Functions of War (Iron Mountain, II) Part 2

This morning we look at how many of the expectations for the future, as seen in 1967 in the book “Report from Iron Mountain” have worked out.
It’s almost spooky how close the book has been at predicting the macro-trends.
Almost as frightening, in fact, as what is ahead for markets over the next couple of weeks.
No headlines today…we will stay close to our major function of keeping people “in the game” with their nest eggs bouncing into the future.  If with no smile on their face, at least a little more money to their credit than would otherwise be the case.
Instead, we will lay out a likely trajectory to the Second Depression low due in January of 2020.

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George Ure
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5 thoughts on “Functions of War (Iron Mountain, II) Part 2”

  1. Your Peoplenomics 743-B was the best ever,a real eye-opener,it alone is worth
    You should be using buckwheat flour for pancakes,no gluten.

  2. Well it appears as if the caucasian race is being out bred and inter-bred thus phased out so, regardless of the abortion stats in USA, black and brown people are having no trouble reproducing all over the world. If there is production of higher species development, it has to be lab created except for those few enclaves of homogenous races, tribes and religions that are more ‘particular and racist’ and have not submitted nor participated in the forced experiment of multiculturalism.

  3. George;

    Watching the junk bond fund that is having difficulties I wonder if a Force Majuere is a possibility in the future stock blow off that you describe. Seems your money would be tied up for a long time.


  4. I was just mentioning to a friend of mine that, after the $500 Obamacare increase starting in 2016 on top of what I’m paying already for insurance, there goes any discretionary money to put into the economy, whether for plans to replace a 10+ y/o car with a newer late-model one or a new roof or a new fridge (old one is 31 and holding) or paying down the debt snowball. They really are squeezing the middle class to extinction.

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