Detailed "Light Crown" Instructions

If you’re a DIY’er, have we got the details (and pictures) for you:  How to build your own light crown complete with parts lists and prices. With 30 graphics, this morning’s report may load slower than usual…

Then, in charts, looks like disaster is coming back into fashion…so bean-up and we roll….

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George Ure
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33 thoughts on “Detailed "Light Crown" Instructions”

  1. I live in Tulsa and have been to that casino several times for eat and meet with friends including catered event. The catered food and the buffeteria food are not impressive. I can usually get better at my favorite local diners (Tally’s at 61st and South Sheridan has chicken fried steak to die for). Just eat in the high dollar casino venues if you want really good food.

    • Best pizza is at any Mazzio’s and best Chinese take out is at Szechuan at east 51st and South Memorial. Tulsa streets are laid out on mile grid with arterials on north-south, east-west orientation. Casino is in the far northeast part of the city, not far from the port (nothing to see there unless you like barges.)

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    I worked 30 hours in 2 days. I dont know how much time I will have for your site, If anything comes to me, I will pass it along.

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    Anyway, I’m super tired. Hope you all the best. If the world is going to end I will give ya a heads up.

    Saw the eathquake/volcano in Hawaii… mentioned it on glp but I forgot to give ya a heads up.

    Sorry, I won’t be around much. I’m investing some time helping a person get another chance at life.. on top of all this.

    Have a good day!

    Andy aka 0

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      “Dragon” had been coming up alot.

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        I was going to buy a machine. Yup they are relatively cheap.
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    • Was the Ferrari dissolution so you could move the ex back in? What would your attorney say?

    • Congrats on the promotion! Good luck stacking resources while the sun shines.

      Perhaps if your “Ferrari” becomes too much trouble, you could convince her to come to New Mexico. It would be something completely different!

    • Ferrari’s

      They are everywhere and won’t be so expensive.
      But then that’s a personal choice..
      Buying the car or renting one.

      • Isn’t it “renting of Ferraris” that got him into a heap o trouble? Just saying…

  3. Hi George,

    Unless my eyes are even older than I thought, it seems that the schematic at the top shows the LED’s backbiased. No harm, but no light either. I definitely agree with your current limiting resistor. Some LED’s from the old days were very sensitive to overcurrent.

    Have you ever used an orgone accumulator/box/blanket? The effects you describe are similar to those I’ve seen in someone that used one regularly. I can definitely use some of that type of energy myself.

    • LOL =- +3 to the cathode and ground to the short lead gives me light here. No telling how it works in NM

      I hav en’t done the orgone box, but now that I have the shop set up, that’s coming, too….

      • All true, but in your schematic, you have the LED anodes connected to the negative side and the cathodes connected to the positive. I don’t get how that works.

        Maybe Texas power really is different.

        • I hook short side (anode) to the 9-) terminal
          The + to the long lead
          presto! light
          Reverse? non-op

    • The way I keep it straight is that in big ham radio power supplies, the cathode is where the B+ comes off. When I was young, I thought it ought to come off the plates of the mercury vapor rectifiers, lol. We go and learn…
      BTW, I did find out that the “lab grade” PS on my bench if 0.05 volts off from the fluke 115….fwiw

      • I wouldn’t mind buying a ‘light crown’ and experiment with it, but building same maybe too inconvenient at this time, because the last time I used a soldering iron was >70 years ago. I think you’ll get the drift?!

      • When I was working in radar DSP at 18, I didn’t worry about B+. It was always about Vcc. The anode was the end you put the plus side in, and LED’s, unlike zeners are forward biased in normal use.

        I had a friend back then who always liked to fix old TV’s, but then he’d get to watching them and never finish the job. He worked with me back then and was always muttering about B+, even though the only tube in sight was a magnetron.

        BTW, I totally agree with all the other drawings, it’s just the schematic that seems off.

  4. George, NM Mike is correct. The LED’s long lead is the anode not the cathode. That’s why you have light. Your schematic is wrong. It works that way in every state.

  5. Umm… George, the B+ goes to the ANODE of the tube… the plate. Hot cathode is the filament… negative.

    Your schematic is wrong. On the diode symbol the cathode is the straight line. Negative for conduction.

    Physically on the LED, the long lead is Positive (Anode). That is the small ‘post’ contact inside. The well where the LED die lies is the short lead, the negative (cathode).

    • I’m going to start with 660nm ‘Deep Red’ and 850nm IR together at the three spots. These are the wavelengths showing the most penetration & beneficial effects in the literature. Gotta get the pulse generator going later. TV commercial for local Spa advertises ‘Red Light Therapy’ with an LED panel that tightens skin and reduces fat. I found a Deep Red 18 watt panel (18-one watt LEDs) on ebay from china… coming… to try out for skin and muscle aches. Light therapy… Darius Dinshah of maligned ‘Spectro-Chrome’ would be proudly vindicated.

      • Got to say (incorrect labeling of cathode/anodes and why does the + come off the CATHODE of power supplies, lol) that out experience with LED light has been amazing. Elaine’s got no sign of macular degeneraqtion now – just a waver in a membrane… I find it helps my visual acuity a LOT…and we use those red grow lamps on our faces.
        I kid you not, Elaine’s age (revealed a coupel of years back at 73) doesn’t look 60 yet. It is totally amazing… I think you will enjoy the hell of out it!

    • LOL – my point is that on a power supply, you don’t get B+ off the PLATE (anode) – it comes off the filament side of the rectifiers (with tube design) the cathode.
      SCroll down here:
      the B+ comes off the cathode.
      Agree, in an amplifiers, oscillators, mixers, etc, the B+ goes to the plate.

  6. Experiment around with a hinge or a phone with a slip to put thin rice paper with thin coat of gold silver copper and other metals to produce a metamorphic wow strobing in a circular motion clockwise and then an a counter clockwise motion.

    This would be like electroplating cousin sub atomic particles from the medals 2
    And especially in the middle one can be used for decalcification of the pineal gland.

    I really like the idea of the foam with a hole with a light and a slit for the different metallic paper to be inserted.

    Then test RN under the influences of the light and the metallic as far as being able to see under a blank piece of paper the pages each level in depth.

    And to give the equipment a name ,I would call it the Headland Joo’be

  7. My God…this is just another example of society of today…
    I think what bothers me the most. Is where in the world were these teachers when I was growing up.
    Heck the teachers I had had mustaches and sort of resembled Mussolini.
    Not some pretty sweet and going the extra mile teachers of today
    Then why in the world would the kid give her up. Unless he was bragging and the others talked

    • IMHO she should be given the best teacher of the year award.. I can only imagine being the dad and going to parent teacher conference.. who knows maybe she would share some of that knoweledge..

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