Data Dump Friday, Bounce Completing? Working Weather

Statistics, contrary to popular belief, don’t tell us where we are.  Only where we were some time ago.

Life is “offset from the numbers.”  For example, on a 4-hour statistical period, your average driving speed may be 40-miles per hour.  But it means absolutely nothing if you are heel & toe through the corkscrew on the east side of Laguna Seca and the tires are screaming. Present conditions vary from statistical lookbacks.

Which is how an adventure junkie (moi) can look you in the eyes and say “Yes, I am a safe driver – no tickets in 57 years, now…” While confessing to you “Screaming tires are happy tires…

Thus, in behavioral economics, we have to understand the difference between historical versus real-time stats.  The problem is found not only in checkbooks, but also in dieting, study habits, and (sadly) politics.  Lies of a certain numeric flavor run rampant. Leading the aware person to conclude that “The Truth is a range, not an absolute value, determined by context.”

OK, let me stop huffing the whiteboard marker.  Three numbers are out this morning that demand this type of mental acuity.  They include International Trade, Personal Incomes, and Retail Inventories.

Personal income (and outlays) is the most pointless number. If money ain’t in your pocket, other’s wallets don’t matter, unless you’re a pickpocket or have taxing authority.  Notwithstanding, let’s dispense with this one first:

“Personal income increased $87.6 billion (0.4 percent at a monthly rate) in August. Disposable personal income (DPI)—personal income less personal current taxes— increased $46.6 billion (0.2 percent). Personal outlays—the sum of personal consumption expenditures (PCE), personal interest payments, and personal current transfer payments—increased $86.0 billion (0.4 percent) and consumer spending increased $83.6 billion (0.4 percent). Personal saving was $794.1 billion and the personal saving rate—personal saving as a percentage of disposable personal income—was 3.9 percent in August.”

The next number drop is International Trade.  Look, it’s the end of September.  The goods underlying this report were measured in August.  But, since this is international trade, and so much comes in by ocean freight – which can take 90 to 120-days (order to container, container to ship, ship to here, ship to dock, dock to intermodal or break-bulk, to train (or truck) ride, to distribution center….) to get here in the data window, we’re really talking orders placed back in MAY of this year.

Which in turn will be based on consumer sell-through estimations going back into what, April? It’s not a full six-month delay – offset perception – but it likely predates the market top (July 31st of this year if you missed the memo?).

Having this lag time (hysteresis, off-set) here’s how that played.

The advance international trade deficit in goods decreased to $84.3 billion in August from $90.9 billion in July as exports increased and imports decreased.

Then, we can look at inventory build, or declines.  Which is based close in on computer analysis of shopper’s buying preferences.  The inventory discussion then becomes:

August end-of-month inventories were $901.2 billion, down 0.1 percent (+/- 0.4 percent)* from last month.

Thus, my favorite story about data use.  Told to me by my first-ever stock broker in 1970.

“This woman walks into the broker’s office in about 1950.  Hands the broker $5,000 in cash – her life savings – and says “Buy Brunswick stock – every penny into Brunswick.”

The broker says he will, but at this point, Brunswick was a turkey – had sales, while solid, was hardly an exciting stock.  So, he asks “Mind telling me why?”

“Yes.  I was just down at the bowling alley and there was a line outside to go bowling because this alley has a new Brunswick pin setter.  It has revolutionized bowling!”

The broker makes the trade and the woman goes off to continue with life.  Until, that is, 1968.  She comes back to the broker’s office.

“Sell it all – every bit of my Brunswick stock.  Do it right now.”

Broker gets the ticket entered, comes back and says “You do know you made a flipping fortune and that is personally the best stock call I have ever seen.  Do you mind telling me why you sold?  Brunswick is growing like a weed, and they have just diversified into new, growing recreational areas…”

“Sure, I’ll tell you.  I went down to the bowling alley and no one was bowling.”

That, my friend is the heart of things. Trust your own “lying eyes” not the slick statistics. It’s one of the best “investment lessons” ever.

Bounce to the Open

Notwithstanding theory, we hit our projected rise ahead of a purely theoretical market turn if present pseudo-entrainment with 1929 continues.

We have come down to “the Line” and we are now in “the Bounce” which (to our very limited mental capacity – so this is never financial advice – is that next week could be a crashing train wreck.

The arrow, lower right, points to the “bounce at the long-term support line” which we are waiting out now:

But we didn’t touch the support line!

Well, yes, we did.  That was intraday.  (*You gotta super-glue your ass in front of a trading platform to really keep up, which is why I don’t do it often! DVT is a real thing. Which is why pomodoro timers are going off all day…Walk around!)

We’ll see how it all lands by closing time and kick it around on Peoplenomics tomorrow.

Political Bubble Sort

Let’s come at this from the far-out woo-woo direction, shall we?

Long ago, and in fact still is a candy company in Tacoma, WA called “Brown and Haley.” They make really good candy (blood sugar levels aside, ahem) called Almond Roca and their Mountain Bars.

Their ad slogan – deeply embedded in the consciousness of the 2-million in the Seattle statistical area at the time was “Brown and Haley makes ’em daily.”

Toss that into mass consciousness, disperse around the planet and simmer for half a century.

Does it result in Youngkin-Haley for the G.O.P.?  Could that be a sweet change? Down in the archetype levels, we wonder about the rhymology at work.

This assumes you are aware of  Robert Costa on X: “SCOOP/NEWS: Push for Youngkin 2024 now taking shape as donors and Rs grow alarmed. “Red Vest Retreat” Oct. 17-18 in VA Beach… Billionaire backer Peterffy assures me “money would be there.” Bill Barr telling him to put his “oar in.”

With Trump having talked (and exaggerated) himself into any number of legal corners, and with no super standouts (except the Big Money on Nikki Haley).

Glenn Youngkin’s bio? Let’s lift this from Wikipedia:

Glenn Allen Youngkin (born December 9, 1966) is an American businessman and politician currently serving as the 74th governor of Virginia since 2022. A member of the Republican Party, he spent 25 years at the private-equity firm the Carlyle Group, where he became co-CEO in 2018. He resigned from that position in 2020 to run for governor.[1][2]

Youngkin won the 2021 Republican primary for Governor of Virginia and defeated former Democratic governor Terry McAuliffe in the general election, becoming the state’s first Republican governor since Bob McDonnell in 2009.[3][4] Inaugurated during the global COVID-19 pandemic, Youngkin supported vaccination efforts against the disease but opposed mandates for the vaccine and banned mask mandates in Virginia public schools; this ban was partially rescinded following legal challenges. During his first year in office, Youngkin signed a bipartisan state budget that paired increased education spending with expansive tax cuts.

