Forced Vax Fight Looms, Joe Blow to Go

The “Cold Chain” Problem

We can see the “Joe Blow” rally Monday as likely to collapse today.  Reasons are manifold, but we’ve had five-days up with very little actual “fresh news.”

  • Be suspect as hell that the breakthrough vaccination report was (literally) put on ice in order to push it back  after the Election.  Could it have made a difference? You tell me.  Medical or political decision?  Few dare ask.  But – like it or not – Trump was absolutely correct and not lying when he said days before the election that a breakthrough was “close” and certainly before the end of the year.  Trump was right.
  • In the meantime, however, the problem of the “90% vaccine” has become clear:  It must be stored at -94 F in order to prevent breakdown.  Say, that’s a thrill-chiller, ain’t it?

There are appalling rumors beginning on the internet of plans for “forced vaccinations.”  This has been a recurring topic since the Wuhan bug showed up early this year.

We anticipate that the vaccine (yet unproven in large-scale trials) will result in a Biden-Harris power grab and demands for national forced vaccinations.

Wrong, Bar

Right on cue comes the report “NY Bar Urges State To Consider Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccine.”

This is one of the most  liberal (left-wing is more accurate in my view) bars in the country.  Symptomatic of a recent trend in activist circles to argue “Screw the Constitution, this is an “emergency.”  All to turn the Law on the People.

Dear blusterous barristers:  the Constitution doesn’t allow lawyers to practice medicine.  (We have to wonder whether the NY Bar if familiar with the term medical malpractice?)

You wouldn’t be the only one cautious about up-arming:  The New York Times apparently didn’t get the memo yet, writing “Don’t Get Too Excited About the Coronavirus Vaccine.”  With their guy claiming to have won, has actual journalism returned?  (Wait for the vanishing act.)

I’d urge all of our readers to consider getting a pre-emptive letter from your doctor (if they will do it) exempting you from forced vaccination if you have any pre-existing conditions.  I’ll be asking my doc to spell out my qualifying pre-existing condition this way…

“American Citizenship.”

We hope separation of Church and State includes the Church of Science being played biggly.

Joe Blow Show to Go

Feel reminded that in the 2000 presidential election.  Al Gore was president-elect (so it was claimed) for 37-days.  The open question at the breakfast table  is whether Joe can go the distance to the inauguration?

Good article in the Washington Post this morning explaining how “Echoing Trump, congressional candidates refuse to concede.”

News of polyticks is the replacement time sink for Pro Sports.  Fandom is properly spelt Fan Dumb.

Government: No Smaller Ahead

We also found the ideas in “Democrats blame increased Trump turnout, uphill races for failure to win state legislative seats” revealing extremist liberalism is a thought-impairing disease.

Actual red-blooded American’s are not anxious for “Government of Everything.”  It’s a point the left-leaning media just can’t seem to figure out.

You saw where CBS has overdosed on “Correctness”?  “CBS promises 50% diverse casting for upcoming reality shows.”

Reprobate’s confessional now:  We’re so old that we remember when acting was judged based on ability and selection for reality shows was based on measurable metrics of qualification. Director’s discretion to make a “good show.”

You see the evolution of the long wave “styles” in the conduct of American business, if you think in the longer-term.  Let me take you to school so you can learn How America Screwed the Pooch…

American Devention

Earliest times we were a country of inventors.  Tesla, Bell, the Wright boys and so forth.

Then came the salesmen.  Legions of them.  Sold the “annual model” idea to Detroit and it’s led to the constant work, never-get-ahead life of today.  Growth begets taxes, taxes beget government.

The Bean Counters came next.  Funny thing happened when the Tech Bubble arrived:  Sure, there were a few brilliant coders and all.  But the real powers-behind-the-Bubble were? Beanie children.  Accountants took over many companies – and killed them off by making stupid decisions.  More than I ever thought possible.  Yet the EBITDA crater would be called The Tech Wreck.

Now HR is Firing Accounting.  The Bean Counter’s have been obo’ed (as in made obsolete) because ERP jocks (*which I were, once-upon-a…) made them superfluous.  Power vacuum and here comes the Correctness Police to fill the void.

Thanks to the narcissism run amuck society which came down the social media birth canal?  If I look at the CBS example, I clearly see that HR is taking over where Bean Counters once ruled.

