Depression 2: More Cuts Plus Living the iWAMP Life

Three quick items on the agenda this morning:

  • Jobs outlook continues to deteriorate.  As you would expect with our lifestyle being jacked…
  • Financial instruments have detached from Reality.  As you would expect when money is being made up – mostly for the Rich
  • Through it all, it’s still possible to live the  iWAMP Life.  A simple concept we’ll serve up with a personal side of woo-woo…

Of course, there’s the usual “murmur of mind control” as emotional hot buttons are being played like an old-time  Zydeco accordion.  And Ma’s Day cometh this weekend…

So we might as well roll up the Wheaties this morning and get to joggin’ the noggin…

Yeah:  Job Suck

There was a momentary Big Deal Wednesday when the ADP Monthly Jobs report came in with a -27,000 reading.  But sobriety – and financial judgments – have been suspended on  Wall Street since the Fed is buying more turkeys than Old Folks buy birds before Thanksgiving.  The only change is a “u” becomes a “w” then.  (Foul by the Fed, Fowl for the dinner table…keep up with class.)

The gravy served over this hot steamy plate of collapsing economy today is the Challenger, Gray & Christmas monthly Job Cuts report.  Let’s us this stunningly clear visual, right?

If you crave more, being addicted to data and the online casino’s like Ameri-Whatzit and e-Bend-em, the press release includes cranberry sauce as follows:

“Job cuts announced by U.S.-based employers spiked to 671,129, the highest single-month total on record. Challenger began tracking job cut announcements in January 1993. Last month’s total was primarily due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which was cited as the reason for 633,082 job cuts, according to a monthly report released Thursday from global outplacement and business and executive coaching firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc.

April’s total is 202% higher than the 222,288 job cuts announced in March and 1,577% higher than the 40,023 cuts announced in the same month last year. It is 170% higher than the previous record monthly total of 248,475 job cuts tracked in January of 2002.

So far this year, 1,017,812 job cuts have been announced, 342% higher than the 230,433 announced in the first four months of 2019. It is the highest January-April total on record, and 43% higher than the previous record January-April total of 711,100 announced in the first four months of 2009.

“No doubt employers have every intention of bringing back workers once the immediate crisis passes, but the indefinite nature of this pandemic coupled with the fact that we’re seeing recession- or even depression-level economic data means the vast majority of these jobs will not return any time soon,” said Andrew Challenger, Senior Vice President of Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc.”

Death of High Choice Lifestyles

To review, what used to be a “high choice” lifestyle is being rolled-over to what Barack Obama warned was coming.  (Because he was “on Plan.”)  Trump, being “off Plan” continues to hold the High Life is still attainable if we all a) work harder, b) bring our manufacturing home so we can’t be jerked around by Asian and Hungarian Money Lords, c) and return to some American Core Values.

On the Obama side, the liberalista’s who made up such new industries as “gender studies” and “institutionalized victimhood” plus tearing down borders in a serious attempt to turn America into another Venezuela-like Third World shit-hole, have continued to stay the course – on their Plan. (Make up mental masturbation industries and hope no one sees it. Yet, if it wasn’t an industry prior to 1950, do we really need it now?)  Aided and abetted by seriously biased federal judges who rule on political agenda’s and not the letter of law.

By the way, speaking of lib-twisted-just-us, Roger Stone on Coast-to-Coast AM with George Noory last night was extremely good.  Worth being a “Coast Insider” to hear.  Making it very obvious how the socialists and the home-grown totalitarians have turned the American legal system back “on the people” to our great peril.  And their advantage.

Meantime, the Plan (and we don’t know if the Virus is part of it, or not) has managed to wreck air travel, destroy the hotel industry, dispatch car rental firms, completely wipe out new commercial construction demand in some areas, limit consumer choices, and impose limits on travel between the states.  Ah, the lost art of shopping, eh?

Hell, remake of the film Red Dawn was an easier attack to deal with.  This one is much more elegant than even 9/11.  Speaking of which, I bet most people – out and about, panick shopping toilet paper, completely missed the late March revelations about 9/11 – which the data continues to argue was not all it was represented to be in both media and in government.  I refer to this press release:

FAIRBANKS, Alaska, March 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The destruction of the 47-story World Trade Center Building 7 (WTC 7) in New York City late in the afternoon of September 11, 2001, was not a result of fires, according to the final report issued today by researchers at the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) following a four-year computer modeling study of the tower’s collapse.

Don’t look now, but Ure is forecasting that – eventually and over time – what will come out of the “virus panic” will be eventually found to be another such “conspiracy theory.”

Except that the “smart money bet” is on it being a global control program to reduce our consumption of energy and raw materials because it’s become clear that Richard Heinberg’s long-ago assumptions in his book The End of Growth: Adapting to Our New Economic Reality is the larger context.

