Future Grimly: Equalling ’29 – Six Key Predictions

Forget the “flash bangs” on television.  Oh, sure, visuals in here are really captivating.  But, they are also a distraction from the Main Act – the coming collapse of the American economy.  And the Famine to come.  We don’t get balkanized without it.

Prediction 1: Still Replaying 1929

Lots of readers have been wondering:  “Why hasn’t the stock market collapsed with all the CV-19 deaths and now with open insurrection in major cities?”

The answer is News doesn’t define market pricing.  Expectations do.  As long as the outlook can pretend a “happy ending,” the markets will tend to follow in Elliott Wave tracks.  Oh, and we’re still in them.

Let’s update you on the comparison with 1929:

We will go into more (excruciating!) detail for our Peoplenomics.com subscribers tomorrow.  But, the short – and remember where you heard this – prediction is that after this week, having replayed the 1929 rally percentage-wise, decline will follow.

It should be five waves down.  Low in early summer.  Rally to September, the killer 3rd wave down and panic into elections – however that’s going to work.

It’s not a particularly pleasant fulfillment.  Because in 1929 what followed was a 48.05% decline from here.  This foretells a market that later this year could be down in the HALF of all-time-high range.  Try on a Dow 15,366 on for size.

Prediction 2:  Looters Will Be Shot

Almost a no-brainer, isn’t it?  Last night president Trump took a hard line on domestic terrorism and the insurrectionists.

This is America, however.  Land of not-particularly-quick learners.  It’s why previous administrations got away with exporting our jobs (and with it our  futures) to China. Thanks George, thanks Bill, and thanks Barack.

When it happens, be ready for a left-wing group cry.  

The warm-up is already underway with the socialist choir bemoaning the president’s visit to a church and holding a bible.  In particular, we think Joe Biden showed people of faith his leanings when he blasted Trump standing before a church.

Prediction 3:  Domestic Terror Starting

Again, another no-brainer.  However, in discussions with my  consigliere over the past week, it has become clear in his models (dating from 1979) that “We ain’t seen nothing yet.”

His models seem to indicate (besides war with China beginning in 2022-2024 – foundations of which are being laid now) for a “wrong winner” in the election this fall.  Instead of an informal insurrection (all the bullshit about “Russian Collusion”) the next election seems to trigger much “harder resistance” and reaction.

Curiously, notes his model, the peak of conflict will come in winter.  And gosh, we haven’t seen that kind of thing since the Soviet uprising in 1917.

Hmmm…same playbook in use?  Or, is it “First they came for the trade unionists”?  Extremism always rhymes with its counter.

Prediction 4:  Covid-19 To Skyrocket

Back to work too early and off to riots – what could go wrong?

You see, people have been hornswoggled into the Pandemic being a sham and sold that it’s just a matter of power-tripping.  Yet, even though the majority of deaths have been over 60 and/or with underlying health problems, the main disease vector is?  OTHER HUMANS.

It’s easy to ignore inconvenient facts like this.  Especially when the disingenuous of both political parties try to frame the disease and response as political issues.  With a side of Vote Buying.  Sorry to report, CV is  still a medical issue.

People – of the “Me, Me, Me” stripe don’t really like themselves.  Can’t say we blame them, for the “Me, Me, Me” types are idiots.  Who’d want to be  housebound with that?  Them being stir-crazy is totally understandable.  Self-hate is institutionalized now in education.  Shaming and gendering and…well, you can see in that box if you care to look hard enough.

On the other hand, crowding over Memorial Day and attending insurrections, is likely to result in a spike of new cases beginning next week.

From Memorial Day tack on 10 days for primary cases, 20 days for spread (and more).  Then count from the Outrage Idiocy starting last week and you can “call the ball” when the rates should spike.

It’s not “rocket surgery” – it’s this other thing: epidemiology.

Prediction 5:  Web Controls Next Year

Rioters and insurrectionists – coupled with those power-seekers using violence – are about to lose their ability to communicate via social. 

As I read it, the Federal Government  does have the power to shut-down social media in the event it is shown to be a vector fomenting insurrection.  (Duh!)  Lefties who fear Trump shutting down portions of the web should remember: Obama started the “Internet Kill Switch.”  That was back in 2012.

When web shutdowns begin (and the president has already indicated the direction with calls for reform of social media  – or they will  lose it ), we expect web controls will require the following “guidelines” be enforced:

  • No calling for, or inciting to, any illegal acts.
  • No use of “re-tweeting” or “mass emailing” of posts.
  • No terrorist “demands.”
  • Websites of all sized will be required to employ “human review” of all content.
  • All websites will be subject to the same libel and slander laws as traditional media such and newspapers, radio, and television.

