign countries. That’s hillbilly talk…saying “I cain’t trust them Mickey D and Kenturkey Fried folks anymore so cuz they is selling Their food in Fu-run (foreign) countries.”

    Give me a break.

    • I think the amazing point here is not the twitters, but the fact a sitting president openly thinks a public news source is his personal propaganda arm. While he may not publicly admit to fascist leanings, he is not doing anything to squash them. I wonder if anyone has done a study comparing the 1920/30 population of Austria and Germany and today’s U.S. population…

    • Mark, I think you’re of an above average I.Q., therefore I cannot fathom your continuous bashing of our current president. Do you really insist on “jumping from the frying pan into the fire?”

      I’d rather refrain from talking personalities in the comming election. However, I cannot understand your position, it’s all useless, IMHO, but switching from one clown to someone worse just for the sake of worse entertainment? I’m sure you find better use for your time.

      • The admission you just made Bolshevic that Trump is indeed a clown is all I need to hear. Now convince yourself yourself of this…America is so much better than this!!!!!

    • Now.. I am not a real fox news friend.. I use to listen to Limbaugh all the time..I enjoyed his double standards and got a huge chuckle out of it..
      I definitely see a change I drudge quit going to his site last fall..before there were articles that made me stop and question and send me off to find answers to my questions.. now after I heard he was giving his site to someone else..its all the same crap you’ll read anyplace.
      The people turning away from trump..even with all this virus stuff and the view of what is headed our way like a freight train he has still done more during his term than any other president in my lifetime.
      Now I think he is wrong for wanting to with hold funds from the CDC and the WHO their job is to do just what they are doing. Even with that I understand why he is doing what he is doing.. he owns resorts and gambling casinos..states are running short tax money. The velocity of cash came to a halt..he sees what is coming and is trying to stop the inevitable.
      Unfortunately when the velocity of cash ended and jobs were lost forever. Bill’s weren’t being paid rent wasn’t being paid the waves are pretty strong. What do you do. There would be wailing and gnashing of teeth if he went large and in charge and froze everything. And if he ignored the crises he goes down with GB jr. And Katrina..
      Now hes gambling on lives. Hoping that the effects wont be that bad. Get the cash flow moving. ( the fees will never get caught up with..its the death spiral. George’s charts will show you that)..
      What’s funny is it was all planned for decades ago..read adolphs second book.. but even he got it from the group that sold people on a promise..
      Of course that’s just my opinion

    • I am sure that DJT is panicing.. I am not sure what it costs to run his luxury Resorts or casino’s.. but it probably is more than I make in a hundred years..
      Then you have to consider.. He likes opulence and flying back and forth with his private airline.. that to takes some scratch to do..
      When the Velocity of cash ended or was drastically reduced.. it affected absolutely everyone.. states and their tax revenue.. employers land owners and the people.. with millions delinquent on debts and normal costs.. He obviously realized that giving trillions to those that really know how to invest it ( out of this country) and use it wisely ( with their millions of bonuses) that the stimulous was way under what it should have been..
      The Democrats realized that to.. so the house put in for another stimulous.. of course I am sure that had plenty of graff in it as well.. just to try to reboot the economy.. it double hurt us to find out that we no longer manufacture.. we are a consumption nation..
      Seeing a loss of that magnitude and the season for traveling.. I think that rather than leap from a tall building.. it was more beneficial to try and restart the economy.. ( even though every one of us realizes that it is shot.. dollars are tanked.. we printed way to much and are not about to stop at this point.. if we stop dumping water on the table of a noodle economy.. well the noodle crumbles.. if you dump to much water on the table the noodle gets mushy and falls apart to.. a very fragile situation..) in my opinion it is PANIC.. He obvously does not want to go through bankruptcy again..
      I am still waiting till the day when your panicing.. then I know it is time to hide.. or hightail it to some undisclosed point.. Canada is about the only one that was smarter.. I think they are still locked down.. didn’t they go for option 1

  22. Somewhat off-topic but since I was sitting here waiting on a couple of new solar panels to show up I thought I’d wander over to Ben Swann’s YT channel. The latest video is his interview with Dr. Judy Mikovits regarding her ordeal since the short documentary on her came out. It also exposes the sham that Wikipedia is which is on the level of FB, Twitter and the rest.


