Does the Fed Hate Marxists?

Every so often my consigliere will call with a pertinent observation.  When the phone range Monday, boy, was I in for a treat…

“Do you think the Fed likes socialists or Marxists?”

“Uh…well…hadn’t been the #1 thing on my “thing to figure out” list, but sure… it’s an interesting question, no doubt.  Say, why do you ask?”

Because it sure looks to me like they’re trying to keep the left from coming to power by making sure the stock market stays at record levels through the election.  Think they can do it?”

“Hmmm….why would anyone want to prevent a crazy mob, intent on ending police, making up a butt-load more money – dishing out freebies – opening our borders – and stacking the Courts by having a lock on the House, Senate, and White House – from taking control?  The answer in IQ90 America is who’s to stop it?”

To be honest, it was a sobering thing to contemplate.  Sop we’ll toss it out as  a damn-fine question, or a source of nightmares for the next two months.  Because if the Fed had any interest in putting its “thumb on the scales of voting” it would pretty much do what its doing right now:  Making up money like MAD!

Great question, no answers, but let’s see how the Left is trying to spin their bullshit, double-talk and violence back on Donald Trump, shall we?

BTW:  Still betting Slow Joe won’t do an honest debate.  You go hide Hunter Blunter….


Easy work finding the left-wing spin machine at work:  Pay attention as the  DailyCaller rolls with “DC Mayor Muriel Bowser Says She’s ‘Worried’ About America ‘Descending Into A Race War’.”  OK, Muriel Bowser is a what?  Democrat.

Since there is no real economic news today – waiting on the job numbers festival that starts tomorrow – lets have some fun. Let’s us some of that K-12 bullying experience for peaceful purposes, shall we?

“The Fault – the Finder – the Stink Lays Behinder…”

Yes, kiddie…time to play News Search Roulette.  Keyword of the day?

Let’s play the  BLAME GAME.

As in:

Had enough fun? (Yeah – kinda sick, but that’s the real world lately…)  No so fast, bubba….Whee ain’t done wit chew…

USA Blame Game  – Round Two

Naw…we can’t just leave well-enough alone.  Let’s heap on more BLAME because it’s the only thing America does much any more.  Ready?  Spin the Blame Machine!

J-School 601 Now Continues

Upper-division news readers will want to try on multiple other keywords.  Such as, oh, how about “Hate?”  Yeah…let’s get a bead on that, shall we?

(This sure beats reading press releases and 100th rewrite of CalFires, Epstein, and hating Carrot Top, don’t it?)

More column-inches (or pica-mm’s) to fill?  Hey…that’s it – let’s go PR surfing!

Everybody’s Surfin’ Now…

Some of these border interesting:

You Are As Programmed

Not to continue sharpening your cynicism, but may be a dandy example of how people do as they are told.

In order to follow this, you need to know there’s a show on Amazon about the  Last Motorcycle in the World.  Premise is environmental wacko’s ban worldwide private motorcycle ownership because of some environmental bullshit – ending all ICE vehicles and so farce.

All of which was in our “Never could happen, not on  this Earth…” pile until I spiked this: NICB Report: Motorcycle Thefts Fall Again.  Motorcycles going our of favor with the crooks?

Suckers and Markets

Off to work on the obvious:  Dow futures are down 24.  But there’s another big increase in S&P 500 and NASDAQ indices.  Which means – by our Aggregate view of things – America’s in for another day of frtantic bubbling.  Wheee!  Print us pallet of hundreds, while you’re at it!

Now, with cottage cheese pancakes are 100-feet away…

Write when you get rich, or find the extra syrup…Canadian Grade A Dark Amber, not Mrs. Buttorwhat, thanks…

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34 thoughts on “Does the Fed Hate Marxists?”

