Forget 19! Up-Crash Momentum

Dow Futures were up 250-earlier.  So what if CV-19 casea are growing?  Hospitalizations up?  Few showing up for rallies?  Police being “defunded”?  Icons falling?  Who cares?  Making Up Money is the “New Sheriff” in finance.

Our Guess? Last-gasp of a failing global economic system.  Torpedoed, in large measure, when “Slippery Dick” Nixon took the U.S. off the Gold Standard back in 1971.

When you can’t deliver physical – go notional – and that’s what Modern Monetary Theory is all about.  More – and deeper – in our Peoplenomics report tomorrow titled “MMT:  Marxist Monetary Theory.”  Where you’ll learn more than you wanted…

The problem started where? A republican president! Nixon was a crook, but he was at least honest-enough (in 1971) to recognize that America could never really afford to give specie (gold/silver) to those who might claim it under the convertibility premise of (then gold-backed) U.S. Dollars.

From that terrible decision, the fuse – lighting the final burnout of Capitalism  – was lit.  Tomorrow in our  Peoplenomics report, we’ll track the spread of The Big Lie of Modern Monetary Theory lies.  Emphasis on  lies.  Even neoclassicists can see it.

If you’re not getting rich, it’s likely because you have a seat at the Crooked Poker Table and don’t understand that the Fed is the “chief crooked player” and they keep feeding money into the game which plays (through you and other stooge players) right into the hands of the One Percent, down at the other end of the table.

Which is why – despite 9-million cases of CV-19, no particular on-shoring of American jobs, and pending anti-trust actions against some of the largest of the FAANG stocks…(oh, and let’s not leave out regulation of social media, here)… That “real” background doesn’t matter when the Fed is orchestrating dump trucks of money going into the Poker Game of Finance.

There.  You should feel better now, right?

Lockdowns, Round Two:  Pending

Ah, life in a bio-accident zone, huh?  When we last ran out our forecast of CV-19 numbers ahead, we came up with the following for Labor Day (September 7):

  • Global Cases: 30,684,486
  • Global Deaths: 990,747
  • US Cases: 9,539,277
  • US Deaths: 276,755

Thing is, when we read headlines like “WHO warns of ‘accelerating‘ pandemic as Brazil reaches 50,000 deaths,” words like “accelerating” catch our eye.

Time to rerun this old data and look for “acceleration”:

Global Cases: 36,552,818   (+5,868,332)
Global Deaths:  1,081,968  (+91,221)
US Cases:  9,169,117  (+370,160)
US Deaths: 279,708 (+2,953)

We don’t make any representations about our outlooks except based on current data from the WHO it’s likely to be in the ball park.

How We Figure It

If you want to run a double-check on my work, have at it:  The data is there for anyone to use.  I pull the underlying numbers from the WHO Daily Summaries (linked to on this page).

Specifically, you take the Cases and the Deaths from the most recent WHO report.  Then compare with with five-day earlier numbers.

From this you calculate a “Five-day growth rate” – which this morning is cases going up 1.099085288 times in five-days.  Deaths are going up 1.057802812 times in five days.

From the Johns Hopkins site here, you pull down recoveries as of this morning.

Before you break out the bubbly, though, remember that the change in cases will lead the change in deaths by 7-14 days because people don’t die right on the spot.  Takes time to show up in statistics…

I look at two “mortality rates.”  If you’re trying to “save the economy” and get people out and spending (and working) again, then you’d cite 4.686%.  Unfortunately, that’s a  dishonest figure.  Because it’s basically a “deaths as a percent of cases” number.

The  honest number is to consider only  known outcomes.  Which means only the ratio of Recovered to Dead ratio.

By this, the death toll is 9.927% which makes it a Spanish Flu level contender, even now.

We’ve been saying since about <March> that when we are in Wave II, it is time to be setting in preps again for the Second Wave which we reckon will arrive shortly.  While the cases in South America in general – Brazil in particular – are screaming higher, there’s a temptation to have some “American pride” that things “…won’t be so bad here…”

Yet international travel continues.  And so do the headlines like:

Bio Accident or Bat Market? Still Open

Like bat soup?

We continue to keep an open mind to the notion that we are experiencing a “bio (weapon) lab accidental release” impact in all this.

Sure, if you want to run immediately into the political sphere, and claim the question is all about “anti-Asia hate” you can.  Though, with bodies piling up, we don’t give a rip about ethnicity.  Only the body count.