    It irritates me that Ben will dominate the conversation rather than letting Dr. Mikovits talk but he does let her get some of her story in there.

    • @ Mark –

      If you do not notice a difference in the type and tenor of what Drudge pushes, then I canot help you.

      But let’s revisit this a couple days after the election – when the NDA expires…

      • Millions of us noticed the change in Drudge and stopped going. They document the clicks; they know. Just like CNN, in the toilet. Remember, VOTE WITH YOUR REMOTE!!!

    • ” It also exposes the sham that Wikipedia is”

      Wackypedia is great for a quick & dirty answer, or a starting place from which to start an investigation. It is an incredibly bad place at which to do actual research.


      It waxes far-left and intensely PC — to the point it is worthless as an actual encyclopœdia. Any article related to anything conservative or politically volatile will only allowed to be published from the standpoint that “far-left” is considered the “unbiased norm,” and anything to the right of “far-left” is considered “far-right” or “right-wing.”

      • Ray, Wikipedia does allow you to contact them for edits and/or contributions. The constant denouncing of any facts you don’t like to hear really says how afraid you are to hear them:

        Obama flipped 9 states Blue, that had voted Republican in 2004, his 69.5 million vote tally is the largest ever in a Presidential election. Voters were mostly reacting to the economic problems, of 2008, this time (2020) the economic problems are worse for the incumbent.


        It’s the Economy, stupid:

      • “Ray, Wikipedia does allow you to contact them for edits and/or contributions.”

        Yes, Jon, but they do not allow actually corrective edits which don’t reflect their political agenda.

        I did not do screencaps, because I don’t care enough about a fluid “information source” with a strong and dishonest political bias to waste time or storage to do so, but I periodically drop in on both the wackypedia page of the PNAC, and those of a number of its more-prominent members. The running edits are appalling and insidious, and tend to be much more along the lines of scrubbing information than correcting errors.

        I prefer to research in print, but when I research online, which unfortunately is most of the time, I know how to find the World Book, Encyclopedia Britannica, and the CIA World Factbook, none of which can be edited on-the-fly to further an ideology.

        I don’t mind sifting left-wing sources for information, but it p!sses me off to see a website purported (and accepted by the ignorant masses) to be a source of factual information, which indoctrinates stupid people into accepting Marxist theology(sic) with nearly every page.

        In short: I detest Wikipedia’s lack of honesty.

    • Speaking of off topic.. I have to give Andy a huge thanks.. he told us about Walmart and a tv deal he got. I got a fifty inch for a hundred bucks.
      I am so glad he mentioned it.. out tuner is going bad in ours.. they have jacuzzis the inflatable ones for three hundred to.. those to usually sell for three times that..

      I haven’t been in there for just about three months. I had an interview to be a part time greeter..the money isnt anything at all.. the big issue is the health insurance and the employee discount..that can easily add up to more than twenty grand plus in money I already spend

      • You can go to Hertz now and get a cheap, low-mileage car, too! They went ta-tas up and now can’t find enough buyers for their auto inventory.

  23. The guys who wrote “Holy Blood, Holy Grail” sued the guy who wrote “The Da Vinci Code” and lost despite it looking like a direct steal.
    Imho NC’s comment is correct:
    “Your recourse avenues are few, since you are fighting a very wealthy crowd of thieves.“
    My experience with the legal eagles is, your always right and you have a great case, give me money and we’ll get rich. Until you lose in court and you’ve given them your money. Aren’t most of those politicians lawyers? Perhaps that should be a clue. Ask any inventor how that intellectual property thing works. Just saying…

  24. George, IMHO, “Dimensions Next Door” was your magnum opus, though perhaps you’ll trump it with your new book. It’s among the best $5.00 that I’ve spent. Certainly a better value than a latte. It has good ideas, many of them actionable, though I’ve made little progress regardless of that. More visual people would likely do better. I really do value the book.