We’re pleased that such “web controls” are coming – since I forecast it  years ago.  I just didn’t know the  specific vector which would “blow up social media.””

Now we do.  Thanks, insurrectionists!  Won’t change a thing we do around here, though.  It’s been obvious for a decade.

Prediction 6:  I’ll Get A Lot Done Today

We talk about woo-woo once in a while around here.

Some of our better commenters have offered some great insights into  huge amounts of personal improvement (like Andy).

Out in the shop (also known as  Old Man Labs) we have been continuing our space-time bending research. Along with lots of photobiomodulation studies.

Today is Day #2 of “The High-Photon Diet  And the energy boost is great.  That’s on tap tomorrow over on the  Peoplenomics side.

Little Else Matters.  We’re not doing our usual parroting of key “talking points” because we, too, sometimes get “media burnout.”  Instead?

Eyes Wide-Wide

Many questions that arise from a thoughtful review of “news” data demand answers:

  • Eyes open to see if CV-19 has made a large portion of people crazy.  In other words, are asymptomatic CV-19 victims more likely to riot?  Key question, we think and no, not answered yet.
  • Is there a correlation between political parties in local control and rioting? (duh)
  • Is there a statistical correlation between violence and 5G operation?
  • Who are the “men with umbrellas” who seem  to be directing the insurrectionists?

With Dow Futures pointing to a pop to the upside of more than 100 points, we’ll review tomorrow morning how close to the 1929 “strange attractor” – a replay of a 7.42% decline from the all-time-highs in 1929 –  as the top of the present Wave 2 bounce before the whole shitteree blows over this summer.

No Prophet Needed

The future’s turned ugly.  Like a tide except instead of a nice “clean ocean” more like human cesspool.

“Wrong Winner” in the presidential contest and off to the insurrection we go in early 2021.  War with China as they take over Taiwan shortly thereafter?  That’s one bet.

I remember from my own “dark night of the soul” seeing that one of my missions in life would be to write “play-by-play at the End of the World” so people would know.

From the cheap seats, here in the East Texas Outback bleachers, looks like only a few more years of writing ahead.

Comments welcome – write when you get rich,


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86 thoughts on “Future Grimly: Equalling ’29 – Six Key Predictions”

  1. Biokenisis Bro!

    Well said OM. Round of applause! Standing ovation. We ought not forget the lessons of King Kanute who placed his throne and commanded the tide to stop. Instead we dawn our wet suit, grab our board and ride the waves like Italo Ferreira.

    In my recent street education bout a year ago spending time on the blade followed by an equally valued education provided by long talks with the wealthy. I learned one thing of great value.

    Both play by the same rulz!

    Their are 4 types of people in the street. The trick, the mark, the rat and the made.

    Camoflage! If you roll around the blade in a brand new beamer wearing Versace and Gucci? You are a trick, a mark of a rat.

    It’s best to blend into the scenery and not run your mouth. Listen. And even when someone asks about someone, you dont say sh!t. Because they test the sh!t of ya. This dude was persuing an ex girlfriend and we went to the store. I showed him a few pictures of a girl I was seeing. After we had the what’s between us stays between us talk. Which he nodded and said yes yes yes. He was tryin to work into a crew and my friend said feel him out. I dropped him off at my ex’s place and by the time I got to the gas station I’m getting an earful from my ex about some pictures of some hoe I’m banging. Now If i cant trust a dude with a few pictures of some girl? What do ya think I’m gonna say to the dude managing the crew he wants to get on with where the big money is?

    See what I’m sayin? And I know exactly how to work that dude to my advantage. He just became a useful tool on the street.

    Trick, rat, mark and made. Camoflage. We will all be on the blade soon. I invested alot of time and money in that scene to educate myself so I would be able to appropriately respond to environmental conditions.

    • Hey G! Thanks for the shout out.

      We are way ahead of the herd. I’m off to grab 18 gears this mornin after I warm up my glow plugs. ROTFLMFAO!

      Sitting on a big old pile of currency and benifits. Hahaha!

      Perls of wisdom indeed.

      The world is my oyster. Time to shuck that shell and get that white pebble.

      See ya around old dude. As always, the pleasure was mine. I’m better for knowing ya. You taught me sooo much.


  2. Troops in the streets. Typically, when troops hit the streets they don’t leave until after the government dissolves. And when troops secure an area, they take everyone’s guns.