As governor, Youngkin has focused heavily on culture war issues pertaining to race and gender identity in public education. On his first day in office, he issued an executive order that ended various racial equity programs in Virginia public schools, and banned discussion within the state’s school system of concepts such as critical race theory (CRT) that his administration deemed divisive. Youngkin signed one of the first statewide laws in the nation allowing parents to opt their children out of educational material that is deemed sexually explicit.

As for our checkboxes?  Didn’t force the vaccine issue, seems to differentiate between equity (read “gimme yo shit“) versus equality (read equal under the law) and that leaves the whole border question.

Outstanding: He sent Virginia National Guard troops to help keep the southern border real: Youngkin defends decision to send troops to border, Democrats call it a ‘waste of money’. Democrats, here lately have been mostly full of shit and importing your replacement from everywhere but here. But you know you don’t fit the socialist mold, right?

Oh, wait, too direct? Um….deal with it.

Into the Wire Closet

There were two kinds of radio station news departments in the 1960s and 1970s during the Rock and Roll wars of Top-40 radio.  In Seattle, when I ran news at KOL, our UPI machine was in a corner of the newsroom and the teletype clattering gently in the background was real.  Other stations – bigger news budgets – had teletype rooms (TV stations) and closets (radio).  By 1980 the wires began to transition to the dot matrix printers.  And news has been going downhill, ever since.

There was a writing cadence you could lock into.  My (late) friend Big Al, the Broadcasters Pal at the AP bureau…why, you could almost see him going into trance-lock with the Model 15s and 19s that were clattering away. 60 words per minute became the default composing while thinking speed in most newsrooms.  Amazing how much you can crank out when you have lots of material and that cadence driving you.

Why a column like this morning (2,500 words +) only takes about 45 minutes to write, leaving the rest of the time for reading, sourcing, and swilling coffee. It’s what being a “production-level writer” is all about.

Anyway, this is the part of the column where we see “what’s crawled out of the (wire) closet today… (Not to be confused with the Telco closet!)

If you’re not an ESG communist, you must be an extremist?  That’s how Slo Joe is rolling: Biden warns that Trump’s movement is a threat to democracy in the US | Euronews.  Paradoxical, coming from Biden and the socialist wokerising.

Ethnic cleansing of the day: Majority Of Karabakh Armenians Leave Region Amid Fears Of Ethnic Cleansing (

Gruesome California’s burger bugger: California raises fast food minimum wage to $20 per hour.  Which means the price of food there will have to go up even more.  And the dimocrats can’t figure out why the poor are increasingly living in food islands? And where inflation comes from.

Social Violence and thievery is hitting more than Philly with flash mobs: Sweden gang violence: Prime minister summons police and army chiefs, as gang violence surges | CNN.  Of course, the statistics are pretty clear: Let the bad apples out and they will taint the whole barrel, right? The 1 % of the population accountable for 63 % of all violent crime convictions – PMC ( Thanks, permissive, liberal judges!

What?  A pre-dawn police raid is now called “regulatory scrutiny?  ViseGrips to the arm, stat! Nvidia offices raided by French authorities | NASDAQ:NVDA (

What the hell is a memecoin and a Pepe coin?  PEPE Skyrockets Over 30% in a Week: Find Out Why This Meme Coin is Surging (

Around the Ranch: Working Weather

The long-range weather outlook for this part of Texas calls for temps into the low to mid 80s in a week.  Been in the lower to mid 90s even now.

This is great news for a ton of outside projects that have been on hold.

One of which is an electronic pet door for the cats.  Seems a whole new category of “automatic chicken doors” has shown up on Amazon, and we just couldn’t resist….LBFO Automatic Chicken Coop Door, Solar Powered Chicken Door Opener with Timer, Light Sensor and LCD Display, Aluminum and Weatherproof Poultry Coop Door with Multi Modes and Anti Pinch Design.

One other thing that caught my eye: A Mini 4-Key Select-All Cut Copy Paste Macro Pad Ctrl A X C V Shortcut One Handed Keyboard.  It was all of $25-bucks, but having one button all, cut, copy, and paste is faster than the CTRL-C and all that blather. If you do a lot of editing (which I should) it can make sense.  There used to be a writer’s keyboard 20-years ago – shortly after Windows came out – OK, somewhere after Nov. of 1985 – and it was great.  But I haven’t seen one since.  Everyone has gone macro-mad.

Sleep changes?  See the comments section in Thursday’s column for G.A. Stewart’s question on sleep disruptions.  I normally wake only once per night but this time but the past several nights I’ve been up and down like a yo-yo. I did notice that after the moon passed its zenith in the night sky the sleepless part passed.  But you know how that goes, right? As soon as I was back to sleep the damn alarm went off at 4 AM…

Mainly a focus on the charts in Peoplenomics tomorrow.  No idea what will end up in ShopTalk Sunday this week. I may actually have to do something.

Have a great weekend and write when you get rich,

87 thoughts on “Data Dump Friday, Bounce Completing? Working Weather”

  1. “Gruesome California’s burger bugger: California raises fast food minimum wage to $20 per hour. Which means the price of food there will have to go up even more. ”

    and … THAT is a cheap price.. have you seen rent prices in California.. kids making shy a quarter mil is given food assistance because they are in poverty..
    Raise the cost of a service.. two dollars a month.. the employee needs a good penny raise maybe two cents.. because everything that has that penny increase has to adjust or cut back.. for someone at the top of the heap it doesn’t show.. until those on the bottom holding them up at the top start cutting the pile down.. OH HEY.. that is employee JENGA..
    that is what they are playing.. a twenty dollar an hour wage is nothing.. if they had done the little in a little out with the noodle on the table.. minimum wages would be over fifty dollars now.. unfortunately they didn’t what they played was credit card bingo..and plastic is running out fast.. people are cutting back to basics.. with the demise of the brick and mortar.. it only has zimbabwe and Argentina ways forward.. the three hundred and fifty to one ratio like in Argentina will be here soon enough..
    what will be the exchange that it will be faced up against..
    I believe this will be the new currency..

    what will the exchange rate be.. hmm maybe they won’t want to have it at all.. it isn’t backed by anything at all.. its just paper or number.. people are buying while they can even at one store in our area they are pushing xmas because they don’t think they will be able to get supplies.. after next weeks alarm test.. I believe like Canadian Prepper that there will be a run on supplies..
    china had their people put up a years worth of food over a year ago.. hmm we said send more bombs instead

    • LOOB, There was no interest in raising the min wage for many years , until of course it turned out that human labor was cheaper than the automation designed to replace them.

      If you want to see whos bought out by the Corps[e] pushing automation, you just need to look at the Pols who are pushing for rasing wages beyond the cost basis of the bots designed to replace them. LOL.

