Hey Democrats! AYFKM???? Digital Mob Rule?

WhoTF do the democrats think they are dealing with?


OMG…this NY Post headline says sums up the antics of this clown posse of tone-deaf SJW lefties:  “Trump slams Dems for backing health care for undocumented immigrants.”  And amen and NSS.

Look:  This is a financial website.  But the stockyard stench from this socialist insurrection led by ex-Obamites has to end.

Now the social media and search giants are partisan – all part of our Digital Mob Rule we have been telling you to brace for.  Well, it’s here now.  Digitalntes who use social media instead of rope.  And who have jacked the platforms.  All payback because Donald Trump went ‘consumer direct” and screwed with the left’s journalism-control business model when he set up a Twitter account.

Twitter has become a major threat to freedom with their latest left-wing takedown: “Politicians’ tweets could get slapped with warning labels.”  When an ‘open’ social platform begins censorship, we call that a Social Media Putsch.  Grand historical rhyme off the Hitler-Ludendorff-Putsch, except this time instead of Hitler, we get barnyard leftists and SJW’s replete with retweet and repost software.

You can’t seriously believe We the People can’t read when old Bernie concedes he wants to raise taxes on the Middle Class, can you?

There IS no free lunch.  The previous Depression was where the lie-behind-the-next-one was planted.

That LIE was that ‘prices go up’ and this is pandered by liberal economists as Faith.  Got a surprise for you:  Most ‘faiths’ are wrong.

The HUGE underlying TRUTH is that the purchasing power of money goes down.

Let’s say I have a beautiful Chateaubriand hot off the grill here at the ranch.  You wanted dinner and said you would pay.  So, there it is.

Comes time to square up and you offer me One Trillion Zimbabwe dollars.  I pull a Glock and ask AYKM?  You figure Ure doesn’t f*ck around, so out come a quad of $20s and we part pals again.

What is the difference between a four US twenties and the Trillion in Z-bucks?  Bunch of zeroes.  That’s it.

Another example?  Sure…

1973.  George buys a nice four bedroom, three bath, on greenbelt, view home 8 miles from Microsoft HQ.  Paid $43,950.  Today, this home carries a Zillow estimate of just over $729,000.  Sure looks on paper like a $685-thousand bankroll of home equity doesn’t it?

Ugly Reality #1

We need to back out the buried ‘inflation’ – watering down of our dollar by the spending-crazed House – to see just how ‘real’ that gain is. Just adjusting for CPI Inflation, it should be $253,449 and that’s assuming 2.2% inflation for this years fraction.

The $432.5 of more or less  real gain?

Oh, that’s because of?  (Location, location, location!).  The tech biz in the Seattle area has driven prices moonward.

Point is?  The house still has the same number of square feet, the same two car garage, the same greenbelt out back, and the same fireplace insert in the basement.

Only two variables have changed significantly:  The surrounding demand due to proximity to exploding growth industries.  And watering down of money.  Money today buys less than one-fifth of what it did in 1973.  About 1:5.75 or so.  Almost one-sixths as we continue spending into oblivion.

Reality #2

The Keynesian lies about the ‘general level of prices’ is a sweet lie.  But lie, it remains.

There is no free lunch.  Can we screw people who bought Student Loan Asset-Backed Securities? (SLABS)  Oh, sure.  But what these kindergarten politicians think is that they  can screw people with zero consequences.

Let’s see how that ‘tude has worked out in the past, shall we?

Bubble in the Stock Market, 1929:  Pricked by NY interest rates rising and unmet margin calls.  Things snowballed.  FDR”s socialist solution?  Make up money (deficit spending) and start a war with Japan in addition to taking on the Nazis. Make up lots of money, sell war bonds, deficit spend.  Way to go, liberals.

Bubble in the Internet, 2000:  Pricked by running out of greater fools to keep the bubble alive.  Things snowballed.  As damages grew to $5 to $7 trtillion in tech stock losses, along came 9/11 (my, how convenient!) to cover things up.  War on Terror story begins.

Housing  Bubble Pop of 2009:  Massive losses of personal net worth.  Pricked by excess supply and no-doc loans, collateralized mortgage obligations going tango-uinform.  Solution?  Print money, Bring on Syria!