Life on a Fractured Planet

This may be hard to wrap your head around, but we live in a bi-polar world.

On the one hand, we have the sheep:  They are fed news, get their emotional hot buttons pressed every so often, and they generally believe the “superficial world” of pseudo facts presented by government and echo-chambered by the complicit – corporate-owned media co-conspiring national Mainstream Media.

The Plan I keep referring to is to ratchet down global lifestyles (and expectations) of we, the little people, in order to reverse population growth, thus moving in the direction of Heinberg’s more recent book “Our Renewable Future: Laying the Path for One Hundred Percent Clean Energy.”

The problem is that 95% of people live in this artificial “pseudo-fact world” where they “drink the Kool-Aid and go to work, paying taxes like good little tax chattel. Yum…don’t you feel good?

The 5-Percent know there is a larger agenda in play, and since they see it, they can play and make more money than most.  Enabling them to build their own upwardly mobile social conveyor for their spawn while forcing the great bulk of humanity to take the “down conveyor.”

To good news – and justification actually for these Elites – is that if they didn’t pull some of the terribly slimy-shit that they do (wars, 9/11, virus, and whatever comes next) then we would promptly run out of resources and Lights Out Earth follows.  We get that.

This is all accompanied by a huge number of contradictions because this five-percent crowd is trying to constantly manipulate everyone else’s moves.  As that Michael Moore Present’s documentary I mentioned a couple of weeks back points out: for all the talk about clear energy and “harmony is Earth” of the environmental movement, the hard fact is everything is fossil-based.  Can’t make a solar panel without a power plant to melt the glass and refine the metals, and on and on…

The hardest part (and I have the latest Heinberg on the “need to read” list) is that if we are going to be really living in balance, then the 1976 Club of Rome Report  (Limits to Growth) on population needs to be followed and we simply have too many humans.

And of the humans sucking air right now, we’re making useless, throw-away shit – something I wax on about in 15 or 16 chapters of my Peoplenomics only (so far) e-book:  “The 100-year Toaster.”  On the Master Index page.

The problem laid out there is simple-enough:  We have globally become addicted to an economic system that is based on making the same shit over and over and over…  While a single lightweight low-powered car – like a 1956 VW Beetle (with no gas gauge, and a whopping 36-horsepower) really will get you anywhere in the world.

Thing is, you see, you can’t even make the ultra-light, energy efficient vehicle anymore because (and here’s another huge growth industry for you…) GOVERNMENT has become a partisan in how all this plays out.  So we have stupid 5-mile per hour bumper laws, rollover prevention requirements, and so forth.

And that’s where this jobs report leaves us again this morning:  There is an inherent contradiction between government and the Nanny State on the one hand, in the true marketplace.  I would love to buy the $2,000, 1,000-pound open-wheel, small two-person car that turns in 90-100 MPG.  Sadly, liberalista’s loyal to factions within the financial industries can’t allow that because of their high sunk costs in auto plant and equipment.  We have been regulated into global inefficiencies.  Just the number of regulatory jobs in the world boggles the mind.  As a result….well, let’s get back to point.

Uh…Shorter columns?  Right…

Why I Live the iWAMP Life

A bit of Ureist philosophy so you don’t run off to the nearest high bridge, realizing you’re living in a Crazy House and the inmate really do run the asylum.  The daily news flow is so frigging depressing, right?

Fortunately, You can retain your ethics, your pride, and your mental independence using a simple question.

Is What’s Around Me Perfect?”

Obviously,  iWAMP for short.  Even if you are locked in a jail cell, considering what’s around you, there will always be  something that’s not perfect.  And there’s your “line of action.”

When you’re outside the box, and back on the corporate/globalist gerbil wheel, the same works.  Everywhere you go, you will see imperfections in people and things.  And then the constant challenge is to personally help perfect things to improve in a low-effort way.

Taken with this attitude, no matter what your station in Life, there is always something “worth doing.”  The bonus?  You can live with the quiet confidence that although not visible to others, YOU are actually (and consciously) making the world a better place every day.

Once you see how this works, then living a happy life becomes just a matter of “problem-shopping” each day.

Let me run through an example of a dialog session with my inner voice.  We begin by asking:

“Is the World Around Me Perfect?”

