Decoding Job #s (ViseGrips and Bubbles series)

Let’s talk about the Bubble we’re in first.

As you know, on the subscriber side ( we keep track of a broad-spectrum market indicator – the Aggregate Index.  Something really remarkable has been going on there.

Just in the past week, this measure has climbed (Thursday to Thursday) from 40824.14 to  41754.78 at yesterday’s close.

My point?   Oh, just that the market is up 2.28 percent in a shitty news weekChina is telling people to hoard food for this winter, locusts are on their way to the “breadbasket of the world” and the Federal Debt to the Penny reveals America has an approximately 150%  Debt to GDP ratio.  $28.908 trillion in debt now – more if you count owed interest – more like $50+ trillion then – but let’s not quibble.

The Ship of State is going on the rocks.

“But Wait – There’s More!”

Normally, a captain of any creds would “put the wheel hard over” to avoid dashing ship, crew, and cargos on unfriendly shores.

Not this Bozo.

He’s pulling the rug out from under any hope of supply chain restoration.  Because the egregious power grab  of mandates will almost certainly break America for sure in Q2 2023.  Notwithstanding the lefty apologists, which in our view includes NY Times reports like What the Biden Vaccine Mandate Means For You.  Yeah – falling lifestyles.

Mismanaging the data on Covid is one thing (more on this as we ramble through this dark alley of leftover Halloween terrors in a sec.).  The Bozo-in-Chief is also blowing smoke up everyone’s arse on climate.  Then he arrogantly virtue signals this:  Biden says it was a “big mistake” for China to opt out of climate conference…

No, Slow, it was not a mistake.  Old Brandon has been sucked into punishing America.  When the fact is more than 50 percent of pollution comes from China.  Russia’s a pumper-dumper, too.  With less than 25% of the problem we’re getting 75 percent of the government power, regulation, tax grabs, and story-telling.

It’s really much, much deeper than this.  The Wokes and the Obama implants are running the country off the socialist rails.  With plans to one-down us compared to Venezuela.  Need examples?  (Come on, you dog-face pony soldier, you can’t be that isolated, can you?)  Well, just one, then…

Biden’s spending priorities look like a drunk in a liquor store if you consider Biden’s Build Back Better plan calls for 185 times more spending on climate than future pandemic preparedness.   Welcome to “Slow Learning 101.”

Before Dicing Jobs…

Three historical contexts are in order.  Because the phony markets (read: craps game out back in the online alley) are set to hype the living shit out of whatever the number is that comes this morning.

Sad truth?  (Which we deal heavily in, around here…)  At BEST we will remain in 2018 employment levels.

Two examples, so let’s pay attention because Ure has been up since the wee hours working over government databases to get at some ground truth here.

Let’s begin with this data series:

Two yellow highlights:  The lower one (right) was where seasonally adjusted private employment stood over a 10-year period.  This offers hope that today’s data will be able to make it into at least the spring of 2018.

But look at the lower (right) highlighted number and look next cell left.  See it?  125,252(p) were working in August and then 125,569 (p) in September.  Widely hailed as 317,000 workers!  Whee!

Well, except this is where Ure trots out the Bullshit Detector – which strips out Seasonal Adjustments because we know this is all made-up crap to con voters.  Real unadjusted numbers got worse last month.  See this data series of “clean” numbers:

Using the un-buggered numbers, we didn’t make it out of 2017 levels.  Oh, and the REAL (un ‘effed with) data says 223,000 FEWER people were working.  Not the buzz, huh?

KEY TAKEAWAY:  When you see in a press release “On a Seasonally Adjusted Basis”  it really means “We’re lying to you.”    They will argue that there are exceptional seasonal effects…but like our Aggregate Index view of markets, the key to understanding how the game is rigged is to start with honest numbers.  How terribly unjust, privileged, and old-school, huh?

Now Let’s Read the Fairytale

Just out from Labor (ta-dah!):

Total nonfarm payroll employment rose by 531,000 in October, and the unemployment rate edged down by 0.2 percentage point to 4.6 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Job growth was widespread, with notable job gains in leisure and hospitality, in professional and business services, in manufacturing, and in
transportation and warehousing. Employment in public education declined over the month.”

But, let’s claw a little deeper into this:  “Nonfarm employment rose by 531,000” is crap because if you have the brains to open the tables you find only how many more people were actually working?

But hey, all designed to hype markets which were up in the preopen up 81 on the Dow and 12 something on the ess and pee.  Lil more reality, then?

Let’s see how much of the (purported, illusory, statistical) gains were estimated into existence, shall we?  Jump right to the yellow highlight:

Over here is the CES Birth Death Model.  Essentially this is where the statisticians get to put “mad-up jobs” which is embodied in large part by the touting of “the Gig Economy.”  Look where the “employment gains” were and then tell me if it all passes the reasonableness test?

To Recap:

  • Press release hypes 531,000 jobs.
  • Actual number of new bodies laboring for taxes is 359,000.
  • Number of jobs “estimated into existence” (i.e. made-up) 363,000.

Which means zero jobs progress which is why it feels that way around the ‘hood.

Feel better, now?

After all this, the markets are set to roll higher-still.  The fix is in, the casino crooked, and you’re screwed.  On a seasonally adjusted basis, of course.

Short Takes

Oh, look:  World’s first crypto bubble mayor!  New York mayor-elect Eric Adams to take first 3 paychecks in bitcoin.

Price on their heads:  US offers $10m bounty for Colonial Pipeline hackers.  full page ad in 2600 maybe?

How many words can be written about Standard Time comes back Sunday?  Try this NY Times bit to find out.  Turning Back the Clock.  Trivia point:  Daylight Savings Time was adopted by the US in 1918 – so can you imagine how many trees died for newsprint to support the “daylight time industry?”

Global Warming Progress!  Yes, see in the article 3 Degrees Celsius Global Warming Would Devastate Planet, we see how it’s now Bangkok which will be underwater.  Yeah!  Score one for the Alarmists who missed NYC being underwater by 2000…

Assuming Taiwan isn’t invaded this cycle… More likely now after the ‘jing winter Games, but much depends on their CV disaster in the wings, did you notice where China to hold Taiwan independence supporters criminally liable.?

One other Al Jazeera piece: See where  Peru confirms new moderate-left cabinet ?   Maybe we could trade them the US Congress and a future 2024 draft pick? Which would get rid of the squid.

Just in time for Global War?  Russia’s Navy might get two new nuclear submarines in 2022.  Let’s see, with China’s 0095 series….and American sub drivers who run into things (Navy fires leaders of USS Connecticut after underwater mountain collision)  This 2024’ish event could be really “short and flashy.”

Off to exercise my table muscles.

Tomorrow, more obsequious economics on the Peoplenomics side of the House.

With luck, the Email notifications have been fixed – we’ll see…

And don’t forget ShopTalk Sunday here on…well, if you need help…

Write when you get rich,

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73 thoughts on “Decoding Job #s (ViseGrips and Bubbles series)”

  1. And I am very anit use of nuclear warfare. Just so we are clear. I have done everything in my own power to detour the timeliness away from that senerio and I know I’m not the only one to do so. Something, far above my understanding obviously knows where I’m going to be long before I get there. I’m not sure how I feel about that. I have to trust that it is a good thing. A guiding presence. Puts a whole new understanding tho on “free will”.. especially with all the mistakes and other choices I could have made to not end up at the Eric Chuch concert. And yet I made evey perfect mistake and perfect positive choice in concert to end up right there anyway. Something knows that I would. Or did I create it myself. Did a time traveler leave me that totem? Looking back on my past to know I would be there. I mean that was 4 months before Eric Church ever booked his concert Mr Ure. And I was there the exact day. On Halloween night at midnight with Control above me and those Dark silouttess looking straight down at me on the next to the sound man and the portal to back stage. Took one single picture and it was an exact match as the totem I found 10 months prior to me being there. And 8 months before even having the job that would land me there at that moment.

