“Growth Well Below Prepandemic Levels…”

So the Dow is rallying!

Fake markets!  Fake Markets!

Buy a farm and a plough while you can!

LOL, LOL.  CNBC “Dow Up 200 points as tech shares lead…”  Budda, dutchy…

[“Internal odds now 52% to 48% for an overnight Big Fake News Story – BFNS –  to take blame for any decline now,” laughs Zeus the Cat,  oddsmaker in chief…]


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7 thoughts on ““Growth Well Below Prepandemic Levels…””

  1. PM’s up and down beyond the NORMAL movements today…liars and thieves at work and play…ALL should be HUNG…

    there are NO markets anymore….just AI playing with your ‘mind’…and taking your money

    exiting is the only…play as this country sinks in to the abyss

      • I said “Not until after the close tonight, Zeke. Admission is a mouse or snake so getcher lazy cat-ass back to work…”
        Cat’s have no sense of melodrama… (Neither does Hollywood, either, so maybe I am being hard on Zeke. Oh, well, he’s just a freakin cat…Not like he’s a NY Congressoid, lol. Mythical scum monsters…)
        “Elaine…’nother drink hunny bunny…this will be an epic farce in a few minutes…

  2. Did you see where ‘wrong way’ Dennis Gartman came out of ‘retirement’ to proclaim he’s getting out of gold?? Buy Bullion, baby!

  3. Soon to be “Growth well below PANDEMIC levels” !
    (Honestly… that’s how I read it the first time!)

  4. for all the real gold bulls that went before me 25 years in the making .. short the guts out of gold .. on .. yep that’s for you moriarty yah conman .. fly under the Eiffel tower with dalio in 2020 but do it blindfolded .. conman sprucker .. got the economics of a snail in your garden

  5. money always finds the best home … currently its buried or in shorts .. if you listen to greedy caresalesman .. aka stock gurus its other garbage .. people like dago dalio or old salty moriarty .. these fellas are self interested fools .. in order to sell high you must buy low .. listen to their yarns at you peril or turn on vegetables at cnbccussa for the same effect .. forget about it

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