  • No:  I want the green house to tend for itself more.  Action step:  Put in a drip irrigation system.  (Then ask again: “Is the World Around Me Perfect?”)
  • No: There’s some leftover brush from the logging operations on our property this week.  Took off 30- tons of chips, but that has left some branches here and there.  Action Step:  Put in an Hour a Day on Tractor to push up the branches into piles and burn then.  (Then ask again: “Is the World Around Me Perfect?”)
  • No:  I need more diesel to do that.  Action Steps:  Polish what fuel is left in the tanks and go fill up 4-steel drums worth…(Then ask again: “Is the World Around Me Perfect?”)
  • No: In the shop, that zero-clearance table saw insert cracked.  Worked great, but needs to be metal.  Action Step:  Call Rockler and see what they have. (Then ask again: “Is the World Around Me Perfect?”)
  • No:  I haven’t finished putting down cardboard in the garden and mulching over.  Action Step 1:  Take a few yards of chips up to the garden and finish up.  (The chips were made Wednesday leaving me on…) Action Step 2:  Get out on the tractor and do it. (Then ask again: “Is the World Around Me Perfect?”)
  • No:  I’ve gained a pound.  Action Step:  Back on 2-meals a day for a while.(Then ask again: “Is the World Around Me Perfect?”)
  • No:  Had over-acid stomach overnight.  Action Step:  Don’t eat large bowl of spaghetti and two glasses of red wine and then lay down for sleep right away.  Don’t work until 7 PM and eat.  Eat no later than 4 PM…(Then ask again: “Is the World Around Me Perfect?”)

See how this works?  You just keep asking:  “Is the World Around Me Perfect?”

At some point, when you realize mom and dad have been pushing up daisies for a couple of decades and that no one is going to perfect your Life but You, the realization follows and presto!  You begin to change by doing.

Look at your Life.  Get a sense of what’s not perfect.  Then CLAIM OWNERSHIP AND RESPONSIBILITY FOR THAT WHICH YOU CAN CHANGE.  Then change it.

Every morning it’s like going on an adventure:  “My Life is not perfect…so what can I do within the bounded conditions of surrounding Reality that will move my Life closer to perfect?

Oh, and don’t ask people who can’t give you what you need to somehow magically provide for you.  Work the problem  Solve it.  There’s always problems…and always answers.  Every waking day, so far…

Works like a champ.  Highly recommended.

Back to the Grindstone

Say, here’s a shocker from the Labor Department:

“Nonfarm business sector labor productivity decreased 2.5 percent in the first quarter of 2020, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today, as output decreased 6.2 percent and hours worked decreased 3.8 percent. (All quarterly percent changes in this release are seasonally adjusted annual rates.) From the first quarter of 2019 to the first quarter of 2020, productivity increased 0.3 percent, reflecting a 0.1-percent increase in output and a 0.2-percent decrease in hours worked.

Unit labor costs in the nonfarm business sector increased 4.8 percent in the first quarter of 2020, as hourly compensation increased 2.2 percent and productivity decreased 2.5 percent. Unit labor costs increased 1.5 percent over the last four quarters.”

Duh.  Personally?  I’d bet its worse than the numbers IRL.  But over in the detached Financial world, flooded with made-up money and a misinvesting Fed, what do we see?  Dow Futures are up over 300 as another more than 3-million filed first time unemployment benefits.

Whee!!!  Ain’t being an insider fun???

Emo Buttons and More

Collapsing lifestyles note: European airlines drop guidance and warn it could take years for demand to bounce back.

Social stress going vertical? Customers shot 2 McDonald’s employees after being told to leave due to restrictions.

Bhopal Lite? Gas leak at chemical plant in India kills at least 13 people.

Bet they won’t say “bioweapon: As accusations about source of COVID-19 grow, WHO says it will consider a new mission into virus’ origins.

Gosh, this has sure been swell, hasn’t it?  Off to resume working on perfecting that tiny little sliver of Reality over which I claim ownership.  The office, the green house, the property, the relationships, the…much to do.

Write when you get rich,

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55 thoughts on “Depression 2: More Cuts Plus Living the iWAMP Life”

  1. “… our lifestyle being jacked….’

    Our parents/grandparents stuck us with the bills, way back there. We now have to pay the foreigners back. Don’t over complicate it.

    Trump: ‘Trade wars are good, and easy to win’.

    • Don’t get all excited, for trade wars are very costly to both parties,for you may gain here and loose double there.Trump stated that yes the trade,the supply,the manufacturing had to move out of China, but then he added to other Asian countries.Now if anyone is foolish enough to believe that those jobs and manufacturing is coming back to this country drop on by or send me a letter for I have a bridge to sell you.

      Now all those thousands of American business’s doing business in China are NEVER coming back,don’t think even for a heartbeat that the C.E.O.S racking down millions every year, are going to part with any part of those millions which they and their stockholders would have to part with,and of course tariffs are added onto the final sale so all it benefits is the government but not the people,what else is new.The time to have bitched is back in 1980 while Reagan was busy changing the tax code for over shore accounts, and the running of Americas industrial base to China and now its simply to late.!!!!!!

      • “The time to have bitched is back in 1980 while Reagan was busy changing the tax code”

        Reagan was a private citizen in 1980.

        Jimmy Carter was President.