    I respect great skill such as that. That is an amazing wonder expression of skill. For demonstration purposes I presume. The odds of all that happening. With every single choice I would make and every single mistake that could have happened to not put me there at exactly then but it happend anyway. Well… that is pause for consideration. They must know me. To do something like that. I had to have done something to warrant that sorta attention. I had to be able to comprehend that sorta display of work and power. And I did and I do. And It doesn’t scare me at all. Most people the mind would real in discomfort and wonder the meaning of it all. I didn’t take it as a flex upon me. To say. You don’t know shit man. We know where your going to be 10 months before you do no matter what mistakes you make. Because the monkey can run with that shit. No doubt about that. The only reason some one or something would make such a display of power and knowledge. Would be to say. We see you. And now you see us. Because a display like that shows one’s hand. It shows what they can see and do. They made theirs elves known that day. And I acknowledge it. Make no mistake. I doubt they make theirs evels known to many people.

    So what is next. My answer is to them. Show me the money. You know I’m a good man. And no matter how powerful you are. That won’t change. I’m not perfect. I’m not an Angel. I’m a human. And if you are going to do such a display of eloquence and think enough of me to do so. Kick me down some financial resources. It’s getting spendy to maintain this course should we continue on like this.



  2. If I had just shown up here from some other place in the galaxy without any fore knowledge of this planet I think that my first reaction would be that it appears that the people running this rock are purposely trying to destroy it.

    My second reaction would be to leave for more sane climates.

    • Amen Maj.. my thoughts exactly..what’s even more discouraging is look at what they are destroying it for..
      The rise and fall of all civilizations revolves around GREED of an item or thing that holds no value at all..

  3. Make no mistake Mr Ure. Those who rule this world. Those who really rule this world. Anyone who can place me at a concert to take the exact picture of what I found in a dressing room 10 months in advance prior to every single decision I would make during that entire time frame and every single decision made by others to place me there. Money ain’t shit to them. When you have that kind of power. When you are that far advanced in skill. We are all gullible fools to people playing at that level. I can operate there at times. Not all the time and they must know that or they would have never shown themselves to me. It wasn’t a threat. I know that much. It was more of an invitation to play or join. And I’m thinking about that. Thinking alot about it. So we will see what else they come up with. Be friendly or not.
    Mine is the fantasy. God is the mystery of it all. And I now see them. And they see me. And THE DUDE? He is watching all of us.

    Very exciting times. I assure you.

    I am truly Blessed and High Fortunate. It is my hope! You are as well.

    Cue: ~ Hotel California ~
    The Eagles.

  4. George, great article today! Numbers lie and liars use numbers. You are nailing them with your excellent analysis. I would like to add my 2 cents to what is happening by the crooks. CANCEL CULTURE-Pardon if a little long but tried showing how it is tied together with the underlying corruption and Marxist agenda.

    If we don’t get a grip on the Media and their cancel culture, we are sunk as a country. This includes Social Media, Print Media, and Broadcast Media. Yes, most are public companies and can supposedly do what they want within the law including using Freedom of the Press that protects some of them, or like JP Morgan Chase in the silver market manipulations, outside of the law.

    Whomever controls communications controls the message. Control the message and you can control the sheeple…i.e., those that cannot reason, think for themselves, or have lick of common sense, which seems to be many people in America and the World.

    The people controlling communications and getting the news first have always had the advantage. It has been that way since the relay runners in ancient Greece, and Carrier Pigeons used by the City of London Rothschild bankers with the Napoleonic and other wars they financed on both sides. It is still that way with companies that have computers next to the exchanges that can front run orders by thousands of a second. Kind of like Fed Governors front running Fed moves and announcements, and insider trading, knowing what the Fed will announce and do. Are they under indictment or in jail? No! A rigged game.

    ATT at one time controlled every telecommunication in the U.S. until they got too big for their breeches and were gouging the public and then Anti-Trust became necessary. ATT did not have exemptions from lawsuits like the current Left Coast Social Media companies are provided via 47 USC Section 230 of the Communications Act, Protection against Blocking and Screening. You can sue other media types for Libel which is there to stop them from spreading lies about non-public people, but it is hands off for the Social Media boys and girls.

    Marshal McCluhan a Canadian philosopher and author from the 60s stated, “The medium is the message”. He predicted the internet in 1962, 28 years before the WWW appeared. McCluhan coined the term ‘The Global Village’. He foresaw one informational forum. That medium has become a one-sided message. And that message has evolved becoming Progressive/Socialist/Marxist/Communist. When a social media company can cancel the messages from a U.S. President and cancel the President’s account so that his messaging that questions the leftist narrative is not received by the people, you have a propaganda machine. Likewise for others questioning the Socialist/Marxist Agendas being espoused on Social Networks.

    We don’t need a bunch of liberal leftists running the Social Media networks deciding what is right and wrong for us. We have brains and common-sense and can derive our own opinions. It is like the leftist trolls that attack anyone with a conservative opinion or knowledge that post comments that disproves some of their leftist narratives or beliefs. They are ostriches-Don’t bother me with the truth, I have my head in the sand, and like it down here.

    Zuckerberg thinks he is a genius by breaking his conglomerate into a multitude of companies and calling them Meta. Get in front of any future effort by the Government (if it ever changes back to an unbiased honest DOJ) that would “ATT” them via the Clayton Anti-Trust Act, or when and if at some future time Congress repeals Section 230. The oversized conglomerate is not the problem. The big problem is a telecommunications conglomerate that tries to determine who or what philosophy or facts the public should be allowed to see. That would have been like ATT not allowing conservatives, or John Birchers to have telephone access. Both Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey of Twitter act like the chief of Nazi propaganda, Goebbels.

    Their ‘we know better than you cancel culture’ must be stopped by no longer exempting them from lawsuits that allow people to sue them into oblivion for their abuses. No legal exemptions for crooks, commies, and entities that cancel people for their political opinions…i.e., the 1st Amendment right to Free Speech. And that would include the drug companies that are currently exempt from lawsuits on their “Covid” vaccines that are killing and injuring people.

    The drug companies literally spend $$Billions$$ every year on advertising their drugs on the television networks and in print media. They advertise drugs with more potential side effects than benefits. Latuda—sounds like a bad case of the trots, one of its many side effects. They advertise drugs that individual people cannot run down to the drugstore and buy like in Mexico. What are you supposed to do after seeing the ad, call and say Hi Doc, can I have some Latuda? Where is the common sense and sanity?

    How many billions could be cut out of the cost of drugs if advertising for drugs were stopped on the networks? Let the Doctors do their jobs and study drug efficacy, which a few of the brave ones speaking out against vaccines have been doing and by doing so they are losing their jobs and licenses. How many billions would no longer go into the pockets of the Networks? Are the networks going to commit to stories that challenge one of their biggest sources of revenue, drug advertising, by discussing anything negative about their Covid vaccines? Are the networks going to inform the public that there is a better cheaper alternative that was previously approved for human use and won the Nobel prize rather than the COVID vaccines? No, they are going to call Ivermectin a Horse de-wormer like CNN and other networks do to mislead the public for the drug companies that pay them billions. How many pockets are being padded from the Covid lies? How many $Billions$ were shared from the use of Remdesivir, a dangerous drug that costs thousands of dollars for a round of treatment and doesn’t cure Covid by itself and even kills people, rather than telling the truth about Ivermectin an approved drug for decades that cures Covid and costs a few bucks? It was the FDA and CDC recommending that treatment in the hospitals for COVID. They didn’t recommend drugs in their hospital protocols that were already approved, cheap, and proven to work. Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, Budesonide, and Decadron.