In the Grand Succession restated:  HR is firing Bean counters.  Bean counters killed dividends and made growth hype central.   They had taken over from Sales in their boardroom uprisings in the wake of the Tech Wreck.  Sales, in turn, had stolen from Inventors.

If that’s progress, I’ll be damned if I can see it.  I’d bet Tesla wouldn’t see it, either.  Delusional Capitalism is where we’ve gone.  My book The Hundred Year Toaster (Peoplenomics site master index) argues that the obsolescence disease will kill the Planet over time.  We are working ourselves to death.  No leisure and burning down the Planet.  Seriously?  WTF?

If you haven’t enjoyed the lockdown to check out of this insanity for a little while?  Maybe you don’t like being alone with yourself.  Maybe you can’t dream and build a future.  But isn’t that as dandy an opportunity for self-improvement, if there ever was one?  (Sorry.  I digress…)

How About That Optimism?

Back on track with the latest NFIB Small Business Optimism data:

“The NFIB Optimism Index remained at 104.0 in October, unchanged from September and a historically high reading. Four of the 10 components improved, 5 declined, and 1 was unchanged. Although all of the data was collected prior to Election Day, a 6-point increase in the NFIB Uncertainty Index to 98 was likely driven by the election and uncertain conditions in future months due to the COVID-19 pandemic and possible government mandated shutdowns. The uncertainty reading was the highest reading since November 2016.”

After the number stock futures were a mixed bag.  S&P and NASDAQ futures are down, but the Hype in the Dow continues.  To drag in the last of the Fools before shearing?  We wonder…

Wuzza Matta U

With apologies to Bullwinkle J. Moose’s alma mater:

“Worst Possible Outcome: Day 7:  “Attorney General Barr paves way for prosecutors to investigate claims of voter fraud.”  (Chorus line:  “Wuzza Matta U?” What took so long…)

How Government is Taking Over Housing, (GTOH) II: Foreclosures Remain Low While Serious Delinquencies Continue to Build Up, CoreLogic Reports.” (Chorus line:  “Wuzza Matta U?” bankrupting small rental owners?)

In the Joe Glow we read how “Biden transition team considering legal action over access to federal agencies.” (Chorus line:  “Wuzza Matta U?”  The word transition isn’t in the Constimatution, are it?”

When playing the role of HillaryThe legal challenges Trump is planning.” (Chorus line:  “Wuzza Matta U?”  Take Melania, retire, get richer, buy a small country and turn it into a golf resort.  You really want more of this shit?)

Socialist Globalcrats of the E.U. Unite! Europe lays out Amazon antitrust charges, targeting its use of merchants’ data.” (Chorus line: “Wuzza Matta U?”  Ure-aPee’in’s couldn’t invent tech, had to be bailed out by US in two world wars, can’t event defend themselves, so now they wanna beat up Bezos???)  (I took down that obnoxious bullshit GDPR warning, too, which makes me guilty of…er…gotta be at least a  hate crime don’t it?  Please God, let Texas secede from the Planet!)  Did Soros go short Amazon?

And bloody hell:Ethiopia leader denies civil war brewing as hundreds reportedly killed.” (Chorus line:  “Wuzza Matta U?”  Didn’t you get the memo that Black Lives Matter?)

That does it…no more deep thinking until later.  Maybe we’ll all wake up from this mess and go get ripped and laugh about it.

Or, maybe there’s just a re-run tomorrow.

Write when you get rich,

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62 thoughts on “Forced Vax Fight Looms, Joe Blow to Go”

  1. Btw, for the mandatory vaccine people on the forum, I am offering by vaccines to you – for free! I will not be taking any. Btw, as a former Marine Officer, I am well acquainted with massive vaccinations. Almost 35 years ago, I had a Yellow Fever vaccine while in the Corps. For the next two years, I experienced a low grade fever and migraines. The Navy docs told me it was nothing. It took decades for me to research and discover what had happened. I am no longer young and dumb. I understand the consequence of injecting foreign substances in the body, and especially when this is done ‘en masse’ as in the military where cocktails of vaccine can be administered.

    Here is a sampling of vaccines that would be given to a Marine in the 80’s within the first year of their service: Tetnus, Yellow Fever, Diptheria, Malaria, Whooping Cough, Season Flu, and many others for people who may deploy to areas where contact with biological or chemical weapons may be used (think Gulf War I).