Rather than vote for any of the clowns paraded this week, we have a simple proposal.  Let’s see if the House can fix something.  Dems control it – so show us some freaking leadership.  Fix something. Just one thing.  Put the resource on the border to seal it up.

Here’s the news flash for the demagogues:  A lot of us Middle of the Roaders would take the dems seriously if they could just run a viable moderate candidate.

Shoving charges of racism, keeping the border unfunded, spewing SJW-bs, calling for higher taxes, reparations, partial birth abortions, supporting Iran’s nuclear ambitions, going anti-Semitic, selling fraudulent ‘climate’ data, teching sex in grade schools, and trying to screw people who bought student loan assets just does not cut it for most Americans.   Ones who  think, anyway.

The hell of it is, we’ve been marginalized down to a mere handful.  We’re screwed and very unhappy about things.

Personal Income as a Mood Swing

With that little bit of gastric sourness done, perhaps this morning’s press release on personal income and expenses will help:

Personal income increased $88.6 billion (0.5 percent) in May according to estimates released today by the Bureau of Economic Analysis. Disposable personal income (DPI) increased $72.6 billion (0.5 percent) and personal consumption expenditures (PCE) increased $59.7 billion (0.4 percent).

Real DPI increased 0.3 percent in May, and real PCE increased 0.2 percent. The PCE price indexincreased 0.2 percent. Excluding food and energy, the PCE price index increased 0.2 percent.

Personal outlays increased$62.1 billion in May (table 3). Personal saving was$985.4 billion in May and the personal saving rate, personal saving as a percentage of disposable personal income, was 6.1 percent

Short week ahead – three days for many people – since Thursday is the Fourth and why not make a four day weekend of it?

Trends and More

Energy Drinks Have Become Wildly Popular With Teens. Here’s Why it’s a Public Health Concerned.  Oddly, we found this in  Time.  Thought sure it would be in  Wired.

If you’re following our discussion of the “rent your life” business models as the asset-stripping of American continues, see the latest as Rent the Runway, Nordstrom team up to boost convenience, attract customers.

Print! Markets brace for crucial G20 signals.

Market could scream higher as Fed H.6 90-day change annualized in 3.8% on the money side of things.  The older time series (first table) it was running 2.7% annualized and when the money is easy,, so are the bull runs…often.

We hope American liberals will take the time to read The Highlights of Putin’s ‘Liberalism is Obsolete’ Interview With FT.  But, can they read or just troll?

And for the several writers that punish themselves by reading this site: Arizona sleuth says FBI misidentified jump zone of DB Cooper: report.

Have a great weekend and  moron the ‘morrow.  (this site does look good on phones, you know!)

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33 thoughts on “Hey Democrats! AYFKM???? Digital Mob Rule?”

  1. Your anchor baby;she understands.

    Kamala Harris is not eligible to become POTUS as neither of her parents were citizens at the time of her birth in Oakland.The Presidency is not a GPS device but one of lineage.

    Her ascension to power should also be closely examined.You could only imagine what Ralph from the Sopranos would have called her.

    • The Constitution gives three eligibility requirements to be president: one must be 35 years of age, a resident “within the United States” for 14 years, and a “natural born Citizen,” a term not defined in the Constitution.
      Logically: We would take natural born to be born on American soil to one or more legal American residents.

      Thus Ted Cruz could run, although born in Canada because his mother was a legal American citizen.

      Kamala Harris was born on October 20, 1964, in Oakland, California, to a Tamil Indian mother and a Jamaican father. says Wikipedia.

      Search Is Kamala Harris Eligible to be President? | PoliticalJack.com. “As with obama nobody knows if she qualifies as a natural born citizen or not. Hell – nobody is even sure what “natural born citizen” means.”

      This is one for the Supremes to deal with.

      • Natural born citizen means born in the U.S. or its territories, hence the anchor baby and DACA discussion, or to an American parent, ala foreign born children of diplomats and military personnel. I’m reasonably sure the founding fathers held the liberal view of this requirement as they found themselves representing a nation of relocated Brits and native-borne Americans.

    • I was interested in Kamala when I first saw her picture. That interest faded and turned to disgust after I read her background. I can give sleeping your way to the top a pass if the rest of her record was clean, but it’s anything but. She’s a user – even more so than most politicians. I don’t doubt that she’s smart, but she has no ethics and will trample people to get what she wants. I consider her dangerous and would not vote for her even as dogcatcher.

