Downturn Tuesday? And is 10-10 Twenty?

Been up since the wee’s again.  Working on tomorrow’s Peoplenomics report.  With already the payoff that I think I now know where “halos” came from in various religions…

Watching the futures prices overnight and early, I was struck by another EXCTRAORDINARILY close hit to a predicted retracement level in our Elliott wave estimation spreadsheet based on the Monday close.  See the boxed area:

Which means (as you can see above) we ended Monday 12.18 points off the 75% retracement level from the Wave I lows.  Not bad, but very painful if you went short as the more normal .618 retracement.

We never offer “investment advice” but at the moment?  Feeling some pain this morning, too.  And still wondering if the money-printing crazies (the double dealing, front-running Fed) will be able to puff-up the monetary base enough to deliver a breakout above old highs?

Taiwan Tango:  Is 10  1o the  Twentieth?

Getting little play here in the bioweapon target zone, a few days ago Taiwan celebrated 10-10.  Which is?

“The National Day of the Republic of China, also referred to as Double Ten Day or Double Tenth Day, is a public holiday on 10th of October, now held annually in Taiwan (officially the Republic of China, ROC). It was also celebrated during the ROC rule in mainland China before 1949,”

With premier Xi’s CCP meetings at hand, one has to wonder if a surprise – lightning grab and reunification – with Taiwan wouldn’t be something to be on guard against right now?

Taiwan’s airspace breached by two Chinese warplanes yet again.  My consigliere and I keep wondering whether these sorties are designed to put cycles on defending aircraft in advance in order to sideline them in the event China moves now or, in the eyes of some analysts, more likely 11-months from now over Labor Day next year.

Somewhat alarming, as well, is the report Chinese Military Trained 300 Nurses For Night-Time Island Landing Amid Taiwan Invasion Threat: Report.  Nurses giving shots around two-meter high waves and in near total darkness doesn’t sound like anyone’s planning for a breakout of peace any time soon.

Yet, our A.I. tools have spotted the curious use of the word “triangle” which has gone hot, lately.  As in “The Taiwan Triangle | The ASEAN Post” and the L.A. Times via Yahoo “Op-Ed: The U.S. is caught in a foreign policy triangle over Taiwan. Here’s how to solve it.

Curious – which gets us to remembering 10 10 or double 10 could mean 20..and that’s tonight, U.S. time.

And because of our concerns that this is a hugely under-rated risk, a certain well-placed source uncloaks a bit in the GLP story WAR with China: Are we closer than we think? – 60 Minutes Australia TV program. He will be adding to it.  Check now and then.

All with Wave II complete and in an ideal position for declines.

Oh, and up the road a short piece: North Korea fires submarine-launched ballistic missile into waters off Japan.

Housing Roulette

Just out from Census:

“Privately-owned housing starts in September 2021 were at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1,555,000. This is 1.6 percent (+/- 11.4%)* below the revised August 2021 estimate of 1,580,000.”

We are expecting the prices to remain astronomical with no other option because the Fed’s monetary base has swelled more than 31 percent in the past year.  You can’t have a price decline when the presses are smoking.

Still, there are people mistaking printing for value.  Yet if economics teaches us anything, it’s that values are all relative.  (And that you can’t eat gold, paper, or digital nothingness.  But maybe that’s only taught in grad schools now…)

Stock futures were up 150 after the data.  But when the Fed Boss is trading (read “Jerome Powell Sold More Than a Million Dollars of Stock as the Market Was Tanking”) ahead of small investors, you can really see how the fix is in.  Love to know how members of Congress fared and whether they had phone calls from the Fed in advance?  (Yeah, don’t ask, don’t tell – the standing orders of American media…)

On Powell’s Passing

Great man.  Passings are sad.  Especially when someone who served the Nation departs.

Despite what the vax-peddlers are pushing, Powell died OF cancer, complicated WITH Covid.  He did not – as far as we can infer – die OF covid.  His comorbidity killed him.  Aided by the ‘rona.

Fin Grab Duck and Cover

Crooked democrats will have to resort to their creeping communism mode.  Already visible in the story “Democrats to scale back Treasury’s IRS bank reporting plan amid GOP uproar.  This is just (a pack of virtue-clown assholes) re-packaging their bullshit, however, since their plan would  “…for accounts with more than $10,000 in annual deposits or withdrawals…” If you’re slow on math, that’s everyone…just rephrased as an “kinder, gentler” end of rights to privacy.

Like other liberal agendas (open border, virtue-signaling theft of Constitutional rights like the @nd Amend.) they will have to roll into gradualism.  Eventually, dumbing down America will pay-off for them.

