Friday Reality Check: Bitcoin Leading Market Drop?

I have been watching with rapt fascination (like in a horror flick) as the data comes in on Bitcoin Trading which we’ve been tracking using our trend-channels and Elliott wave counts.  Up until now, it had looked like the worst might be over, but this morning when we looked at how the coiners were doing, our $4,000 target for Bitcoins has come back into view:

The circle is around the $4,000 mark because that’s where BITCs could go, though this is not financial advice.  I already offered that on cryptos and it boils down to “Don’t play in the street unless you want to get run over…”  Some people never learn, though.

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NK Deal Means Market’s Must Drop

The White House has announced that president Trump will be meeting with North Korea’s leader in the near future to talk “a deal.”

Time’s take on this is reasonable: Is Kim Jong Un Gaming Donald Trump? Why Talks May Come to Nothing

Fact is, this is potentially terrible news for democrats.  They will have to pull every string now to stop any progress toward peace.  You see, while they talk being the “peace party” remember who brought you the Viet Nam war, just to name one.  And remember which party ended it.  Just saying, that’s the data in the history books.

Big money in war and the markets don’t take kindly to peace when  there’s no breakthrough new tech in the pipeline.

Time to release another batch of back-engineered alien technology, anyone?  LOL….

Jobs Report

This is definitely being overshadowed by the coup d’ Trump – getting North Korea rolling on talks to denuke the area.  But let’s do the jobs data and then look at what the enemies of the state are up to:

Total nonfarm payroll employment increased by 313,000 in February, and the unemployment rate was unchanged at 4.1 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today.
Employment rose in construction, retail trade, professional and business services, manufacturing, financial activities, and mining.

Household Survey Data

In February, the unemployment rate was 4.1 percent for the fifth consecutive month, and the number of unemployed persons was essentially unchanged at 6.7 million.

Among the major worker groups, the unemployment rate for Blacks declined to 6.9 percent in February, while the jobless rates for adult men (3.7 percent), adult women (3.8 percent), teenagers (14.4 percent), Whites (3.7 percent), Asians (2.9
percent), and Hispanics (4.9 percent) showed little change. (See tables.

The number of long-term unemployed (those jobless for 27 weeks or more) was essentially unchanged at 1.4 million in February and accounted for 20.7 percent of the unemployed.
Over the year, the number of long-term unemployed was down by 369,000.”

Key to the growing sense of “good times?”  The labor participation rate was up 3/10ths to 63 percent from 62.7% previously.  Not in labor force dropped 653-thousand – another big plus.

And the CES Birth/Death Model only accounted for 125,000 thousand jobs “estimated into existence.”  Considering 785,000 more people were working, the CES fraction is a believable number.

Dow futures are +160 on the Dow at clicktime.

If you don’t like our rendering of this story, check out U.S. nonfarm payrolls post largest gain in one-and-a-half years years as an alternative.

Democrat’s Coup Failing

Every since the hard-anodized former secretary of pay-for-play’s tenure – and the Obamanistas rigging of the presidential election (screwing Bernie, etc) we’ve been more than slightly down on the lefties in the democrat mob.

Let’s see who we have:

Dennis Schumer who is blocking most of the Trump nominees for office.  Had the republicans pulled this on  Obama, they would have been run out of town on a rail – labeled racists.  But when THEY do it…  To us, bullshit of both parties stinks, but the dems own this one.

To specifics:  The democrat’s chief hypocrite, Schumer, are blocking the Trump appointment of an openly gay ambassador!

Sooner, or later, people are going to wake up to the dems being opportunists who use people.

Liberal-friendly media (CBS) are pumping up the latest Stormy Daniels story.  But, like we pointed out yesterday, if she cashed the check, wouldn’t she be the one in breach?  Oh, and at what point does extortion begin?

The party of crooks is trying to put on a show of reform – belatedly.  Buzzfeed out today with “Democrats Are Considering Dropping Superdelegates Altogether — The measure would go a step beyond the Clinton-Sanders Unity Commission proposals to change the superdelegate system. An “absurd and undemocratic idea,” one DNC member said in a memo to party leaders.”

Like most of what democrats “stand for”  don’t look for meaningful reform.  They are the “can’t fix it – keep it broken so we can campaign on the same old-bullshit party.”  Which they have done a super effective job of…

Meantime, we’re becoming more incensed by the day with this Mueller “probe” – Why aren’t leakers in the FBI and the Just Us Department going to jail for leaking “secrets?”  Could it be because they are being fed stories to drive the narrative?