    How do you get cancelled? If you don’t go along with their lies and narrative, they will LABEL you and CANCEL you. They will lie and create a narrative that you are against America, or you are a White Racist. Have you heard them call anyone a Black Racist? Kaepernick, Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and the many others. They sure as hell hate white people, but you don’t hear them called Black Racists.

    People that speak out and question the lies and narrative are not against America, we are against those that are killing the things that made America great. Just question the government narrative on Covid. Your freedom to travel, your right to work and to earn a living, to attend events, or to question the government has been limited. It is a test to see how easy it is to herd the sheep. Australia was a stage 2 test. Totalitarianism over a vaccine. And it succeeded. And now Canada is saying that either you get vaccinated by the 30th, or you can never fly again.

    If you question the vaccine and don’t follow along like a good little duck and decide to not get vaxxed for Covid, you are losing your freedoms because some old senile fool that is residing in the White House says so without the legal authority to do so. It is a con and a bluff!

    If you question the election, you are labeled a ‘conspiracy theorist’ or worse yet you are labeled a ‘domestic terrorist’ ready to commit insurrection and you are cancelled on social media or put in Facebook or Twitter jail. I never enrolled in any social media years ago because I knew who was behind them. 3 Letter Agencies. Track your contacts, track your habits, track the places you visit, track your interests, build a total profile on you. I have nothing to hide and I am not a revolutionary, I just like my privacy, freedom, liberty, and the Bill of Rights.

    If you question Obama’s place of birth, you are labeled a “birther” and you are cancelled, or worse yet if you have evidence like Joe Arpaio the sheriff did that Obama wasn’t born in the U.S., they will indict you . How did Obama come out of the blue as a Community Organizer with a past that could not be verified at schools, or locales? Was he an Operation Monarch Manchurian Candidate, because he was picked for an agenda? Formulate class warfare where it does not exist. He tried playing that OLD race card again in Virginia campaigning for McAuliffe and he fell flat on his ass. Make people think that slavery still exists, and blacks are kept down. By whom? Was Obama a 3 Letter Agency asset again like controlled the Bushes and Clintons?

    If you question how Arabs that were not highly trained jet pilots could accurately fly sophisticated planes into two buildings turning the wings at impact to take out as many floors as possible without stalling them out, you are labeled a whacko conspiracy theorist and are cancelled. If you are an IFR certified pilot, you understand ILS CAT III C Autoland systems and how a beacon in a building could control the plane as if it were approaching a runway with ZERO visibility. Remotely controlled Autoland systems were put into commercial planes when all the hijackings were happening. And they can now be used to land a plane in zero visibility, even though taxiing could be a problem. How can a plane flown by a bunch of camel jockeys with zero experience in type, fly a passenger jet and skim along the ground and hit the Pentagon in the exact location where an audit was being conducted of the $2.3 Trillion missing from the Pentagon that was announced the day before 9/11 by Rumsfield? Perfect hole. $2.3 Trillion forgotten about the next day because of 9/11. Don’t question why, buy the narrative or you are a “conspiracy theorist”.

    If you question how building 7 and other buildings were brought down on 9/11 without a plane or debris hitting them, you are labeled a conspiracy theorist and are cancelled.

    If you question why Obama and Hillary stopped our military from rescuing Americans under attack in Benghazi and why Obama fired the military leaders in charge in the area almost immediately thereafter, you are labeled a warmonger and radical conservative and a conspiracy theorist and are cancelled.

    If you question how Black Lives Matter or Antifa can get away with burning Federal Buildings and burning Police Departments without being arrested, you are labeled a White Racist and cancelled. If you question why the Capitol police were opening doors for the protesters on January 6th, or why buses were unloading people that looked like Antifa types all dressed in black with black masks and black backpacks, and were causing the destruction on January 6th, you are labeled a Domestic Terrorist and Insurrectionist that should never question a crooked election.

    Question how Hillary could erase computer files that were under subpoena, or why hundreds of millions in donations to her foundation suddenly appeared after she sold off our uranium to the Russians, but there were no investigations then you are in the “50% of Trump supporters” that are a “Basket of Deplorables” that are “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic”, because that liar named Hillary said so. You are not fitting her lying narrative and you are cancelled.

    Obama said in 2008 that people in small towns are “bitter” and “cling to guns or religion’. Hell yes, we are “bitter” about all the continuous lies from Democrats. I am really “bitter” about $1.7 Billion in Cash in crates sent to Iran mullahs so it couldn’t be traced as planned and executed by Obama, Biden, and Kerry when we have veterans sleeping under bridges; and I am “bitter” about all the Chinese Biden deals in the billions; and totally “Bitter” about the election fraud that has been videotaped and admitted to and forensically determined. Was I supposed to cling to your lies Obama? Hey Obama, do you and your White House puppet Biden see, why we “cling to guns and religion”? It isn’t religion, we just pray that you lying SOBs are eventually brought to justice. This is part of Liberal elitism that has surfaced and if you disagree, you will be cancelled on any communications media from the Social Networks to the Liberal Broadcasting networks. He lies/you question it, and you are cancelled.

    The Bottom Line: If you are NOT a good little duck and follow the Marxism and Tyranny being crammed down everyone’s throat today, they are going to put label on you and cancel your voice on any media. They attack you!!! They arrest you and don’t set bail or a rapid trial!!! They impeach you twice!!! The Attorney General has the FBI looking for parents that protest textbooks illustrating and advocating perverted sexual behavior, Critical Race Theory (Marxism and Communism), and vaccines for their children of an unproven untested concoction of who knows what.

    The Leftists/Marxists/Communists are boldy making their moves on all fronts and it is not a pretty picture, but people are still living with blinders thinking everything is a bed or roses. People are still drinking the stock market Kool Aid thinking it will last forever.

    With hyperinflation picking up steam, the standard of living will fall dramatically. I went in to buy a bag of Reddy Ice because it is awesome in drinks, but the 10-pound bag is now 7 pounds for the same price. FOR FROZEN WATER. That is 30% inflation hidden by shrinking product size.

    It was reported on OAN that 50% of American workers DO NOT make enough to afford a 1-bedroom apartment. Striking John Deere employees just turned down a 10% wage hike as not enough, but Social Security recipients are supposed to be happy with a 5.4% COLA increase next year when REAL inflation could be approaching 25-30% all items considered.

    As the store shelves keep getting emptier, and oil goes past $100/Barrel soon with all the effects thereof, and natural gas electrical generation goes through the roof because the MCF cost of natural gas has gone up exponentially and coal is sold out through 2022, the people will finally wake up and realize this country is being destroyed by the current tyrannical fools in D.C. and Liberal Governors in State governments. Will we be following the footsteps of WW2 Nazi Germany, Italian Fascism, the Bolshevik Russian revolution with millions massacred, and the Mao Chinese Communist revolution with millions massacred. When people lose their ability to live and eat and feel secure-they lose it. It is not one person or group of people—it is group mind think that is suddenly ignited by a combination of things that are triggered by one incident e.g., $8.00 gasoline, another lock down, empty grocery shelves, ANTIFA attacking whites in Oregon or elsewhere, or when real estate and the markets crash, and the Plunge Protection Team cannot paper it over because the Fed has emptied all their bullets-create more phony money like Venezuela or the Weimar Republic to soon follow? The teapot finally boils over. They will try a false flag to unite the people, but Tyranny, Murder, Starvation, and a loss of all Standards of Living will be the outcomes as the liberal fools in charge try to maintain control. Bring in the Blue Hat U.N. troops under the lie that they are trying to stop the downfall of Democracy? Just like that demon jackal that came out of nowhere named Klaus Schwab of the phony official sounding World Economic Forum said, “You will own nothing, and you will be happy with it”. Come try and take our land you arrogant overblown nut case that dresses in your spaceship looking suit with a medal at the collar button!!!

