Heartbeat of the Market

I do not know when I have been more excited about something: In our decade-plus search to find new ways to analyze stock market data we have come up with a regular heartbeat to the market.

In today’s report, we not only tell you how to calculate this heartbeat yourself, with detailed Microsoft Excel instructions, but we also consider whether this “heartbeat” is telling us to expect a major downturn in the market next week.

Toss in the federal government’s potential Cold War-triggering indictment of Russian military officials for allegedly trolling American political contests and the outlook for next week becomes sketchy at best.
First, some headlines and more coffee as our warm-up for the big discovery gets underway…

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39 thoughts on “Heartbeat of the Market”

  1. Summer Bull or Bear Contest
    OPEN 6/6/18 Close 7/13/18 $10,000 grew to
    3X ETF BULL – 215.84 shares – SPXL $46.33 $48.45 $10,457
    3X ETF BEAR – 392.16 shares – SPXS $25.50 $24.18 $9,482

    It has been a see saw battle from the start.

  2. blpg: Your 7/13/18 rec to watch the Penny Kelly You Tube video was a woo woo turtorial. I watched all 2+ hours. https://youtu.be/5T5F5s3t5Is

    Penny Kelly. Kundalini experience. You need to start here & experience. You need an electrical source. She mentioned a car battery but that may have too many amps & you could delete frequencies & harm yourself. Maybe start with a 9 volt battery to the tonge.

    Woo Woo used to be call Foo Foo. Maybe after the WWII Foo Fighters.

    PREDICTION: Religion, sex & power, starting in the Fall of 2018, corruption & crimes will be exposed that will make you weep concerning the children. People we thought were hero’s will be exposed.


      When you listen to the media, whether mainstream or alternative for even a few minutes, you hear the phrase over and over about “trying to get rid of Trump…hating Trump…taking down Trump…blocking Trump…” I don’t think that the Democrats, the Republicans, the Left, Right, or the Media are trying to get rid of Trump…they’re trying to save their own ass, trying to avoid prosecution for the horrendous crimes committed, trying to avoid going to jail. It’s not really about Trump at all, it’s about them and their efforts to avoid discovery and prosecution.”

      • ECS..I never even thought of all this from that perspective.
        You ight be onto something..
        I wonder if Congress can blame Trump over the hemeroid epidemic in the USA..

  3. Humor me and allow me to present the dichotomy. The Wall St. market as most things uniquely American finds it’s dynamics in an approxiamately 10 – 15% window. Within this 15% the turmoil brews. The Market goes into shutdown when these approximate levels have been breached as to avoid catastropic consequences.

    This dynamic manifests itself in many aspect that influence American life. However, real life unlike the Wall St market doesn’t include automatic shut downs and resets. This lack of safe guards in/of reality produces stress, emotional, physical, etc …. overflows that cause humancentric institutions to fluctuate out of control at specific unique tipping points, as cause dependent.

    The very human institutions that promote the chaotic brew, consciously or unconsciously, due so for reasons that they believe serves a purpose or/and in many cases do so unconsciously because it is just the way it is and just the way it has always been. In other words they unconsciously serve a beast, out of an ingrained, outdated concepts that allow them to be manipulated by forces that are not always altruistic to the human condition. These battles that rage in the 10 – 15% window forces a sense from most people to choose an allegiance to the demagoguery. Once an allegiance as been consolidated the process of manipulation can be implemented.

    Allow me to back up and provide a prime example for the case presented. A thinking person would investigate what they are asked to believe, unfortuately many don’t. Let’s examine the prime source of contention. The media is often derided, whether fairly or unfairly. The goal/commitment is to acheive a decision based on the many human factors that involve the capacity and capability for human interaction. These human interactions are increasingly based and covered by the spectum of human foibles. These decisions for alliegance are asked to be made on the lowest and least common American values. The method is to connect to broken people in a way that serves and makes them susceptible to manipulation. Broken is the overriding common human condition.

    Why isn’t the focus based on the higher American traditions/values? Is it because we fall so far short and open ourselves up to the valid criticism of hypocrisy? Instead we are told and provided examples that the negative aspects of American culture are good, no matter what. Recall the Wall St movie, greed is good? Now times that by the magnitude of acceptance of 30 years. It isn’t hard to see where this ultimately has led. The wide cultural acceptance of the seven deadly sins.