    The poetic part is the Troops will be defending the “Lib” governments that allowed all this to happen.

    • That’s how I see it also. Whithout (democratic) Governor as well as (democratic) Major’s approval these riots wouldn’t be getting started in the first place, IMHO!

      And btw. I’m NOT a bolshevik! ;-)

  3. Thanks for the shout out G. As always, a pleasure.

    Perls of wisdom indeed.

    Time to shuck that shell and get that pebble.

    Off to grab 18 gears… after I get my glow plugs warmed up. ROTFLMFAO!


  4. Until the % of dead from the VIRUS hits 3% or higher of the population you are just fear mongering George – when it hits that level or higher I will eat crow and apologize-it’s just a magical diversion. just like chairman Powell and the Fed instituting temporary fixes to the economy once president Trump crosses that Rubicon of troop deployment in the cities with the worst of the rioting that genie will not be put back into bottle – we’ll look like Mexico with federales on every corner. Take over the WEB sure then we can go from complete leftist BS to far right fascist BS – it’s not a good idea at all. But it will prolly happen. let them kill a few folks – he’ll wish he’d never done it this is a desperate man that can’t even think of trying to calm a nation- and then he’ll give these cities even more money to rebuild- Its a George Carlin world – it’s a big club and we ain’t in it. it’s going to be war so just get prepared – both domestically and foreign. Personally I’d let them rip these cities to shreds and I’d let company’s go bust and file bankruptcy. But you rebuild on your own – no more free ride. I see in DC they started breaking into homes – if you are in a big city it is not that far fetched you best have a plan ……

  5. Thanks Ronnie where it all started,off-shoring of jobs,destruction of the healthcare system,thanks Bush the elder for his part of perpetuating it, destroying the pension system looting the pensions of the workers, then we go on to slick willy who conned the nation,Bush the shrub dumber then the elder if possible,Obama the joker,and then the reality star who thinks he’s still on the program…..

    There I fixed it for ya.,,,,,,,

    • Dam thanks for sharing Mike.. I had never given the issue of quantum gravity much thought..
      This will keep me busy thinking for a bit..lol

  6. George,
    You didn’t actually believe Trumps awful display of self promotion in front of the church Was genuine, did you? The Bishop of the DC Episcopal Church sure didn’t fall for that tasteless stunt.

    Rev. Marianne Buddy, bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington, said she learned of Trumps visit by watching it on the news. She responded…”I don’t want President Trump speaking for St. John’s.” I am outraged, I am the bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington and was not given even the courtesy call that they would be clearing with tear gas so they could use one of our churches as a prop.”

    • Women have no business in leadership unless there is no man to lead. Especially in the church. The bible is clear about a women’s conduct in the church. Read it, 1Cor 14:34. Yet many fake churches have women in leadership.
      That fact that you are listening to the rant of a woman fueling your rant, is ironic. If you hate someone like you hate the president, anything will do to add to the flames.
      You play the fiddle while Rome burns.

      • Just wanted to say thank you to Mark for all the compliments George redacted. They were probably too patronizing and we don’t want to make anyone here jealous. Blessings and lighten up dude. It’s all gonna happen with or without us.

      • George, you redacted my justifiable comment to Steve Hollanders horrible comment. WTF? Do you agree with Steve? Please say no

      • Mark,
        I’m not trying to bait you. I’m merely pointing out that you are biases due to your hatred of DJT. I didn’t like him prior to his incumbency, but he is the US president and no matter what anyone says or does, that is not going to change. We don’t really get a good choice for who to vote for. The lesser of two evils is how I am forced to vote. If my vote even counts.
        So try to focus on the real causes of what’s going on. It’s not all his fault. There are vast outside forces at work.
        Listening to a woman’s banter about politics is almost like a blood curdling scream. I respect a women’s opinion, but submitted humbly and not like she is a man. Just as it is wrong for a man to usurp a woman’s place. Blessings

      • Steve: “I respect a women’s opinion, but submitted humbly and not like she is a man.”

        George: “I don’t have a policy on citing verse or personal beliefs.”

        So I will now humbly submit my personal belief that those whose personal beliefs regarding women align with the personal beliefs of Steve should move to Saudi Arabia, where they and their personal beliefs will be showered with honor and possibly fortunes. And they may even have an opportunity to stone a woman who unhumbly opens her veiled mouth to voice a political opinion. What fun!

        I am very unhumbly shocked to see that Mark is the only person here who objected to Steve’s remarks. I will never know what he said, but I’m fairly certain it will be the first time I’ve ever agreed with him. Thank you, Mark!