We we don’t claim to be rich (far from it), but this will lead to a tax discussion with our consigliere.  Question is “ Hey!  Is there any “structuring” law that would put us at risk if Elaine and I wanted to spread between 30 and 40 institutions to get under the wire?  None of their business…”

While we pay ALL of our taxes in a timely manner (and pay more than a lot of corporations, in fact) the warnings in the book “Three Felonies A Day: How the Feds Target the Innocent” are being advanced by the lefty digital uprising daily.

The News Disposal

Many topics.  Quickly sorted and dispensed:

Check that Blunderer in Chief:  State Department’s IG launching investigations into Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal.  Theatrics, unless you’re in Kabul.  He’ll skate.

It’s Ain’t Medicine:  It’s an experimental drug backed the bioweapon liars.  Still, Washington State fires its football coach over COVID-19 vaccine mandate.  We happen to be getting current on employment law up there…

But if you want something real to worry about, try this on for size:  ‘Substantial Slowdown’ Looms Over US Economy Next Year, Goldman Chief Economist Warns.  That and a Dartmouth prof says we’re already in a serious recession when you back out all the made-up money and giveaways.  When apply reasonable accounting, we’re screwed.

Besides, what the Fed said in the Monday Industrial Production report is we are in a four-year, go-nowhere, economy:

At 100.0 percent of its 2017 average, total industrial production in September was 4.6 percent above its year-earlier level. Capacity utilization for the industrial sector fell 1.0 percentage point in September to 75.2 percent, a rate that is 4.4 percentage points below its long-run (1972–2020) average.”

We seem to have markets in “turn-around” country.  But so many people have drunk the Kool-Aid that no telling how long before the fever will break.

Maybe we’ll know more on 10 plus 10 day?

Write when you get rich,

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58 thoughts on “Downturn Tuesday? And is 10-10 Twenty?”

  1. Man o Man o Shevitz!

    You forpo guys bee smoking too much Chronic- wet behind the ears and everywhere else.
    China will never attack Taiwan .

    Smoke, Mirrors and Noise, that is all it is or ever will be. Majority of really BIG money businessmen do business and have large, very large footprints on the mainland-do most of their manufacturing there.
    Multi, multi billionaire businessmen who have to acquire, purchase, trade, bribe for a CCP Authorized Business Certificate – the most valuable official pieces of paper in all of Taiwan/China.
    All China has to do is RESCIND-Withdraw or Cancel those business Certs – and the Whole shooting match grinds to a halt.

    “Everything is a Business Model” is mantra/decoder ring for ALL Things great and small. No war, no bullets, no microwave weapons, no scalar wave beams, no smelly submarines, no bombers – just MONAY! for it is the Bait that entraps us ALL & keeps all focused on the material world…To bad that.

    Seeps forget the 1932 truth leak comics “Tin Tin et Wuhan’ – 2 issues All about corona virus infection in Wuhan China – plandemic been in the workx for at least 110 years – direct consequence of rothchilds gaining control of monay supply in USA ..the reset been in the workx from day ole woody signed off on the Dred, um I mean fed.

    • I agree in principle an invasion makes no sense. A loss of those chip factories could put most developed countries, including China into a deep recession as almost all product these days have some microcontrollers made there. China has a huge middle class that also consumes a lot of chips. There is a lot of posturing though and in attempting to maintain “face”, accidents will happen. Once a plane is shot down, or a ship is sunk, it could quickly cascade out of control. Also the real estate market in China is failing, if that gets bad enough CCP might want to divert attention. It could be better in their view to have a flag waving come together event like a Taiwan action, then to have an internal focus on their failures. Wars have started before for worse reasons.

  2. In later 1995 I sat in on a lecture at Maxwell AFB given by a USAF 4-star general who personally served with and for General Colin Powell. During the Q&A, someone in the audience asked if Colin Powell would consider running for president. The USAF General matter-of-factly said “no,” citiing what he felt were the two main reasons:
    1) General Powell served under Bill Clinton, and he thought it would amount to political mutiny and set a terrible historical example if he opposed his former commander-in-chief for political gain
    2) Sometime shortly after his abrupt retirement from the Army in the Fall of 1993, Powell’s wife Alma was said to have had nightmares of her husband being assassinated, so the General promised his wife he would never run for political office.

    I found myself admiring the man even more the lecture. Powell obviously had a moral code and a conscience, both of which likely stood at odds with the power elite running Washington D.C. and stands in stark contrast to many current senior military leaders. Above all, he never forgot his humble Bronx roots, the amazing story of his Jamaican immigrant parents and the core teachings of his family, community and the Army. He was one fine human.

