“Groundsteading” in 2030

Suppose, for a moment, that your “future self” could write a letter to your “present-day self” and offer pointers navigating what’s to come. While it would make an interesting book – there’s so much to cover – it also makes a pretty interesting column.

Although such a letter could be “personal” there are many aspects of it that explains much of what’s going on in society today.  Why young people are not planning to have children and why – when you “run the numbers” a kind of world-wide Venezuela seems more possible than not.

If you can image the Dark Ages – and throw in some tech and the digital analog to “feudal lords.”  That kind of thing is sobering, to the extreme.

After a few headlines and some charts, of course.

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George Ure
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45 thoughts on ““Groundsteading” in 2030”

  1. I am relieved. I was afraid you had lost all your optimism.

    I read this morning that BLM has at least one convicted terrorist sitting on it’s governing board. Don’t act shocked and dismayed. The Marxists are going to make their big push this fall. Where is the money coming from? Time to boycott the corporate brown shirts who fund the Marxists.

  2. Morning George and the coffee was fine on the porch this morning as was the weekly blood pressure check. Still no meds! For which I am grateful!

    Your line ” Seeds have become extremely valuable” struck a nerve with me. I have been buying ‘Open Pollinated’ seeds and allowing some of the crop to go to seed. These seeds were then replanted to see if I could sustain the crops. Some success and the evaluations continue.

    Cheers and good luck if you try it.

  3. G – its the dam “Black Goo” – U know that indestructible,deadly sporulating bacterial pathogen..sentient oil – as depicted in X-Files.

    Agglutination –
    evolution does not take place without horizontal gene transfer or non-sexual transmission of genetic material by bacteria. A 5’5′ 155lb human has roughly 39 trillion bacterial cells & 30 trillion human cells.

    CIA Mind Control is a red herring.

    -Control the bacteria, and the body will follow..see Dr Frank Olsen – worked for CIA/lead bacteriologist, creating its own master&slave race.

    Something scarier was going on as Dr Olsen was “tossed’ out a window from hotel in front of madison sq garden in1953.

    Olsen worked at ft detrick- on “sentinent oil – “worked on” = mutated over and over again at Detrick, porton down, edgewood and dugway proving ground.

    The huns were the ones who first found &released this glack goo in 38-39 from Blouvet Island – where it had been stashed/quarantined by someones/somethings.

    U dont really think the falklands war was over territory…

    Dr Kurt Blome – so evil he could not qual for Operation Paper Clip program – and yet he was freed at Nuremberg??

    There is no way they would have “sprayed” this stuff on San Fran area – back in the 40’s. No sooner was this crap set loose on US pop..

    then all Berlkely’s work & philosophy was obscured/forgotten/buried, so we get Rand Corp setting up in the same area several years later – great..

    Not possible ? – its a campfire story

    – above scheisse ain’t real.. off to chase some buffalo – later.

  4. There is no animal on the face of this Earth, that I can think of off the top of my head George, that will not expand to fill the space of their normal living environment and, if hugely adaptable as we are, other surrounding environments. The Ure-Asian continent was the first example of this as it filled and overflowed to the rest of the World. The Western World seems to have been somewhat self-limiting due to a lack technology that promoted expansion beyond the usual limits of nature even if there seems to be evidence of extraterrestrial influence that could have overcome that.

    We seem to have been incarnated into a time of peak-everything and ultimate failure of our socio-economic and physical environment which current technology has no answer for. I see this as healthy, though, because, even with “outside our Earthly bounds” materiel support, there’s no good that would come out of turning our Earth into a space where everyone had only a few square feet of living space to “call their own” on every square inch of the planet. It’s no wonder Ure-peans saw this continent as a breath of fresh air. Expansion is in all peoples’ blood.

    It blew my hair back a couple of nights ago when I started looking for 00 buck on the Internet. All of the 12 gage shells were gone at Academy and elsewhere in town. Ammoseek put a notice up that read:

    “Since March 12th, online ammunition retailers have been experiencing demand like never before in the history of the gun industry. Nope, not even the panic buying due to the concern over a potential gun ban during the Obama presidency has seen demand like we are seeing. It isn’t an understatement to use the word ‘insane’ to describe it.”

    If you want to take a measurement of money velocity I think you need to put a probe on that little artery of commerce. I guess everyone is taking Pastor Dana Coverstone’s warning videos seriously because 12 gage shotgun shells were available in fairly good quantity about 3 weeks ago on Ammoseek. I just kept putting off buying a good quantity of it as I was concentrating on other things. Luckily we live in an area where nothing seems to ever happen (YET!) but that won’t last long with people pouring out of the cities and coming here as they seem to be doing. And with everyone buying buckshot looks like things will get messy. Don’t know how the other calibers are doing as I haven’t looked.