      • TW,
        Sharia law is repugnant. I follow Christ and the scriptures. I merely echoed what they say. I love women and I am very thankful for them. I have a wonderful wife and I loved my mother though she has passed. I can see why it was written and I also understand that there are exceptions to this. I don’t think we need public executions against women, just violent criminals. Especially those who hurt women or young girls and boys or little children.
        Everyone has their place, knowing ones place and adhering to it is the test of life.

  7. I had a dream in the early 2000’s, saw a sign that read 2029, the earth ? wiped out, looked desolate like the moon, and a life form from another world stood by the sign. Reminded me of a bugs bunny roadrunner cartoon.

    Let’s hope it was not prophetic, none of us are promised tomorrow, I’m grateful for life one day at a time.

    • Hello Tim,

      The vision you saw was the result of the Apophis Impact April 13th 2029.
      Suggest you explore the Harry Lear website, this link… And read his letter:

      It begins at No 2. Avoiding the Earth-Apophis Asteroid crash on 4/13/2029 – An Open Letter to President Trump. You will find it at this link:

      After you read that. Go back to the main page: http://measuringpisquaringphi.com/

      And read and understand the correct Pi Squaring Phi. Harry is correct. He provides 7 proofs that will stand up against all arguments. His figure for Phi is not an estimate, which the Phi=3.1416 is. So you will find Harry’s webpage complete. Harry has done a masterful job of presenting the correct figure for PHI.

    • Was there one guy named Mark left trying to sell craters for a bazillion credits to Marvin the Martian?

  8. After 2 years trying to recuperate from health care i see competing autopsies on Floyd and the recomendations for remensidiver????????and dispute on chloroquinine and 500$ doctor visits???? And 12,000 dollar insurance. Revolt and crime???

    • Cheer up my friend for while America burns Trump in on his way for a photo op,I wonder which of the two is the most important but then again I think I know,I suppose just the next step down in a failed country and its system of greed .!!!

  9. If only it were so simple. Left = BAD. Right = GOOD. This will not end well for anyone. The calls to “dominate the streets” again confirm the problem we find ourselves in – police and authority overreach. If you think that only Antifa will be targeted, and that using our military on civilians is a good idea, then I have a home made Covex cure you might be interested in. Authoritarianism doesn’t discriminate – it dominates, it blurs boundaries and once it gets fully rolling it’s appetite can’t be filled. I found it shocking that peaceful protesters without warning were gassed and shot at just to get a photo op at a church that 45 didn’t even have to respect to contact before commandeering. So much for respecting the right to assemble. Instead of offering any solutions – ie. ending qualified immunity – https://thebulwark.com/to-make-police-accountable-end-qualified-immunity/., what we are getting is the problem thrown back at us on steroids. The violence and looting has to stop, but the protests will not end without a respectful display of ideas that address the long simmering problem. Killing every lib will not make us safer – they will just change the definition of lib and come for you next. As John Kennedy said “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

    • They were warned to disperse
      You left out the word “peacefully” from “assemble.”
      The first amendment doesn’t protect spray painting or vandalism

      • Reports from the scene in question say it was a peaceful protest that there was little to no warning, and not enough time to disperse. Vandalism needs to be stopped but that wasn’t the reason for this particular show of force, it was about clearing the way for the president. My point is that like the riots, force takes on a logic and life of it’s own once it is unleashed, and we all will lose.

      • “Reports from the scene in question say it was a peaceful protest”

        The bruising and the knot on Bill Barr’s head disagree…

  10. Yo G Dog – it aint nothing but a PARTY!..

    -“if U didnt come 2 party, dont bother knocking on my door” -Prince

    The future is so bright – it should be wearing sunglasses! – why so glum chum? Did U not get Ure popcorn supplies set in prior to the “party” starting ?

    Kept telling U all, kept posting here – “get Ure Popcorn ready, its going to be epic”.

    C’mon George – U just need a fake $20 Bill, a lil fentynal & cocaine coursing thru Ure veins – and U 2 can become a national symbol of leftist insurrection in the most awesome country in the World.

    Its the New Order of the Ages after all -just like it says on Ure money – time to start worshiping satan and his 72 loser buddies..

    U dont think E Pluribus Unum means NWO/ Nephilim World Order -whatwhat?

    “..But when I woke up this mornin’
    Coulda sworn it was judgement day
    The sky was all purple,
    there were people runnin everywhere,
    Tryin’ 2 run from destruction,
    U know I dont even care..

