Good Jobs But.

We have sun on our solar panels today.

The problem we have is the power company is not expected to get the power on until this weekend.

Job numbers came in good and maybe too much so.  Given the weak ADP report.

No farm month over month was down .5 million which doesn’t make sense with a strong number. Market seems down trying to reconcile this non sequitor.

More as solar charges us back and we wait for real power.


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  1. Just a reminder in case someone missed this … worth another mention for those still confused about Chickens and eggs.

    Stay warm and safe George. I hear the roads are a bit slick down there. It’s cold here too … went outside, froze my face while I waited for our dog to find the perfect spot to drop his morning mud monkey. Lol !!

  2. You can fake a grid tie system to work by feeding it with a small amount of act power from a tiny inverter. It thinks the grid is up.

      • I’d just put a small inverter(<5 kw) directly on to the battery bank and run extension cords. That way there's no new risk to the linemen and you can use your power in good conscience. Of course, if there's a physical disconnect, that should be pulled too. The advantage of this system is that you're not messing around with the inverter/charger and possibly getting into a legal risk area.

    • According to Butt Judge, highways are racist.

      When a new highway goes through an area, the State or Federal roadway dudes must obtain rights-of-way. They do this by purchasing land, and exercising imminent domain to remove landowners who aren’t motivated to sell.

      Because land in a ghetto is generally much cheaper than land upon which 60-room mansions or 60 story skyscrapers sit, when planning a route or acquiring land for same, the highway dudes typically buy ghetto land — thus disenfranchising Black folk, whom we want to stay in their ghettos forever, unless they become wealthy Democrats. These disenfranchised Black folks must then take the checks the government cut for them and seek residence elsewhere — like in neighborhoods where every 3rd person over the age of 7 is neither a hoodlum nor a pusher. This exodus from the ghettos is the racism Butt Judge seeks to end.

      • speed limits are the same way.. I tried for years to get them to lower the speed limits through a residential neighborhood.. the day I seen a car speed by a school bus on the shoulder picking up kids.. irritated me.. the speed limit through there is sixty five.. close to the country club it is thirty five.. then back up to sixty five.. gotta protect the valuable ones..
        I failed to get the speed limit changed there It is still sixty five miles an hour through poor neighborhoods with children playing on the outskirts of the city I even tried to get them to just park a car there.. but no they couldn’t do that either…I was going to put a cardboard cop scarecrow.. but then they got mad at me for suggesting that and gave me a stern warning if I did it anyway.. … not enough deaths to warrant a speed change in the area.. but now you go to the area where the mansions are.. it is fifteen miles an hour and twenty five miles an hour.. whats the difference.. the value of the people living there.. it is also the first neighborhoods to get road and utility work done.. can’t have any pot holes there LOL LOL…might mess up that car of theirs.. which I would plan my winter driving to work through those neighborhoods.. because it is the first place cleaned and ready for driving..

  3. Lost power Wednesday morning and pulled out generator and got in Snowmageddon mode (2-3 hours generator in morning and 2-3 hours generator in evening). I work from home and need the internet to communicate with corporate VPN but I refuse to run a 30 amp generator just to power my 0.2 amp DSL router. Realized I had put off purchasing a battery backup for the home office long enough and bit the bullet; a 500 kWh Bluetti from Amazon will arrive Tuesday.

    Thursday morning, no DSL, no dial tone. Tried to work using iPhone hotspot but everyone else was doing the same which reminded me of my first 2400 baud modem. Took out chainsaw and cut a tree that had cracked down across the driveway. Wife took tractor and cleared loads of fallen branches off the road so she could drive to work. Proud of her. When I met her in 2010 she didn’t even know how to use a drill. She’s now learning to figure watts and amps to avoid overloading the generator again.

    DSL is back up this morning but still no word from Oncor about the electricity. Wife went to YMCA to shower on her way to work (they lost power early Wednesday but are now back up). She denigrated the field bath I used in the army using a steel pot helmet (before Kevlar helmets) by calling it a whore bath.

    “I’m pulling for you. We’re all in this together.”
    – Red Green.

  4. Jobs numbers mean nothing if they don’t pay a living wage. And don’t forget they do not separate out people holding multiple jobs.

    And the fact they are compiled by the pathological liars of the government, which cannot produce an accurate number if their lives depended on it. Guarantee you these “numbers” will be adjusted in the next six months to support somebody’s agenda.

    Before COVID, 10% of the homeless were working full time jobs but still could not afford housing in their area.

    Americans are programmed to accept bullshit. Otherwise all prices would include taxes, and every job listing would indicate salary AFTER TAXES.

    • “Americans are programmed to accept bullshit. Otherwise all prices would include taxes, and every job listing would indicate salary AFTER TAXES.”

      Americans have been programmed to not understand the difference between “entry level,” a job one takes when they’re in high school or college to provide money for gas and McDonald’s, and “grown up” jobs, which typically pay several times as much as entry-level jobs and come with sundry, and often negotiable benefits.

      Leftist politicians play the “minimum wage card” every election or two. The fact is, a bump in the “minimum wage” always results in a net loss of spending power, as prices move up the production chain, and bracket creep eliminates tax givebacks.

      There is no way we’ll adapt (tax) truth in purchasing. The current status quo creates many entry points for taxes, and so many ways to hide them.

  5. George, this week has been busy here and I’ve barely kept up on the site. I’m lucky to be west of the ice storm and was not affected by it. One thought for anyone in your situation with a battery bank and solar, but no generator, would be to isolate 12 volt sections of the battery bank and just jumper a car to them and let it run for an hour or two. If inrush or overload was a concern, a series power resistor might help. Of course, a proper charge controller would be ideal. You could just charge each 12 volt layer of batteries(or two 6 volt in series) from the jumper cables, and after an hour of idling, move on to the next set. This is terribly inefficient, but it’s a stopgap. Hopefully, you’ll be able to skate through with the sun today and the weekend.

  6. Generally speaking my formula for figuring my salary after taxes , is I subtract 1/3 of the gross salary. Started that in 1965 when I was 15 starting work at Giant Food store.Got interested after seeing my fathers pay stub showing his gross and net,plus his extra for railroad retirement.
    My method is always in the ball park.Make 60 grand substract 20 grand. That leaves 40 as take home.
    easy fast and you know where you are and maybe where you would like to go..

  7. Yeah…

    If you crunch the numbers, you’ll notice that for a month which typically leads the year in job-losses, as the bazillion sales vendors 86 their “Christmas help,” the “jobs report” is impossibly good.

    In fact, you’ll notice several impossibilities, concerning the January numbers.

    Or maybe you won’t…

    …since everybody from Kadena to Ramstein has been talking about fricking balloons, instead of anything of importance or consequence, since Thursday.

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