        When you can’t get simple facts straight, people with working synapses tend to discount everything you say…

      • oh my my my my bad I should have stated the election of the clown in 1980 and the failed policies he introduced in the country that’s led us to the point we are at now.Lol there I fixed it for you but it still didn’t change any of the facts that an old worn out B actor, should NEVER occupy the oval office,nor one who someone has to pat his back all the time while he blames everything else on well who ever is handy.!!!

      • When you can’t get simple facts straight, people with working synapses tend to discount everything you say…

      • Well no Reagan was ANYTHING but a private citizen in 1980 for he was the president in waiting, with all the perks and benefits that the office has to offer,so you see carping on the fact that he had not yet took office but was elected in the 1980 election really makes one wonder if you normally operate in the gray area and most know what that area contains.!!!

    • …As we are sticking our children and grandchildren with both our bills, and the interest on the bills we inherited from our ancestors.

      The insanity will eventually end. When that happens, it won’t be pretty.

      • “…As we are sticking our children and grandchildren with both our bills, and the interest on the bills we inherited from our ancestors.”

        I agree.. the really sad part… WE ALL KNOW WE CANNOT AFFORD TO PAY THE DEBT BACK… in the end.. the USA doesn’t have a choice but to tank the dollar go bankrupt on our debts and restart civilization from square one..

  2. George

    “iWAMP for short.”

    ” We begin by asking:

    “Is the World Around Me Perfect?” ”

    OH! So that’s the name of what I have been doing for the last 51 years.

  3. George, so far, the only real socialism I see is the Conservatives’ extraordinary love of MMT and debt whenever they get into power, and the repeated socializing (now is no different) of Wall St.’s losses. With gross incompetence, cronyism and blatant corruption sprinkled on top. Best, Mike.

    • So then what? Liberalism? Open boarders? We’re humans, we function on the “gathering unto ourselves” instinct. Most of us never have “enough” or too much, as far as we are willing to admit it. MMT is a result of desired prosperity to be continuous.
      How broken we really all are. Blessings

    • Don’t forget socialism for corporate farmers (not just pandemic bailouts but price supports, pay not to plant etc) and Wall Street (bailouts occurring now for junk bond funds etc). Problem, it is not getting to Main Street as much as the big boys

    • Mike, so sad to see so many stuck in the matrix of red v blue.

      Try this, maybe it will help. Google “road warrior refinery scene”.

      Look at the images that appear, do any of those people look like republicans, democrats, conservatives, socialists, green party, tea party, whig party.. ?

      At some point everyone will realize the wool on their eyes, the spaghetti on their ears, is provided by the very people who make money selling this narrative. The news exists to sell advertising, and party exists to separate you from your mind. (and neighbors). What a waste.

    • I guess when all events run through the red or blue political filter, such opinions will result. Recall all Federal government spending originate with the house of representatives, who constantly forgo their constitutional requirement to actually pass budgets. Sure the President could veto that spending, but that almost never happens, no matter the president, no one wants to veto and be the “bad” guy and shut the federal spigot. All the US governments for the past years since FDR have socialized risk and watered down the currency. Maybe you missed the time when GM and other automakers were bailed out or previous house spending far exceeding country income. When you make this a red or blue thing and we get set against each other, these monsters continue to win and they are never removed. Only socialism you see? Holy cow, how about Obama care, or Federal minimum wage standards, Solyndra or any current democratic political platform. Eyes wide shut? These are certainly not “conservative” platforms, maybe republican or democratic, but no constitutional conservative would be happy with the mess of government spending and crony capitalism we have.

    • You do understand that budgets are controlled by the House of Representatives, don’t you? The Fed sets monetary policy. Are the federal reserve governors really conservatives? I don’t see that your tired, naive whining is relevant to anything.

  4. Perfection? Who wants that? Like Andy Griffen said at the start of that episode when Opie objected to a wedding. “Why that’s like sending a pig to the stye with out any mud.” Hahaha.

    I’m here the Good, The Bad and the Ugly. savor it all. Its is the spicy of life.

    Learned something new yesterday. For every single physical one dollar bill in circulation it creates $750,000 in taxes. I said I never thought about that. My friend said, why do you think they call money a dollar “bill”? You have a huge wage force all getting paid bills to pay bills. It’s a fugazi bro.

    I said whooooaaa dude!

    I’m learning new sctuff! It looks like my self destructive has produced new fruit. :)

    Happy bout that!

    • The former Mrs S came back on the radar. Didnt see that one coming. Lol. I had her on an iron clad restraing order. I just dont know how to not love her. And Ms. Bunny is stretching her quads to make another run and slide tackle me.

      Ohhh Lawdy! Save me from myself! Hahaha. I guess for now it’s from a distance. Since I think 1300 miles away. I could be wrong as I’m not working my meditation with a compas because I mastered the level.