    • Yeah a real stand up guy with a one hell of a moral code. A fine Human ? You really got a lowley standard for what it is to be a “fine” Human.

      Stand before the world – unblinking, poker faced and swear by all that is sacrosanct and holy (under oath) that he had proof Saddam had weapons of mass destruction, including anthrax.. How did that vax treat the sand box vets? Prolly about as well as all the depleted Uranium is treating Iraqi Women & Children – a gift that never stops giving ..All for moar money..

      How many lives were snuffed out in sandbox 1&2 “wars” – all for moar money. He sold out you, me and every American – he SOLD his soul. he knew it too towards the end and tried weasel wording his way out to try and clear his conscious – Leveling down.

      Career cake eater – rest in hell lower colon, and dont forget to say hi Rummy for me when U arrive..

      • Had years of respect for WHammer till this. All is washed.
        Harder to convince someone they been fooled than to fool them. (Stolen quote)

  3. Powell was the Saint Michael of neo-cons. Powell knew there was yellowcake uranium. Powell kept us safe.

    I thought Sunday/yesterday would be the top. Time to revise.

    • Also this morning MACD is turned down, stochastics should follow so a lower market later today seems possible which is why my ref today to turnaround / turndown tuesday

    • BS, he got up there and lied with his fake pictures and old fashioned transparency overhead projector plastic sheets. Greatest intelligence on earth and he flat out lied to everyone. He is no hero, he is a despicable typical bought and paid for shyster huckster. I saw it with my own eyes and knew it was BS he was peddling. He helped sell a huge multiple trillion dollar lie of a senseless useless decimating collateral killing war to the American people. May he rot in hell.

      Hopefully, Dick Cheney is next.

  4. Mr. Powell was the voice of reason, at a very irrational time. His resignation was a sign that “reason” falls on deft ears when there’s a agenda. Very sad to hear he passed.

    His passing is yet another sign, that speaks of the vaccine’s reluctance to prevent covid. And that’s one of the points those who refuse the jabs are making. I agree that Mr. Powell did not die OF covid but rather, WITH covid at his time of passing. But if the vaccines worked, as vaccines are suppose to, the word “covid” wouldn’t have been written in his final medical report.

    I’d like to take a moment to Thank everyone who replied to my interest in Colloidal Silver. Personal knowledge from those with some hands on experience is much better than just taking a youtube video’s word for things. Your replies are most appreciated. Thanks !!

    Ya know George, you say “Write when you get rich.” – if people would write when they become (enriched) by your site, your comment section would be seemingly endless. Thank you so much for all you do.


    • “But if the vaccines worked, as vaccines are suppose to”

      Nobody ever said this, not the makers, not the people pushing it. Nobody has said this, quite the opposite actually. In public, over and over.

      • It’s a low level of thinking to hang your hat on words. Think art of war.

        Would the general arrive on the battlefield saying “you called these things vaccines and they are clearly cannon ripping my men to shreds, that’s not what a vaccine does!”?

        Language is a tool, and not a truth. When you confuse these things, you end up alone, shouting down an empty hallway, and nobody cares what the crazy guy in the hallway is shouting about (the definition of words) they care about their own reality. You can keep on shouting to an empty hallway, or you can understand nobody cares about your definition of a word.

        Try this, and see if it’s more productive to understand what your enemy calls things, than what you call things.

      • Apples to oranges, I suppose. But when is the last time Polio was added onto the autopsy list since the vaccine designed for it, Either OF or WITH ?

        Being of my age, I guess … I believe a vaccine stops a virus from spreading or eradicates it altogether. This new “vaccine” still leaves you very susceptive and vulnerable to the virus it’s intended to stop.

        We all have access to information, but here we are picking over semantics … and after how long? You got your info and I got mine, and if this whole covid thing were handled in a serious manner, our info would be the same.

      • “When the crooks own the docs the courts…” what would you choose if you knew shit was to hit the fan? Sports and Concerts or Factories and Farms as a supply chain? Smaller in land population or a large over taxed city off the coast of china? A good salary in a collapse in a lower priced area or a dependant bonus plan in a high cost area?