Regardless, there are multiple groups, such as the Network Contagion Research Institute claim to have detected anti-Asian hate efforts underscoring the “bioweapon meme” on 4Chan and other social media sites.  Unfortunately, the hate label has quelled intellectual inquiry as there’s less attention being paid to non-hate assessments.

Origin questions are still unanswered.  So more questions need to be asked.

Forbes  had a great article just in the past week by Dr. Mark Kortepeter (“Did Covid-19 Come From A Lab? Was It Deliberate Bioterrorism? A Biodefense Expert Explores The Clues”).  In it was this excellent summary:

“Scientists have attempted to develop objective methods to determine whether an outbreak was deliberately spread by bioterrorism. My colleagues and I tested a scoring system developed by a couple other scientists against four outbreaks definitely caused by bioterrorism and two natural outbreaks. Among those that were known bioterrorism events, we scored only the 2001 anthrax letters as “highly likely” to be caused by bioterrorism.

The bottom line is that, just like the challenge of predicting how many will die from Covid-19, scoring systems for bioterrorism are imperfect. It is one thing to suspect an outbreak was caused deliberately, it is much harder to prove it was. There lies the rub.”

Still, people are asking questions.  This past week, in India, “PIL in SC seeking India to take China to ICJ for $600 billion compensation for using COVID-19 as bioweapon: Dismissed.”  So, the case hasn’t gone anywhere.

China Relations – A Complex Calculus

Whether CV-19 sprang from the Wuhan lab, or from the market?  Doesn’t matter.

The premise laid out in A.G. Kimbrough’s novellaAfter the Virus Apocalypse” is as plausible as any media report.  (A mixture of  both was his supposition.  Infected (dead) lab bats being “back-doored” to the food market.)

Our point?  There’s a larger story in play, here:  China and how the rest of the world deals with its incredible rising power.  Will it expand, unchallenged and unchecked?

RT ( Russia Today) [a possible partisan] is closely following the pending death of the China Trade deal.  Outfits like  Forbes were essentially calling it D.O.A. three weeks ago.  Today,  RT rolls with “‘It’s fully intact’: Trump hits back at WH adviser who claimed US-China trade deal is ‘over’ due to Beijing’s Covid-19 ‘cover-up’ .

Perhaps the presidential daily brief skipped over Global Trade Set To Shrink 18.5 Percent In Q2: WTO?  We keep reading how China is “under-buying” U.S. goods…

Significantly, we think, the recently-escalating tensions (brutal hand-to-hand combat) between India and China along their hotly-contested border could come to matter.  As reported Sunday “China’s Latest Tussle With India Could Lead to War.

In the conventional view of U.S. – China relations, the focus is on  direct conflict.  Specifically over critical U.S. supply centers like South Korea and Taiwan.  Could the U.S. may be eyeing an “Alternative Conflict Scenario?”  One that would draw-down and distract China’s military, while keeping Beijing’s focus on something other than the U.S.?

The world is a chess board at these levels.  Sometimes you sacrifice a mid-level player to reach checkmate.  (Ignore the end of the game results in no winners, lol.)  Is Trumps move today “Trump moves to restrict work visas, citing pandemic” somehow a plug-in module?  The NY Times calls it as The Visas and the Fury.

We also worry about India’s western front. The rekindling of hostilities there over the Line of Control (LOC) are due from an historical cycles perspective. China has influence in Pakistan.

For now, reports the L.A. Times todayAs virus surges, Pakistan says there’s no choice but to open.”  However, we’re eyeing the LOC becvause a familiar  rhyme from history is that national leaderships will oftentimes use wars as a “national distraction” when other problems come to the fore.  If Pakistan’s economy begins to implode due to lockdowns, war and blame could become popular propaganda to get past medicine and into the trenches.

There’s no shortage of “things to go wrong.”

Trend Check, Anyone?

Take the money and…Wirecard CEO arrested in the case of the missing billions.

Will travel make a big resurgence? Hotel stocks: Bull and bear cases for buying into the travel rebound.

Pandemic Oops: 9 hand sanitizer brands may be toxic, FDA warns.

But enough!

Off to the shop and a bit of manual labor. So I can sit still long enough to finish tomorrow’s Peoplenomics  report.  Have a splendid Tuesday.

And I’m pretty-sure I had thre “earthquake tireds” last night…so we shall see…In  the Valley Between Eclipses, now.