    • An even better book – Best of the Summer 2020..

      BLITZ: TRUMP Will Smash the Left and WIN – D. Horowitz

      Hows the Transhumanists “thing” working 4 U out there ?

      • George, good back to the future stuff. One thing though.. you said,

        Our neighbors are good people, too. We’ve seen something called “community defense groups” rise. If someone gets out of line (committing a serious robbery, rape, or murder, for example), the community defense group decides a course of action and offenders are “put out of everyone else’s misery.” The local sheriffs have been backing “community defense.”

        This is pretty much how Mexico is run these days….except, the offenders (drug lords) have gained the power, knowing that an absentee government won’t do a damn thing. There are also community defense groups that try to fight back, but it’s a lose/lose situation and only results in retaliatory attacks back and forth. Gang killings in Mexico are really both sides of good and evil killing each other.

      • Mark do you real think he who can not remember were he lives are even his own name could be elected. Because if so the USA is in more trouble then I thought.

      • markie the traitor, prefers street gang rules over U.S.Constitution, law and order

        Our neighbors are good people, too. We’ve seen something called “community defense groups” rise. If someone gets out of line (committing a serious robbery, rape, or murder, for example), the community defense group decides a course of action and offenders are “put out of everyone else’s misery.” The local sheriffs have been backing “community defense.”
        markie always words thing to make it is sound better than reality,,he is a high pressure salesman,,a flim-flam man

        markie makes fun of our Presidents spelling,,chidlren it is all about child pedos and human trafficking, buy and selling children for sex and live sacrifice


        search your selves


        get rid of the satanic pedovores and we will be left with only 1/100th of the problems humanity faces
        Gislaine Maxwell anyone,,when do birds sing,,you’re in the jailhouse now

      • Other brother Darrel . You just ripped me for a quote that George said. Therefore, you just ripped George. This is how the far right rolls. They just don’t pay attention. Pathetic. Your blinded by the fact…and it is 1000% fact that I think Trump is an idiot…but…You forget that I am a Republican. We just deserve better.

  5. “Trump begins to look like he’s bent on going into the history books as a “one-termer.”

    Unfortunately after the covid19 hit.. as much as I like DJT I think he will be a one termer.. they tried to take him down through his whole administration and failed.. it took the virus to do it..
    I am sure his push to get the economy going is a business model.. when he took on option 2 he left the velocity of cash moving..with a stalled economy.. and the velocity of cash moving and his twelve resorts and moving with the velocity i am pretty sure no matter how much money you have that is sobering.. the wires coming into the place have to be huge.. not to mention daily maintenance utility and the pay needed to keep the essential staff hired..
    NOW if he wished to let this administration and all the woes that were given to him pass on to ole sleppy Joe.. all he has to do is really dump the water on the table.. let em have what they have been harping about.. then let it roll…
    Sleepy will buy the farm and own the livestock to boot..

  6. Wisdom usually comes too late in life, doesn’t it George?

    As a few years your senior, I find little to disagree with in your letter to self in 10 years. For me, it is closer.

    I have been telling my Liberal Trump hating friends here in Canada that “Paradise” will not arrive if Trump is defeated in November. As you have so clearly said, either way the “wrong party” will have have won and unlike more civil previous elections, all hell will break loose. The hatred between left and right has reached an explosive level. It just seems more subdued on the right at the present time. December will be a different story.

    Keep on rockin’ in the free world.

    • “The hatred between left and right has reached an explosive level. It just seems more subdued on the right at the present time. ”

      Not true, from the Right. We don’t hate. We are disgusted, frustrated, ambivalent, and more-than-a-little, scared, not necessarily for ourselves, but for our progeny. The Left shares our ambivalence and disgust, but theirs comes from a steady stream of propaganda (which DOES feed hate via class envy), where ours (the thinking Right, not the wackos on the “survivalist” path) tends to come from acquisition of information from a broader spectrum of sources, and a basic knowledge of history of past civilizations and human tendencies.

      Neither side seems to have learned from history that our founding most-closely resembles modern “Libertarianism,” They can’t comprehend that “liberal” means “classical Liberal” in every political system except our own (where it is called “conservative”), and “conservatism” is nonexistent or where it exists, usually means “centralized power structure,” everywhere but here, that is, where we call these people “Liberals.” To make matters worse, American “journalists” don’t know the difference, and talk of “liberalism” in other countries like the meaning is the same, equating good things Liberals do elsewhere, with our own brand of “Liberalism.”