    Folks, you are free to ingest whatever you want, but never tell me that I do not have a say of what junk they inject into me. I know better!

    • I have to agree with you before going to Asia army gave me a told of 10 shots with a jetgun. Then we went out side and did pt told di i felt sick he started screaming at me I woke up four days later in hospital they never told me what did it. No mandatory vaccine for me.

    • They can do something a bit more malicious then force. They can exempt insurance companies from payment for any covid related illness if you refuse a vaccination. They could also allow you to be sued if an outbreak was tied to you and you refused vaccination. For the young it is simpler, you cannot sign up for any on site public or subsidized education without a vaccination confirmation. Not sure how such things would hold up in court, but there are many ways to encourage people that are not direct force of a police state. Sign me up to get a vaccine, once we have the first round healthy after 3 months or so. I have many elderly dispersed family I want to be around with a somewhat normal relationship. I would rather risk myself with a “known” vaccine then risk them to be infected by me.

      • SOUNDS SUPER NICE OF YOU JOE THE DISH…but let me put it to you this way…. the Spanish Flu was not Spanish and it was NOT the FLU and it started in a base in the USA VIA INJECTIONS FOR experimental bacterial meningococcal vaccine . Which then spread the non-flu all over the USA and the world.

        So, obviously you do not know that recently:

        a) the nasal flu sprays that they foisted on kids made them contagious for up to TWO weeks easily infecting other people INCLUDING THE ELDERLY.

        b) That the biggest spreader of the FLU is the FLU SHOTS.

        So, you just step right up and get your Crap-19, 90% effective (maybe, ain’t seen the study yet), and take that risk.

        I, myself, will not take the shot.

        But don’t believe me, read all about it here:

      • Klaus Schwab says that instead of using a hammer mentality forcing you to comply, they prefer to nudge you. For example, if you want to receive your guaranteed basic income this month you need to be vaccinated. Yea, they will not make it mandatory, you just won’t like the consequences.

      • “They can exempt insurance companies from payment for any covid related illness if you refuse a vaccination. ”

        They can do that without Joe, depending on your insurance company… its suspected as a man mad virus.. so an act of aggression..
        the same way if your house was destroyed in a riot.. insurance companies are not there to pay out.. the house always wins..
        I for years bought the what if policies.. what if you broke your arm and got sick.. you should have disability insurance to pay your house payment or your credit card payment .. loss of income etc..
        then the what if happened.. now if it had been a broken arm they would have paid out no problems.. but it was bigger.. boy.. my favorite excuse was.. we quit taking applications at noon and yours was logged in at 12:15 please resubmit.. to get them to even take the application you had to go through the state board of insurances.. they had to submit one then one by certified snail mail and one faxed.. LOL the only one that accepted.. was the one for the Bank… and how that happened was I got a call on the friday before memorial day.. are you planning on continuing to live in your house.. well absolutely.. the insurance company hasn’t gotten any claims… what.. I coudln’t get out of a chair.. I had efax LOL and all the data setup to fax all I had to do was hit enter.. I hit enter.. got it back saying please try again.. so I did that every three minutes for three days.. on tuesday.. morning at 8.01 I get a call from the state board of nursing.. DON”T SEND ANYMORE WE GOT IT.. at 8.05 a similar call from the insurance company.. my house payment was secure for a year.. that is the only one that made any payouts whatsoever .. so don’t waste your money on any of that crap.. hell if I had saved that money and paid on the things it was to cover.. I could have had a nice nest egg.. and made the same payments.. it was a waste of my money being spent wrong..
        the same thing with health insurance.. we will pay out before the wife retires a few hundred thousand dollars.. but.. I know that one accident can cost a half million.. and it is a requirement.. so we pay..

      • “Aime
        November 11, 2020 at 09:41
        be nice if everyone refused.”

        It was HELL Aime… you cannot imagine.. even at the bank.. come to find out.. the majority of them are all underwritten by the same company.. I had depended on those in case of an accident never thought that there would be something more serious..
        Now.. unless I am made to.. its not worth the money put it in the bank.. or buy savings bonds.. I was donating hundreds of dollars a month to policies that were worthless..
        what is funny is if a younger person put what they pay a year into savings bonds.. they would have millions when they get to the age when their bodies start falling apart.. I have thought many times I should move to Canada or over to another country.. heck even the islands has a better health record than the USA..