Write when you get rich (or the world regains sanity).  Though with Seattle planning to retake the CHAZ, maybe there’s hope to turn back thge Marxist uprising.  I mean democrat mayors never lie, right?

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  1. Doesn’t the majority of the WHO’s budget come from big pharmaceuticals? Can your really trust and rely on their data? My opinion is garbage in garbage out.

  2. yep America wins .. ok we will go long now .. bow and scrape to the rulers of the world .. plague , famine , debt , unemployment , anarchy , crime .. they win .. and professor dalio and his sidekick old salty at 321 with his paid salesman they are gunna get me in gold at 90 dsi and zero rates with free oil and massive debt deflation .. yeah they win so start chanting .. why I even heard plagues and covid are good for markets

  3. “Icons falling?”

    This one is gong to be a smasher if it can gain traction.

    The light-skinned Jesus narrative is finally falling apart (Warner Sallman, The Head of Christ, 1940) 1940 was a minute before Europeans would need a Super-Deity.

    Shaun King says Jesus images ‘a form of white supremacy’ that must go: ‘They should all come down’

    “Yes,” Mr. King said regarding his support for tearing down images of Christ. “All murals and stained glass windows of white Jesus, and his European mother, and their white friends should also come down. They are a gross form [of] white supremacy. Created as tools of oppression. Racist propaganda. They should all come down.”

    • Absolutely!

      and while we are at it – lets Blow Mount Rushmore to smithereens!

      – and replace it with carved likenesses of Malcolm X, Louis Farrakhan, Obummer, and reverend Al Sharpton !

    • The original Hebrews are believed to have had red hair and blue eyes. The Semites of today, although usually having dark hair and eyes, are still classified as white. So what basis does Shaun King have for saying Jesus was non-white?

    • Consider that Christian iconography predates the first white contact with Africa by more than a thousand years. So how can it be a product of white supremacy.

      Consider the underlying technological advancements this iconography represents. At the same period there is nothing comparable in sub sarah Africa.

      Consider what was going on in sub Sarah Africa when the great cathedrals of europe were being built.

      Consider the development of written language in Sumeria, Asia, India, Europe.

      I must give credit for the ideas above to a serman made by an
      African american preacher on YouTube.

      • Europeans and Africans had contact over the strait between what is now called Morocco and Spain.

        That’s why Spanish folk and Portuguese folk are darker complected and have brown eyes Vs say the lighter complected Finnish folk with blue eyes.

        I’m not sure if this is true or not but a rumor persists that Egyptian hieroglyphics were found in a cave out in the Grand Canyon.

        Most folks think Egyptians were black/African decent.

        If both are true this would mean that Africans found North America before the Italian Columbus.

    • JESUS WAS LIGHT SKINNED. You are showing your ignorance.

      The Children of Ra: Artistic, Historical, and Genetic Evidence for Ancient White Egypt (Second Edition)

      By Arthur Kemp. In this second, expanded edition, here are the shocking results of the 2017 DNA report that conclusively prove the original Egyptians were white. The long-debated question is finally answered through the study not only of DNA but also by an examination of the historical record, Egyptian art and images of mummies.

      Lavishly illustrated with over 106 full-color pictures, The Children of Ra is a complete historical overview that proves that white people created the initial Egyptian civilization—and that ancient Egyptian culture came to an end once those people had been bred out of existence. The dramatic DNA evidence also reveals that King Tut was of the same racial stock as present-day western Europeans.

      Then there are the astonishing results of the largest-ever DNA testing of Egyptian mummies by scientists at the University of Tuebingen. This evidence reveals that the ancient Egyptians were also closely related to present-day Europeans, the sub-Saharan influx of darker-skinned people not happening until 3,000 years after the pyramid builders were alive.

      The Children of Ra is a vital work for all those fascinated by ancient Egypt and the origins of that civilization. Also contains a detailed Egyptian history timeline to explain how this white-founded society was overrun, and how this process led to the extinction of this greatest of the ancient civilizations—a somber warning to today’s West.

  4. Why is Gavin Newsom ordering $1,000,000,000 worth of masks from China?

    Why not order from an American supplier?

    China has continuously sent faulty & broken PPE and tests to other countries

    This is putting Americans at risk

    RT if he should cancel the deal & DIVEST from China!

    — Charlie Kirk (@charliekirk11) April 24, 2020

    Another red flag with Gov. Newsom’s $1 billion BYD China deal is he tried to conceal the source, announcing he’d secured the masks “through a manufacturer here in the State of California.”

