Hacking "Old Age" (1)

Another “lap around Life” hits this week as 71-rolls by.  Here’s the thing, though:  I feel every bit as good now as I did at 50- and maybe even better.

Why?  How?  Well, as near as can be figured, it’s because someone has been making a serious long-term effort for more than 20-years to “stick around for the End of the World.”

Still calling it a “dead heat.”

Like golf, Life’s not particularly hard –  since it may be all about technique. Today, we begin the checklist of some things I do (beginning with my odd – and maybe subversive – way of thinking).  Ideas here that you may want to “try on” for yourself.

First though, our usual Box Score on  COVID-19, no relation to Kojak-1973.

Plus the charts and our usual whine about how the market would be tanking already, were it not for the US Fed dumping in $9.454-billion  of “easy money” out into the markets Tuesday afternoon as they continue to sandbag our financial shores with paper…

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36 thoughts on “Hacking "Old Age" (1)”

  1. George – welcome to your 70s! I expect that I will be reading your site in your 100’s – provided you have not moved on to ‘something else’ by then. I am a little bit behind you in my 60s. I have to say despite the everyday scrap put out there in the media, I feel very positive about my life and the future. In the mid-90’s, we had a game changer – the internet. With the modern internet, we have a true massively parallel communication device. Yes there is censorship, but the bad guys cannot censor out all the great information that can be had for the price of a wide band connection. For the truly motivated, people can access great actionable information most everyday. I honestly feel better now than in my 30’s because I have learned so much about how to take care of myself: diet, exercise, meditation, humor….you name it. Of course, the real change is changes in motivation (for some). I remember my Father saying in his early 80’s that had he know he was going to live ‘that long’, he would have taken better care of himself. You see, there’s the rub. People born pre-WWII had little expectation that they would even make to 80. What do I expect….well, to live and function very highly well past 100. ‘We are the placebo’ states Dr. Joe Dispenza. I don’t buy into anyone who puts limitations on me. Do we live in Good or bad times. Well, it’s a choice!

  2. With respect to this coronavirus business:

    Don’t know if anybody here is BlazeTV subscriber (Glenn Beck), but he’s doing a live viddy-o cast on the subject tonight (Wednesday) at 9pm. It’s to be carried on his YouTube channel and on BlazeTV. BlazeTV is subscriber, but the YouTube outlet is free and open.

    I am not interested in discussing the veracity or the villainy of Beck, (some like him, and some hate him) so I won’t engage that subject: but I offer this as nothing more than a possible different angle on the subject. For your possible overall enlightenment.

    • I used to listen to (Glenn Beck) many years ago on the radio, and I thought that he had very good opinions, but they changed nothing!! Lost contact with him >20 years ago, and I don’t care any longer.

      My interests today are much closer to my own heart. I saw the first blooming flowers in Cenral Park (NYC). On my way I stopped over at the Hilton Hotel @6th Ave., and I was slightly chocked when I noticed just 1/2 dozen customers versus 200-300 at previous times. I must add that there were always lots of Asian visiors.

      Indeed, coronavirus will take its toll on business in due time ;-(.

    • “I am not interested in discussing the veracity or the villainy of Beck, (some like him, and some hate him) so I won’t engage that subject:”

      I personally like Glenn Beck.. I will never forget a show he did.. follow the money.. I wished I had recorded it. The last show I watched that he did.. was so good it had me in suspense.. they guests said things that although honest was also shocking ..
      I love how he lays it out and does it in such a way that everyone can understand it

  3. Congrats George on your birthday. You’re on topic for my very situation. Only 56 compared to your 71, but am ready to chuck it all and get out of town while I still have the ability. I’ve had enough of the city and all it entails, and the daily stresses have eaten me alive. Planning the exit strategy even now, and need to move it up considering what all is coming.

    The worst part will be parting with the 911. :) Man, what I’ve gone through to be able to afford cars like that, and the three car garage it lives in. Staggering.

  4. Happy Birthday George, Have a Great Ride!!! I’ve taken the main road, and sometimes a cow path for a short cut. The cow path was always more interesting. Its when the road got rough, and sometimes I had to walk or hike, that I noticed the sun glinting through dew drop on tall blades of summer grass. Or I’d walk past a newly mowed field and really savored the sweet smell that comes from new mow’d hay. Times like that and you are really in the moment. Its uplanned and unexpected, but you are operating totally out of your comfort zone. Sometimes that brings an Exhilaration to life that just does not come any other way. I expect your son gets that every time he skydives. I wish you all the Best, Roger in Tucson

  5. “AP source: Barr tells people he might quit over Trump tweets .”

    Or not.

    DOJ denies reports that AG William Barr plans to resign over Trump tweets

    Attorney General William Barr does not intend to step down from his post — despite reports that he has considered quitting


    ‘Looks to me like we’re back to the point where the America-haters and swamp rats blanket the “news” with page-1 scaretype BS and print one sentence retractions on page 37, hidden amidst the obituaries.