    So the finger pointing continues, claims of fake news is the focal point of contention. Well, as a news advocate, I ask all to view multiple sources not just one that echos your sentiment. In doing so you will find that 85 – 90% of all news stories from the most widely ideologically diverse news outlets contain the same reasonably similiar content. Which leaves the 10 – 15% content that is used to undermine an otherwise reasonable and intellectual mind to accept it’s own broken nature as justification to ignore one’s better self. This 15% niche is a business advertising model, plain and simple. It is the end all of nothing, it proclaims that is serves its constituency; the question is, does it do so for its own self interest?

    Do you need a chart to tell you that the worldly reality may spill over into the well contained Wall St. market next week? The answers are out there but only if you are willing to altruistically do the work.

    • Totally off base (expected from a non-subscriber writing to the headline, not the content).

      Peoplenomics not only featured analysis of the Russian officer mindset on Wednesday (before the Big news) but in today’s report, we focus precisely on tools than can use the 10-15 percent variability in the market to double one’s money in a year, or less…

      While I appreciate the abundance of words, believe me when I tell you a few spreadsheet snips of this morning’s report and back-testing – argue erudite discourse is fine, but we like how cash spends better…

    • My guess Ben is a 2nd year college undergraduate who is just learning to pontificate using his new found college knowledge. All a part of growing up.

      • Maybe he gets paid by the word, lol In which case he will be FABULOUSLY wealthy one of these first days…

      • Monthly, it works out to $3.34 a month. “Ure” kidding, me right? Better money can’t be spent on market insight.

    • Ben, you are astute. Broken is the mantra, because broken, like Humpty Dumpty, implies it can never be fixed or put back together again. AND Broken is a business model! It takes money, constant money, a never-ending supply of it to fund programs that never solve anything. Look at ALL the broken (web, George?) things that are society cannot fix, but actually supports, funds, and accelerates, homelessness and poverty, for example. The destruction of America CANNOT focus on what is good, because what is good is religious in principle (values, morals, etc.), minimally, and a belief in a higher power, existentially, and focuses on the basic ingredient, which is the family in society, you know the Basic model, Father/Mother/Son/Daughter, and extended relatives. We cannot go there any longer, so we have thrown away, mixed up, and confused, those values, high standards, and core human items. In regards to resistance to the 80-85% similar propaganda programming of the ‘Minds of America’ and the fleeing to the 15-20% alternative/other information sources to thoroughly fleece and daze the mind, so that total control can be achieved, the answer to that is TRUTH! Ah, that hallowed word of ages gone past. It still stands supreme! Once a person determines to practice the muscle of discernment, one will not waste a second on a fabled news story as the lie will radiate its neon toxicity. The answer for the nation is this: Return to God, Father’s parent the children they bring into the world, the Purpose of Life is Service, and it begins in the home, and everyone can do it, and do do it every single day. Jesus said, “let not your heart be troubled neither let it be afraid.” https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=John+14&version=KJV

  4. My guess is that on the 1929 chart, the market is on the left side at Point A. You will have to be a PN subscriber to know what that means.

    When reading markets, don’t fight the tape. My Summer Bear may have violated that rule. But it is never too late to join the party.

    • Got to agree, but the new model I laid says down for the next week, or two…so we shall see, huh? Unlevered it back tested the past year in the 50% gain range and 130-140% using triple ETFs.. I may send you a pvt email this weekend if time permits as a thank you for your excellent contributions around here…

  5. George: Great Heartbeat article today. If I read this correctly, looking at the Excel Spreadsheet it is easy to see that it went from short to long on 7/5/18, which was right on the money if I may add.

    Also, 7/13/18 reads on the Excel spreadsheet LONG for Monday’s market & the Heartbeat Chart reads SHORT for Monday’s market. if I am reading this correctly.

  6. Another home run George! I have to admit while I was reading the article and viewing the chart I thought, hey that looks a lot like the scope on the defibs we used way back in the days of Paramedic one day, patrol cop the next. At the same time I am thinking are those PVC’s I see in there and the next paragraph bingo. Very interesting!
    If I may be so bold could this chart find a place in the regular chart pack? Please.


    • let me see if it’s useful – the problem is that a) if it works, putting out would make it less useful and b) if it doesn’t work, it’s more labor to prepare….but glaqd you liked it!!!