        Prestige? Accolades? Being the man in charge? or a lower profile in a rural setting making the same exact money?

        dont you learn anything George! (a rhetorical sarcasm statement) when the pandemic hit, what happened next? George Floyed.. and all the sudden the pandemic was such a thing… then what happend, free money… and the pandemic subsided.. then what happens next. trump is a traitor… then the pandemic subsided.. forced vaccines! then whant happens next????? maybe a stock market correction??? Or something of that sort.. to take the mind off such things as Tyranny of Government. outrage about the economic conditions always takes the mind from am I sick? to what’s in the food bag. when what is in the food bag is not soo much? well that Vaccine looks pretty fricken yummy.

        ya see what i am sayin dude?

        powelll dont know they guy… kind of reminds me of a republican template for Obama template to be honest. LOL

        anyone covering for bush cant be that good. he was the worst president we ever had IMHO. funny how people forget how bad he and his fathers crimes against humanity are so easily forgotten.

        i even told his nephew that on the golf course. and his nephew said. Ahhhhh for once an honest man. hahahahhahah! true story.

        time to hit it and quit it.

        see ya around old people.

      • uhem, almost forgot my Q song for that post George, Thi$ $hould catch me up on “comments” and put me ahead for quite sum time.

        for Foxx, as predicted in his signature many moons ago. I like my stakes, rare sir. with a pina colada flavored slurpee, I believe it is your favorite, if memory serves. How does he know this stuff??? foxx you are an easy read. Duces!

        Cue: ~Simple Man ~


  5. I am not a rigorous student of Sun Tsu. I’ve read a little about it, but not a huge amount. So what follows are my, I-Thinks.

    Sun Tsu said the best victories are those won without actually going to battle. Intimidate your enemy sufficiently, and they’ll just surrender, avoiding a messy and costly fight.

    Sometimes one must distract one’s friends if they might interfere with an aggressive plan of one’s. (Israel did this at least once to the U.S. in the interests of keeping some vital secrets that they thought we might flannel-mouth if we knew — so they cut off our ability to gather certain intel in an infamous IFF “accident.”)

    Sometimes one must distract one’s enemies in prelude to movement against them. Surprise is a useful ally.

    China may (probably will, in my opinion) “give us a bone to chew on” right before they move to glom Taiwan. They DON’T want to blow it up, they want to own and harness its capabilities for power and profit. They DON’T want us “interfering.”

    Still, that bone has to fall into the gap between causing high focus and rapt attention to the bone, and an act of actual war that even a feckless, fraidy-cat (pussy), and fully-bought Administration won’t actually act against to counter, beyond strongly-worded memos to the United Nations and some heavy posturing.

    Might be today, might be a year, but must be well before any significant U.S. election, where America’s course might change. They can’t run the risk of significant opposition.

    The Pussy Window is open, but it might not stay open for long.

    • China joe isn’t smart enough to read Sun Tsu ,he just does what china tells him to do . Trouble is , he will never get to spend the money him and his son got. Hunter could end up with a hotshot, I think that’s what they used to call it . Such is life in the fast lane.

    • You should read it. The Giles translation is 99 pages, of which the first 13 are his introduction. It is a book that’ll take (only) a few hours to read — I mean, most people could read it in an hour or less, but you will find yourself reading a few pages, then pausing to think about it, maybe reread it, and so on, before going on in the book. Giles’ translation is the one we teach at West Point, Annapolis, and the War College, and have since WW-II. It costs almost nothing, and provides an absolute wealth of tactical information. Hell, I’ve even seen Sun Tzu for Wall Street and a few other works along those lines…

  6. A few things,,, ‘Aided by the ‘rona.’ More like maybe aided by the vaxx which does mess up one’s immune response.

    Also, a Powell a great man. Whoa …. this guy blatantly lied to the UN on trying to stoke the case for the US invasion of Iraq in March of 2003. A total disaster of an operation that killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqi people. Nothing ‘patriotic’ about the Iraq War (or Afghanistan for that matter – but that was obvious by the exit and provisioning of a supposedly former enemy with tens of billions of dollars worth of equipment).

    Remember Powell’s famous statement to the UN – ‘We have credible evidence that Sadam will attack the US with chemical weapons in 45 days’. Now, as a former Marine Corps officer, and a company grade officer as well, it was obvious to me at the time that this was totally bogus intel! The US used Powell as a tool for it’s ‘full court press’ to get the war going. No, this guy did not favors for America. I prefer Muhammad Ali who told Uncle Sam to shove it when they wanted to draft him and make him a stooge for his war in Vietnam. Ali preferred to give up millions of dollars in his boxing career (at the height in 1967) and go to jail rather than have Uncle Sam use him as a stooge. Now – that’s a brave and honorable man!