      Nor can they comprehend that American “Progressives” who wish to agglomerate all political and economic power in Washington D.C. — are actually regressive, in that they are actively working to regress the U.S. into a State ruled by an absolute monarch, with a territorial feudal system with regional oversight, much like that of pre Magna Carta England. Bear in-mind, nowhere else does something like American Libertarianism exist, except as an existential pipe-dream, or possibly in the minds of a (very) few Estonians…

      {“Coulda worded this better, but I’m racing the rain…}

      • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IRVdiHu1VCc

        at one point in time I tried to get the dirty jobs and Mike Rowe to do the dirty job I use to LOL LOL they turned it down.. there isn’t anyway that they would do that … hell I smell it now just thinking about it LOL…
        During my life I have had to do some disgusting jobs to put food on the table..

  7. Dam.. my wife is going to shoot me…. ( if she had a nug..)

    I bought another kitchen gadget.. an ice cream maker.. LOL.. not just any ice cream maker mind you a really nice one with the compressor and everything LOL LOL
    My logic to justify this purchase is.. its going to crumble.. and not in a nice way and pretty soon… I do have my cream separator and pasteurizer out and cleaned up and ready to go.. and we do have ice cream in the freezer all the time.. so in the time after the all.. I still want to have the option of having ice cream..
    Now how long do I have to wait for it to grow dust to break it to her that we now have an ice cream maker LOL…

    • Speaking about ice cream.. we were sitting on the patio and the subject of home made ice cream came up. When the daughter was breast feeding she would freeze the milk. The kids would complain that all there was in the freezer was breast milk. So I would tease the kids that they should look at the positive side because if we had to we could make cheese and butter and ICE CREAM out of it.. well one day I had made a batch of ice cream and all of a sudden all the kids stopped eating their ice cream and asked. Grandpa where did you get the milk for this ice cream lol.. even though I told them it wasn’t from that they couldn’t eat the ice cream lol..
      Taught me to not razz them about

  8. Your dystopia had me quite depressed. I can see much of that happening — just not all at the same time.

    The long-term Great Trend of the human species is for life to improve. There are, of course setbacks from time to time. It isn’t a steady, uni-directional thing.

    I do think you may be underestimating one thing: Authoritarian “Governments” require a power enhancer to really rule. Something “they” have that “we” lack.

    Weapons are one obvious differential — but the real vulnerability of a lotus-eater ruling class is that they are weak, and their necessary support systems are delicate. Hierarchical command structures are slow-witted and dogmatic. Rapidly changing conditions baffle them, frighten them.

    Wooden shoes in the gears, or sand in the precision ball-bearings — there’s always a way for a low-tech guerilla to spoil the designs of the tyrants. :”They” always build strong fortifications. (Targets) Lob a few inexpensive rounds in, and “they” all go running around in panicked circles, waving “their” arms in the air. “Their” necessary physical concentrations create severe vulnerabilities for the guerrilla to exploit. Very Strict Order as a reliable background condition is required for “them” to work the levers.

    It won’t be pretty — but “they” can’t win for very long. AND “their” skill sets don’t apply to doing the necessary and very ugly things it would take to ruin ‘their” day. Every day.

    “They” have to be paid, and “they’ have to eat. It’s all too very easy to frack with those delicate support systems. If “they” don’t get paid, and if “they” are slowly starving, “their” authority (power) will fail, utterly.

    A green beret name of Col. Ladd wrote a book once, back in the 1960s. It was called, “The guerilla, and how to fight him.” It’s an ugly but truth-telling book. We didn’t follow its advice — the kind Patton would have understood — and that’s one reason over 50,000 names are on that wall in DC.

    The tables can — and ultimately probably will — be turned on that.

  9. Great post this morning George and I also enjoy the caliber of commenters to your site. Remember to enjoy today like its your last for someday you wont be here.

  10. Now I’m O-fishully ticked –

    Cops Raid Mansion Of St. Louis Couple Who Defended Home From Protesters, Confiscate AR-15

    “St. Louis authorities confiscated an AR-15 used by Mark McCloskey, who made headlines with his wife Patricia last month when they defended their historic mansion from protesters who had broken down a gate to trespass on their private road.”

    • @Bill

      Seems the st louis couple..had the wrong people in their sights…a LESSON for all of us…and NOW the st louis couple are left without weapons…blm will be back to burn them out…that’s how they roll..with political and police support…another LESSON soon to be learned..

      • They’ve been offered a free AR-15, along with ammo and “Tactical Training”! Considering their handling of weapons and trigger discipline, they certainly need that training.

