Happy Laboring Day!

The rest of the year?  We need to have us a little talk about that.  As usual, with “visual aids” because things are beginning to look might dicey from where we sit.

Since this is one of my few actual 2-3 day weekends, we will dispense with headlines.  A suitable tradeoff for working on the report into Friday evening.

Gotta say – love this “retirement business.”  Only a 13-hour day and the 6th one for the week.  Believe me, when you pass 70, you’ll want to be a slacker, too.

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9 thoughts on “Happy Laboring Day!”

  1. Yo Jorge, Bravo Zulu on the short book on the ufo subject. So it all comes back to Mr. Tesla and the aether. Wish I could tap into some of that aether. One book that I found plausible was the papers of Matilda O’Donnel McElroy. Alien Interview shortly after Roswell. As far as voting, I’ll steal a line from Groucho :” I wouldn’t belong to a club that would have me as a member”.

  2. you all have a good weekend now .. aliens taking a few days off as well .. they will land again on Tuesday , then they will unleash everything thurs fri mon .. they tell you all to eat and insert gold , best use practice

  3. Is that a candlestick hammer going into a 3 day weekend, what a year it has been with the unseen hands pushing and pulling the market.

    • Not quite OBD, they closed with Wicks, High and Low – almost Spinning Tops, but candle body too thick/long.

      The S&P 500, DOW and Nasdaq all had same completed Red(down) Candle – they were looking like Hammers going into the last 30 mins of trading.

      If SPY (etf) closes Down on a another Red Candle (3 in a Row) on Tuesday, we will have one of the coots fav BEARISH Patterns/Indicators – “Three Black Crows” = Sellsellsell.


  4. “Corona Virus to spike”

    There was the big American Patriots Rally on April 30 in Lansing, MI. That rally was supposed to be a super-spreader event. We never heard about the outcome.

    Three days ago the Washington post told us about last month’s Sturgis rally, a double super-spreader event.

    “First covid-19 death linked to Sturgis Motorcycle Rally reported in Minnesota

    The case, involving a biker in his 60s, is one of at least 260 infections traced to the event last month where many declined to wear masks.”

    “According to the Department of Transportation, the seven-day total for the rally from Aug. 7 was 365,979 people, which is down just by 7.5% compared to last year at the same time.”

    Team Trump stopped wearing masks. Look to the last White house party.

    The question is how did the rich New York store owners know to board their buildings as soon as Corona kicked-off. And they were right in doing so because now there are riots.

  5. And another thing –

    CDC said COVID-19 was discovered in 2019.

    “When was COVID-19 discovered?

    The new virus was found to be a coronavirus, and coronaviruses cause a severe acute respiratory syndrome. This new coronavirus is similar to SARS-CoV, so it was named SARS-CoV-2 The disease caused by the virus was named COVID-19 (COronVIrusDisease-2019) to show that it was discovered in 2019.”


    In 2018 there was world trade in medical supplies specifically for COVID-19.

    COVID-19 Diagnostic Test instruments and apparatus (902780) exports by country in 2018

    Additional Product information: Instruments used in clinical laboratories for In Vitro Diagnosis. Colorimetric end tidal CO2 detector, sizes compatible with child and adult endotracheal tube. Single use.

    Category: COVID-19 Test kits/ Instruments, apparatus used in Diagnostic Testing


    Time travel?

    • “the virus was named COVID-19 (COronVIrusDisease-2019) to show that it was discovered in 2019.”


      In 2018 there was world trade in medical supplies specifically for COVID-19.”

      Thats Interesting Steve I have often wondered if this is all just a plan..

  6. ” How do you draw any lines from market collapse to prepping to getting ready for either a Big One Quake or atmosphere on fire from comets?
    Well, takes money to buy prepping goods.
    And our consigliere has some very good advise: Pay cash and ands don’t advertise your prepping. ”

    My church has been talking about preparation for decades.. the big issue is by their own estimates.. only six to twelve percent of the members are prepared.. I think the shocking low statistics is the enormity of the situation.. the hectic lifestyles that we live..the sheer cost of everything that has outsourced our incomes drastically.. ( one in two are on social programs and almost three quarters get refunds from tax programs designed to keep the economy moving)
    So because they just can’t dump a years income into prepping.. they ignore it they are to busy anyway.. where will you store it.. how do you begin..
    most people are overwhelmed..I can bet after the last couple of months that everyone reading this has a few extra packages of toilet paper.. their lives changed.. their values changed..
    we seen the panic.. people fighting and threatening over toilet paper offering huge sum’s of money for an ounce of jelled alcohol.. the core values changed.. so far the vast majority are seeking gold silver which stock will survive.. a picture and number on a computer screen.. yet if an asteroid struck.. no one would give two cents for any of that.. the tribes that have to walk fifty miles for a glass of water don’t care about having to carry a heavy hunk of metal.. or a worthless piece of paper.. they care about getting a glass of water and nourishment for their child or themselves. when I had to beat grain that had fallen from a farmers wiggle wagon going into the elevator.. to feed my family the last thing on my mind was gold or silver..I needed food.. shelter.. the trick was.. not all at once.. if you use five cans of beans five cans of corn etc.. a week then add six can’s of beans and six cans of corn.. when your down to the five can level you go and buy six more can’s.. prepping.. well the odds are if we have an asteroid strike, EMP, nuclear war.. etc.. or war in general.. the utilities are shot.. that is the first thing.. hey go after is to disrupt infrastructure.. so plan for no infrastructure..
    if you just want to read it..
    prepping small learn as much as you can about alternate sources of building and producing what you can’t buy..
    remember the childrens story.. stone soup..
    remember it truly isn’t about you and me.. it is about us all working together for the betterment of mankind..

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