    • Yeah – but he did stand up – hands on job, at the infamous School of the Americas. Showing ‘them” how its done as it were.
      I aint no saint, never claimed to be , and have extensive training and practice with “Prisoner Handling”..cant believe so many people think this evil POS was a ‘Good Guy” just because he is Black and and has some scrambled eggs on his shoulder.
      He officially questioned the Mai Lai massacre final reports – brought the final results into question – this earned him a GOLDEN TICKET for career advancements in satanically run pentagram/gon.

      A fine Military career built on Lies and Deceit modern times – the definition of a hero…Source help US all !

  7. “But if you want something real to worry about, try this on for size: ‘Substantial Slowdown’ Looms Over US Economy Next Year, Goldman Chief Economist Warns.”

    Nuttin’ we’uns don’t already know. It IS refreshing to actually see it in mainstream print, though, even if you had to go to Australia to find it…

  8. “Biden secretly flying underage migrants into NY in dead of night”

    Planeloads of underage migrants are being flown secretly into suburban New York in an effort by President Biden’s administration to quietly resettle them across the region, The Post has learned.

    A Post analysis of online flight-tracking data suggests that around 2,000 migrants nabbed after sneaking into the US from Mexico have arrived at the airport outside White Plains on 21 flights since Aug. 8.

    The NYPost broke this yesterday. Tucker Carlson apparently had Miranda Devine (writer) on last night.

    The Post’s “research” strongly suggests that someone at the NYPost has discovered MonkeyWerks, ’cause da MonkeyMan been showing these flights, and lotsa others, with their government calls, since Biden took office…

  9. Conventional vaxx homemade in Texas? Can you believe it?

    Of course, this is the first time I’d heard of it! The noise from the big four injectors of western civilization seems to have drowned out real vaccines – though personally, I’ll keep my body intact. The big four in the west are addicted to the concept of mRNA, though the delivery methods differ. The vector virus(Astra-Zeneca and Jannsen) approach uses foreign DNA to make mRNA, which is the same thing as the other two. It’s possible that the vector virus can be more easily targeted by the immune system so it doesn’t distribute as quickly as the liposomal encapsulated naked mRNA, but they seem to trigger the same systemic effects.

    Now we have a truly old school vaxx that’s available and absolutely zero money was provided from the “warp speed” nonsense to enable testing and authorization. It’s not yet even WHO authorized, though the rest of the world seems to really want it.

    Everything’s a business model, but it’s the crooked ones that are winning.

  10. George
    General Powell may have died because of the Covid Vax.
    The vax disables 4 different immune factors that help us identify virus and cancer cells.
    Several pathologist’s have seen an increase in people with cancer dying after the Vax. Some were in remission
    some had an aggressive recurrence of their cancers which killed them quickly. One ofthe Path Docs was trying to organize a formal study between his office,and fello path docs in Dallas,Houston and Belgium. That have all reported increases in death of cancer patients after covid Vax…
    Since I might have slow prostate cancer maybe esophageal and do have myleodysplastic disease early that might change to leukemia or worse I am not a candidate for that VAX.. LOL,LOL….
    Read Is Covid -19 a Bioweapon? by Dr.Richard M Fleming,
    PHD,MD,JD. Has published papers in cardiology,inflammatory diseases, immune system stuff.
    Very interesting tracing it back to 1980’s and patents of all this RNA technology.. Good book.

  11. The BEST time for a Taiwan takeover would be the first new moon AFTER the winter Olympics – March 2.

    Before that date, China would lose face since the world would boycott
    Beijing 2022 – except for Russia and North Korea, of course.

    • “The BEST time for a Taiwan takeover would be the first new moon AFTER the winter Olympics – March 2.”

      Hmm…I will disagree.. screw the Olympic games.
      Right now everyone is expecting peace through the hard season..
      With a broken supply system like now.. going into the hardest season of the year.. an economic system broken the lack of trained staff and industry totally dependent on their industrialists..
      Hit before the winter.. take out the power system let nature to the majority of the work..
      Theres already millions displaced out of work a system so broken you’d have to be a miracle worker to get it fixed.. repair parts on backorder with a broken supply line and the mass of population already sitting on the poverty line … reports of problems of distribution of needed heating fuel and stores unable to stock and restock..

    • I am not sure what context an Olympics is going to have if you are willing to possibly kick off a world war that may kill BILLIONS. If you are China and are willing to roll the dice, then you want to do it at a very strategically beneficial time – not necessarily after a winter Olympics that is not likely to draw a lot of attention anyway (the 2021 Tokyo Olympics were a flop).