    That said, pick your battles. Ideas can’t be copyrighted, as I understand it. Allegations of copying a “look and feel” might do better in court. I’ve won legitimate court cases and never succeeded in actually pocketing a dime. I’ve lost where I should have won and been stuck paying. To me, spending time and angst on forlorn causes is not the best use of your life. It’s a crapshoot even if you have a good case, and it’s giving your power(and money) to a questionable court system. I avoid a fight where possible and throw all my effort into winning when I can’t. In this case, it might be worth an exploratory talk with a professional IP lawyer, but even there, he would need to read the book and watch the series to get a reasonable POV. IF there’s a real congruence, then it might be worth an initial letter from said lawyer and you could then judge from the response whether or not either a collaboration, settlement or litigation makes sense. Sometimes retreat is the better part of valor, though certainly not always. Best of luck navigating this one.

    • LOL, not enough coffee! I keep confusing “Dimensions Next Door” with “PsychoCartography”! Two odd titles, yet both relevant to the deeper understanding of myself and reality that I’m trying to achieve. I absolutely recognized the outtake in today’s column and relate to your experience with Elaine, since I know a dear one who is absolutely terrified of admitting to anything beyond her own conscious senses. With luck and grace, that will change.

      What I mentioned before applies to any/all of your works.

  25. I recommend you “Better Call Saul”. If you haven’t seen the show, I highly recommend it. It’s an AMC series.

    The show is about an untraditionally trained (and consequently shunned) lawyer who thrives in the world of unusual clients and thinking outside the box for solutions to “tricky problems”. In each episode, he unintentionally expands his “rolodex” of “contacts”.

    • Better call Saul is a great show. Prequel to Breaking Bad. Bob Odenkirk gets his due with a very good, long running series.

  26. @Oilman2
    “why did they decide to quarantine everybody rather than just those who are sick?”

    I’ve been thinking the exact same thing. I started to ask the question “Who are ‘they’?” It’s tempting to think that ‘they’ are the politicians or the so-called ‘deep state’. But, I have begun to suspect that ‘they’ are more of an ‘it’. And ‘it’ is something not human (or even biological for that matter). I believe that ‘it’ is a fancy new AI that got switched on for a beta test to see how it could handle a unique situation. While the human politicians and bureaucrats are nominally still in control, I believe that a global accord has been struck to allow the AI to make the decisions. It’s still up to us humans to implement the AI’s recommendations, but we’ve effectively handed over policy control to an AI.

    Unfortunately, I have no evidence to back up such a left-field claim. It just seems very odd that the response to this virus around the globe has been almost exactly identical (with some cultural variations). Yes, there are some sick bastards in the seats of power all across the globe. But this goes beyond what any of them are capable of on their own.

    • Yeah, think of this, the sky is falling, the VIRUS is so contagious!!!!

      Oh, vey: Let’s release the COVID-19 INFECTIOUS into the nursing homes!!!!


      Oh, but….the virus is so contagious?

      The virus kills most people over 65 with co morbidities?

      Nursing homes aren’t equipped like hospitals (who cares, ship em out).

      THOUSANDS have died in NURSING HOMES IN various states in America AND the UK and Italy!!!

      The same exact protocol followed with nary a variation!!!



      Think of it like this: If a newborn nursery had 100 healthy babies in it, WHO in their right mind would put a baby infected with Covid-19 in there for recuperation?

  27. “Aren’t most of those politicians lawyers?” Funny that you mentioned this! It occurred to > 75 years ago that “this categogy shpuld have NO business being in polilicts. Did anyone listen? See the results!

  28. Here’s an idea that might work… but will go nowhere. If the FED really wanted to increase the velocity of money to get the economy going, stop putting billions into the banksters ‘dark pools’ of capital. You want money to circulate? Give it to the people who will SPEND IT. Stimulus checks were nice, but don’t make up for the lost income of jobs. And as we are seeing, many people are getting more money from unemployment than working… so are not inclined to return to work. I propose that a ‘velocity of money’ boost to the economy could be best done by giving big stimulus checks to SOCIAL SECURITY beneficiaries. We’re not working anymore. But we would sure love to give some extra money to workers and businesses who are really WORKING.