    But life is just a party, and parties weren’t meant 2 last
    War is all around us, my mind says to prepare to fight
    So if I gotta die Im gonna listen to my body tonight..

    Mommy why does everybody have a bomb?” – Prince/1999

  11. I appreciate your insight and predictions, but what exactly do you think becomes of the USA? My prediction for quite awhile has been that eventually it is split up into 4-5 separate smaller countries. I don’t specifically know why I think that, other than the fact that maybe the US has just gotten too big with too many competing factions to keep it together much longer. Thankfully, Ure’s truly is also in Texas which often looks like the most sane place to be in the whole country. Let’s just hope it stays that way….

    • I, have to agree with Soutxlife, BUT I’m thinking 5-6 small countries held loosely together by a mutual aid military pact, Question is can it be done peacefully and if not WHO GETS THE NUKES?

      • The real concern should be “Who gets the Soc Sec Funds to continue monthly disbursement checks.” …or does starvation replace Covid-19 as the final depopulation solution on us ‘Baby Boomers’ and the remaining ‘Silent Generation’ around here.

        …oh yeah, last week my Dad (tail end of ‘The Greatest Generation’) said he expects to pass over prior to that eventual outcome, so he’ll not concern himself with that question. ROTFLMAO

      • “The real concern should be “Who gets the Soc Sec Funds to continue monthly disbursement checks.”

        O-anon.. Social Security would have gone by by a long time ago.. the big issue is.. aproximately fifteen percent of the laborers incomes goes directly into a fund that is raped and pillaged ..
        I believe if the country was to split up into several states or goes bankrupt on the debt.. lets face it. the country is so far upside down in our debts the only sollution is to go bankrupt.. close down and start from square one..
        the country pays out what a trillion or so a year in SS benefits.. with the vast majority retiring…if they could figure out how to keep getting the money from everyones paychecks and not pay they would drop ss in a heart beat..
        I believe that there will not be any SS in the near future.. that is kind of what happened in greece..

      • the issue with dropping SS and the country going bankrupt is.. they have to use a secured fund..instead of the dollar.. the world would collapse.. and China and Russia with their gold backed securities.. is patiently waiting in the sidelines.. notice we are the ones to rush our and spend to get the puppetmasters(from someplace else I might add) what they want.. blast the hell out of someones homes and country.. they do their raping and pillaging in the name of peace.. and we the workers pay the tab.. all while other countries stand in the background saving their resources.. just waiting for the best time to make the move on the world chess board..

    • “split up into 4-5 separate smaller countries.”

      Can’t happen unless there are also disassociated City-States within each territory. For instance, I can visualize a Nation-State comprised of Eastern Washington and Oregon, Northern California, and most of Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana — roughly north of a line from Redding to Rapid City minus near-coastal cities, Boise and Spokane. I CAN’T see it including metro SeaTac or Portland. If they share turf, the folks in Seattle won’t leave, yet won’t be able to live with either the people or policy set by the remainder of the territory. The territorial folks won’t abide by the cities dominating either their politics or their lifestyle, and will legislate or shoot them out of existence… Ergo, city-States.

      Honestly though, I don’t think we’ve enough longer as a viable sociopolitical-economic entity for this to come about. I think we’ve perhaps as long as 40-50 years, for some form of the U.S.A., and 300-400 years max before we suffer a HomoSap-caused ELE — Assuming of course that the Guy in the Sky doesn’t throw His hands up in frustration and toss a Rhode Island sized asteroid into our (or our descendants’) laps in the interim.

  12. More from Reverend Budde and the DOTUS/POTUS…
    Budde, in an interview with Craig Melvin on NBC’s “TODAY” show, said that what Trump did in front of the church she oversees “was an abuse of the spiritual tools and symbols of our traditions and of our sacred space.”
    “He didn’t come to church to pray, he didn’t come to church to offer condolences to those who are grieving,” she said. “He didn’t come to commit to healing our nation, all the things that we would expect and long for from the highest leader in the land.”
    Budde said Trump didn’t inform the diocese about his visit to the church. Asked if he is a frequent worshipper at the church, Budde responded: “No, never. The only time that President Trump has been at St. John’s church as president was on the morning of his inauguration.”

    Dozens of other religious leaders are equally as outraged. So, with this little diddy from the Houston Police Chief…


    …and now religious leaders, he has Lost the police and the church as supporters. Who is left?

    • Where was her outrage at her church being closed by insurrectionists?
      People have logs in their eyes, Mark. One way vision predominates.

      • Other Brother…

        You sit and envelope religion and hide under its veil when it suits you…but when religion speaks truth, they are satanist? Hypocrites all of you!