        They’re both lawyers and should have known the law on brandishing. They’re also “supporters” of BLM and lefty causes. They have plenty of money, but there’s still no excuse for a clear and credible threat by rioters on their lives and property.


    • Missery has almost as good a personal and property protection law as Texas. The local prosecutor is a tool of the far Left, which is why this happened. Hopefully, it ends her career and she takes a bunch of Saint Looie good ol’ boys with her…

      • To both of you, yes, I’d read the DA is about as far Left as they get without waving a Red Chinese flag. But I’d think the couple would have had more firearms than that stashed somewhere. They reportedly hired a security team as well but time will tell how effective the team will be.

      • Unless they’re leftist greedsters, the McCloskey’s should have several more firearms than the one taken. With that said, there’s a fair possibility they are spoilt libtards, and an actual possibility that they, or at least she, will be charged, because the popular video shows her clearly “brandishing.”

        One of my Daddy’s few rules about guns: “You never point a gun at someone unless you intend to shoot them — and then you shoot them.”

  11. Well, I have long known that days like this were ahead in my lifetime, but still it is depressing to see it all laid out in such a rational manner. Long ago in my younger days I ‘projected’ that humanity would be in a deep mess by the time I retired… IF I got the chance to retire. Way back then I made a conscious decision to NOT have children because I couldn’t see bringing them into such an ugly mess the world would be. Instead I selfishly took care of myself and struggled to survive on my own. And I did…. barely. I would not be in my present condition if I had struggled to bring along a family of progeny. No regrets there. I don’t need to extend my own gene pool. My brothers and sisters have done their part to continue the family genes… to varying degrees of failure. So I will continue to do what I always have done… take care of myself to the best (and longest) of my ability. Life is a continual struggle… but life goes on. And when I am gone… none need remember my name.

  12. Damn George,
    Thats a dark future.
    China has many problems,they cannot replace USA.
    They have 4 plus times our debt and the Strongest currency in the world is the US DOLLAR. We are the best of Multiple bad choices.
    Our political leaders are ,as usual , behind everyone else. Lots of Sheep out there. We will muddle thru.
    Humans are suprising Critters, frequently bite the hand that feeds them but BS is only tolerated so long,then Lots of stuff Will correct that.
    The idiots of BLM, ANTIFA, are exposing themselves and they Are Idiots. This is not 1917. The google,amazon,farcebook cannot control info flows no matter how hard they try.
    We grow more food than anyone else in the world, we are energy independent,
    China is not. China is making enemies around the world,so they can increase Nationalism so the CCP can hang on to power. Maybe for a brief time but not for long.. The world is changing Fast,but it will be a great time with many opportunities.. Covid has opened up new research so we can grt a better grip on future problems..In spite of the deaths it was a Gift.. Not yet readyfor war so forwarned is for armed..

    • “China has many problems,they cannot replace USA.
      They have 4 plus times our debt and the Strongest currency in the world is the US DOLLAR.”

      Good morning Jesse..
      I had a similar question several years ago.. speaking with a gentleman that reminds me of my father that we all know and respect.. He brought up questions that made sense and if you look the answers are in plain sight.. if the strongest currency in the world that consequently isn’t backed by anything at all, continue to be the currency that we rely on.. what could possibly be worth more. more something or more nothing…





      Some of the reasons why Rome died in theory is

      1. Invasions by Barbarian tribes … how in modern times can a group invade with all out technology.. the mass of weapons designed to destroy.. be done without firing a shot..
      what was it that ole Henry Kissinger had to say.. not the part about the worthless eaters.. even though that to comes to play here.. https://www.cfr.org/backgrounder/made-china-2025-threat-global-trade

      2. Economic troubles and overreliance on slave labor…
      Now consider the Hourly wage blue collar worker.. we went from industrialization to one of service.. you and I and everyone reading Georges site knows ( even if he doesn’t want to admit it..) that the hourly waged employee is discontented and basically enslaved there isn’t anyway that at present rates they can survive without being dependent on a social program or two for that survival.. of course adolph covered that in his book to..

      3. The rise of the Eastern Empire

      ask yourself.. what countries are combining and starting to work together.. they hold no allegiance to the american people or policies..

      4. Overexpansion and military overspending

      this is an easy one.. divide and conquer.. how many countries are we in at the present.. compare that to how many Russia or China is in.. just saying six to what close to two hundred all so some shizt head can get more of something he is unwilling to negotiate for.. so he would rather destroy and kill to gain the control over those resources.. since most consider iq as intelligence well it doesn’t take anyone with an iq of more than two to recognize that..