    If Economists were so smart, they would all be billionaires, not theorists teaching theory at universities or running privately owned Central Banks. They could break steel bowling balls.

    The people are starting to wake up to what Biden and his goons led by Obama are doing! Every decision they have made since January 6th is designed to weaken and destroy America. As fast as they can.

    Biden is cancelling anyone that does not follow his dictate (dictator) to get vaccinated. He is decimating the military, businesses over 100 employees, government contractors including airlines, and the medical field. Thousands of flights are being cancelled for “weather”. Trash is piling up and smelling in NYC because 1600 sanitation workers didn’t take the shot as dictated by Comrade DeBlasio. Get vaccinated or lose your job, or your license to practice medicine as is happening across the country. All because the idiot in the White House doesn’t know crap about biology healthcare, or statistics, or what the effects of the vaccines are long-term, and he and his son are paid off by the Chinese. His chief propagandist, the mouthy red head Jen Psaki was bragging about how she had taken all the vaccines, but she has now come down with Covid. Whoopty do, she said because she had taken the vaccines it is not as severe. How would she know it is not as severe? Did she have a prior version? Hey idiot, news flash, the Delta variant is more transmissible, but is not as severe. Your almighty vaccine didn’t work!!!! Admit it, you damned liar.

    People have the right to question many things about the vaccines and not take them without losing their job or incur any other penalty just like happened when people decided not to take the flu vaccines. No big deal if you didn’t take the flu vaccine. And Corona Flu kills more than Sars-2-Corona, i.e., Covid. Maybe the “Conspiracists” are right, the name for COVID19 really does stand for Certification of Vaccination ID-1(A)9(I).

    I respect those in the Medical profession that are speaking out and saying NO you cannot tell us what to put in our body especially when it is a trial drug that has proven to NOT stop COVID and is disfiguring and killing a lot of people and will kill many more in the future from compromised individual immune systems. They continually warn the people about the vaccines at the risk of losing their jobs and licenses, but God bless them for their integrity.

    Fauci-There is not a reason on earth to increase the functionality of deadly viruses…except as Bioweapons. Giving money to Wuhan labs through a 3rd party to modify any deadly virus to make it more deadly and letting Chinese military scientists work and study at our bio-labs in the U.S. is treason. Go Rand Paul for continuing to expose the liar. A slick talking Willie that carefully chooses his words to cover his ass. As Peter Navarro said, “Fauci is a Narcissistic Sociopathic liar and should be locked up for what he did to this country.”

    It isn’t just about the shot and why it is exempted for companies that had it on the shelf, the anti-vaxxers are standing up for individual liberty just like the Texans did at the Alamo. And just like the other Texans did at San Jacinto, though outnumbered, that got justice and revenge (“Remember the Alamo”) against the thousands of Mexicans that ruthlessly murdered the Texas defenders of the Alamo.

    If Jefferson, Washington, Franklin and all the other Founders had let the sorry King of England cancel them, we would be curtseying to the Queen with her gloves, so she doesn’t have to touch a “commoner”. She is history very soon. And that arrogant “Prince”, Charles, is already meeting with the G20 on Climate Change. Pompous Fools! They think they can modify what has been happening for millions of years. They know it is a fraud and is really a power play to grab more control of the people and their assets.

    McCluhan was right-The Medium is the Message-make people look important, give them a title, dress them up in special uniforms and robes, drape them in swords, medals and ribbons and gold ropes, red shoes, and goofy looking hats from the 5th Century like all the Kings, Queens, Popes, and their Guards, and the dumb sheep will believe that they are something special and important enough to be believed and obeyed.

    The pitiful idiots currently in the Cabinet Room in the White House don’t have any more brains or common sense than the people that they think they are better than. They aren’t that smart-they are just ass kissing bureaucrats for sale to the highest bidder!! They put their pants on just like the rest of us—-one leg at a time. They are there to represent us, not dictate to us. Especially a bumbling mumbling incompetent like Lyin Biden that is over in Europe apologizing for America and talking Climate Change of which he and Kerry have continually lied about and know nothing about!

    Last week, I heard a man from Washington state say on John B. Wells radio program that he was moving to Texas because it is one of the last places that people love freedom so much that they would fight for it or leave the Union. He is right! Take notice Globalists.

    • Hey, Hoss. Good to hear from you and that your anti-COVID regimen appears to be working. I remain vigilant against the graphene oxide poisoning you warned me about.
      You’ve given us a lot to unpack today. Even referenced the Alamo. I’m not sure the Mexicans view it the same way but hey, they lost. God bless Sams Houston and Colt.
      You obviously have a lot going on. “As a man thinketh….”

    • West Texas Horse Sense for President.

      Breath-taking summation of the ocean of leftist/fascist/globalist bullshit we are all treading water in.

      • Naw, the last Texan we had in the WH did enough damage to last us for a couple of generations. And ol’ LBJ screwed up things for a couple of generations before that.
        So give the country a break from the land of “big hair and big ideas”, please.
        Sorry, Hoss. I know you’re just itchin’ to straighten us all out.

    • Dear WTHS (and Mr. Ure)(et al),, I had to throw water on my laptop, cause you set it on fire again. It’s interesting to me, that you channel what I’m thinking too,, I’m just an old poor guy who skedattled to a tiny city between the N and the S in Kansas. I have nothing better to do, than use fiber optics to cruise around the world of thought. This forum is a sieve that captures the essence of what’s left of the truth.

      In June of ’63, my Mom and I walked down 5 blocks to see our President drive by after he had given the commencement speech at San Diego State. We waved, he looked. 5 months later, he would die in that same Lincoln convertible. That day, I was in gym class. The 3 coaches, all WWII vets, stopped our speedball game and had 150 of us sit in the gravel, while Coach Pederson, the most senior, with tears in his eyes, tell us that our President had been shot.. Nothing has been the same since. Within 5 years, 7 people in that class, my friends, had died in Southeast Asia…. for nothing…

      I’ll spare a longer diatribe (that echo’s yours),, but some additions,, Alexandra of Forbidden Knowledge TV does a good job of finding sources at the edges.. here is a link (she also does a good transcription, if you’re not inclined to watch a video).. Vanguard and BlackRock are approaching 28 trillion under interlocking management, (which to me makes dabbling in the stock market problematic (except to guess what they are thinking)).. They own most of everything.

      So, is it the 3000 in the ancient bloodline families?? The CCP has infiltrated the US (Gov’t, Military, Law Enforcement, Judiciary, Media,, even down to the County level),, (BUT, China is a paper dragon, that is on the knife edge of collapse)(maybe some Sunday, when folks have more time to ponder I’ll proffer some links)(If they try to take Taiwan, and try to sink one of our CVNs,, won’t we take out the 3 Gorges Dam???) I think its too evil even for them.. I can’t decide if it’s bad aliens,, or satan.. I try to spend much of my time in Prayer…

      And WT,, 17 different companies with oil leases?,, I’m still waiting to borrow a hundred bucks…. know you are not alone

      • “In June of ’63, my Mom and I walked down 5 blocks to see our President drive by after he had given the commencement speech at San Diego State. We waved, he looked. 5 months later, he would die in that same Lincoln convertible.”

        In November ’63, I was in downtown Dallas working for United Press International Newspictures. By happenstance, I was at the right place at the right time to photograph President Kennedy in the motorcade just a few minutes before he was killed. My photo of him was the only one UPI had of him in the motorcade, as my boss had just come in from the airport with ‘grip & grin’ photos prior to the start of the motorcade. I spent the following 24 hours photographing Dealy Plaza, the School Book Depository, Triple Underpass and related stuff for background stories.