  1. Would it not be just like a Socialist/Communist Kommitee to dictat the direction of the stock market to further it’s agenda – I mean Trump has already laid the ground work for UBI with his $1,200 per family and ridiculous $600 a week in unemployment benefits while having the whole country on the equivalent of a military lockdown due to the phony virus and showing how compassionate he is to the farming community has now given out 2 major handouts not to the farmers in need but to the elite owning the most farmland ……I could go on but I would say it takes discerning eye to step back and look at the big picture here….. as far as the Presidential election there is no choice here we are moving to a tyranical socialist state regardless of who is elected it’s just going to happen faster with one of the candidates and the ultimate outcome of the stock market will be state owned company’s …..

  2. This ridiculous obsession with fed making up money . Yep gold stories and fed keeps the wheels turning for all American gurus of any type or name. Europe gone negative / deflation. Now you tell me the ecb don’t make up money: whatever it takes? Give up . Some consigliere. Real important stuff

  3. Marxism/Socialism/Capitalism… In practice which system is in place now?

    From the Googler:

    Marxism is a political and economic way of organizing society, where the workers own the means of production.

    Socialism is a way of organizing a society in which the means of production are owned and controlled by the proletariat*.

    *proletariat : workers or working-class people, regarded collectively.

    Capitalism is an economic system based on the private ownership of the means of production and their operation for profit.

    Boeing steals from us in form of bailout. Do the grandchildren of the Boeing pensioners burn in hell for eating today’s breakfast by theft of our dime? They are far removed, but on the dole none-the-less. Did you consent? I didn’t agree to the bailout, that’s theft from me.

    We can guess some of the older grand kids are running around today, “Libs want everything for free.” GM, Amtrak, all the same…. Those executives and workers probably don’t look at their actions as stealing at all. Is that Capitalism?

    Capital One was left holding the bag for its commodity swaps with oil and gas. Capital One did not “eat their peas”. Capital One got guaranteed loans and bailout buxx. And the kicker, we were told we still have to make our payments to Capital One. LOL

    • Note how those descriptions are written…

      “Marxism… where the workers own the means of production.”

      “Socialism… the means of production are owned and controlled by the workers.”

      “Capitalism is… the private ownership of… production and… operation…”

      “Workers” means “the government” and “public” means “the government.”

      “Private” means “individuals” not directly involved in, or having direct influence over, “the government.”

      Notice, 21st Century USA doesn’t fit either model?

      That’s because we’re currently living under a fascist-capitalist hybrid model, where “individuals,” either as individual people or individual corporations, exercise influence over the government by lobbying to have enacted, legislation or regulation which favors their specific interest over that of their competitors. When an individual does this on their own, they run into issues like “monopolistic practices” and “anti-trust actions,” but when an individual can get the government to eliminate their competitors for them, well…

      We were designed to function under a laissez faire free market system, where Judeo-Christian based morals and decency governed commerce, trade, and basic human interaction, and governmental intervention between individuals or States was rarely needed (RE: LOOB’s commentary on how owners and CEOs used to treat their employees, in the old days.) There was no description for this type of economic system — based on Adam Smith, but freewheeling and fast-moving. By labeling it “capitalism,” Marx created a focus-target by which it could eventually be eliminated.

      A bailout for Boeing is necessary, because they are our principal air & space hardware contractor, however it should happen once, and with the understanding that whatever poor business practices caused its difficulty would not be allowed to be repeated. A bank bailout? Since ill-conceived governmental regulation caused the banking crisis, I’d say that was necessary as well, but it should’ve been given with an honest explanation to the voting public:

      “We caused this. We wrote some bad law and forced the banking industry to engage in business practices which were guaranteed to bankrupt them, so we’ve got to take a bunch of your money to cover our mistake, and bail out the banks we ruined…”

      Please let me know if you EVER come across a D.C. politician who’s this honest and straightforward. In nearly 50 years of following political goings-on, I have yet to see one that’s close.

      • Ron Paul is the most honest that I’ve ever seen or met. Even his son is not up to that standard. The rest are just leftovers from the “popular” kids in high school.

      • Mike, I was of the opinion at the time, that Mr. Trump should’ve named Dr. Paul as Treasurer or SecTreas when he formed his Administration. I don’t think anything would be better today, in-fact the economy would probably be worse, but at least we’d know how deep the muck we’re standing in, and how hot the water we’re being stewed in, by now…

      • Ray, good comments.