  7. Are we being set up for a false flag attack to derail any efforts Trump achieves with improving relations with Russia? Believe it or not, the USA and Russia had a mutually respectful relationship for several decades that included sharing intelligence as we both had the same enemies.. that was before NATO wanted to place nukes on Russia’s border and Putin said no way (that was under Obama’s reign and most likely the reason Obama’s NSA and CIA were eavesdropping on Merkel)… In the early 2000s, a steel company in the city I live in was sold to a Russian company. Somehow Russia was a friend back then… but now, Russia is being made into our enemy and the ruse of stealing the election from Hillary is the rallying call for the biased federal agencies against Trump and those who pursue unending wars for unending profits.

    I fear the CIA and other intelligence agencies have gone into extreme roque status and are doing whatever they can to destroy Trump’s foreign policy goals, as they relate to Russia (which also means China, as China will side with Russia).


    PS – there’s a great article by Glenn Greenwald at The Intercept, showing how the CIA has co-opted the USA MSM.

    • The Russians supposedly spend $95,000 to influence the 2016 election and Hillary and Trump spend in the billions? Are we suppose to believe the rooskies are better at swaying the American people? Isnt this indictment really a pot calling the kettle black situation? If Hillary had won, wouldnt none of this matter and be overlooked like Hillary’s missing emails, her un-inspected server that is at the heart of the Mueller investigation and the money laundering that occurred through the Clinton Foundation, that was done under Mueller’s time at the FBI.


      • The US Budget ($6.028 trillion) pencils out to almost $18,900 spending per person population.

        The Russian budget is $ 0.2539 trillion or $1,800 per person.

        Who’s getting their moneys worth>?

      • Gittin a little tired of this investigation crap and their only win is a russian intelligence unit doing what they are paid to do.

      • Well, there is a second part to the indictments to come – namely going after the ‘Americans’ who helped with the scheme. President Trump mimics the hatred that Putin has for Clinton – that meeting is going to be a ‘love fest’.

        But let’s get past that – Donald Trump is now president; so what exactly has he done to this point besides making governmental employment offices delirious?

        Immigration issues – started off this term as president . . . won’t pass judicial muster, and now totally clustered with separating parents from children. They should have seen that coming.

        Insulting various groups of people who normally might have been with Trump . . . John McCain IS an amazing person!!

        Healthcare and financial reform should have been a breeze with the Republicans in control, but no . . .

        The only Trumpian ‘bright light’ is the supreme court, but funny thing about the ‘nine’ – they do have their own minds.

        President Trump needs ‘to count his chickens’ – they may be Putin bears instead!

      • MDS, You claim the next shoe to drop is when they name “Americans” who assisted the Russians? You mean like Obama, when he told Medvedev he’d have more flexibility after his election?


        On a different subject,
        anybody notice the last few govt whistleblowers have supposedly had child porn found on their computers? Isnt that odd, especially when the last arrested whistleblower I read about, was a computer guru. Youd think hed know better, esp if hes collecting data to support his whistleblower claim … It seems like the planting of taboo pornography is the way the arresting agencies use to stop the general public siding with a whistleblower, by associating them also with a crime that nobody wants to appear to be condoning by supporting the whistleblower. Scary, but an effective tactic to make whistleblowers think twice.

      • “Healthcare and financial reform should have been a breeze with the Republicans in control, but no . . .”

        in theory they can make the changes MDS.. but in reality they cannot and will not… we all know how it works..
        Another dead horse issue for congress to drag through the mud every campaign season..If they wanted to stop abortion.. then pull all funding for family planning for a ten year study period not a four month period.. done finished over.. for healthcare.. put regulations back on for healthcare and healthcare insurance.. some medications one shot in canada is 33.00 in the USA it is 15,000.00 see a difference.. so put regulations open the borders.. a policy in your state and region should be available in my state and region.. make it illegal to discriminate and illegal to price gouge.. if in order to make a profit they have to charge more then everyone pays the increase.. open the borders. heck there is an insurance company in England I would love to get a policy from.. open the borders and put limits.. easy peasy. but the ones that write the bills wouldn’t ever allow that.. so like abortion we will just have to stomach the BS campaign slogans election after election..
        income of lets say sixty grand .. a policy for two is what twenty five to thirty.. leaves with before taxes thirty grand.. hmm.. the option a family man will take is pay the fine and let you the insured and the doctor who has to rent office space the hospitals that have to increase their rates etc etc.. pay the increases.. by putting regulations on it.. stabilizes the industry from greed.. one area that should never have been deregulated

    • Apparently, there was 5 different foreign nation states that hacked into Hillary’s server, but somehow only the Russian hackers mattered. We are being so Bs’d…why arent the republicans being more vocal? PS- sure enjoyed watching Trey Gowdey grill FBI disgraced agent Strocek(sp). Interesting though to listen the msm, who make him out to be a hero…j”ust another reason why I walked away”, before the growing movement had a name.