      • I believe the problem with most of the theories involving the 300.. is the vast majority still contemplate the founding family members and their inginuity strength and hard work and their ability to control and manipulate.. the members today are nothing more than grand manipulators, living off of the reputations and affluence gained from the past.
        Today they have what those in the past have gained to give them the affluence and the ability to manipulate.. unfortunately that is all they have retained ,they lack the talents their forefathers had.
        In a real life changing and world changing scenario they become the victims of their own greed and schemes where their ancestors valued those willing to help them build their empires. todays grand masters dispise and condemn those they see subservient to them..they wouldn’t be able to rebuild or survive without those they see as disposable during a shtf scenario the new hierarchy will be the ones with the strengths and abilities to rebuild. Their daddy may have built an empire by hand they can’t without the ones below them foing the work..
        You do notice that the only one to threaten the backyards of the grand manipulators was Kim in NK . Up until him all their manipulations and getting countries to destroy each other over their greed has been directing the action away from them their homes or their families. Kim was and has been the only one to come out and say hey I have one just for you..

    • Seems the fascism of forced vaccinations and governmental toadies escapes you in reference to antifa as antifascism..or did i miss something, in the news placements and corrolations..

    • WTHS; thank you so much!!!! Followed along nicely and think the exact same way; hundreds of millions of people can agree with your assessments.

      Just in the last 3 months, this blog has given anyone who wants it a lot of information:

      1) How to stay out of the hospital if get Covid or the Flu with protocols and vitamin, etc., advice and guidance;
      2) Prepping for a dark winter: water, food, safety, communication options, health options including vitamins, medications, location, education, work, investments, alcohol, bicycles, scooters, board games, cards, and outdoor games such as horseshoes, badminton, croquet, fishing poles, guns, home gardening supplies/sheds/porches/decks, etc.;
      3) Been encouraged to HEED the warnings, and see the signs;
      4) Historic and History lessons; these ruses, events, have been used over and over and over again to cause war, divide countries, destroy economies and countries, pit countries and people against each other, seed chaos, kill hundreds of millions of humans, etc., The bankers have been responsible for….”All Wars Are Bankers Wars.” Which means ALL, especially, the most inhumane criminal devious destructive race destroying wars of the last 200 years.
      5) Yes, VACCINES caused the 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic.
      6) Reminders: Love Conquers all Fear. Practice and Strengthen your Faith.
      7) Personal note: When I stock up, I stock up for 20 people (my immediate responsibility is a spouse, a cat, and a dog. But, I enlarge my supplies for the stragglers which will come. IF the world should somehow settle down back to normalcy (I know we have all been threatened that that will never happen), then my unused preps will be donated to the nearest food bank. (P.S. this is not an exhaustive list, as many people here can add to it.)

      I would like to remind people of a good place to order vitamins, and also K1, you will notice no fillers/additives/preservatives/chemicals/artificial flavorings in the vitamins, etc.:

      And a good education on them:

      Remember, we are the good people doing something and standing in the brink or at the brink, against evil.

      All of us, no matter, how little, is doing a LOT.

      “Be Happy, be in the attitude of ever being helpful to others as that will bring the peace within that is the promise of Him.” Edgar Cayce

      • CL,
        With your faith so strong, why all the prepping and worry? Kudos for your concern about stragglers, but how much good will cases of ammo do you once the starving hordes find out about your stockpile?
        Not all wars are “bankers’ wars”; most are caused by “good people” who become fearful and get whipped by their lizard brains into a frenzy about “them”. Just ask the Bosnians/Serbs and Rwandans. The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street.
        I though the Bible says to avoid false prophets.
        I hope you recover your true faith and learn that rationality, compassion and hope can conquer fear and hate.

      • Come out of your coma, lady, vaccines did not cause the Spanish Flu 1918:


      • Another George,

        My faith is very strong, but I am a practical person, I anticipate with my faith AND my preps; I can be prepared for good uses.

        Wow, fear and hate, is that what you got from my post, gosh some people!!!

        Worry is a waste of time, don’t ya know?

        I actually do not have cases of ammo, why do you think I did?

        Your whole post is antagonistic. Why?


        You have your opinion and I have mine. Why don’t you dig a little deeper.

        Today, today, today….we have had the MOST glorious day, we have spent it outside in sunshine and friendship!!! 20 months working with the public each and every day, essential workers we be, and health, sharing, caring, and service is our focus.

        May the River of Light touch all of your hearts with Love.

        As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

      • I would suggest finding the DVD for the American Experience episode on the 1918 Spanish Flu (H1N1), which came out of the US Midwest. The episode is not up to date with the resurgence of H1N1 around 2008, but it has a lot of good info on the progression of the original pandemic.

      • I have posted here before that until average people understand WW1 and WW2, they can’t grasp what we are going to go through. But, hey, smarter people than I will ever be, have said it long ago, per a link posted here earlier today. I have posted on the fact that we have no choices.

        I have posted on the fact that all of this is wash, rinse, repeat.

        Look at the Table of Contents for starters:

        Propaganda and Psychological Warfare 89
        18.Wilson gets the U.S. into WWI, thanks to propaganda 95
        19.Is history being repeated? The case of Lord Bryce 99
        20.The Black Art of successful Lying: Gulf War 1991. 109
        21.The Soldiers Memorial and WWI cemeteries 113
        22.Peace is not Popular 121
        23.The Tavistock Institute: Britain’s Control of the U.S. 133
        24.Brainwashing saves a U.S. President 145
        25.Tavistock’s assault on the U.S. 153
        26.How mediocre politicians, actors and singers are “puffed.”
        27. The Tavistock formula that got the U.S. into WWII 165
        28. How Tavistock makes well people sick 173
        29. Topological psychology gets the U.S. into the war in Iraq
        30. My choice of candidate, not my choice

        So, WHAT are the pushers pushing today?

      • Another George:

        God works in mysterious ways. Mark in an old line State, posted a link today about this book:

        And in it, something I never read, and didn’t even know this book existed is this:


        Shaping the Moral, Spiritual, Cultural, Political and Economic Decline of the United States.

        The Tavistock Institute for Human Relations has had a profound effect on the moral, spiritual, cultural, political and economic policies of the United States of America and Great Britain. It has been in the front line of the attack on the U.S. Constitution and State constitutions.

        No group did more to propagandize the U.S. to participate in the WWI at a time when the majority of the American people were opposed to it.

        Much the same tactics were used by the Social Science scientists at
        Tavistock to get the United States into WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Serbia
        and both wars against Iraq.

        Tavistock began as a propaganda creating and disseminating organization at Wellington House in London in the run-up
        to WWI, what Toynbee called “that black hole of disinformation.” On
        another occasion Toynbee called Wellington House “a lie factory.” From a somewhat crude beginning, Wellington House evolved into the Tavistock Institute and went on to shape the destiny of Germany, Russia, Britain and the United States in a highly controversial manner.

        The people of these nations were unaware that they were being
        “brainwashed.” The origin of “mind control,” “inner directional
        conditioning” and mass “brainwashing” is explained in an easy to
        understand book written with great authority.

        The fall of dynasties, the Bolshevik Revolution, WWI and WWII saw the
        destruction of old alliances and boundaries, the convulsions in religion, morals, family life, economic and political conduct, decadence in music and art can all be traced back to mass indoctrination (mass brainwashing) practiced by the Tavistock Institute Social Science scientists. Prominent among Tavistock’s faculty were Edward Bernays, the double nephew of Sigmund Freud. It is said that Herr Goebbels, Propaganda Minister in the German Third Reich used methodology devised by Bernays as well as those of Willy Munzenberg, whose extraordinary career is touched upon
        in this work about the past, present and future.

        Without Tavistock, there would have been no WWI and WWII, no Bolshevik Revolution, Korea, Vietnam, Serbia and Iraq wars. But for Tavistock, the United States would not be rushing down the road to dissolution and collapse.