      • I’m originally from Omaha and totally familiar with the Franklin cover-up and in fact worked as a counselor at Boys Town prior to this episode – I have posed the question enumerable times – Mr Barr where is the Weiner laptop?

      • I find it very telling for what trips your trigger Mark, you should have held your cards closer to your chest. Do you worry, that the DHS has a file on you? Remember your little foray to Guatemala? encouraging young mothers to make the trek to USA with their little ones.(sacrifice) Trump knew his little trip to the church would get under the skin of the SATANIST. and bring them out into the open,,you fell for it! just because you prefer adrenochrome over indica
        THEY LIVE ,,hell of a movie,,which one of the 13 families you part of?
        the russian hoax, the impeachment, covid-19(deploy antifa masks) ,murder by dirty cop of a black to push riots, what is the next move by the Satanist, they are scared and Trump has their play book
        #UnsealJFK it is all about exposing the satanists, this is what all this crap is about

    • I live in Houston and Chief Acevedo’s remarks were out of line and not the kind of thing that should be spouted from the Chief of Police anywhere especially when he essentially said he’d protect illegal aliens. Should he be outraged – sure why shouldn’t he but our police not a year ago murdered an innocent couple in their home. I wish Trump would be more diplomatic but Chief Acevedo should be too. By the way if they wish to come and loot the suburbs be my guest this house doesn’t call 911.

      • I agree, he was in Austin, before Houston and he was a smuck! Illegals ran free to loot, run you off the road, hit you with their cars and leave the scene, rape, and murder in our city and he protected them. He’s a disgusting example of a police chief not someone to laud. He’s a lefty Israeli trained police chief and it shows.

    • A public view from a public street, cleared for the President for a short time to state HIS position via photos. Mayors do the same all the time and even movie outfits will do that. Let’s not forget that the church building and land is tax free, so the rest of us are supporting it out of our own pockets.

      If I take a picture in front of a church or cathedral or make a youtube video, is there a problem? Please! Just tone down the nonsense. People do this all the time informally just for wedding or sightseeing photos, and they may not even have been married there.

      • Maybe we ought to name him Nero for he was fiddling while Rome burned,this ones out for a photo op while America burns,now I wonder which is more important for they say timing is everything. and this was just not a good time for this kind of behavior,!!

  13. “People – of the “Me, Me, Me” stripe don’t really like themselves. Can’t say we blame them, for the “Me, Me, Me” types are idiots.”

    You’ve hit the nail on the head! Riots are more about intrapersonal issues than the pretense given, IMHO. And bytheway, these rioters seem to know that their democratically elected leaders are all on their side ;-((. There seems to be little hope for the future.

    • Well lol my father always said that the American people would fall for anything as long as they thought they were getting something for nothing, and that’s on both parties or the follower of those parties.!!!!!!!

  14. Astrologer on Coast last night said this turmoil period will last through 2023. That was an “oh boy, oh no” moment for Noory. We all will be tested in our ability to keep sane and carry on.

    • Well, OCF, since you brought up Astrology:

      Food For Thought (from the Internet):

      The last time Saturn was in Aquarius was during the Rodney King riots

      The last time Pluto was in Capricorn was during the American Revolution

      Neptune was in Pisces when Rome fell

      We have all three NOW!

  15. hooray old George is back .. didn’t like that recent George possessed by aliens .. why I don’t even believe space x stories after seeing those designer space suits from duck rogers in the 21st century

  16. We reap what we sow. When Reagan was debating Mondale, he was asked about his personal faith. The President paused and from where I stood he became tongue tied. In the conservative book “The Naked Public Square” the author makes the point of a vacuum that exists when faith is not at the center of our commonality.
    We’re standing now in our nakedness. In my opinion.

  17. Cue the tear gas cover.



    It may be desirable to keep an eye on the increasing numbers of the new MIS-C syndrome patients perhaps coincident with covid-19 exposure. Children 2 to 15 years of age appear targeted by sudden life-threatening symptoms requiring immediate medical intervention.

    Has a “Lecter” generational siege begun? Stop adult problems before they happen in a clinically insane way? Hope that’s not putting it too black and white for the platform said a color-blind virus.