    Asked to confirm they’d be made in CA, he admitted “they’ll be manufactured overseas.”

    — Kevin Kiley (@KevinKileyCA) April 28, 2020

    • Old news – order was cancelled 3 days after it was exposed. However, there was a massive $$$$$ penality.

    • Government’s are required to shop the lowest bidder. It’s not fair to say that masks from China are faulty. I ordered some reusable fabric masks from North Carolina and the straps on all 6 broke. Many items from China run pretty damn well…like my I-phone, IPad and MacBook Pro.

      And that brings me to Trumps decision to limits H1B visas. Yesterday, I had two buyers cancel their house tour because of this. They are afraid of losing their jobs and getting sent back. One couple was from India and the other from South Korea. The fallacy is that they were hired to undercut American workers. They get paid just as much as any American Born engineer. In fact, there aren’t many 30 something couples that are as talented as these folks making as much Money as them. Both couples together make in excess of $500k a year. You can argue this point all day long…but you would just be repeating FOX talking points…and you would be dead wrong… We hire these engineers on talent alone…There is so much competition in the Silicon Valley…every Hire counts. There just isn’t enough American born STEM Students to go around. If there was, they would be hired…It’s only about the talent…

      STEM isn’t emphasized in our country the way it is in Asian countries. We would rather play football. Kind of sad when the most expensive structure in a Texas high school isn’t the science lab…it’s the football stadium. So, to shut off the Intellectual Capital supply of our nations most valued companies (by tenfold), is insane. What’s the point? Oh…I know. Trump stirring up his base on another baseless issue. I am sure the fry cook at Betty’s diner would love to interview for that Apple AI position.

      • “You said… Hard to nail calculus when you have to check your orientation and guilt so often – just saying”

        Yet they nail football, basketball, cheerleading, with zero thought about orientation. Dak Prescott’s $31.41M franchise tag is this highest base salary in the #NFL among all 2020 players by nearly $8M for winning nothing. And it’s front page news.

        Life is so different here in the Bay Area where science, technology, engineering and math get front page news…usually below the fold, but front page nevertheless.

        The one thing that this SIP has taught me personally is that you can teach an old dog new tricks…although I have always been an early adopter, and I do not miss sports one bit. This is coming from a guy whose entire family on mine and my wife’s side dating back to grandparents, played collegiate or pro sports. Innovation is now our new sport. If a candidate for POTUS wanted to engage in this trend, it would be a Fast Forward America theme. Not the step back in time theme of the idiot in power now!

        • Given t5hat sports is dying, maybe a fine time for inner city schools to pivot back to STEM and for kids to get Keds instead of spending $300 on sneakers. You can get a lot of Linux platform for that kind of dough.

      • @ Marx

        No…the cook at Betty’s dinner wants to make some Uncle [redacted – racially inflammatory comment rule – g] Coffee…and serve it to all those wanna be apple AI immigrants…. a great way to start the day !

      • Your leftist zeal comes from your Company’s business model of selling America to foreign buyers.

        You only oppose high school sports because you can’t exploit the situation, not out of sympathy for exploited young athletes.

        Bigger science labs will attract overpaid H1B moms and dads looking to buy expensive real estate.

        Everything is a real estate business model.

      • I have to agree with Mark. Most of the engineers I work with are over-educated, but unable to process basic tasks.

      • You really sound ridiculous; I mean you are really a ridiculous person, but I am so glad to hear that your little American sell out trip you are on finally came home to roost. So much of what you type is tripe and lies. Gosh, how big is your nose? Can it reach to your toes yet without you bending over?

        And to think with all of your thousands, you don’t know WHY America has not focused on educating Americans and thus producing STEM graduates. I am laughing at you right, now, Mr. dum b e; we’ve only spent the last 30 years firing our STEM hires and replacing them with your little friends, our education system makes sure it educates foreigners ahead of Americans, (Tech made sure it was the head of that little dastardly deed followed by many other globalist owned corporations) our education system has been taken over by liberals, as you well know, and common core was a race to the bottom…..selling us out, dumbing us down, making us pay for ourselves while everyone else gets it for free, yeah, like I said, laughing at you coming on here day after day running down Americans while you are feeding at the destruction of America’s trough like a pig.

      • George, I meant to say they may have a plethora of degrees, but were poorly educated in being able to contribute in the work environment!