        Do, you see it Another George? Do you see it in Black and White, SERBIA?

        Yah, Yah, Yah. A woman’s intelligence, common sense, and intuition, is a terrible thing to waste; thus I don’t waste it.

    • Great post WTHS.. exactly what I think. I actually believe that no matter what we do. We are sunk.. just increase the interest or stop the flow of cash..we dive down the rabbit hole..

  5. George,
    If you truly believe that the official U.S. government data contain lies, why do you waste your valuable (and increasingly limited) time analyzing ANY of the data “they” release? If they lied to you in one stat, they’re lying to you in other stats. Or does your blood pressure require a periodic boost?
    Good thing the Taiwan invasion got pushed back. I got stuff to do this weekend.

    • Yep that’s what happens and it should be a huge lesson NOT to EVER let that happen. Go down swingin’ is what I say and wtf knows you might just WIN!

  6. Yep another good weekly rap from George and the gang . Anyway just suck it up . All you actors playing such great roles . The most corrupt disgraceful sewer on the whole planet . Devil worshipping satanic non human animals . Orwellian animal farm

      • that when the robots fail and the evil gurus are exposed it will be the most devastating paralysing collapse ever and forever . it will be so good . only the great will be there to reap the rewards . the rest will be headless and clue less . inflation my @$$ . wake up mate you and your goon crew . its all about sheetcoin . the printing presses can do what they like even yellow dog . now what do i really think ? cant print it

  7. In the middle 1970s, another fast attack sub, the USS Ray collided with an underwater mountain in the Med. I was on another fast attack that escorted the Ray back to La Madeline. I don’t recall any officer being fired. I suspect a lot more happened than the cover story we were told.

  8. ohh and on another note . these kill shots .. elites and facists are all given saline . blokes like me who have a brain are given purpose triple poison doses . so . if your a veg which most are your safe . gotta brain or function they want yah dead .. good luck creeps. nuremberg 2 will be so good

  9. Took a little trip up to Green, Ohio to tour MAPS Air Museum. Drove up 77 and again, passed the sign in the farm field that reads, “Who Is John Galt” Nice drive on a sunny day.

    You’d like it there George. You can call ahead and fly in. Got their own little landing strip.

    Saw a lot of technology and how it evolved. Amazing aircraft and stories of the Heroes who flew them. Even the staff there are mostly volunteers. – nothing racist about who becomes a Hero, that’s for sure.

    Yes Sir, impressive deeds performed by (pee-ons) who fought like hell to preserve Freedom, while assholes sat in cushy chairs orchestrating an agenda. – That’s the feeling I got when I saw the Iwo Jima memorial. My uncle fought at The Battle of The Bulge and lived to tell about it … I get it.

    You say, “ Which means zero jobs progress which is why it feels that way around the ‘hood.” But even the hood has its own economic system. Shady as it may be, it is a system and often prosperous. – gotta do what ya gotta do, as they say there.
    Neighborhood Heroes. It’s true.

    There has always been division in America. We say we don’t condone a Class System such as India has had but, we do and it’s quite apparent with the poor, the middle class and the wealthy. As if our way is Ok. Funny what we’re taught to believe. Knock out the middle-man when doing personal business, which prepped us for it to happen on a much bigger scale. Same with the aggravation about bullies, and now we’re being bullied. Shits getting real … and has been.

    Desperation is a curious thing. As the weak fall, there are others who rise up to the challenge. Become Heroes, as I’ve seen in the military or in the hood.

    There are some real fighters out here. Hell yes, because this is America. And I get the feeling we’re getting closer each day to when we start to see Heroes rise up out of all this obscurity. Think we’re in for a hell of a show.

  10. “Normally, a captain of any creds would “put the wheel hard over” to avoid dashing ship, crew, and cargos on unfriendly shores.”

    remember George.

    ~Even the Greatest bull in the rodeo is only an 8 second ride from becoming a stud at the local ranch. ~

    financially speaking.

    that is why we aren’t bulls or bears. nor are we rodeo clowns. like that fella on cnn money. who the last time i watched that Kramer tard, 8 years ago said that GE was a good buy, then it went to a commercial on the TV and it was for GE and 3 days later their stock crashed. you can always tell what they are pushing and who is paying them to push it by watching the comercial breaks after they push it. LOL

    i was told explicitly this morning by my regional, “you are worth ten men’s weight in gold” we can not afford to loose you. as i await their decision to compensate me properly. since nobody has done what i am doing here in well… ever. secured every security contract including food services at every major venue for event in town. including the woodland park zoo. as i was out sick for 2 days, it was an eye opener because my numbers dropped by 70% in two days.. for attendance by security staff. as soon as i walk in the office there is a line of people saying YAY, Andy is back, what are we doing next boss? including a rabi and a Baptist minister. always weird when a Rabi and A baptist minister calls you boss. uhem… I’m just andy .lol I’m not ordained anything. I’m not so bold to think I’m the indispensable man. you ever read that poem? however, i am of the idea that my actions speak louder than anything i say.. and you either see it like i saw what saw with the totem or you dont.

    ever mindful of what i wrote above.. and im not playing the part of the bull or bear, or the clown even if they want me to.. no matter how well skilled they are. i can walk away and not play at all. and seriously doubt they would want that.. since they made theirs evles known. question everything.. is always a good idea. as im sure they saw me as much as i saw them… whats next i wonder. we shall see.

    knight takes rook.

    444 ### 666

    • Andy: I would give them a $dollar figure of how much I wanted based on the increased income you brought into the organization. For example, If you can earn them 100% more than they were previously making, then ask them for 20% of that increased income as a bonus. They are getting 80% of that increase for themselves which they wouldn’t get without you. How could they say no. A no would be financial stupidity. It reminds me of a restaurant owner. True story. The chef, who was responsible for the restaurants success & basically ran the restaurant wanted a raise & 20% part ownership of the business. The restaurant owner said FU. The chef quit, the business closed the same day because the restaurant owner had no idea how to run a restaurant. The Chef opened a similar restaurant down the street. The restaurant owner got so mad that he ran his car into the new restaurants sign & destroyed it & was arrested. If your in a situation like this, Idaho may be the right move, or become their competitor in Seattle.

      • It’s great for many areas of the country but not all. A van – even a high topper with minimal dark/blacked out windows is much more urban friendly and can go on some roads where “commercial vehicles” are prohibited. If it looks like a handicap van, that’s even better.

      • ya but NW Mike, that van attracts the imaginations of every mother at home wondering and gives them an instant creep factor. LOL tinted out windows on a van…. always sends a signal to moma bear to come out. LOL

        i can find a place to stay easy. that is never an issue.

    • Another blast from the past. Andy, you just inspired me to buy a vintage Rook game.

      My folks went through the Depression and part of WW-II on the East Coast. In the 1930s and ’40s, EVERYBODY played cards. My parents played euchre and pinochle (as did most Easterners.) When the War hit, there were all sorts of things rationed. One of the things that was rationed was playing cards. My parents, and their social circle, learned how to substitute a Rook deck (available, and cheap) for a conventional deck of cards (impossible to buy), or two decks for a pinochle deck.

      The instant I read your post, I heard my Dad tell Mom, at the euchre table: “Make it a green one,” which was the private joke between them that I never understood during Dad’s lifetime…

      • that is cool. thanks man. i never heard of a rook game or a rook deck. sometimes i just say things and not sure what they mean until later. LOL

        thanks man. learned something new. i like learning new stuff.