  18. Differing opinions on THIS site…BASED on fact, Hatred, one’s own opinion.and many of you think this country has a chance..to remain safe, secure and prosperous….with in place governments…local state federal…..wtf..over

    • d; it ain’t safe anywhere for whites. (I know, I know LOOK it’s the blacks that are suffering!!!) Yes, and No; the blacks are being pitted against the whites, the immigrants against the citizens. WTF…not over yet. This country, Canada,the EU and the UK, Ireland, etc., put in the very same laws/rules/amendments/controls/political correctness/multi-culturalism/mass immigration/gender to the forefront/ calling whites, whites supremacists, that only whites can be racist, keeping their citizens out of higher education, dumbing down their citizens, stripping them of the opportunities they open to the immigrants, funding, housing, and providing money and healthcare for them for free – all of it….just like little lockstep behaviors…WHY? Cause it’s all owned by the same bunch….marching us forward to the same fate. Whites minorities in ALL countries. Laws to protect the elites, freedom of speech and assembly, the next to fall. So, no, the country as it was is GONE; the country to come out of the chaos won’t look the same, and the people left to live here will be different, too, more like cattle, herded to and fro, milked by the bankster gangsters elites….pitted against each other, purposely kept down and stirred up, the salad not the melting pot; and eventually equal in the “NO prosperity for All.”

      A nice NEWER example: https://gatesofvienna.net/2018/02/a-million-parasites-for-ireland/

      One of the Planks of the Communist Manifesto fulfilled:


  19. Ok, the CBC weighs in the ring with news of major Canadian telcom Bell announcing that its 5G build out is to be with Ericsson, not Huawei. Interesting, is the time clock creeping towards the red flag? Decisions, decisions…

  20. Oh yeah. I forgot to mention. They found mesquitos in Palm Desert with Wesenile virus. Talk about just in time delivery system with the riots.

    • Yeah, Andy, Bill Gates, et al, put in mosquito traps in Austin, all to see if they had any viruses. Talking about planting mosquitoes to see if they grow!

  21. Yesterday MI reopened for business about at 85%. Need masks, yada, yada.

    Today I was cruising around on the expressways. Already loaded with revenue generators passing out speeding tickets.

    That’s a little of what we want to save.

  22. And the guru of gurus and America’s number 1 producer of economic stories Bobby prechter of Elliot alcoholic wave stuff says riots , looting, unemployment are good for markets.he has this socioeconomic stuff bit like Nostradamus or peak oil.psyops. He won the academy award on March 6 2009. Calling the bottom. It wasn’t. But he is a great patriot and top totem pole guru . Sark sark.

  23. You have 72 hours to prepare. Sorry for the short notice. There will be a total lock down of the nation. I can not give you more than that. It’s not that I dont know. Its because you are not the only ones reading my words.

    72 hours then a total lock down if the nation. All buisness will be closed. Even gas stations.

    There will be military check points etc. Etc.

    Before the end of the weekend.

    Ten eye see. Could be a 10.0 (I know that sounds rediculous) but that Is just keep getting Tennessee thrown in my face every day. It’s new information

    I do see an earthquake hitting LA soon. Could be there. May be in the new Madrid fault line. I also have alot of reference to Oklahoma. or Oklahoma city bombing type event.

    The gun grab attempt may happen sooner than expected. When I wrote my predictions, I had a hard time piercing it all together. Sometimes it’s like looking at chunks of data which seem like Rorschach blotches mixed together. Lol.
    So some of my predictions are all humbled around.

    I’m not even playin. You still think this is about racism, yo?

    Things just started moving at a faster pace.

    Violence is going to become way of life soon. Be ready, stay balanced, level. Dont let anyone force your hand. Be smart!

  24. I will post by proxy from this point through George.

    Ohhhhh Oklahoma city bombing type event in Tennessee????

    Tin eye see….. T in the sea.

    ! The bostin marathon event! we have a total nation lock down. It will be extended because of a false flag event. That is the event! A grid failure in the US. Black out on the nation. That is the event. Within 2 weeks.

    • You have 72 hours left to prep. Maybe less. Until the nation goes on total lock down. I dont know why these bastards dont come after me. I know they are paying attention. I found a star today. A big metal star with rhinestones on it. Which is what I drew in the sand at a park a month ago.

      I dont wanna do YouTube videos. Ugh.

  25. No later than teusday the nation will be in lock down. Sigh…..

    I gave what I gave. It’s up to you now to see for your self.

    I wont say good bye. I will leave with Hello.