  5. George. Are you taking into any consideration the percentage of asymptomatic beer virus cases?? Any percentage would lower the death percentage and I have seen stories of up to 50% of cases are asymptomatic. In any case I don’t believe we will know until a reliable blood anti-body test is broadly applied. That is if we will ever know.

    • I have seen reports that well over 80% are asymptomatic.

      A report from Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, June 22, 2020 indicates (not ‘proves’) that having serum blood levels of D3 over 30 ng/ml (75 nmol/L) provides a huge amount of protection from COVID19 and many other viruses.
      (I keep my own levels above 80 ng/ml and literally never get sick)

      Such protection would cost about $2 per person, per month.

      And now you know why you don’t hear that from the MSM or big pharma.
      No money to be made with it.

      • Say, I didn’t mention that Mr & Mrs Ure take 5-15,000 D3 per day, with zinc and either eggs or selenium? Wee two seldom break strike… Living in isolation? Well, we figure aging is contagious.

      • I write about this last week, but a blended cocktail of D, C, Astragalus, and a Tumeric/green tea/black pepper blend (throw in blueberries ir Pomegranate juice to taste is the perfect way to ward off any intrusion of viruses.

  6. Farmer George –

    How does Ure garden grow ? Will U make it to “Knee High By 4th of July” – or did U not plant any popping corn, white corn or yellow “cow” corn.

    How do U feed Ure farm animals ? growing Alfalfa on the back-nine for Hay ?

    Being as how U live in Texas – what about Cotton – U gotta be putting a couple acres of cotton in.

    Great model for a small business..

    – Charge Stupid white people to come and Pick Ure Cotton for U( A Slavery Experience) – SJW “tools” would come in droves to experience Picking Cotton under the blazing hot Texas Sun. For a extra fee – U could even put them in Shackles while they get the 1 Hour Cotton Picking Experience. Imagine the $$ U would make just selling Water to these folks.


    U could just buy TQQQ Each day – and sit back each and watch Ure $$ balance go Up.

    Never mind that Flock of Black Swans circling overhead – dumb assz birds don know nothing anyway – they still think WHO is Legit.

    As my fav masked man used to say ..”Hi HO Silver”

    • Your cotton-picking business model is hilarious! Unfortunately, there are enough dummies roaming around to make it viable.

  7. Got my little lights in the mail yesterday. …I hope to put together a “light crown” this weekend.

    • For some it works, for others, not so much.
      Just remember when you are done:
      Carefully run through your calculations of Joules (4.4-4.6 would be ideal).
      Remember 1 Joule is 1 watt/second. So there is some pushing numbers around to figure things right.

    • Thanks for as good a “start up” theory as anything a whole world of doctors hasn’t embraced in their search for (or avoidance of) reality

  8. Forget store bought hand sanitizer. Buy some Everclear, mix with water per online recipe, and voila! you have sanitizer. Pour into a spray bottle and you can ‘clear’ store bought items, clothes, and even yourself after a venture out into the plague territory

    • I can get a liter of premixed 80% WHOch sanitizer from the local package store for less than half of what a liter of Everclear costs. Straight up, it is the best thing I have found for red bugs. I have been mixing it half-and-half with a 70% too-thick gel sanitizer for what I call home brew 151 Hand Sanitizer. I still get the 69% Chinese stuff at the market when I can find it to use in the car. The grain alcohol sanitizers smell like some sort of frat party juice mix. “But officer, it’s only for external use” (sound of handcuffs snicking in the background).

  9. need some remedial math for US deaths – either up or down, not both
    Global Cases: 30,684,486
    Global Deaths: 990,747
    US Cases: 9,539,277
    US Deaths: 279,708
    Global Cases: 36,552,818 (+5,868,332)
    Global Deaths: 1,081,968 (+91,221)
    US Cases: 9,169,117 (+370,160)
    US Deaths: 276,755 (+2,953)

    maybe a case of too much light?

    • LOL – You know, ever since the eye surgeri8es, my ability to copy and paste to the right place seems to have been impaired.
      No worries – new glasses should be here next week…

  10. “Torpedoed, in large measure, when “Slippery Dick” Nixon took the U.S. off the Gold Standard back in 1971.”