      If I run into her at the Grocery store 1300 fricken miles from where I used to live God??!?!! We are gonna have a long talk. Arrrggghh

      Fyi: God is a horrible practical joker. Atleast He is in my life. He shows me alot of stuff but sometimes I get blind sided by His shenanigans.

      Ohhhh I laugh later and it’s all fun and games. I’m working on self development and Gods the kind of guy who has a habbit of bringing a woman in my life for Character building. ROTFLMFAO!

      Like Prometheus punishment for giving fire to Humanity. Jupiter gave him the “present” of Pandora. Hahhaha.

      Thanks G. I just changed one letter to make new Handle, something the Bald Rishi gave me the first time we met. I and I. That is all said. That and “feed your head.”

      • Wow! ROTFLMFAO! Om trippin! Other old Dude used that name at the zero unlimited place. I didnt know it was a fungi. I should have, I took many of cubensa back in the day.

        I just got rocketed to a whole nother level bro. I’m trippin!

    • A ‘Note’, as in Federal Reserve Note is an instrument of Debt.
      It is NOT money, though many people think it is.
      It is ‘Currency’.
      When you go to a bank to take out a loan, you sign a Note …i.e., and instrument of Debt.

      You are paid in debts, and you pay for everything in debts, so how do you get out of debt?

      Why do you think barter is so frowned on by bankers?
      No ‘Debt’ is created by barter.

      • “Why do you think barter is so frowned on by bankers?
        No ‘Debt’ is created by barter.”

        With the dollar basically tanked.. as soon as hyperinflation hits.. that is exactly what will happen..
        Greece was a prime example.. they tanked the system.. at first it was old people dumpster diving for food.. young women selling their bodies for a can of spam.. eventually though.. the people realized that.. hey I am still a carpenter.. I am still a secretary.. I am an electrician a farmer etc.. and they started to barter for things.. today with the millions of unemployed.. no way to get the rent or the electricity.. etc.. there has been at least around here more bartering.. like I can get milk and eggs.. in exchange for something we can do for them..
        you can talk digital money ( basically the dollar and all banking is digital right now..) no electricity no money.. I owed a hospital bill.. I exchanged a years labor in exchange for the forgiveness of the bill.. ( I still had to claim it as an income though)
        Which makes me wonder.. ( if they had gone large and in charge and froze everything.. it would be different.. ) now we see that toilet paper has a lot of value.. among other things.. so.. when the dollar tanks and the economy hyper, If we have poor crops this year things will really get tough.. hopefully our industrialists have realized that no manufacturing locally means no products to sell…. what will they do.. people now are realizing like our ancestors that we are like an island.. if you don’t have it.. it isn’t here and a piece of paper can’t buy you something to wipe with.. what good is it.. so I think they will have to go with something substantial…. beans.. maybe.. It is going to be interesting.. guaranteed there is going to be some changes from my perspective…. People on the bottom are scared.. they were before now it terrifying.. no rent.. no utilities..

  5. For those interested in the notion the virus was engineered, the past two days of video covid summaries from Peak Prosperity are extremely detailed on the virus biology. The author is also leaning to the conclusion Covid-19 was an engineered virus using gain of function research. Anyway, engineered or not, escaped or not, most of our personal decisions are not affected, by how the virus appeared. The virus is out there and likely will be for a long time, we need to personally understand how to live with it. From some of the symptoms, certain parts of the population get, death or long term damage. Try to avoid it (always wear a mask in public and only interact closely with others wearing a mask), and if you get it, get early treatment (much better outcomes), don’t risk toughing it out, and hopefully start anti-viral and anti-clotting actions early in the infection cycle.

  6. “If there was hope, it must lie in the proles, because only there, in those swarming disregarded masses, eighty-five percent of the population of Oceania, could the force to destroy the Party ever be generated. The Party could not be overthrown from within. Its enemies, if it had any enemies, had no way of coming together or even of identifying one another. Even if the legendary Brotherhood existed, as just possibly it might, it was inconceivable that its members could ever assemble in larger numbers than twos and threes. Rebellion meant a look in the eyes, an inflection of the voice; at the most, an occasional whispered word. But the proles, if only they could somehow become conscious of their own strength, would have no need to conspire. They need only to rise up and shake themselves like a horse shaking off flies. If they chose they could blow the Party to pieces tomorrow morning. Surely sooner or later it must occur to them to do it.”

    ? George Orwell, 1984

  7. Ventura County California begins removal … (of covid positive people)
    Contact Tracing of Homes

    Better add another bathroom for each person in your house or you could be taken to another “location”

    And beware the murder hornets.

    • “Ventura County California begins removal … (of covid positive people)
      Contact Tracing of Homes”

      Around here.. they have been using the motels to house those with the virus..