      • Exactly Steve Exactly
        raising Minimum wage isn’t the answer it never has been.. bits just a political image for votes..
        my wife ( AKA the boss ) calls them dead horse issues..
        what’s changed is the design of the corporate pyramid.
        the enslavement of the labouring class to be dependent on social programs for survival..
        take an executive in california.. making a starting wage of a quarter million. the cost of a bunk bed is what two grand a month and they are qualified to get assistance.. assistance that once was only used for assisting people in dire need is now used as a form of equalizing financial daily living…
        in Adolph Hitler’s second secret book he plots out the enslavement of mass to get compliance to take the wealth of the 29 percent of the top thirty.. you can’t take something from those that eek out a basic existance.
        Congress did that with the millionaire tax relief bill of 78 throwing the middle class under the bus.
        I believe that is how they took control the using the oldest trick in the book..GREED… outsourced industry for higher profits .. send the vast majority of our money to other countries fund wars that have no associations to the us citizens needs..
        we now are allowing millions across our borders to further burden the american wage earner..
        I believe Ronald Reagan truly believed in the trickle down theory.. for industrialist of his day the companies were family.. the security of the employee was important to the security of the business.. it took years but today very few are offered health insurance in the seventies everyone had medical available.. today they send them to the ER.. you will leave with nothing..
        A penny in is a penny out..raising minimum only raises everything the plan to take what those that assume they have security to lose what they have.

        • Ah yes LOOB, and Pooh Team’s desire to have China sitting at the World reserve currency table with RMB/Yuan sets up the next rise and fall as the asset stripping , factory relos, and Triffin dilemna are served up to Xi’s plate for China’s consumption [double entndre]. Its a long game.

          Got Block Chain?

    • Having a modest cash house with low taxes, and some form of cash transport is becoming the ticket for staying off the streets. I don’t know how the kids can achieve that without the luck of the draw intervening.
      When nothing but minimum wage jobs are available to young adults, higher minimum wages become the cost of civil order.
      Raising the minimum wage before the next national election season appears to have become a national survival issue.

      • What is a modest cash house?
        around here.. a building that cost fifteen grand is now worth more than a quarter million.. figuring in ten dollars per thousand as a basic loan figure.. you are looking at twenty four hundred a month on a twenty year loan and nineteen hundred a month on a thirty year loan..
        if you are only working one shift.. you are looking at twelve dollars an hour just for the payment.. no taxes no insurance etc..
        now small homes.. micro living.. ok until you start calculating crap.. then you need more space..
        Heck our taxes here in the wastelands a month is what is paid in a year for a house in the outback with a few acres..
        utilities.. going up health insurance.. I don’t know about there but here in the wastelands you are looking at two thousand again.. now your over twenty dollars an hour without anything else.. I budget on a fourteen dollar an hour income.. and social security.. I know refugees that get better than I do on Social Security.. companies no longer have retirement funds.. only for the ten percent and administration.. pushing people to go get federal govt assistance.. instead of giving the administration huge bonuses.. well maybe they should rethink the pyramid of their own neighborhood economy..
        similar to when I delivered pizza’s .. the wealthy neighborhood you are lucky to glean a dollar a day tips.. they are wealthy not giving its all about ME.. not the neighbors or the local economy..
        its the local laborers that keep those wealthy on top of the heap.. not the other way around.. the velocity of cash.. you have to have it to keep it moving.. if not then all you have is a sheet of paper with a bunch of numbers on it.. or a buried box or jar full of paper and metal shards.. Gold Silver nice but you have to know someone that collects it for it to have any value..

        • LOOB- What is a modest cash house? Something you build yourself out of pocket somewhere where’s other people don’t want to go. Can a couple with a kid bringing in two minimum wages do that? Not unless they can work two or more jobs, and can stand to live very poor for a number of years. Nothing has changed since you were a young buck, except maybe there are a lot more kids doing what you did, with less breaks. And there are a lot in Mom & Dad’s basement, hoping to inherit.

        • “Can a couple with a kid bringing in two minimum wages do that? Not unless they can work two or more jobs, and can stand to live very poor for a number of years.”

          true… when an old boss threw me under the bus with health insurance..things were bleak at best. stock market was soaring precious metals were going through the roof.. he took the money that the employees were paying for health insurance and investing it in stocks.. all with the tjought..just how often does ones health insurance actually pay out..rarely does a person meet the the meantime I had a stepchild that fell about 60 feet from a tree he climbed impaling himself on a branch . the branch went through his chest between the lung and heart. a surgical team had to be flown in..2 months in critical care wing the bill was close to a half million. I m are less than 3 dollars an hour.
          they took me through the wringer I couldn’t buy anything that follows me even to this day..
          they said I would never open a home.. my average work week was a hundred hours a week..
          I wasn’t going to be dependent on anyone. I built our home..I’ve built two homes..the first one didn’t have plumbing an out door toilet a bassinet for a tub until we could afford to buy one to hang on the outsidewall..
          so yes I know the drill on that..with this one I hired a contractor to do the foundfoundation.. a larger more reliable contractor..he took the deposit and ran wiit.. ( one reason one room in our home is still unfinished. and heeft his hammer.. my ten thousand dollar hammer..
          took him to court and he ch get his company name. all learning lessons..
          today even if you build a home a modest dwelling your looking with land and infrastructure materials etc. a minimum of 60. now with the fires in Canada lumber will skyrocket..
          I have always wanted to build a rammed earth home ..even hot t he CEB block press.
          even with that you’d be looking at 30..
          been there done all of that..

    • $20/hr = $40,000/yr (not counting vaca and personal days)

      In Cali, someone earning $40k pays about 43% in Fed/State/Local/Sales/Use tax and is far above the Federal assistance line.

      I hate vote-buying gimmicks.

      I haven’t heard anything about the 3000 Wendy’s that went automated, a few years back. I don’t know if the experiment was a failure, or nobody dares mention it.

      • Ray- That income level is too much to qualify for SNAP, but a person could get a 2/3 discount off list Obamacare (actual cost).
        I made a swing through the HUD site looking for rent assistance limits, and it was all incomprehensible leftie-crat BS. I suspect it is who you know.

      • “$20/hr = $40,000/yr (not counting vaca and personal days)”

        where I worked ..they gave you vacation.. no personal days and rarely did you get a holiday off.. medical institutions run 24/7 .. vacation was a joke. the administration staff got lucrative benefits and time off..the rest were hired as a point whatever..if you were a point one it meant they guaranteed you one day every pay period. if you had vacation time took a week off yet put in one day you didn’t get vacation waves.
        the other one was you were responsible for your mandatory days.. so at best is two days.
        the only ones that received benefits like that are federal workers. back my doctor at the VA that I knew three months of vacation then if course every federal holiday..on at 8 off at 3:30 its a ghost town..unlike regular clinic they break it up.. we use to call it filling the schedule .. ( carry the clipboard.. knew a guy for 12 years carried a clipboard busiest guy around. we still don’t know what in the he’ll he did.. govt. is the clipboard paper shuffling and generating..)
        it would be nice to have a job like that but its not for the average wage earner..