      5. Government corruption and political instability

      seriously.. who’s running the country.. the power in the beltway doesn’t belong to the legislators..they aren’t even there.. ever seen a session of someone on the floor talking.. there isn’t anyone around.. LOL.. big joke there.. they don’t write and they sure and heck don’t read the crap they sign into laws.. well I will stop there I felt a rant coming on..

      6. The arrival of the Huns and the migration of the Barbarian tribes

      Here is one that everyone against DJT has been spouting when he said he planned on closing the borders to illegal’s from entering.. yet .. we all see it happening and with the blessings of the congress.. I say we should trade even up.. let them come in and the blue collar leave even up.. tax paying citizens leaving to non paying refugee’s coming in..
      some in some out keep it even..

      7. Christianity and the loss of traditional values

      Have you watched tv lately or played one of the games the kids are being bombarded with..
      with the average blue collar worker having to be forced to work longer hours stores open twenty four seven.. the blue collar worker is unable to attend churches.. my church members for the most part won’t give me the time of day.. mostly because I don’t attend.. I can’t.. unfortunately.. even though I am probably higher on the moral and faith scale then the average member going.. ( the majority attend for image not because..)
      anyway I won’t digress.. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6392263/

      8. Weakening of the Roman legions

      another of the divide and conquer things.. not only don’t we have adequate military at home.. but our weapons that we depend on for our military conquests are all made in some way shape or form in another country.. distributed from another country..

      9. Control the supply lines.

      well that speaks for itself.. and we let our Con gress do it..
      and the good thing for them is those same idiots in office have a 98 percent chance of going back..

      In my opinion.. we are in a snafu situation.. or a cluster.. we have monkeys making the laws that we have to follow.. jmho
      ted talks.. pretty good talk.. enjoy

  13. George, I misquoted Mark on my last post,,I forgot my glasses and miss his quotation marks quoting you, I am sorry, I erred,,please delete it
    I was out working on my car,, came in for a little break(a time out from frustration and heat) that is when I read mark’s comments,,I know I know,,I need a little red light therapy,,help my mental comprehension
    Back to finishing the oil leak repair

    • I left both posts up – not to embarrass or shame. But because in the first one, you “spoke your truth” and in the second you mellowed. A great “short course”.
      In life there are times to speak your truth and times to r4est it overnight. I can’t sit here and make those granular judgments all day, though… Just keep it adult and on the ideas not the persons making comments, please.

      • And yet, our dear George, you spend your time editing Mark’s tripe. There’s nothing wrong with listening to the other side’s views but, as with Mark and his predecessor, Jon (who I think may well be one and the same) the derision his remarks are laced with show no consideration in return. I have no qualms with distancing myself from those that have ruined my community with attitudes toward their fellow Man such as Mark’s.

  14. For those of you in Texas, based on current trends, you will want to get a haircut and top off supplies as soon as possible. Things are not looking good on the officious Covid stats front. The governor is being painted into a corner in an election year.

  15. now we are using isolation technique on the intelligent non to be injected with dalio economics .. isolation from sites now and information .. dsi site pulled technical rsi gone .. eh the only person to tell that narcistic fool on 321 where to go .. Richard Russell would be horrified he sold us out to the devil .. look keep all the amerikan stuff to yourselves .. learn mandarin the intelligent know whats coming to you .. red fleet California Baltic northern new York .. so talk tough and isolate or whatever

    • I’ve tried learning Mandarin seriously for the last 10 years and it’s a terribly difficult language for some people. It’s all visual, requiring the memorizing of many thousands of pictures rather than the 26 that English requires. It’s also tonal and that’s requires a complete relearning of what’s important in a phoneme. I’m still working on it as time permits, but it’s not one of those things you get to be “fluent in three months”. I figure it will take me 20 years if I work patiently at it. Others may do better.

      Isolation is a no-brainer!

  16. This report is extraordinarily salient and a reminder that things can get far worse than even I’d planned for. It’s a very well written retrospective from the future. Perhaps it will wake someone up – though probably not too many. Unfortunately, I really care for someone on the left/activist side of things, and even though she’s well read and apparently intelligent, she can’t seem to recognize that there’s a full scale insurrection in progress. I do believe that most of those left of center actually believe that wanting things to be a certain way will make it so.

    From my perspective, whining and demonstrating should not make a difference, yet the politicians seem to cave every time. Until we have common sense laws that can be understood and we all abide by those same laws, there’s very little point in paying much attention to them, other than just keeping out of trouble. If we’re to live in a world without any social contract and laws that can change at a whim, why would anyone work toward anything?

    The scenario described as our future is so dismal as to wonder if it’s even worth working toward. It’s worth pondering though. I do believe that you need someone’s happiness to work for(other than your own) to to remain steadfast in the face of absolute despair.

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