Mueller’s turned out to be a real wolf in republican’s clothing.

Desperation is in the same part of the dictionary with “democrat” and it’s going to get worse, not better, for them.  Why?  Because wallets don’t lie and “U.S. Household Net Worth Pushes Further Into Record Territory” explains the Wall St. Journal.

Our bottom line is simple:  Democrats are lying scum…but then so’s the other party.  The truth – and righteous path – is usually somewhere in-between.  That’s where Trump is.

The Swamp consists of the crooked dance school of old-line republican’s who can’t think past their pay-offs…I mean “contributions” and democrats who use anyone, of any race, of any country – even going so far as to import illegal aliens for that agenda to buttress their declining hold on power.

Just like “climate change” is made-science for a political agenda (climates been changing since the Ice Age ended, right?) the reason is to add taxes – and therefore power and leverage to the crooks who don’t live to ideals and ideas…and who haven’t fixed a major problem in America yet.  Instead, they are merely facilliated the monetization of problems.  And I don’t care if you measure prisons, racism, poverty…it’s more about monetization.

Absent real goals, real vision, real leadership, it’s understandable.

But let’s not kid ourselves about “what is.”

Collapse of Social Media

We’ve been predicting this for a long time, now:  The coming collapse of social media.

As you remember, I told you years back that social was a crooiked business model.

You see, major corporations and forums decided to use the “convenience” of Facebook and others.  But, as soon as they went IPO, then in came the greedsters to mess with the business model.

In the end (which we’re now approaching quickly) Fabebook (et al) are trying to hold people’s attention hostage but despite their efforts we now read how “Chances are you’re spending 24% less time on Facebook.

Did I, or did I not tell you this was a digital hoola-hope?  Reincarnation of CB radio for phones?  Well, now the data is starting to trickle in.

Millennials are starting to hate social media, too.” declares the New York Post.

Obama as the Weinstein Replacement?

Hmmm where’s that idea come from?  Oh yes… Barack and Michelle Obama Are Reportedly in Talks to Produce Shows For Netflix.

We’ve always known Hollywood leans left…story clinches it, huh?

Peoplenomics will be posted Sunday when we get back from our investment outing at the Winstar.  See ya’ll Monday…

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21 thoughts on “Friday Reality Check: Bitcoin Leading Market Drop?”

  1. George, I noticed you haven’t mentioned “Geoengineering” recently. Why not? it has an impact right?
    A current motto could be: “if it isn’t broke…enough. Brake it more and blame the citizens” fmtt

  2. My son follows the whole “Q” thing, and has for almost a year. He has marked calendar of things transpiring that Q intimated previously – over 30 events.

    His take on the latest is that there is quite possibly a raw video of the tarmac meeting between Lynch and Clinton, and that it includes quidproquo deal for Lynch to take the ’empty’ SCOTUS seat…which at that time was NOT empty…Arkancide of Scalia? With pre-crime video?

    I am skeptical – but that would certainly be quite a puzzle piece to explain many, many of the goings on when HRC was “assured” to be the next POTUS. And that type of ‘reward’ is certainly bait enough for Lynch to take such a meeting. And right at the time of the HRC unsecured server revelation, there was a need for absolute cover of certain Arkansians…

    Scalias ‘death’ was suspicious as hell, and no autopsy and buried by other ‘events’ in the MSM.

    With the exposure of the meeting coming from an ‘anonymous’ tip to a local AZ news outlet, it had to be a tip from a highly placed intel source of some kind or other.

    To publish this or not….quite the thing to decide George…

  3. George. A hopeful first tiny step in N. Korea.

    BTW. If Trump pulls off N. Korea, completely, fully, as in zero nukes, like what Obama did with Iran, then it will be huge, and worth ALL the White House’s chaos, embarrassment, divisiveness, incompetence, pettiness, and unethical and erratic behavior. And I may even throw in the Next Big Recession that its policies are triggering, too. We’ll see. Mike.

  4. oops – wring word – “…at the time was VERY empty”

    I hate when things come out in type differently than in my befuddled brain…

  5. Democraps are like pharma and medical. They treat the symptoms while take away quality of life and your monies only to make it worse

  6. The “truth and righteous path” is where DJT is? I understand that under the Trump administration our definition of truth has morphed into ‘whatever one believes’.