        • If he’s carrying the clipboard, he’s probably a “suit” and is salaried? Salary and waged are two very different things. The problem with raising wages is it cheapens the work of the salaried folks.

        • “If he’s carrying the clipboard, he’s probably a “suit”

          Nope.. all the suits were family…. LOL LOL LOL they were all part of the family of the CEO..
          he was just smart.. knew another guy like that in the military.. he carried a clip board.. LOL didn’t do anything at all..
          the same with the guy in the warehouse.. how it started was.. they didn’t have order locations.. and the people making lets say hutches.. made hutches all day.. then all the hutches would go into the warehouse to be loaded.. his origional job was as a locater.. get part xxx for job xxx.. LOL LOL LOL then along the way they changed how they made the orders.. so instead of hunting for a part number to order number.. the one whole kitchen would be constructed and put in one location.. ( one team to a job order … guess who suggested that to get a dinner out with the boss at the country club LOL LOL) doing it that way would save the company over a million dollars a year.. LOL I asked if I could get two dinners.. they said no.. went every month for over twelve years.. when I left I had almost a years worth of lunches out with the boss at the country club.. LOL LOL LOL after the implementation of the job construct.. he still was a locater just didn’t have anything to locate.. LOL so he walked around with his clip board.. if you needed his help he would say.. Oh I am awefull busy so no one ever questioned his work.. pencil tapping on the clipboard.. LOL.. Govt. business is done just like that.. it is clipboard business as usual.. fifty thousand plus pages of tax structure that could be put in a short paragraph.. all designed so the haves don’t have to pay in.. just the have nots..
          with the VA medical system.. it is eight thirty to three thirty and more time off than anyone knows what to do with.. my doctor gets over three months of vacation a year besides the federal holidays.. for a simple proceedure they will have you come in what six or seven times to make sure it is right..
          chiropractors use to do that.. come in give you a cold pack then leave.. the chiropractor we use is a teacher for it.. you go in once then don’t come back.. give it this long to take affect.. and relax the muscles after the adjustment.. the difference between the clipboard chiropractor to keep business flow and give the illusion he is swamped an one that does it then goes..

  2. Fresh Cackleberries are great. Having a couple with some grits and last nights green beans right now. You know those automatic chicken doors are another great idea. Just be sure of your solar orientation before installing. I failed to take that into account when I picked one up a couple years back and the issue didn’t become apparent until late spring after all the leaves came out. Damn thing would close way too early. The timer may be helpful but was not an option on the model I picked up. Had several mods on the drawing board but the problem fixed itself last spring when the offending oak gave up the ghost and has since been repurposed as firewood.
    Stay safe. 73

  3. Philthydelphia – how did this sick garden grow ?
    1st step – “elect” commie mayor -check
    2nd step – designate Sanctuary City-check
    3rd step -“elect” soarassed DA -check
    4th step – sealed deal with worst libass judges – see Eddie Irizarry & cold blooded execution by cop video.
    No Justice, no back up for law enforcement, zero support – and the peeps wonder why cops either dont respond anymore or when they do its always shoot the minority first.

    Really with the chicken coop door ? gonna order a video recorder with that ?
    Ya know –
    E: Honey George, help Im stuck in the chicken door!
    G: I’m coming..already.
    BTC looks to grind thru serious resistance ahead, just got thru 50 dma, next up 27,500 area resistance, then128 dma, followed soonly by the 200dma. A tough and slow slog thru ukro nazi’s, unh I mean thru resistance.
    Halving event approaches and with it the usual Pump and Dump can be expected. Risk is on the RISE !
    More risk = more insurance .

    Is Ure ass covered?

    • BCN, you see the pattern here dont you? Seems that a lot of new 2M+ Sq Ft warehouse / fulfillment spaces are being erected along all the major interstate cooridors with smaller facilities being erected along state highway corridors in CONUS.

      Plays right into the hands of warehouse fulfillment entities. Not that that’s nesecarily a bad thing, I like the convenience.

      However I think a lot of people [woklibs] are going to be surprised in a year or two from now when the blue state metros aound them are deviod of any retail storefronts, restuarants, and strip malls are deviod of tennants. Also looking for the bricks and mortar bankstores to go the way of the telephone booth thanks to the disruption brought by crypto.

      Speaking of Crypto. Looks like there are some patriots left in Congress.

      Digital Asset Investor does a great job of aggregating the videos of Gen Slur getting outted for his protecting the incumbent [Banksters]. Fascinating at 6:30 Rep Donalds mentioned the deposition under oath of one John Podesta and others in commitee. Lots of possible outcomes here. A Sh33t Ton of arrest warrants in Dee Sea would Fill Cliff Highs 81 delta event score for whats coming.

      Got Blockchain?

      • Ja, nur blockchain!

        Got 5th circuit court of appeal case reviews coming up Oct at – Court

        Did someone say Brunson case ? will 3rd time be the trick ? Will we be alerted ?

        Only the shadow knows, and she aint saying shit right now…

        ? how do they know D Finestain is actually Dead ? What was the difference in her demeanor that might have tipped em off ? What the blazes is going on out there in californacation land?

      • “However I think a lot of people [woklibs] are going to be surprised in a year or two from now when the blue state metros aound them are deviod of any retail storefronts, ”

        Not cryptos, but an inability to move freely about the country. I expect the Administration to make it illegal to transport petrol within about 9 months, except for use by “licensed merchandisers and their delivery devices.”

        This is why the Amazon suit is proceeding at this time. Dem supporters need a slice of Bezos’ pie.

        Byron Donalds is a neat dude. He was the basic poor Black hoodlum growing up, until he discovered numbers.

        George should love him.

        By trade, he is a forensic accountant…

        I consider him one of my Congressional bellwethers. When he says or does something in any way related to money, I assume he’s “straight-shooting” and don’t waste time checking his arithmetic.

        • I know George, but…

          “National award-winning investigative journalist Peter Byrne reports that the husband of U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein of California has been selling post offices at bargain basement prices—often to his own business partners. Richard C. Blum is the chairman of CBRE Group Inc., the largest commercial real estate firm in the world. In 2011, the Postal Service awarded Blum’s company an exclusive contract to sell off postal real estate in cities and towns across America. Byrne’s in-depth investigation details the many apparent conflicts of interests driving the CBRE deals. It brings to light a scathing government audit of Blum’s contract that is being ignored by the Obama administration. The investigation reveals how Senator Feinstein pressured the Postmaster General to stop a postal construction project, and to favor the interests of a developer working with her husband’s firm. Byrne explains why the Post Office is not really broke and how powerful forces on Capitol Hill are angling to franchise the U.S. Mail monopoly. We learn that the post office executives in charge of Blum’s contract have been up to a financial shenanigans of their own. This is first class investigative reporting on a vital issue of the day that you will not find anywhere else.”