        And you’re right, I did a little digging around. Boeing has never received a bailout. The word “bailout” hasn’t been used. Part of the magic of the realm.

        In 2003 Boeing received federal “grants”.

        In 2009 the U.S. Export-Import Bank (EXIM) supported Boeing by guaranteeing aircraft deliveries. Nicknamed “Boeing’s Bank”.

        I tried to get to the bottom of EXIM, financial reports. The info is murky. Air India purchases were guaranteed in 2012. I don’t know if India paid the money back. At this point the Indian government is trying to unload their portion of Air India but cant catch a bid.

        “For the fourth time, the Centre has extended the last date for submission of expression of interest (EoI) for the government’s entire stake in Air India to October 30, in view of prevailing situation arising out of Covid-19.”

        In 2020 the entire financial system was tilted to favor Boeing.

        “Yet by urging the Federal Reserve to take unprecedented steps to bolster credit markets, the Trump administration ended up helping the plane-maker more than any government handout could.

        The Fed’s decision to use its near limitless balance sheet to purchase corporate bonds eased liquidity so much that it was a game changer for the company, according to people with knowledge of the matter who asked not to be identified because they weren’t authorized to speak publicly.

        Ultimately, it allowed Boeing to raise $25 billion from private investors and withdraw its request for a government rescue, avoiding the restrictions that would have certainly been imposed.”

        I can’t put my finger on it but I think I see shenanigans.

    • Comrades,

      Hold the kleenex. Capitalism left the building long ago.

      My understanding is that Boeing engineered a bond issue with banks due to Fed largesse which avoided the government bailout which you allege?

      I’m looking forward to our plugged in Kalifornia Kapitalist promoters explaining away the massive subsidies around the globe granted on electric car sales such as Tesla manufactures.

      Do we see people stop shopping at Walmart in protest of their relative theft of inexpensive goods sourced from third world sweat shops like a modern day version of the 18th century Africa to Niewe Worlde to Olde Worlde flow of “trade”?

      • “My understanding is that Boeing engineered a bond issue with banks due to Fed largesse which avoided the government bailout which you allege?”

        Which time…?

  4. Gotta put some sorghum on those pancakes. Save the maple syrple for the late winter flapjacks.

    Neighbor down the road still has the rotating grinder, think the donkey on a pole walkng in a circle, and the vat where they boiled down the squeezens out by the highway. They sold it directly to folks driving down the highway in quart paint cans back in the 50’s & 60’s. My grandfather swore they were unused cans but knowing how Neighbor Steve’s dad was I suspect otherwise.

    Couple fellas nearby still make it but it’s pasteurized, homogenized, sterilized and rendered not half as good as when I was a kid so they can sell it in some local stores but it’s OK. Not as good as the old days but what the hell is anymore.

  5. Wondering if Mark could give us an update on peaceful outdoor dining in downtown Portland. Looked like a lot of open pit BBQs last night.

  6. Why George all we are having is what we have exported to so many other countries, and that’s that thingy they call a Maidan.This one is being run by the 1% to see which is going to have the monoply on ruling the country,and when we end up we will look like the Ukraine or some other third world country which in many ways we already are, with our rotted infrastructure,the lack of a vibrate middle class,the lack of manufacturing,debt up the ying yang and going deeper yet.So sit back and enjoy it for there is little anyone can do about it as the two war parties are firmly entrenched.!!!!

  7. The master of bankruptcy did not get to the highest power in the country on accident. I believe that Ingersoll lockwood would also agree.

  8. Portland, OR – Night 95 the mob celebrated the Mayor’s birthday by wearing party hats, singing “Happy Tear Gas to You,” and attempting to burn down his condo. Maybe the “wimp” will call in the National Guard which the governor says is too busy delivering PPE for corona virus. Total insanity in this state.

  9. Hi Ho Silver Kemosabe –

    Pick a Fiat -any Fiat, and tell the BCN who will win the race to The Bottom.