      We seem to have a democratic lineup of loons. One or two have smarts, all are liars, and the rest are mentally challenged. I have my reservations with our current president, but he’s at least trying to fulfill campaign promises, unlike all the career politicians.

      • Well, I’m not sure how the dems play the race game, but is a Jamaican dad and an Indian mom “black?” I am old and easily confused.
        Are they packaging her to be “the black Hillary?”

      • George, yes, they are. Speaking of sleeping a way to the top….the ads on your site today are 99 percent soft porn. Who is trying to bait your readership into clicking?

  2. Just what our country needs, higher health care costs. Citizens can’t afford healthcare now & the idiots want to give it to illegals for free. Common sense is not a Dem trait. They are desperate to dispose Trump.

    The sanctuary cities tremble when Trump threatens to send them to their cities.They can’t afford them.

    Thank you President Donald Trump for caring about health care for citizens.

  3. I keep wondering if things will get so crazily out of control that, in order to circumvent actual civil war, the “gubmint” will decide to unleash one or more of its secrets outside of Area 51 to get everyone’s attention redirected to something else. That’s pretty much how far out they’d have to go to overwhelm the abject idiocy that’s been demonstrated to date.

  4. ‘Maddow the Moderator’ threw slow pitch softballs all night. The toughest questions and boldest accusations were asked by the candidates themselves to each other. National security and defense issues in general were not addressed. Free stuff was, like health care for illegals, paid for by taxpaying U.S. citizens. IMO this was an impressively contrived but poorly executed ploy, the implications of which were not explained at all to the viewer (higher taxes for middle class tax payers). I can’t wait for Sen. Warren to lock horns with Joe, Kamala, Mayor Pete, Corey and the rest of the wanna be-ers. Let the “circular firing squad” begin (nods to Prez44).

  5. I feel pretty good.. I made some changes to my biting bug trap. The traps awesome before but I thought why not. Got it done. I added a side port for ease of switching baits and for cleaning and I added a UV lite..
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    My son I law came over and after about an hour said dam you need to make us one for the fourth of july.
    What I’m unsure of is it the attractant the UV lite or a combination of both. Usually it takes two weeks to clear out the yard.

  6. Our Hero Ure writes, “who do the democrats think they are dealing with?”

    Ans. The feeling masses unthinking.

    What is so sad is the Republican sellout. They have left the entire field to Trump.

    How many Republicans have we heard voicing their concerns regarding the DFL “debates”. It’s being left to a President; a President who cannot articulate a coherent paragraph on almost any subject.

    Regarding the DFL move to include immigrants, legal and not, in our health care systems, Ure writes, “the American People DO NOT PAY TAXES TO SUPPORT ILLEGALS.”

    Well, yes we do. Often. They are already in various government and non-government systems. Show up. Don’t ask. Don’t tell.

    Golly, who would have thought it; even in these large public TV “debates”, candidates appear free to speak a foreign language to reach out to some groups, even to non-citizens.

    No one dares to mention we speak English.

    The social media and search giants have finally come out, are biased and partisan. Facebook, Google, Twitter have knowingly become agents of the left.

    Like the DFL throwing caution to the winds, they feel free to do as they please. Politicians to actively support Socialism and Communism.

    In the past it was more subtle. Trump has trouble dealing with it even as one would think it’s easy pickings.

    We already know how bad the media is.

    Finally, Ure you need to mention a big, really big one: the Census. Supreme Court says you can’t ask about citizenship status. Decision No. 18-966, June 27, 2019.

    It’s official; the U.S. is a place not a country.

    The Supreme Court says so.

    A nation by definition is made up of citizens.

    Contrary to being “contrived”, it certainly would be nice to know how many citizens there are.

    But, we can’t because the Court says a special kind of reason must be the case to ask that most basic of questions.

    The irony is that the long form asks all sorts of questions. None have a special stated reason. Surely, the Justices must not like some or many of them?

    Of course it’s not about citizenship; it’s about power.

    Those non-citizens who choose not to be counted will not have money and power flowing to them away from citizens. i.e., healthcare.

    Sanctuary cities like Minneapolis and St. Paul must be ecstatic! And states like California. The candidates from Texas!