    • Many millions of us are not eligible for unemployment. We aren’t eligible for SBA programs, nor are we eligible for city and state programs. We are just the forgotten, not a minority, not a hustler (as in take a PPE loan and buy a limousine or pay off your ex or your child support, you know all the stories of where the SBA via the banks facilitation approved the government loans to help the small businesses that didn’t make it to the small businesses.) We aren’t on SS or disability.

      You are on to something; how about just another round of stimulus to everyone!

      Isn’t that what Nancy wants? To protect her illegal and refugee voting base?

      In my city, it is the illegals who haven’t missed a day in construction work. Being essential and all. They are working and their women are working the system; everyone is fed, housed, got nice cars, phones, clothes, no worries about insurance as they get free care in the clinics and hospitals, and go home to their various countries at least twice a year to visit relatives and have no problems coming back, but that border travel has stopped for now.

      But Nancy and Chuckie are worried about them; while the natives are dying on the vine.

      And soon, if those pumped up unemployment collectors don’t get their arses back to work, ole Nancy and Chuckie will open up the borders and replace their arses and put an illegal in those positions! You know doing the jobs that Americans don’t want to do!!!

      The community college in my city is educating EVERYONE from ANYWHERE but the USA for FREE!! I kid you not! Oh, those American citizen suckers paying high dollah for your kids education when you have no clue what is REALLY going on right under your noses!!!

      Our city is also building as fast as it can housing for 42,000 homeless people with no parking allowed, as well as buying up hotels/motels. We only have 4200 homeless, but hey, that doesn’t matter, we are building for the future flood!!!

      Again, replacement population planning! SUCKERS!!!

      Our city is also using eminent domain to steal land at rock bottom prices, stripping owners of their deserved gains from over 65 years of land ownership. Our city has a dirty dirty set of dirty deeders and they get what they want.

      Taxes are going to go up and up and up and up, and in the end, the rich and poor will live as happy as can be, the poor will have a roof over their heads and a bus ride to the rich so they can service them in their homes and businesses.

      What’s left of the middle to poor citizen class can just die. Oh, excuse me, go away.

      I hear it’s all to turn our state blue. And that’s what a democrat run city looks like.

      Identical Responses and Plans like all the other democrat run cities.

    • “Worst cyclone in 100 years hits India:”

      So, that means there were stronger ones, more than 100 years ago.

      • Ray, you might assume that since much of pre-1900 cyclone data seems to be unknown, there are only a few pre-1900’s catastrophic cyclones showing up in records, compared to the last 100 yrs:

        Data from 1700’s may get digitallzed:

        Number of severe cyclones affecting Pakistan have risen since 1780 (pg 42 in the article)


        new records for world cyclones set in recent history::

      • To “I’m not Jon”

        ‘Doesn’t matter. The GCC crowd does not accept data that has not been scientifically measured & catalogued.

        Do you understand the best wine in the world, 700, 800, 900 years ago, came from Britain and Wales? This was because other than in a few Alpine valleys, with short growing seasons, continental Europe was too hot for grapes to grow. 35 generations ago, ancestors of mine had farms on Greenland, which are now under 2880 feet of permafrost. Do you know how the ancient trading ships became frozen in the Arctic Ocean, in what we now call the Northwest Passage?

        The Scandinavians are gregarious record-keepers. The Orthodox Swedes keep family bibles just like the Quakers. In these bibles were (and are) written births, deaths, marriages, Viking forays (and later, trade journeys, and their results), and weather conditions, both in Sweden and along the trade routes. They form an uninterrupted record of trade and weather back to the 10th Century. The Icelanders are even more dedicated than were the Swedes. Icelandic records date back to the mid-600s, A.D.