        • That must be a heckuva Life Review and probably still in progress upstairs. I’d love to be a fly on the wall for that.

        • I disagree with this point. Feinstein was a radical Liberal kook when she left SanFran behind and went to Washington. She has been there so long that the Party passed her by, and the last few years her opinion has been “moderate,” by the Dems’ contemporary standards.

          Whomever Newsome fills her seat with, will be far worse than she was, and it’ll be a lifetime appointment unless everything west of I-5 suddenly drops into the Pacific.

          BTW, ever notice how many commie wannabees slither out of San Francisco…?

        • re: D Feinstein,
          I did refrain from posting the song from the Wizard of Oz.
          but Q did post,,, way back, 5 yr ago
          Sep 27, 2018 9:41:00 PM EDT
          Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 000000 No. 300
          EVIL BE GONE.

          Sept 27 vs the announced death date of Sept 29 with a 5yr in advance post.
          Makes me wonder if she was on ice for 2 days,, oh well her soul has been dead for years, as she traded it to China for a chauffeur.

          the more time passes by, the more I like “Q”

        • LOL they all do that.. get free air vacations etc.. the list is to long on what they get..
          the Pilot of our congressman has a coffee shop for his wife that I go in.. we have had coffee together quite a bit.. he has to take the plane up for so many hours a month either way.. from his mouth only best gig he has ever had.. doesn’t have to do much.. congress isn’t there arguing and going through a bill.. that is the illusion taught in school.. they actually work just a few days a year.. the rest is off in lala land.. they keep a skeleton crew around.. to give the illusion that they are hard at work..
          hardest workers around.. LOL LOL and they don’t have to be a part of the obamacare they get to keep their entitlements ..

  4. $20/hr ($3,200/mo) isn’t bad in MI.

    The motel is $500.00 a week $2,000/mo.
    The cheapest car lease is a Hyundai Venue @ $306 /mo.
    Car insurance will be $125/mo.

    Living expenses $2,431.

    Substituting an apartment for the hotel won’t net much. The motel includes utilities/maid services/free ice & daily hot breakfast.

    • Lol lol..yeah but add in the other expenses.. lol lol
      if I just looked at the basics it would look good..
      put money in a box or jar and bury it.. maybe put a tube down into it and toss a few coins every month..its still in a box or jar.. money has to move..whose local economy do we want to keep strong..our local economy or someone elses..
      my opinion is use those numbers to benefit our local economy not just toss it in a box.

      • Real money – that which has intrinsic value need not move. It will maintain its value. Only perishable money has to move like a hot potato.

        All money can be useful and can be used as an investment, but the best money is that which you don’t have to even think about other than securing it.

        • Ok.. look at our economy..
          is the dollar…. Real Money….
          if you had a box with a million dollars in gold coins..each worth a dollar..
          prices of items went up fifty percent.. your box of real money is now half empty..
          that real money is now worth half as much..
          Zimbabwe.. Argentina…
          money was to represent a weight or measure of a product.. that was in storage..
          coins were workable metals to trade for finished goods.. wow cup that weighed a pound you’d trade what a pound and a half or two pounds..
          only recently in history did this change..

        • Money ,value, product….
          if your the only one with lets say ten pounds of wheat.. and no one else has it and it isn’t available..
          and someone has ten ounces of gold.. how much is the fen pounds of wheat worth to you..especially if you know its not available at all..
          we seen toilet paper selling for as much as precious six roll angel soft toilet paper on eBay sold for almost two hundred dollars plus shipping..

        • What’s really funny about the box of paper that’s now worth half as much..
          half of your real money was taken from you and you didn’t even see them taking it!
          my father told me a story that he was told..
          two men got their inheritance.. one loved to party..he took his money and partied like he’ll wine women song and dancing..
          the other was more conservative and put his money in stocks and bonds .. Then the Weimar depression hit..

          it took boxes and wheelbarrow s full to buy vegitables. I use to have a photo of people with baskets of silver and gold going to farmers markets to trade for vegetables..
          take sudan.. starving and dying of thirst..what would be worth more..A basket of paper..or a truck full of food and a tanker of water.. maybe heat from the fire..

  5. to paraphrase ole bribems
    “the only thing we, the uniparty have to fear is TRUMP”
    zipptiy do dah
    the choice has already been decided,,, can’t ya see the
    “PANIC IN DC” as they must be the
    the avalanche is half way down the mountain
    who or how is that who going to stop it?

    I was up at 2am a little puter surfing back to bed at 3 and up at 7
    seems contagious this early am wake up by so many, or we are just a bunch of old men with tired bladders. I wonder ure average age of readership

    • Possum came in my cat door and loved eating cat food, water and sleeping nights in a warm room until being discovered and I evicted him.

    • I’m sure the door could be set up to trigger on a chip, either embedded or on a collar, etc. A camera would always be helpful to watch for interlopers. It’s amazing how small an opening some people and other animals can squeeze through.

  6. In your discussion of the old UPI teletype machines, you neglected the UPI Telephoto machines with their helical wire metal deposition fax receivers. I used to work at UPI Newspictures Dallas Bureau printing the photos that would go onto the transmitter drum for distribution to clients. Also spent some time shooting the photos when the boss was busy on other assignments. Like on November 22, 1963 when the boss was at Love Field snapping grip-and-grin photos of JFK’s arrival. I had to deliver the mail-out package to the post office downtown by deadline, which put me on McKinney Ave. @ Harwood when the motorcade entered downtown. I hopped out of my ’63 Corvair convertible with my YashicaMat and snapped 3 images of the motorcade as it crossed the intersection. A few minutes later, as I was processing the boss’s film and mine, word hit the newsroom of shots fired at the motorcade. My image of JFK in the motorcade was the only motorcade photo we had to go with the breaking story, so my picture led the coverage of the assassination.

  7. “The Truth is a range, not an absolute value, determined by context.”

    As someone dealing with dementia in a loved one, this one hit home for me. Thanks.

    • AMEN…..
      people don’t understand.. if you don’t experience it you don’t know..
      people can hear about or Read about it but if you haven’t experienced it you don’t have a clue..

      • Loob,

        You are correct 100%. The horror of it cannot be expressed or comprehended with words.

        When you get a call from your neighbor during summer that your mother is sitting in the yard holding Christmas ornaments…

        When there is a huge snow storm at night and the snow is piling up and your mother is going outside and you ask her why, and she replies because her niece is coming to pick up her up to go shoe shopping…

        When your neighbor from a neighborhood you lived in twenty years prior calls you and says your mother is standing outside the house you used to live in…

        How she got there was always a mystery…

        I could go on and on, but you get the picture.

