Fishing for Huge Profits

imageWhat could sound more boring than “An investigation of waveform similarities between the current Wave 4 and the previous Wave 2?”

But I bet if I mention the potential for a 30-50 TIMES return in a trade of less than a month’s duration, you’d be interested.

You see, there is hardly anything more satisfying than wandering down the banks of a fresh water river that is running cool and clear, then enticing at monster trout to take a fly and playing him well on 5-pound test with nothing more than skill and 11-feet of hand-wrapped bamboo rod to help.

Well, maybe there is one thing that it equally rewarding as stalking the wild trout (or steelhead in winter):  Finding new relationships in the stock market. Ones you can potentially make money one.  And we’re not talking bait money here – we’re talking boat and airplane money.

So this morning we have us a sit-down with coffee and a lot at some charts and how we, too…the market nimrods…can bag an occasional big one.

Think of this morning as a Spreadsheet Class with a purpose – getting filthy rich would be nice.  But even if we simply avoid being too poor?  Well, in today’s crappy investment climate that would be a fine thing, too.  It just won’t press us into those higher tax brackets we all aspire to…

Oh…and a note for our UrbanSurvival readers:  That rally we talked about last Friday starts this morning, lol..

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