    The more the “non-citizens”, the more the status as a nation dies.


  7. FDR”s socialist solution?  Make up money (deficit spending) and start a war with Japan in addition to taking on the Nazis. Make up lots of money, sell war bonds, deficit spend.  Way to go, liberals. He also started Social Security which in its original form was a blessing to our country because most Americans working for businesses had insuffient retirement savings.

    George, are you saying this was not necessary? FDR’s only mistake was not letting them bomb CA. Both the Japaneses & German Armies had us in their crosshairs.

    • It’s possible Social Security had to be created in order to absorb all the long term debt.

      “most Americans working for businesses had insuffient retirement savings”

      Isn’t that funny.. They said it then pre-SS, and we say it now post-SS.


    I totally agree.. we pay over fifty percent of gross income just for my wife’s healthcare insurance. Yet al illegal can walk in get free healthcare food and rent assistance and not pay any taxes..before Medicare kicks in for my wife we will pay out just shy a quarter million. They won’t pay anything in a years time till we pay out 7500.00 and then they will pay a fraction till we pay out twenty.

    In the eighties I was working six jobs a refugee was given a place to live ,a new van, he got free college for him and his wife, he also got free healthcare, babysitting, and guaranteed forty hour work week. I was literally working day and night at the end of the year he got an IRS refund check for everything he paid in everything the company paid in for income tax and social security.. plus he received the new EIC tax credit.. he showed me his check . It was more than what i grossed working all those jobs combined..
    I don’t mind if someone comes here legally.. but they should have to pay in their fair share of taxes and not be eligible for benefits until the get their citizenship. Along with a non resident tax..

    Illegals should be deported immediately and anyone caught hiring them pay hefty fines not just the companies but the joker directing human resources to hire the illegals. They are only doing that because they don’t have to pay in..in other words the way I see it they are forcing everyone else to pay for their proffitable bottom line earnings..

  9. You said, “1973. George buys a nice four bedroom, three bath, on greenbelt, view home 8 miles from Microsoft HQ. Paid $43,950. Today, this home carries a Zillow estimate of just over $729,000. Sure looks on paper like a $685-thousand bankroll of home equity doesn’t it?”

    Almost $6,000 per year in real estate taxes. This is how seniors really get screwed. With vastly inflated sales prices due to controlled expansion, increased costs of living far exceed increases n income for retirees and older folk. They have to move if they sell their house because they can’t afford housing in the same area and they can’t afford rising government costs in their existing home. Longer living spans just exacerbate the problem.

    As you have said many times, we are moving to renting everything for life and the corporations and the elite run everything. But, the reset will take care of a lot of that situation. Large cities will be unlivable and the capital loss will be astonishing.

    • Thank God for Texas. Our taxes are homestead frozen at 2003 levels on distant rural farm land and home that’s a double wide, lol.

      Name of the game? Learn accounting. From a conservative prof.

      • Really, George? That’s just because the real estate goons haven’t found your area and started promoting it yet. Our taxes have gone up well over 50% since the 2000s. Land appreciation still gets you even though your rate is frozen, stores pass on their tax increases and the other taxing entities we have around here, small though they may be, have no such requirement to freeze their tax due to your age. You can homestead 20 acres but after that you’re just like everyone else as I understand it.

        Old ranchers send their kids to school and teach them to never get their hands dirty like they did. The result is no one had respect for how it was made in the first place. Land trades like poker chips thrown around a table and very few actually have any real livestock on their piece of ground any more or just enough to get the ag exemption. It’s all a total joke now days.

      • Trees and hay are perfectly good agricultural crops. Livestock & row crops have never been a requirement for an ag exemption in Texas.
        No ordinary person can afford to buy enough rural ag land to support themselves here. The equipment required to cut, roll, transport and market the first roll of hay costs more than $300,000. Row crop equipment is even higher. Raising livestock requires a lot of land. The family farm was always something of a myth; most ag land owners always made their money somewhere else. The farm is a hobby, a sideline, a land investment, or a tax deduction. That was true in my grandfather’s era, and it is still true today.
        No parent wants their kid to become an ag serf.