      If China wants to really gain strategic advantage, it would wait until the US military has been further degraded by clot shots and attrition caused by members not agreeing with getting the shots. Of course, China has its own timeframe – maybe based on food shortages or unrest in the country – it’s hard to tell. Waiting has its issues as well. In any case, it’s one hell of a gamble!

      • “if you are willing to possibly kick off a world war that may kill BILLIONS. If you are China and are willing to roll the dice, then you want to do it at a very strategically beneficial time – not necessarily after a winter”

        Exactly.. I personally can’t see xi doing that unless he is pushed into a corner and doesn’t have any other recourse..then I think he would come out full measure. it only took china what three weeks to defeat vietnam. and even after they proved their point over a punitive action against vietnam attacking one of their interests if my memory is correct…. they let vietnam save face and let them know not to ever do it again. .

  12. “their plan would “…for accounts with more than $10,000 in annual deposits or withdrawals…”

    Hmm… would that include SWISS bank accounts..for those that supposedly hide hundreds of millions there.. I’m going to out on my swami hat and say.. NOPE..LOL
    Just for the regular working schmucks lol

  13. “a Dartmouth prof says we’re already in a serious recession when you back out all the made-up money and giveaways. ”

    Just a hint.. but it doesn’t take a professor to know that if they stopped shoving money in people’s pockets..(aka dumping water on the table) the economy (aka noodle) would tank in less than a month..
    What is really needed if they want the shizt show to they have to extend the stimulus beyond the couple hundred a month per child and distribute more to the wage earners across the board for at least the holidays.. then there would be tax returns and eic credits to take it till spring..
    But hey who am I just some toothless dumb schmuck in the middle of nowhere..

  14. holy cow G-man !

    Is it a space oddity ? Did they just launch the shuttle unannounced?


    Its the one, the ONLY, bbbbbbbBBBB BITCOIN ! 2 da moon!

    C’mon man its a “worthless digital tulip, a bunch of worthless made up numbers, it has no intrinsic value… super silliness. They got an ETF for that now dont cha know.

    Get some while you still can campers, could a very useful commodity to have in Ure possession some day.. as the water temp keeps rising. “ribbit-ribbit’

  15. Haters gonna hate! Powell testified before the UN saying what his intel folks told him was fact. I do not fault him, I fault them. And Powell later admitted that was his greatest regret. But oh, it’s OK for your party of choice politicians to knowingly, blatantly lie and steal from the taxpayer, then sobbingly apologize or deny culpability, but for some reason Powell becomes the scape goat for trusting what the CIA assessments told him was ground truth. Therein lies the crux of the problem. I’d have preferred not to have invaded Iraq, as it left Iran without a viable regional opponent to compliment Israel’s opposition to the radical Islamic regime in Tehran. During the Clinton years, I would not have fired off a salvo of cruise missiles to try and take out bin Laden. That surely pissed him off and reinforced his decision to strike back on 9-11. Bin Laden upped the game in a way no one ever expected. I also would not have occupied Afghanistan, for reasons all too obvious. No one who wears a military uniform, active duty, guard or reserve, wants to fight in a war, let alone risk life and limb in battle. And no commander worth his weight in salt enjoys sending young souls into the meat grinder of war. Maintaining the peace and nation’s security are the primary goals. But alas, we are a nation/state confronted with ideological and economic adversaries who don’t agree with our ways of life and points of view. So men like Powell volunteered to serve and defend their nation, allowing fat bellied, beer drinking critics to armchair quarterback his every move before nodding off in their drool stained armchairs while securely reaping the benefits of a liberty. Few in this nation’s proud history have done it better than Powell. Certainly none on this blog. Walk in the man’s shoes and look at what he did in the context of his time and the threats he confronted, not looking in the rear view mirror of partisan media and revisionist history. Finally, deriding him and jokingly defiling his name are lame, juvenile and pointless acts. I challenge any person to try and do better in this life than Colin Powell did during his, and to display as much patriotism and with as much honor and class, positively influencing as many young souls as he did. Any takers?

    • I just doing my job ,just doing what they told me . Where have I heard that before? He was too high up not to know.

      • “Where have I heard that before? ”

        It was his job.. We all do that.. Why do you think that congress refuses to read the shizt that they vote in.. because ignorance is bliss….
        Why does the American population accept the actions that are guaranteed against every moral ethical standing through out the whole country and the vast majority of the different ethnic groups.. Or the people working the investigations quietly ignore or hide what they find them doing.. its their job… If your working and the boss tells you to cut corners for a bigger profit.. you do it.. he pays you.. as an hourly wage employee.. if your making the higher wages.. they expect more from you more obedience etc.. the yes man.. Powell was in a tricky situation.. if he couldn’t go with his moral convictions he was in the damned if you do damned if you don’t situation.. just like abu ghraib
        then there is the same affect on wealth.. what would you do ..