    I -=think=- I’m pleased, because maybe it means they’ve run their entire smear arsenal, and (since they’re incapable of honesty or fair play) have to start over.

  6. Watch the Netflix documentary..Game Changers. It has been a game changer for me. I have been training for a half marathon trail run in Napa and ever since I switched to a plant based diet, my times and work-outs have been..well game changing. No placebo affect here…I have been running all my life and know my body. At the age of 62 going on 63, I am running more efficiently, faster and with quicker recovery than when I was at my peak in my late 30’s and 40’s. I feel younger, look younger, and even acting younger. George, look at me with my college friends in my last Facebook post. I have found the fountain of youth.

    The plant base diet makes sense…again watch the documentary. It’s not hard at all. I justify it this way. Being originally from KC, I am a BBQ “expert”…But let’s analyze the main staple of BBQ …ribs…This is arguably the worst part of a pig or cow, yet with the proper rubs, apple or hickory smoke and spicy sauces, ribs can be a delicacy.

    Now that I don’t eat any meat or animal based products (vegan), I prepare veggies and plant based products the same way I would approach a fatty rack of ribs, utilizing a variety of spices, sauces and even smoke…the result has me feeling and acting like a kid again with near perfect vitals (per recent check up) such as perfect cholesterol, BP, heart, blood, and cognitive levels.

    Before you scoff…watch the documentary. BTW, my GP doctor is on the same regiment…My niece, also a doctor and full fledged nutritionist too fully endorses this and my best friend, who destroys me every other weekend on the golf course and is a PHD of life sciences at UCSF is vegan and is an evangelist of this approach to wellness and long life.

    Let me know what you think.

    • @marx

      NOW we know the reason behind your hatred of President trump….He likes Mac’s and fries….and by the way…How do you manage to pat yourself on the back about everything you do….and post it here..where quite frankly…..NO one gives a rats ass about your life.except you and your mirror….

    • e”I switched to a plant based diet, ”

      Mark you gotta try the burger king miracle burger. Dam it that isnt a keeper. .
      I’ll get another for sure..

    • Mark: Years ago I read the work of Ornish and Esselstyn and found it interesting but not immediately relevant; it was for other people, not me. And over the years I’ve encountered rabid vegans who proselytized like a Jehovah’s Witness on meth. Because of your comment, I decided to watch Game Changers. What a tour de force! It will change my life and possibly extend it. From cholesterol to prediabetes to joint pain to overall stamina to cow farts to world water shortages, the evidence is overwhelming. I urge others to watch it as well.

  7. “AP may be discounted as a potentially marginal source.”

    …As I cautioned years ago, and along with AP, every other major wire service.

    There have been times in the past 20 years when I got the most accurate information available ON AN AMERICAN NEWS-BIT, not from ANY wire service, but from machine-translated pages of Finnish, Indian, Arab, Portuguese, and Hungarian locals, and from Pravda — PRAVDA!

    There is no excuse for removing “fact” from “factual reporting” for any reason, let alone doing it to drive a political agenda. Unfortunately, as long as we tolerate this crap, there’ll be no incentive for the newsers to locate their morals or codes of conduct.

  8. A funny thing happens on your trip through life: You strive and either achieve most goals or decide that they’re no longer worthy of your effort. Then you’re stuck with inventing new goals or you’ll atrophy. Developing, pursuing, and maintaining long term goals is difficult – yet essential in the latter part of life.

    Then there are some goals that are essentially beyond your control. Becoming the King of England is one -though I don’t aspire to such a silly thing. Finding and keeping the woman of your dreams(or man – for those with different plumbing) is another, though it may be achievable. Learning to build, fly, sail, drive, etc., is achievable at some level; regardless of whether or not you’re able to get a license to do these things.

  9. a unusual source, perhaps, but interesting info on a coronavirus, scroll down to access the letter from Dr. Horowitz -maybe one of your readers knows more

  10. Re the coronavirus, there was a very interesting article in yesterday’s Financial Times (headline: ‘China turns to US for poultry as millions of chickens culled’). It seems that travel restrictions to control the virus’s spread are blocking shipments of animal feed, resulting in the slaughter of at least 100Million chickens. This is on top of a mass slaughter of pigs in China due to African swine fever over the past year, and now the pig farmers are also struggling to obtain feed for their animals. The FT states there is already a protein shortage in China and this is not going to help, with further tightness in the meat supply expected.

    If this is the information that’s getting out, it makes me suspect information about significant food shortages is being suppressed. I imagine subpar nutrition will make people more likely to become extremely sick/die of the virus perhaps explaining why the head of a hospital in Wuhan, age only 51, has died.

    This says IMO that it would be prudent to prep (a) for the possible need to self-isolate for a week or two, and (b) if the virus does continue to spread, we should be looking carefully at the possibility of disruption to food production even more so than disruption to industry. And the fact that there is flooding in the Midwest/farming areas right now is something to be concerned about anyway.