  8. George, other than yet another iXXXX Appleism, you’ve stated my own approach to life quite well. Yesterday you reviewed how you chose your property and the reasoning for it. I independently followed a similar approach before buying my place, though I did see and walk it first. Choices frame our next choices, and that’s reality.

    I enjoy making old stuff last – either by repairing or repurposing. Both have saved me untold thousands of dollars. Others take a different view with different consequences. That’s choice!

    BTW, in my state, you can build the car of your dreams and register it legally for the road. We only require the basics. Unfortunately, MVD is closed for the duration of this plandemic. We do have a stupid tax structure, but it’s far easier to deal with than that of the really high tax states.

    • bbbc

      I received a copy of this video from 4 different senders yesterday. It certainly must have gone viral and on the surface appears to be a well documented conspiracy theory. As a hopeless science truth seeker, I decided to do some digging.

      You might want to go to and put this lady’s name in search – Judy Mikovits. Seems she certainly has some credibility issues and not a lot of respect if any, from the scientific community.

      Best regards,

      • Snopes has been discredited. Check out the seedy background of the truth-checkers. I wouldn’t trust them to tell me their correct names. I suggest using other fact-check sites.

    • Interviews with said former employee(Dr. Judy Mikovits) along with much other useful information is on Search for “Dr. Judy” since her last name has multiple alternate spellings. There’s a major effort to suppress what she has to say, and IMHO, that’s all the more reason to read, listen and evaluate it. I have an open mind regarding alternatives, though I’ll test/verify to the best of my ability. Like everyone else, she’s neither all right nor all wrong.

      Youtube and Vimeo has seen fit to remove all such videos that they can find. They’re still a useful resource for mainstream topics, but they’re so shy around diverse opinions that they ban indiscriminately.

    • I just sold a mountain bike on Craigslist & he paid using PayPal. He paid for it using PayPal, stopped by & picked it up, & off he went in a hands free, socially distant, sterile transaction. No human interaction. I guess that is where we are headed.

  9. Israel just came out with a cure for Covid-19. That’s right, a cure not a vaccine. Leave it to us Jewz to figure out a way to avoid the vaccines. Or the bill too.

      • George Conway was one of the first, and is one of the loudest “never-Trumpers” to have crawled out of the woodwork since John Ellis (Jeb) Bush dropped out of the Presidential race in 2016.

        Although married to KellyAnne Conway, who’s an actual conservative, George is a neocon of the Kagan-Cheney school — Remember, Jeb was one of the original founders of the PNAC, along with Bill Kristol (whom CNN and MSNBC both use as a “conservative commentator,” and used as a foil against Paul, Cruz, and Trump during the debates), GHW Bush, Kagan, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Wolfowitz, Bill Bennet, Gary Bauer, Frank Gaffney, etc.

        These folks are all Republicans, but NONE OF THEM are conservative…

        To put it simply: Neocons are socialist Liberals, who splintered off from the Democratic Party philosophy (held by both Dems and “East Coast Republicans”) in the 1960s, because they had a nationalistic view of socialism (socialism is good, as long as we are the ones running it), rather than an internationalist view (socialism is good, no matter who is running it.) If you look, you can find lots of material, both learnéd treatises and opinion pieces, describing the schism within “Leftist society” in the 1960s, from which neoconservatism sprang.

        If you look up PNAC on wackypedia, you’ll read that it began in about 1996. This is deliberately inaccurate (and a reason I never use Wikipedia for more than a “quick and dirty” outline, for a starting point on research which is at all meaningful.) It actually began in the Study at the Naval Observatory, in 1982.

        George Conway is one of those people without a solution, who would rather see the Nation fail, and end up a 3rd world sh!thole with little girls, and their moms, hooking in the streets for crumbs of bread, than see the Socialist worldview which infected the State Department in the 1950s and Congress in the 1970s, go away, and see the United States return to honoring the contract they implemented in 1789.

        I consider anything he says or writes to likely be anti-American and take it all in with the same level of extreme reservation that I do when one of the talkers or “news” faces has Cheney, or Rove, or Bennett on their show in a guest spot as an “expert.” These guys know their stuff, but they invariably choose to bend it into a hegemonic world-view.

        The U.S. is not an empire, it is a sovereign nation amongst many. We have no business, trying to influence other nations into becoming subservient to us, or bribing them (which is what “foreign Aid” is) to maintain a “say” in their internal politics. We need to stop oligarchs and other nations from bribing or invading us, either physically or legislatively.