    I can tell U it won’t be Bitcoin – BTC is THE STORE of VALUE – if U ain’t in it for SoV already – I are already falling Behind. Wake up – the coffee is vaporized…

    No no nien,none Bitcoin 4 U!

  10. and the movie is getting good as the plot thickens, I got popcorn and dental floss. We are in a war for the ownershipship of the US, We the People vs communist party of chyna. Our political leaders/traitors have been selling US out to chyna since tricky dicky. Soros likes chyna, Sorass hates America

    “A super PAC founded by Clinton aides invited the thugs who harassed Senator Rand Paul and his wife after the Republican National Convention at the White House on August 27, 2020.

    Other prominent Republicans exiting the RNC were also confronted by a leftist rage mob organized by the Party Majority PAC, as well as the Revolutionary Communist Party‘s front group “Refuse Fascism,” whose cult-like leader Bob Avakian endorsed Joe Biden earlier this month, and a Democratic Socialists of America-aligned group called Shut Down DC.”

  11. A suggestion:

    This is all meant as a positive thought-experiment, not an
    expression of futility or hopelessness. (I am an optimist.)


    You have an opportunity to write your Farewell Address
    Column — while there is till time.

    The thing about socio-political “ends” is that they happen
    unexpectedly and suddenly — usually taking all by surprise.
    (Even us Enlightened Folks, here.)

    When the X-50 solar event happens, there will be less
    than no time. Or, it could be a hugely successful internet
    attack — CenturyLink had a bad one just the other day.

    A physical attack on a few strategic locations would also
    knock out the internet, and a rolling, accumulating, “Cascade
    Failure” would shut it all down for a while, and make a re-boot
    problematic and slow.

    Or, nineteen days after a failed, sabotaged, and failed
    presidential election, protests and counter-protests and
    counter-counter-protests could get violent and debilitating.

    Toilet paper could become unobtanium again. (Gasp!)

    So, you COULD imagine yourself into the post-apocalypse
    mind space –and what would you wish you could have said
    to all of us — Before The Fall?

    …just a thought. Again, meant positively for the
    intellectual value of it… …if any.


    (Doomsday frequency: 7.299 Lower Sideband)

  12. What amazes me is the abject stupidity or is it arrogance? No maybe it is the hubris; Yes that’s it! It is the hubris of the left and the Dems that they genuinely believe, in their heart of hearts, that the American people are really that stupid! I know they have done a grand job un-educating and indoctrinating kids in the schools but honestly; they except us to ignore or completely disbelieve our lying eyes!

    They say nothing of the riots and the upheaval in the country for their entire TV marathon they called a convention. It was poorly done. Awkwardly produced and a compete bomb. They looked shallow ignorant and extreme. But nothing about BLM and Antifa burning down the country. Then only when they see that this also backfired they try and say….Trump…Trump…Trump! it is all Trump’s fault? It is pathetic and another embarrassment. Biden being their nominee being their ultimate embarrassment.

    Sorry for the rant George. If the DC mayor “thinks” is could turn into a race war? What the hell does she think this has been these many months? This country will never be the same and lots of people are going to get hurt or killed in the wake of the Dems doing, saying and encouraging what they have been for these past many months!!

    • “that they genuinely believe, in their heart of hearts, that the American people are really that stupid!”

      In a quite that I over heard a long time senator say to a fellow candidate years ago, when he was asked what should I talk about..
      His answer was simple to the point and truthfull unfortunately.
      ” tell them anything a 1,2,3 speech. They are all fumb as sheep and will believe anything you tell them.”

      All anyone has to do is look at how they play the citizens as suckers and know. With a purposely dumbed down population and the rest working so hard they don’t have time to catch up and study the subject. Forced to work under paying positions while their jobs are outsourced. Forced to seek out federal programs to exist..
      Just what do we really expect to come from this.
      Hitler used the same tactics to imprison the wealthy, do we expect less.

  13. Yo deepstate – G,

    U forget about the Memo from the CDC this week? Wait dont tell me – a freudian slip like kinda omission, forgetful, mind slippin kinda thang..