    You know.. its sad he did that.. but what is funny is I really liked tricky dickie LOL… I am not sure why.. (sure he was one that got caught.. today they don’t even have to worry about that.. the legal system in on their side… just look at the atrocities that the demoralcraps did the last three years) Or is the fact that I liked him because he like Coors beer..( one of my favorites) and would send AF1 every thursday to pick some up.. ( we would put our order in to and pick it up)
    I really loved Ford.. we need more like him in office.. (the rumor has it that his wife made him breakfast every morning.. whether its true or not.. I still admire the man.. glad he didn’t run for the second time and have to deal with all the crap)

  11. Try this test:
    1) Go to google search

    2) Type in any 3-digit number combination, followed by the words “NEW CASES”

    3) Watch what comes up

    Conclusion: They could not have pulled off shutdown of the world’s economy without media coordination!

  12. Johnson really took us off of the gold standard in 1968 when he removed the 25 per cent gold backing of the currency repealing the legal limit on the amount of currency that could be printed.Very little gold had changed hands from that point until Nixon’s actions telling the creditors not to bother to stand in line anymore.

    • Nice to ‘get the tireds’ when the fault lines won’t affect you, although Texas experienced the New Madrid quake.

      I get the high pitched tones in my ear (got one about a day or two ago), instead of the ‘tireds’ and live in SF Bay Area, so it becomes more of a nail biter, especially having lived thru the ’89 quake.

  13. The warld accarding to garld
    It was discovered in early knife fights that the garp with a garld dagger lost because it didn’t hold an edge and bent easily, so that was made into adornments to bribe the pharaoh. Technology that lasted until the new world.
    Early 1800 south got uppity and drove the growing country’s economy with agriculture. North, wearing the imperial crown, yelled “die usurpers”, and dispatched all fighting age garps. Garps didn’t think much of that so the battle cry changed to “free the slaves.” A bloody mess later; south didn’t think much of former property setting up shop next door and north business leaders were just kidding about that freedom thing.

    US had a bunch of new empty land bought or stolen from Mexico, Spain, France, natives so half went to US Grant as a thanky. Homestead act gave 40 to anyone willing to settle and work in the empty so long as they weren’t any of the former owners. Farmland went fast but the rest didn’t; so a bounty went out for garld to get garps with guns and shovels into the hills. Silver came with it so just about every family had junky tableware that bent on a tough steak (silverware) and a silver tea set to burn their fingers. Uncle Sammy had so much garld he needed a new warehouse. And the ‘west of the Mississippi’ was populated.

    Trickee Dickee noxin found hisself in the age old position of wanting to spend more than could be covered by spendable cash so more money was printed. DeGaul sniffed it out and traded US cash for garld by the boatload. Dickee and his minions thought it over and came forth with a profound proclamation … “You can’t do that.” So for good measure Sammy took Garp’s garld, demonetized it leading a later money printer to declare it a barbarous relic. It’s still good for stirring up some motivating greed in a lazy schtumph.

  14. “Whether CV-19 sprang from the Wuhan lab, or from the market? Doesn’t matter.”

    It might matter – when the time is right. If we could definitely say or point to evidence that it was deliberately released from a Weapons Lab (Theirs or Ours), then we’d already be involved in a Chinese Trade Deal that involved Mushroom Clouds.

    When the time comes to play that card, they’ll resurrect Paul Harvey and give us The Rest of The Story. The one with Dr Charles Lieber getting arrested, and explaining why as the head of the Harvard Chemistry Dept that he was getting $50,000 per month from China, and had a $1.4 Million private lab inside the Wuhan BSL-4 facility. And we might find out why Dr Frank Plummer (Corona Virus global expert) suddenly died a week after Dr Lieber was arrested. And we might find out what happened to the Chinese Port at Abaco (Bahamas) when Hurricane Dorian sat on it as a Cat 5 for 48 hours. LoL – and where all the Fentanyl went! Oh, and we’ll find out the solution for all the 5G, computer chip, corporate, and military espionage events, and how those were resolved. Heck, maybe we’ll event get to see a single photo of the 300+ US Military “athletes” at the World Military Games in Wuhan that started on Oct 18th, 2019. (Same day as Event 201).

    For now, it is much safer to pretend that nobody knows where or how the Corona Virus (COVID-19 or SARS-CoV-2) jumped to humans. Or why Fauci funded the Gain of Function research with a $3.7 Million grant that followed the Corona Virus research when it moved from Chapel Hill NC to Wuhan. HIV inserts? Pretend those didn’t happen as well! Finally, don’t forget to pretend that Fauci and Gates won’t make obscene profits from royalties off the vaccine when it is rolled and and becomes mandatory.