    • Heck, I didn’t get a small pox vaccine until I was in the Navy in the late 70s. Lord knows what else they shot me up with – plague is one I remember seeing on my vaccination form. Don’t remember getting sick, though.

  2. It probably came in too late for print time on your edition today. As soon as Barr told the investigators to begin looking into voter fraud the top investigator, Richard Pilger, promptly resigned. The Swamp is everywhere.

    Top DoJ Voter Fraud Investigator Quits After AG William Barr Authorizes Probe

    And Fox “News” (propaganda) still has Creepy Joe at 290 electoral votes. I’m headed to News Max and ZH for my real news from here on out.

    • Yeah, Pilger determined the “ramifications” of him actually doing his job might be that this fraud of an election will be overturned…

  3. G –

    its double shot Tuesday! another reason to celebrate or at least go out and pick up another box Orevilles Tender White – good times..heating up some earl, watching for a lil smoke, toss in handful of poppitypopop! – Yes and I put Krautins in my Salad..

    Mr Global goes and Anal Rapes a the greatest nation on the planet, and now the leftist barky-marky types will be Crying in their Wheaties as they Witness a Great Peoples (Farmers/Growers/Labourers/Truckers) push back – come together and start Fighting back – FINALLY!

    Truckers going to Shut It Down Soonly – get your wet wipes while U still can.

    Please enjoy the “grace”, but remember to replace the word Grace, with Bitcoin, then U can have Understanding.

    Nein BTC 4 U tulipman!

  4. Ure,

    It would very welcome if you would have the text below all your ads with a couple of spaces between the ad and the text.

    Thank you

  5. I think rather than outlaw competing digital currencies the gov’t will just change conversion rates on what they are worth like any other currency X Bitcoins are worth X dollars – then the fun will start when your bitcoin is worth nothing but a fraction of what you paid for it.

    • correction: The BTC Futures contract, The US Dollar = Fractional Reserves = FIAT.

      Real honest to goodness (original Bitcoins) – They Contain BTC Cash Coins, BTC Gold coins just list a few..

      100% – again 100% DE-Centralized. There is No Govt. that can Control BTC, manipulate Price..temporarily, sure – Control hhahahahahahahaahhaha Ur Kidding right?

    • Never has been Hacked – Ever .

      Silk Road was the original On-Line Drug marketplace Founder – Dred Pirate Robert of PSU fame.
      – bought all my weed this way – its how I got into cryptos in the first place – Utility.
      Used fractions of Bitcoins (shatoshi’s) to purchase – funds BTC’s held in Escrow until you confirmed Delivery via USPS of your tastey buds..

      Still “Bulletproof” – just not UnTrackable without a Coin Mixer.

    • Bitcoin or any system of protection with a password is subject to attack against the person holding the password. You can assume the criminal holding the account password was compromised, either directly by making his life miserable, or the opposite of a promise of a lesser penalty. Could be also that the owner had a password subject to a dictionary attack, but someone using bitcoin like they were most likely would have known better. No system like this will hold up against a dedicated adversary where they could make your like and or your families life miserable.

    • Has anyone ever known where US$’s and other currency units go when they’re used to purchase BC? It’s got to flow into some kind of banking system.

  6. “We’re so old that we remember when acting was judged based on ability and selection for reality shows was based on measurable metrics of qualification.”

    I’m so old, I can remember when there was no such thing as ‘reality shows’. Still isn’t, in my opinion.

  7. George, your columns are so timely. I’m sitting listening to our chief of HR explain our new business intent model.

    • Reminds me of a time at the ‘Lazy B’ when they still did meetings with view foils. The gopher running the view foil was changing to the next one, some chart or graph, doesn’t matter they’re all the same (BS!), when he put it on upside down and backwards as he was proclaiming that they were not trying to hide anything from us. The irony of the situation was classic and could not have been scripted any better if they tried! Seem as though nothing has really changed. This was back in 2002 when high tech was still in it’s infancy. Ahh, the good old days.

  8. Forced Vax was already put out there in TX by Rick Perry and the HPV.

    “Wearing a mask protects our families,” Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. We’ll all get an option.