    I had to look up the definition of righteous:

    (of a person or conduct) morally right or justifiable; virtuous; free from guilt or sin.
    synonyms: good, virtuous, upright, upstanding, decent; ethical, principled, moral, high-minded, law-abiding, honest, honorable, blameless, irreproachable, noble;
    saintly, angelic, pure

    Trump is righteous or on the righteous path? Are you trolling for comments or do you really believe this?

  7. Good Morning,

    I love your website and commentary !

    Have you sold your put options ?

    Have a great day !

  8. I’ll be sitting on the edge of my seat in anxious anticipation of the next episode of “As the stomach turns” starring Oblunder and the Wookie!
    What a stupid-ass idea. Guess Netflix is grasping for anything original. As for me, I’d rather forget about the past 8 years “hopeless in chains”.

  9. I’m completely okay with the NK thing. The YoungUn is most-certainly going to attempt to game Mr. Trump. However, unlike past Prez’s in similar situations, Businessman Trump is both better at that particular game, and less likely to get suckered than his recent predecessors.

  10. My dad told me years ago: “Conservatives get us out of wars and into depressions; Liberals get us out of depressions and into wars.”

    ‘Not a completely accurate rule, of course, since a war can be forced on an Administration, but it is a “hard and fast” general rule, and one worth noting. Also worth noting is Dad didn’t attach either a political or an economic component to the statement.

    People in a position to know stuff kids don’t, like parents, teachers, and even newscasters, used to be like that. They’d make a statement, then leave it to the recipient to come to his or her own conclusions regarding the reasoning behind the statement.

    Nowadays we don’t have parents or teachers because they’ve been replaced by homies and babysitters, neither of whom garners respect. Newscasters have been replaced by propagandists, and never leave to-chance, the possibility that a listener could draw their own conclusions…

  11. I have mixed feeling about the North Korea talks…and I would like Warhammers opinion on this.

    On one hand, I think that a dialogue between the two “Supreme Leaders”…(tongue in cheek reference) could be the start of a strong diplomatic resolution…the likes that we have never seen with our two countries…ever! NK is in financial trouble and the only way out is to re-invest their money in ways that keeps their people fed, housed and happy. They are feeling the same pinch that Russia felt during the height of the Cold War, and nuclear arms race during the
    Reagan years.

    On the other hand…we know that NK has a death wish on the United States. There are billboards, videos, and images of missiles destroying America posted and shown all over the country. It’s people have been taught that we are their number one enemy.

    By engaging in talks, won’t Kim Jun Un just use this as his own personal victory? Won’t he spin it that the United States is begging for them to stand down and de-nuke because we are afraid of them? He has to save face with his people somehow. That has always been his M.O. Will Trumps ego allow that to happen?

    In the end, should it matter how NK de-nukes, or what storyline they use to do so…just as long as they eliminate their nuclear program? They are low on the totem pole of countries for anyone to be concerned with economically. They are financially bankrupt and their people are on the edge of being morally bankrupt. Wouldn’t it be OK for Kim Jun Un to have a little bit of victory dance to shift their countries focus on to more productive initiatives for their country?…Or do we take military action and just end the misery once and for all?

    • Mark I know you know how to write a good column ,
      but you’re not following along with what’s happening.

  12. Hmm George do you really think Trump is any different than the rest of the lying scum,he jack up the millions/billions for the defense that should have gone for bridges roads the electrical grid even hi speed rail,meanwhile the so called war on terror is rolling along,lol Rumsfeld was right war on terror is good for 100 years,to bad the American people can’t/won’t see it for what it really is nothing but a scam…!!!

    • Robert I don’t know who or what you’re coming from but Trump has pierced the Veil do you have any idea what that means

  13. US-Nkorea talks end up with nothing done Trump to save face will tighten restrictions-NK will keep testing the rhetoric from now til may will sink the talks the player that will determine what happens is china- with regards to inspections will NK give US inspection NO actually the US does not have to do anything NK called the meeting we walk away just like in the 50’s when NK china did too bad Don Rickles not alive to run the meetings

  14. Sunday the 11th the sealed documents will be unsealed and arrest by the National Guard an militia will happen over the next 72 to 96 hours. everyone be safe

    May all beings be lovingly fulfilled so be it

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