    Nothing to see here folks, move along. Except for Photo No 2 in the below link:

  15. “If you’re not getting rich, it’s likely because you have a seat at the Crooked Poker Table and don’t understand that the Fed is the “chief crooked player” and they keep feeding money into the game which plays (through you and other stooge players) right into the hands of the One Percent, down at the other end of the table.”

    People didn’t UNDERSTAND then — nor do they UNDERSTAND it now, no matter how hard you may try (it’s useless to educate those who don’t want to understand!). I understand your business model, but it mostly saddens me while I read, because it’s just throwing proverbial pearls before etc., except for the extremely few that really need no explanations.

    Hope no one will miss bolshevic’s postings because there will not be any more. (History will just have to proceed to the bitter end). ;-(((((

    Trivia: Learned >70 years ago that WW1 would have been impossible w/o “our” illustrious FED. Read all their papers that were available at the local library for everyone to read. Who did??

    • Specticals, testicles , watch and wallet!

      You are such an optimist Bolshavic.

      Is the secret to living to 90 years old elaborate sad faces??

      I know, I know. You are the Manager of the Universe.


      Would it F-ing kill ya to put on a happy face once and a while???!


    • Bolshevic: Yes, neither WW1 nor WW2 would have been possible without them. Here is a very tidy nice summary worth reading as many Presidents set Precedence to assist these insane/illegal/uncouth/murderous/lying/killing fields:

      And don’t forget this:

      A hero who gave his life to tell the truth.

      Now, we know, WHY, we have to fight. Fight the lies about the European White Man. Fight so that we do not end up in another World War for those people at the non-federal reserve that own our country, it’s media, it’s education system, it’s non-care system, it’s banking system, it’s elected leaders, lock stock and barrel.

      So, read them both and realize the lies that got us into those 2 wars and the slaughter of over 100 MILLION CAUCASIANS. It is finally coming out that the pictures they show of all those piled bodies, over and over for dickens years, are not the chosen people, they are the German soldiers, who were starved and murdered AFTER the surrender in the TRUE Concentration Camps managed by OURS TRULY.

      In the last 100 years, the hated person is the CAUCASIAN person, not any other race has been killed off so systemically with racial hatred; the new modern version is the UN population replacement pogroms going on right now in the European nations as well as the USA and Canada.

      Better Wake UP!

  16. yeah let them win .. do what your told and get sheeped and rounded where they want you .. please .. if you don’t feel up to it give up .. surrender .. the words never give up .. they mean that for some .. um f#$%^ the fed

  17. Bio Hazard.. or Bat soup…..

    Insurance companies are pretty sure when they make a judgement.. they go by the most logical and the one that will benefit them.. just like any gambling enterprise the house always wins..

    Is a man made virus recoverable.. I don’t know.. but there are a ton of people that are not getting any of their claims paid because of the debate..

  18. George,

    Quercetin is an ionophore like Hydro, plus zinc, and cinnamon if no antibiotic.

    Tell brother in law I flew 220 night special ops missions in Vietnam/Laos Nov.,68 to Nov., 69

    Call sign Spooky, or to others – Puff, The Magic Dragon.

  19. Every hand sanitizer contains methanol… So does every bottle of rubbing alcohol, topical tincture, and that can of “Alcohol” for sale at your local paint store (and for those of you who’ve read “The Andromeda Strain,” so does Sterno…) Dunno if it’s an FDA, USDA, or some other alphabet edict, but industrial and medicinal alcohols all contain a minimum of 3% wood alcohol. Maybe the Mex-sanitizer is 30% or 50% or something? 3% will make a body sick, but probably do no permanent damage in any amount that can be consumed without incurring a fatal dose of alcohol poisoning. 10% and yer blind. AFAIK were it not for eyes and external orifices, a person could swim in methanol and never absorb enough to have a deleterious effect. It is consuming the stuff that’ll wreck your life…

    The only 100% ethyl alcohol I’ve ever seen was the pure ethanol we used to prepare microscope slides. The stuff at the paint stores is denatured alcohol — 97% ethanol, 3% methanol, and it makes a perfectly competent hand sanitizer (don’t forget the peroxide — it kills fungus and mold spores that the alcohol won’t, and boosts effectiveness from 99.7% to 99.99999%. Occasionally, that 29999/100000 of a percent can be important!)

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