        George Conway would disagree with me…

      • Ray, that was well written and on target, thank you

        Ure a good George,?,CONway a bad George

      • TOBD, I’ve been watching the PNAC since about 1992, when I began to become truly politically aware and noticed the glaring differences between Reagan and Bush — and wondered “why.” Shortly thereafter, Vichy(sic) Nuland crept out from under her rock and onto my radar, and I backtracked her to hubby (Kagan), thence to the “discussion group” in VP Bush’s study. As I’ve told George several times, there’s nothing more-dangerous to the United States than when the VP has a higher security clearance than the President. Rumsfeld is the only prominent neocon for whom I have any respect, but I’d not trust him with my Country…

  10. George, check’s in the mail. I spent it before it’s worth-less, so you do likewise. The hook- Chris Tyreman entry…
    Just so you know we’re on the same page. And what a page we weave!
    Now I can text my son the civil engineer ( graduate of UAA )
    in a hunkered – down “Anchoragua”. Thanks to you I can show that UAF rules the day.
    He scoffed at me @9-11, and stated “they” showed in his classes that fire could have brought down the buildings. And I had tried my hand at the discipline back in 71′. I’m vindicated !
    Well ,he was only 8 years old when I explained that “just doesn’t happen on its own-it had some help!”and “welcome to
    NWO up close and in your face!” to the adults in the room.

  11. “tearing down borders in a serious attempt to turn America into another Venezuela-like Third World sh!t-hole”

    Bear in-mind only 25 years ago Venezuela was the wealthiest nation in South America and Caracas was the “emerald of the Americas.”

    The Venezuelans VOTED themselves into poverty and subservience. It took less than 10 years for them to go from a modern, “Western democracy” to said outhouse basement…

    “While a single lightweight low-powered car – like a 1956 VW Beetle… …really will get you anywhere in the world.

    Thing is, you see, you can’t even make the ultra-light, energy efficient vehicle anymore because…
    …GOVERNMENT has become a partisan in how all this plays out. So we have stupid 5-mile per hour bumper laws”

    What? You don’t like wrestling with 300 pound bumper assemblies…? When I’ve commented that my ’36 International pickup, with its heavy steel panels, weighed in at ~2700 pounds, and my ’93 Ford, made of light steel and plastic, is over ~5800, what I was getting at was this very point. Granted, the International tops-out at ~50mph, going downhill with a tailwind and the F150 will run 80mph all day long, I could drop something ballsier than a 28hp International-4 and make it go much faster, without adding much weight. I haven’t taken the C-1 on a trip, but I’d be surprised if it got less than 25mpg — the F150 hovers around 12.6…

    • “The Venezuelans VOTED themselves into poverty and subservience.”

      And I think we have been to.. we keep voting in the same worthless monkeys election after election.. the good thing is this election I have not heard any of the usual dead horse issues.. I am still waiting though.. someone is going to bring up abortion or border control.. LOL… or the inflating medical costs..

  12. Hey I And y, have you run into that new covid “snowflake vaccine” yet down there in the Sunshine State? I think it’s centered around Wickee-Whatchee. You be there aren’t you?

  13. Hmmmm….”Search lights Casting
    for Faults in the
    Clouds of Delusion” -dreadful great

    Released: January 1, 2007 on the homepage of Boston Federal Reserve – Wishes & Rainbows.

    W&R is comic for Students to Learn about Money.

    Read the teachers Guide 1st = Road to Roota.

    Some Clues for those with developing Skills to read “between the Lines”..

    – Black &White World = current petro dollar regime.

    – Color World = New Money/System

    – Grandma Character is Arthur Burns

    – Roota is Alan Greenspan

    In the comic book story Roota is pictured writing 9 , 11 in the sand. When 9/11 occurred it seemed as though they predicted or foreshadowed..turns out it was a marker -I think..

    9/11/08 – Electronic Run on the Fed/CB

    9/11/19 – REPO – Run on the Bank

    9/11/20 – ?

    Road to Roota Theory = people within Govt/Military looking to take DOWN the CB’s.

    One of the 20 some Questions posed in the Teachers Guide is ; How do we Allocate the New Money?

    !! They did NOT Know at the time??

    Big Hairy Crazy Ass Clue – Alan Greenspan ( Programmer Extraordinaire) left the FED in 2007, 2 years later Satoshis’ White Paper comes out = BITCOIN.

    Wonder if Paul Tudor Jones got wind of Road to Roota or is it Root A ?

    BTC =$9800 going into the Halvening next week, BCN is buying any DIP into $8000 range.

    Keep printing Bitches – BTN will keep BTC/GOLD/SILVER – these people R Noopid!

  14. Bring it on! It doesn’t get any better than this!
    I’ll have to start engraving the
    ” Alaska Guide Stones” in order to preserve this day in history.
    ” this should be” says Yoda to the Dark Lord…

  15. In my state 50% of those who have died of CV19 were 80 or older.

    92% of those who have died of CV19 were 60 or older.