      • Hmmm. could it be they aren’t more vocal because.. … I don’t know..But I try never to upset those that are my bread and butter.. and obviously as free flowing cash is in DC in donations .. sheesh.. Oh heck that makes me think.. Stormy should have run for a seat in congress.. .. she would have made a whole lot more than just a few bucks in donations would not have to put in any time at work.. plus plus job..
        I can hear the campaign slogan.. If I’m elected to office I will…. oh heck that is what they all say LOL.. it would just be more fun with her.. LOL

  8. It was a lovely spectacle for the London crowds to turn out and chant Mr. Trump’s name. You shouldn’t take Londonistan’s Trump pinata too seriously as it was the only region south of Hadrian’s Wall to vote against Brexit. One has to be puzzled with Her Majesty’s erratic wanderings with your Head of State while reviewing the Coldstream Guards. Frankly, you could say about the juncker class that it might be the oddest German mime since the Kaiser’s ill-advised interview with “The Times” in 1908 or thereabouts.

    Prior to leaving the choppy shores of Merrie Olde Englande, a word from the bookies may be in order: Trump for the Peace Prize and WH 2020 both at 6/4; Bernie winning WH 2020 at 12/1; Mrs. Clinton is not readily visible in the ranking. Suspect the entourage has hoofed it out to pasture. We rather prefer the thought of folk with money on the line rather than hot air in a blimp.

    Now before everyone gets a little too cozy, I think it timely to have a brief word about the intelligence services’ “product”. Has everyone forgotten when Mr. Bush and Mr. Blair were regurgitating the Saddam wmd story? Speaking of wmd, let’s remember it was Russian troops and Chinese ambulances on the ground in Syria gathering the chemical weapons while Western navies caught some rays in the Mediterranean. Call me a stupid tin man on fixed elections, but I’d wager a false flag pulling strings before a Red Square Wizard.

    “The world looks just the same”?

  9. Hmm..
    A Broken CON gres..
    A broken government and politicians oozing graft and greed..
    Free money donated to anyone willing to vote the way they like or push a bill written by outside sources all without taking the time for anyone to read it.. Heck Rand Paul’s read the bill act was basically laughed out off the floor.

    All of this is the FAULT of RUSSIA interference..

    Putin I am sure doesn’t want to be drawn into the quagmire of American weasel politics.. He has something that is lacking in the majority of American politicians.. INTEGRITY..
    I am pretty certain my ancestors are doing cartwheels in their graves. I am fairly certain that TRUMP has that level of INTEGRITY as well..
    Unfortunately the vast majority of the politicians in office are going to be re-elected.. They all should be voted out.
    What shocks the he’ll out of me is people just don’t get it. Bills tabled indefinitely.. The senator was correct oh so many years ago..tell them anything they are all dumb as sheep.. Oh hey may be that’s Trump or Putin’s fault to..

    • Dow continues up till October then Dems pull out all and I mean all the cards they have to Crash the market and everything else. It’s going to be a spectacle. CNN and MSNBC will be floating so much horse goo we will all have to get out our waders. This is just the rehearsal. I think the market will correct largely then bounce back even higher. Good buying opportunity. The Dems will loose miserably. The Dems undesirable group, that has to be in power all the time will try to migrate to the Republican Party and it’s already started. The tide has turned. How long? Geo or Ures politics will determine our fate. Now is a good time to listen to George and try to understand options. High stakes are on the Horizon. I wrote the following for another You-tube response and it does not pertain to all but to some.
      One careful step at a time, Trump uncovers more swamp creatures. It’s called trolling, fishing , ferreting out the weasels. Which party embraces Communism? Which party is decidedly Socialist? Which Party is owned by Middle East interests, China, and George Soros? An impossible event happened to save America, the right man became President, the right man who embraced God after he got into office, the right man who is on the verge of exposing all the evils of the left. The left must stop the right President but they can’t. They must kill the right President but they can’t. Because he is the RIGHT President! He is Blessed and Protected, so are we. Even you who hate him. Heal your hearts.?

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