Happy Easter (Passover, etc. too)

Normally on Sunday we do a little something on prepping

But mighty big storms and a turkey to get ready for baking, so more coffee and less word than usual.

A few will count this is a blessing…  Egg-sactly.

Happy and more tomorrow.

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34 thoughts on “Happy Easter (Passover, etc. too)”

  1. Happy Easter, George! Just wanted to say how much I like your podcasts. I am often multitasking while on the computer (betting horses–I win about 4 times what I put in so several thousand a year but not enough to make me rich yet; genealogy; checking on bills and so forth). Anyway it’s nice to listen instead of read since my eyes ain’t what they used to be.

  2. https://abcn.ws/2vZV6Ns



    they should have went option 1….. but heck.. the future will tell the tale.. throw crumbs or do a temporary freeze on everything and everything goes back to the way it was but then we all here already knew that.. it was a no brainer…. when the economy is rebooted.. the jobs just won’t miraculously reappear..
    Sort of like rebooting a computer from a crash.. everything has to be reinstalled and started back up.. if you didn’t back up your information it is lost..

    We shall see if you ask me.. The President should have come out LARGE AND IN CHARGE.. the way I see it.. that way when society reboots.. everything would reboot the way it was.. everyone still having the job they had.. no penalties or late fees.. business as usual.. from my perspective at the bottom.. this only puts us in the financial death spiral.. being at the bottom I have experienced this personally.. and I can tell you it is not fun.. it is traumatic and your heads spinning trying to figure a way to stop the death spiral..
    The bad part about this.. it that financial death spiral is not just going to hit the laboring class.. it will hit everyone equally.. since most of the thirty percent have all their assets on paper.. ( seriously I know people that don’t even own furniture they stage their homes for special occasions LOL.. that is why the upper thirty percent are the worst tippers to..its all a number on a sheet of paper) which will make this a very interesting next year or two.. if the virus doesn’t go hog nuts wild.. just reboot the country to early once and see if it doesn’t just do that..

  3. Happy Easter George and Elaine!

    Today will be a relatively normal workday for me, but I’ll try to get in something fun, if possible. Food isn’t that important to me, so today it’s about trying to make my living space a bit better.

    For everyone – here’s a great interview with an expert virologist – Dr. Angela Rasmussen:


    She’s quite understandable and obviously has been doing very serious work in her field. She’s worth a listen IMHO – no need to actually watch since it’s an interview by another medically educated person. She discusses mask usage toward the end of the video, and the fact that many people have not the foggiest idea about sterile technique. My dearest friend was guilty of this when she flippantly tossed her used mask into her pocketbook! She works a front line job in a hot area. I’ve seen pictures of people wearing surgical masks over their mouth and not their nose! I’d humbly suggest that G-II could make a valuable contribution if inclined, by creating a video on proper donning, doffing, and wearing of simple PPE such as gloves, masks, and eyewear for regular civilians, remembering that in most cases, these will be reused. I was most impressed by the video he made for his fire/rescue units. Quality and clarity matter on youtube – far more than distractions such as music or flashy overlays. There are many who are making their own masks and some have been tested to N-95 levels using various common filtration materials. I know of several people who are making custom masks, including my own beloved daughter.

    • ” I’d humbly suggest that G-II could make a valuable contribution”

      I second this. For instance, he showed how to don/doff respiration masks and gloves, but not what the FD does with them afterwards, or how to recycle (sterilize) them for reuse.

      I have a common fabric mask and a P-100 which I carry everywhere. They, and nitrile gloves, live in Ziploc bags in my car, and are sterilized (as are the bags) after use. Alcohol, bleach, and O3 may become our best friends before year’s end…

      • Good tip Ray..
        I have always loved O3.. I use it on my drinking water and twice a week I do the house air.

  4. Happy Easter to All !!

    One trusts the sequestered 1% shall be along shortly with pronouncements in hand from The Golden Egg.

    In the meantime, make merry, let the goose be cooked, and no rioting over the wishbone!

  5. HE is Risen…believe it or not……one can always enjoy a solid chocolate bunny..gobble! gobble! George

    • I believe it. I came back from the dead so I dont doubt Christ did at all. He is risen!

      Happy Easter

  6. Happy Easter every one. I sincerely hope everything I saw, was wrong. Even if it saves one life. I would ruin my reputation and be wrong a thousand times if it saves just one life.

    A life is way more important than what anyone thinks of me and definitely more important than me being right. Besides if I’m always right??? How would I ever learn anything.

    God Bless.

  7. I just want to say one thing. I been seeing this alot. “Knowledge is power.” All over the web.

    Knowledge is NOT power.


    You can have a A rocket scientist, An astro physicist and a Lineman stand there staring at a golf cart with a dead battery intensely concentrating with all their cumulative knowledge, screaming out math computations about Volts, amps, watts and ohms and how lithium batteries where made and the history of electricity and molecular science until they are blue in the face. You can focus their minds together with Spock in a 4 way Vulcan mind meld and it wont make a damn bit of difference

    However, a 4 year old little girl who still wets the bed and thinks cookie monster on sesame street is a real person can walk up to papa’s golf cart and plug the thing-a-ma-jig into the whatchmacalet and the golf cart battery will start charging.

    Ya see, Knowledge makes ya smart, but it’s not power until you are plugged into a power source. You can be a complete dingbat and if you are plugged into a power source????? It dont matter how smart everyone else is. You got the power they are all just standing around with dead batteries.


    See ya around.

    • Lol lol lol… I loved thos one Andy..
      First off… you mean to tell me that the cookie monster isnt real… dam

      Ii know someone that worked with and on Silo’s.. the sensitive electronics..
      He got a call and flew thousands of miles being paid big money.. just to turn on the power switch lol lol… it still comes up in conversations.. just like the story of a mechanic trying to get a fuel line for a fighter jet.. ended up he couldn’t get one do the bubble wrapped the plane for the next part available which was a new plane the plane with the leak in the fuel line had to be returned to manufacturing lol lol.

  8. Glaedelig paaske, hr. Ure! I hope your morning the the ranch was not too exciting… those storms here in East Texas were something else. Definitely an Easter to remember.

  9. Well I’m tuning in late because of things to do al day as well.
    Glad for you that you took a day off and if the storms blew
    through you as they did here you were probably busy as well.
    I hope you and Elaine had a happy Easter and a pleasant dinner, and enjoyed the day.

  10. COVID knows no holiday. HAWAII STATS from HDOH:
    Total cases: 499 (13 newly reported)
    Hawai’i County: 39
    Honolulu County: 350
    Kaua’i County: 21
    Maui County: 84
    Pending: 3
    Residents diagnosed outside of Hawai‘i: 2
    equired Hospitalization: 44
    Hawaii deaths: 9
    Released from Isolation: 310
    Cumulative totals as of 12:00pm, April 12, 2020

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