        • exactly…I was in a favorite restaurant..there’s a young woman in a wheelchair..bussing tables..working harder than those with legs.. a hand powered wheelchair.. after visiting with her the depth of her injuries was seen. in a car crash years before paralyzed from the neck down..still able to use her arms but no feeling in them.
          I was in a wheelchair..I know slightly what she goes through. dumped by her family and her determination to be a positive non dependent.. well when they had me down for the end count I didn’t want to be a burden I bought a power chair and gave it to her..
          her tears of happiness was enough I knew I changed her life .. if I ever won the lottery I’d turn her from a caterpillar into a butterfly..
          to see her cry tears if joy and relief.. I knew it was the right thing to do. This will change her life. The determination and then to see her working so hard..

          If i could I would do much more..I remember the struggles i had and they are in no way comparable to what she faces daily. the price is much lower now but still not covered by anyone.  What a testimony she could give to everyone..

          The Phoenix..

          her to be a motivational speaker .. I think she will be a great one..

  8. George,

    Good call.

    Current daily and monthly (Wilshire and progenitor) fractal model from 8/18/2023 and March 2020, respectively, with 1807 36/90/90 :: x/2.5x/2.5x year closing high on 8 November 2021.

    8/18/2023: 6/13/13 day :: x/2-2.5x/2.5x’ secondary lower-low high peak;
    Total series (4 phase decay fractal): 6/13/15(low)/10(lower low) days ending 16 October 2023.

    This daily fractal pattern would be self similar to a 8/18/20/12 month March 2020 monthly pattern ending September 2024.

    • What is interesting is that while we often have (early) divergent views, they seem to come back in alignment over time. While I had been looking for a crash possibility Monday, the manic push so far today has taken that off the table with our next window looking like the end of next week which would come ver close to your views on the October 5 and beyond lows that may be coming in that window.
      Fine work on your part, as well!

      • I didn’t think that this mornings bump-up would last.., the Dow and Russell just went negative and the S&P has lost most of the mornings gleeful push. Even Bitcoin has reversed and is now down. They may bounce back up a bit – but there seems to be no real commitment in the numbers for a big closing rally – but I have been wrong before on Friday’s closing numbers.
        Think I’ll go split some more firewood……,

  9. George……The pre-open “Manic Push” was up 200 in the Dow which so far (11:30) is only up 30. I think a strong down Friday afternoon may keep bad news for next week on the table.

        • I dumped my short position to end the month +8.269 percent – which if I could do it every month would come to 260 percent per year due to compounding.
          I look for a retracement and don’t rule out reentry on the short side if we get a short squeezy into the close.

  10. As one of my favorite Options Traders told me a few months back:
    “They are always late to the party, like some Southern Belle trying to make a grand entrance – then they push until something breaks. So far, nothing has hit the slaughter house floor, a few cracks are showing though but no one is screaming, yet – so I don’t think The Fed is through messing things up.”

  11. George,

    Good stuff.

    Used to follow you et. al. on the longwaves email string in the 90’s … on the primitive (typed words only … no pictures)internet. Jas Jain was one of the contributors. Who were the other fellows contributing to the string?

    • The late Robin Landry, a feller named Swaim, Gordon of the Vancouver BC trading outfit, gosh there we a ton of us. Eric von Baronov, in real life Dan Brindle, Bob Bronson…gosh, who else can I credit? Yeah, heady times. I think Art Cashin might have wandered through… great times!
      I seem to recall you as a navee doctor in (was in trauma med?) in SoCal (but being a dimwit, I probably got that confabulated). Let me see, Chris Carolan, um…don’t remember if Puetz came by…and then… (oh oh – processor temp shutdown warning from brain, lol..)

      BTW, I pulled the plug on my short for a little while – let’s see if they run the shorts into the close. But it was a good month for the lunch money account which may have to become the ham radio account at this rate!

      Thank you for your excellent explanations of Fractal counts on your site. We have a converging area in our datas coming a week from Monday, seems like. But it’s all just a probability function – investing is kaput and gambling is how it works in real-life now.

      Oddly, the government doesn’t like people saying that about their check-writing darlings of the Street…

  12. Interesting –
    “Russia Prepares Nationwide Drills With Nuclear War Scenario.” [ October 3rd ]
    First time Russia has held such drills – with what looks like massive civil and military coordination.
    – Is it for show., or an actual warning ?

    • …And we’re doing the National Coordinated Warning thingie on October 4th.

      The conspironuts are saying our EWS is going to trigger bad stuff in the mRNA recipients.

      They’re always saying something, though.

      I am jab-free, but I’ll probably have my phone off on the 4th, anyway. The conspironuts are only nuts until they’re right.

  13. OMG… I got fiber optics today.. cheaper than cable.. and wow.. blazing speed.. we were only getting one fifth with cable what we are now..

  14. The physical gold market will probably crash too.

    Gold down and premiums are about the same. The market is inelastic. That started when credit cards were introduced. Generally CCs filled the pipeline.

  15. George,
    About the California fast food minimum wage law.
    1. Since when did working at a fast food store become a career instead of a first experience on the job ladder?
    2. If one wishes to do some research on YouTube, Thomas Sowell makes some very cogent arguments against the minimum wage.
    3. The Mcdonalds Corp recently stated publicly that the minimum wage law would make their business model untenable in CA. Even allowing for some posturing this is still a serious consideration as many franchisees are working on narrow margins.
    And what about other small business companies?

    Just as an aside, what ever happened to the ethic of “if you take a man’s money you ride for the brand”?
    By the way teachers in Broward County FL are demanding a base salary of $100,000 per year for not doing a very good job teaching their students.

    Now about cat doors. Back in the day I lived in a rural village (pop. 1,100) in Ohio. Friends had a cat door to their kitchen from the outside. They. boarded the cat and went on vacation. When they returned their kitchen was in a shambles. Raccoons got in the cat door.

    • “Since when did working at a fast food store become a career instead of a first experience on the job ladder?”

      OH.. I believe it started when they outsourced industry to other countries dumbed down our children and turned the usa into a device oriented society..

    • “many franchisees are working on narrow margins.”

      exactly brick and mortar need the velocity of cash..if you don’t walk in and buy something they don’t take any money in. many companies hire only part time ..keep a select margin for full time drop all the perks on top of the pile and leave the rest as disposable labor..
      back in the seventies everyone seen a job as a family today employees will swap jobs for the cost if a 12 pack of soda. they don’t feel secure and the elite employees or the select few don’t value their employees.
      I once worked for a grocery store chain. they kept all the perks that vendors gave to them and stored them until the Xmas party..great meal open dance etc. then have a drawing..the cars vacations televisions etc. was all up for the drawings.. everyone got something..the one I wanted was a peddle surrey from a frozen pizza company the thing was awesome..I could of cared less about the motorcycle or bikes etc.
      today that chain no longer dies goes to the big boys..screw the help..