      • n_____ –

        If you’re completely out of the Ag industry getting back into it is a tall order. The one thing you mention about farmers is the cost of equipment which is true. The loans a farmer deals with on a regular basis would drive me to drink. We’re strictly ranching and get none of the handouts from the government – there’s a reason they call it a FARM bill. Ranching also tends to require less equipment. We’re also almost completely debt free, that was started a couple of generations ago, and we’ve kept it going. Yes, one of us works in town but it’s entirely possible we’d survive and even thrive without that income. So, believe me when I say “the family farm” (ranch) is alive and CAN be well but if your family sold the farm it’s going to take a generation plus to pay it off – or win the lottery or be a crackerjack trader like George.

        Equipment is expensive but as a rancher you are a jack of all trades and master of one or two. Our large equipment is 40+ years old and I maintain it myself. It’s rare to send it in or have someone come out to work on anything on our ranch. Electrical, solar, fencing, mechanical, roads, the livestock, plumbing, you name it WE do it and we wouldn’t if we didn’t love it. If you don’t like getting your hands dirty – stay in town with the genteel life. The truck is a decade and a half old and I plan to keep it till the wheels fall off then buy another USED one, not a new, shiny, pampered, puuuuuurdy pickup the gentrified debt wallowers around here drive and never get dirty. Occasionally we get a windfall and buy a new trailer or buy supplies for needed upkeep but until then we fix things to last. Keeping up with the Joneses is just shooting yourself in the foot.

        I don’t recall being told I have to impress anyone but ourselves and I’ll be dancing a jig when it all falls apart. Anyone that’s been a reader of George’s here knows that about me. Everything’s been turned upside down to emphasize the money aspect (that’s America’s religion) but once you realize that it doesn’t take that much to pay the taxes and insurance, for now anyway, living simply and keeping a good bank roll that grows for the emergencies isn’t all that difficult. The difficult part is shedding the debt people say you HAVE to keep along with the philosophy that excuses it.

  10. Two things…On illegal immigrants getting healthcare…The headline is never the story…If they are here in this country already, they aren’t leaving…thousands of employers need them…and you will get blowback from Big Corporations otherwise…

    And, if they don’t leave, we are paying for their healthcare already anyway in the form of our increased insurance rates…due to the immigrants going to the emergency room to get care. Hospitals have a policy that you can’t turn down care in an emergency room. The cheaper choice is to give them healthcare. I have zero problem with that and neither should you. It’s the right thing to do. Don’t blame the democrats. Blame BiG Corp…Big Ag….

    On real estate…You are right…The location is only good if there are high paying Jobs, jobs, jobs close by. And Seattle has the high paying jobs. So does the Bay Area.

    BUT….No matter what someone paid for a home in 1973, it’s not really the same home and here is why…Houses in the Bay Area morph into so much more when you have a $300k salary to go with it. And that’s just the wife…The husband is bringing home the same salary. And let’s say they have embarked on a total remodel that turns the same home you bought in 1973, into a modern, fresh, smart home of epic proportions. Total cost of remodel? $250,000. Here in the Bay Area, for every visual remodeled improvement dollar you spend, you get $3 back.

    So, if I buy a fixer upper home for $1 million in a good school district, and in the heart of the Silicon Valley and spend $250,000 to fix it up, I will get $750,000 back in added value. I do this all year long and have the metrics to back it up. We feel so strongly about this model…that my company will upfront the cost of a remodel up to $200k interest free to people wanting to fix up their home for maximum ROI. I just sold one where we had an as-is value of $1.3…put in $85,000 in visual improvements (kitchen, bath, paint, landscaping and floor remodel) and sold it for $1.625 million. Not a bad investment huh?

    Because of our conversion model…because of our jobs…the average home in the area I sell in around $1.75 million and there are still multiple offers and a lack of inventory. Why? People still flock here for the high paying jobs. I am working with two separate couples from Austin, TX right now. They moved here to work in AI and Autonomous Driving respectively and while there are companies in Austin that engage in that there, there is a salary and opportunity ceiling according to both of them…. Here, the sky is the limit.

  11. George,

    Once again, you rail against “printing money” and “watering down of our dollar.” And once again, you miss the single biggest source — the Conservatives.

