Directorate 153: "Operation 30"

We will often use the “thinking tool” of a purely hypothetical trans-governmental entity we call Directorate 153 in order to frame certain discussions that would seem highly improbably, absent a cohesive organizing force.

Once you get used to the concept of our “run-away think tank” ensconced in the hill just off to the side of the Shenandoah Valley, however, you will quickly see how this “concept modeler” has become a staple in our power-tools for thinking cabinet.
After we talk about last week’s injured economy from Harvey – and yesterday’s market decline that was “close enough” given we had previously presented the 9-day lag between Katrina smacking NOLA and the subsequent market waking from denial – followed by a 5% decline – we will ruminate on where the evidence (and body counts) are pointing.

A globally “coincidental” drop-back to 1930 population levels comes into view.  Along with a seriously under-estimated Kim Jung Un.

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George Ure
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29 thoughts on “Directorate 153: "Operation 30"”

  1. 1. tap water quality: I use counter top distiller and have a Big Berkey for emergencies.

    2. city densities: Baha’Ullah (mid 19th century Persian mystic) said cities were not good for people, and recommended rural or village lifestyle. This was made when Persian cities were well under 1 million population.

  2. Your Operation 30 story seems close to reality for me. Based on my biology education in high school, such population collapse can be engineered as you wrote, or it can happen as a natural consequence of overpopulation of resources. In other words, it will happen.

  3. With the Techs weakening & the troubles in the oil patch you have discussed, the oils I watch said go long using the Displaced Moving Averages method. So far I am still very satisfied with results from this method and keep learning from running charts on various ETF’S & stocks. This may be the Golden Goose.

    • Wise Asian trader once told me:
      When you get in elevator going down and push up button, sometimes it doesn’t work.
      Go with the major trends…minor ones are for professional goose eggers.

      • He also said wait till Beige Book from Fed comes out. Market running up ahead, could be double or could be dead…

  4. The truly frightening aspect of your scenario is that large portions do not require a boogeyman secret agency to happen.

    Most of it will occure as the natural fallout of events as the global economy collapses.

      • Well George, You certainly were optimistic today! Sadly, I was having a hard time finding the fiction. Your scenario is sobering, yet it does fit one more piece into the puzzle. I still find it horrific that one would plan to contaminate 1/3 of the planet just to solve a human problem. It says a lot that a government is afraid both to enforce and to obey its own laws!

        I’d pray for a soft landing, but I don’t see it in the cards. At least you and Elaine can spend your days deeply connected as you watch the inevitability of Operation 30 unfold. It’s like enjoying the ride as you fall off the mountain while free-climbing. The end will come regardless, so enjoy what you can.

        I’m guessing this is what the Deagle site was alluding to.

        Culling the herd for maximum profit and sustainability together. The scenario in Venezuela now makes sense. I’d suggest we all earn our admission tickets to as many tribes as possible. That, a loving spouse and good friends are the best investment.

    • >Marlowe et al<, It is relatively easy to find websites with almost daily stories of what is called "Doom Porn". This is not one of those.

      Mr. Ures' Directorate 153 scenarios are so written as if he has a microphone along with a camera in the room recording every nuance for us to review.

      I am 71 with children and grandkids who "will" live a version of the U.S. and the world described here today. My family refuses to acknowledge let alone prepare for these events. While I will not be around I still fear for their wellbeing

      I can visualize the collapse and suffering that will befall them. It is a burden almost to much to bear. Be Well All


      • I find a glass of branch water or two and conversation with a loving wife and an appreciation for the deer going through the woods is a fine coping plan. Having the courage to trade meaningful numbers on the 9-pma yeah, that keeps it real/.

      • Well I am with you Standfreeman.. I have grand kids and great grandkids.. that will live through some of what has been written.
        I am not to worried about my time left but their future days..

  5. When the market weakened on Tuesday & broke the 9 day moving average on the downside, I did not see this as a short sale because of price location in the trend channel. But I can see your reasoning for a short since a trend was broken. This has certainly become a fascinating experience. Keep up the good work.

  6. Holy Smokes this is some depressing work/writing. The stock market wants to go higher, much higher. Bitcoin also wants to go higher, way higher. So easiest advice one should use for money making investment ideas is to Buy The F-ing Dip. Go ahead back test it, and show when this strategy has not worked in last 2 years. My advice is take your entire 401k or IRA and invest it in the S&P 500 for next 5 years. Sure there will be several hundred point corrections, but a percentage of total market levels these dips will be..Money Making Opurtunites! As the Mogombo Guru used to say ” weee this investing stuff is easy”.