    • “what ever happened to the ethic of “if you take a man’s money you ride for the brand”?”

      It absolutely use to be that way to.. company picknics and you had a whole lot of things.. take the company my father worked for.. many thousands of employees.. the ceo of the company knew who I was and who all my siblings were.. I first met him when I was five.. I went in with my father to do his books.. on a saturday.. he was there.. gave me a box of product for a birthday gift.. years later.. I was unloading a truck.. ( you couldn’t work for them if you had family so I unloaded for the drivers) he was in the warehouse seen me in unloading the truck by hand.. and he took his suit coat off and came in helped me all while visiting about my siblings.. years later he seen me sacking groceries at a grocery store while he was inspecting the displays once again took his coat off.. surprising my bosses at the store.. and sacked groceries.. apologized for not being able to be at my parents anniversary..
      my father was a delivery boy.. most employers today don’t show that kind of appreciation for their help.. the loyalty runs both directions..
      windows and doors came up .. but did you know about the story of that company.. the companies owner.. seen mothers or fathers losing more work.. so in checking it out.. seen that if a child is sick.. schools won’t let them come to school and daycare centers won’t watch them.. so he set up a sick daycare.. and a well daycare.. busing for the kids.. all free of charge.. he got a large screen tv and loved it so much he bought everyone in the plant one.. when they went on a cruise.. he took the plant employees and their families along with.. business.. he would hand out bonuses.. there are a few companies like that today but not many.. today the loyalty of a company is only about the ten percent of the full time executive branch.. when I worked for the hospital one of the top two hundred.. my daughters sister inlaw had a job in the executive part.. full time benefits etc.. my daughter wanted to get in there so fast.. we were talking and she said.. just look what they give them.. I said honey that is only for management.. not for the workers.. they hire part time.. and as a part time employee you cannot even take your vacation time.. all the years I worked there after I maxed out saved vacation time I would donate a couple of weeks every year to sick employees.. if you get sick your done.. if you are really sick they get rid of you faster so that they can take everything you have for your care.. this is just how it is..
      the few companies that still appreciate their employees it is still like it was.. Pioneer feeds.. great company someone has to die before you can get in..
      People are still loyal to the brand where the brands are still loyal to their employees.. right now with the pile it at the top and screw the rest of them.. these places the people will switch jobs for a few cents more an hour.. or they offer some sort of benefit package.. 3M you don’t see them advertise..
      then like most jobs.. the more they pay you.. the more they feel they own you..
      for the hospital.. they gave big baskets of fruit and a nice gift and a bonus to executives.. the workers got a two inch by two inch square of twenty sheets of sticky note paper.. no bonus and you were docked the time for xmas.. and a cold really cold meal with very little there.. it was a waste of time to go to it.. the same with the cabinet shop.. I loved the work but you knew in no uncertain terms that you were nothing more than a piece of grey meat to them.. People use to know their neighbors to.. not so much anymore.. cities they stare at the ground or sidewalk in fear that they will look someone in the eye and offend them.. or make them think that they are tourists to be mugged..

    • “1. Since when did working at a fast food store become a career instead of a first experience on the job ladder?”

      It can be…

      I’ve a high school friend who went to work at McDonalds when he turned 16. He worked there until he retired. When he retired, he was making $380,000/yr plus a ton of rather lucrative stock options, and had a fat 401-k.

      McDonalds is a franchise. The franchisee can take care of his employees, or not, as he sees fit. Most of them don’t.

      By the time he was 24, my friend became the “franchise troubleshooter.” He managed his own store, but spent most of his time at other stores, making them run smoothly and maintain quality. When he was running a store, you could order stuff like a plain double-cheeseburger or a Quarter Pounder with LTM — stuff which HAD to be made while you were in the drive-through line, and it would be sacked and ready before you got to the pickup window. He had full power to hire and fire, anyone, including management, as he saw fit. Once he canned a couple shirkers, had a meeting and gave the employees “the lecture,” the ones who remained were always the core of an amazing crew.

      It used to be, damn’ near anything can be a career, if one chooses to excel at it. Now, I’m not so sure…

      • I told all the grandkids that working for a local grocery store chain is a good career.. one store manager back in the nineties was making four million a year big career .. full time or the ten percent with bennies make big money.. back in the early eighties store managers were making over sixty grand a year .. depending on how spending and sales were..

  16. Time to EAT !

    Bulls on the BBQ !

    and coot be Short SPY out the wazo -10/2 exp. ITM

    Go big or go home!

    Got Oil ? hmmm youse do know Cushing bee empty, strategic reserve bee empty..what could go wrong ?

  17. There’s a scare article on Drudge explaining the Russians will do a mock attack drill 10/3.

    Recall, “Conspiracy theories about FEMA’s Oct. 4 emergency alert test…”

    If G the host’s assessment is correct and the market has to shed massive percentages next week a surprise attack could be in the works. Mother Russia get their folk into the shelters >

    Russia launches the Flea Flicker from the East.
    China launches the Flea Flicker from the West.
    Iran straight up the middle of Europe.
    NORK Shotgun plays straight up the middle of PacOc into the CONUS.

    • “There’s a scare article on Drudge explaining the Russians will do a mock attack drill 10/3.
      Recall, “Conspiracy theories about FEMA’s Oct. 4 emergency alert test…”

      Exactly .. and we are having an alert on the 4th.. so is Canada and the UK.. I am not sure if other countries are though.. my guess is china will to.. but think about this.. the reason they don’t do drills on the average or even have the inclination to is because of what I was told in the seventies.. ” It would cause panic if they announced a real alert”
      during ww2 there was an Operation alert.. that had civil defense alerting the US citizens about an impending attack.. even though they were drills.. there were a few of the drills that happened because of threats that were received at the time ..
      So what if the reason for the drills is instead a potentially Real event time period.. no one panics.. no racing through the cities to find shelter.. no looting or mugging etc.. no one gives to hoots about it because it is just a drill only a drill.. the childs story about the boy that yelled wolf..
      then there is the … RUN….during the drill or the alert coming out on Wednesday.. how many that haven’t prepared at all.. will rush to the store to get provisions.. empty the shelves.. because they now see the possibility of an attack.. the USA does not have drills.. only for the elite do they have drills and preparations not for the people we are not invited and are on our own… similar to my daughter complaining the other night.. I went over and they were bitching that the power bill was as much as their house payment every month.. I said seriously.. how many years have I been harping solar and wind..
      OH the cost.. yes and so.. do you want to own your own power pay yourself for the bill.. the daughter said so how much is yours.. mine is all paid for it paid for itself in five years.. it is our lowest bill.. well they can’t afford another loan.. what you have to pay your electricity anyway if it saves you a couple of hundred a month .. your money ahead..
      and heck they aren’t even at home .. they are up and out the door by seven thirty for work.. after school team activities they usually get home after nine pm.. there isn’t anyone living there.. they sleep there.. like the average wage earner the home is just a place to sleep.. and a system that they can get that is what seven and a half kw system with twenty kw of back up battery for under ten grand.. and you get most of that back.. give me a break …
      your not out anymore..and you have the security .. what you pump back into the grid becomes more energy in the flowing river of power to be sold.. taking a little bit of the stress off.. then if the power companies were smart in any way they would see solar towers flat or accordion style like I would love to see.. you have a grid that is secured by region.. instead of frail like what we have now..