    Where is your outrage at the R’s becoming the party of BORROW and spend? Ever since St. Reagan tripled the national debt by hooking up with a kook named Art Laffer, the R’s have become the party of BORROW, borrow, borrow, and spend, spend, spend. (Tax and spend is a much heavier lift — even Obamacare had to be paid for by a 4% surcharge on the Rich.) Of course, 40 years and an exploded national debt later, we now know that trickle down is just another unfunded deficit stimulus shell game — for the Rich. (Took me awhile to catch on too — was a big Reagan supporter in the day.)

    And again, you rail against immigration and the invasion from Mexico. But your case is completely undercut by none other than the Conservatives themselves.

    IF this invasion is truly such a dangerous problem, why when the R’s controlled all did they use their last political juice on a Tax Cut for the Rich, putting another $2 trillion on the national debt???

    Instead of passing a conservative immigration reform package???

    Best, Mike

    • Stick to the point: You willing to pay our additional tax load for the illegals here? Several readers have asked if you’re willing to step up,. or are you just another socialist stealing other people’s money?

    • In answer to your repeated question, Mike. The R’s/Conservatives? are stupid or phonies or no better than the D’s/Liberals. Ok? Calling either of them names does not seem to do any good. Can you think of some new questions? Best, Mr. Wacky

  12. “Let’s say I have a beautiful Chateaubriand hot off the grill here at the ranch.”

    That would be a reality ;-) and that’s the only reality that matters!!! However, I know that you have to make a living — and (this) publishing is what you have chosen.

    God bless you, but you know about the pearl and the …

  13. “Turn off your mind, relax, and float downstream…”

    Sounds like some people need to channel some rubber soul soothing sanskrit chants feat. Goddess Kamala. Mahashakti governs all. Even Mrs. Peel reported to Mother.

    Drones: report to Hive! Resistance is futile.

    • Yes, but the divine Emma was also quite fully capable of kicking serious arse without first asking permission. The American cartoon-fest last, leaves the distinct impression none of the participants, either singly or as a joint effort, could kick their way out of a wet grocery sack…

  14. …And THIS is why I don’t watch “debates.”

    They are NOT debates.
    They serve no purpose, other than to give each candidate national face-time.
    They serve no function, other than to elevate watchers’ blood pressures.
    They serve no need, other than to demonstrate that anchors and pundits are shills without skills.

  15. The debate reminds me of a quote by Will Rogers. “I am not a member of any organized political party. I am a democrat.”
    That being said, both parties bear equal responsibility for continuing centralization of control, rampant secrecy, absence of transparency, and destruction of our individual rights that were supposed to be protected under the constitution. Very few speak of protecting our rights any more. When is the last time you heard the expresson, “It’s a free country.”?

  16. Social Security was (and is) not a beneficent retirement program, it is an irrevocable tax on the poor. It was designed to create an instant influx of 15% of all U.S. personal income during a time of severe financial depression, and marketed in such a manner as to make those with jobs willing, if not enthusiastic, to pay money they didn’t have, to FDR’s Administration, to “fund” it. It’s onset was established at age 65, because the average age of death of an average laborer in 1934 was 62 years, seven months. Social Security is a Ponzi scheme, and is dishonest. It was designed in such a manner that many would pay, but few would ever collect. Read the damn’ USSC decision!

    Corporate tax is also a tax on the poor. Corporations don’t pay taxes, they pass them through to the next consumer, and eventually the end-user. “Corporate tax” is a means for a government to tax poor people without their knowledge or consent, and is dishonest. It is also the only way a government can recoup the cost of some of the aid and subsidies they use to buy the votes of the poor, without risk of discovery and lynching.

    Although every legal laborer pays FICA, the bottom 17% on the AGI Bell curve profit from both Social Security and government freebies. The top 17% have sufficient wealth that they don’t suffer (and in many cases can write-off or avoid) the hit.

    Who do y’all think that leaves to pay the bill, suffer the burden, AND reap no benefit…?

    With respect to any question or issue which involves the government, and money:

    Don’t listen to the spin.

    Like the fairy tail “Lock Box,” which NEVER existed, except as a ledger entry, our (or anybody else’s) government LIES WRT both origin and use of [non-traditional] funding streams.

    Stop. Research a little, to discover where the trail actually begins and where it really ends. Only then can you do an honest assessment of “who pays” and “who benefits,” and sometimes figure out “why…”

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