    No Worries – ALT – News gotz U covered.

    – U ole sidewinding, tavistock propaganda spewing, BAD Statistics Loving, Shitty Sample purveyor of Shitty Stats, yellow journo!

    CDC ADMITS of 165,00 FATALITIES, LESS THAN (>) 10 Thousand from COVERT19

    Ure eyes must be brown..

  14. It may be worth remembering that Russia had two revolutions during 1917, February and October with the second one featuring the marxist opportunist thanks to safe passage from the kaiser. Industrial collapse and hyperinflation followed?

  15. I think there are a lot of pro trump people here .. they are obsessed with new American economics and love the stars and stripes .. patriotism the last bastion of tyranny.. well I will tell you now .. the democrats will win in 2020 .. certainties

    • “well I will tell you now .. the democrats will win in 2020 ..”

      Len… I personally don’t doubt that one little bit. That’s what scares me. They haven’t proposed one single solution or plan on how to achieve their goals.

      From my perspective IF they win then there will be a massive resource grab.. and to bolster the economy I see a war and a Weimar depression.. unleash the gates of hell..
      If trump wins.. we will go through the depression hopefully they won’t sucker him in to a war and we will still see the gates of hell opened with financial calamity.. with both I see a virus rampaging th touching everyone’s life..
      My view from the bottom is bleak..
      Oh i found canningids but I have to buy twenty dozen.. which is ok..I’ll use them in time..

    • Len,
      The Dems don’t have to win…IF…The GOP can find anyone else but Trump to run. He IS the one constant, the biggest problem that a majority of Americans have today. Take me, my family, my friends, my clients, my colleagues etc…I don’t know one person in my sphere that likes Trump…Some voted for him because of their hate for Hillary…but regret that decision…kind of…because then they would have had the lesser evil…Hillary….

      And, I know thousands of people because of what I do. We are all a mix of Republicans, Democrats, Independents and Libertarians. We would rather have Ben Carson, Dan Crenshaw or on the Dem Side, Tulsi Gabbard.

      While our choices this year are slightly better …It’s laughable as to the reason why. Why can’t we get it right when it comes to candidates? 2008 was the worst in the history of politics…John McCain could have easily won…until he picked the worst VP candidate in the history of civilization…Obama won in 2012 because the GOP nominated a “meh”: candidate. Now it;’s 2020 election time…This video, narrated by Steve Buscemi is funny but sadly true for many. Watch it.

  16. To answer the question: I would guess the Fed is supremely agnostic WRT whether they’re driving a capitalist or a communist bus because they’re all gonna have jobs in either case. It’d be much harder to hide a collapse under communism, but with Marx comes a permanent gag-order on everything newsworthy, so if’fn we crashed, no one would know…

  17. Looters to the left, and looters to the right.
    Looters in the rear view mirror, and more in the lights.
    The right wants your property, and the left wants your stuff.
    The mule wants a kick, and the elephant wants a stomp.
    Bare your butt to all of ’em, and don’t give ’em squat.

    There is more to this country than jackboots, looters and beggars.
    Keep your powder dry.

  18. PEDOPHILES named in government q drops 4628-4634 this is just a door opening, the chess game is afoot

    WHY is the MSM always short on time and story line to keep this exposed,,is it because they are an owned tool, that is used to keep the blinders on the mules
    this is the kind of stuff, if learned through illegal surveillance could and has been used to blackmail and control politicians,left and right sides, I remember Gay Edgar Hoover of FBI fame all to well
    There is a swamp full,out there yet, of controlled corrupt politicians fearing exposure
    the deep/dark state follows the Q posts as one would study the opponent in a chess match, they are afraid

    Mary Mary Quite contrary how does your garden grow? Dead meat is a great organic fertilizer

    Motel 6 and Tom Bodett, we will keep the light on

      • you are free to eat at the British Bull Crap fest, I chose a more healthy diet
        Why do you support those involved in human trafficing?
        I realize that you can’t see yet, but we will keep the light on and some day you might get a glimpse

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