Do We Really Need Government?

At least as we now know it…  In many of my recent UrbanSurvival and Peoplenomics columns, I have asked whether there isn’t a Terrible Vortex ahead, somewhere a year or two out, when misguided government policies all come home to roost at the same time? The question is particularly pertinent because of recent disclosures about governments spying on civilians (non-suspects) in an effort to do for the present day with computers, what the McCarthy Era did for rabid anti-communists one long-wave economic cycle ago.  As usual, we try not to ask questions we don’t already know the answers to, but not without coffee first…and then we’ll get down to whatever happened to Robin Hood and since when did robbing ‘hoods take become acceptable?  Time for a large helping of “Business Process Reengineering” directed toward government…

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George Ure
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