        None of this matters. Dr. K., upon whose work this website and a bunch of other analytical finance, economics, and market trending sites is based, used, among others, records from Stockholm and Reykjavik to formulate his cyclical wave theories. Yet the GW/GCC religious zealots are ignorant of this information and the people they worship, the “leaders” of the “climate change movement,” if they know, discount and hide the Urepeein and Scandinavian data, because it doesn’t fit their narrative of monetizing air.

        If one of these scammers were called out they’d deflect by saying “this stuff is hearsay, not scientific data.”

        That’s right. It IS hearsay. I don’t need to see empirical data to know when a lake, river, or ocean freezes, it’s probably below freezing. I don’t need to see huckleberry-sized grapes turn to raisins on the vine, to know it’s probably hot.

        When I research the most fruitful period of time on Earth, and discover the optimum level of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere should be between 2370 and 2390 parts per million, yet when I pull my nose out of the research, I see evil bâtards leading an army of useful, but ignorant idiots in a crusade to kill our planet and everything on it, for monetary gain and the acquisition of power.

        The Al Gore’s of the world have vilified our current carbon dioxide level of 50-170ppm (depending upon where and when it is measured), yet totally ignore the two things in our atmosphere which are each, thousands of times more causative of “greenhouse effect” than carbon dioxide, and the one thing outside our atmosphere which causes both “global warming” and “global cooling. Why? Because they can’t monetize them…

  29. George
    Was wondering can you measure the frequency of your charka

    When engineer on ships used strobe light on equipment pretty cool when they sequence

    Also try strawberries in the garden nothing like home grown for taste 30 year ago purchase about $10 of May bearing plants they like spider plants keep making new plants 10 year ago friend give some June bearing plants free
    Keep the weeds out
    We get berries every day for about 6 weeks
    Some year surplus for neighbor’s
    Let you run the math/chart LOL
    Great return on investment


    Total cases: 642 (0 newly reported)*
    Hawai’i County: 81
    Honolulu County: 414
    Kaua’i County: 20
    Maui County: 117†
    Pending: 0
    Residents diagnosed outside of Hawai‘i: 10
    Required Hospitalization: 84‡
    Hawaii deaths: 17
    Released from Isolation: 585§
    Cumulative totals as of 12:00pm, May 22, 2020

    ZERO new cases today.

  31. The Fed is a private bank with the power to determine the economic destiny of the US and affect the same of the world. Therefore the owners of the Fed will do what they believe will be in their best interest. Since they have shown many times before that they will steal and destroy that is what we should expect yet again. One path is that they empower the oligarchs with trillions while that same trillions is held tightly resulting in a deflationary collapse. When prices are at rock bottom the oligarchs buy up everything they can and the spending spree sets off inflation. This idea isn’t original with me but it’s what I might do if I were a lying thieving oligarch.

    Corona is a diversion from the financial meltdown which began last summer. Expect more diversions until a new, reset system is in place.

    With that in mind, I had a thought about Nostradamus’ predicted attack on a ‘marine city’. The first thing that comes to mind is a coastal city and/or one with one or more ports. But the term ‘marine’ is interesting and maybe N is going for three birds with one stone. A coastal city with important ports and known as a place where ‘marines’ are trained.

    Perhaps the ‘marine city’ might be San Diego, because the Marine Corps Recruit Depot, San Diego is there. There are also several other military bases in and around San Diego so it would be a valuable military target whether attacked by an enemy or attacked as a false flag operation.

    As you know the Marines have two training camps for new marines. One is on the East Coast at Paris Island and the other on the West Coast at San Diego.

    A Chinese offensive might start with an attack to take out SD because it would hamper US operations in the Pacific. Of course, the Chinese might shift the blame for an attack to the NORKS so they don’t get glassed immediately. They would probably not use nukes.

    Several container ships with the containers loaded with different types of explosives could cause a lot of damage. Charges below the deck would propel the containers for a considerable distance toward their targets. Their would be little or no warning. Several square miles of installations could be damaged in this way.

