Decrypting Data

Big discussions today on Fed Repo actions, the rise of Non-depository “banks,” the Berlin Wall 30-years later, and some business activity numbers.     We’ll stick mostly with useful numbers and concepts this morning.

All worthwhile ponders as we continue watching the Great American Subpoena Festival in the District of Corruption.

After some caffeine, headlines, and a deep dive into our charts.

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George Ure
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16 thoughts on “Decrypting Data”

  1. I’m not sure I would recognize a fintech non-depository bank if I saw it. With JPMorgan alleged to have just made a rather massive cull in it’s mortgage portfolio, it looks like depository banks might be getting into the act of culling weak loan portfolios. What would be more interesting is to get a handle on where these loans originated, where the properties are located, the demographics of the mortgagees whose loans are being offloaded, and the types of loans involved. Something seems to be brewing, and as in the 2008 era, we will be the last to catch on.

  2. Just when you thought.. LOL..

    a couple of years ago I started to read about an aids like virus that had gone airborne… but it was questionable..since the reports I had read had just vanished.. then today I was scanning the paper.. and there on page five.. the article of a new aids virus being discovered.. now it didn’t mention that it was more agressive and untreatable.. or that it was possibly spread like the flu..
    but still scary..

    I thought CRE would be the next plague.. and had heard that it may be going airborne to..
    the fact that we treat it way different than in other countries also alarmed me.. thankfully G2 and a few others including the gentlemant that discovered it in israel convinced me to not go near it when we were asked to take care of someone with it.(I never read so much material in such a short period of time as I did then..). started with one person is now in all states.. fifty percent die twenty percent linger and thirty percent don’t even know they have it.. sad and scary..

  3. RE: Inflation
    You wrote: “A good barometer, though, is the PGM group. Gold, silver, platinum – all those inflation-sensitive’s – are worth careful study at this point.”

    Comment: Having studied the Precious Metals (alleged) market for years, I have learned they are virtually worthless as inflation indicators. Gold and Silver are the most heavily manipulated and “capped” prices around… even more so than stocks. Yeah, the miners are manipulated also. This inflation monitor has been broken for decades. They don’t want a repeat of the early 80s when gold prices took off in response to inflation.

    • Long ago on Peoplenomics, I recommended owning a very long term position in gold. (Just one round, thanks). Aquired in 2000 for $276 an oz.that “lone round” is nearly $1460…well ahead of “official inflation” It’s not any better than the bond market, close in, but like tillable farm land, there’s some long-term value to it.

  4. My banker said that there was a shortage of $100 bills and soon you might have to order over a certain amount. Not sure means for the future.

  5. George’s comment: “Though, if you asked me earlier in life what I thought a country going through impeachment, with 120%^ national debt to GDP, an ongoing coup against a sitting president, and a global trade war would be doing, I’d have told you things ought to be crashing and hoarding of food rampant. Not so, however. Such is the “inverse logic of modern life.”  Go figure. Figure what makes sense and then do the opposite seems to be how it works nowadays.”

    No truer words have been spoken. I have been trying to make sense of the situation & George spelled it out in a few coherent sentences. It just can’t go on forever, or can it? Is this the “Trump Magic”? Some people just seem to “get er done” no matter what is going on around them. But Mother Nature eventually punishes the naughty. Without Trump, it may be sooner than later.

  6. I have been thinking about taking an Alaskan Cruise & yesterday I was reading a book and a honeymoon couple took an Alaskan Cruise that was hijacked by Pirates. It was a side story in the book, & it didn’t fit. It had nothing to do with the main plot of the book, but there it was. Why was it there, I asked. I put my thoughts of the cruise on hold. Maybe Iceland would be better, or I could go to Greenland since it will be part of th USA soon.

      • No, they were white military trained, heavily armed mercenaries in ski masks. They were requesting a ransom from the cruise line & executed a passenger each hour the cruise line did not make the $ transfer to their Swiss Account. Also, they had no exit plan & the ship was surrounded out of sight by the US Military. The hero took them down just before a boarding of Navy Seals who got all the credit.The whole thing made no sense, except to warn me.

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