    • Hi Andy,
      You confess to being a believer in Jesus. So I don’t understand why you are promulgating all this humanism. And the sorcery with the mind tricks and TK. Not scriptural. Yes, miracles happen, but not at our whim. We sre expressly admonished to keep our eyes fixed on the prize(Jesus) not try to control our destinies. Yes we are to be wise as serpents, but gentle as doves. 1Kings 18:21.
      We have to choose. Not choosing is still a choice and those that are not for HIM are against HIM. I can see you have the right heart. We must rely on GOD not our preps. Not to say we shouldn’t prep, but there is a priority as to the order we place our hope and faith in. JOY = Jesus first, others next, yourself last. Blessings

    • Andy,

      Blast your prophecies and visions to your heart’s content! I work with about a dozen people with skill sets very similar to yours, and every one of them is Gifted from on High. LoL – and maybe sometimes they are high when they are Gifted!

      Others with more Religious views might not care for your prognostications, and they should indeed tune you out. But please don’t let anyone turn off your spigot of information, as that is pure evil when someone tries to sabotage it for everyone else.

      I’ll match my Spiritual association with The LORD Jesus Christ against anyone in the group! I had an experience in Iraq, specifically the land of Ur, that was unique and life changing – and set me on a course that does NOT involve religion or any other human’s interpretation of the Scriptures.

      There are those of us with Ears to Hear, so please carry on with your warnings. I know exactly what you mean, as I do believe your messages are for me and people like me that know what to do when I hear the Watchman send his message.

      Quote Scripture to back up my position? But of course!

      Berean Study Bible Acts 2:17
      ‘In the last days, God says, I will pour out My Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.

      Due to my previous close encounter of the personal kind in Iraq 30 years ago, I am quite certain we are in the “Last Days.” Therefore, messages from you and people with your gifts are quite welcome – and urgently necessary – in my world. Likewise, I will use your information, cross referenced with others and Scripture (prophecy), to protect lives and property of everyone in my family and circle of friends.

      Heck, even George has the occasional dream or message from the higher realm that he shares with us. In case you haven’t noticed, over the past year he’s gotten a lot more clarity with his information. Another indicator that we are in the Last Days.

      As Aerosmith used to say, “Dream on!”

      • George’s messages are clear. I too have had dreams and visions. But the message should be clear of not written with all the confusion and difficulty to understand.
        Maybe some of us aren’t on the high level of consciousness like you and Andy. I just don’t understand half or more of the messages, but hey, maybe it’s me.
        What is 116 and the hidden stuff mean anyway? Blessings

  26. According to the Park Police, smoke grenades were used but teargas was not, and the protesters were not peaceful.

    According to FOX it was Barr who ordered the perimeter expanded, after he was hit by a bottle while approaching the White House grounds.

    I suggest we all read a book, instead…

    • I am curious what Mary Poppins has to do with anything.. I was reading and heck found out that in almost every riot there was a umbrella carrying mary poppins at every riot starting the nasty crap..
      another false flag event comes to mind.. there has been way to many during this presidency to attempt to get the world embroiled into a nasty situation.. to many finger pointings with now proof what so ever.. my guess is someone is behind all of this.. throwing logs on the fire of hate..


    No new cases again in Hawaii. Governor is easing restrictions a bit. June 16 will be the end of the interisland travel quarantine for local residents. 14 day quarantine remains in effect for overseas arrivals. New quarantine and tracking information forms required for all arrivals to Hawaii. New spacing lines and self-check in at Hawaiian Air for interisland travel. No middle seats in the planes in use to space interisland passengers apart, unless a family unit specifically selects to stay together.

    We still have social distance rules, and masks required for business access. Some dining areas may be open by the end of the month. Most are still take-out only. Most low-contact business open as we slowly restart the local economy. State is now focusing on visitor arrivals, proper quarantine and contact tracing database as we slowly start to accept limited visitors to the state. We shall see how much of a bump in case load we get.

  28. 89 Year US Third Fractal Nonlinearity … With trading halts, Thursday 4 June 2020 will be the longest day (trading day … denominated in 8 …. one hour units …)

  29. Guess who’s still around…

    Students for a Democratic Society (SDS)
    Weather Underground Organization (WU)
    Historians Against the War (HAW)
    National Lawyers Guild (NLG)
    Need In Deed (NID)

    and all related to:

    Prairie Fire Organizing Committee (PFOC)

    PFOC is the Ayres/Dohrn wing of the Weather Underground. WUG split in the mid(?) ’70s, with PFOC going “open” (IIRC this happened after the charges against Bernadine Dohrn were either dismissed or reduced to misdemeanors) to infiltrate the Nation’s political and educational systems, and Weathermen staying underground as a pure communist subversive group.

    Mentioned because PFOC crept onto my radar as a likely covert operator WRT some of the rioting.

    I wonder how many other ’60s-’70s radical groups are still around and active, and what they’ve been doing for the past half-century…?

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