    A warship does not have to be destroyed. Sufficient damage will result in a ‘mission kill’, and the warship is as good as destroyed for several months or even years.

  32. Dear Mr. Ure,

    It was news to me today when I read on the CBC site that the Canadian federal government is trying to corral separate provincial virus tracing app efforts into one nationwide app. Further to that the report suggests big players like Google and Apple are carving up the globe so that there would be one-only accepted tracing app per country. I imagine burner apps are still out there, or perhaps one wants to set up a burner phone based offshore that doesn’t have mandated tracing, before the rules change and they potentially become moonshine-like.

    Also noted is the generally accepted most left wing of the four main Canadian political parties applied today for the 75% federal wage subsidy for their party staff because political donations have dropped year over year by more than 30%. The kicker to the story is that the other three more to the right parties, including the ruling Liberal party, ALREADY had their staff on the 75% subsidy program without there being any fanfare prior that I’ve noticed! LOL!!!

  33. I’d ask for a mention in the credits, test the 2-fer waters, but if they’re not interested, just let it go.

  34. yeah mike said it as well and he been here since 06 .. im a dot 1 type . nah I think George was Halloween or trumping us .. its like we are now going back to flat earth policy.. I hope he doesn’t grow a mullet , beard , flagged pick up and sweet home alabama .. my god there are holes in this swiss cheese everywhere

  35. This post relates to the ideas of Dr. Aspden: is it correct to think of what we consider reality to be only an ‘image’?  As an analogy, our reality is like an image on a TV.  The real reality is the grid of pixels of the TV.  Of course, the TV is only 2D while the real thing is at least 3D but possibly many more.  Still we only perceive three dimensions except perhaps for some very rare individuals.  So as an object moves across the ‘screen’ there is almost always the problem of how to deal with the ‘jaggies’.  Unless the object is moving exactly vertically or horizontally the involved pixels will not translate perfectly in relation to each other as the object moves.  So the ‘cosmic’ computer must have rules to de-conflict the positioning of each ‘pixel’ to its neighbors.  Since almost everything is also rotating as well as moving this becomes more than a trivial task.  Also, everything at least around our little cosmic neighborhood is moving in a number of different directions at the same time.  Keeping the relationship of macro objects to each other should require considerable processing power and also memory.  All of the objects we observe obey the laws of physics and commonsense.  Only at the microcosmic scale do strange things apparently occur, but they still have rules even if Quantum Mechanics is not really understandable as Dr. Feynman said.  I’m going  to jump  out on a limb here and speculate that while the cosmic computer and the programing is just about perfect it was designed with limits to its processing power and this lack of movement history was necessary to meet the engineering constraints.
    So here is my conjecture as a question: is it possible that what we experience as entropy is simply that the cosmic computer does not store the  movement history of each object or pixel so that it could be reversed?  We would say that the outcome of the rules of movement are not symmetric when reversed with respect to time.  Perhaps only if the object was not rotating and only moved along a vertical or horizontal path with respect to the ‘reality pixel grid’ would there be no loss of order in reverse.  And that would be a very low probability event.  Perhaps the movement history is stored but only in slow permanent memory so that it cannot be accessed quickly enough to enable exact reverse movement.
    This idea is of only theoretical interest except that I wonder if it could help explain superconductivity.  Do the pairs of electrons move only in the vertical and horizontal directions sequentially with respect to the ‘reality pixel grid’ so that they stay within the conductive material but at the same time do not experience the ‘jaggies’ effect.  Could this type of movement somehow reduce the ‘loading’ on the cosmic computer and result in much more efficient processing?  There would be no loss of order and thus no loss of energy within each pair of electrons in this scenario.  Does anyone have an idea how this might be useful or even be tested?

  36. this has made me think all day .. interest rates? bond market rigged ? yields rigged ? everything rigged .. maybe a fed coin or some other buttcoin coming ? no apart from totally tossing everything out the window maybe our leader has turned commie .. hyperinflation with no interest rates !!! please George a little bit more explanation and no gold stories here please .. and talk about maybe the top of 2

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