  11. Punishing officers in command after an accident or worse is a common way the navy deals with things. Actual guilt seems to have little to do with it sometimes. Many navy careers ended or were sidetracked after pearl harbor. This was despite the fact that most top officers thought the attack was impossible.
    I too am suspicious about the “incident”. I don’t think the officers involved were fired, but I do think they’ve been transferred to hell and back to keep them from talking. (with loss rank and pay of course)

  12. isn’t the household data, 359k, an actual survey? would that be independent of the ces birth/death model. so in summary while the headline number is 531, 000 new workers, 363,000 of those are simply estimates.

    you wouldn’t subtract ces numbers from the household survey data?

    • I thought about the Boston tea party when I read what you wrote there. I had earlier missed your comment found it while Looking for the write page. Huh

  13. Today’s exit poll might be that some horses came to the waterhole, saw a lie, and went on their merry day. Others took a look, saw how to lie, and left another way.

  14. Meanwhile, China is soon going to be leading the world in nuclear power.

    Meanwhile, the US is closing 20 nuclear plants for every 2 it builds.

    Meanwhile, people sit around acting like the situation is static. China will continue burning coal (it won’t) and the US will continue being a world leader (it won’t).

    So long as we sit here solving the wrong problem, the problem assigned to us by our media masters, that being climate-hypocrisy, we’ll never develop nuclear, and China will run the world eventually, cleanly at that. We’ll have solar powered submarines by that time, can’t wait.

    • “Meanwhile, the US is closing 20 nuclear plants for every 2 it builds.”

      In my opinion They should be.. disposing of waste is a costly and dangerous thing most of the plants are near fault lines… where we could adopt solar and encourage its use instead of denouncing it.
      In the end it’s all about money and control.not security of the system

      • IMHO, any nuclear plants we build should be capable of burning the current nuclear “waste” that we are struggling to isolate and contain. Creating new waste is insane. Thorium based homogeneous reactors can do this, along with freeing up our ability to mine rare earth metals that are co-located. They are also passively fail-safe.

        The old nuclear and coal powered plants have perfectly usable generators and switchgear. Perhaps the “compact fusion” reactors that have had so much hype could be mated to them.

  15. Whispers overheard at the drinking fountain about the mandates …

    “If this were about Immunity, antibody tests would be an option.
    If this were about Health, alternative protocols would be an option.
    If this were about Basic Human Rights, informed consent would be an option.
    If this were about Truth, transparent data sharing would be an option.
    If this were about Honesty, airing counter views would be an option.
    If this were about Safety, caring for the most vulnerable would be an option.
    If this were about Justice, imposing liability on Big Pharma and Government would be an option.
    If this were about Democracy, public referendum would be an option.
    If this were about Equality, same rules for all classes would be an option.
    If this were about Integrity, trying public servants, pharma giants and doctors would be an option.
    If this were about the Greater Good, opening this up and treating it as an endemic would be an option.
    What options do the powerless have – welcome to the ultimate evidence of mental, emotional, social and personal slavery.” ~ Unknown

    • Excellent link! Downloaded for later reading. I looked at it enough to determine that it’s worth a further read and likely sharing with friends and family. It seems to show the actual history of how we got here, along with references. Whether or not there’s a clear path back to freedom is still in doubt.

      One thing I detest about all this political incursion on my life is the massive waste of time involved in countering it, though it’s necessary.

  16. Well dude. I guess we are bringing back the original Sophia. ROTFLMFAO! I just got a call from someone who recommended me for staffing Security for The Sophia House a battered women’s shelter. Now my little army is protecting battered women’s shelters too 24/7. Not just the zoo and every major concert and sports game and UW game in town. Like I said. Show me the money. Lol.

    My boss said uhhh what. I said someone named dropped me at a meeting and we are now in contract with staffing Security for battered women’s shelters. Whoever dropped my name said I was an Angel. Best man for the job. Huh.

    I distinctly remember on this sight saying who knows. Maybe we will bring back the original Sophia. Apple? Change it up!

    And 3 days later. I’m running Security for the Sophia house. Well alrighty then. I was planning on running snow plow over in Idaho. Nothing gets to my heart more than protecting women and children. And they must know that. Since I did give every thing I own to a lady who lost everything after her boyfriend beat her up and she got an safe place apartment and only had a lawn chair and mattress on the floor because she couldn’t get her stuff back from the assholes house and I was putting my shit in storage to go find what THE DUDE had for me and thought. You know what? Just have all my stuff that doesn’t fit in my car. You need it more than I do. She reluctantly took it all. Ahhhhhhhh yes. That was 2 years ago today. And now I’m in charge of running Security for a shelter of women. All women Security there. First ones start tonight.

    Wonder what they think about that. Hnmmmmm. The totem people. As I’m trying to run off and snow plow in Idaho. Lol

    The way things are going mr ure. I will be protecting everyone in king county by the end of next year. Lol

    • Never give everything you own…
      I help others regularly.. but some of the things to remember.. if you can keep it anonymous..give a hand up not a hand out..
      Give not make sure not to jeopardize your own life.
      It’s real easy to get sucked into another’s drama.. never expect it back..its a gift..never expect anything in return..if you do then it’s a business transaction not a hand up.allow them to keep their dignity. They feel bad enough about being in that position they are in..

      • no it worked really well. i took only what fit in my car. the dude who beat her up is in prision now. she helps alot of women down at the local shelter and has an amazing career. turned her whole life around and if i ever needed anything. she knows all i have to do is ask. and i never ask. except to get mail there once. she is a dear friend for life. how much would you pay for a life time friendship? how much is it worth. how much would it be worth to watch a mother who has two black eyes sitting on a lawn chair in an apartment with her 2 kids sitting on a mattress while you are sitting there with abundance trying to figure out what to do with it all? i gave it all to her and you know what. she did something with it. and she helps others. and her kids will never forget LOB, there is two kinds of men in this world. ones who take everything and the ones who give everything… and without that other example my brother. they would only know to how to be the kind that takes everything… remember. when little ones dont often do as we say… they grow up to be what they experianced and go on to do what they saw done…. and it was a small investment into their future as men one day…

        everything we do ripples into the future brother. and it is my hope that a generational curse of being a woman abuser seeing their father do what he did to them and their mother… wouldnt be passed on to them. because my friend. on the great once and a while i see her. her children scream Andy! and jump right on me. and dont look down and flintch when you walk by them any more.

        small investment.. of life and stuff. in my honest opinion dude. what do I have to worry about man. I was riding in the elevator with Elon last night. i could probably whoop his ass in a fight. no matter how much money he has. all men of power size each other up . its natural. being Alphas. but it was just a short ride. one things for sure.

        you know what happens when your hanging out with legendary rock stars and super rich people. opportunity happens my friend. opportunities just fall in your lap. like i was telling george the other day. one of the principles in that old book i mentioned a while back is. power attracts power. money attracts money… there is a little bit more to it than that.

        but it is certainly interesting times. and opertunities are abounding all over the place and eveyone sitting at home worried about the rona and milking the goverment tit on unemployment and free rent are missing out. no doubt about that. right we now we are at a very good position for anyone to make a name for themselves. i mean they are handing out 25,000 hiring bonuses to be a cop in Seattle. that has never happened in my life time. this is the land of opertunity more than it has been in a very very long time. if you dont see that. well. keep on living in fear. i will be over here getting mine.

        i had somene offer me a job making $150 an hour driving plow truck. plowing snow for grocery store parking lots in Spokane yesterday. and i know people who would say, nah… i dont want to mess up my unemployement up and give up my free rent. i have video games to play and The Voice is on tonight on channel 13. you know the goverment is a mess the economy is crashing. Biden this and biden that and oh my god what a mess.. i best stalk up on tp!

        ohhh ok buddy. you better get more tp. because it sounds like your ful of shit. i will be out here getting that money. thanks!