    • I second your feelings about Powell. I actually felt sorry for him testifying before the UN. He was a victim of circumstance and the deep state handlers on that occasion. Still did his patriotic duty as required.

      • Yeah yeah just like the NAZI’s – GMAFB

        him and Culry – a victim of circumstance – dude you are hilarious!
        State handlers my ass.

        – MONEY .

        Sanctity of ALL Life or Hate..its that simple.


    • Why don’t you throw your challenge to the people of Iraq and all the refugees left homeless after US bombings? Yes, Powell was responsible. Period, End of discussion – that’s what Secretary of States should do – not get their country in stupid wars because there are real consequences to killing innocent people. How much credibility does the US have now??

      • “Powell was responsible. Period, End of discussion – ”

        The same thing happens at the hospitals.. the administration wants more profits.. with the system broken and the vast majority that cannot pay the prices have to be escalated and passed on.. costs on the buildings etc.. all are at the same cost.. the only fluctuating point is in wages..
        So.. around here they hire one nurse.. to take the responsibility of the actions of those they hire at a lower wage to do the jobs..
        the company saves money the administration gets more and better bonuses.. and the one responsible is a nurse who is disposable..
        it happens everywhere.. someone has to take responsibility..
        Why do you think they buy our politicians with bribes and gifts jobs and vacations.. they buy them as the responsible one if something flairs up..
        thats the same reason why congress doesn’t read the bills they pass.. they have the ability to use the I didn’t know.. it was billies responsibility in the office to read it and pass that information to me..
        the money and bribes etc.. all buy compliance to the whims and wishes of those that pay them..
        I knew a nurse that was in that responsible place.. did what the boss told her.. someone died.. she had the position of responsibility.. they dumped her.. she was left alone.. got nailed for every penny she will make during the rest of her life lost her home career everything.. it was a felony of sorts for following what the boss told her.. so the best job she can get is at the local gas station as a stocker..
        the reason was.. that was her job and expertise.. why did she take the instructions of a paper slinger..she forgot the old rule taught to everyone in nursing.. STP ….(stabilize and transport patient.. let the one making the bucks make the decision..)I actually had a doctor in an ER ask me why I brought someone in.. I said oh STP you make the money you make the decision.. my job is to stabilize them and make sure they get here..

    • Exactly…….and the intel wasn’t necessarily wrong. It’s public knowledge that Saddam DID have chemical weapons. Even Google doesn’t try to hide that. He used them in the Iran-Iraq war, and on his own citizens during the uprisings after the Gulf War. By the time the U.S. finally invaded, after months of stalling while trying to appease the U.N., there had been more than enough time to move them to another country (say, just to the north?).

      Colin Powell is an example of a sad truth in this country – those with the best qualifications to run the government are smart enough to not want any part of it.

      • “It’s public knowledge that Saddam DID have chemical weapons.”

        YES…The USA and the UK even trained their people sent them to school taught them what we knew then set up the chemical factories..
        And those places could still be there someplace.. what we didn’t know was that he had dismantled them… and converted them back to what they were suppose to be..

      • so in sincerity.. the intel was good.. it was just out dated…the intel they were going on was what we had set up for them..
        there were ware houses of gold and money to.. they found a bunch .. but did they find them all.. something we will never know.. they hung the one that did

      • BS, if Saddam had any chemical weapons left, the US Government, Mr. Rumsfield sold them to him when he was their team player and used them against Iran. This was settled 20 years ago.

        Saddam was set up.
        Momar Ghadaffi was set up.
        Syria was set up and is still lied about.
        Iran will be set up.
        The MOS never changes.

    • Powell KNEW he was lying.

      As former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs he knew enough about nuclear weaponry that he KNEW the amount of industrial effort, particularly wrt electricity requirements, required to BULD and to RUN the THOUSANDS of centrifuges it took to make enough U-235 or U-238, it took to make a bomb. By the CIA’s own Fact Book at the time Iraq did NOT produce enough electricity to run the number of centrifuges needed to make a uranium bomb unless they shut off electricity to the ENTIRE country, and probably borrowed some from their neighbors.