    The workaround for mask mandates is to forgo participation. Instead of Walmart, Amazon. As time goes on that’ll reverse.

    The Vaxless will be ostracized and no longer welcome to participate. They’ll sit at home on UBI betting on elections and fantasy sport teams.

    • This is lining up like 1984. 20% of the people run things, the rest are proles, with their lottery tickets, broken toasters, and a pint of beer.

      At some point, they won’t even know how they got there or why it’s wrong. (go walk around walmart at 11:15 am and you might be convinced we are, in fact, already there.)

    • I was surprised when my wife said she wasn’t challenged going into and out of the older Wal-Mart here in town so I tried it the next time we were in there. Nope, no one said a word. It just depends on the store you’re in. One of our Sporting Goods stores is adamant about it and the other one isn’t. I think Academy is a little sticky about it but most of the time my nose is sticking out over the mask anyway.

      A little civil disobedience is good for the soul now and then.



      Soon it will be:


  9. I seriously doubt that there will be forced vaccines. Listen…from the beginning Trump was saying a vaccine was around the corner. By trying to open up the economy, refusing to wear a mask, he was banking on it. Then he contracts the virus and his body was injected with a series of conjured up cocktails to thwart the virus. He understands first hand the need for a cure…So…if he would have been re-elected…would he have forced the vaccines to get our economy back on track. That seems more likely. The GOP loves that Big Pharma donation money…

    Meanwhile, on CNN, NBC, CBS and others, they are extremely cautiously optimistic about the Pfizer vaccine. Sanjay Gupta was more cautious and bringing up the ramp up time, the low sampling data and the shelf life issues of the drug. The anti-Fox media has always touted prevention as the cure..wear a mask, wash hands regularly etc. CNN has corona virus town halls three times a week to talk about prevention.

    Most of us…including yourself George believe that prevention is the cure. I have never had a flu shot in my life…I am not an anti-vaxer, I just know my body, take the proper supplements, exercise and take good care of it. There are some vaccines that help…polio, measles, chicken pox come to mind. No coincidence that our life expectancy has nearly doubled from 48 years life expectancy in 1900 to 80 today. 48!!! Much have to do with these vaccines. Today i know men just starting families at 48…Women are having babies in their early 40’s…something that was impossible 20 years ago.

    A flu vaccine will always be a choice, unless the strain is so invasive, that it affects the entire body in ways that will harm human kind the way the Bubonic plague did. I did read a report that post COVID recovery in severe cases has affected the cognitive ability in many subjects studied. We will see.

    The bottom line is..we can’t spread rumors that the Democrats have an agenda to force drugs into our body. That’s just ridiculous and a bit sad that people think in this conspiratorial way. It turns off a lot of people that are much smarter than that. Biden was elected because Trump divided this country at a more fierce pace than the Democrats demonized on the other side. Both demonized each other, no doubt…But Trump ramped it up to a point that people got sick of it. Along comes grandpa Joe and his big smile and folksy charm and people on both sides decided I’d rather have that guy and not the braggart, surly, funny looking, fat guy.

    • You are correct that the Dems have an agenda…to force something into us when we bend over. I don’t believe Joe is Pres Elect until Trump concedes.

      • It doesn’t matter what you believe NC. The people voted and not one state governor or state secretary of state north republican and democrat have not found one lick of election fraud. Today, the Republican Governor from Massachusetts roasted Trump and his sad antics.

        You are all red white and blue , but in reality your are hypocrites..sad, pathetic hypocrites. You believe a President that despite every intelligence agency saying that Russia colluded to affect our election in 2016, Trumps tells everyone that is a hoax…but…NOW…in a series of Un-American, fascist statements now believes red blooded, tax paying Americans did collude to affect the 2020 election. This man puts the integrity of Russia ahead of 5 million more people like me that voted his fat ass out. That is pathetic. You are all sheeple, led to the sheer shed by your Wizard of ooze. Start paying attention to the sleaze ball behind the curtain….and change the damn channel. Get a mind of your own…All you know is that “if it ain’t blessed by Fox new, then it Ain’t right” I love this country and I will not let it be led to ruin by idiots!

    • Mark, “I seriously doubt that there will be forced vaccines.”

      LMAO. After listening to you for far too long, you have finally stepped in it.