  18. The cats and me all love our cat door. We all ove the come & go freedom and convenience. When they come in for dinner — I use an “underdome bell’ like you’d see on the counter in a dry cleaners’ store — I block the door with a sliding cover. We pass a clear, dry, and safe ovenight. In the morning, I unblock the door.

    Easy. No electronical doo-dads.

  19. My Dad owning radio stations and servicing others as their engineer and listening to the teletype punching out story’s, one of my fondest memories. That sound of the TT will be forever in my head. He even had one at our house. Call sign W4DNM. Rest in peace Dad.

  20. sweet treats..

    candy bar mold.. or just a candy mold.. or just a pan..

    3 cups of candy corn
    2 cups of white chocolate
    1 cup of peanut butter.. ( crunchy or creamy your choice.. I like the creamy)
    1 can of sweetened condensed milk
    1 cup of rice Krispies..

    put the candy corn chocolate peanut butter and sweetened condensed milk in a pan.. put it on medium heat and stir until it is all melted.. once it is all melted take your rice krispies and put in it and stir it up.. pour it in your mold or pan.. set it in the fridgerator.. for a few hours until it is all setup.. take out your mold then take melted chocolate.. and coat the bottom of your bar..
    put back in the refridgerator until it is all setup..
    once it is set up take the pieces of your candy out place on a piece of parchment paper and coat the top of it with chocolate.. let that set up.. then enjoy.. you can do a similar thing but instead of rice krispies.. you can take crackers.. pour a little of the melted peanut coating in the bottom of a pan.. then layer crackers and coating.. or you can munch up the crackers and stir into the mix.. and pour.. your choice try them all ways to see which one you prefer..

  21. Dear George and Elaine – I just wanted to let you know that your reminder/scolding about getting the fall garden in by August was very depressing to me. I’ve been way ahead of others in the eating from your garden for years, even changing certain vegetable planting times from spring to fall because of climate changes which a 75 year old gardener like myself can adapt to because of being close to the environment and noting changes in insect behaviors. Good example is broccoli, I plant in fall now because aphids infest them in the spring. Anyway your scolding depressed me because my husband has been ill this year and feels it’s his job to maintain the tiller and mowers which he has been unable to do so for the first time in years so no fall/winter garden for us (I can repair the engines but one must provide incentive for others to move right?, plus statins impaired my muscles very badly). Anyway, I’ve read your column since its beginning and appreciate your enormous energy and knowledge.

    • I can empathize your plight. My own better half can’t do anything like he could 5 years ago. He always took care of anything automotive/ electrical in nature. Now, he tries very hard to have our kids do the hands work while he instructs them, hoping they’ll learn it well enough to do for themselves later.

  22. “This assumes you are aware of Robert Costa on X: “SCOOP/NEWS: Push for Youngkin 2024 now taking shape as donors and Rs grow alarmed. “Red Vest Retreat” Oct. 17-18 in VA Beach… Billionaire backer Peterffy assures me “money would be there.” Bill Barr telling him to put his “oar in.””

    So, you are okay with Youngkin because neocons are trying to push him into the race? He’s actually, probably a good choice — maybe not any better than DeSantis or Kristi Noem, but probably not any worse, either. Note, the neocons and the Soros minions own Nikki Haley and have been attempting to buy DeSantis, too. Youngkin has no intention of running for Prez in 2024.

    Trump says Mar-a-Lago is worth a minimum of $440mln, the prosecutor claims it is worth $18mln.

    The lamestream media and never-Trumpers are trumpeting the “scandal” of Trump “inflating his properties’ value” all over the airwaves.

    There are 43560 square feet in an acre. The Mar-a-Lago estate is 20 acres, which is 871200 sq.ft., and is oceanfront on two sides. Palm Beach real estate typically sells in the $1000/sq.ft. price range.

    This makes the estate worth around $870 million, not counting Marjorie Post’s historic 62000 sq.ft. mansion, which has been on the National Register for over 40 years and probably has some value remaining, within its marble and mahogany walls.

    So… who’s exaggerating?

    You don’t like Trump? That’s okay…

    I don’t understand the logic, because the way I see it, anybody, whom the asshats who are trying to destroy our country, fear so much that they invent a legal entanglement and attempt to bind him up in it, and try to get him kicked off States’ ballots, is likely the only person who can prevent our country from being destroyed, or they wouldn’t be trying so hard to prevent him from becoming CiC again.

    I’ll throw y’all a bone:

    RFK is dropping out of the Marxist Party to run 3rd Party.

    I suspect he’ll take that 15% of Dems voters and the “never Trumper” Repukes with him.

    It’s going to be much more difficult for 102% of all legal U.S. voters to cast ballots the next time around, and with Bobby in the hunt, the cheaters may need to resurrect 100 million dead voters to keep Trump on the golf course in ’25.

    • I’ve never read what the tax assessors say Trump’s property is worth. What is he paying in taxes?

  23. “This is great news for a ton of outside projects that have been on hold.

    One of which is an electronic pet door for the cats.”

    The good ones have a proximity “medallion” which the cat wears on its collar…

  24. Dianne Feinstein passed away.

    Jesse Watters proffered a solution to the Dems’ “Biden-Harris” problem” tonight:

    1) Newsome appoints Kammy to the Senate.
    2) Harris resigns as VP to assume what is a lifetime appointment.
    3) Biden replaces her with Newsome.
    4) Biden resigns or is “25th” out of office
    5) Newsome runs against Trump as a sitting incumbent


  25. Today September 30, is Truth and Reconciliation Day here in Commuanada. Theme request by organizers is for everyone to wear orange colors today.
    I believe that is the color used for prisoners.

  26. Feinstein gone and now N Pelosi doesn’t have an extra vote anymore via her daughter, Feinstein’s handler. Good riddance there. As for G’s comment about almond Roca candy maker, man do I remember all those independent makers! Even in S IN, the stores will get it and the aplet & cotlets candies for the end of year holidays. Eating it brings back most excellent childhood memories of the time before moving eastward to KY.

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