    On the up side, forewarned is forearmed.

    Welcome to your 70s, George. I’m already there and, ever the optimist, am looking forward to another 70 ;-)


    DBM in NJ

  11. “Why doesn’t EVERYONE just go for it?”
    That is something I have wondered for a lifetime, also. Since childhood I have been fascinated and focused on the ‘magic of radio’…. wireless & RF. As a result I pursued a career as a broadcast engineer. Handling the technical issues was only half of the job. The other half was learning to deal with the stress and constant pressure to perform under extreme time constraints.

    But most of the people I have met in life had no idea what they wanted to do with their lives. They were tossed around by the tides that impacted them, and most just survived to keep their heads above water today… not planning for tomorrow. Not surprisingly, a lot of them ‘expired’ shortly after retirement, if not earlier.

    I have always had an abiding curiosity about ‘what comes next’ so I don’t want to check-out early. So I have also learned to take care of myself, and have taken care of some nasty problems that the medical industry had no clue about. Intelligent supplementation does wonders for maintaining a body, and the earlier you start in life, the better off you are for the long term.

    I’m enjoying ‘retirement’ more than I ever imagined, with no lack of things to do and learn yet. Being relieved of the stress and pressure of job performance, I can now relax and do what ever I fancy or grabs my attention.

    “Live Long and Prosper” – Spock

  12. https://www.newsfromtheperimeter.com/home/2019/7/17/9-out-of-10-people-who-saw-anthony-weiners-laptop-are-dead

    32 – James Milan – Found decapitated. However, the Coroner ruled his death was due to natural causes”. 
    That one is funny.. walking in central park his head falls off lol lol lol they say that it is due to natural causes. No need to investigate that huh…. i can hear it now..dam dont sneeze so hard.. you know you could loose your head doing that lol lol lol..

    Amazing how that is though.

  13. We interrupt coverage of the Billionaire designate and Dem others….

    Drum roll, please…

    Move over Grammy and Grampa! It’s an unexpected opportunity to mention the junk bond king twice in one week. Order in the Court! Allegedly following a $10 million fundraiser in Florida by a mutual acquaintance on Saturday, pardon was granted on Tuesday. Has the prior Commander in Chief commented about the fellow who was convicted of selling the Senate seat from Illinois being pardoned also?

    Surely Potus will be tweeting the good news to Ms. P. under #I’m peachee.

  14. wow.. I went to buy some tyvek suits..coveralls.. for my cardboard project.. they are sold out of them..figured I would take a look at everything else.. sold out.. on a good number of the items at domestic stores.. the rest are from foreign warehouses and the extended delivery dates are further out than normal.. amazing.. the funny thing is I have enough of the stuff that I have on hand .. that I am not to concerned for this project.. but wow.. even at the hospital.. the N-95 masks that they usually have out for people to wear if they have a cough etc.. is gone..

    • For the willing and able, usable masks could be fabricated from HEPA filters. These things are advertised everywhere – just a matter of finding something with a form factor you can work with.

  15. Interesting spread of plague fact and opinion over at ZH this week. First we have the skeptical analysis:


    Then there are the cold hard reports suggesting an early CCP apartment spring cleaning is in progress:


    And last we have a Dickinsonian shadow of Christmases to come:


    I can’t help but notice that the closest competitors to the CCP technology production seem to be becoming the new exponential hotspots. This does not bode well for technology centers.

    While I can’t say much for the caliber of the ZH reader comments, ZH has been showing seriously good editorial grit as of late, and has maintained some semblance of balanced coverage, despite the attacks from the domestic left.

    And despite the feel-good propaganda coming from the CCP wonks, it is best to maintain a wary attitude, and continue to reexamine your personal response to events.

  16. Happy joint birthday time, George! I do my best to forget mine but everyone keeps reminding me with some kind of evil joy. Oh well – it’s just another day to be thankful for.

    I went and stocked up on supplies for the vehicles and grabbed a couple of bottles of antibiotics from Tractor Supply. The wiper blades all say “Made in Viet Nam”. In a month or two we’ll know if I need to either get enough oil for the cars to last a year or find some way to mothball them. Mountain bikes at Wally World range from about $160 to $230. I’m gonna look funny peddling down the road with a rifle and pistol to go to the ranch. Ace Reid would have a blast with that picture. “A man oughta dew what he thinks is right” one great American said once, however.

    • ‘Ever watch the reality series revolving around the Kilcher family, in Alaska? The guys sport carbine scabbards and center-chest holsters when riding their horses, bikes, and ATVs, outside the ranch fences.

      • ‘Probably had Texans there initially to teach them. Like in Cali, the real gold in the Klondike was in supplying necessities to the miners. I’ve never studied the Alaska gold rush, but I’d be incredibly surprised if a Montana or Idaho cattle ranch didn’t mount a major drive, either up to Dawson or onto freighters bound for Ketchikan…

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