      You first……Go for it Big Boy

      Luv Ya,


    • My now 36 year old son nearly died at 16 months after the measles vaccine. Only a small percentage of adverse reactions. Everyone should be willing to sacrifice their children on the altar of our almighty scientific medicine! Look how healthy Americans are! Cancer, autism, diseases with initials we never had before….No vaccines for him and his younger sister after that. Every year the school system said they couldn’t attend until they got the shots. I said OK then they won’t. They let them go anyway. Now it is legally mandatory…They have both been very healthy.

  10. you know George .today is a sad day . i reflect on how hopeless this whole world has become . i could never ever imagine the horror of being sent to a concentration camp waiting to be killed . but this world is now a sad controlled death camp . there is not one bit of honesty or hope for all people . he who controls the media controls the world . a new form of champagne socialist so much more evil than anything ever seen in history . we journey on with a heavy heart of what this brings to our later lives and the children’s future . i hope there is a god , i doubt it , because if there is all the controlling state can be thrown to fires and horror of hell forever .

    • Len Daquino…There is no socialist agenda. Lest you forget, we came out of the worst recession since the Great Depression in 2008 and were at the top of our game by the end of 2016. I profited greatly during that period from 2008-2106 and rode that wave the last 4 years despite the worst President in the history of world politics that tried every measure like SALT and other dangerous policies to knock our state down. If you want to have the mindset that the world is going to the crapper, then for you, it will get flushed away. I, on the other hand never ket a damn thing stop me. My team is having a 9 figure year and our projection is to run that up the 9 figure ladder for 2021. No politician on either side wants us to fail…I have had incredible year over year increases for the past 12 years and will continue that for the next 12. Get over it Len and put you big boy pants on. As mad as hell I have been about Trump being President, I didn;t let it get in the way of my personal focus on the business at hand. If you don’t believe my success, George does and can corroborate.

  11. the people are beaten . the sane humanitarians with functioning normal brains are ostracized to remote concentration . the 90% ile vegetables roam in massive herds. ready for more branding and more zombie juice

    • Nah. The People are more invigorated than they’ve been in Lord only knows how long. If I had EVER been bitten by the sports bug (I haven’t), but if I HAD been this would be better than any ball game I’ve ever seen. It’ll be the best come-from-behind victory the World has ever seen!

    • This strengthens my belief in reincarnation. It’s looking like every gullible person who ever lived is back on earth again right now, all at once. Perhaps the idea was to give them one more chance to wake up…..but I don’t think it’s working out that way. The harvest is great, but the workers are few.

  12. Good afternoon George, Yes, I agree. The whole political theater smells like a bag full of butholes. In the opening scene of our social and economic theater, we see a fresh semi truckload delivery of Half F’d chickens to the unloading dock of Main Stream Media and Social Media platforms. Quite the spectacle.

    I posted my introduction on my site. It will officially go live tomorrow on 11/11/2020. Still trying to figure the logistics of audio and video portion without using Youtube, which may have to suffice for now.

    Hope to see y’all there at some point.

    With regards to Ure comment in referencing “Angel Dust” in which I hadn’t read until this morning. I was meeting with a few fellows last night and it became a topic of discussion. Then upon my departure from Cour de lane Idaho to Spokane Washington, right about the Stateline I hit white out conditions at 80mph in a car that has 400 hp, posi rear end and bald tires. A little voice said, “if you tap those breaks your yella.” I did not touch the breaks but I did Experience a Hairy Moment on the free way reminiscent of The fast and the Furious, “Tokyo Drift”.

    Ure a Funny guy. Since it was posted by you, prior to its lengthy discussion last night, and the wall of “Snow” I entered at 80 mph, per Ure post time here on Urban Survival. Might I make a request that, if you are going create in my personal reality Sir? Please make something like new tires, video and audio equipment, sexy female blondes, brunets and red heads, money and a house. Things along these natures. instead of Angel Dust. ha ha ha ha.

    Very funny, “Angel dust” in the past was referred to as “Snow” on the streets until Cocaine became a big thing in the 80’s and took over that term.

    Nevertheless, I do thank you for the laugh this morning. I think must have roared laughing for over 10 minutes and am still giggling. Woke the entire house up.

    PS It is super good to see Ure Site on a 32 inch monitor again verse a tiny little box in my hand. Been a while since I have been on a desktop.