    • My own model went long after the Beige book release…so I too am on the up side now… Point of the article is that we (all of us icon pressing apes) could be on the short list for a phase out and just aren’t on the distro list – that was the point. Only way to get on the list is to make the 5%

    • It is not as easy as you say about buying and selling the dips. Have you ever tried it? Did you ride out the market crash of 2007? Is your IRA or 401k 100% in the market?

  7. The Poseidon is the Old Guard for those of you who are into grandfather clauses of the Homestead Act where you’re granted 160 Acres
    During that time it all exploded Like a Torpedo
    But now recently we have the HUD program this gives you access in the past that if you could take a property and renovate it and make it or bring it up to standards you could be deeded the property at the end of one year that’s in the older Days of our past now or at least in the almost present but still in the past Providence could be obtained through the HUD program for a dollar so where are we at now we are still in the past where we are Charmed by the bankers who put a spell on us which is we will give it to you just make a down payment and sign on the dotted line
    Where do you go from there
    It is the pecuniary position
    (Scuse me while I eat some more of this macaroni salad it is delicious)
    To most of the population is mysterious unexplainable to them they have no realization about how Finance actually works- it works like heterothallism- or to make it simpler-
    Napoleonic_ to conquest
    Which brings us back to hetero polar or homopolar the expression we used within MK controllers and you’re wondering how far can you go what’s the limits before you be in control in order to understand that you’ll have to know a little bit about Gyro Horizons normally this is about where you’re at but this is more about who’s allowed to be where they’re at so do some research into Platinotypes where is Hassell do with your alkaline and your assets the lizards are very acity they want an acid hostile environment but we like me we come from the nordics which ones which want an alkaline environment 4 things to grow and not die we the alkaline environment 1 things to perform that’s why the sea yes the oceans are really really high on the alkaline level that’s where things grow Charlotte when it becomes a sicity it stops growing and these are your two major functions of beings on this planet acid beings ,Draco rept- the destroyers& the nordic alkaline beings who cherish the Earth and want to see it flourish instead of the draco’s reptilians who want to see it destroyed okay let’s go back to home base now and become vocal and put things in the right place ,My all beings be lovingly fulfilled .So be it

  8. “To be sure, if you like reading books by losers, about losing”

    You know.. I love to read and read all the time.. but.. I think I will pass on her book.. even if it was given to me.. well.. I might take it.. and use it to start a fire in the charcoal grill..

  9. Yes, buying the dips in stock market and bitcoin is easy. That being said, it requires a fair amount of courage. This is akin to buying when there is a little blood in the street. The new term to learn and live is HODL. This is exactly what I do in my personal accounts. Yes I started on the PHLX as a Options Clerk in 87. Yes I made more money in 91 year of the crash than at any other time in my career, percentage wise – not dollar wise. Yes I have hard time trading with F-ing computers, hard to get them to move and tighten up underlying Option quote/spread. Got to leg into positions in increments to get a decent market spread. Markets are going higher, and I intend to enjoy the “ride” utilizing all the mkt data I can get my greedy little hands on- thanks G.

    • With pleasure, Dan. We too are expecting some upside, and then a round of panic selling a few weeks later when NK goes hot. I know some people painting bullseyes…

  10. “So, you think your drinking water is pretty good, huh?”

    I actually have this for my water filter.. prior to the unit I have a whole house sediment and after I have a water structure chamber and ultraviolet light.
    We started to filter in the late eighties.. our water was considered unsafe for consumption with a level of arsenic and uranium that was considered to high for human consumption at that time.. well they told everyone in a newspaper article that they should put filters on and we did.. luckily the very next president was able to determine that those levels were safe for human consumption and they no longer suggest a water filtering system.. but we kept ours just in case they were wrong.

  11. Report from the thick of it in south Florida. It’s crazy as the news presents. They were a long line of G4 and G5 type biz jets in line for departure to take off from opalocka this afternoon. We live in an evacuation zone and by sheer luck and early planning we found a hotel room that we will check into tomorrow. Thousands are scrambling in every direction to escape but with a 400 mile wide storm unless you are going to Cleveland it doesn’t matter. We are not storm virgins having survived Andrew Frances Wilma and jean. No gas which amazes me why would anyone live here and not keep a full tank during the height of the season. No water at the grocery stores either or bread. Since I always keep flour and yeast around I made my own. What’s really bazaar to me is that all of a sudden oh yeah there is a major hurricane out there and panic ensues with the masses and shortages become reality. Lots of people in our neighborhood are staying. I think they are in denial about drowning since I went out a measured the retaining wall height from the dock which always floods at high tide it was only 32 inches. So off we go tons of crap that you think you can’t live without, clothes, cats, people, and freshly made bread. Will report after or during the coming onslaught. Live from.lighthouse point Florida

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