Harvey’s Coming Impact on Stocks

In today’s exciting episode, we answer two important questions.

The first is:  “What is the impact of a major hurricane on stock markets? ” We are guided by some historical data.

The second is “What will happen in the market over the rest of this week?”

We’ll skip the coffee, kibbles, snivels, and drivel..Hurricane recovery costs money and some of that is like to come from the markets.

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13 thoughts on “Harvey’s Coming Impact on Stocks”

  1. Has Harvey has left a big smile on Auto manufacturers faces?

    “HOUSTON” We have a Market! Get some vehicles off their lots at least?

    Everything is a business model…

  2. Shouldn’t High School Physics put these warmest people off? I mean when a gas(atmosphere) Heats up it holds more water. When it cools it releases water. If Harvey broke rainfall records does that not indicate the atmosphere is Cooling? If we look back on historical data it should show a trend of record rainfall amounts going up or down is my guess. This is as close as I can find.http://www.longrangeweather.com/global_temperatures.htm

  3. Thinking about ‘the contract’ low. I’m not sure how to price for a double bottom due to the time factor. Hmmm…..

  4. In a Peoplenomics issue, it would be nice to read an explanation of using “One Cancels Other Order (OCO)” or sometimes called a “bracket order” when you own an ETF & are looking to sell but think it may go up a little more. For example, you own TQQQ at $110.50 & put in 2 orders: 1. A sell limit order with a Limit price of $112.00 and 2. A trailing stop-on-quote order with a trailing stop amount of $1.50. So if TQQQ hits $112.00 it is sold. Also if it never hits $112.00 but drops more than $1.50 from its high price for the day it is sold. Looking to lock in additional gains, but protect the downside.

    • I have never used OCO orders. My personal reason is that I don’t care about the last (or first) 5% of a move. I could see an OCO if I was in surgery, or something. But in general, I don’t like GTC, OCO or any other order where the “trigger” is pulled when I’m not on the gun, so to speak. That’s asking for nasty whipsaws, IMO

  5. Cloud seeding feeding the hurricane !!!!
    Yet every year in Austin is a meeting of the Weather Modification Advisory Committee
    Scary stuff the USDA is doing too.

    “USDA: Texas Electrostatic Cloud Seeding Experiment June 2017”

    Talk given Dec 2016 – Jim Lee – you will be blown away via the content.

    “Geoengineering, Weather Modification, and Weaponizing Nature”

    Jim Lee and others speaking –

    “EPA Hearing on Jet Pollution and Geoengineering”

  6. Well, it’s started here in West Texas. Whether or not it’s an actual gas shortage or simply the results of rumors spreading quickly we’ve had a few large gas stations run out of gas here in San Angelo but no price gouging that I can tell. Our son called last night to tell us his boss sent him out to get 1000 gallons of gas and then started to wash out barrels to use for gas containers. They wound up with 2000 gallons of gas to continue operations over the next few weeks. Needless to say I was filling up everything last night before the local quick stop closed. It’s a great exercise to show where our readiness needs are at the very least. It could also turn into a self-fulfilling prophecy.

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