  17. and 3 cheers and heaps of thanks to another great week of freedom , wealth and so much fun . well done

  18. “…and you’re screwed. On a seasonally adjusted basis, of course.”
    I wasn’t aware there was a ‘screwing season’. Government seems to do it to us all year ’round!

  19. I just bumped into Joe Walsh back stage. Caught a lady taking video. Smashed her phone. Someone took her outside and ended up in an elevator 3 minutes later with Elon Musk. What the fuck is going on? Elon says to me. Do I know you. You seem really familiar to me. Uhhh what? How the f would you know me. I was truck driver 2 years ago. I’m tripping. LMAO!

    Do I know you. You look familiar the next line is always are you an angel? That is how it always goes. No I’m not a fing angel. I’m just Andy. Ffs. I didn’t give him a chance to ask. I just said. Nice to meet you and got off on the next floor. Lol

  20. Dude. What a crazy night. If I told ya half of it. Well I spose that is normal for Andy. Lol not so much for most people I suspect. It’s starts off with one of my staff flipping out on the security big boss, cops get called and she runs away. Then I get down to the baracade and one of Eagles main Bouncer dudes says everyone in the first 10 rows can has to wear a mask. No fucking videos. Stop them an tell those two women to put on their masks. So I do and this old lady says f you. And starts recording and doesn’t put on her mask. He said did she just say F you? I said ya. He tell her one more time and shut that phone off. So I did and she says f you! I paid $2000 for this seat. So he says snatch her and her friend up and let’s take them out side. So we snatched her and her friend up. And took them out the back. She screaming I paid $2000 for each seat. And he says you were told not to take video at the request of the band and wear your mask as a condition for your seat. Because you diresrespected the band. You bought $2000 tickets to sit outside. Then he looks where is your arm band. You needed to be covid tested. I just was yesterday and I had to deal with the cops and shit before I got down here. Go back stage and have them test you again and get an arm band. So I go back stage and someone yells grab that bitches phone. Some chick’s back stage taking video of the place. I gab her phone and smash it on the ground and two big dudes snatch her up and poof she is out the door too. What are ya doing back here. Good job! I said looking for the Covid tester. Suddenly this thought Springs to the mind. “Where is George II when you need him??” So they say I think they are out in the garage now. I go out there end up talking to one of the limo drivers and having a smoke because he thinks they will be right back. Out walks Joe Walsh. Cue rockey mountain way. Ohhhhh there is that Colorado I was seeing. We shoot the shit and I finish my smoke then say well I don’t think they are coming back. Joe says go stand in section 118. You can see the show from there good. So I say thanks nice to meet ya long time fan. I head out and get in the elevator and another guy says hold the door. In walks Elon Musk. We ride up and he does the and I heard these lines many times in my life. You look familiar. Have we met before. Which always followed by. “Are you an angel?” I have heard it my whole life. People who have had NDE’S say they saw me when they crossed over. Or think it’s me. I didn’t give him a chance to ask. I mean this time last year I was living in the basement of a delapted house held together by love and duct tape. How the hell would you know me. You shoot rockets into space and I wake up and sniff my underwear to make sure they are clean before I run out the door to work a 16 hour day staffing Security and drink 4 pots of coffee. Hahahahahhah. Nope. Not an Angel. Hahahaha

    So I make it over to section 118 and watch the show. when The Eagles play Already gone a spot light shines on where I’m standing in section 118. Right before they sing ~So often time it happens that we live our lives in chains and we never even know we have the keys ~ my favorite line from all their songs.
    Then the spot light goes off. But for that line in the song. Besides the stage. I had the spot light on me.

    What a fricken weird night dude. Even weird for me. You know the really odd thing is. I could feel my body getting stronger physically at the show. Like the energy from the music and event was feeding me or something. I wear what is known as a master crystal around my neck. The Alchemy wizard gave it to me. He said it pure God light. A very rare crystal. I don’t really know about that stuff. I just wear it because people don’t give me anything and when someone does once in a blue moon. It means something dear to my heart. BecauseI give alot and always get forgot at Christmas and my birthday or people just don’t think to do nice shit like give me presents, most ot the time. And it was important to the Alchemy wizard dude to give it to me. And I like him alot. He has a book coming out soon. Known him a long time. Even the Shaman I met at the hopi red said. That dude is a wizard. Lol. But that thing got hot as f while that all went down when the spot light hit me.

    Pretty weird night. Off to bed. I’m excited to see what THE DUDE has planed tomorrow. I’m sure it will be good. :)

    Long way away from grabbing 18 gears and having a long 8 year thought about things. That is forsure. I should told Elon. Ya you might know me from Urban Survival. I’m the redneck truck driver seer. Go by Cosmic Chicken Bunny time to time. Hahaha every knows me. Hahahahaha.

    Glad I figured out that whole Colorado thing. It was driving me nuts for a while. Hahahaa

    • Andy. I always find your posts entertaining if not informative. One of the things that keeps me here is to read input from people with front line real life experience in all walks of life from red neck truck drivers to front line health workers, military veterans, farmers, librarians, etc. It is not the echo chamber that exists on other sites where many of these posts would be directed to the scrap pile. Thanks to George for allowing his readers to determine what is the truth and what is the bs.

      Here are a couple of comments on your post.

      “So often time it happens that we live our lives in chains and we never even know we have the keys.” Also my favourite line from the Eagles. I actually had this phrase made into a wall plaque for my desk many years ago and gave another copy to each of my 3 children and then again to each of my 5 grandchildren. I told them that anytime they were feeling like they were a victim, to read the plaque.

      Your story about the female concert goer that told you to f…off as she had paid $2000 for her ticket and felt entitled to ignore the 2 rules the band had put in place, kinda sums up why we have many of our problems today, doesn’t it? “I paid a lot to be entitled and to not have to abide by the rules!”

      Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi, Andy,

      Thank you for your posts. Just curious about the identification of the crystal you wear as a pendant and would like to know what it is.

      Thank you, George, for your wise and insightful words.

  21. And yet there is Idaho. And the snow plow job. Hmmmmm. Sure am having a good time tho. But my life is not my own. I go where THE DUDE leads. And I have to turn an go the other way. Well so be it. If not this is pretty fun. Hmmm. Nice to meet everyone and all. However. They got it all wrong. I’m just the wretch that Amazing Grace saved. I’m just a man. On one hell of an adventure. Sometimes like a redneck version forest Gump. ROTFLMFAO. Just whole lot more handsome. Hahahaha.

    Hope all that works out well for ure boy. Like I said. Maybe I’m just here to get him where he needs to go and then I’m off to the next one. Since that is the way of things for me. As you know. It’s a wonderful thought. That is forsure.

    • it was cool. they put on a damn good show. i can tell you from being there. it was not like any show i had ever seen. you know the difference betweeen EDM music and a show like that. there no soul to it comparitively. those guys been at it for over 50 years. started out with the Hotel California. had a weird ritual thing at the start a dude came out and read something at a pulpit, in a black robe, but nobody heard him. then they started. the riffs were super good. and it was all very interesting and quite the night i assure you.

      i tell you one thing. i know alot of people who can bend strings and weild an axe. but not like someone who has been playing it like that for 50 + years. their guitar is as much a part of them as it is them. they become the music, not the musician or entertainer. the music is them and they are the music. i never seen anything like it. i imagine it is like George and his writing. masters in their own rite. and me on an 18 speed. i could go all day and never miss a gear or ever think about one. splitting them, never touch the clutch pedal unless going in reverse. swing wide perfectly on every corner and hang my trailer back tire an inch off the curb without ever a consideration about it.

      but when you see people do that with music… it is a marvel to witness. fluid movement like that..

      one day maybe i will be good at something like that…

      lets hope.

    • Yep. Just 13 miles down the road from here. Interesting point, Don Henley now owns most of the buildings/properties in downtown Linden. Slowly rejuvenating some of them.

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