    You can find an image of me and a lengthy mission statement along with a background of who I am at the link:

    I bid you good day.

  13. Comrades,

    This province is moving from code red to partial lock down at midnight tomorrow night. Schools K-grade 12 will remain open along with essential services. The virus curve is heading skywards and covid-19 daily test positivity rates are running at 9 to 10%.

    A government “survey” a couple of weeks back involving an unknown sampling of citizenry resulted in an announcement that there was no appetite then for a curfew. Presently the fine for covid-19 measure non-compliance is $1296. The city has re-assigned 5 staff to assist the province with ticket issuance suggesting the windfall income be assigned to city covid-19 expenses. City 311 operators are available to accept calls from whistle-blowers wishing to turn in non-complying ne’er do-wells.

    This week let us celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Berlin Wall dismantling.

    By the way, the Xue Long 2 left the port of Shanghai earlier today. Marinetraffic notes a planned arrival at Lyttleton, New Zealand, on Nov. 27th. As advised in a separate thread, Polar Star is unable to attend the region this year due to a covid-19 pandemic as per the Vesselfinder website.

    Conquest 101: don’t ask for permission?

  14. and goldsheep !!! so suckered by the great conman dalio . what a disgrace f@#$% over by him and a bunch of greedy psychotic evil men standing behind patriotism in an empire of sin .. I will never ever partake in evil . I am extending shorts on EVERYTHING NOW . red button or nothing.

  15. I was very very happy to have downright giggled today ready your report, whit was truly good. tore it up. Have now officially sucked up. Anygood? ……..Its getting so serious.

  16. The piece of sheet down under has run out of band calibration.the Japanese ahhhh we love dis. Madness. Ahh we release radiation every day from Fukushima we. Just care greed and deviate things . F?$&@? Joke

  17. Who cares . Nothing interesting in this gulag . Further . Arch Crawford the new grand old man that took over from mark Haines on wall street after mark necked himself is a demented turd who sleeps in red white and blue bed and plays old glory all night . Join mark arch

  18. Ahhhhhhhhh shit! I just figured out something. Ha ha ha ha. I am a slow learner sometimes I tell ya. Hahahah.

    When I post on Ure site along with a few others which are all themed the power of creation in me is sent to the world stage. Wow! That is why I have had such a hard time manifesting on the macro scale in my personal life lately. Hahahah.

    For example my comment about “tokyo” drift and how it relates to Japan’s economic implosion and hyperinflation now manifesting.

    I did say many times in the last 6 years that Japan would go first. Be the sacrificial Lamb, the worlds 3rd largest economy and Home of BCN homies would be the first domino to go. See neither China, Nor The US not the EU nor Russia want to go first. So someone has to be sacrificed. Diary of an Economic Hitman teaches us. While Ure distracted by one hand the other is working in secret.

    I just read the latest about Japan over at Zero Hedge. Where the BOJ has had the revelation that running negative interest rates was a bad idea. Lol.

    DUH! I said that when I told ya all that Trump would win against Ratchet Clinton and long before I said He would run against pedo joe.

    God if I learned one thing on this site it’s Economics and the Laws of Physics have one thing in common, once the plane and the currency runs out of fuel? Gravity kicks it’s ass! Hahaha.

    Ok. There is a post on my page. I will be tending to my own garden for a while.

    That is pretty funny. Sorry Japan. It’s not like ya didn’t get a heads up 6 years ago.

    Thank God I leaned that. Jeesh. I was getting paranoid as f! Hahahhahahaha

    • Ohhhh and yeah. I noticed the older I get the stronger I get with that creative power. It is incrementaly getting stronger and stronger every day. It is soooo remarkable. It’s like I’m on a whole nother level every month. Lol

      No more angel dust bro. I’m good.

      Fast Cars and Freedom, Yo!

  19. “I noticed the older I get the stronger I get with that creative power. It is incrementaly getting stronger and stronger every day. It is soooo remarkable. It’s like I’m on a whole nother level ”

    LOL LOL then POOF…Reality set is and ……

  20. Seems funny that the covid rate is going up, even though we are wearing the protection and standing six feet from each other. I personally think it isn’t working. They are keeping schools open , and kids are showing positive on a regular basis. Then when the kid is off , they take a vacation to disney land.. !!! WTF

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