      When I was a kid my dad had some business one day in Southern Ohio, so he took me along. Said he wanted to show me something. After his morning business, and a lunch, he then took me on a multi hour “tour” AROUND the Nuclear Enrichment Plant in Piketon – where they made much of the enriched uranium for making our bombs … and pointed out to me ALL of the high tension power lines going into the plant. He told me time after time during our multi hour drive around that plant that when that plant was running it took the ENTIRE output of 11 electric generating plants up and down the Oho river to power that plant. MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF ELECTRICITY!!

      WHY do you think it has taken Iran YEARS to enrich their uranium? It is a MASSIVE industrial process that also requires MASSIVE amounts of electricity to run … which you can easily measure remotely merely by driving UNDER a high tension power line ANYWHERE along it’s length and reading off your hand held meter how much electricity is flowing overhead. You can’t HIDE the power lines. You can’t HIDE the physically huge buildings (or dug out underground bunkers) needed for the THOUSANDS of Centrifuges (each is about the size of a small car)

      If Powell didn’t understand the hows and the whys of the industrial effort required for making Weapons Grade Uranium, unclassified nuclear weapons production information 101, needed for nuclear weapons in the job he held he wasn’t a competent enough person to hold those jobs he had held, but was ALWAYS merely a Political Hack. Sheesh, I as a 12 year old kid, learned that dynamic of the industrial effort required and the HGUE difference between making a Uranium bomb vs. a Plutonium bomb.

      (plutonium bombs only need a chemical separation process from used reactor fuel – they do NOT require the massive industrial effort or electricity that uranium bombs do – but they do need a source of used nuclear fuel, which Iraq did NOT have … ala why N. Korea went the plutonium route versus uranium route since they have a small research reactor that they could use to make Plutonium … though they do have one of the worlds largest supply of U-235 rock sitting underneath them so they “could” make Uranium weapons – but that would require a HUGE industrial effort, which they can’t support)

      Powell LIED … then he LIED SOME MORE. I had HUGE respect for Powell, until his UN speech. AS I watched it live on TV I knew he was openly LYING. HE knew he was openly LYING. The more he talked to MORE HE LIED. It was sad to see a person Selling Their Soul in real time on TV.

      Powell WILLINGLY OPENLY LIED!! so as to get us to START of War of Choice, not a War of necessity, for the benefit of a small country and it’s ideologues, that sits on the banks of the Mediterranean. HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS died, and their deaths were perfectly foreseeable because of HIS joining in with the other 6 or so key players who brought about that War.

      Powell SOLD HIS SOUL for his personal (reputational) gain.

      Powell and the rest of those who Sold Their Souls and directly caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands, for that War Of Choice DESERVE to be in the Fires of Hell for eternity. May Dick Cheney and GW Bush follow him into that place that Rumsfeld and HW Bush have already descended to.

      • Stephen 2: Thank you; you said it better than I could.

        The only credit I can give Powell is that he wasn’t a good liar. None of them are when you can see through them.

        Bush the 2nd, in his debate, oh, no I would never send Americans to war.

        He had already gone to Israel to plan the very war he said he wouldn’t send any Americans to!!!

        Liars all; warmongers, the real haters, and the real Anti-Christs.

    • Sorry, war hammer, ain’t buying it. They used their eyes from space to sell trucks that were not processing yellow cakes. Hokey at best, criminal at worst. He actually showed how stupid he was sitting up there selling those lies.

      He was corruptible, and he was rewarded highly.

      He knew better but he didn’t do better.

      He was a company man; no morals, regardless of the pretty picture hindsight is trying to paint.

  16. I had to fill out a government form this morning. There were 3 boxes under the heading “gender.” Male, Female, Self-determined. I thought maybe if I checked both the first 2 boxes, I would qualify as “gender fluid.”

    • “I thought maybe if I checked both the first 2 boxes, I would qualify as “gender fluid.”

      I had the same thought.. when the census guy called us.. I tried my darndest to get him to acknowledge that I was a native American since my family ties to the nation go way back before the signing of the declaration and the revolutionary war lol they came on the boat LOL.. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL he wouldn’t do that or a heinz 57 because of all the different nationalities there are in our lineage LOL ….LOL LOL LOL LOL…

  17. Uh-oh. The problem is accepting the results of an intervention. Let the what ifs roll, like… a by-stander shoots the rapist, the bullet passes through into the rape victim killing her. The rapist lives but is now paralyzed. Is the by-stander shielded from lawsuits.

    Bystanders who filmed Pennsylvania train rape could be charged, police say

    Rail passengers who failed to help a woman who was allegedly raped on a Philadelphia commuter train could face criminal prosecution, police say.

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