    AT LEAST 30% of those who have died were in nursing homes (the State wasn’t collecting the nursing home numbers prior to mid April but one newspapers in the state calculated from the reported deaths that AT LEAST 30% of those who died were nursing home residents)

    For our state the hospitalization rate is 1/16 per 100,000 that of New York State (and even considerably less than that compared to NY City – since NY City skews the NY State stats) and our death rate is 1/12 per 100,000 of New York State (and even considerably less than that of NYC for the same reason)

    I think that real world data SHOCKS most people, particularly most liberals, who assume people in fly over country are dying left and right since the NY City experience is what they see on the MSM nightly

    Because most of the Mass Media is based in NY City the disaster that has befallen NYC, particularly it’s outer boroughs, is being sold to the country as THE NORM for CV19, but it is NOT.

    NY City, Boston, Phildelphia, Chicago, and yes even DC all places with hotbed breakouts of CV19 and all have one thing in common that MOST of the US does not share with them … crowded MASS TRANSIT.

    NY City in particular has a very very dirty mass transit system that millions ride daily, twice a day, cheek to jowl, in order to get to and from work. (they don’t have “packers” like Tokyo’s subway does … but it is almost as crowded in those NY City subway cars during rush hour)

    Why do you think the infection rate in Manhatten is so much less than the Bronx or Brooklyn (about 1/4 – 1/3 or so if I recall correctly)? Because Manhattenites do NOT have to ride the subway as much to get around, particularly to and from work daily during rush hour. Those from the outlying boroughs HAVE to ride the dirty and crowded NY City subway to get to and from their jobs, and in fact to get much of anywhere in the city that they want to go to.

    LA, which metro wise is almost the same size as metro NY City, has only had about 1/15-1/20 the level of infections (even fewer level of deaths) of NY City … so what makes it so different?

    LA has virtually NO mass transit where people are crowded in cheek to jowl twice a day like NY City has. (of course if the Liberals had their way it would)

    If one can avoid the cheek to jowl experience of being around people (which isn’t just the riding mass transit situation but can include things like the crowds at Mardi Gras – ala New Orlean’s problem, or big sports /convention /concert events) one’s risk dynamics wrt CV19 are low … and if one is under 60, not working in a setting with CV19 patients, in good health, and NOT riding mass transit, the CV19 risk level is extremely low.

    ALL of the US Models that they sold us on as to the CV19 infection rates and the severity of those infections were WRONG. WRONG!!

    Those Models ALL appeared to be based upon the entire population of the US living /working /socializing like the people of NY City … ie: cheek to jowl daily living … but such is NOT how most of the people in the US live/exist. It may be how those in NY City and a few other places live/exist, but it is NOT how most in the rest of the country do.

    Of course is the MSM ever going to put the blame on the cheek to jowl living model (particularly it’s mass transit dynamics) for the CV19 explosing in NY City? NOPE … because that is how THEY, the MSM writers and producers believe that is how people should live, so of course they can “save the environment” – by crowding people together.

    Anyway … I am glad I live in fly over land and with everyday normal precautions my risk level with CV19 is probably lower than with the seasonal flu since I seem to never take any precautions for that annual event.

    Stay safe everyone!!

  16. In an imperfect world, nothing is ever perfect. I prefer to ask myself “What needs doing now… ahead of everything else?” Urgency and time-critical things float to the top… always.

    And with the noon release, here are the HAWAII VIRUS STATS FROM HDOH:
    Total cases: 629 (3 newly reported)
    Hawai’i County: 74
    Honolulu County: 408
    Kaua’i County: 21
    Maui County: 116†
    Pending: 0
    Residents diagnosed outside of Hawai‘i: 10
    Required Hospitalization: 74‡
    Hawaii deaths: 17
    Released from Isolation: 565§
    Cumulative totals as of 12:00pm, May 7, 2020

    Three new cases in Honolulu.

  17. Today begins the Hawaii Governor’s “Safer at Home” proclamation that eases restrictions on some low-contact businesses. Crowd gathering functions still prohibited. Masks required everywhere any face-to-face business happens, even drive-thru windows.

    Several hundred tourists still come to Hawaii daily. Quarantines for 14 days still in effect for incoming visitors. One newlywed couple arrived, got to the hotel for quarantine, and promptly busted quarantine by getting a pizza and eating it at a closed public park. They were arrested, cited for a $5,000 fine, and sent back to the mainland the next day.

    If we the locals have to endure this… so do you damn inconsiderate tourists! Our Hawaii virus numbers are low and we want to keep it that way, even if our economy is a shambles. Hawaii has the highest unemployment rate of any state now.

  18. mate am so lucky .. I get to read brother George every day .. I get humour, truth , facts , ideas , history , progression in one easy read place .. good on yah mate .. so good.. shortin hard brother .. yep I love it !!!

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